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Guys Weekend at Camp, with a Lady!

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Parents of children who play travel sports make tremendous sacrifices for their child’s love of the game, but they also reap immense rewards. The most obvious sacrifice is the amount of time and money that is spent traveling; you could go months at a time without an unscheduled weekend day, and many of your weekends are spent in hotels. But with all the time away from home, you are usually in the company of your children’s teammates and families, which leads to the formation of close relationships that can last a lifetime.

There’s a certain element of bonding that comes from the kinship of waking up at 5am on a Saturday to drive several hours away, not returning home until 10pm on Sunday night. Of course, copious amounts of alcohol are also involved in soothing the stress of travel, which can lead to an entirely different kind of relationship…

As yet another season came to a close, the year-end team picnic was a mixture of joy, relief, and sadness. They had so much to celebrate – their children’s athletic growth throughout the season, winning the state championship, and a coaching award bestowed upon their head coach for his leadership. Everyone was looking forward to a break from the travel and the seasonal change in which sports their children participated. But the families had all grown so close that with the end of the season came the inevitable collapse of the families’ social circle.

“I think we should just have Gary book us a hotel 3 hours away and we’ll all pretend we’re going there for a game so we can just party in the hotel,” Sam joked. “Who says we need to actually have the kids play a game for us to have a good time?”

Beers in hand, everyone laughed and one of the parents quipped, “Do we even need to invite the kids?”

As the laughter subsided, Craig thought for a moment, then said, “You know, I have a cabin that’s pretty big – there’s an upstairs area for sleeping and a downstairs living area. It’s pretty basic and would be pretty rugged camping, but we could have a party out there some day this summer. The kids could run around, ride their four-wheelers and dirt bikes, we could grill some meat, and camp out overnight.”

“Oh the boys would LOVE that!” Brenda commented, as several other heads nodded up and down in agreement, with utterances of “yeah!”, “definitely!”, “cool!” coming from the various Moms and Dads.

“Alright, I’ll set something up and send out an email,” Craig said.


“Oh, honey, I’m not feeling good,” John groaned as he walked slowly into the living room.

“Why, what’s wrong?” asked his wife, Deena, looking over the top of her magazine.

“I think I have that stomach bug that was going around the office,” he frowned, looking like he was in tremendous discomfort.

“Oh no! Are you still going to be able to take Liam to the camp-out this afternoon at Craig’s place?”

“I don’t think so…,” he moaned as he flung himself onto the couch dramatically, looking like a helpless invalid.

“Ugh,” Deena sighed, “Liam is going to be so upset that he can’t go – he was really looking forward to seeing his teammates again and fishing in Craig’s pond. Are you sure you can’t go? Can you take some Immodium or something?”

John glared at her with annoyance, “I’m running a fever, I can’t stay out of the bathroom, and I feel like crap – I am NOT going to the party. Can’t you just drop him off and pick him up tomorrow?”

Deena thought about it for a moment. “I don’t know,” she hesitated, “he’s never been camping before – what if he doesn’t like it and wants to leave? Or what if he gets nervous about staying with other people? That seems like such a burden to impose on the guys, expecting them to watch him.”

“Liam will be fine, and I’m sure the guys won’t mind. He gets along well with all the kids who are going, he doesn’t need me there.”

“I’m just not comfortable with that,” she protested. “You stay here and rest, I’ll just take him myself.”

“It’s a “Guys’ Weekend” – the party is for boys and their DADS, no Moms or sisters – you can’t go.”

“Oh give me a break! I’ve spent all season with these guys, we’re all good friends. They’ve never been inhibited around me when it comes to their discussion, it’ll be fine. I won’t be in the way – I’m just like “one of the guys” to them, anyway.”

In many ways, Deena was, indeed, “one of the guys”. Gender lines were often blurred when the parents were up late in the hotel drinking in the hallways – everyone was friends with everyone, and they were comfortable discussing any topic. In fact, late-night discussions could run the gamut, anything from plumbing repairs, to vacation plans, to remodeling homes, to the latest pop culture from music and movies. But as the beer and rum continued to flow, most of those conversations ended up going in an X-rated direction. Moms would talk about their bikini waxes and Brazilians, the guys would talk about a hot Mom with big tits that they spotted at the rink from an opposing team, Moms might talk about the latest trashy they’d read, while Dads might talk about recent jaunts to the strip club. From there, dirty jokes just abounded.

And even though Deena thought she was just “one of the guys” in those conversations, the guys never stopped looking at her as a woman. That didn’t mean they were inhibited in their conversation, just that they couldn’t stop mentally undressing her and lusting about what it would be like to hook up with her or some of the other Moms on the team.

Deena was in her mid-thirties and very accomplished professionally. The people that she worked with only saw the side of her that was smart, strong, and sassy. She was polite and respectful, but also unafraid to speak her mind. She took her career very seriously and rarely let her colleagues see her more playful nature, for fear that it could jeopardize everything she had worked so hard to achieve.

Physically, Deena was about average height and weight, with long, wavy brunette locks, and deep brown eyes set against light olive-toned skin, a reflection of her Mediterranean heritage. Her teeth were perfectly aligned and a natural bright white color. She was very well-endowed in the chest, with big, voluptuous breasts that were often emphasized by the v-neck style shirts that she preferred to wear on the weekends. No matter how tired or hungover she was, Deena always put forth the effort to make herself look her best – with well-styled hair, carefully applied make-up, jewelry that was simple yet pretty, and sensual perfumes and body sprays. She was definitely “all woman” to the Dads on the team!

John was too tired and weak to argue with Deena’s suggestion that she go on the camp-out, and truth be told, he’d rather be home alone to deal with his illness in quiet solitude than have his family around the house nagging him, asking him to do things, telling him to eat this / drink that / nap now and quizzing him frequently on how his bathroom visits were going. If Deena and Liam left for the weekend, he could be lazy, rest, and have full control over the television remote; hell, if he was feeling better by tonight, maybe he could even indulge in some Internet porn! “Fine, whatever,” he sighed in feigned disappointment.

“Guess I’d better get started on packing,” Deena said, as she set her magazine down and padded down the hall to the bedroom to pack up her things.


“Hi guys!” Deena called out as she and Liam hopped out of her SUV, popping the back open to unload their bags.

“Hey Deena,” Sam responded, looking slightly puzzled. “Are you dropping Liam off?”

“No, unfortunately John couldn’t make it – he isn’t feeling well. I figured I’d come in his place!” she smiling cheerfully, too busy hauling a suitcase out of the back to notice Sam’s less-than-enthusiastic expression.

Sam’s dick woke up and twitched in his pants at the thought of her spending the night. But that wasn’t the point of this weekend. This weekend was supposed to be about letting your guard down with the guys and getting dirty with “guy stuff” like dirt bikes, fishing, hunting small game, and camp fires. It was about drinking as much beer as you wanted to drink, pissing against the base of the oak tree behind the cabin, smoking a cigarette or chewing tobacco without any nagging wives getting on your case about how bad that is for your health, releasing belches and farts at will without apologizing, and sharing dirty jokes. Not hanging out with the Hot Mom on the team, fantasizing about taking HER behind the oak tree for a romp in the woods! Damn, there went his dick again. Damn damn damn – this was going to be a long weekend!

“Great,” he said through a fake smile, pretending to be happy, before downing the rest of his beer and throwing the empty can on the ground, retreating back into the cabin to share the “good news” with the rest of the guys, who were all inside unpacking and setting things up, while Deena continued to unload her vehicle.

Between summer vacations and other sports conflicts, fewer guys had shown up than Craig was expecting. There was just Craig, Sam, Gary, and Rob, and their four sons. Deena and her son, Liam, made it ten – a reasonable number of guests. The five boys were all very close friends, so Craig was excited about the chemistry there and that none of the more troublesome kids from the team had shown up. It should be an easy weekend, he figured, where the twelve-year-old boys could pretty much be trusted to do most things on their own while the Dads (and, errr, Mom) hung out at the cabin drinking.

But he was rather disappointed that Deena had shown up in John’s place. OK, he understood that John was sick, and he wouldn’t want someone at the cabin who wasn’t feeling well, but he really wished Deena would have just dropped Liam off – watching him for the weekend wouldn’t have been a problem.

However, Craig was too polite and their families’ friendships were too close to risk hurting her feelings by asking her to leave. And it wasn’t that he didn’t like Deena, it was actually quite the opposite. Craig had been lusting after Deena for a couple of years now. Happily married and committed to his wife, he often spiced up their lovemaking by fantasizing about Deena during the act, pretending that she was the one he was making love to, without his wife Laura having any clue.

Craig also had this other little problem – anytime he had more than a couple of drinks, he became horny. Not just a little turned on, but balls-out horny. Those tournament weekends when the team’s families would stay in the same hotel and stay up late drinking were a killer; he always found himself with a raging hard-on throughout the drunken evening, wishing he could just drag Deena into a room and have his way with her.

Fortunately, though, Laura was always with him, unknowingly acting as his jail warden, keeping him true to his marital vows. When everyone retired to their rooms at night, Laura was never in the mood – and she was always so drunk that she passed out the second her head hit the pillow. Craig, however, couldn’t settle down to sleep until his aching blue balls had been drained, so every night during those hotel stays he would beat off in the bathroom to mental images of Deena’s luscious cleavage and round little ass.

Tonight was going to pose quite the challenge. First of all, he was going to be drinking heavily – so his libido would be going wild. Second, he’d be ogling Deena’s tits all day, smelling her perfume, staring at her ass, and watching those shiny, wavy brunette locks bounce and swing around her shoulders. Third, “The Warden” wasn’t here to watch and control his behavior. Fourth, Craig and Deena would be sleeping under the same roof, mere feet away from each other. Oh shit, these Four Evil Forces were going to be hell!

Craig wasn’t about to even consider passing on the beer and rum ‘n cokes – hell, that’s the best way to unwind and enjoy the weekend! The only way he could think to keep his libido in check was to try to keep his body and mind busy by doing things around the cabin.

The boys were running around the field and woods playing Manhunt when Deena walked inside the cabin hauling her suitcase and a couple of overnight bags. Distracted by her heavy bags, she shouted out cheerfully, “Hi guys!”

She noticed that the four men were standing in the kitchen area of the open floorspace, conferring quietly amongst themselves. A sinking feeling hit the pit of her stomach as she suddenly felt uncomfortable and out of place. “Oh God,” she thought to herself, “I bet they’re upset that I came.” She looked at them awkwardly and bit her lip as she stood there silently, trying to think of what to say.

“Hi Deena,” they all said in unison.

“Ya know,” she reflected, “me deciding to come stay here was probably a mistake. I shouldn’t have intruded on your “Guys’ Weekend”. If you want me to leave and come back to pick up Liam tomorrow, I will.”

The guys looked at each other, unsure of what to say, hoping someone else would answer, when Craig decided that as host, it was his job to break the awkward silence. “No, Deena, it’s fine, please stay. We’re all good friends here, it’s not a big deal. We didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, it just caught us off-guard. But there is one ground-rule of “Guys’ Weekend” that you have to promise you’ll abide by.”

“Sure, yeah, what is it?” she asked.

“What happens at the cabin, STAYS at the cabin!” The guys all laughed in agreement. “That means,” Craig said, “that you can’t go tattling back to our wives if we drink too much, smoke too much, swear too much, eat without washing our hands, or otherwise behave like slobs. Deal?”

“Deal!” she laughed, as she breathed a sigh of relief that they were welcoming her into the pack.

The rest of the afternoon flowed in a relaxed, comfortable manner. The boys played and rode their dirt bikes and four-wheelers while the guys busied themselves with collecting dry wood for the campfire they’d be having later. She worked inside the cabin, first getting the cots set up with linens, then working in the kitchen area to set up and prepare for the barbecue dinner they’d be having a little later.

From the large plate-glass window in the living area of the cabin, she stood looking out at the beautiful, peaceful nature scene. As much as she was a girlie-girl who enjoyed trips to the spa, gourmet meals, and generally being pampered, there was also a side to her that enjoyed being in the outdoors. She loved the lush, green forest that surrounded them, with birds flitting around the trees, and the serenity of the large pond behind the cabin. The guys all looked so happy, too, as they drank and laughed while cleaning up the area they’d be using for their picnic dinner and the campfire later.

She loved all four of these guys like they were family – they all got along very well and had a lot of fun together. Sam and Gary were like the two class clowns. They were both big teddy-bear types of guys, with jolly personalities and hearts of gold – and the dirtiest of minds when it came to those late-night conversations in the hotel hallways.

Rob was tall and thin, with jet-black hair and blue eyes. With his chiseled jaw and boyish good looks, he probably could have pursued a career as a model, but he was so humble and down-to-earth that he probably didn’t even think he was attractive. He had a naturally athletic build, with strong, sculpted muscles on his legs and arms. He was a little more shy and reserved than the other guys, but Deena suspected that the reason may be because his wife is always by his side at team events and she seemed like a prude who probably kept his real personality on a tight leash.

Craig was of average build, with short blondish/grayish hair and blue eyes that twinkled when he smiled. He had a certain ruggedness to him that she found so attractive – he was the type of man who wasn’t afraid to work hard and was very skilled with his hands. Watching him work so diligently with collecting wood and cleaning up the campsite, she couldn’t help but admire what he had done to make this cabin – his dream – come true through all the blood, sweat, and tears he poured into building it on his own.

Deena also couldn’t help but admire how hot he looked in his shorts and t-shirt. His skin was tanned from all the time he spent working outside on his house, his cabin, and other projects. He was muscular not from regular visits to a gym, but rather just from physical activity that he did in his job and through his endless home projects. Sure, he was carrying a little bit of extra weight, as most middle-aged men did, but that didn’t detract from his rugged sex-appeal.

She realized that the rum ‘n Diet Coke she was drinking was going to her head when she started to fantasize about the fact that she’d be alone with these guys in the cabin tonight. Without her husband here, she’d be horny as hell but alone. Wait, not alone – surrounded by four strong, able-bodied men whose wives weren’t here! Who would also be drinking and losing their inhibitions and self-control. Tonight could be very interesting!


By the time dinner had been grilled, eaten, and cleaned up, the campfire was roaring and the sun was starting to set. The boys sat on one side of the fire ring excitedly roasting marshmallows for s’mores, while the adults sat across from them on the other side, joking, laughing, and enjoying their drinks. Deena sat between Craig and Rob, while Sam and Gary sat to Craig’s left. Sam and Gary were notoriously big drinkers – they would often drink more than a twelve-pack each in a single evening. The more they drank, the wilder the conversations became, although it also became evident when those two guys had overdone it because they would actually start to snooze while sitting in place. Tonight was shaping up to be one of those nights.

Rob and Craig were drinking less – enough to have a good time but at a sustainable pace that would let them stay up later to enjoy themselves. Deena had only finished a few rum ‘n cokes, but with her lighter frame and lower tolerance, it had hit her hard and she was getting a bit drowsy. Not enough that she was ready for bed, but enough that she didn’t realize she had actually slumped over to the side a little and was leaning up against Craig, periodically closing her eyes to rest them.

“Careful, don’t fall forward into the fire,” he teased in a whisper as he threw his arm around her in a friendly manner.

“Oh come on, I’m fiiiiiiiine,” she drawled sloppily.

Craig chuckled and said quietly, “I don’t think so – you’re swaying and leaning into me. So until that alcohol wears off a little, I’m going to hold you in place so you don’t get hurt or do something stupid that you’ll regret later.”

Deena sighed and tipped her head onto Craig’s shoulder. She let out a soft, quiet moan as she leaned into his body, enjoying the feeling of his warmth and his strong arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her towards him. Feeling secure in his arms, she closed her eyes and snuggled against him, dozing as the conversation continued.

What seemed like moments later, Deena was startled awake by Craig’s voice, “OK, boys, time for bed.” She awoke in a daze and yawned as she looked around, suddenly realizing it was completely dark outside except for the fire in front of them.

“What time is it? How long was I out?” she asked as she looked around, while he gently stroked her back with his hand.

Craig twisted his watch towards the fire to see the time, “It’s 10:30. I think you were asleep for the last hour and a half or so.”

Startled, she exclaimed, “Are you kidding me?! I was asleep for that long?”

“Yep,” he said as he stood up, stretched and yawned. “Let’s get the kiddos off to bed.”

She looked over at Rob, who was still sitting next to her, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Rob leaned over and teased, “Don’t worry, what happens at the cabin stays at the cabin – I won’t tell John you just fell asleep in Craig’s arms.”

Deena punched Rob playfully in the arm, “Smart-ass!”

They went into the cabin to help the kids get changed into their pajamas and settled into their cots. Stumbling up from the log he was sitting on by the fire, Gary lurched to the nearest tree to take a leak but ended up vomiting against the tree first. Sam was able to walk but could barely keep his eyes open, he was so close to passing out.

Once Deena, Rob, and Craig came back downstairs from the sleeping area, having tucked all five kids into bed, they came downstairs to find Gary snoring on the couch and Sam sitting in a chair looking sleepy.

“Looks like Gary’s done for the night,” Deena commented. “Sam, are you heading off to bed now, too?”

“I don’t know,” Sam slurred through slitted eyes, “What are you guys doing?”

Deena, Rob, and Craig exchanged glances and shrugged their shoulders.

“Well, now that I took a nap,” Deena explained, “I’m not that tired. We probably shouldn’t leave the fire unattended, so I think I’ll go sit out by it for awhile, until it dies down.”

“Sounds good to us,” Rob agreed.

Deena mixed up a fresh rum ‘n coke (with a heavy emphasis on the rum) and carried her drink outside, with the three guys following, fresh ice cold beers in hand. She sat back down in the same spot where she had been sitting earlier, while Rob and Craig settled down on the log on either side of her. Sam decided to sit across the fire from them.

“Man, Gary sure was wasted, wasn’t he?” Deena commented.

“Mmmm yeah, he was. But remember, Deena, what happens at the cabin STAYS at the cabin. Don’t you forget that!” Rob reminded her.

“I know, I know,” she said.

“I think it’s my turn to prop her up so she doesn’t fall over,” Rob said across Deena to Craig, as he put his arm around her.

Deena laughed and shrugged his arm off, “I’m fine, the earlier drinks wore off and I’m wide awake now.”

Rob put his arm back around her and slid closer, “Oh I know you’re fine, but I still think it’s only fair I get a chance to touch you, too.”

Deena’s eyes went wide with surprise as she looked at him to see if he was kidding. By the drunken, amorous look in his eyes, she knew this was no joke – Rob was coming onto her. She quickly looked over to her other side at Craig, who was looking at Scott with a mischievous grin on his face. When she looked at Scott, he just smiled and took a swig of his beer, “This I gotta see!”

“Oh my God! Did you guys plan something?” she asked in surprised.

“No… but since we’re here,” Craig’s sentence drifted off as he lifted her hand to his lips to place a gentle kiss on the back of her hand. She looked over at him in shock, as he continued kissing his way up her arm.

Rob picked up where Craig left off, whispering seductively, “and since what happens at the cabin stays at the cabin…” With Deena still looking over her left shoulder at Craig, Rob took advantage of the distraction to reach over with his right hand to squeeze her left breast as he kissed her cheek.

Deena sat frozen in shock, trying to make sense of the situation, and unsure if this was really happening or just a dream. When she looked over at Sam, she noticed he was just sitting there watching, gently rubbing his crotch through his pants.

In one big gulp, Deena swallowed every drop of her rum ‘n coke for courage as she gave in to the temptation of being with her two sexy friends. “There ya go, girlfriend,” Sam teased before breaking into laughter.

Rob and Craig had already fueled up their courage through the numerous beers they had drank throughout the evening, and Craig had become especially aroused from having Deena in his arms for the past couple of hours – touching her skin, smelling her hair, rubbing her back. Drinking alcohol always made him horny, and the availability of having Deena here for a “no regrets” weekend was driving him wild.

Never having experienced a threesome before, Deena felt a little awkward and unsure of how to proceed. How do you keep two guys happy without making one jealous? Do you alternate and give each a turn? Or do you try to satisfy both guys at the same time using different orifices? She was attracted to both Craig and Rob, and wanted each equally.

Craig sensed that she was hesitating, and decided to take the lead for her. Gently putting his index finger on her chin, he turned her face to look at his. Her eyes were starting to look a little sleepy, a little dreamy, but her pupils were big as saucers with arousal and her lip was quivering slightly. He could tell by the devilish twinkle in her eyes and slight upturn at the corners of her mouth that she was ready for an adventure.

Craig leaned over and devoured her mouth with his, wasting no time as he plunged his tongue into her mouth while cupping the back of her head with his hand. As he kissed her, he slid his left hand up inside her shirt and pushed her bra up and over her breasts, exposing them to his wandering hand.

Simultaneously, Rob reached his right hand between her legs and gently pulled her thighs open, pressing his palm to her mound. She was wearing loose-fitting athletic shorts, which provided easy access for his hands to slide up and stroke her slit through her panties. Rob could feel the moisture collecting there, as Deena moaned with pleasure and excitement at the guys’ touches.

Deena began breathing heavy and really getting into the groove of making out with Craig while Rob touched her. She put her right hand behind Craig’s head and held his face against hers as she took the lead, now ravishing his mouth with her tongue, and even occasionally lightly nibbling his lower lip while she rubbed the back of his head, running her fingers through his short hair.

Craig took hold of Deena’s hand and pulled it off his face, guiding her hand down to his crotch and placing it over the hardness in his pants. “Take it out, Deena. Touch me, stroke me.”

Deena did as she was told, unbuttoning and unzipping his shorts. To her surprise, he wasn’t wearing any underwear – he was completely bare. His cock was ripe and ready for her – hard as steel and the tip was glistening in the firelight with pre-cum. Craig groaned when Deena wrapped her slender fingers around the length of his shaft and squeezed, tugging lightly as she stroked him, and resumed kissing him passionately, opening her legs further for Rob’s exploration.

Sam sat back, enjoying the show, as he drank his beer and rubbed his own stiff cock through his shorts. Watching Deena stroke Craig’s meaty cock while they kissed deeply as he felt her up under her shirt, and seeing Rob’s wandering fingers exploring Deena’s body, was turning him on more than he expected. He had never witnessed a threesome, and always thought it would be awkward, but he found it very easy to watch as the three of them performed so naturally. As much as he was tempted to get up and join the action, he was unfortunately too tired to get up from his seat – but not too tired to slide his pants down and grab hold of his dick, stroking off to their fun.

Rob loved running his fingers along the outside of her slit, but when he slid her panties to the side and felt her warm, slippery folds, his cock throbbed painfully in his pants, desperately wanting to be broken free from its clothed restraints. “We need to get these clothes off you, Deena,” he said huskily as he began lightly tugging at her shorts. “Stand up.”

Rob got up first and pulled his shirt off, then took Deena’s hand to guide her into a standing position. When Deena stood, she also grabbed Craig’s hand and brought him up alongside her. Rob turned her to face him and kissed her deeply as he pulled her shirt up, then released the kiss so he could lift her shirt over her head. Standing behind her, Craig used that as the opportunity to unfasten her bra and slide it off her arms. Now topless, Deena faced Rob and wrapped her arms around his neck as they kissed, with tongues dancing wildly between their mouths. Rob put his hands at the small of her back and pulled her close to him, pressing his erection into her belly.

Craig quickly shimmied out of his own clothes, then grabbed hold of Deena’s shorts and panties and slid them down her legs in one fell swoop. Deena stepped out of her clothes, and Craig cast the remnants aside, then pressed himself against her as she kissed Rob, reaching around to squeeze her tits while pushing his hard-on firmly against her back.

Deena groaned and pushed her ass back towards him, tempting him, then she put a leg up on the log to open herself for him. Craig slid his fingers along her lips, fingering her and teasing her clit as his cock bobbed wildly in the air. Deena pulled Rob’s shorts down, then smiled and moaned in approval at his long, thick cock, surrounded by thick, dark fur.

“Oh God, this is amazing,” Deena sighed, to nobody in particular.

“My dream come true,” Craig whispered in her ear, before lightly biting her earlobe.

“Mine, too,” Rob agreed. “Baby, we are gonna make you feel soooooo good.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” Deena moaned, as she grabbed hold of Rob’s cock, stroking it while they kissed and Craig fingered her. She used Rob’s oozing pre-cum as lubricant to make her hand glide effortlessly up and down his shaft. Sam sat there watching, stroking himself off at a slow, steady pace, so he could last as long as they did.

Craig drove his fingers deep inside her, finger-fucking her easily as her juices flowed with excitement. His cock ached to be inside her, feeling those warm, tight folds. He positioned his cock along the top of the crack of her ass, then slid it down slowly. When the head of his cock reached her asshole, he tickled the entrance to her tight knot, then slid his cock head down to her pussy, teasing the entrance.

Deena arched her back and move closer towards him, trying to impale herself on his thick meat, but Craig held the shaft, preventing it from being able to go inside by more than an inch or two. She wanted it so bad that her mouth greedily devoured Rob’s face as she kept trying to work her way onto Craig’s cock. Craig released his tight grip, but pushed the shaft downward, away from her, so he could slide the length along her folds, covering himself in her slippery juices. She loved the feeling and stopped trying to wiggle her way onto it, letting Craig take control, but the moment he realized she had handed the reigns over to him, he caught her by surprise and and plunged deep inside in one smooth motion.

Deena gasped as a shiver of excitement went down her spine; his cock was thicker than her husband’s, making her feel so full. She hadn’t been with another man since before she started dating John, and as much as she knew this was wrong, it was too unbelievably exciting to stop now. The rush of drunkenness that quickly reached her brain just added to her ability to shed her inhibitions and get into the groove with these guys.

Even though she was still kissing Rob, she instinctively curved her back and found herself pulling her face away from Rob, wanting to align her body better with Craig’s cock, which was now sliding in and out of her, slowly and steadily. Once she had broken her kiss from Rob, she leaned down and grabbed the log for balance as Craig drove himself deep inside her pussy, over and over.

Rob looked at Craig’s face and saw that his eyes were now closed tightly and his mouth looked stiff, as he was now lost in ecstasy, pumping his cock smoothly in and out of Deena. Rob lowered himself down onto the log, so that he was sitting with his legs straddling the log, putting his hot, meaty erection on display for her. Putting his hand on the back of Deena’s head, he pushed her face down towards his cock, which was excitedly straining towards her.

Deena eagerly sucked all eight inches of Rob’s thick cock into her mouth. “Oh fuck, baby,” Rob exclaimed as he closed his eyes and tipped his head back, lost in the pleasure of her oral ministrations to his aching cock. Deena wrapped her sweet lips tightly around his shaft, massaging it with her tongue while she took it back to her throat. Having her ass in the air was too awkward in this position, so she got on her knees, straddling the log, and used one hand to squeeze and tug on Rob’s hairy balls while loving his cock with her mouth.

Craig moved down with her, and got on his knees behind her so that he could fuck her doggy-style, his favorite position. From here he could watch her cute little ass bounce and shake with each thrust, and he could watch as every inch of his horny cock disappeared into her slick pussy. Seeing and hearing another guy’s enjoyment just a couple of feet away was a new experience for him – something he had never fantasized about or thought he would enjoy – but it was driving him wild. It was kind of like stumbling across a sex tape online that contained two people you knew – naughty and exciting and exhilarating all at the same time.

“Oh fuck is right!” Sam yelled across the fire, as his own cock seemed to grow bigger and harder in his meaty hands.

Rob noticed that as Craig fucked her, simultaneously fingering her clit, the pace at which she sucked him seemed to go in sync. It was a little strange for him to look down Deena’s spine and seeing another dude pounding her pussy, not to mention a little awkward seeing his friend’s dick as it slid deep into a woman – but it was so hot. When he looked over and spotted Sam beating off his own meat, he thought he was going to fucking explode.

Deena was in heaven, having her pussy filled and fucked by one hot man, while she brought another hot man pleasure by sucking his cock – all outdoors by only the light of the moon and the fire. She had always fantasized about having two dicks at once, but never in her wildest dreams ever believed her fantasy would one day come true. Seeing Sam’s obvious enjoyment of the show made her feel like a sexy porn star, which encouraged her to make everyone’s enjoyment even more dramatic.

“Oh fuck yeah, Craig, you are fucking unbelievable,” she shrieked. “Fuck me, baby!”

All the guys moaned at her sudden change, turning into a wild, horny vamp.

“Rob, your cock is fucking enormous and tastes so good! I can’t wait to taste your hot cum when you explode inside my mouth!”

Craig was going wild, rapidly flicking and rubbing her clit while pounding her pussy fast and hard.

“Sam, come over here and join us. I can’t even see your cock from all the way over there! I want you to beat off onto my ass while Craig cums inside me. Hurry!”

Craig became a little uneasy at the thought of Sam’s dick being so close to him, or having his spunk splash on him, but he was so caught up in the ecstasy of this unusual experience that he didn’t let it bother him. Sam couldn’t resist the invitation, he was so worked up from watching this scene unfold. With a sudden adrenaline rush of energy, Sam leaped up from his log and quickly hustled over to the trio, leaving his shirt on and shorts around his knees.

“Guys you are so fucking wild, this is amazing!” she grunted, adding lots of moan, groans, and grunts for effect. “I am going to cum so fucking hard – harder than I ever have in my life!”

Craig fucked her pussy wildly, while Rob gently grabbed hold of her head by twisting his fingers in her hair. Rob let her control the pace and speed with which she was devouring his cock, so that she could do it in sync to Craig’s thrusting, but Rob guided her head up and down, increasing his arousal as he fucked her face. Sam stood beside her, eagerly stroking his cock. Deena moaned and sucked Rob’s hard cock, squeezing his balls and stroking his shaft, paying close attention to the sensitive nerves rimming the head. Each of the three guys were doing their best to hold off as long as they could. After all, they were gentlemen – they insisted that ladies should always cum first!

Try as he might, though, Sam’s control was a bit sloppy from all the alcohol, and he couldn’t stop the flow from overtaking him. Bursts of hot cum shot out onto Deena’s lower back and ass as he grunted and screamed. As soon as the first shot wet her back, Deena lost control as Craig’s fingers continued to work their magic on her clit, driving her over the edge. As she came, her body convulsed and with her mouth tightened up on Rob’s cock; she screamed, but with his cock buried in her throat, no sound came out, yet Rob could feel the vibration along with the pressure of her suction. That triggered him to release ball-draining streams of hot cum into her hungry mouth while he grunted to each burst. Seeing the three of them lost in the enjoyment of their orgasms tipped Craig over the edge, as he filled her pussy with his own sticky mess, thrusting hard into her until it was over, leaving his soaked, twitching cock inside her to rest.

Exhausted, Deena lurched forward, laying her torso on the log with her head in Rob’s lap, beside his wet and now-limp happy dick. He affectionately stroked her hair and moved it over to the side while they rested. Sam pulled his pants up and sat on the log behind Rob, facing the now-dying fire. Still unable to believe what just happened, Craig felt breathless and exhilarated as he wait to recoup enough energy to get up.

“Wow,” Rob said simply.

“Mmmmmmm wow is right, you guys were wild! That was so fucking amazing!” she gushed. “Now are you guys glad I stayed overnight?” she giggled.

“You’re welcome to stay with us anytime, Deena,” Craig said with a wink.

“Cheers to that!” Sam exclaimed.

“But remember, what happens at the cabin, STAYS at the cabin,” Rob reminded everyone, looking from face to face for emphasis.

“Absolutely!” they all agreed.


The next morning, most of the kids were up by 6:30am, waking some of the exhausted adults from their slumber. Deena was a light sleeper and once she heard talking and laughter downstairs, she headed down as well.

Craig and Rob were already awake and sitting at the table chatting, hands clutched tightly around their coffee cups. The boys were sitting around playing with their Nintendo DSes, iPods, and iPhones. “Hey guys,” Deena greeted them, just like it was any other day.

“Hey Deena,” Rob said cheerily

“Good morning,” Craig said as he got up and walked over to the coffee maker, “Can I get you a cup of coffee?”

“Oh that would be wonderful!” she agreed with a yawn.

As she joined him beside the coffee maker, he teased her quietly, “Tired this morning? Why’s that, did something keep you up? You seem to be walking a little funny, everything ok?”

She just looked at him and smirked, then bit her lip and winked at him seductively.

While Deena added cream and sugar to the coffee he had poured for her, Craig pressed himself up against her back, pushing his morning wood into her back while wrapping his hands around to grope her breasts. He whispered in her ear, “That was so fucking hot, but next time I want you to myself.”

“Mmmmm,” she moaned quietly in return, “a weekend at the cabin? Just you and me? I like that idea.”

Hearing footsteps on the stairs, Craig quickly backed away from Deena so nobody could see what he was doing, but also to see who was coming. “Gary!” he laughed, “How are YOU feeling this morning?”

“Uggggghhhhh”, Gary moaned, as Sam trailed behind him, looking equally worse for the wear.

Craig laughed as he started a fresh pot of coffee, “Something tells me you’re gonna need this whole pot.” Deena returned to the table and sat down between Rob and Sam.

Gary yawned and rubbed his eyes as he sat down across from the trio, “Sorry I passed out so early last night. Did I miss anything exciting?”

Rob, Deena, and Sam sat there with a momentary deer-in-the-headlights look, before exchanging glances. “Nope, just sat up waiting for the fire to die out,” Rob said simply before lifting his cup to drink.

“Yep, pretty uneventful,” Sam agreed.

Deena just stared at her coffee cup, a serene smile crossing her face as she recalled the events. What happened at the cabin would definitely be staying at the cabin, and she hoped to have many more opportunities to visit again in the future!

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