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Helping Out a Sick Friend

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I met Rick and his girlfriend Wendy when I dated Nancy. Nancy and Wendy were roommates and we two couples spent a lot of social time together. Unknown to all of us Nancy was experimenting with hard drugs and she eventually spiraled out of control and out of our lives.

Both Rick and I worked night jobs and on days when I had no classes we would often hang out together.

We smoked a lot of weed, flirted with a lot of pretty girls and talked about sex a lot. I knew that he and Wendy had a good sex life because Nancy and I would often compete to equal their sex noises. Wendy was a very sexy woman about 23 years old. She had shoulder length dirty blond hair and green eyes. She was only about 5’2″ tall with a very slim and tight body, small tits and a fabulous ass. I wouldn’t describe her as beautiful but she was definitely on the attractive side of the spectrum.

Wendy was always very affectionate and open about her sexuality. One of the things that Rick really loved about her was that she was a slut who would do anything for him. She would readily agree that she loved to get fucked as much as possible.

At the beginning of the summer Rick had an accident on the job and injured his back. He was out of work for several months but he was quite enamored of the painkillers that had been described. He was partially bedridden for much of the time but did get up and around more and more. When he had been laid up for a couple of weeks I decided to spend a Friday night keeping him company.

Wendy answered the door and gave me a big kiss of welcome. She took the large bottle of wine that I had brought and went to the kitchen to pour everyone a glass. I went on in to the living room to find Rick laid out on the couch. He had a good buzz on from the pain killers but his eyes lit up even more when I whipped out the bag of Panama Red that I had just copped.

Although he was obviously not himself, Rick looked as though he was doing pretty well. Wendy was obviously taking good care of him as he appeared freshly bathed and she had trimmed his big moustache. Rick was about 6’1 and 190 lbs. with thick black hair and blue eyes. I was sure though that he was being a big baby like most guys when they are sick. Wendy joined us just as I finished rolling a big doobie. She sat next to me on the love seat as we sipped our wine and smoked the joint. Rick insisted that we both try his painkillers too. It wasn’t long before we were all very, very buzzed.

Before to long we all ended up talking about what a toll the injury had taken on their sex life. Poor Wendy complained that while they did give each other head she couldn’t wait for a really good hard fuck. Rick smiled and expressed his sympathy. Wendy got up to refill our wine glasses. When she returned she brought a Polaroid camera.

At first we just took some pictures of the friendly gathering. But then Rick told Wendy that he would like to see her pose for something a little more sexy. Wendy giggled and then went to the bedroom to get into something more interesting. She returned a short time later dressed in only her white panties and one of those half T-shirts with no bra. Her thick nipples and dark aureole were clearly visible through the sheer white material. She definitely had our attention. She was carrying a couple of stuffed animals.

Wendy shooed me off of the love seat and then began do some cute poses with her stuffed animals. I took pictures while Rick told her what poses to make. After a few minutes Wendy sat up and pulled her T Shirt off. As I mentioned earlier she was small breasted, clearly a firm A cup. Most of her tits were nipple and big dark pink aureole, the kind I like best. She looked into Rick’s eyes as she began to run her hands over her sleek body. I was getting really turned on but kept snapping away with the Polaroid. Every once and awhile we would stop to look at the developed pictures and giggle a lot.

The next time that Wendy refilled our wine glasses she pranced half naked into the kitchen and back. As she handed Rick his glass she bent down to give him a kiss. Their tongues lashed each other and I watched as Rick reached up to fondle those cute little tits. I was feeling a little bit awkward when they broke their embrace. Rick whispered in Wendy’s ear she laughed and pushed away and went to occupy the love seat again.

This time she sat down with her legs straight out. She looked at Rick and then lay back and spread her panty covered legs. Her hands caressed her own body, finally coming to the area between her legs. I watched entranced as she rubbed her pussy through the panties. I could see a big wet spot and her pussy hairs peeking around the edges of the panties. My cock was quickly inflating. I thought that I was going to shoot my wad right there when Wendy suddenly pulled the crotch aside exposing her wet pussy to our eyes.

When I looked at Wendy’s eyes she was looking right at me. She brought her right hand to her face and I watched as she slowly and very sexily sucked in her index finger. I broke eye contact when that wet finger left her lips and traveled to her crotch. Her left hand was holding her panties aside and I watched closely as she inserted her wet finger between her swollen pussy lips. Rick and I sat there in a trance as we watched Wendy finger herself. I actually did think to take a picture or two and saw Wendy smile after each flash.

Unfortunately the wine and excitement were getting to me. I had to excuse myself to visit the bathroom. It was a real trial trying to get my rock hard cock out of my pants and squeeze the pee out. Finally I managed to get most of it out and returned my still half hard cock to my pants. After a few minutes I returned to the living room.

When I got back Wendy had moved over to Rick and she was sucking his cock, still dressed in only panties. I stood in the middle of the room watching as her sweet mouth closed over what looked like about 7 inches of hard Rick cock. Her little hand was wrapped around him too and she slowly jerked him off while sucking on the head. I noticed that Rick was motioning to me. He had a big dumb grin on his face and motioned for me to get the camera.

I got the camera and took a few good shots of Wendy sucking Rick’s cock. After a few shots Wendy stopped her sucking and turned around to find me. She continued to jerk Rick’s cock while she asked me if I would be a sport and lick her pussy while she took care of Rick. I wasted no time in putting the camera down and rushing to her aid.

Before I got down to business I had her stand up for a minute while I removed her panties. I could smell her pussy juices very strongly and was really looking forward to tasting her hot hole. She resumed her kneeling position and got back to sucking Rick’s cock. I pulled her legs apart a little further and then lay down on my back and moved my head between her legs. Looking up I had a great view of Wendy’s wet pussy. It was already glistening with her juices. I ran my tongue the full length of her hot gash and heard her moan in response. I reached up to play with her nipples while I devoured her cunt. After I gave her a good tongue fucking I inserted two fingers and concentrated my oral efforts on licking and sucking her clit.

My fingers could tell that she was getting more and more excited. Her juices were practically dripping down my hand and I could feel the strong contractions of her cunt muscles around my fingers. She was still bobbing frantically over Rick’s cock as I continued to lap at her clit. Wendy’s moaning got a little more frantic and I was happy to hear her groan as she came all over my face and hand. Apparently this really got to Rick because I heard him say that he was coming. I changed to soft kisses of Wendy’s pussy lips, gently licking up her juices until she finally lifted up off of my face. She looked down to see me lying there with a big hard on and her juices smeared all over my face. “You poor thing!” she said “It looks like you have earned your turn.”

Wendy offered me her hand and pulled me to my feet and started to lead me to the love seat. Rick stopped me and asked me to pass him the Polaroid. He smiled happily as I handed him the camera and told me to give Wendy a real treat. She and I headed toward the love seat. When we got there Wendy gave me a big juicy kiss and then fell to her knees. I helped her unbuckle my belt but she then lowered my zipper. Her thumbs hooked in the sides of my jeans and underwear and she pulled them to my ankles. She helped me step out of them and then hungrily eyed my hard cock.

The way that she looked into my eyes as she began to lick and suck my cock was very exciting. Her eyes stayed locked on mine as she sucked the head into her mouth and pumped the shaft slowly. The way her cheeks hollowed was very sexy and she took me out of her mouth just long enough to just give me a sweet smile and rub my cock all over her face. I was a little distracted by the occasional flash of the Polaroid but was fully enjoying the feel of Wendy’s hot little mouth.

Rick stopped the action and explained that he wanted us to change positions so he could get some better pictures. He directed Wendy to sit back on the love seat with her legs facing him. He told me to get up on the love seat and feed my cock to Wendy. As she sucked my cock back into her mouth I looked down to see that she had her legs spread wide displaying her wide open pussy to Rick. She held my cock in her right hand while her left was busy rubbing her clit. I played with her firm little tits and Rick shot several pictures. After a few shots Wendy took me out of her mouth “I want you to fuck me!” she said. I wasted no time in moving around between her legs. I rubbed my cock head against her pussy and was thrilled by how hot and wet she felt. She grabbed by ass with both hands and pulled me all the way inside her.

She had a nice tight pussy, slick with her juice and hot as a furnace. I began to slowly fuck my cock in and out of her cunt. I would pull almost all the way out and then slowly sink back into her. Rick was still taking pictures and when I looked at them later you could clearly see my cock splitting her cunt lips. My fuck motions got faster and faster as I got more and more into the awesome feeling of Wendy’s cunt. I could hear the wet sounds as I slid in and out of her. She wasn’t being a bit shy and was telling me how she wanted to be fucked. “Yes, just like that. Fuck be deep and hard!” she whispered. She came strongly a couple of times while I fucked her but I just kept a good rhythm going. She was just coming down from her third orgasm when I sensed Rick close by.

I watched as he moved himself up near Wendy’s face, his cock jutting obscenely before him. Wendy looked up and smiled then moaned as she grabbed his cock and led it toward her mouth. Rick began to fuck her mouth at about the same pace that I was fucking her pussy. Wendy stopped sucking Rick long enough to whisper that she had always wanted to do two cocks at once and with a little whimper, sucked Rick back into her mouth. She looked so hot that I started to feel my sperm starting to rise. I tried to hold myself back a little longer, wanting to prolong my pleasure as long as possible. But when I heard Rick start to growl and looked up to see him shooting his load all over Wendy’s face I lost it. I knew that Wendy was on the pill so I just shot my wad into that hot pussy and collapsed on top of her sweaty body.

We all kind of untangled ourselves from the steamy pile we were in. Wendy jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I helped Rick, who was obviously in a little pain, back to the sofa and gave him another pain pill. We were both grinning from ear to ear recounting what a hot time we had just shared. Wendy came back in still stark naked with more wine for everyone. She and I sat on the floor next to the sofa and we all passed the pictures around and talked about what fun we had. Wendy said that she had never cum so hard in her life. Rick and I beamed with pleasure, proud that we had gotten the job done.

After we had talked for awhile I couldn’t help appreciating Wendy’s nakedness. She was half lying on the floor propped up her elbows. Her legs were slightly apart and her pussy lips were clearly visible. My cock started to grow again. Nonchalantly I reached over and started to stroke her pussy lips. She stopped talking, closed her eyes “Ummm that feels good!” she said, and spread her legs wider. I was encouraged by her reaction and slipped two fingers of my left hand slowly into her hole. I reached over with my right hand and began to stroke her clit while I finger fucked her. Her hips began to move around and her juices were starting to flow freely again. I glanced up at Rick and he was just staring at my fingers sliding in and out of his girl friend. I think the pain killers had kicked in because his eyes were a little glazed and his mouth hung open.

I love to finger fuck women. The feel of their soft hot cunt walls really gets the blood flowing to my cock. I couldn’t believe how slick my fingers were with Wendy’s juice as they sawed in and out of her cunt. Wendy all of a sudden grabbed my wrist and started to pull my fingers faster and harder in and out of her and then gave a big moan and came again. I felt the walls of her juicy pussy grasp my fingers tightly and then began to contract in orgasm.

Wendy just kind of lay there shaking for quite a few minutes before finally opening her eyes and smiling at us. I saw her eyes move to both of our crotches and then she smiled. “It looks like you guys are just about ready for round two!” she exclaimed and then she moved closer to us. She moved so that she was kneeling on the floor between Rick and I. She wrapped her right hand around Rick’s cock and motioned for me to stand. Her left hand gripped my cock as I moved upward.

Wendy had us positioned so that she could happily take turns sucking each of our hard cocks. She kept busy going from cock to cock giving us a sloppy suck job. After several minutes she stopped and looked up at me “I need to get fucked again!” she said and then moved herself around on her knees so that she was sucking Rick’s dick and shaking her ass at me. I got down behind her and slid my cock all the way in to her mushy pussy. This time I didn’t bother taking it slow and easy. I reached up under her and grabbed both tits and started to fuck her hard and fast. Her ass cheeks trembled every time I drove myself into her cunt and you could hear my lower stomach slapping against her cute little ass. It only took a few minutes before she started cumming again. I didn’t slow down a beat but just kept driving my cock into her.

I took one hand off of her tits and used it to move her hair out of her face so I could watch Rick’s cock move in and out of her mouth. Wendy’s eyes were closed but she had a look of total ecstasy on her face. After a few more minutes Wendy asked me to give her a break and I pulled out of her with my cock dripping with her pussy juice. She just lay there still jerking Rick off as she gradually came down from her high.

She began to recover her wits and sat up a little, watching intently while she moved her hand up and down Rick’s cock. “I have always wanted to try a cock in my ass and cunt at the same time” she said hotly, “Do you guys think we can arrange that?” I remembered that Rick had been in a bit of pain after the last round and asked him how he felt about it. Rick said that we would need to figure out something where he wouldn’t have to move much because he was a little tender. Wendy’s eyebrows kind of furrowed as she thought and then her face brightened up. She got up off of her knees and moved up to straddle Rick. I watched as she griped his cock and guided it into her pussy. She sat up and slowly fucked herself on it and asked Rick how that felt. He just smiled and said that it felt just fine. Wendy turned to me and told me to go get the hand cream on the side table in her bedroom.

I returned with the cream and Wendy was still fucking herself up and down on Rick’s cock. She smiled as I came near and looked down to notice that my cock was only semi hard. She motioned me over and pulled my cock into her mouth. It was so sexy watching her ride Rick’s cock while sucking me off.

After my cock got good and hard again she stopped sucking me and held her palm up asking for some cream. I squirted a good measure into her hand and she dabbed some on the fingers of her other hand. Her slicked fingers went back toward her ass and she just grabbed my cock with the other hand. As she lubed my cock up she was also smearing cream around her ass hole. When my cock was good and slick she looked up at me and told me “Why don’t you go ahead and stick that fucker up my hot ass?!” As I moved around behind her she flattened herself on top of Rick and raised her ass slightly, being careful not to let Rick slide out of her pussy.

I positioned myself behind her, straddling Rick’s legs. Her brown ass hole looked very inviting and nice and slick. I moved the head of my hard cock right up to it and then gently pressed my weight forward. Wendy tensed up a little and then relaxed and I felt myself slide right inside of her. I could feel Rick’s cock on the other side of the thin membrane that separated Wendy’s pussy from her asshole. We all kind of froze at that point and made sure that everyone was OK. Rick’s answer was to slowly start to move his cock inside Wendy’s pussy. In answer I started to fuck her tight little asshole at the same time.

It didn’t take us too long to get a complementary pace going. I would wait for Rick’s cock to slide out and then I would push myself deeper into Wendy’s ass. When I started to pull back out, Rick would slide back in. Wendy was going fucking crazy. She lay between us twitching and moaning. Occasionally she would let out a few words “Yes, just like that. Oh my God that’s feels incredible” I heard her say. “Keep on fucking me guys, I’m about an inch away from cumming my brains out!” and as we complied with her wishes she started cumming and I don’t think she stopped for the rest of the time that we fucked her.

Once again I heard the now familiar growl of Rick as he shot his load into his girlfriend’s pussy. Wendy reached back with both hands and pulled her ass cheeks further apart “Come in my ass! Come in my ass!” she kept saying. I just concentrated on slamming my cock in and out of that tight little ass hole. It wasn’t too much longer until I felt the sperm moving the length of my cock. As I squirted into Wendy it set her off again and she started cumming like crazy. We just all collapsed in a big heap.

We lay there for quite a few minutes and then Rick complained that his back was starting to hurt. I pulled my half hard cock out of Wendy’s ass hole and moved off of her. Wendy then pulled herself off of Rick and sat on the end of the sofa by Rick’s feet. I wandered across the room and retrieved my stash from my pants pocket and started rolling us all another joint. I moved back to the sofa when it was rolled and lit it up, sucked in a big toke and passed it to Wendy. She took a hit and then passed it to Rick. We were all pretty quiet while we smoked the joint. Wendy excused herself and went to the bathroom.

Rick looked up and smiled. “Thanks buddy for helping us out.” He said “I thought that Wendy was going to go crazy if she didn’t get laid soon.” He laughed a little and continued “She’s been telling me she wanted to fuck you for a long time now. This was a good excuse.” I told Rick that I had always known that Wendy was hot but had no idea she was that fucking hot. When I glanced over his eyes were closed and he had a big smile on his face. By the time Wendy got back from the bathroom he had started to snore a little.

I was a little disappointed that Wendy had slipped on a robe. I got a nice look at her ass as she pulled a blanket over her boyfriend and leaned over to give him a kiss. I told her that I should probably get going and started to get dressed. We seemed a little awkward as we walked to the door. When we got there Wendy put her arms around my neck and thanked me for a wonderful evening. I bent my head to kiss her good night and couldn’t resist slipping a hand into her robe to tweak her nipples. She started to breathe very heavy and our kissing got more frantic. Suddenly she stopped and pulled me into the bathroom. She sat on the toilet while I stood by the sink. I watched as she ran warm water over a wash cloth. She told me to drop my pants which was done in a flash.

Wendy washed my cock and balls with the warm wash cloth. It felt so good that my cock started to rise again. As she continued to wash me I slipped the robe down off of her shoulders and began to play with her swollen nipples. She dropped the wash cloth in the sink and then leaned forward to take me into her mouth once again. Once she had me very hard she lay down on the floor and I fucked her leisurely in the missionary until we both came.

This time I made it out the door with no distractions. I was totally satisfied and could tell by the look on Wendy’s face that she was too. The three of us talked about that night several times afterward but never repeated the threesome. Rick and Wendy broke up about a year later. Wendy and I got together a few times after they split and had some hot times together. She even gave me one of the Polaroids of me fucking her mouth on the love seat while she played with her pussy. I have kept that picture for many years as a reminder of the night I helped out a couple of friends.

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