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Heather & Lois & Me

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Lois and Rick, the two college friends who lived together and threw the Halloween party I mentioned in my story, “Feeling Kind Of Lucky,” had been girlfriend-boyfriend for years before I ever met them, and Lois was best friends with Heather, the younger sister of my roommate Gary, who was also featured in that same story. Here’s another true college story, this one about Lois, Heather, and me.

Rick and Lois’ 5-year relationship was on the rocks, and she began spending more and more time at the apartment Gary and I shared. I had come to know Lois quite well and really liked her and, although I always thought she was extremely attractive, had never fooled around with her even though such thoughts had crossed my mind many times. She and Rick finally broke up, and he was not dealing with it well. She had told Gary and me on one of her visits to our place that Rick, in his mindless jealousy, had tried to beat up another, relatively new friend of hers that we all knew, a flaming gay fellow who had no sexual interest in her, or any woman.

Rick could simply not accept that it was over with his gorgeous young Lois (he was about 40 and she was 22). He even stormed into my apartment and tried to mix it up with me, accusing me of boinking her and being responsible for their demise. I had nothing to fight about and finally stabilized him before he tore my place up. I really thought I was going to have to clock him that afternoon.

She had moved out and gotten her own place but came over all the time, as she and Gary and Heather had been friends since grammar school. Gary had told me about the one-and-only time he and Lois had got it on way back then when they were 15 and had commented that she occasionally, though very rarely, just decided she would have sex with someone, seemingly out of the blue, and that’s how his own single encounter with her had happened when she had slept over at his and Heather’s parent’s house in the city where they all grew up.

However, I had long before categorized Lois as a friend I would never have sex with. Although Heather went to another college, it was only a few hours drive from our university, so she always stayed with her brother Gary and me when she visited her best friend Lois, who had lived with Rick throughout college. Well, Heather was staying with us one weekend, and naturally, Lois came right over shortly after she arrived. When Lois got to our place, with a big duffel bag, she had a different demeanor from usual, although I couldn’t really say exactly how. But she was behaving somewhat differently, bolder than usual.

The four of us were chatting, and out from the bag Lois pulled a really interesting looking pot she had thrown, glazed, and fired. She was an art major, and said it was a gift for me, which I gladly accepted. I asked her what the occasion was, and she said there was none, but that she really wanted me to have it. This was strange, I thought. She had never given me anything before. It was a great-looking piece of ceramic. A psychology major, I contemplated what Freud would make of this gift. Hmmm, a piece of soft clay she’d plunged her fingers into to fashion, then fired to render a unique, slick pot with a deep hole. Had she just given me, symbolically, her vagina?

Heather took a shower, and then Lois asked if she could shower there, too. I said sure, but was puzzled, knowing that she had a perfectly good shower at her new place just a few blocks away. What was up with Lois, anyway?

When Lois emerged from the shower, she was wearing a thin, white, tight-fitting cotton jump suit, and since she was still damp, you could see right through it. She never dressed this way. She looked dy-no-mite! An aerobics instructor (this was the early ’80s, and not too many people even knew what “aerobics’ was), she was in great shape with a drop-dead gorgeous, Playboy centerfold figure. Bra-less, she had a large pair of superb breasts–probably 36D—and to this day, the firmest I’ve ever seen. They literally defied the laws of physics, and were causing her jump suit to gap open where it buttoned up the front. Damn!

She was about 5’4” tall, 115 lbs, and I could see her strong leg muscles rippling beneath the fabric as she wiggled her feet into her sandals. Her quite visible nipples, hardening from the A/C we always kept uncomfortably cold after we determined the utilities were accidentally being charged to another apartment, were bright pink and matched her full kiss-me lips. With her naturally blond hair wet, you could tell that the shape of her head would make her look great even if she were totally bald. Her one “flaw,” was a big nose, a nose that was regular except that it had a jack-ball-size bulge on its tip, and to me, actually was an enhancement, in that it made her distinctive.

She was very “earthy,” so, as usual, she wore no make-up, and really didn’t need any, since her pink lips contrasted dramatically against her very fair skin, and her extremely large gray eyes peered beneath prominent brow ridges. Turns out Heather and she had plans to drive up to her gay friend’s cabin in the mountains that evening and stay the weekend. They invited us to go with them, but Gary had to work the next day, so Lois said, “I guess it’ll just be you and me and Heather then.” “I guess so,” I acceded, trying to suppress the far-fetched notion of sex with Lois.

While I gathered my things, I noticed Heather doing her yoga exercises in the middle of the floor. She was unbelievably flexible. Being Gary’s little sister, I had never really thought of her as being attractive or not, but she was, like Gary, very short, and had lost weight recently, especially around her waist, which really accentuated her hips and huge boobs, which were about 38DD, maybe bigger, and quite pendulous. Also an “earth mother” type, she had really long, super-thick light brown hair down to the bottom of her butt, and a beautiful, wide smile on her always-happy face. Hmmm, I thought, I’ve never thought of Heather as good-looking, but she is.

She was wearing a one-piece Danskin and had now folded both her legs behind her head. I don’t know what you call this yoga position, but I could clearly see her prominent labia bulging against the tight, stretchy fabric. The edges of her pussy lips were peaking out, but I didn’t stare, though I wanted to. It being late summer, she had a very dark tan with no lines showing even in this revealing position. Apparently, she had been sunbathing nude.

So we departed for the cabin in the mountains. Lois drove her little Japanese station wagon, Heather rode in the front passenger seat, and I straddled the transmission hump in the middle of the back seat as I fulfilled my duties as roller of the funny cigarettes. Even though neither Lois nor Heather drank alcohol, Lois asked if I wanted to stop to pick up some beer, so we did, getting a 12-pack along with country ham and eggs and other breakfast stuff for the following morning.

I thought we’d never get there. We drove down ever smaller back roads around hairpin turns through the pitch-black night until we finally arrived at the cabin really late. Their gay friend, though he could not himself be there, had lent the place to them for the whole weekend. I’d finished half of the Bud by myself and was feeling pretty good. It was too dark to see anything outside, but the inside of this cabin was huge and decorated tastefully in rustic antiques. Up above, there was a loft that slept up to six people in cots. Would that be my sleeping quarters? The loft overlooked the large ground floor below. It was cool up there in the mountains, so I started a big fire in the enormous fireplace.

Right in front of it there was one tall old-fashioned bed a good four feet off the hardwood floor. Lois looked me straight in the eye and said, “Here’s the bed.” “The” bed, I questioned silently to myself. I could hear Heather rustling about in the loft, apparently preparing one of the cots for herself. Well, the six beers and doobs had loosened my reticence somewhat, so, standing on the far side of the bed, I mustered the courage to say to Lois, “I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than share this bed with you.”

Lois said nothing. She was standing sideways by the bright, roaring fire, and I could see, better than ever, her every curve beneath that thin jump suit. For the first time, I could see that she was wearing no panties and could even see her trimmed bush. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally turned to face me. Slowly but deliberately, she began to unbutton the jump suit from top to bottom until it was completely unfastened to her crotch and barely hanging from her shoulders. Still, she said nothing, so I unbuttoned my shirt and unbuckled my belt and the button and zipper on my shorts, they barely hanging by my hips. Then, with a tiny shrug, she flexed her shoulders and the jump suit fell to her ankles, revealing her Playboy centerfold-of-the century nakedness. Likewise, I let my shirt and shorts and boxers fall to the floor, exposing my darkly tanned nudity and half-erection. We just stood there for several minutes, she on one side of the bed and I on the other, smiling and staring at one another, drinking in the visual delight. Finally, at once, we reached across the bed and touched hands, helping each other up into the tall old bed as it creaked loudly over the popping fire.

We were in no hurry and took our time, completely silently. First, we sat in the bed face to face, very close with our legs around each other’s hips and smoothed our hands over each other’s bodies and around our faces. I squeezed her supple arms and tops of her hips and worked my fingers, one vertebra at a time from the bottom of her back all the way up to the top of her neck and then up through her soft, shoulder-length hair into her scalp, massaging it firmly with my large piano-playing hands.

Simultaneously, she—the potter–worked me with her strong hands like a clump of clay—arms, neck, chest. She took her time before grasping my big throbbing piece of meat in those hands of hers. This potter had the best hands of any woman I’ve ever had sex with, knowing just the right amount of pressure and how far to stroke my shaft. As she did so, I watched the inside of her muscular upper arms press against her natural breasts, arranging them in countless shapes.

I touched them for the first time, and let me tell you again, never have I experienced such large AND firm tits sticking straight out like footballs. “Way up firm and high,” as Bob Seger sings in Night Moves. I could have played with them for hours, and may have. Needing to suck and lick them, I turned her around and laid her face up against the pillows. As I did so, I noticed a wet spot on the sheets where her vagina had been. In due time, I thought. I made ever smaller circles around the perimeter of her nipples with my tongue until I came to the points, so rubbery hard, and sucked them and carefully adjusted my suction and licking to her maximum pleasure. I stuck them within my eye sockets, even into my ear canal as she stroked my rod between her soft inner thighs. I thought to myself, I’m not really a tit man, but I’m becoming one quickly.

I moved up and straddled her chest and she grasped my very hard member and rubbed it expertly against those wet nipples glistening in the firelight. Lois then pushed both boobs with her hands from beneath them up toward her mouth, stuck out her long pink tongue, and licked between them, getting them really wet. I then slid my manhood into her slippery cleavage and she sucked its tip each time I protruded through to the other side. Back and forth I slowly plunged as she squeezed them together from the sides and moved them up and down around me in perfect time to my motions.

With her head bent forward I would then enter her sucking and tonguing mouth ever deeper as my balls slid on between her wet boobs. My penis was saying, “I wanna come now and spew all over these orbs and her neck and face!” But my mind said, “Listen to me, penis, we’re just getting started here. Keep that cum in your balls until I say you can come out and play. You cooperate and maybe we can come back here later and you’ll get your wish. But I’m not making any promises. Have you forgotten how good a vagina can be?!!”

So the next stop was Vaginaville. I rolled Lois over on top of me in a 69 with her genitals pointed toward the fireplace so I could see her good as she immediately began to suck me at just the right pace. And what a lovely kitty she had: like her nipples, now brushing my stomach, it was bright pink and oh so wet planted between two aerobic-instructor tight buns atop those muscular upper legs. Her vaginal lips looked remarkably like her facial lips—small but very full and puffy, almost as if they had been inflated. Her clitoris, in this position, was fully exposed from its hood, and looked remarkably like her nipples. Whatever, it veritably screamed, “You can’t miss this. Lick me! Suck me!” And so I did, occasionally moving up to thrust my tongue into her medium-size hole to stimulate her G-spot as I used my freshly shaved chin to keep working that clit.

All the while, she was blowing me ever so fine. She knew just how to coordinate her hands with her mouth, periodically removing it to use her hands alone as she looked at my penis intently. Our motions were in perfect unison at just the right pace for both of us, yet I had to scold my penis once again when it hollered, “I wanna cum in her mouth! Bet she can’t swallow all my cum!” “Listen you,” I berated, “Get it together. I’m down here working myself silly on this fine vagina getting her primed and wet just for you, and you’re talking spurting in her mouth before you’ve even paid a courtesy call down here. Do you realize what you want to do qualifies as a Class A Premature Ejaculation in this state? Choke back, son, at least until you get down here and chalk up a vaginal orgasm for the poor gal!”

Well, Lois popped her mouth off me, choked it with a hand, and rared back, pinning my head between her vulva and the mattress and grinding up what turned out to be her first orgasm. Her utter silence had been broken with a very high-pitched moan, not unlike that of a dog when it hears a siren, followed by rapid-fire, staccato moans at the same high pitch. She had my whole face trapped so tightly between the bed and her bottom that I could not breathe! I hated to do it during her orgasm, but I had to force her up in order to live to tell this story. As I did so, streams of her juices were actually spurting out in bolts from within her vagina, similar to a man ejaculating, onto my face, neck, and upper chest. Wow! So I quickly got some air and repositioned myself to keep her climax in process and lap up as much as possible of this delicious nectar. It was soooooooo good and a truly amazing sight to behold.

Still in the 69, Lois collapsed forward, her head between my thighs and my throbbing rod between her breasts. Recovering from her orgasm, she was very still except for her hard breathing. All this activity and the hot fire nearby had her sweating, and my penis felt great pinned between her firm, moist boobs as they moved around them from her heaving breaths. I judged she needed a few more minutes before we proceeded, so I grabbed a nearby pillow, stuck it beneath my head, and just enjoyed the view of her bottom only a foot away. What a fabulous sight! Those buns, so muscular, so soft, so round. Her tiny, cute little bottom hole, bright pink with teeny-weeny little wrinkles. Below, on her vagina, I watched the nectar very slowly accumulate into a drop that eventually became heavy enough to creep down across her love button to the clitoral hood and finally drip onto my chest. The next time, I caught the drip on the tip of my finger and licked it off. Yummmm.

Her breathing eased, Lois turned around to face me and grasped my meat in one hand as she straddled my hips on top of me. She rubbed its tip back and forth between her luscious labia, then wiggled it sideways across her clit. Slowly she eased its helmet inside her warm wetness. Just when I thought she was going to sit all the way down on it, she, instead, withdrew it entirely, backed down towards my feet, and started licking my scrotum with that long pink tongue. She took a testicle gently into her mouth and sucked it, then the other and sucked on it. Then she got both of them in her mouth and somehow managed to position one ball in the pocket of her cheek on one side and the other ball in her cheek on the other side. This put her front teeth and tongue right in the middle of my scrotum, that she expertly licked and nibbled to the tune of loud sucking and sloshing sounds. As she did this, she firmly clutched my shaft with both hands, like a baseball bat, and began jerking up and down—only about half an inch–very fast. Simply divine, I thought, I wonder if she could patent this technique? Lois knew just how hard to squeeze my penis to keep me about 1% away from cumming.

Next, keeping one hand’s thumb and index finger tightly encircled around the base, she licked me up and down and up and down, all around, before turning her head sideways and pursing her lips out in an exaggerated kiss to rub hard against the underside of my throbbing limb. She would alternately protrude her tongue between her pooched out lips to simultaneously wiggle it against me, then pull her tongue back in and apply audible suction through her flared lips. While she performed these astonishing oral tricks, her other hand, paralleling her up and down mouth motions, was cupped on the top side of my shaft, giving the sensation of it being fully enclosed. Hmmm, could this be patented, too, or perhaps she should write a book, “How to Drive a Man Wild with Incredible Oral Sex: The Complete Guide.”

She noticed a sizable drop of pre-cum and gently dragged her upper lip through it to paint it with semen. Looking right at me, she licked it from her lip and smiled. Then, lightning quick without warning, she sucked my entire length down her throat, including both balls pocketed in her cheeks!!! I would not be surprised if, at that juncture, my normal 7-incher, had lengthened an additional inch! I could feel and see the peristalsis of her throat muscles swallowing and hear her breathing hard through her nostrils. It took every nano-gram of concentration to keep myself from cumming, and, expert that she was, Lois correctly read me, backed off an inch to release my balls, and choked Charley hard at his base with her hand just in time to keep him from spilling his guts.

With her free hand, and without looking away, she reached over into the open 12-pack on the bedside table and handed me two cool Buds. “Manages multiple priorities,” should go on her resume, I thought. As I popped the top and slammed down a brew, she carefully removed me from her sword-swallowing mouth and assumed a “doggie-style” position, arching her beautiful back dramatically. Pointing her dripping vulva in perfect alignment with my rock-hard erection, she looked back around at me with those big gray eyes and smiled faintly. She had still not spoken a single word. “Excellent non-verbal communication skills,” I noted for her resume. I chugged down the second beer, crashed both bottles into the fireplace, and parted her labia with the tip of my penis. Without hesitation, she rocked backwards and plunged me all the way into her. Oh, glory be!

Her vagina fit me like a hand in custom-made Italian leather gloves. We started slowly and very gradually over the next half-hour picked up the pace of thrusting. We shared the “work” 50-50, she rocking back a few inches as I plunged forward a few inches in perfect unison. We were both so relaxed that, at one point, I accidentally let out an enormously loud and embarrassing beer belch, to which she giggled softly but never lost our rhythm. She would occasionally reach back and massage my slapping testicles as I would periodically reach around her to squeeze her breasts and gently pinch her nipples. Her lovely buns would ripple as my hips bumped them on the in stroke, and I spanked them with an open hand medium hard several times, leaving her fair skin a little pink. I could tell she liked this, so I spanked her a bit harder the next few times, reddening both sides.

I heard that same high-pitched whine as before as I felt a huge rush of juices within her. She was coming again, so I finally let myself come, too, squirting spurt after spurt of hot sperm into her dripping hole. Oh, it felt so, so wonderful, and we were both on another planet. I pulled out of her and batted my meat hard against her vulva, watching her voluminous juices and my thick cum splatter. I was still hard, so I stuck it back in her. She clamped her muscles down around it and whined, coming yet again.

Although the fire had died down, I could still see about the cabin from the bright embers. And there, up above in the shadows of the loft, was Heather! She was naked and her long brown hair draped artfully over her giant boobs, concealing them except for one hard, dark nipple just barely peeking through. “Well, I’m caught,” she confessed. “But that was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen.” “Have you been spying on us?” I queried. “Yep, watched the whole thing while I played with myself,” she rejoined. Lighting a cigarette, Lois finally broke her silence, “Well, you know what they say, ‘the more the merrier.'”

Heather momentarily disappeared into the blackness of the loft only to reappear in what seemed like hours downstairs as she slowly strode completely naked around the big bed Lois and I occupied. Pausing as she turned to pivot with her graceful hand atop the post of the big bed, the giant spliff between her lips gradually came into focus, so I silently motioned my head toward the fire for her to light it. Heather glided toward the fireplace, kneeled, carefully pulled her hair back, and proceeded to the light the funny cigarette against the glowing embers. As she did so, I stared at her bottom, pointed straight at me. Oh my Lord, that was the biggest, lippiest twat I’d ever seen—reddish brown, completely shaved, and oh-so wet! So that’s what her Danskin had been concealing. As she lit the number with course, raspy sounds, I noted her excellent suction action, which would soon come into play.

When she stood up and approached the bed to pass it to me, it was difficult for me to transfer my gaze to the J from her pendulous swaying breasts. Heather flipped her beautiful long hair over her shoulders, fully revealing her breasts to me for the first time. While Lois’ were superb in their large, straight-out firmness, Heather’s tits were much bigger yet hung down to mid-waist with enormous, upturned nipples. They were an equally attractive pair, each in their own unique way.

I finally took the J and inhaled a giant lung-full, which I exhaled into Lois’ in one long, steady breath. “Sensemilla,” we all uttered simultaneously, relishing the special fresh flavor and potency of the herb. Lois exhaled and drew in a lung full of it, then gently placed her lips against Heather’s only to recycle it into her lungs. After several rounds of this, we had reduced the large number to a roach, which Heather placed carefully on the side table, returning to me a cold Bud, which I reduced to emptiness in four giant gulps.

Without hesitation, I pulled Heather into the tall bed, positioned her facing me astride the reclining Lois’ head, and fed into Heather’s mouth my half-hard, semen-encrusted dick. She sucked it down with vigor, quickly cleaning the semi-dry cum clean before taking its entire length down her throat without the least hesitation. I love women who truly like to suck a man’s dick—you know, not just because they know it feels good to the man, but because they love a man’s dick in their mouth, because it feels good there and they love that hard, throbbing piece of meat between their lips as they tongue it and suck it and savor it. Heather was just this kind of woman.

As she performed her adroit maneuvers, Lois beneath her audibly lapped upward between Heather’s big flapping pussy lips, which only increased Heather’s enthusiasm on my fully-engorged manhood. So I reached down to stimulate Lois’ own pussy with the trusty three-fingers-in, thumb-on-clit technique with my right hand as I fondled Heather’s massive mammaries with my left. As Lois began to come, so did Heather, and I will never forget the sight of her buns vibrating against the points of Lois’ big, firm boobs, pointing upward in all their glory. Although not fifteen minutes before I had spewed into Lois’ luscious cunt, I let him rip into Heather’s Hoover-suction mouth, she never spilling a drop as she sucked every tasty morsel down her throat. Sombitch! In the faint light of the dying fire, we finished off the sensemilla roach, and I crashed into a deep slumber enveloped between the smooth confines of the sensuous Lois and Heather.

The following morning I awoke with a stiffy, eyes closed in the brightness feeling about the old four-poster for at least one of the fabulous girls I’d enjoyed the night before, only to discover the rude reality that I was alone. Where were the babes? When I pried my lids open to take a look around, there was no sign of either of them, yet the old Datsun was still parked in front, so I knew they had to be somewhere not too far away. But, now that I could see it in the light and sobriety of day, what a fabulous cabin this was!

“Cabin” is the wrong word, rather it was a huge mountain style home furnished in fine yet rustic antiques, rugs, and accessories. On the back side there was an enormous restaurant-like kitchen with stainless steel everything and copper utensils hanging down over the center island. Food! I was reminded of the ham and eggs and stuff we’d picked up the night before, so I proceeded to get busy making a “mess” of breakfast. As I did so, My eyes kept training out through the large picture window at the beautiful, calm lake that the cabin perched on the shore of. Having hiked many times all over the Smoky Mountains, I was very familiar with the area, yet I had no idea where I was.

This was a large, relatively high-altitude lake surrounded by heavily wooded mountains with no other cabins or anyone in view. Where the hell was this mysterious place, anyway? Looked like a place where one might bump in to Big Foot. Studying the lake more carefully while the redolent country ham crackled on the stove, there in the far distance, I spotted a small raft—the bright yellow kind airmen use to keep afloat after they’re forced to ditch their planes over open water. What would that be doing out there? It was too far away to see if anyone was in it, so, starved, I just rounded up more breakfast stuff, biscuits, butter, honey. I found in one of the cabinets a large pair of military field glasses in a nice brown leather case. Superb binoculars, Zeiss, no less, 10×50 power, so I used them to scan the woods for cabins, people, wildlife—anything—but found utterly no sign of life.

I didn’t even hear any birds. I recalled an old episode of the classic TV series Night Gallery, but quickly dismissed such thoughts as being ridiculously fantastic. Panning across the lake with the powerful optics, the blurred image of the life raft came into view, so I refocused to bring it into sharp view. My knees weakened at what I saw: Inside the little inflatable boat, there were two completely naked girls—Lois with her ass arched high in the air eating Heather’s pussy as Heather played with her own big brown nipples!!! Well, well, well, so that’s where the girls disappeared to. Best friends, indeed!

Through the strong field glasses, they were brought into close view. Even though I had been with them the night before doing pretty much the same thing, there was something particularly erotic about watching them through the glasses when they thought they were totally alone. Lois swung around atop Heather and lowered her pussy right onto her mouth so that Heather could return the favor, lapping Lois expertly with her long, slender tongue as Lois’ boobs jiggled delightfully in the bright Sun.

Since Heather had her legs spread wide wrapped over the edges of the raft, I could see her big, meaty, juicy pussy, which she in short order began to frig with three fingers. Just as she took a finger from her other hand and inserted it into her own brown hole, she repositioned her head beneath Lois to move from licking her clit to tonguing her oh-so-tiny back door, eventually inserting it deep within the forbidden hole as she simultaneously vibrated her whole head for Lois’ maximum pleasure. So both of these gals like a little anal action, eh?

Lois then began rubbing her own clit with the forefingers of both hands, which caused her upper arms to squeeze her perfect tits together in a sight that can only be described as jaw-dropping. Although I couldn’t hear them, it certainly appeared they were both cumming big time. By this point I had moved outside to the back porch and, never having dressed, was myself naked as a jaybird. Mounted to the outside wall by the back door I noticed jutting up at an angle a long, smooth wooden coat or hat hangar, hand-carved with a knobby end. I chuckled out loud to myself that it must be erect like me because of the lesbian action in the distance.

I wanted more than anything to silently swim out to them, burst out of the water like some sea monster, and plunge my weapon in turn into each of their cumulative six holes. Yet, since they were at least 150 yards away and I was a weak swimmer, I realized I’d probably drown instead. Just as I lowered the binoculars to my side to rub my bugged-out eyes, they finally noticed me. “Ready for breakfast?” I hollered. “On our way!” they shouted back, as they produced a couple of oars from the bottom of the boat and began rowing back. So I went back inside to the kitchen and popped the biscuits I’d made from scratch into the oven, carefully replacing the field glasses back into their case and into the cabinet where I’d found them.

When they returned to shore, they had both donned bikinis, which I supposed had been hidden from view in the bottom of the raft, so I slipped on my trunks too before they came inside. I wondered how to interpret their getting dressed. After all, there was no one around but me to see them, and we had all seen each other nude the previous evening, not to mention having fantastic sex together. Was last night a one-time-only deal or would there be more today?

We all sat down at the giant wooden table by the bay window and chowed down on the huge breakfast—country ham, fried eggs, and biscuits galore. As we were finishing, Heather took a big bite of one of the biscuits onto which she’d slathered copious quantities of fresh warm butter and clover honey. As she did so, the honey-butter spurt from the biscuit down her chin and between her big breasts drawn together by the top of her halter bikini. “Do we still have to have manners up here in the wilderness?” she half giggled. Seeing that this was the moment and I must seize it, I responded, “Manners, yes, but different protocol, as nothing in the wilderness should ever go to waste.”

I leaned over and gently licked up the spillage, starting in her cleavage and working my way up her neck, around her chin, and finishing with a sloppy kiss on her lips. “That looks real good,” said Lois, her nipples straining against the wet thin fabric of her bikini top. Then I pulled Heather’s left breast from her top, buttered its nipple with the knife, and squeezed honey onto it. The mixture ran down the inside of her tit, pooled in her deep navel, and trickled southward to her crotch. Lois scooted on the bench against Heather and said, “I wanna try that.”

So, with my butt, I pushed the table back from the bench, knelt on the floor in front of them and removed both of their tops. I then picked up the butter bowl with my left hand and the honey in my right and smashed the whipped butter onto all four boobs, causing them to glisten in the morning Sun. I followed the butter by squeezing out the honey at the tops of this wonderful pair of tits and watching it slowly run around and over them. To mix the fluids, I first rubbed each girls tits together, then rubbed them against the other girl’s as they cooed softly. Saying, “We don’t want to get these soiled,” I carefully removed their bottoms, which they helped with by standing up. Then I slapped a huge amount of butter and honey all over them—tits, tummy, legs, ass, crotch—before sitting them back down on the bench. I pressed the girls together, gathered up all four boobs and, because they were so big and long-nippled, I managed to suck the delicious honey butter from all four nipples at the same time. Gazing up into their eyes, I garbled between lick-sucks, “Tastes great!” Echoing the Miller Lite commercial, they laughed, “Less filling!” I’ve loved butter and honey since I was a small child, but now it was assuming a whole new dimension of pleasure.

I twirled Lois and Heather around on the bench, got them on their knees and went to the other side so that they could prop their arms on the table as I applied still more butter and honey to their cracks from behind them. Naturally, I ate their pussies and assholes out until they came screaming several times. Not being a competition, I didn’t keep count. When I wasn’t licking one girl, I was working the other with my hand. I’d alternate real fast from one to the other; I wanted to make sure they were both getting off to the max. Later, I’d have my left index finger in Lois’ butt and my left thumb in her cunt at the same time I had my right index finger in Heather’s butt while I had my right thumb in her cunt as I’d suck one girl’s clit for a couple minutes then the other girl’s clit.

Takes more than a little bit of concentration, don’t you know. Other than the obvious—slippery honey-butter-pussy juice flavored bottoms—what I found splendid about this position was how I could look between their legs from behind and enjoy the view of their big wet tits hanging down with honey-butter running right off the tips of their nips. Of course, I would occasionally reach around to fondle them, just to make sure everything was OK. Fuck the hardwood floor; we’d clean it up later.

Well, I was inclined to bang the four holes I’d primed right then, but they insisted on sucking me first, so in the spirit of cooperation, I acquiesced. I came around to sit on the edge of the table as they buttered and honeyed up Mr. Johnson with their very adept hands before applying the good ol’ up-and-down mouth suction. These chicks were amazing; hell, I’d known ’em for years as Lois—Rick’s girlfriend—and Heather—Gary’s sister. Now this!!!

Lois would suck me like a pro while Heather licked my balls and anus, then they’d meet in the middle—French-kissing each other as they licked the underside of my tool while pursing their sucking lips sliding from base to tip on the sides and top of my shaft. Then they’d alternate: Heather on dick, Lois on balls/anus. At one point they each had a finger in my ass as they did all this. They had no doubt done this shit before, since it was choreographed like a complex dance, but with whom, I speculated? I was biting down hard on the wood handle of a knife to keep from cumming because I wanted to save a huge load for their asses. I must have looked like a pirate in a B movie. B for blow-job.

Well, I positioned them for fucking back into the same place they were when I was eating them out—doggie style with their knees on the bench and supporting their upper bodies with their forearms on the table in front of them, except that I had Lois on the left this time. Variety, you know, is the spice of life. First I plowed into Heather’s big ol’ pussy as I three-fingered Lois’ tighter cunt with my left hand. In no time, the sight of Heather’s pinchy brown hole necessitated the insertion of my full big right thumb, which caused her to scream even louder than she was with only my dick in her pussy. The extra noise prompted Lois to lean backward to see what all the hullabaloo was about, so I answered by getting a fourth finger in her tight cunt and sticking my left thumb into the tightest anus in the history of womankind, the result being that Lois’ cracked-voice moans effectively drowned out Heather’s.

Gazing through the open door at the Smoky Mountains in the distance, I wondered if yodeling may have gotten started in just this way. Have to look into that later; after all, I still needed to pick a topic for my Anthropology class research paper. Perhaps I could apply some of this “field” research. Seeing the phallic coat/hat-hanging rod I’d noticed earlier just visible on the wall outside, a plan began to take shape in my twisted mind: The rod was a bit longer than my dick but not as thick, so it could serve as both a replacement for the pussy I just left as well as a butthole loosening device for the anus I was about to enter myself. I would get that smooth, bulb-headed wooden rod and work it in Heather’s pussy as I plunged myself into Lois’s tighter pussy. Then I would withdraw the rod from Heather’s pussy and work it into her butt as I continued to fuck Lois’s cunt. Withdrawing from Lois, I would remove the rod from Heather’s brown hole, replace it with my dick, and then put the rod into Lois’ super-tight rectum as I fucked Heather’s ass. Then I’d take the rod out of Lois’ primed ass and work in my thick meat.

The order for my penile insertions into these two women would therefore be from biggest orifice to smallest: 1. Heather pussy. 2. Lois pussy. 3. Heather anus. 4. Lois anus. I love order. I thrive on it. It was a good plan. But there was a catch: getting the damned wooden rod out of the wall. With two naked and horny pieces of ass watching, it would not budge—stuck like the hinges of hell—and I could not pull it from the hole in the wall despite my best efforts. There are a few times in life when one must summons up an ancient and primal force unrelated to physical strength in order to overcome the humanly insurmountable in the name of something of supreme importance. This was such an occasion.

Similarly, I recalled when, to earn my black belt in jiu-jitsu, I had to square off against a 300-lb. Titan, since, despite that he was almost twice my weight, we were the only two brown belts available to compete. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, I put myself back into that scenario. Concentrating intently on the stuck rod and nothing else, I could feel the adrenaline coursing through my body until I was near frenzy and screamed the cry of the Banshee, “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!” , snatching the rod from the wall’s grip in a single motion of self-astonishing success.

“Dude, your dick was doin’ just fine.” Heather attempted to understand. “Yeah, man, like we don’t really need that,” agreed Lois, lamely. Smiling and covered in sweat, I thought, “Silly girls, they don’t know I have a plan—a plan of order—and that this wooden rod is critical to my plan, a plan that will enable all three of us to achieve the greatest sexual satisfaction ever!” Clearly, I was suffering from a serious case of delusions of grandeur.

And then I got distracted with their tits. Tits will do that at times. I suddenly realized that these breasts were perfect titty-fucking specimens, yet I had so far skipped this obvious and highly enjoyable sexual activity. What could I have been thinking! I would implement my plan, but only after titty-fucking both of them. They must have seen a titty-fucking look on my face, for as I approached them sitting on the bench, they slathered butter all over and between their magnificent boobs and stiffened me to full erection again with buttered hands. Ever gotten a two-fisted hand job, one hand from one girl and the other hand from a second girl? Not bad, not bad at all, and definitely a cure for the post-adrenaline rush hangover. Anyway, the next path on this trail would be to scale the Mammary Mountains, trusty pole in hand.

But first let me go back to describing how these two girls looked, for their contrasting appearance was key to this super-stimulating sexual experience. Not that I would kick gorgeous twin girls out of bed due to their similarity, but, as I mentioned before, variety has a lot going for it. Though I’ve already mentioned some of this, let me take each of their features and compare them.

Frame—Lois: About 5 feet 4 inches tall weighing I’d guess 110-115 lbs., Lois was muscular and medium-boned in a decidedly feminine way. Her figure was classic hourglass, but the curves were nearly all muscle rather than fat. An aerobics teacher, she was very careful to balance her workouts so that she kept all her parts in proportion. Feeling her all over, you could tell that she could flex and relax virtually every muscle in her body, and she had always been in great shape—never having let herself go. Incongruously, she smoked two packs of Marlboros daily. Go figure.

Frame—Heather: Barely five feet on a tall day, Heather had recently gone on a diet and exercise regime, and probably weighed in at no more than 105 lbs, having lost maybe as much as 35 lbs, almost all of it from her waist and hips. Small-boned but with naturally broad shoulders and pelvis, her newfound health kick had rendered her a truly extreme hourglass figure, leaving just enough “cushion for the pushin'” that was very soft and sexy. The dominant geometric shape that recapitulated itself across her entire physique was the circle/sphere.

Head—Lois: Perfectly shaped and relatively large, her cranium would still be beautiful even if she were bald, as one could easily determine when her hair was wet. Lois was a gray-eyed natural blonde, extremely soft and thin hair hanging to just below her shoulders. Topped by dramatically arched blonde eyebrows, her bright eyes and eye sockets were very large, overlooking a pretty regular-size nose with the notable exception of an orb at its tip. It was as though her maker, having created a perfect woman, went back and stuck this ball on the end of her nose just to make her imperfect. Yet, to my eyes, it made Lois truly unique, and, therefore, was an enhancement. Let’s put it this way, without the bulb-nose, as she walked by, you’d do a double take and think “fabulous babe;” with her nose the way it was, as she walked by, you’d do a triple take and think “Fabulous babe. Never seen a woman like her.”

Her ears were small, very soft, and well-defined. Her lips, both upper and lower, were full and rosy pink colored, and contrasted sharply against her very fair complexion. When at rest, her mouth appeared small, yet when she laughed (or sucked dick and both balls, as I had just learned) it opened quite wide, and her small teeth were perfectly straight, thanks to braces worn in her early teens. The most interesting looking thing about her mouth was when she would speak, you could see every muscle that controls it moving so sensuously. Her somewhat square jaw jutted forward into a strong chin, both of which sloped gracefully into her silky smooth, artful neck.

Head—Heather: With a large, nearly spherical head, the first thing you would notice about Heather was a veritable mane of thick, wavy, light brown hair cascading all the way to her butt. It was the most lovely hair I’ve ever seen. It framed her round, high cheek-boned face, somewhat flat, which brought her large brown eyes and long lashes to the very front of her sweet countenance. Her cute little nose, wrinkling with a single little crease across the tip when she smiled, perched over her large, voluptuous reddish brown lips, usually smiling ear to ear, which revealed extra-large bright white teeth. She, Gary, and the whole family had taken part in the famous Crest flouride toothpaste longitudinal studies, and every one of them had picture-perfect teeth with nary a filling.

Her naturally dark complexion, deepened by sun-tanning, accentuated the whiteness of those teeth. I judged that Heather could take two above-average-size dicks into her mouth simultaneously, provided she could keep those big teeth at bay. Although her hair usually hid them, Heather’s ears were large with velvety soft, fleshy lobes that hung down, ears identical to all her siblings, including her brother, Gary, my roommate. In fact, she and Gary looked a lot alike. That was one of the reasons I believe I had never thought of her in a sexual way until the day before. Her round chin and jaw, like Gary’s, merged into a long slender neck. Of course, Gary had to shave his face practically twice a day, and Heather had no facial hair—which was thankfully a significant difference between the two!

Upper Body–Lois: Lois’ breasts I’d estimate were a 36D, but it was not only their size but also their shape and firmness that was remarkable. They felt like muscles and projected straight out when she stood; they even stood straight up when she lay face up. If you were to see her these days walking around the pool in a bikini, you’d say “boob job city,” but I guarantee Lois’ tits were 100% the real McCoy. Matching her lips, her prominent nipples were bright rose-pink and were the type that were always rigid; when given a little attention they became even harder and perked out a good ½ inch, which would gather up the surrounding areolas until they disappeared, forming the visual delight of bright pink nipples projecting directly from the fair skin of her breasts.

Her arms were strong and muscular, though not the least bit masculine, as was her back and stomach. You could literally feel every muscle ripple beneath your hands as she moved about. A potter, her own hands were extremely strong for a woman and she kept her nails, often scraped whitish from handling ceramics, trimmed closely.

Upper Body—Heather: Heather’s boobs were very big—huge—at least 38DD, and were to my eye as attractive as Lois’, though in a totally different way. They hung down, with the perfect slope, to the tops of her rib cage, not what I’d call sagging but definitely pendulous. With every slight change of posture, they moved alluringly. Her cinnamon brown nipples were located just north of the breast’s center point, lending them an upturned appearance. Heather’s dark areolas were at least 2 inches in diameter, and with just a little bit of sucking or tweaking, her nipples would extend out a good ¾ inch.

Her upper arms, like her back and tummy, were slender though still fleshy, but her forearms were very thin, terminating in tiny wrists and small dainty hands with long, thick nails. In fact, she had nails so tough that she would cut them every few months and sell them to a cosmetics company for extra cash. Since she was only about 20, there was no vestige of all the weight she’d lost except one, which I found incredibly sexy—her belly button. An “innie,” it was quite large and deep and particularly sensitive. Another hole to play with, as far as I was concerned!

Lower Body—Lois: As you would expect, Lois was muscular all across her lower half, as well. Though Caucasion, her butt reminded me of a black girl’s bottom, super firm and pooched dramatically out. Lois kept her blonde bush trimmed, so it was easy to see that her mons, that little hill of crotch flesh, protruded in similar fashion, especially when aroused. Her legs were her most muscular part, visibly rippling when she exercised, though she was careful to restrain their development lest she take on the female body builder look she disliked. Heck, even the soles of her feet were muscular.

Lois’ pussy was real nice, bright rose pink like her other mucous membranes. The hood over her clit only partially covered it, so it was easy to get to. Her labia were not long but were fairly thick and puffy at the entrance to her medium-size vagina, which, just about an inch inside, had a sphincter like ring she knew how to contract and release with precision. She became wet with only the slightest of stimulation. Her anus was puckered and pink, and was one of the smallest I’ve ever seen.

Lower Body—Heather: Again, Heather was fleshy and round, but her diet and exercise regime, combined with her short stature, had her nearly in the petite category. Perfectly round and tanned even down her crack (how did she accomplish that?), her butt was so soft and pliable that you could suck nearly half of a bun into your mouth. Around front, her naturally wide hip bones jutted on either side of her nearly flat lower belly/crotch area. She was so proud of this part of her body that she had begun completely shaving her formerly very hairy pubes just so she could see the results of her efforts. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to see this.

Her slender, smooth and tanned legs connected to feet commensurately tiny and dainty as her hands. Cinnamon brown like her nipples, her large pussy was the type that starts way up high in the crotch, clearly visible when she is standing, and was surrounded by two of the biggest, meatiest labia I’ve ever seen. Picture half an IHOP silver dollar pancake flanking each side of a 3-inch-long always-wet gash. Similarly, her clit was enveloped in a thick layer of this rubbery meat, but it was easy to peel back to expose a love button nearly as big as my thumb. Heather’s brown hole sported deep wrinkles around the outside and a slightly protruding sphincter ringing the orifice.

Well, on to titty-fucking these beautiful big-boobed babes! I sat on the dining table bench and maneuvered Lois and Heather onto their knees on the floor facing me. By now the morning Sun had risen high enough that its rays were penetrating through the bay window and shining directly onto the table where it was melting the crock of whipped butter. Though their boobs and my penis were already buttered, Heather looked up with those big brown eyes into mine as she squeezed her giant water balloons together and wrapped them around my shaft. I picked up the crock of butter and poured about a cup of the warm fluid over the tip of my dick, watching it roll down its length and into her cleavage.

Heather used her hands as well as a gentle body rocking motion to slide her pliable tits up and down and up and down my slippery shaft. Watching closely, Lois bent over to suck its head when it would emerge, so I rewarded her with a generous helping of butter to her firm footballs, alternately thumbing first her right then her left rigid nipple with vigor. Feeling an impending orgasm (we shan’t have that just now), I withdrew from Heather’s breasts to switch to Lois’, but not before Heather managed to squeeze her boobs together so tightly that her nipples were only an inch apart. Then she placed both of her long, brown nips against that little sensitive spot on the underside of my cock just below the head and jiggled them quickly back and forth. Fan-fucking-tastic!

As she did this, Lois put her own boobs to good use by positioning herself behind Heather and sliding first one then the other up and down the length of her crack, expertly utilizing her rubbery pink nipples to stimulate Heather’s clit, pussy, and booty hole. Heather, still vibrating her nips against my dick, straightened her knees to arch her ass high in the air as Lois continued her mammarian machinations. Although Heather’s pussy was hidden from my view, I could now just barely see her slightly protruding butt sphincter, and just in time to see Lois insert one of her bright pink nipples right into it. I crooned upward from the bench to get a better view, which moved my dick towards Heather’s mouth, which she interpreted as my wanting to be sucked some more, so she did. Which was A-OK with me.

Guiding Heather’s head at my preferred pace with a gob of her long hair in each hand, I could now clearly see the kinky nipple-ass action. Heather would contract her sphincter around Lois’ nipple, nearly pushing it out, then relax it, allowing the nipple to enter her all the way. I let go of Heather’s hair and grasped her buttery boobs to mimic the sensation Lois must have been feeling by making tight circles with each of my index fingers around Heather’s long nipples, tightly pulling down their length and gently sliding back upwards to the areola. Recognizing that I was milking her like a cow, Heather popped her mouth off my cock, and said, “Moooo.” We all cracked up laughing for at least a minute, simultaneously enjoying the humor and the sight of our buttery boobs and dick jiggle and glisten in the Sunlight.

When we finally got over the bovine joke, it was time to titty-fuck Lois, so she and Heather switched positions from the way we’d all commenced the previous titty-fucking chapter. Lois wrapped her boobs around my cock, I poured butter all over the dick sandwich, then Heather’s tits, which I thumbed, and then Heather, would suck my dick’s head as it would appear driving up through Lois’ orbs. Although we were doing the exact same thing as before, it felt totally different but just as good. Lois’ tits were firmer and not as big as Heather’s, and Heather gave head differently. That’s what was so great about these two chicks at once—they were different looking and feeling, each in their own unique, superb way.

Just as Lois had done to Heather, Heather moved behind Lois to give her the ol’ boobs-in-the-crotch treatment. As she did so, Lois stiffened her legs from the kneeling tit-fucking position to suck me, bringing her anus into my line of sight. And what a sight! Lois’ tiny, tight pink butt hole being penetrated by Heather’s extra-long, rigid, brown nipple. To get it in, Heather poured some more warm butter on Lois’ wrinkled pinkness and then pinched her nipple hard between thumb and forefinger to forcefully guide it through the micro-hole. Heather wiggled it all the way in, and Lois squeezed her sphincter tightly around it, trapping the long nipple in a vice like grip as she simultaneously used her lips to choke the base of my cock in the same way. It took every nano-gram of willpower to keep from spewing my load at that very moment, but somehow I was able to hold myself in check. After all, I and my wooden hat-hangar friend still had some booty plans.

But my fascination was still centered on these girl’s magnificent breasts, and the notion of tit-fucking both of them at the same time would not leave my consciousness. But how? Two versions entered my mind. First, I lay Lois face-up along the length of the bench so that her head hung backwards off the edge towards the floor. Her firm mountains stood straight up, and she pushed them together with her hands from the sides. Then I positioned Heather astraddle the bench and Lois’ hips and bent her arched-back upper torso about 45 degrees downward toward Lois’ face so that Heather’s pendulous tits smashed down against Lois’. Facing them standing on the floor at the end of the bench, I could lower my crotch to their chest level by bending my knees and slide my raging manhood back and forth and up and down between both pair of knockers.

Do I have to tell you how great this felt? I have never seen or heard of this position anywhere before or since, so I am still rather proud of myself for coming up with it, especially on the fly like that. The position also afforded Lois the opportunity to raise her head back up to occasionally lick and tongue my ass on my back-stroke, which I took as license to have my willful way a little later with her bung hole. It must have been hell on her neck to rare it up like that, but, hey, she was the aerobics instructor, and a hard dick hath no conscience, anyway.

Well, after quite a while titty-fucking them in this way (I could have stuck with this for days or until the butter ran out), I decided to try version 2, so I rocked them upright so that they were sitting astraddle the bench facing one another, breasts pressed together. An unexpected benefit was that they began kissing each other while entwining their legs to smash their pussies together. Really nice, you know. Well, I got my dick between Lois’ right boob and Heather’s left boob as they each pressed with their hands their respective boob from its opposite side, making for a tight fit as I slid up and down between them. Oh, the wonderful sensation of Lois’ firm tit on the top of my shaft and Heather’s pliable tit on its underside! Dipping each of my middle fingers into the butter on the table, I took advantage of this position to insert them into their bung holes—left hand in Lois’ and right hand in Heather’s. Lois’ ass was so tight it was practically cutting off my circulation, but I was confident my plan would enable me to get my dick in there.

With their every erogenous zone being simultaneously stimulated, they oooed and aaaahed with such volume that they could have been heard clear across the other side of the lake, had anyone been there to hear. Feeling rather primal at that moment, I decided to belt out a healthy Johnny Weismuller-style Tarzan yell. Heather responded in a perfect imitation of Maureen O’Sullivan’s British-accent Jane, “Careful, Tarzan, you’ll start an elephant stampede.” “Timba, ungowa,” added Lois. You may not get it, but, being old film buffs, the three of us got it, and we all cracked up laughing, but never losing our place in the sex.

Not that I was bored with the double titty-fucking, but it was time to move on to the final scene, so I maneuvered them back as before—in doggie position with their knees on the bench and their elbows on the table, only this time I made sure their side-by-side butts were smashed together as close as possible. I dipped my hands in the half-melted butter and stuck the smooth, knobby headed wooden hat hangar upright in the middle, so it would be at the ready.

I slipped my cock into Heather’s pussy and buried my left thumb in her ass as I used my right hand to plunge four fingers into Lois’ vagina and my thumb into her anus. Heather took her dual penetrations with ease, but Lois winced when my big thumb invaded her ass. It gradually loosened, though, and I was certain she was enjoying it as I banged Heather.

The really cool thing was how they were looking into each other’s eyes as I pleasured their cumulative four holes. Though they were completely straight, they looked like they were on heavy-duty drugs. Well, sex IS like a strong drug, when you think about it.

I pulled my dick out of Heather’s pussy but kept my thumb in her ass as I withdrew my fingers from Lois’ holes and quickly repositioned to poke my cock in her primed pussy. Heather immediately reached back and began rubbing her clit. Lois’ eyes followed my right hand as I retrieved the hat hangar from the butter bowl on the table in front of her, pulled my thumb from Heather’s ass, transferred the implement to my left hand, and placed the buttery knobby end against Heather’s anus.

“Are you gonna stick that thing in there?” Lois asked, probably more concerned that I might be going to put it in her own bum later. Before I could say anything, Heather, literally begging, said, “Stick it in me. I want it in me.” And so I did, simultaneously working it in and out as I pumped Lois’ very wet pussy. Lois just kept looking over her shoulder, alternating her eyes between my eyes and the kinky make-shift instrument pistoning in and out of her best friend’s poop shoot.

Re-buttering my right thumb, I slowly inserted it into Lois’ ass, burying it as deep as it would go, over the second knuckle, and just let her get used to it being there a while before moving it in and out in opposite strokes to my cock in her fine pussy. Before long, both of them were cumming, first Lois, who peaked and faded rather quickly, then Heather, who was having an extended climax.

I figured this would be the perfect time to quickly pluck the tool from Heather’s ass and replace it with my cock, so I did just that, as Lois watched. I slowly inserted my raging erection into Heather’s ass, and with each inch, Lois’ eyes got bigger. I was careful to keep my thumb deep in her anus while I rapidly flicked her clit with my middle finger.

Heather was frigging her own pussy with three fingers furiously fast as I slowly buttfucked her—ALL the way in, ALL the way out, sphincter close, then ALL the way in, and so on again and again and again. Lois had a look of astonishment on her face, and looking me straight in the eye, exclaimed, incredulously, “You are BUTTfucking my best friend!” Heather responded, “Oh, Lois, it’s OK, hon. It feels so good. Here, squeeze my breast real hard like I’m doin’ yours. See how I’m pinching your nipple between my knuckles? Do just like that to me. That’s right.”

And so they frigged themselves while squeezing each other’s boobs with their free hand. And I continued to buttfuck Heather while twisting my thumb around as deep as it would go in Lois’ ass.

It was tool time for Lois’ butt, so I pulled my thumb out, rolled the smooth wooden instrument around in the butter, heaping a hunk onto the knobby end, and silently showed her what I was about to do by holding it in front of her eyes. “Please be careful,” she pleaded, “and don’t rip me open.” “It’s all right, hon,” Heather reassured, “He’ll be real careful. It’ll hurt a little bit at first, but just breathe deep and relax, and I promise it’ll feel real good when you get used to it in a minute or so.”

I buried my dick deep in Heather’s ass and just held it still in order to focus on inserting the business end of that old hat hangar, as slow and easy as humanly possible, in Lois’ thumb-loosened asshole. She clinched her teeth, but never made a whimper and took it like the good girl she was. Once she got accustomed to this larger-sized thing inside her, I moved it at first just a little bit, but eventually was reaming it slowly in and out about four or five inches. Just as Heather had promised, Lois gradually began to like it more and more, two-fingering her pussy and thumbing her clit all the while.

This next-to-last phase of my plan—I fucking Heather’s ass and working the hat-hangar in Lois’ as they twat-twiddled themselves—seemed to go on forever. I was no doubt enjoying the hell out of it, and though they were, too, I had not yet brought either of them to orgasm. Rule of thumb: One is not performing ass work as good as possible unless you can make the girl(s) cum. I figured they needed the trusty cock in the pussy, but I didn’t want to put my dirty one back in there, and besides, that would deviate from The Plan. And, of course, there were no other known cocks in the vicinity, except perhaps that of Big Foot, who was probably too busy making prints in the sand for an upcoming episode of Truth Or Legend.

I scanned the immediate area for phallic objects. Flower vase? Right shape, but far too big. Maybe the cylindrical wind chimes? Right shape and several sizes, but the metal would be cold, and I’d have to rip the whole thing apart to use them. Wait, right there on the table–our silverware. It was of a rustic style with wooden handles. Though the handles were oversize, they were not dick-thick, but I’d noticed when I got them out of the drawer to set the table that they “nested” neatly: the concave back of one handle fit perfectly over the convex top handle of another. With three knives, three forks, and three spoons, I had plenty of silverware that I could nest to the proper thickness for a custom pussy fit in both girls. Quite creative and original thinking, if I do say so myself!

Careful to keep my cock in Heather’s ass and the tool in Lois’, I bent forward to gather the implements from the table, but I could not quite reach all of them. Seeing what I was doing, Heather slid the set from the other side of the table over to her, nested knife, fork and spoon together, and said, “This will make a great home-made dildo,” and then plunged it in her pussy. So much for creative and original thinking on my part. I nested another three together and handed it to Lois, who promptly poked it in her pussy, saying, “This is just what we needed. Great idea, Heather.” Hey, it was MY idea, but there were more important things to do than argue about that.

I kept up my ass-fucking and ass-poking as they fucked their wetter-than-ever pussies with the newfound table implements and brought themselves to climax, first Heather, then, seemingly promptly by her, Lois joined her in orgasm land in a lengthy chorus of whines, grunts, screeches, and shrieks. The sounds coming from those girls were like some yet-to-be discovered wild animal deep in the Brazilian rain forest—strange, alluring, and, above all, exciting.

The bench they had their knees on in the side-by-side doggie position we’d been in the whole time had very gradually scooted away from the table, so that the only thing supporting their upper bodies were their jaws smashed sideways on it gazing into each other’s eyes. They appeared to be on the exact same sexual wavelength.

That was good, because their anuses were definitely NOT the same size, Heather’s barely tighter than Lois’ pussy, and though I’d been working Lois’ puckerhole for a really long time with the hat hangar, it still looked mighty small. Yet, it was time for phase 4—buttfucking Lois, and I was counting on Heather’s lead, as she had already had, to facilitate.

The thing that concerned me was that the hat hangar and my dick were not the same shape or size. Both were hard, smooth, and slathered in warm, slippery buttery, but the bulb on the end of the hangar was about and inch and a quarter in diameter and tapered down to a shaft at most ¾ of an inch thick. Compare that to my dick, whose head is 2 inches thick and the shaft that is only slightly thinner. My cock was a lot bigger than that hat hangar, especially around the shaft that would be relentlessly stretching her little pink sphincter versus the relatively thin shaft of the hangar.

There was only one way to find out, so I reached for the tub of butter to lube myself up. In doing so, I noticed how good their tits looked hanging down, so I cupped the plastic tub around each of them in turn to butter them good and slithered my hands all over them and their bellies. Oh, those four boobs were so good. Damn distracting tits! I had to get on with my plan, so I forced myself to move on.

With my dick still in Heather’s ass, the hat hangar in Lois’, and they finally winding down from the ape-shit orgasm, I slowly extracted the hangar from Lois’ ass until the bulb was in her sphincter, then I held it steady to try to prime her for what would come next. “I’m going to put my penis in there next,” I announced.

“Oh my God. That thing in there now is the biggest thing I’ve ever had in there. Before today, the biggest thing ever in there was a finger. I’ve never done anal before because, well, I’ve just got a little-bitty poop shoot. I don’t think a dick is going to fit, especially yours,” Lois pleaded her case.

Heather spoke up, “I know how you feel. It was not too long ago that I said strictly nothing goes IN my OUT hole, but one thing led to another, and now I know nothing feels better than to be filled up. That hat hangar thing felt great inside you while we fucked ourselves with the silverware didn’t it? Was that not the best orgasm you ever had? Sure was for me. It’s surprising how stretchy your pooper is when you just totally relax. He’s a great ass-fucker—goes real easy and slow with plenty of lube. Tell you what, let’s smoke some of that sense-bud. That’ll relax you. I’ve got a fat one already rolled up in my purse.”

Heather’s purse was way over on the kitchen counter. I buried the hat hangar back in Lois’ butt and brought her hand around to hold it in place, but I did not want to pull out of Heather’s ass. She held on to the silverware in her pussy, rared back, stood up, and we walked together in step with my cock still in her ass to the counter, where she fished the huge joint and a lighter out of her hand bag. We waddled back over to the table , where she assumed the same position as before and we all smoked the entire thing as we very slowly fucked the four holes with our various tools.

Stoned as Jerry Garcia in 1967, there were never any three people as relaxed as we were. I slowly withdrew the hat hangar from Lois’ ass and drizzled lots of warm butter into it before it closed up. I then pulled out of Heather’s bottom, stuck the hat hangar in it, repositioned myself behind Lois, lubed my own tool, and placed its head against Lois’ little anus, rubbing it back and forth, up and down.

I thankfully able to free up both of my hands, Heather took over her own ass-reaming duties as she continued to simultaneously fuck her pussy with the nested knife, fork, and spoon. I slipped in another fork and knife, which her big pussy readily welcomed, then I inserted the last remaining piece of silverware, a spoon, into Lois, which she grasped to nest with the knife, fork, and spoon already there, never missing a frig stroke.

I took a deep breath and VERY SLOWLY eased the head of my cock into Lois’ ass. She gasped and made a whimper, so I held steady with just the head inside her. “Relax, hon, just let it happen,” reassured Heather. It probably took another ten minutes to gradually get my dick about ¾ the way in, then I remained perfectly still to let her adapt. “Oh, it hurts, but it does feel good, too,” she said twice. That was THE tightest place I’d ever been in, or have been in since. To tell you the truth, had I moved at that point, I would have cum.

And I may have cum anyway were it not for the fork in her pussy. Every time Lois would pull back the bundle of flatware from her pussy on the outstroke, the fork, which was on top, would stab my scrotum, then rake across it as she thrust the implements back in. It hurt, but it also felt good at the same time. I could not complain; fair is fair. After a short eternity, I finally felt it was OK to start a little back and forth in Lois’ butt, so I very gradually worked up to butt-fucking her, and I could tell from her hip movements that she was at last enjoying it.

As before, jaws on the table edge and boobs dangling down, they were looking each other straight in the face, this time exchanging dirty talk:

Heather: You gotta cock in your ass, don’t ya?

Lois: Yeah, a big old dick that hurts so good.

Heather: Told ya you’d like it. What’s a friend for?

Lois: That knobby stick in your ass–it was just in my ass, you know.

Heather: I know, that makes it good, and it was in my ass before yours, and both our pussies before that, which makes it even better.

During their little “conversation,” I made a lame joke about the silverware in their cunts—that it looked like an awfully formal way to eat pussy—but they never even heard me.

Lois used her free hand to fondle Heather’s dangling breasts, so I took over stick duty in Heather’s butt so that she could return Lois’ favor. They both upped the pace of their pussy frigging, so I kept pace in Lois’ bum, and they began what would turn out to be a long and climactic crescendo.

Then they started French kissing, showing lots of tongue. There’s just something about two beautiful naked college chicks kissing each other and fondling their big buttery boobs, with a drawer full of flatware in their pussies and a coat knob in one ass and my cock in the other, that has a way of making me cum. I had choked back orgasms again and again to make sure these gals got off, but I felt my Big O inexorably arriving.

It was the kind of orgasm you feel from deep inside, the kind that builds and builds, that you know is coming long before it does. I pounded and pounded Lois’ bad hole, faster and faster, until that damned fork punched me hard in the balls, causing me to momentarily pop out of her bum. That would be the last time that fork had its willful way with my testicles, so I ripped it right out of her hand and pussy and flung it as hard as I could. “Bong!” we heard, as the fork had struck one of the skillets hanging from the overhead rack in the kitchen. It sounded like the bell to start the last of a 15-round fight, only ours was a fight for final pleasure.

I looked down at Lois’ buttery pucker hole, which had closed tightly shut, rammed my cock through the pink sphincter, buried myself ball-deep, and just came and came and came and came. All that cum saved up from fucking these two all morning was now trying to spew out through a penis incredibly constricted by Lois’ caca canal–The World’s Tightest Rectum.

In that moment of climax, my mind and body fused into a timeless, spaceless, formless point of pleasure, like the nexus of the beginning of the universe, and then exploded outward in all directions as images of roiling clouds of matter and light blazed at blinding speed through what I suppose was my brain. Lends a whole new meaning to the expression “Big Bang.” In layman’s terms, it was the best orgasm of all time, and, in a fit of celebration, I repeatedly spanked their luscious young bottoms to their encouraging “Yeah, yeah, yeahs” and one memorable “Spanky good!” from Lois.

Not only was I having a cataclysmic climax, but so were Heather and Lois. They were working those knives, forks, and spoons so fast in and out of their vaginas, they were literally a blur, and the hat hangar I was fucking Heather’s ass with sounded just like a “plumber’s friend” unstopping a toilet—spha-LOCK, spha-LOCK, spha-LOCK. She obviously loved it, raring her hips back and forth in time to my poking, tits just a flailing, as she started a long, intense, lip-biting orgasm. “Oo…oo…oo…oos” became staccato, rapid-fire “Oo, oo, oo, oo, oo, oo, oos” that got ever louder and faster and eventually transformed into one continuous, howling-at-the-moon, “Ooooooooooooooo.” Incredible in and of itself. And to think I had something to do with it. I would not have been at all surprised had a pack of wolves appeared at the back door, but, lucky for me, I was the alpha male that day.

At the same time, with my still-ejaculating rock-hard cock deep in her ass, Lois’ fair skin flushed rose red all over, and her whole body began to shake like a washing machine on spin cycle, and uttering a high-pitched whine like a bearing going out. I think it was safe to say she was cumming, too. To free up both of my hands, I let go the stick in Heather’s ass and pulled her hand up to take it over. Then I reached around Lois and just let the hard nipples vibrate in my palms, followed by a crushing squeeze with my final squirt. Exquisite!

Having all had mind-blowing orgasms, we collapsed in a pile on the table. Silverware slipped out of their pussies and clanged to the floor. With a rather loud ka-THWOP, Heather pulled the hat hangar from her ass. In a perfect English lady accent, she used it like a sword and tapped me on each shoulder, “I dub thee Knight, supreme copulator of fair maidens across ye land.” We laughed and agreed that we all looked, well, fucked.

Lois had her legs spread wide and was arched forward inspecting her crotch, so my and Heather’s eyes were drawn there, as well. Her pussy was red and swollen, and though her anus was red, too, it was tightly closed with just a little of my cum oozing out. “I’m amazed I’m still in one piece, but you were right, Heather; the poop hole is incredibly stretchy. I always said I’d never do anal, being so small and sensitive down there, but I sure got butt-fucked today, and you know what? I liked it!.”

I checked my watch. We had been having sex for over four hours. Four of the best hours of my entire life!

The cabin was a wreck—butter all over the table and bench and floor beneath, the kitchen where I’d cooked breakfast a greasy mess, and the bed a mass of sheets covered in cum and pussy juice from the night before. So I cleaned everything up, did a load of laundry, and made ham and biscuit sandwiches for lunch while they took showers. With nothing but cold water left, I got an extremely quick shower myself, finally extinguishing my still half-hard penis. We left in Lois’ little Datsun wagon, smoking dope and singing gleefully to the tunes all the way back to our college town.

By the time they dropped me off at my place, frankly, I was ready for another go-round, but Heather had to drive all the way back to her college that evening, and I was getting no let’s-fuck-again signals from Lois.

As I trudged up the stairs, a particularly notable irony dawned on me. The mega-sex with Lois and Heather had all been made possible by the guy who owned the cabin, a gay guy. Some of the best sex I ever had was because of a gay guy.

I opened the door, and there sat my roommate Gary on the couch watching TV. “Hey, dude, y’all have a good time up in the mountains?”

“No, we did not have a good time. We had a GREAT time!!!” I pulled the smooth, knobby hat hangar from my hip pocket, and—to complete the Freudian symbolism—pitched it with a “clink” into the ceramic pot Lois had given me, and said, “Let me tell you the story….”

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