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Halloween Celebration

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Hello, my name is Dan. Last year, my wife Kelli & I decided to throw a Halloween costume party with some friends of ours. A lot of preparation was put into both the party as well as in deciding on our costumes. I put together a great Scottish highlander outfit, complete with a kilt. Kelli went with the traditional “sexy cat” outfit that was comprised of cat ears, a tail, a hot little black leotard, & fish net stockings. She also was going to have whiskers painted on her face.

Kelli’s younger sister, Joanne, had driven to our place from her home 500 miles away and would be staying with us for the weekend. I hadn’t seen it yet, but she told us she planned to wear a french maid’s outfit. We had invited a couple dozen friends to come including Kelli & Joanne’s other sister, Monika, who lived just across town from us. Monika was Kelli’s older sister by a couple of years. My best friend Ben & his wife Kathy were also going to be coming.

The day had finally arrived and Joanne was already at our house. I went to pick up the kegs of beer (as well as other bottles of hard alcohol) at the store. Kelli made all the food & snacks and put up all the decorations. Joanne meanwhile set up the stereo equipment & made ready the dance floor in our basement.

That evening, we all three started getting ready for the party. As we got dressed in our costumes, Kelli looked seductively sexy in her ‘cat’ outfit. I told her that I couldn’t wait to get at her later in the evening. She just swayed her tail at me & told me that once the guests had left, then I had better look out because she was a pussy in heat. We both laughed at her joke.

Joanne rapped lightly on our door & asked if she could come in.

“Sure”, her sister yelled back. Joanne came in and I saw her maid costume for the 1st time. WOW! Her skirt just barely was long enough to cover her ass and her top showed a great deal of cleavage. I tried hard not to stare.

“What’s so funny?” she asked, having heard our laughter as she approached the door. “Inside joke”, I replied. “Does it have anything to do with that dress that you’re wearing?” she responded.

I immediately snapped back to her humor by saying “It’s not a dress! It’s called a KILT.” Kelli jumped in & said that she thought I looked sexy in it. I thanked her for her defense against her sister’s wise-cracks. As the two of them left the room, I made one last final adjustment to my costume by removing my underwear from under my kilt. After all, real men go natural when wearing a kilt, right?

I went out and joined the girls in waiting for our guests to arrive. The first to arrive was Monika. Once again, WOW! Monika was decked out in a cheerleader’s uniform that just about had me drooling and made me second guess my decision to not wear anything under my kilt. “If this keeps up”, I thought to myself, “then it could get really dangerous for me under the old tartan material”.

A quick rundown of these sisters for you all. My wife Kelli & her sister Joanne are both VERY cute little dolls, both with dark hair, Kelli’s is long & Jo’s is shoulder length. Neither of them are very tall, but both have hot bods. Their sister Monika, however, doesn’t even look like she’s related to the other two. Monika is a tall, long legged hottie with long, blonde hair. Over the years, I’ve taken many a lingering glance at my two sister-in-laws and tonight with the three sisters all decked out in alluring costumes, my thoughts became dirty real fast.

Back to the party, another 8 or so guests arrived within the next twenty minutes. We had a clown, a football player, a pirate, a soldier, an ape, a “Baywatch” lifeguard, a “naughty” nurse, a ballerina, and even a couple of space aliens. My friend Steve (the pirate) had brought along his new, ex-stripper girlfriend who was definitely not shy as she was scantily clad in a VERY revealing genie costume. Underneath her shear, full body suit you could easily see that she wore a very tiny string bikini top and a g-string bikini bottom. I couldn’t believe how sexy all of my female guests had dressed. It must have had to do with the unusually warm temps for that time of year. Normally we have snow falling down during Halloween, but this year it was in the high 70’s.

Several more guests arrived until finally Ben & Kathy showed up. Ben was dressed in superhero tights, complete with a cape. The front of his costume had a big “B” on it.

Ben exclaimed “Ben-Man is here to save the day.” Kathy smacked him on the arm & told him to stop acting like a dumbass. She then proceeded to take off the over-coat/jacket she wore over her costume. I have to say this one last time – WOW! Kathy was wearing small cloth cavewoman’s dress. After hanging her jacket up, she took off her sandals & shook her hair wildly to finish the wild, cavewoman look. Kathy is a little spitfire of a girl with long brown hair, glasses, and an amazing ass that I’ve checked out once or twice. Barefoot, without her glasses on, wild “I just got fucked” hair, and that tiny little loin clothe on her tiny little sexy frame made her look just great & I started to fantasize about my best bud’s girl.

Now that everyone was here, we started to cut loose. The music was blasted & most everyone was dancing. Everyone was drinking pretty heavily as well. It was a great time and we all had a ton of fun. The party went strong all night until about 2 am when most of the guests had to take off for home. Shortly the bash had dwindled down to just me & Kelli, Ben & Kathy, Joanne, and Monika. We all sat down around the kitchen table and talked about our wild party adventures of the past. The six of us played quarters for about an hour. We were all getting VERY drunk and had started to get loud & crazy.

Joanne left for a few minutes and returned with a Twister board. Everyone cheered at the idea except for Kathy who looked a bit nervous for some reason. Ben noticed her look & told her

“Hey baby, it’s ok, don’t worry about it and have a great time.” I didn’t know for sure why she was so nervous or what they were talking about, but she smiled and said “alright” and I forgot about the whole deal. We laid down the board & got started. After we had been playing for a little while & got twisted up together pretty good, the mood of the evening was becoming more heated. All about me I was being crowded & pressed by lovely ladies, all wearing very suggestive outfits.

My head was pushed near Joanne’s ass and with her tiny maid’s dress, I could only see panties. She looked so good, I wanted to bite her butt right then, but kept my control. Monika’s slender legs were wrapped around my body somehow as she attempted not to fall while stepping to a red circle. I was beginning to worry that my ever growing hard-on I was developing was going to soon show against my kilt.

It was at this point of the game that I finally saw why Kathy had been so nervous & reluctant to play Twister before. As she squatted in her awkward Twister position, her cavegirl dress had ridden up just enough for me to see that she (much like myself) was not wearing any underwear under her costume. No wonder she had a “just been fucked” look on her when she arrived, before they got here, I’m guessing that Ben got himself a little. I could make out the hair & flesh of her exposed pubic area.

I think I was the only one in a position to see it & when I looked up from the curious attention I was giving her, I saw her looking at me. BUSTED. Feeling a bit guilty I looked away, but when my eyes drifted back up & returned to her, she made eye contact with me and just smiled a knowing grin. As we continued playing, I kept trying to get a better look at Kathy and if I didn’t know any better, I’d guess that she was trying to flash me better views of herself. I was really enjoying our little secret and was disappointed when Ben fell down & collapsed the bunch of us, bringing the game to an end. My stiffy was pressed against the leg of my wife after we fell. She turned back to me as she got up & gave me a big smirk. She whispered to me “meow”, in reference to our earlier talk.

As I got up, I made eye contact again with Kathy. Once I was sure that my wife was busy talking to her sisters & Ben, I began getting myself up. As I did so, I made a point to give Kathy a quick look up my kilt and at my hard cock. She gave me another knowing grin & lightly licked at her lips. She was obviously getting aroused by our little game.

Once I stood back up, I headed into the living room & straight to the sofa to sit down. My cock was pressing firmly against my kilt and I didn’t want others to see the obvious bulge. As the others entered the room after me, I noted that Ben also had a bulge showing through his tights. I thought to myself, “at least I’m not the only one excited by these sexy women”.

Ben & Kathy sat on the other end of my sofa & the 3 sisters sat on the floor right by us. Monika was the closest of the 3 to me, sitting just a few feet away. We all kicked back a few more drinks & talked a bit until Kelli asked what we should do next. I thought to myself “strip poker”, but wasn’t brave enough to voice the idea. Ben suggested several more drinking games, but was voted down by the girls who felt they should slow down on the drinking.

Monika then blurted out “How about a game of Dare?”.

“What’s Dare?”, I asked.

“It’s like Truth or Dare”, she said “but with only the dare part.”

“What!” Kelli half-heartedly objected. Her sisters & Kathy talked her into though and to my surprise, my normally conservative wife said that she guessed that if they all wanted to play, then she was willing as well. All of the girls’ inhibitions seemed to be falling away.

“I feel like I’m back in high school again”, I remarked.

“Don’t you mean jr. high?”, Ben retorted. We all laughed. We decided that we would each draw a card out of a deck to see who had the high & low cards (ties to redraw). High card gets to make the dare & low card has to take it.

The game, as expected, started out slow with several rounds of stupid & silly dares. It wasn’t until about 10 minutes into the game that it started getting interesting. It was my fault, well – kinda. I had the high card & Monika had the low card. I told her to give us a cheer in her cheerleader character. She gave me a jokingly pissed off look and told me to ‘kiss her ass’. I said I wouldn’t unless I was dared to. She got up and did her cheer. It was good for a laugh of two.

On the next round though, I lost and Joanne won. Joanne said to Monika, “Well sis, you asked for it, now you’ll get it.” She then told me my dare was to kiss Monika’s ass. Everyone busted up laughing. I leaned over to kiss her on her pleated backside when Joanne interrupted and said I had to lift her skirt up first. I glanced at Kelli who was just laughing at the whole deal. So, I lifted the back of her cheerleading skirt & leaned in for the kiss. This was not fair at all, Monika had as nice an ass as you can imagine & here I was planting a big, wet one right on it. After my kiss, we went through a string of ass kissing dares throughout the next few rounds.

Kathy had won a round in which Monika had lost. Already knowing my situation, Kathy said, “Well Monika, why don’t you find out for us what a Scotsman really wears under a kilt by giving Danny a kiss on his ass.” Kathy gave me that sly grin again as both Monika & I looked over at Kelli.

Kelli just yelled out in her drunken state, “Get to it guys!”. Monika slid her head up under the back of my kilt and kissed my bare backside. While doing so, her spare hand settled on my inner thigh, making my cock spring up a bit, catching her attention.

After she was done, Kelli asked her, “well, what do Scotsman wear under their kilts?”.

Monika just smiled & said, “if you want to know, then you’ll have to find out for yourself.” I nodded in agreement & laughed at the attention I was getting as well as the curiosity of my wife.

The next hand, I lost & Joanne won.

“Alright Danny, we all want to know, so pull up that kilt so we can all see”, she commanded. The game was definitely headed to a new level now. I stood up & pulled my kilt up for the whole group to see. My hard cock popped to the awe of the group. I didn’t know whether to be embarrassed by the hard-on or glad it wasn’t all shrunken down & small. Kelli meowed at me and bragged about my cock to the other girls who were intently watching my swollen member. They all just clapped at my show. I sat back down and threatened that they’re all gonna get it now & something about the kid gloves being off next time I win a hand.

The next round, Kathy won & Ben lost. Kathy told her hubby that since poor Danny had shown off his dick to everyone, that now it was his turn to show the girls that Super-Ben also has a super cock, as she put it. Ben protested lightly but finally stood up & pulled down his spandex pants and out sprung his dick. Kathy, just like Kelli, made a point to brag about her man’s stiff dick. The girls again clapped, enjoying the show. Ben sat down afterwards & I didn’t feel so bad about having had to expose myself.

As luck would have it, I won the next hand and my victim was Kathy. She bit her lip a bit knowing that something bad was probably coming. I went over to the stereo & turned up the music. I told her to give her husband a lap dance. Ben got a big smile and made himself comfortable. I smirked at Kathy, knowing that in the span of her dance that we would all probably see a bit of her private parts peaking out from under her dress.

She started to dance for him, swinging her hips back & forth. As she danced by Monika, I could tell from the look on my sister-in-law’s face that she had now seen that Kathy wore nothing under her costume. From out of nowhere, Joanne had come up with a $5 bill and was waiving it in the air. Kathy got on all fours and crawled over to where Joanne was sitting. The whole crawl over there I had perfect view of her wet snatch. She did a little dance for Jo & then crawled back to her husband. As she crawled back, I knew that the view I had a moment ago, Jo & Kelli now had. I looked at them as I saw them stare at her exposed pussy. Kelli gasped a bit & Joanne let out a little whistle at Kathy’s ass. Kathy shook her rear at Jo in appreciation.

All three sisters now looked aroused by the events. I looked over to Kelli who looked back at me with a glazy look on her face. I just meowed at her to which she licked her lips at me & meowed back.

Kathy was on Ben’s lap grinding against him hard, she looked my way and said, “you did say a lap dance right?”.

I just nodded and watched as her cavewoman’s loin clothe rode up almost to her waist, giving us all an easy view of her bare ass & pussy as it was writhing up & down her husband’s bulging tights. The single strap of her costume had slid off her shoulder & down her arm. I thought I could see the top edge of her nipples start to show. We all watched intently to the show she was putting on. I noticed Monika’s hand drift under her cheerleader’s skirt once & casually run past the front of her panties.

“Well, I guess that’s good”, I announced to everyone’s disappointment. Kathy slid down off of Ben’s huge bulge & the game continued.

Kelli won & Joanne lost. Kelli told Jo to get into her roll as a french maid & to dust with her feather duster, BUT she also told her, that like any good french maid, she needs to show us some ass. Jo walked around us all, bending over often & shaking her exposed panties back and forth. I joked with her that I remember them from our Twister game. She just turned her butt to me & pulled her panties tight so that they rode up into her crack like a g-string & shook her ass some more. After a couple of minutes more of ‘dusting’, she sat back down. Not a great dare considering the way the game had been going. I was fearing that the game was about to go back to being boring again until luck ran my way again and I won the next round.

Both Monika & Joanne tied for the low card. I told them not to bother redrawing because they could both take my dare. They both agreed but probably wouldn’t have if they had known my plans for them.

“I told you that you’d all be paid back” I said, “since Kathy, Ben & I have all shown off our goods, then it’s now your turns”, I continued. “Why don’t you two slip your panties out from under your skirts”, I finished. They both got up after some mild protesting & each reached up under their costumes and slid down their panties. I couldn’t see much due to their short skirts still covering most of them, but I saw enough. YEAH! This was turning out to be one hell of a party.

I now noticed that Kathy was sitting with her cunt exposed, obviously no longer worried about modesty at this point. Her right hand was rubbing the front of Ben’s pants. It made me wish I was sitting next to Kelli.

Without even waiting to draw, Jo & Monika complained that everyone had shown off their privates except for Kelli. Jo said that it was Kelli’s turn to show us something. I wasn’t so sure how she was going to, considering that the outfit that she wore was a one piece leotard. She looked over at me nervously & I gave her a reassuring smile & blew her a kiss.

“C’mon!” her sisters demanded. She stood up & turned her back to face us. She slid her arms free of the top of her costume & slid it down to about mid-crack of her bottom. She ran one arm across her breasts & then turned around to face us. The very top of her pubic hair was exposed and she dropped her arms to her sides for a moment, giving us a great shot of her bare breasts.

After the moment had passed she covered her breasts again with her arm & turned back around again. Before she pulled her outfit back up, she waged her ‘tail’ at us and meowed again. This time when she meowed, she really did sound like a cat in heat. She then pulled it back up to cover her breasts, but didn’t redo the arm/shoulder straps before sitting back down. As she resumed her place, I saw that I could now see a great view up the maid uniform on Joanne. I couldn’t tell before, but it was now very clear that Jo’s pussy was clean shaven, not a single wisp of hair. I looked over at Ben & Kathy and saw that while he was also checking out the view of Jo’s clean shaven pussy, Kathy had sipped her hand just inside the top of his pants & was rubbing his cock slowly. She saw that I was aware of her actions & pumped him a bit faster.

Somehow, the game resumed, though I’m not sure what could happen next. Kathy won he draw & the dare went to Kelli. Kathy told her that she needed to come sit by her husband and give him the attention he deserves. Kelli got up & sat next to me. Kathy reached over Kelli and grabbed her hand, placing it on the lump where my cock was obviously pressing upward against the material of my costume. Kathy then moved Kelli’s hand up and down my hard-on until Kelli was rubbing it herself. Kathy moved back over & resumed the same action on Ben. This stroking was making me hard as concrete & I wanted to moan aloud but held back.

We drew again and Kathy won a second hand in a row. Monika had the low card. Kathy told Monika that Kelli needed a hand with her dare & that she should help her out. I think I just about passed out right then. Monika slid up on the sofa and sat next to me on the opposite side of my wife. She moved her hand over to where Kelli’s hand was rubbing the front of my kilt and began to rub along with her. The two lovely ladies ran their fingers over & along my throbbing cock as they had been told. I wanted to pull up my kilt & free my rod from his confines, but once again restrained myself.

I looked at poor Joanne sitting on the floor by herself and told her, “say Jo, I bet that Kathy could use some help herself over there with Ben”.

“You bet I could”, Kathy added. Joanne got up & went to the far end of the sofa and sat next to Ben. Now, all six of us were on the sofa, with 2 of the girls each rubbing us guys’ cocks through the outsides of our costumes. I’m pretty sure at this point that the game could be considered over.

Kathy pulled the top of Ben’s penis out from the confines of his costume & her & Jo’s hands were all over it. I started kissing Kelli with a savage fury. I felt Monika’s other hand on my knee & then she moved it up my inner thigh under my kilt until it met up with my cock. She started to jerk my dick in her hand under the hem of my outfit.

I looked over to Ben & saw that Jo was now sucking on his cock. Kathy started to move over our direction again as she had when she put Kelli’s hand on my cock earlier. She reached over to Kelli & pulled down my wife’s costume, freeing her breasts. I leaned down & sucked one of her boobs into my mouth. Kathy did the same to Kel’s other breast. Ben was fingering Kathy from behind as he enjoyed his blowjob. With my left hand I reached to Kathy’s costume & pulled the top of it down so that it was now completely rolled up around her waist. I then started to caress & pinch her nipples.

I moved my left hand down & slid it up under the front Monika’s skirt. I rubbed my fingers across the slit of her hole and returned the favor her hand was doing to my cock. Kathy moved her mouth from the breast she was sucking on & joined me at Kelli’s other nipple. Together our tongues danced in unison as we kissed each other passionately while sucking on Kelli’s nipple.

After a while, I moved upright as I felt Monika leave her spot next to me & move down to the floor. She released her grip on my dick & totally undressed herself out of her cheerleader costume. I looked back at the action on Ben’s side & saw that he was sucking on his wife’s pussy while she held her backside in the air as she smothered herself on Kelli’s breast. Joanne had removed most of her costume now and was still sucking on Ben’s dick.

Kathy then pulled down Kelli’s costume, leaving her in only her cat ears & her fishnet stockings. Kathy continued licking her breasts & started moving her tongue all over Kelli’s body. My attention returned to my own pleasure as Monika moved in between my legs and undid my kilt. She proceeded to pull it off of me & laid it down in the pile of her own cloths. My cock was bouncing up & down, totally free for the first time since my brief show at the beginning of our game. She moved in close and wrapped her lips around my cock and started to suck me off.

Kathy was now sucking rapidly on Kelli’s pussy. Ben had now gotten up and repositioned Jo. She was bent over the edge of the sofa & Ben was fucking her from behind. She was moaning & Talking dirty as Ben stuck it to her, over & over again. Hearing her cry out in pleasure like she was just made the rest of us more excited.

Monika stopped the oral action she was giving me and moved up to sit on my lap. She ground her sopping wet lips (that she had been rubbing herself as she gave me my blowjob before) on my crotch and then reached behind and grabbed my cock. She guided the head into her wet waiting hole and I slid into her without any resistance. I reached my left hand back behind her & grabbed her ass cheek firmly as she began bucking her hips wildly as she fucked me. I slipped a finger up into her asshole as she rode me. It didn’t take long before she was screaming herself up to her orgasm. I leaned in to her pushing the finger in her ass in deeper and sucked hungrily on her tiny, rock hard little nipples until her orgasm had run it’s course. Totally spent, she rolled off me & curled up to my side.

Kathy saw the opening on my lap & got up from Kelli’s dripping pussy & moved over to me. It was obvious that my wife had gotten off from the tongue lashing she had received, just by the look on her face. Kathy climbed onto my cock and started off where Monika had just left off. I couldn’t believe what was going on. I hadn’t had sex with another woman since before I started dating Kelli 10+ years ago and here I was on my second new pussy of the night. A small (very small) stroke of concern hit me as I realized that I was fucking my friends wife right in front of him. The concern dissipated as soon as I looked in his direction just in time to see him pull his cock out of Joanne’s orgasming cunt & blow his load all over onto her back & in her hair.

“I think I’m about to cum too!”, I grunted. Kathy got off my cock & told Kelli to finish me off. Kelli climbed onto my monster & prepared to fuck me the rest of the way. With everyone watching, I started to cram my cock into my wife’s cunt. Kathy slid up behind us and started licking both me & Kelli as we fucked. She licked Kelli’s juices right off of my balls as they ran right out of Kelli’s hole. Kathy then licked up & down from my asshole to Kelli’s, all the while jamming three of her fingers into her own cunt as she did so. I couldn’t take it any more and shot my wad up into my lovely wife’s love canal.

We all laid there in a heap of flesh in exhaustion and started to fall asleep together. I though to myself, I can’t wait until thanksgiving comes around, what do you think? Strip Poker?, Naked Twister?, oh’ the possibilities. Before we zonked out, Kelli leaned up & whispered into my ear…”meow!”.

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