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It was supposed to be a straight forward assignment. Jimmy occasionally did some camera work to help out the local paper when their regular photographer was busy, or to collect background shots for local stories.

The editor had told him this one was quite simple. The local gym was on a membership drive and had arranged for him to do a story on them. Jimmy was to wander along that evening to take some snaps of one of the women’s fitness sessions.

The instructor, Carlene, had welcomed him, and told him to stay out of the way of the actual class. He was free to wander around the group to take his photos, but not to get in amongst them, as some of them might not be too happy about it. The session that he would be shooting was one of their young adult groups, consisting of women in the eighteen to twenty-five age group. He would please remember that he was working, which meant professional behaviour, not trying to hit on any of the girls because they were around his age.

Jimmy had assured Carlene that he fully understood and promised that he’d be so inconspicuous they probably wouldn’t even notice he was there.

Jimmy set up a couple of his cameras on tripods, for set shots and wandered around the room checking light levels and considering how to frame his shots. While he was doing this the women attending the class started filtering in, gathering and chatting near the instructor, waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. Some of them glanced towards Jimmy, but apart from that they took no notice of him. Jimmy was smiling as he worked, as he didn’t often get to work in an environment that included twenty or so young, fit and attractive women, clad mainly in tight fitting and skimpy outfits.

Carlene had just finished telling the group what their immediate agenda was when a blonde at the front raised an objection. “Ah, Carlene,” she said, with a whine in her voice. “What’s he doing here. We never have men here.”

“He’s just the photographer from the paper, Gloria,” replied Carlene. “You were all informed last week that he’d be here.”

“But he’s a man. It’s not safe to have him here while we’re working out,” came that irritating whine.

“It’ll be alright, Gloria,” soothed Carlene. “He’ll stay back away from the group, just moving around to take some photos.”

“But it’s not safe. Look at the way we’re dressed. He might grab at us.”

“Does anyone else have an objection to Jimmy taking photos?” Carlene queried of the group. “No? I think you’ll just have to grin and bear it, Gloria, or you can skip the session if you want to.”

“I’m not skipping the session and you can’t make me. I’ve already paid. He should go away and you should get a woman photographer. What if my top pulls up off my boobs? He’d be publishing nude pictures of me, that’s what.”

Jimmy noticed that the rest of the group seemed a little impatient with Gloria, some of them rolling their eyes, some looking towards him and laughing. Then to his shock, an attractive girl on the side of the group nearest him nudged the girl next to her, muttered something to her, and flipped up her top, giving Jimmy a look at a handsome pair of breasts. Her friend was giggling, and duplicated the action. Jimmy grinned back at the girls, tapped the camera he was holding and gave them an inquiring look. The girls hastily dropped their tops back down, shaking their heads. A flash was one thing. A photo, something else entirely.

Carlene was still trying to soothe Gloria, who was still whining objections. Carlene indicated to Jimmy, to come over so she could introduce him and let the girls see for themselves how harmless he was.

Gloria was not impressed. “He looks harmless now, but he’s a man. What if one of us accidently exposes a breast? What if we have an accident like last month when Suzanne split her shorts and you could see everything? He could try to grab us or wait outside until we leave.”

By this time Jimmy had just about had enough of her whining complaints. “I’m just a part time photographer, here to take a few shots. I’m not a sex maniac about to pounce anytime I see a boob flashed or if someone exposes their fur or lack thereof. I’m also outnumbered over twenty to one, so if I did try to jump someone, the rest of you would probably put me in traction.” He felt like adding that he considered her a whining idiot, but tactfully refrained, although the exasperation in his voice was quite audible.

It was at this stage that the rest of the women started to get into the act. They’d apparently had enough of Gloria’s whining as well.

“You’re an idiot, Gloria,” came a soft voice to the side. “Mary and I just flashed our boobs at him and he didn’t even blink. Or try to take a photo.”

“That’s probably because you and Mary have such small boobs, he either didn’t notice or thought you were boys,” came the sarcastic reply. “I’ve got a decent set and the boys always go ape over them.”

Jimmy felt insulted for the two girls. “Actually, I most definitely noticed, and thinking they were boys never crossed my mind. They’ve both got very nice breasts, even if they’re not padded out to DDD+ like some.”

Gloria was never one to take a hint, or might be in the wrong. “They are not DDD+ and are totally natural,” she fumed, “and anyway, that’s no proof that he won’t try something if one of us loses our pants. It has happened you know.”

It was at this time that things started to deteriorate, and quickly spun right out of control. Gloria was not one of the more popular girls in the group. To be blunt about it, the rest found her a pain in the neck, but had to put up with her. Their general irritation at her behaviour and constant complaints had finally reached a point where they were ready to take some action. Even then, things could have been smoothed over if Gloria hadn’t lost her temper.

The two girls just behind Gloria were twins. They just looked at each other, and then one said “It’s easy enough to test Gloria’s complaint, you know,” and moving as one they just reached out, hooked their fingers over the top of Gloria’s shorts and dropped them to her knees.

They looked forward to where Carlene and Jimmy were standing, both shocked, but with Jimmy getting an interesting eyeful. (Gloria shaved he noticed.)

Gloria squealed, snatching her shorts up, while the speaker for the twins continued, “Oh, look. Gloria accidentally flashed the photographer, and he hasn’t leapt on her to ravish her. Pity about that.” The dry delivery left Jimmy wondering if she meant the flashing or the non-ravishing was to be pitied. “Can we get on with the class now?”

Gloria totally lost it. It had been bad enough knowing that she was losing the argument and wasn’t going to get the photographer banned, but now she’d been insulted and embarrassed. With shorts hauled into place, she turned and slapped the talking twin as hard as she could. The twins were as popular within the group as Gloria was unpopular. The second twin gently touched her sister’s face and then turned to the group in general and said “Let’s strip her.” Before Gloria could react half a dozen girls had grabbed her and held her, while others briskly started removing her clothes. In a minute Gloria was naked, and still being held firmly in place.

Jimmy was shocked. He’d never heard a girl use the sort of language that Gloria used as she expressed her free opinion and the forth coming retribution to the girls around her. At least, she did until someone stuffed some cloth in her mouth. Her shorts, he thought.

“Look, Gloria,” came the taunting voice of the talking twin. “You’re naked and he’s still not jumping you. Maybe you and your DDD+ implants don’t turn him on after all.”

“Don’t kid yourself, sister,” said her twin. “He’s looking her over and his trousers are bulging, but he’s trying to be polite. I think he needs a little incentive.”

Jimmy stiffened and started to back away, only to bump into Carlene, who seemed to have opted to go with the flow and join the girls. He turned, feeling that it was time to depart, but found a number of the girls had moved up around him, and he was now standing in the centre of a circle with a naked Gloria being held in front of him. He waved his hands, indicating he wanted no part of this, for the girls just ignored him.

“Give him his incentive, girls,” came the twins gently goading voices, and Jimmy suddenly found himself under a gentle attack as the girls closed in on him, pulling at his clothes and touching him up as they went. After a very short time, that from Jimmy’s point of view lasted an eternity, the girls fell back again, and he was once again in the circle with Gloria, with the subtle difference being that he was naked and sporting quite a nice erection.

The girls holding Gloria now pulled her down onto one of the exercise mats, holding her there with her legs parted.

“I’m sorry, Gloria,” said those infuriating twins, “but he’s still resisting the urge to ravish you. But don’t worry. We’ll fix it.”

One of the twins turned to Jimmy and said, “Jimmy, I can call you Jimmy, can’t I? Oh good. Jimmy, we’re going to give you two choices. You have a very nice erection there, and it looks as though it’s eager to play, so you can use it to fuck that bitch, Gloria, or we will pin you to the ground and then lower Gloria onto you and use her to fuck you. What’s it going to be?”

Jimmy looked around. The girls weren’t hostile, but they did look determined, and obviously meant business. Jimmy hadn’t known it but he’d walked in on a long running feud between Gloria and the rest of the group. Now they were acting, and he was their choice of weapon.

He sighed, either way, Gloria was going to get fucked and so was he, but at least he could proceed with some dignity, even though he could have done without the audience.

He hesitated, and Carlene told him, “If you’re worried about not having a condom, don’t be. Gloria’s on the pill and she’s doesn’t have any nasty diseases. Girls do discuss that sort of thing you know.”

Gloria watched with horror as Jimmy approached. “He’s going to do it,” she thought, shocked. “He’s really going to rape me, just because those bitches insist.” She tried to struggle but was held firmly in place by the girls surrounding her, and could do nothing to prevent Jimmy kneeling between her thighs and reaching a hand out to touch her pussy. She felt his hands moving her lips apart, and his fingers trespassing into her privacy. “Damn it all,” she raged. “I’m the only one who has the right to say who touches me there. How dare he? And he doesn’t even really want me.”

The erection that was now being guided toward her gave the obvious lie to that thought. He may not have been an eager lover, but that monster sticking out in front of him was proof of his desire. She watched as he held her lips apart and stared to guide himself into her. At that first touch of his cock, Gloria bucked wildly, trying to throw him off.

Jimmy gently parted Gloria’s lips and started to enter, intending to move slowly, giving her body time to adjust. Jimmy might have been a reluctant lover, but it was not his intention to be an uncaring one. Unfortunately for good intentions, as the head moved gently in he felt Gloria give a heave and twist to her body, and found that she had slammed upward against him, driving his erection full depth into her. He paused a moment, not sure how to proceed at this point.

Gloria realised her mistake as she felt his cock come plunging in. Instead of spoiling his aim and throwing him off, she had neatly spitted herself upon him, and she felt him relax against her, nailing her to the floor. She fumed. “He’s invaded my body,” she thought, conveniently ignoring her own contribution, “and now he’s just going to lie there and enjoy it? I don’t think so.”

Gloria twisted and heaved, throwing herself up against Jimmy, who suddenly found himself trying to ride a wild horse. She bucked and twisted about his cock, sliding it back and forth along her vagina, inadvertently triggering feeling within herself that she didn’t want, and feelings for him that he relished.

Jimmy let Gloria thrash about beneath him, enjoying the friction, and slowly working out the pattern to her twisting. He started moving of his own accord within her, going with her twisting and heaving, letting her hopes build as he seemed to withdraw, dashing them with each return.

Gloria fumed as she bucked against this man’s invading cock. She’d warned them this sort of thing could happen, but would they listen. Half in fury and half in lust, she continued to hammer herself against this pole that had so neatly spitted her. She didn’t even notice when her legs were released, letting her wrap them around this tyrant who was ravishing her, holding him in place while she did some ravishing of her own.

Her arms were also loosed, and now she was clawing at his back, venting her fury at the world on this one man who was conquering her, reducing her to just another woman to be used.

Jimmy was sure that he’d never had sex like this before in his life, and wasn’t sure that he wanted to ever again, but at the same time he was happy not to have missed it. He could feel Gloria clinging to him, her body furiously slamming against him, pushing him to a climax that would be here soon, and frantically hoping that she also reach one, because if she continued at this rate he’d be dead.

Gloria could feel her own climax coming, but desperately held back. Not til he came, she thought furiously, because she intended to drain him so that he wouldn’t be able to have sex for a month. She’d teach him a lesson he’d never forget. She continued to push up against him, letting him plumb her to the depths, feeling his tension rising in his cock, ready to clamp down when he finally broke. She felt his seed, surging forth and crushed down and around his straining member, letting her own climax tear into her, satisfied that she’d drain him until the last drop.

The watching girls stood there, enjoying the spectacle, noting with satisfaction the climax that Gloria couldn’t hid. Watched as the pair of them slowly separated and lay there.

“All right, girls,” Carlene said. “Time to tidy up and get the session going. Some of you take those two through to the showers for a quick rinse and get them dressed. You can take Jimmy into the women’s shower with Gloria. I don’t think he’ll try to bother anyone who might come in. And hurry back here. Jimmy still has to take his photos, and I don’t think Gloria will be raising any more objections.”

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