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Halloween Party

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Halloween. October 31st and I didn’t have any plans. I had a bit of a headache so I decided to take a little walk around the dorms. I had heard that there was a big costume party going on somewhere but I hate to dress up. The halls were pretty quiet for a friday night so I figured everyone must be out for the night. As I stepped out of the stairwell I heard a mix of voices coming from down the hall.

As I continued my boredom induced trek, a small group of girls turned the corner and came into view. Like most residence girls they were butt ugly, but there was one that certainly caught my attention. She was dressed like a french maid (which is kind of a fetish of mine), with a very short maid skirt and fishnet stockings. I had seen her around a few times before, but she had never really cauhgt my attention. Untill now that is! As my eyes wandered from her cute face and curly blonde hair to those luscious legs I began to feel a familiar feeling in my balls.

As the girls passed I flashed the maid a smile which she returned pleasantly. I turned to sneak a glimpse of her ass and noticed she was looking back at me. My heart stopped. As the group rounded the corner and left my line of site I promptly made my way back to my room. I dug up a loincloth that I had used the year before with few accessories I was Conan. I checked myself out in the mirror before grabbing a drink and heading down to the party.

The room was pretty dark and pretty loud. There was alot of people that I knew so I started chatting to pass the time. I was talking to a friend of mine when I saw her. She was sitting on a table sipping at a cooler. Her legs were crossed and her skirt was riding hight giving me a great view. Surrounding her however were three guys all dressed like construction workers. That was typical. There was always a shortage of available girls in dorms and the ones that were available were usually picked up by total losers.

I was just about to call it quits when the three guys left and my prize was left unattended perched upon the bottle covered table. As you can imagine I made my way over said hi.

“Hi”, she responded. “I was wondering when you were going to talk to me”.

“You seemed pretty ocupied”, I returned motioning to the trio of construction workers.

She waved it off. “Just some guys trying to get laid”, she said. “They think that just because I’m dressed like a french maid that I’m just a total slut.”

I began to feel bad since I had those same ideas my self. “Well you can’t blame then for trying”, I said, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable.

She smiled. “Was that your way of saying you want to fuck me”?

I was speechless. “No, I uh… uh”.

She put her hand on mine. “It’s ok, because you know what?”
She leaned into me and whispered in my ear. “I am kind of a slut”.

My dick has never gotten so hard so fast in my entire life.

“My name is Crystal by the way”.

“I’m Damon”.

“Well Damon, now that we are well aquainted I would like you to meet some friends of mine”.

With that she hopped off the table and led me by my hand across the room. We approached a couple who were sitting on a couch. The girl was dressed like a nurse and quite attractive with dark browm hair and fairly large tits. The guy was dressed as Zorro with a black mask covering his eyes.

“Damon, this is my roomate Tanya and her boyfriend Brad. Guys this is Damon.”

We shook hands and sprang into a little light conversation as we all started to feel the effects of our drinks. Brad seemed like a really nice guy and didn’t even seem to mind that his girl was flirting with me. Tanya was openly flirtatious and did not stop her flood of compliments about my body. Crystal was also getting a little closer to me and I was loving it.

At around midnight most of the people at the party left to go to the bars, but our little group decided to stay behind.

Tanya leaned over to me. “Damon, how would you like to come up to our place for some real Halloween games”?

“Of course he will”, Crystal answered for me. She turned her soft brown eyes my way. “Won’t you?”

How could I argue with that? Before I knew it the four of us were in Crystal and Tanya’s room.

“So what kind of games did you girls have in mind?” I asked as Crystal sat beside me on the couch.

“I’m sure we can think of something fun to play”, she said before pulling my face into hers. Our mouths met and her soft tongue slipped inside, as her hand wandered to my loincloth. Her delicate little fingers worked thier way under the cloth and squeezed my cock gently. I moaned as she began to rub my small drop of precum over the head of my swollen dick. I noticed that Brad and Tanya were getting hot and heavy as well. He was on top of her kissing her deeply as his hand stroked her pussy through her panties. Her little white nurse’s skirt was pulled up around her waist giving me a great view. Brad didn’t seem to mind at all that his girlfriend was exposed for me and Crystal to see.

Then Crystal said something that shocked me even more.

“How about we switch for a while Tan?”

Tanya broke her kiss with Brad and looked over at me.

“Sure,” she replied.

I stared dumbfounded at Brad, but he didn’t seem the least bit surprised or upset. He calmly stood up and let his girlfriend walk over to me. Crystal gave my balls one more squeeze before strutting over to Brad kissing him full on the lips. I could see his hands fall to her ass his tongue invaded her sweet little mouth. Tanya pushed me down onto the couch and lowered her head to my chest. She took one of my nipples into her mouth sucking it gently before blazing a trail down my stomach with her soft lips. She placed her hands on my thighs and rubbed them over and over getting extremely close to my aching cock and balls. She then slpped her hands under my loincloth pulling down my underwear in one fluid movement.

As I felt Tanya’s warm hands on my cock I looked over to see Crystal sitting on Brad’s lap facing me. Her head was thrown back in pleasure as he kissed her neck. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist and he was rubbing his fingers across the black fabric of her panties. As I watched, she reached down to pull them to the side giving Brad access to her wet little pussy. Crystal moaned as he slipped a finger inside. He then brought it up to her face. She looked into my eyes as she licked her own juice from his finger.

My reverie was soon broken as Tanya spoke. “Hey Crys! What do you say we have a little competition?”

Crystal turned her attention to her friend. “What did you have in mind?”

“Let’s see who can make her guy cum the fastest.”

A smile crossed Crystal’s face. “You’re on.”

With that Tanya tore my loincloth off completely and my rock hard cock finally came into view. Crystal followed suit by dropping to her knees and helping brad off with his pants.

Tanya held my dick in one hand as she touched her tongue to the tip of my dick. I couldn’t believe Brad was letting this happen! As her tongue rolled around my tip her other hand carressed my balls. “Mmm, nice and shaved”, she said, refering to my hairless crotch. Then she took my cock fully into her mouth and I thought that she would surely win the game as I could already feel the cum rising in my balls. I again looked over to the other duo and saw that Crystal was stroking Brad’s shaft as she licked and tongued his balls. She had put herself in such a position that I could see everything she was doing. Brad seemed to be in heaven as the cute little maid lapped at his balls.

Tanya began to quicken the pace bobbing her head up and down on my dick trying desperately to make me cum. I was almost there. I could feel it. I glanced over to see Crystal beating Brad’s dick faster as well. She took a finger and put it in her mouth. I was wondering what she was up to. Then my questions was answered as she took her saliva slickend finger and slipped it right up Brad’s asshole! Brad let out a moan as he spurted his fluid onto Crystal’s lips and tongue.

That site had done it for me as well as I was soon sending torrents of my own jism into Tanya’s eager mouth.

“Well, I won”, Crystal said crawling over on her hands and knees. She grabbed Tanya’s hair and pulled her close kissing her, sharing our cum. I could see their tongues entwining with strands of sticky white fluid. That site alone was enough to get me hard again fast.

“What’s my prize?”

Tanya smiled. “I’ll show what your prize is you little slut!”

With that she pushed Crystal onto her back and flipped her skirt up revealing her moist black panties. She slipped them off and brought them to her face to lick the crotch. That site was so naughty, I was hard again in seconds. Crystal then spread her legs wide and grabbed Tanya’s hair, pulling the girl’s face into her wet little cunt.

“Lick me bitch!”, she said half seriously.

Tanya dove right in licking and sucking at her friend’s clit. Then she worked her over with her finger while she stuck her tongue inside her. Crystal was moaning and talking very dirty!

“You little whore! Yes! Suck my clit! Mmmmmmm. All I need now is a sice set of balls to suck on!

Before I knew it Brad was straddling Crystal’s face watching his girlfriend lick her pussy. He reached over and began to fondle her tits as her tongue shot out and began bathing his balls.

I was feeling a little left out so I started stroking my cock as I watched the scene before me. Tanya spread Crystal’s legs even further and pushed them forward raising her hips off the ground. Then she spread her asscheeks and dribbled a few drops of spit right onto her asshole. Crystal’s voice was muffled by Brad’s balls but she managed to mumble “Do it!”.

Tanya’s tongue dove in, fucking her friend’s ass. Crystal moaned even louder as she sucked the pair of balls in her mouth. Brad seemed to be enjoying himself as he began stoking his dick as well.

Then Tanya brought her head up from Crystal’s hole and looked back at me.

“Aren’t you going to join in? I have a pussy here that could use some attention!”

I needed no further invitation. I dropped to my knees and pushed her skirt up gazing down at her beautiful ass. I pulled her white panties down and placed a couple fingers on her hot little cunt. As I began to rub her she resumed her tongue bath of Crystal’s pussy and ass. I lowered my head and lightly touched her pussy lips with my tongue. She shuttered a bit but reamained licking her friend’s holes.
As I worked my tongue into her tight little pussy she reached back and started to massage her own asshole. I slid one of my own fingers into her cunt as I started to lick her finger. She lifted her finger from her ass and I took it into my mouth sucking it gently. When it was nice and wet she slowly began working it into her tight little asshole. I had never seen a girl finger her own ass before, and it was driving me crazy. Tanya sunk it in up to her knuckle and then started working it in and out. I slid another finger into her cunt and resumed licking her finger as it slid in and out of her butt. As my tongue circled her filled anus Crystal started to moan even louder. Brad had removed himself from her face and was sucking on her tits, and Tanya was working furiously at her pussy. Crystal bit her lip as she had an orgasm pulling Tanya’s face hard into her cunt.

Tanya got up and wiped her mouth. “That was fun, but now I’m ready to get fucked!”

Brad sat on the couch and Tanya stood over him lowering herself down onto his meat. I could see the lust in her eyes as his cock penetrated her soft folds. Once he was all the way in she began rocking up and down on his dick. Crystal dropped to her knees and started licking Brad’s balls then movedup to Tanya’s butthole. Her tongue crossed over the tiny hole making it slick and wet. Then she looked up at me. “Damon, would you like to fuck Tanya’s ass?”

“Go for it man!” Brad chimed in. “She loves it in the ass!”

Who was I to argue?

Crystal took my cock in her hand and started licking up and down my shaft getting it nice and wet. Then she coaxed me forward and placed my dick head against Tanya’s freshly licked ass. Brad was holding her cheeks apart giving me easier access. I started to push and saw her tight little hole open up for my cock.

“Fuck my ass! Fuck it!” Tanya demanded, consumed with lust.

I kept pushing untill my cock was completly burried in her tight butthole. She again started to rock up and down on her boyfriend’s dick as I slowly ground into her, being carefull not to hurt her. Soon we quickend the tempo and I was sliding in and out of her at a good pace while she bounced up and down on Brad’s pole. I could feel him through her pussy wall.

Crystal started to kss my back slowly moving downward. Soon she was on her knees again and planting soft kisses all over my ass. Tanya and Brad were kissing deeply at this time as we continued our assault on her pussy and ass. Crystal ran her tongue down my ass crack and I thought I was going to cum! Then she spread my cheeks and lightly touched my asshole. My muscles tightend as I thrust forward hard into Tanya.

“Let me at that ass baby!”, Crystal said seductively.

I slid my cock in to the hilt as Crystal’s tongue began lapping back and forth over my puckered asshole. The feeling was unbelievable.

“I’m cumming baby!”, Brad moaned as he fired his load deep inside Tanya’s well fucked pussy.

Crystal then pressed her face hard into my ass, forcing her tongue inside me. It was more than I could handle, and Tanya recieved another load of cum deep inside her. As I withdrew my shrinking cock Crystal moved in licking and sucking Tanya’s recently fucked asshole.

I sat back on the chair exhausted and admired Crystal as she worked over her friend’s cum drenched butthole. She looked so sexy as she sat on her knees, still wearing her maid skirt and fishnet stockings. Soon she pulled herself away and came over and sat with me. Brad and Tanya started kissing, and soon decided to take it over to Brad’s room to finish for the night. That was fine for me.

“That was great”, I said stretching out over the couch after the couple had left. Crystal flashed me a mischievious smile. “It’s not over yet”, she said. With that she leaned over nad kissed me deeply on the mouth. Her tongue worked its way around mine as she started fondling my limp cock. I started to grow hard under her touch as we continued making out. Her nimble little fingers made their way down to my balls and carressed them gently as she ground her body into me. I couldn’t take any more. I had to fuck her right then. I rolled over pushing her to the floor, then fell upon her continuing our hot kiss. I reached down and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I held it there for a moment just to tease her, but Crystal had other plans.

She grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me into her wet, waiting pussy. Our tongues danced as I drove into her. “Harder”, she moaned grasping my ass cheeks. In and out, my cock slid from her hot little hole before slamming back in. My hands grabbed her thighs tearing at her stockings. My pelvis rose and fell, fucking her harder and harder.
Her mouth was at my ear and she was whispering to me in harsh sexy tones.

“Fuck me! Fuck my wet pussy. Fill me with your cum”! Her nails dug into my back as she came. Forcing her hips upward to meet my thrusts, she groaned and swore. I continued my pounding of her tight little cunt as her orgasn subsided. Then she looked into my eyes and placed her finger in her sexy little mouth. “Yes”, I moaned. “Do it”.

Crystal didn’t need anymore convincing as she placed her finger between my asscheeks. I let up on my fucking just long enough for her to work her finger up my ass. She slid it in up to the knuckle and pulled me deep into her pussy. I really began to give it to her now, fucking harder than I had ever fucked before. As her finger wiggled inside my ass I could feel myself nearing the point of no return. With one final thrust I blasted the inside of her cunt with my third load of cum of the night. I gave her a few residual pumps before pulling out.

We layed there for a while talking, before I decided to go. She walked me to the door and kissed me goodbye. “We should do that again sometime”, she suggested. “Well, I’ll have to think about it”, I said sarcastically walking out the door.

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