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Graduation Day

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Sally Enfemera strolled into the girls locker room, her last stop before leaving high school for good.

Sunday was graduation day and she suddenly realized she’d forgotten to empty her gym locker of her shorts, sneakers and Screamin’ Eagles T shirt. Sally reflected on the last season in which she and her squad cheered the boys on to a victorious season, especially the gorgeous blond quarterback Brent -what a hunk.

He of the perfect smile and broad shoulders who never has a problem finding a date; all the girls would line up around the building to have a chance at him. ‘Not me’ thought Sally, I’m saving myself for marriage. My husband will be my first and only…still I wonder what it would be like to have him hold me, and look up to see his gorgeous lips and perfect teeth, parted now to kiss me….

Sally came out of her reverie when she thought she heard a sound in the next aisle. She stepped to her left and peeked around the end locker to see Liz Stempler and Carrie Little standing at the far end of the row. Liz seemed to be sucking on Carrie’s left nipple as Carrie swooned; her eyes closed-head thrown back, her mouth opened in a silent Oohhhhh…as Liz nibbled and sucked the other girl’s swaying full breasts. He right hand was rubbing across Carrie’s gym-shorts covered mound, then Liz brazenly slid her hand down the front under Carrie’s shorts and panties, nudging them downward.

Sally pulled away so as not to be seen peeking and as her heart pounded in her ears she decided whether she should open her locker quietly and leave, or just leave…or stay; stay and watch the girls together. The few moments she witnessed had already caused her to feel dizzy and weak kneed.

‘I musn’t watch…what they are doing is so wrong…yet I want to see’ she thought, then slowly she moved back to her vantage point.

Now though, the scene had changed slightly. This time, Carrie’s shorts and panties were lying on the floor in a pile, her half T was pulled up above her swaying breasts and she had one bare foot up on the bench as Liz was on her knees before her with her face and her open mouth pressed firmly into Carrie’s opened, cleanly waxed vagina. Sally stared at the girl’s bald flesh and swaying breasts as she humped into Liz’s open mouth and muttered “Oh… suck it…eat it…yessss… eat that cunt..suck that hot cunt…push your tongue into me….oh oh….my goddddd…..

There was no denying how much pleasure Carrie was in, how she was loving this act of defiling by Liz who was now fingering her own naked bare vagina with her other hand as she knelt there. She also seemed to be waxed of all hair from her vagina to her pink asshole that was visible to Sally each time Liz leaned forward. The wet sucking sound of Liz’s mouth filled the air and made the scene more lustful.

Sally’s head was spinning, she felt slightly faint as her heart pounded harder and harder. She pulled back quietly again, forgetting the locker and walking slowly to the exit to the gym. Sally was in shock. Both girls had been in her church choir, they studied bible together with Sally. How could they do such a vulgar act, and be waxed down there like that; and how could Carrie say those words; the ‘C’ word that she couldn’t even let her mind hear or think of ‘eat that cunt…suck that hot cunt..’the words echoed back to her as she shook her head and tried to rid herself of them. But the look on Carrie’s face, the complete and total joy…NO! That was wrong, and both girls should be counceled by Father Donovan!

Sally waited in the gym for a moment letting the lightheaded-ness pass. She resolved to collect her things later when no one was around, perhaps tomorrow before the graduation ceremony. With the echoes of Carries’ pleasure and the look on her face imprinted on Sallys mind, she left for home.

Once home, Sally prepared her clothes for the next day, then sat down to put the finishing touches on her valedictorian speech.

Soon though, the images and sounds returned to her mind, perhaps they had never left-and might never.

‘Eat that cunt…suck that hot cunt…’ She had always hated that word. It was degrading she thought, yet in the context it might be…what…acceptable? How could that be, how could their lewd act and their language be anything but degrading to women?

And what could that be like for Liz, what could it possibly be like to openly mouth another woman’s wet open vagina? Surely that couldn’t be enjoyable-but Liz was moaning, fingering her own vagina-and the look on their faces was…was…evil, that’s what. Only evil could be there, evil’s doing for certain.

And having removed their vaginal hair made them seem so…exposed so… sluttish.

After reading the speech carefully, Sally leaned back into the high backed chair and yawned. Her eyelids felt heavy and the chair felt so warm-so inviting. Soon, she drifted into a deep slumber.

“Oh eat it Sally, suck that cunt…eat that cunt Sally stick your tongue deep into me.” Sally had unknowingly taken Liz’s place in her dream state. Now she could taste the hot girl wetness from Carrie’s open vagina as she pressed and humped her wetness into Sally’s face, her mouth was full of vagina, her nose pressed into Carries clitoris as her tongue reached deeper into her hot hole. She licked and sucked the slick shaven mound and wanted more, she wanted to lick and tongue the younger girls ass cheeks and deep into her hole…she reached up in her dreaminess caressing the girls full breasts and hard nipples…

Then Sally woke abruptly. Her heart pounded like a jackhammer. She realized her nipples had grown hard and a strange sensation emanated from her vagina.

Sally shook off the crazy thoughts and got ready for a shower, then bed. She remembered that a lot of the kids were going to have a beach party later on after graduation, so she got out her two piece bathing suit and while doing that she remembered she’d better ‘groom’ herself as well.

In a few minutes, she stood under the pelting hot shower enjoying its soothing heat. She shampooed, rinsed and shampooed a second time. She lathered her body with thick slippery suds, enjoying the feel of her hands on her body, on her small but sensitive breasts. She stepped out of the spray and applied shaving cream to her pubic mound in order to groom herself for the swim suit bottom, her fur was light blonde, but still not proper for swimwear; pubic curls darting out from there just wouldn’t be acceptable.

As she began to trim herself, her mind drifted back again, how she stared at Carrie’s mound, then at Liz’s and how all her hair was removed even down to her backside…and then of her dream, and how she easily slid into Liz’s role of cunt sucker, cunt licker…there was that word again, that forbidden awful word…she visualized these things and heard the words as she trimmed carefully, then replayed how Liz’ mouth looked full of cunt juice, her fingers plunging into her own hole as Carrie’s eyes were closed her head thrown back, her naked bare cunt lips open and exposed…Sally came too again, and realized that in her reverie, she had shaved nearly all of the left side of her mound and had started on the right side! ‘Oh..what did I do?..what was I thinking? Oh my…I was so distracted I…I guess I have to even it up now.’

She continued until all that was left was a small short strip above. She rinsed and washed off the remaining soap with her hand, and felt her bare slick mound for the first time. She shivered as her hand glided across her nakedness, then while thinking ‘what the hell’ she picked up the razor and removed the small strip too.

Sally dried off and wiped the mirror with her towel, seeing herself for the first time. Removing the blond fur made her look twelve instead of eighteen. Her nipples were fully hardened and extended like small pencil erasers. Slowly, she applied a soothing lotion to her mound and noticed her breathing quickened and her heart beat a little faster. She closed her eyes and in a moment she was back again, peering around the end locker seeing Carrie with her leg up on the bench, her vagina lips slightly parted and glistening. Now Liz was not there. In her dream state, Carrie’s eyes burned into Sally’s and beckoned her to step forward. Sally with her now bare mound walked forward and this time Carrie dropped to her knees, lifted Sally’s leg up to the bench, brought her nose up to Sally’s vagina and inhaled.

“Mmmm yummy. Open up baby.”


“Open, open wide and let mommie lick you.”


“Lick, suck, eat, munch, Munch a munch your cuny cunt.”

“Noooo.. don’t say that.”

“Don’t say what baby?”

“That word. Don’t say that word. It’s wrong…”

“Oh no baby I won’t. You will.”


“You will baby girl if you want some of what I’m going to give you. That’s my rule now Sally. You want my mouth on you? You gotta use the word. You must ask, otherwise I won’t do it, and you know you want me to Sally, don’t you?”

As she spoke Carrie nuzzled her nose against Sally’s clitoral hood and rubbed side to side. Then, she spread Sally’s vaginal lips apart and lightly blew her warm breath on Sally’s open wet pinkness.

Instinctively in her dream state, Sally pressed forward into Carrie’s imaginary nose wanting to feel the pressure wanting the most intimate of contact with her lips and open mouth. She stroked her hands across her nipples sending shocks to her open vagina. “Ungghhh….oh please….please do it, please…”

She whispered to her imagination.

“Do what baby, please do what?” Carrie teased as she blew more warm air.

Sally was leaking fluid now, and she knew it… she also knew she would succumb, she wanted release so bad, she wanted to cum with Carrie’s mouth sucking her…her cunt.

She also wanted to taste herself, to taste what Carrie would taste and with her eyes still closed she let her fingers drift from her rock hard nipples to her dripping wetness. She opened herself with one hand and scooped wetness with two fingers then fed the fingers to her mouth, tentative at first and having tasted her excitement, she scooped more and more wetness, feeding herself from her open vagina like drinking from a fountain. The taste was nice, slick and warm. With her wetness in her own mouth she realized she was beyond the point of no return. She began to use the two fingers to deeply finger fuck herself as she knew she had to, and heard herself mumble to the imaginary Carrie: ” Please oh please eat me, suck my…my c..cunt eat it, lick my open cunt, suck my cunt juice…lick my asshole… Carrie I’m begging you…” Then as Carrie smiled and engulfed her open cunt the only sound left was the sound of her own wetness echoing off the bathroom walls as Sally drew her knees up and deeply fingered her cunt to a squirting, asshole puckering orgasm- the likes of which she had never known. To say she saw stars was nothing. She was elevated to a previously unknown level of lust. She moaned as she squirted from her cunt and made a pool on the floor. Her hand slowly roamed her newly slick mound as her breathing returned to normal. She opened her eyes slowly and saw that she was back, alone in her bathroom only now she still had her own taste in her mouth and wondered what Carrie’s cunt would taste like, if it would be as sweet as her own.

The next day, was graduation. Sally retrieved her things from the locker and gave them to her mother before going to the soccer field to line up in cap and gown. Not surprisingly she stood next to Carrie, she knew she would as they had done the rehearsal one week before. The smiled hello to each other as they waited for the procession to begin. “So you ready for this?” Carrie said.

“Yeah, I’m so glad this day is here.”

“You going to the beach party later?”

“Umm yes, I’ll be there.” Sally said.

“Oh great Sal, we’ll have a good time.”

“I guess Liz will be there…?”

Carrie looked at Sally quizzically for a brief second “Uh, no-she’s going with her family to the city for a big party.”

“Oh, then I’ll see you there.”

“Uh huh…unless Brent is there…”

“Why, Brent wouldn’t take a second look at…me.”

“Why not Sally? You’re pretty, and hell you’re a lot smarter than any of those girls.” Carrie smiled.

“Umm thanks-oops, here we go…” Sally said as the line began to move forward.

After the introductions by the principal and a few words by the assistant, Sally was introduced and gave an inspirational speech. The applause went on for several minutes and as Sally sat down, Carrie hugged her and said congratulations. Many of the graduates nearby did the same, but it was Carrie’s scent that stayed with Sally.

No one else knew, but while Sally was speaking, all she could think about was that under her gown, under her skirt and panties- her pussy, her cleanly shaven smooth mound was bare as a baby and only she knew it. The thought of it made her feel wet, as did the possibility of being with Carrie on the beach that night.

As they left the school, Sally turned at the sound of her name “Sally, see you later right?” it was Carrie waving with a gorgeous smile.

“Y…yes…see you later.” Sally stammered, then joined her family as they went to a small celebratory luncheon.

At five thirty, Sally sat on the edge of her bed wrapped in a bath towel. Her mind was racing with overlapping thoughts, voices giving instructions-which suit to wear, should she wear her hair differently, should she wear makeup to the beach, what about a body spray? What would happen if she got close to Carrie…all she could think about was her dream, the dirty words that were said, the scene she witnessed of Carrie’s open vagina being sucked. ‘STOP’ she said out loud, in an attempt to take control of herself again. She decided on the red string two-piece, with a dark green & blue cover up.

She’d wear light simple makeup and bring a scrunchie for her hair just in case she went into the water.

‘There. Decision made!’ she said to herself. As she dressed, she took one last glance at herself in the mirror. She applied deodorant, and a little body butter, especially to her shaven mound. Looking at it, she felt so lewd, so wanton. She smiled wondering what her gynecologist Dr. Richardson would think if she left herself that way for he next annual; exam. Boy would he be speechless!

Soon, she waved goodbye to her mom and dad and drove off to the beach in her graduation present, a Jeep wrangler. She had packed a towel and blanket as well as some cheeses and crackers to share with her friends as well as a few six packs of wine coolers.

By the time she got to the beach parking lot, the crowd was immense. She knew her friends always met at the west end and she silently hoped Carrie would be there too. Some kids were wearing their mortarboards a few had cut up their graduation gowns into beach wear, most were very funny.

She spotted her crowd at the far end and saw they were waving to her. As she smiled, Sally searched the crowd for one face, but she wasn’t there. She hugged everyone and they wished congratulations all around, especially to Sally for her speech. The mid June sun was surprisingly hot for this time of day, so Sally ran down to the waters edge with her friend Lisa and Kelly. Jim and Jeff their boyfriends werenbusy getting a bar-b-que pit dug and filled with coals. The girls dove in but soon the boys joined them and again left Sally to herself. As she rose, dripping out of the water, she came face to face with Carrie.

“Hi, you made it.” Sally said with a big smile.

“Yeah, I got stuck on the bridge, the traffic is crazy. Is the water cold?”

“No, not bad.” Sally said and noticed a small smile on Carrie’s face as her eyes darted quickly from Sally’s chest to her eyes. Sally glanced down and noticed that her hardened nipples were standing far out and made sharp points in her small red top. Sally glanced up into Carrie’s eyes and blurted out ” Oh I guess it’s colder than I thought , either that or I’m in love.” Then after a moment they both laughed out loud. “Well then, I’m going in too!” The girls laughed hysterically as they splashed and dove back in.

“Ahhh…I thought you said it wasn’t cold!” Carrie screamed as the cool water surrounded her. “I’ll get you Sally.” She said as she dove under and came up along side her. Sally laughed hysterically and swam for shore, but not before Carrie playfully reached for her and accidentally pulled one of Sally’s Bikini strings which un-knotted Sally’s bottom taking it off nearly completely. Sally screamed and grabbed for it before it was lost which put Carrie into another fit of hysteria. “I’ll make sure there are no sharks around.” Carrie said gaily as she dove down and watched Sally reposition and retie her bottom.

Sally’s only thought was ‘Oh my god she probably saw my naked vagina!’

A moment later, Carrie resurfaced and looked into Sally’s eyes laughing as she did. “Oops that could have been a problem.” she said breathlessly. “Okay, I’ve had enough for now, c’mon let’s get out.”

The two walked out of the surf together and ran to Sally’s blue checkered blanket. The guys had gotten the fire started and the charcoal smell seemed to trigger their appetite. Sally set out paper plates and cheese with crackers and opened the small container of wine coolers. She opened two and offered one to Carrie. She gulped half of it down in a few seconds. “Oh god that’s good, thanks.” Sally smiled and ate some cheese and they started to talk about their plans after the summer. Lisa and Kelly joined them and their were happy greetings as other graduates stopped by, sat down and shared wine, beer and food.

Soon, Sally’s blanket became the center of the celebration and they enjoyed the camaraderie even as Carrie and Sally ate and drank, and stole glances at each other across the blanket.

Sally thought back to the incident with her bikini bottom, and how Carrie quickly dove down. ‘did she dive down to see my vagina? To see if I was shaven? Or am I just making that up in my own mind?

I wish it was because she wanted to see me, I wish I could just tell her of my dream fantasy earlier today, and that I know about her and Liz, and how she eats and sucks…cunt-and how I wish it was mine she was sucking right now!’

The sun began to set, and the fire in the pit was now becoming an even brighter source of light. A boom box radio played in the background as more graduates showed up with cases of beer. Sally knew that this party would go on into the early hours. The wine coolers were having their desired effect, so as Carrie was in conversation with Jeff, Sally spotted Brent down the beach and decided to go and say congratulations to him. She was a little lit, but she felt good. She got up and strolled off to where the guys were tossing a football. A half dozen girls with micro bikinis stood hopefully off to the side.

Brent turned to catch an overhead bomb and saw Sally approaching. “Hey Sally, good speech.” he said smiling and offering his hand. The wine coolers allowed Sally to ignore the hand and step in for a hug.

Brent Smiled and hugged her back. He liked Sally, but they never seemed to connect outside of school.

Brent waved the other guys off as he tossed the ball back and invited Sally to sit and have a drink with him. “So where to next?” he said, while opening the drinks. “I’m going to college, then maybe nursing school. How about you?”

“Yeah, college on a football scholarship. I really want to stay on the east coast but the scholarships are all in the south, so I’m heading to Florida.”

As they talked, Sally observed Brent closely for the first time. He was nicer than she’d thought he’d be. He wasn’t so full of himself like people had said. He was muscular and tall, with a perfect smile and warm inviting spirit, but as they talked Sally realized one big thing. It was Carrie she wanted to be with.

Soon, when there was a break in their discussion, she made her excuses to get back to her friend and wished Brent good luck in school. Brent looked somewhat puzzled, as he knew that most women would want to stay once he acknowledged them.

Sally had been gone for a half hour by the time she returned to the blanket. Carrie wasn’t there. She looked up and down the beach but when she didn’t see her she asked Kathy.

“Oh…I think I saw her heading to the parking lot a minute ago…” Sally sprinted off as she was finishing her sentence.

Sally ran frantically hoping she hadn’t insulted Carrie by going off to see Brent and thereby ruining her chance to…to what-to be with Carrie sexually? What ever would make me think that she..would want…

“Hey.” She heard Carrie calling and spotted her standing of to her left. “Where are you going?” Carrie said as she closed the trunk of her car.

“Uhh I was trying to find you. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to leave you…” Sally said as she saw that Carrie was putting on a beach top.

“Leave me? What do you mean? I just came to get my cover-up, it’s getting chilly…did you think I was leaving because you went off to see Brent? C’mon you’re kidding right?” Sally felt suddenly foolish and was speechless.

“I thought you were mad at me.” she said finally. Carrie stared at her and smiled, then she stepped forward and took Sally’s hands. She pulled Sally closer until their breasts touched, Sally inhaled sharply when she felt her and looked up to her cleavage, then to her mouth, then to her eyes- Carrie leaned over and pressed her mouth onto Sally’s. Her head was dizzy with desire as she responded back and pressed her mouth tighter and opened her mouth and fought with Carrie’s tongue. There was no car, there was no beach, no parking lot-there was nothing. Her mouth was filled with Carrie’s kiss and her heart was surging in her chest. After what seemed like minutes Sally moaned as she felt Carries hand caress her ass and pulled their hips in tighter. She felt Carrie’s fingers roam over Sally’s bikini top and stroke her now hard nipples. Sally exhaled and groaned when she felt her hard nipples and without thinking, she placed both hands on Carrie’s breasts and squeezed. Carrie’s breasts were larger, fuller with more weight and roundness then her own. All she wanted now was to feel Carrie’s breasts in her mouth. They broke the kiss and stared at each other with half lidded lustful eyes. “Does that feel like I’m mad at you?” Carrie smiled.

Sally took her hand and led her back to the car. Carrie unlocked it and slid into the back seat. Without uttering a word, she turned her back towards Sally. Sally saw the knot in her top, and holding her breath, she pulled the string. The weight of Carrie’s breasts, now free, drew the top down by itself. She stared at Sally as she leaned forward and allowed her breasts to sway free. Her nipples were swollen and distended. Sally stared at them, then reached slowly and stroked the smooth swaying mounds. She lifted them and felt their fullness. Her vagina was wet now and her mind was clouded with forbidden thoughts. She leaned forward and as if guided by nature, she took Carries breast into her mouth and sucked. Carrie swooned and let out a groan that told Sally there would be no turning back now in this back seat. There would be a culmination of heat that she had wanted ever since she saw the two girls together the day before. She sucked wildly at her breasts, pulling and licking them all over. Instinctively she moved lower, licking Carrie’s belly and below to the top of her bathing suit bottom. Sally glanced up, wanting to go lower, but suddenly afraid. Carrie smiled and reached to the side and pulled both strings. Sally stared at her, and when Carrie closed her eyes again, Sally nudged the bikini bottom aside and kept sliding lower. Now, she was face to face with Carrie’s open vagina. She couldn’t believe she was four inches away, and even more, she couldn’t believe that she wasn’t repulsed.

Her vagina was beautiful, like a lovely orchid. Lips slightly parted, glistening wetness visible between them. Sally plied the lips open with her thumbs and Carrie responded with a moan and opened her legs wider.

“Suck me…Oh, suck me Sally.” She urged.

Sally felt her heart pound and pressed her lips to Carrie’s vagina. Once there, she felt a hot rush of lust and opened her mouth as they two had opened their mouths earlier and exchanged tongues, and she engulfed Carries vagina. She licked her tongue between the lips up to the hooded clit and back down. She plunged her tongue into the molten hot wetness. She placed her hands on Carrie’s ass and fed on her vagina like open ripe fruit. There was no stopping Sally, she fed like she had been starving and Carrie’s vagina was a buffet. There was no repulsion, rather there was wanton lust.

“Oh god…oh my god you’re eating my cunt so good, oh I’m going to cum in your mouth Sally, I’m going to cum so good….uhhhh…..unnnnnnuugghhh…..” Sally felt hot wetness wash over her face as she had a small orgasm herself. Carrie knew she had crossed over to a place that was beyond her wildest idea. She sat back and undid her top. Carrie leaned forward and kissed Sally again but this time the kiss was deeper and harder. She reached down and undid Sally’s string bottom and pulled it free. Sally knew that her own vagina was exposed in it’s shaven nakedness. She was so happy that she had ‘accidentally’ done it. Carrie’s fingers played with Sally’s smaller breasts as she tasted herself on Sally’s lips and tongue. She pulled Sally up onto the seat and kissed her way down to Sally’s navel and licked there.

“Oh what a pretty pussy Sally, what a pretty shaven slick pussy.”

“Oh my…Oh….” Sally murmured as she felt Carrie nibble the area above her vagina.

“Make me say it…” Sally whispered.

“Say what baby?”

“Make me say…the ‘C’ word…”

“Mmmm oh yes…you’ll say it Sally. I know you will baby.” Carrie said, understanding immediately.

She positioned herself on the car floor and drew Sally’s knees up to her chest opening her vagina wide.

She blew cool air on her open wet pink inside as Sally moaned. “Oh…yes…oh my…please….”

Carrie ignored her pleas and nibbled the smooth flesh on the inside of her thigh. She began to suck the skin, causing a hickie to appear as Sallie squirmed. “You are so exposed to me Sally, your pussy is so wet and open, your pink asshole is so inviting. I wonder what you would like me to do baby.”

“Oh, eat me, suck me…suck me please…”

“Suck what baby, suck what?”

Me oh god Carrie my…my…”

“Your what? Say it and I will suck you off, I will lick and suck you until you cum like you made me cum-but not until you say it”

“My…oh suck my c..cunt…my hot open wet cunt…”

“Oh yes baby…now I will.” Then with her knees held open and up to her chest, Carrie openly ate Sally’s spread vagina with wet slurping sucking sounds. She licked and sucked her clitoris by opening the wet lips and holding the clitoral hood up. She sucked Sally’s clitoris like a small penis. Sally’s body shook as she came in squirting streams all over Carrie’s face. She then licked Sally’s asshole as she finger fucked her cunt with three fingers.

A few moments later, Sally was licking Carries vagina again, and licked her asshole as well. Later, they lie quietly, Sally’s face against Carries breast. “I feel so…different…so fulfilled. Thank you.”

Carrie lifted Sally’s chin to kiss her. “I should thank you. I wanted you all day Sally. You were so delicious too. Can I see you tomorrow?”

“But, what about Liz? I thought you two were…together.”

“Huh, well we are sometimes, like yesterday when you saw us…”

“You knew?”

Carrie laughed “Yes silly, you were standing opposite a mirror. We purposely made it very dirty for you. But, no she actually has a girlfriend. I don’t.”

Sally looked up into the greenest eyes she had ever seen and smiled. “You do now.”

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