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Happy Birthday

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Jan closed the heavy wooden door and then leaned against it and sighed deeply. What a morning, she thought. First Bob, her husband of over twenty years, lost his briefcase. She’d found it for him and was trying to get breakfast ready, when Eric, her eldest, announced he was quitting his job. This provoked a fight with his father that Jan broke up only by stepping between them. Janie, her middle child, had then come into the kitchen with both hands filled with clothes and wailed that she had nothing to wear.

Finally, the twins were fighting over the red toothbrush all the while the pancakes were burning. Thus began another typical morning at the Hobson residence. Bob had left for work having barely eaten after a final threat to his son; he hadn’t even remembered to give Jan a peck on the cheek. Eric had stormed out of the house cursing all adults, despite the fact that she’d interceded for him. Janie had finally left for school in something approaching appropriate dress after Jan had sent her to change no less than three times. Janie hadn’t eaten either, and had accused her mother of being “a hopelessly old fashioned prude”. Meanwhile, the twins made a complete mess in the kitchen by throwing syrup-coated pancake pieces at one another. Jan had barely had them cleaned up and redressed when their bus arrived.

Jan usually loved the mornings, the time when the big house was so peaceful after everyone had left, but this morning she felt depressed. Her birthday was coming up in two weeks and no one had yet said a word. She caught her reflection in the hall mirror and took a moment to study herself. She was average in most every way, average height, average weight, brown hair and brown eyes. Her bust was quite big for her frame and in her younger days had been a source of pride. But time, gravity, and four children had not been kind. Similarly, her hips were wide and her legs just a little too full, and her waist still carried some of the extra inches from her last pregnancy, inches she hadn’t been able to lose in nine years. As she stood there in her flannel dressing gown, her reflection in the mirror seemed to smirk back at her: “suburban housewife”. And unappreciated, she thought. They don’t appreciate you. With a sigh of resignation, she trudged into the kitchen and began to clean up the morning mess.

Jan had been married twenty years to the same man. She and Bob had lived in the same house for eighteen of those years, and overall she thought they’d been very happy. The first two years had been the roughest, and in many ways the best years of her marriage. Jan had worked to put Bob through his last year at Columbia. They’d lived in a rent-controlled studio in New York City, they’d been very much in love, and sex had been frequent and satisfying. Eric had been born in the city and Janie had been conceived there. After Bob graduated, and while Jan was still pregnant with the twins, they moved to suburbia.

After the twins were born, it took a while for Jan to lose the extra pounds she’d gained during her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Bob’s interest in sex dropped dramatically, and with it his romantic inclinations. Sex had become routine for them years ago — Friday nights almost on schedule — but these days she and Bob seemed to be out of the habit altogether. He still loved her, she was sure, but he showed it less and less frequently, and with less and less enthusiasm even when he found the time to be affectionate. Not good, she thought, it’s not good at all. She was nearing forty and had never wanted sex more. Over two months had passed since the last time and she hungered for it. But Bob was stressed at work and fighting with Eric and the list of excuses was endless. I’m hurting, she thought. Bob’s lack of interest was hurting her self-esteem.

Now Jan chuckled as she realized she’d been standing in front of the empty sink for several minutes, wiping the same plate dry again and again as she pondered her life. She thought of moving to the bedroom to find a novel and her vibrator. “Big Blue”, as she affectionately called her toy, had become her best friend, her masturbation interludes with the vibrator almost an obsession. The vibrator, at least, was always there for her. Never completely satisfactory, but at least she had orgasms. She couldn’t imagine living without orgasms. She was currently exploring something new in the novels she read: many of the novels she now read had bisexual or even lesbian themes, novels written by women about women. Women authors seemed to more easily know what would turn on other women. During the past year, as Jan’s dissatisfaction with her sex-life had increased, she’d also become aware that many of her erotic fantasies centered on women. Only fantasies, of course. She couldn’t imagine herself in bed with a woman. Or at least she couldn’t imagine herself in bed with a woman and be comfortable with it. No, that wasn’t right either. She could imagine herself with a woman, even imagine the sex, but she couldn’t imagine herself searching for something like that. Suburban housewife, she thought. Conventional suburban housewife surrounded by barbed wire. The image made her feel depressed again.

She put the plate away and was turning to go upstairs, when a big green Suburban followed by a sleek red Corvette pulled into the driveway of the empty house next door. Jan immediately recognized the Suburban was Shelly’s.

Shelly Richardson was one of her circle of friends. Shelly’s husband was a successful attorney, and Shelly had become a real estate agent more out of boredom than any need for money. Jan liked Shel well enough when she was acting normal, but when Shelly was in her “saleswoman” mode, she was almost unbearably outgoing. Jan watched the Corvette with mounting curiosity, wondering what sort of new neighbors she might be getting.

A tall blonde woman emerged from the sports car and approached Shelly. The blonde wore a red business suit with a short skirt and blazer, black hose and heels. Her features were aquiline, her body seeming sleek and predatory. The blonde was lithe and trim, with small high breasts and slim boyish hips and well-toned long shapely legs. She had a commanding air about her, and even at such a distance, Jan pegged her as a professional of some type, maybe a friend of Shelly’s husband, Pete. Jan had always admired attractive people, especially pretty women. She found herself staring at the stranger. When the woman looked up and across the side yard, their eyes met and a thrill of excitement passed through Jan. She looked down immediately, pretending to be washing dishes. When she looked back up a moment later, the two women were gone. She tried to convince herself that she had just been embarrassed about being caught staring, but deep down she realized that the thrill she’d felt looking at and making eye contact with that woman had been sexual and elemental.


Jan continued with her morning routine, and by the time she finished straightening up the twins’ room it was nearly noon and she’d forgotten the incident. She was heading downstairs to the kitchen, when suddenly the doorbell rang. Who’s that? she thought as she walked to the front door. When she opened the door, she found Shelly and the blonde woman standing under the portico.

Shelly smiled. “Jan, darling, it’s so nice to see you.” She stepped forward to hug Jan.

Jan could tell Shelly was in her saleswoman mode and she gritted her teeth and forced a smile. “Hi, Shel.”

Shelly gestured towards the blonde. “Darling, this is Lynette Walker. She’s thinking of buying the Peterson house.”

Jan looked at the tall woman. The woman’s eyes were a piercing blue, and as her eyes fixed on Jan, Jan’s breath caught in her throat and she felt a spark of excitement shoot through her.

“My friends call me, Lynn,” the woman said in a voice deep and raspy. A sexy bedroom voice, a voice that seemed to drip with innuendo.

“Pleased to meet you,” Jan managed. She fought to break the stare and not be rude, but Lynn’s eyes held hers, held her helpless as a bird caught in the hypnotic trap of a snake’s eyes.

Now Shelly seemed oblivious to the sparks between the two women: “Jan, would you be a dear and talk to Lynn a few minutes about the neighborhood? I just got a beep on my cell and Charley’s in trouble at school again.”

Jan nodded and looked at Lynn. “Of course, won’t you please come in?” She tried to keep the tremor from her voice. Her feelings were running wild, and she felt disoriented by their intensity and by the realization of their cause.

The two women entered the house and Jan ushered them into the living room. Lynn sat on the sofa and Shelly turned the wingback chair away from them and placed a call on her cell phone. Jan had to sit on the sofa with Lynn. She felt hot and nervous as she tried to avoid making eye contact with the blonde.

In a hesitant voice, Jan said: “It’s a nice neighborhood, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy living here.”

“I’m sure I will if all my neighbors are as attractive as you are,” Lynn said softly, keeping her voice low enough so that only Jan could hear.

A long time had passed since Jan had received a compliment like that, and she suddenly wished she were wearing something more attractive than her old jeans and sweat top. But why was she suddenly so interested in what this woman thought of her?

“Thank you,” Jan said to Lynn.

“How much traffic do you get on this street?”

“Very little. Our children play outside all the time and we never worry about them.”

Lynn smiled. “I don’t have any children, but I do jog.”

“Oh. Well, it’s usually very quiet.”

Their conversation ended abruptly when Shelly raised her voice into her cell phone. Then Shelly angrily switched the phone off and Jan could tell she was trying to compose herself before she faced them again. When Shelly finally turned to them, she had a large phony smile on her face.

“I’m so sorry, Lynn, but my son’s been in a fight and they’re demanding I come to get him. I’ll need only about thirty minutes. Could you possibly wait for me to get back?”

“Of course.”

Shelly looked at Jan. “Jan, darling, I hate to impose, but would you mind answering Lynn’s questions for me, if she has any questions about the neighborhood?”

“No problem,” Jan said.

“All right, I’m leaving. I’ll back as soon as I can.” Shelly rose and walked quickly to the door. In a moment the door closed behind her with a thud that shook the house.

Lynn chuckled. “And that’s one of the reasons I don’t have kids.”

Jan looked up, and as their eyes locked again she felt her cheeks burning. “One of the reasons? Are there others?”

Lynn smiled and shifted closer to her on the sofa.

“Several,” Lynn said.

Jan was unable to break eye contact, the woman’s nearness making her light-headed. She felt excited and nervous, as though she were on a first date.

“I have my job,” Lynn continued, explaining further why she had no children. “I don’t have time for a family,”

Jan nodded. “That’s understandable,”

“Another reason is that I’m single and not interested in getting married.”


Lynn smiled and casually patted Jan’s knee. “Since we may be neighbors, I suppose you should know something about me. I’m gay.” Her eyes fixed on Jan’s face. “Will that be a problem for you? Will it bother you that I’m a lesbian?”

Jan was shocked. Not so much by the words, but by the risingexcitement she felt. Lynn’s hand now rested on her knee and seemed as hot as Jan imagined a branding iron would be. A shiver passed through her body. She tried to speak, but she found her mouth suddenly dry. She licked her lips and felt desperate, confused by her excitement.

“I’ve upset you,” Lynn said.

“No, not at all.”

“Yes, I have, I can tell.” She removed her hand and drew back. “It does bother you that I’m gay.”

“No, it doesn’t. Really it doesn’t. I think it’ll be good for the neighborhood.”

Lynn seemed amused. “Really? How’s that?”

Jan hesitated. “I don’t know… diversity, I guess.”

Lynn laughed. “Most people don’t like that kind of diversity. Anyway, you’re sweet. You remind me of someone I was once very close to.”

Jan felt herself blushing. She smiled. “Oh?”

“You have her eyes and hair, and the body is the same.”

“Not much to look at anymore.”

“I wouldn’t say that. I think you’re lovely.”

Jan laughed. “Are you making a pass at me?”

“Not really. I shouldn’t do that, should I? Would it bother you?”

“I don’t know…”

“You’re not gay, are you? You’re making my radar go off.”


Lynn smiled. “Gaydar, it’s called. The sense that maybe you’re gay.”

“No, I’m not. I have a husband and four children.”

Lynn’s hand squeezed Jan’s knee. “All right, I won’t push it. I don’t usually make passes at married women, but something tells me you’ve been seriously thinking about it.”



“I’ve been thinking about it… sometimes… but I don’t think I’m ready for anything.”

“You need to experiment.”

Jan laughed. “Just like that?”

“I don’t mean jump into bed with someone. Think about it more. Try kissing someone and see what happens. Suppose I kiss you? Would that be so awful?”

“I don’t know…”

Lynn leaned forward slowly and pressed her lips to Jan’s. The blonde’s lips were soft but demanding, and Jan’s lips parted without Jan thinking about it. Lynn’s tongue darted into Jan’s mouth and Jan felt herself melting into an embrace with the blonde woman. A powerful need now rose in Jan, and she felt helpless to fight it. Lynn’s tongue slipped across her own and Jan’s tongue responded. Soon their tongues were battling in the most passionate kiss Jan had ever experienced. The kiss seemed to go on forever. Jan held tightly to Lynn as the blonde wrapped her in her strong arms.

When the kiss broke, Jan was breathless. Lynn sat back and smiled. “I hope that was an invitation,” she said, her voice raspy.

“An invitation?” Jan felt the flush in her face. She felt a shiver run through her body. A strange taste was on her lips, and she licked at her lips absently. She tried to remember when a kiss had affected her so strongly, but she could not. She was very aware of her nipples, which she could feel straining against the cups of her bra, and when she shifted and moved her thighs together, she realized she was wet.

Lynn said: “You liked it, didn’t you?”


“So my radar is working after all?”

“Yes, I suppose so.”

Lynn smiled and reached out to stroke one of Jan’s breasts. Her questing fingers quickly found the hardened nipple and gently squeezed it. Jan gasped and arched her back, forcing more of her breast into Lynn’s hand.

“I think this excites you,” Lynn said softly.


The blonde now took both of Jan’s large breasts in her hands and began to gently knead them. Jan thought of protesting, but the woman’s hands felt too good, she couldn’t remember the last time anyone had treated them so carefully. Lynn paid attention to her nipples, but not to the exclusion of the rest of her breasts, and she was not rough with them, as Bob usually was. Bob treated her tits like punching bags, roughly grabbing and squeezing them, when he paid attention to them at all. Lynn treated them like fine china, her caresses soft and exciting.

While Jan made this mental comparison, Lynn’s free hand pulled at the faded material of Jan’s sweatshirt, pulled the shirt up until she had it bunched above Jan’s breasts. “Your breasts turn me on,” Lynn said in a low voice. “Lovely big tits. They don’t get the proper attention, do they?”

Jan quivered. Only the thin material of her bra separated those wonderful hands from her flushed skin. She did not know what to think, or what to say, and she was groping for words when she heard Shelly’s Suburban pull up in the driveway. The intrepid saleswoman had made the trip to the school and had now returned. Jan hurried to pull her sweatshirt down.

“Not yet,” Lynn whispered.


Lynn ignored her protest. She sat back and held Jan’s breasts up, cupping them while forcing them higher. She looked into Jan’s eyes and sensuously licked her lips. The message was clear, and Jan could almost feel that pink tongue on her nipples. The sound of the front door opening startled her out of the hold Lynn had on her, and she frantically tugged her shirt down as the blonde quickly scooted back to where she’d been sitting.

“I’m sorry I’m so late,” Shelly called out as she walked in. “I hope Jan’s answered your questions, Lynn.”

“Yes, I think she has,” Lynn said with a warm smile.

Jan blushed bright red and tried to appear normal. She feared her nipples would show even through the heavy old sweatshirt.

“Good,” Shelly said. “I’m sure you two will become good friends.” She seemed totally unaware of the sexual tension in the room.

“You can bet on it,” Lynn said as she rose.

Jan was certain her face was scarlet as she walked them to the door. Shelly was in her saleswoman mode again, totally focused on Lynn as a home buyer, and Jan was happy when she could finally close the door.

For the second time that day, Jan leaned against the heavy door and sighed. Dear God, where is this going? she thought. She placed her hands on her breasts and slowly stroked them through her sweatshirt.


Jan mastered her emotions and finished cleaning the house. It was only later, in the quiet safety of her room, that she let her mind return to what had happened. She could remember every detail, and as she recalled the scene, she felt herself becoming aroused as she hadn’t been in years. So that’s what another woman’s touch is like, she thought. For a fleeting moment, she regretted her lack of experience, but she pushed the thought from her mind. She was a married mom nearing forty, and the time for experimenting was long past for her. Or was it?

She could not put the memory out of her mind. She was so aroused, she knew she would need to get her toy out before the children returned home. She deliberately chose to reread parts of a novel with a powerful male character, but when she eventually used the vibrator to give herself an intense orgasm, it was the memory of Lynn’s hands on her breasts that brought her to a finish.


Two weeks passed. In her living room, Jan sat alone and stared blankly out the big picture window. A carafe of French wine and two crystal goblets were neglected on the table before her. She’d never felt so alone or unloved.

In the week after Jan had met Lynn, the blonde had moved in and apparently established her routine. She worked unusual hours, and whenever she was home, she was either sunning by her pool or jogging. Jan hadn’t spoken to the woman since that first time. On the evening of that day when Lynn had kissed her and caressed her, Jan had practically attacked her husband the moment he walked in the door. She pursued him all evening. Lynn’s kisses had left her dying for sex, but when it finally happened, Bob was as unenthusiastic as always and he fell asleep immediately afterwards. Jan had retreated to the bathroom and masturbated, realizing that the brief interlude with Lynn earlier that day had been more pleasurable and exciting than the entire act with her husband. When she finally orgasmed in the bathroom, her mind was on her exciting new neighbor. As her birthday approached, Jan realized again that no one apparently remembered or cared. Since no one else would do it, she laid her plans carefully for her own party. Eric was out of state at a concert, the twins were away on a Boy Scout camp-out upstate, and Janie was staying over the weekend at Sara’s house.

Jan bought new lingerie, put on her best dress, cooked Bob’s favorite meal, and waited to surprise him. He came home early and asked her to pack him a bag, not even noticing her dress or hair or the wine bottle and two glasses.

“Pack?” she asked.

“Yeah, I have to fly to Cleveland in two hours. That idiot White is about to lose the Lippman account, and the big bosses are sending me out with a new proposal.”

“But it’s Friday! Can’t you wait till Monday to go?”

“Can’t, honey, I have to get out there and get the team up to speed.”

Jan packed his bag while he ran printouts from the computer in his den. She knew it was no use arguing with him, and by the time he was ready to leave, she was thoroughly depressed.

Bob looked at her and tilted his head. “Don’t look so down, honey. I’ll be back Monday evening and I know you can use the time to yourself. It’s not all bad.” Then he kissed her and left.


So now Jan sat alone and devastated, staring at the empty wine glasses, feeling like not a single soul in the world cared about her. She felt numb, and when the doorbell rang, it startled her. She thought about ignoring it, but she was so lonely now, she’d be happy for any company at all. When she walked to the door and opened it, she found Lynn standing there.

The tall blonde was wearing tight jogging pants and a halter top. She held a dumbbell in each hand. Her blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail and she was sweating, her skin glistening with sweat. The halter that covered her breasts was tight enough to reveal that her nipples were extremely large.

Lynn gazed at her. “Jan, are you all right?”

“All right? Yes, why?”

“I saw you from the street just sitting there, and you looked like the end of the world had arrived. I waved but you didn’t seem to see me. I thought I should mind my own business, but I was worried about you.”


“Yes, you looked so down,”

“I’m all right,” Jan began. Then she shook her head. “Oh, who am I kidding? It’s my birthday and I’m alone and no one cares,” she blurted out.

Lynn smiled. “Happy birthday,” she said in that soft, raspy whisper.

Jan responded in a flat monotone. “Thanks.”

“I was going to go out tonight, but how would you feel about some company?”

“No, I wouldn’t want to ruin your evening.”

Lynn chuckled. “I wasn’t really up for going out anyway, and now I have a good excuse to stay home.”

“Are you sure?” Jan thought her voice sounded pathetically hopeful.

“Just let me run home and get showered and changed. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“All right, we can have dinner together. It’s all prepared.”

As she watched Lynn turn and walk away, Jan felt happy that someone seemed to care about her. She barely knew the woman, but anyone would be welcome now. Then she felt a bolt of uncertainty as she remembered she’d be alone with a woman who had kissed her like she’d never been kissed before.


When Lynn returned, she was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Her hair was still wet and she carried a blue overnight bag. Jan welcomed her in and they enjoyed the dinner Jan had labored over for her husband. After dinner the two women retired to the living room, where Jan closed the blinds as Lynn poured the wine. They both sat on the sofa and sipped wine and talked.

Jan pretended not to notice as Lynn gently steered the conversation towards sex. She felt excited and alive for the first time in ages. The frank admiration in Lynn’s eyes was obvious and made her feel sexy and wanted.

“How is it you’re alone on your birthday?” Lynn asked. “I would think your husband would plan a quiet evening together and a not so quiet night.”

“He never remembers unless I hint, and this year I didn’t.”

“Why not?”

“I’ve been feeling very unappreciated. I was hoping he’d surprise me… and in a way he did.”

“By going away?”


“He’s a fool.” Lynn had evident anger in her voice.

Jan smiled. “Oh, he isn’t that bad, he just isn’t very romantic.”

“Well, if you were mine I wouldn’t let you out of bed on your birthday.”

Jan gave a nervous laugh when she saw the seriousness in the blonde woman’s face. An awkward silence followed, and Jan felt herself becoming tense.

At last, Jan said: “What could you possibly see in me?”

“I told you. You remind me of someone.”

“Was she special?”

Lynn nodded. “Very special. She was the woman who made me understand I was gay.”

A long silence followed, and then finally Jan said: “I know it’s a very personal question, and if you don’t want to answer, I understand, but could you tell me about it? Your first time I mean…”

Jan blushed. She wasn’t sure how much of the emotion now gripping her was due to curiosity, how much to the wine, and how much to her sexual needs.

Lynn looked at her curiously, and then a distant look came into Lynn’s eyes as she recalled a memory.

“I was nineteen. She was in her forties and my mother’s best friend. I came home from college one weekend after my high school sweetheart had dumped me. We’d been fighting for several months and I was tired of his macho bullshit. But it still hurt. Monica, my mother’s friend, just happened to show up and find me crying my eyes out. She comforted me and then seduced me, right there in our living room. We carried on an affair for two years.”

“Why did you break it off? Or did she?”

“A Chesterson bureau.”


“We were having sex in her bedroom one weekend when I was home from college and her husband was away. It was getting late and I was supposed to leave, but she wanted to do something else. She had me bent over an antique Chesterson bureau and was tearing me up with her strap-on when her husband walked in.”

“Oh lord.”

“Yes,” Lynn replied with a smirk. “Oh lord, indeed. He demanded a divorce, of course. She agreed to amiable terms if he’d leave me out of it, but he told my folks. They freaked and sent me away to a private boarding college. I cried for months. All I could think about was her. That last unfinished time together haunted me for years. And that damn Chesterson bureau. I found out much later that she tried to contact me, but my parents made sure she couldn’t. I never saw her again.”

“That’s tragic,” Jan said, her voice soft.

“Yes it is,” Lynn said with a sad expression. “It’s water under the bridge, though. Now tell me about your first time,”

“I–I’ve never been with another woman,” Jan said as she felt a hot blush rise to her cheeks.


Jan laughed. “I already told you that the first time we met.”

“You never said it directly, but it doesn’t matter. We’ll just have to change that now won’t we?” Lynn said as she moved closer to Jan.

Jan felt as though she were sixteen years old, a boy flirting with her and moving in on her. Except she wasn’t sixteen, she was pushing forty, and the woman moving in on her was no boy.

Lynn placed a hand on Jan’s knee and leaned closer to her. That simple touch sent a stab of excitement racing through Jan. She could feel the softness of Lynn’s skin and at the same time the strength in her hand. She looked up into Lynn’s face, but before she could say anything the blonde’s lips pressed against her own.

Jan’s lips parted instantly, without conscious thought, and Lynn’s tongue quickly slipped between them. Jan had been expecting the kiss, even anticipating it. The first kiss weeks ago had been so powerful, she wanted more. But what happened next was unexpected. Lynn pressed her body forward, forcing Jan backwards until she fell back on the sofa. Jan threw her arms around Lynn’s neck, and in a moment she found herself lying back on the sofa with her head on the arm and Lynn’s body on top of her. Jan’s feet were still on the floor, and she could feel the gentle pressure Lynn exerted to get her to change position.

Jan had a vague urge to break the embrace, but she was powerless to do more than kiss back. The feelings that the kiss weeks ago had roused within her returned with a vengeance, as if being suppressed for the intervening two weeks had made them even stronger. Lynn lifted her own body on her arms and toes and Jan raised her legs beneath the blonde, parting her legs so that now Lynn lay between them.

Lynn seemed to sense Jan’s hunger as she continued the passionate kiss. Her hands roamed over Jan’s body. Jan had never been kissed so thoroughly, nor had she ever felt such an all-consuming need. She could do little more than suck desperately at Lynn’s active tongue and whimper.

Lynn’s hand slid over Jan’s knee, over her stocking top, and finally to the crotch of her panties. Jan gasped as jagged bolts of pleasure tore at her. Nothing in her experience had prepared her for such powerful reactions. Even at it’s best, sex with her husband had been bland compared to what she was feeling now.

Lynn’s hand cupped Jan’s sex and gently massaged it through her panties. Within moments, Jan could feel herself beginning to respond to the stimulation. Then Lynn removed her hand and settled herself between Jan’s legs. She placed her hands on Jan’s shoulders and broke the kiss. Breathless and flushed with excitement, Jan felt the blood rushing to her cheeks.

“This was what I was hoping for,” Lynn said in a husky whisper.

She dropped her mouth to Jan’s neck and began to lick, starting just under her chin and working down to the hollow between her collarbones. The warm tongue caused Jan to groan. She was intensely aware of the pressure of Lynn’s pelvis between her legs. As Lynn nipped at her skin, Jan’s fingers dug into the blonde’s back.

“You’re such a hottie,” Lynn said as she gazed into Jan’s eyes.

Jan blushed. “Do you really think so?”

“I do, and I’d love to fuck you,” Lynn said, her eyes locked on Jan’s.



“I’m a married woman.”


“So this isn’t right.” Jan squirmed underneath the blonde. Lynn leaned on her hip and returned her hand to Jan’s panties. The blonde’s finger stroked gently up and down the smooth satiny crotch, and Jan gasped in pleasure.

“I’ll tell you what isn’t right,” Lynn said. “It’s your birthday and your husband left you alone. He didn’t even remember, and your hot little pussy is just dying for some attention,”

Jan could only lie there silently. Lynn’s words were true and she knew it. Her anger and loneliness may have led her here, but she was dying for it, and she couldn’t deny it any longer.

Lynn said: “Now let’s get you more comfortable, shall we?”

Jan hesitated as Lynn sat up. This was no longer a joke, no longer an act to make her feel better. This was now serious and she realized it had been serious from the beginning. Did she dare? In twenty years of marriage, she had never been unfaithful to Bob. Then she thought: But in twenty years of marriage, he’s never given me such a nice evening on my birthday either.

As Lynn caught Jan’s hands and helped her to her feet, Jan thought: If I’m going to stop this, I’d better do it now. But she already knew she did not want to stop it.

The younger woman took Jan in her arms and kissed her again. This time Jan noticed that Lynn’s tongue was more insistent, her hands moving boldly down her back to caress her ass. All hesitation was gone now, and Jan did not protest when Lynn pulled the zipper of her dress down, nor when Lynn broke the kiss and peeled the dress from her shoulders, pushing it down her torso and over her hips to have it fall in a pile at her feet.

Jan blushed madly and lowered her eyes. She was wearing her new lingerie, lingerie she’d bought to tempt her husband, and now the lingerie was on display for Lynn. The sheer white merry-widow did much to improver her figure. It forced her ample breasts up and slimmed her waist. White stockings made her legs look sleek and sexy, and only a tiny thong hid her pubic mound from view.

“Beautiful,” Lynn whispered.

Jan raised her eyes in time to see the top of Lynn’s head as it descended to her chest. Lynn kissed the top slope of her left breast and slowly worked downward while her hands gently lifted the breasts and squeezed them. Her hands were gentle and loving, both firm and soft at the same time, their touches alternating between gentle caresses and strong kneading. Lynn took her time, licking and nipping the soft globes of flesh, and when Lynn finally took a nipple into her mouth, Jan thought she’d explode. She felt her knees growing weak and she grabbed Lynn’s shoulders to steady herself.

No one had ever paid such loving attention to her breasts, and Jan felt a pang of regret that she had gone so long without knowing how good it felt. Lynn continued to tongue her sensitive nipples while she slowly maneuvered Jan back to the sofa. When they reached the sofa, Lynn raised her head and gave Jan a gentle shove that sent her sprawling on her back on the sofa cushions.

Jan looked up as Lynn caught the hem of her shirt and whisked it over her head. The blonde wore no bra and her pert breasts stood out proudly, capped by coral colored aureoles and extremely large, prominent nipples. She slid her hands down and unbuttoned her jeans, pulling them open just enough for Jan to see that her panties were red.

“Want more?” Lynn said in a teasing voice.


“You first, then.”

Jan placed her feet on the sofa and lifted her ass while she quickly pulled the thong down to her ankles and then tossed it to the floor. Lynn smiled and shucked her jeans and panties at once, giving Jan her first look at her neighbor’s sex. She hadn’t seen another woman naked since college, and she’d never openly stared as she did now. Lynn’s hips were trim and her thighs seemingly strong and muscular. She was clean-shaven, and Jan could see practically everything. She found herself staring at the soft smooth skin of Lynn’s mound and the delicate pinkish lips of her sex.

Lynn glided over to the sofa and leaned over the arm until she fell forward, her face just above Jan’s hairy mound. She looked up at Jan and her eyes sparkled as she took in the sight of the older housewife spread out before her.

“Relax,” Lynn said in that bedroom voice, and Jan could only nod.

Jan felt Lynn’s fingers on either side of her pubic mound, the fingers gently massaging while Lynn’s lips brushed her inner thigh. The feeling was incredible, Bob never gave her head; he thought it was disgusting. Lynn, in contrast, had a look on her face as though she were in heaven. For a moment, Jan wondered exactly what it was like to be on Lynn’s side. Then her mind snapped back to her sex as Lynn’s lips touched her pussy for the first time.

She loves doing it, Jan thought. That was the real difference. Lynn loved doing it and she was the first ever.

Lynn pried the sticky lips apart and her tongue burrowed between them, searching out the corners. Jan felt as though she were being devoured alive. Lynn’s tongue was warm and soft and seemed to be everywhere at once. Now on her clitoral hood, now along her outer lips, now thrusting into her slick channel, now licking her inner folds, but not as separate discernable touches, rather as one flowing stream of sensation. So lovely, Jan thought. Lynn’s mouth taking her like this. Her hips bounced on the sofa as her hands caressed her breasts. She rolled her nipples, adding more electricity to her overcharged system. She was close to orgasm in no time. She could feel the build up of pressure in her belly, the tightening and relaxing of her muscles. But Lynn stopped suddenly.

“No,” Jan groaned.

“Ready for your birthday present?”

“Yes, just don’t stop,”

“Patience, I’ll be right back,” Lynn said, rising and moving towards her carryall. She took out a harness and deftly buckled it around her trim waist. Turning, she walked slowly back to the sofa.

Jan’s eyes remained glued to the red dildo, to the long smooth cock that bobbed up and down with Lynn’s movements. The cock had an upward curve, the shaft an arc. Like a Japanese sword, Jan thought. She was amazed. She was so turned, she could hardly stand it.

Lynn gazed at her. “Do you like it?” Her hand slowly stroked the head and shaft.

Jan could not take here eyes off the cock.

“I never–” Jan began.

Without waiting for Jan’s response, Lynn slipped between Jan’s splayed thighs. Sitting on her knees with her feet tucked under her behind, the blonde guided the red dildo into Jan’s dew covered pussy. She slowly pressed forward with her hips.

Jan felt the blunt tip force its way between her lips and then slide deeper inside her. Lynn kept her eyes glued to the juncture of their bodies, carefully guiding the cock into the older woman. Jan had never felt so full before. She’d never wanted something so badly. She gasped as the red invader probed deeper and deeper. Finally, Jan felt the smooth skin of Lynn’s hips on her thighs. The blonde fell forward, catching herself on her arms, and then she lowered herself until her chest rested on Jan’s. Lynn’s face now floated above Jan’s face, filling Jan’s vision as Lynn’s cock filled her pussy.

Lynn pressed her lips to Jan’s and a long kiss followed, their tongues circling each other. When the kiss broke, Lynn smiled and said: “Happy Birthday, honey.”

“Thank you,” Jan whispered.

Lynn began to fuck her then, long slow strokes that allowed Jan to feel the red dildo sliding in and out of her. Lynn watched Jan’s face intently as she worked her hips back and forth, creating an unbearably pleasurable friction. Jan gasped and raised her hips to meet each downward stroke, and without warning she began to come. She fought the rising tide, she wanted the fucking to last forever, but she couldn’t stop the orgasm.

Lynn grunted: “Come for me, birthday girl.” She drove the dildo in again and again with short rapid stabs.

That was all it took. Jan’s orgasm overwhelmed her resistance then. She cried out as the thick and heady waves of pleasure assailed her mind. Her body jerked and spasmed, and through it all the red dildo continued to saw into her as Lynn’s hips rose and fell.

While Jan came down from her superexcited state, Lynn rose and removed the harness. She knelt on the floor and kissed Jan again.

“Oh, Lynn that was incredible,” Jan moaned.

“I am glad you enjoyed it.”

“I want to make you feel good too.”

“Don’t worry about me.”

“No, really, what do I do?”

“Nothing, I’m fine. Really, I’m just happy you came so hard.”

Jan stared intently into Lynn’s face, studying the blonde’s eyes, and in a blinding flash she knew what she wanted. She rose without a word, took Lynn by the hand, grabbed the harness from the floor and tugged Lynn to her feet.

“What are you up to?” Lynn asked, but Jan did not respond. She led her new lover upstairs to the bedroom, and once in the big room, she stepped into the harness and after some difficulty buckled it on. Lynn was staring at her now, almost as if she were in a trance.

Jan approached the dresser, and with a single swipe of her arm, knocked everything on it to the floor. She held the red cock in one hand and stroked it slowly, and with the other she patted the dresser.

“Come on, lover,” Jan cooed. “It’s not as nice as a Chesterson bureau, but it’ll have to do.”

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