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Going With The Flow

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Sara and Jon’s first meeting was literally explosive. Sara had never felt such deep animalistic lust in all her life! They had met at a wedding. He was the groom’s cousin and Sara was a friend of the bride’s. Sara hadn’t noticed him at the actual ceremony but later, at the reception when the party was in full swing. He had been standing chatting with a group a of people and the way he had thrown back his head and laughed at something someone said just caught her right in the stomach, the heart, the core – whatever! – It got her!

He was tall, over 6ft and broad, looked about 45, dark hair greying at the sides and a bit of a beer belly developing. Not the type Sara normally went for and he was at least fifteen years older than her but there was just something about him she could not ignore. Something about the way his crumpled dark linen suit hung casually about his body, the way he had loosened his tie slightly and had the top button of his shirt undone. He looked confident and relaxed and she wanted to make him laugh like that! She had to speak to him! By chance Clara, the bride’s mother, was standing in his group so Sara made her way across the room.

Jon saw Sara walking across the room, greeting people with friendly smiles and hellos as she went. He was immediately struck by her petite grace, the way her hips moved sensuously as she walked. She could only have been about 5ft2 and slender, but the little black dress she was wearing showed her to be a very curvaceous young lady. The tight V neck bodice revealed a healthy cleavage and the straight short skirt hugged her hips and thighs stopping a few inches above the knee. He watched as she got closer and she eventually stopped and began talking to Clara. After a few minutes Clara turned to Jon and asked,

‘Jon have you met Sara? She is a friend of Laura’s. Jon’s Bill’s cousin, Sara, and he thinks he’s a bit of a joker so watch!’

Jon laughed, ‘Oh thanks a lot Clara and I love you too! No, I haven’t met Sara. Hi pleased to meet you.’

He extended his hand to her and she took it and they shook hands. His hand was big and it completely engulfed hers. It felt amazing having her hand enclosed in his and she felt a tremor go through her body. She looked up at him and smiled and saw that his eyes were of the deepest blue and she felt as if he were looking deep inside her and knew what she was thinking. She couldn’t believe it; she was tingling between her legs! Taking a deep breath she managed to say,

‘Really pleased to meet you, Jon, and are you a joker?’

Jon looked down into Sara’s face, as she flicked her long blonde hair over her shoulder and smiled up at him. It was her smile that got him! A big wide sexy smile and Jon felt a strong throb in his groin.

‘Well I know this one joke… ‘

Jon told one of the oldest and corniest jokes Sara had ever heard and she told him so and soon they were laughing and chatting together. They talked small talk about the wedding and the guests and drank a couple of drinks sitting at one of the round tables. They got closer and closer together until their legs were touching under the table. The touch of the course linen material of his trousers on Sara’s bare leg was extremely sensual and she began to slowly move her leg on his, quite unaware of what she was doing. She felt his hand on her knee and froze, suddenly all too aware of what of she had been doing. She felt herself redden.

‘I’m not quite sure what’s going on here but you are certainly making an old man very happy!’ he said laughing.

Sara’s heart was pounding, but she began to more her leg on his again and gave him that smile of hers.

‘Well you old people are very easy to please!’ she said.

Jon threw back his head and laughed and Sara knew then that she wanted to fuck this man! The tingling between her legs had become an ache and as they had been talking she had felt her panties getting moist. Sara had never felt happy making the first move with men but she determined that she was going to have Jon.

‘Jon, I am not normally this brazen, believe me, but I find you very attractive and you are really turning me on.’

He could not believe his ears! This beautiful young woman whom he had only met an hour ago was coming on to him! He felt his penis stiffen in his trousers.

‘Well, believe me; I am not used to sexy young women throwing themselves at me. Cold shower time I think!’

Sara laughed and moved slightly in her chair allowing her to part her legs a little.

‘Can I join you in that shower?’

Sara’s flirting and open invitation for him to move his hand from her knee was all it took to make his penis become fully hard. She was aroused; he could tell by the way her cleavage was heaving slightly and he could see her hard nipples through the fabric of her dress. He did not lose a minute and began to move his hand slowly up her thigh, stroking softly, moving up and down her smooth naked skin. He watched as his movements caused her breathing to become even faster.

‘You are very naughty Sara. Have you any idea what you are doing to me?’

‘Well I hope it’s what I want to be doing to you!’ she said coyly.

‘What are you wearing under that dress?’

‘Black silk knickers,’ Sara smiled.

‘Mmmm. No bra?’

Sara shook her head.

‘And black silk you say?’

Sara nodded her head and opened her legs even wider. He took his cue and moved his hand further up her inner thigh until he felt her soft, silky panties. He let a finger slide inside the material and felt the soft, short hairs of her mound. He moved his finger just a bit more and found her swollen labia. He stroked her lips with slow gentle movements. He could feel Sara begin to wriggle on her chair. Sara then moved one of her hands under the table and placed it in his groin and she began to rub his rigid penis through his trousers. All the while they stared into each others eyes, watching each other’s arousal. Thankfully the room was dark and noisy, as the disco had gotten under way, and most of the other wedding guests were dancing, so no-one paid them any attention. However, they were beginning to get really carried away and as Jon’s exploring finger found Sara’s slit, slick with her wetness, she squeezed his penis hard and they both squirmed and gave a low moan. They both jumped apart guiltily when a rather drunk man appeared at the other side of their table.

‘Hey, darlin’ Wanna dancsh?’ he slurred.

Sara smiled at him.

‘Oh, I’m just off to powder my nose. Maybe later?’ she said.

‘Ok, darlin’ I’ll be waitin’ and with that he staggered off.

Sara whispered in Jon’s ear, ‘Follow me.’

Jon watched Sara leave the room. He took a big swig of his drink, adjusted his hard on in his trousers and followed. She was waiting for him at the front door of the hotel and when she saw him she went outside. He followed her out and around the back of the building. The grounds of the hotel were dark and quiet and as he rounded the corner he saw her leaning up against a wall. He stood in front of her and she reached up on tip toes and put her arms around his neck.

‘God help me, Jon, but I want you and I want you now!’ she whispered.

‘Sara, you sexy little minx. You are driving me crazy!’ he replied.

He leant down to her and their lips met and opened into a passionate kiss. Their tongues probed each others mouths, they bit and nibbled on each others lips, breathing quickly and moaning softly. Jon moved his hands roughly down Sara’s back and buttocks, lingering on those firm, round cheeks and pushing her closer into him. She leant into him, pressing her little body into his. Not breaking their kiss she moved back slightly and hitched her dress up and over her hips. Again Jon didn’t miss his cue and with his right hand on a breast, stroking and rubbing her nipple, he slipped the other hand down the front of her panties. He moved his hand inside the front of her dress and cupped her naked breast and felt her hard nipple in his palm. As he did this Sara unzipped his fly and freed his rock hard member. She stroked it lightly but quickly with both hands. His left hand found her slit and he opened up her lips and ran a finger up and down, spreading her wetness all over her pussy.

‘Oh! Oh! Oh yes, Jon. Yes!’ Sara was saying over and over again.

She began to stroke him harder, with a firm grip on his throbbing cock.

‘Jesus, Sara. You are a naughty, horny little thing!’

‘Yes, I am and I want you inside me. Please tell me you have a condom!’

Jon pushed a finger inside Sara and bit her ear, she groaned in pleasure.

‘Just so happens that I do.’ He whispered.

‘Oh thank God!’

He removed his hand from her breast but continued to move his finger in and out of her tight slippery tunnel. He fumbled in the inside pocket of his jacket and brought out a little green packet.

‘Here,’ he said, holding it out to her. She let go of his cock and took the condom. She opened it carefully then squeezed and rolled the tip out. Her hands were shaking, Jon’s finger was still moving in and out of her.

‘You do it, Jon. My hands are shaking too much!’

With a soft laugh, Jon withdrew his finger and with a final sweep of her clit took the condom from her. As he rolled the condom over his cock Sara pulled down her panties and kicked them to one side. She began to play with her breasts, moving from one to the other, while she also rubbed her clit, her eyes were closed and her head flung back and she was whimpering with desire. The sight of her like that, this sexy, hot woman with her dress pulled up, playing with her naked pussy, made his balls ache and he couldn’t wait to push his cock inside her and give her what she wanted so much. With the condom securely in place he placed his hands around her waist.

‘Ok, Shorty, this may not be that easy but here goes!’ Jon said with a laugh. She laughed too as he lifted her up and she instinctively wrapped her legs around him for support. He let her lean her back on the wall and with one hand gripping one of his arms she reached down with the other and guided his cock head to the opening of her pussy. He moved a little, pushing up and they felt the head of his cock stretch her pussy open and ease inside.

‘Oh! Oh! God!’ Sara moaned

Sara now grabbed his other arm and holding onto him tightly and leaning back against the wall she was able to move his cock slowly inside her inch by inch. They both moved slowly letting the full length of him push all the way in. When it was, they looked at each other and smiled. He could feel her trembling and wasn’t sure if it was lust or the tension of the position. He knew they couldn’t sustain this for long.

‘Feel good? This what you wanted?’ he asked.

Sara groaned, ‘Oh yes, Jon, this feels so good, but you know what I need don’t you?’

Without another word they began to move together, Jon thrusting up into Sara’s warm tight cunt, Sara pushing down on Jon’s thick hard cock. Their movements soon became heated and fierce, both wanting to release the sexual energy that had built up in them over the last hour and a half. They fucked each other quickly and vigorously to orgasm, both crying out as they did, their movements slowing in unison and their breathing rasping from their throats. When their orgasmic spasms were over, Jon slowly withdrew from Sara and lowered her to the ground. She continued to lean against the wall for support.

‘Whew! Now that is what I call a knee trembler!’ she said through ragged breaths and pulling her dress back down.

Jon laughed as he removed the condom from his softening cock, which he wrapped in a tissue and put in his pocket to dispose of later. He tucked himself back in his trousers and took Sara in his arms. They held each other tightly for a while not saying anything.

‘Well, that was certainly an experience I won’t forget in a hurry! We better get back inside though. You just gonna leave your knickers there?’ Jon nodded his head towards Sara’s hastily discarded underwear. She laughed as she quickly picked them up and put them back on. She then took his hand, feeling her own almost disappear in it.

‘Let’s get our things and go. Your place our mine?’ she asked seductively.

Jon lifted her hand to his mouth and kissed it, ‘Mine! I only live ten minutes away from here!’

In the back of the taxi on the way to Jon’s place Sara could feel the tension growing in her again. She couldn’t wait to throw her clothes off and jump into bed with him. He had an arm around her shoulders and she leant her head on his chest. She gently rubbed his thigh and every now and again let her hand run over his crotch and each time she did it his cock was just that little bit harder. He was whispering to her as she did.

‘There you go being naughty again! Are you thinking naughty thoughts?’

Sara nodded.

‘Sexy thoughts?’

Sara nodded again.

‘You are a very dirty little girl aren’t you?’

Sara nodded with a giggle.

‘I think I am going to have to teach you a lesson, a lesson that sexy, naughty, dirty little girls need taught.’

When they reached Jon’s house, the minute the front door was closed Sara began kissing Jon and pulling at his clothes, rubbing his semi hard erection.

‘You make me so hot! What have you done to me?’ she breathed.

Jon pushed her away and held her at arms length, looking at her lust filled eyes.

‘I have no idea but I love it! Love the fact that I fill you with this much desire. But let’s slow it down baby! We have all night!’

Sara closed her eyes and tried to slow down her breathing. Her pussy was aching and soaking wet again but she tried to calm her desire for Jon to take her right there on the floor of the hall!

‘You’re right,’ she replied with a laugh, ‘You must think I’m some kind of nymphomaniac! I’m not normally like this!’

‘You certainly are fired up! Here let me take your coat and then we will get ourselves a drink and make ourselves more comfortable’

She handed him her coat and he hung it up on a hook behind the door. He took her by the hand and led her through the living room and to the kitchen.

‘I love your house, Jon!’ Sara said looking around her. The house was big, modern and nicely furnished and decorated, if a little too manly for her taste!

‘Thanks. Been here for 12 years; ever since I got divorced. I like it, like the neighbourhood and it’s handy for work.’ Jon told her how he was a Media lecturer at the local college as he took a bottle of champagne from the fridge, popped the cork and poured two glasses.

‘I’m an assistant hotel manager,’ Sara said with a smile, ‘in fact I work at the hotel we have just been at!’

Jon laughed his lusty laugh and said, ‘Christ you like playing dangerously!’

Sara assured him that she had never done anything like she had done tonight before. He stroked her silky blonde hair and handed her a glass of wine. He picked up his and they chinked glasses.

‘Well, I’m glad you did! Here’s to us!’ They took a drink from their glasses then Jon led Sara back to the sitting room.

‘Make yourself at home, Sara. I need to powder my nose.’

Sara chuckled as he disappeared up stairs. She sat down on the big comfy sofa and sipped her wine. She had calmed down somewhat but the sexual tension she felt with Jon was overpowering and the anticipation of what the rest of the evening held was exciting her. She closed her eyes and gently ran a hand over her breasts and felt her hard nipples send pulses of desire to her pussy. Jon watched her from the bottom of the stairs, she hadn’t heard him return, and he resisted the temptation to rub his erection. He crept into the room and made his way behind the sofa.

‘Don’t stop, Sara. Don’t stop touching yourself.’ He whispered to her.

She opened her eyes in surprise at the sound of his voice and her stomach flipped at his words. She bit her lower lip but continued to caress and stroke her breasts as he kissed and breathed in her hair. She moved her hands down to her stomach and lap, rubbing slowly and softly. He let his hands slide over her shoulders and down her arms to meet her hands. He then slid them back up and down her neck to her cleavage. He caressed the curves there then slid both hands down the front of her dress and began playing with her breasts, rubbing and tweaking the nipples every now and then. He then pulled first one breast then the other free of the bodice of her dress and began to rub and squeeze them harder. Sara groaned and squirmed on the sofa pressing her hands harder into her lap and thighs. She opened her legs and let her hands run up and down her thighs, pulling her dress up as she did.

‘That’s it, Sara. Make yourself wet for me – but don’t touch your pussy.’

‘No, Jon I won’t.’

‘Are you getting wet?’

‘Oh, yes!’

‘Is your clit aching, Sara?’

‘Mmmm. Yes!’

‘You want me to touch it don’t you?’

‘Yes, Jon. Oh yes!’

He moved around the sofa and held out his hand to her. She took it and he pulled her to her feet. He knelt in font of her and began to suck and bite on her nipples. She moaned and put her hands on his head, entwining her fingers in his hair.

‘Take your dress off,’ Jon said moving his head away from her exposed breasts.

She put an arm around her back and undid the zipper of her dress and let it fall to her feet. Jon immediately grabbed her ass, feeling the silk of her panties slide between his fingers. He bent his head to her stomach and kissing gently, moved down to her mound, kissing her through the fabric. His mouth found the beginning of her pussy lips and he kissed them, moving further and further down. He licked her silk cover swollen lips, finding her slit and opening it slightly with his tongue. He could smell the sweet muskiness of her juices and he began to lick and suck on her pussy with more force.

Sara’s legs were trembling and she groaned and moved her pussy in rhythm to Jon’s mouth. He sucked the juice soaked silk of her panties into his mouth, pulling on them with his teeth, making them press into her slit. He moved his hands up her body and kneaded her tits. The teasing was driving her wild and she could feel her climax start to build.

‘Jon… oh that’s good… oh… you tease… oh God… I’m gonna cum soon… ‘

He pulled his face away from her pussy and said, ‘Oh no you are not you sweet horny bitch you,’ he stood up and kissed her hard, tongue pushing into her mouth. She sucked on it. She was completely in his spell; she felt she would do anything he asked her to.

‘Let’s take this up stairs!’ and he led her to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom Jon undressed as she stood and watched and she got her first good look at his cock. It was rock hard, thick but not too long.

‘Take your panties off and lie on the bed, Sara.’

She did and lay down on the bed and opened her legs wide for him. He knelt in between her legs and ran his hands up and down her thighs.

‘Oh Sara, you are so beautiful… I was going to lick you and have you suck my cock and play with you for hours but you know what?

Sara was almost breathless with desire and she could only shake head.

‘I’m going slide my cock inside you and I’m going to fuck you until you cum and cum… You understand?’

‘Yes, Jon. Oh yes.’

He then took a condom from the bedside table and rolled it on and then taking his cock in his hand and he rubbed it gently and slowly up and down Sara’s puffy wet slit. She moaned loudly and writhed slowly on the bed as the head of his cock touched her aching pussy. He moved the head to her wet, wet hole and slid the head in and out making her moan even louder.

‘Oh God, Jon… you make me weak… oh… fuck… that’s driving me wild!’

Jon continued to ease his cock in inch by inch but always pulling out to the head with each stroke. Sara was panting loudly and bucking her hips at him. Before he pushed all the way in to her soft luscious cunt, he looked at her, watched and listened to the pleasure he was giving her. He had never gotten a woman this hot before and it was quite humbling, he wanted to take care of her, ensure that she got the pleasure that she wanted, always. With that thought he plunged deep inside her and thrust in and out with fast powerful strokes. As he did he grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands above her head, holding her down and whispering to her between thrusts,

‘Is this… what… you want… you sexy… naughty… dirty little girl?

Her legs were wrapped around him to allow him to thrust as deep as he could. She was screaming now, shouting out with each thrust.

‘Yes… yes… oh, Jon… oh… oh… ‘

‘You want me fucking you don’t you?’

‘Yes! Yes!’

Sara felt her orgasm build within her and she marvelled at the intensity of feeling that this man provoked in her and as her body shook and convulsed and quivered with her climax she felt him tense and convulse and jerk in her.

Afterwards they lay in each others arms, weak and spent from their exertions, not speaking, but both of them thinking how lucky they felt to have found the other and the need to fuck each other again began to flicker in their bodies and minds.

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