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Ginger’s Works On The Beach

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Attending a collage in the south has many benefits not the least of which is frequent road trips to the beach. On this particular trip it was myself and five fraternity brothers looking for a little fun and sun down on the gulf coast. We arrived Thursday afternoon around 2: PM and checked into our hotel. Typical collage guys on a budget, we were jamming the room.

After the fights to see who got the beds and who got the floor Steve, Allen, Scott and myself decided to see if we could find a place to rent jet skies. We figured on Thursday afternoon they may not be to busy so we might be able to cut a deal. John and Chris were too broke so they decided to cruse the beach and check out the local talent.

After driving along the bay for a while we spotted a sign and pulled off to check it out. There was a pontoon boat about 20 feet long pulled up on the sand of the bay shore and next to it were 4 SeaDoos. We got out and walked toward the pontoon boat and about then she stood up from a lounge chair on the deck. This was the most perfect girl I had ever seen. We all just stood there and stared at her perfect body. She looked to be about 19 and was about 5’2″ tall. Her hair was waist length blonde and her eyes were so blue you could see them shining from 20 feet away which is where we were. She had perfect tits, not too big and not too small with nipples that were poking at her bikini top just enough to see them. Her ass was perfect and I mean perfect. She was tan to a golden bronze and she shined just a little from the sun tan oil on her body. She finally broke the silence with a big smile and a “How you boys doing,” southern draw hello. That was it for me, I was in love. Died and in heaven, this girl was just too hot to believe and I was looking right at her.

Scott spoke up and asked if she was renting the SeaDoos which she was so she proceeded to give us all the details and cost. I pretended to listen but just stood next to her and breathed as deep as I could in order to smell her. The guys gave her a sob story about not having enough money and she made us an offer. Because it was getting late she would let us ride for half price if we would help her put the boats back on the trailer when we were through. We agreed whole heartily and she said she would call her boyfriend and tell him not to come down to the launch tonight. She told us her name was Ginger and gave us final instructions and took our money. We were to ride for a half hour and then she would take the pontoon boat across the bay to the boat launch where the trailer was parked. We were to fallow on the SeaDoos and load them for her then she would bring us back across to our car on her pontoon boat.

Off we went on our wet adventure but I just keep thinking about Ginger and her perfect tan body. It’s hard to ride a SeaDoo with a stiff one in your trunks but I managed. Soon we saw Ginger driving the pontoon boat away from shore and we fell in behind her and played in the small wake made by the boat. Because we were now cursing at a slow speed we gathered close enough together to talk to each other. From behind the pontoon boat you could see Ginger’s perfect ass barely covered by her thong bikini. We laughed and talked about how nice it would be to get a piece of her. The 20 minuet cruise across the bay was filled with very graphic talk of what we would do with her sweet body if given the chance. When we reached the other side we all jumped off our boats in the cool water to relieve the hard-ons. That could have been embarrassing but we got over it quick. The boats were loaded quickly on a large trailer that held them all and Ginger pulled them out and parked her truck and locked it. We jumped on the pontoon boat and Ginger climbed onboard with a big smile and said, “Let’s go for ride boys,” in that sweet draw, making my cock hard again. I had to sit down and cover with a towel.

We motored away from shore and Ginger offered us a beer from the cooler on the front deck. “Great,” I thought, that might help my hard-on go away. We drank and talked to Ginger as she drove. The sun was setting and a red glow filled the sky to give everything a new tint. In this light Ginger’s tan had turned so golden brown that she looked like a piece of art and not a real person.

About half way across the bay Ginger slowed the boat and then cut the engine. She Said she wanted a beer and to enjoy the sunset for a few minutes. We all agreed and said we could stay out here with her all night. She smiled and said in a very flirty tone, “that could be fun.” She finished her beer and got up to get another. She stopped in front of Allen and reached out and rubbed his cock through his bathing suit. She smiled and said, “So you could fuck me all night, hum.” That is when we all realized she could hear our conversation from the SeaDoos earlier. We all became embarrassed thinking of the lude things we said we wanted to do to her.

Ginger must have liked what she was feeling because she kept rubbing Allen while Steve moved closer so she could feel him with her other hand. This was too much to wish for, the four of us fucking this perfect girl out here in the middle of the bay. Ginger stopped her rubbing and quickly pulled the strings on her bikini top and bottom letting them fall to the deck. This reveled her firm round tits, with nipples the size of erasers, sticking out to be sucked.

It was then I noticed she had no tan lines on her perfect ass and the thought of her sunbathing nude made my cock as hard as it has ever been. She was clean-shaven except for a small blond patch high above her moist cunt. All that dirty talk must have really turned her on.

She dropped to her knees and pulled Allen’s cock free and took it deep in her mouth. She started to grown loudly as she sucked about half his 7″ cock into her mouth. Steve pulled his suit off and dove down to her wet cunt. Her moaning grew louder as he lapped her sweet nectar into his mouth. Scott and I dropped our suits and moved closer to Ginger to get in on the action. She licked and rubbed Allen’s balls and again took him deep in her mouth. He soon let out a loud moan and shoved his cock deep in her mouth as he came. Ginger moaned and swallowed his load like it was a drug made to make her cum.

Allen moved away and I stepped forward for my turn but Ginger had other plans. She stood pulling her dripping cunt away from Steve’s mouth. Grabbing the cooler she put a folded towel over the top and then laid over it. She was now in a doggy position with her ass sticking up at the perfect position to fuck while her stomach rested on the cooler. Steve jumped in behind her and slid his cock into her tight cunt in one shove. Ginger grunted and waved for me to move around in front of her. I dropped to my knees and fed her my aching cock inch by inch. Her mouth was so warm and wet and her tongue danced on the underside of my cock as she sucked. Steve pounded into her and each thrust shoved her deeper onto my cock. Soon I felt something I had never felt before. A soft pulsing rhythm from the back of her throat massaged the head of my cock as she slowly swallowed it down. Now I am no huge stud but I have never had my whole 8″ cock deep throated before. The sensation made me dizzy and I felt the orgasm building fast in my balls. Steve pumped hard and her lips pressed into my pubic bone between withdraws for air. Then as she took my cock deep in her throat her tongue come out of her mouth and licked across my balls. That was it! I came like never before while buried deep in that hot throat. Steve came deep in her cunt just as I pulled out of her mouth.

Scott was up next and it was then that I noticed he was huge, at least 11″ long and thick. His cock looked like two beer cans stacked together. When he knelt in front of Ginger she groaned loudly as she wrapped her hand around his cock. Then she said, “Fuck my throat with your fat dick.” Scott needed no more encouragement as he shoved his cock in her mouth. Her lips stretched wide to accommodate his girth. By now Allen was hard again and took a turn at her pussy. He fucked her with a slow pace as she tried to get all of Scott’s cock in her throat. This scene was just too hot and both Steve and I were hard as rocks again in record time.

After about ten minutes of this double ended fuck Ginger pulled Scott from her mouth and said she wanted to fuck him. He laid down on his back and she mounted him from above. The three of us watched as Scott’s cock slowly disappeared in her tight little cunt. She was stretched to the limits and it took a few easy down strokes for her cunt to open and take all of his massive cock. After she had gotten into a rhythm, Steve moved around to her face. He knelt astride Scott’s head and shoved deep into Ginger’s throat. She soon was licking his balls between thrust like she had done to me earlier.

Watching her ass go up and down on that fat cock was too much for me so I quickly found a bottle of suntan oil on the front deck and I lubed my cock with a heavy coat of coconut oil. I eased down behind her and straddled Scott’s legs. Kneeling I had a perfect angle at her tight ass. When I reached forward and probed her ass with my oiled finger she jumped a little and started to pull away. Scott knowing what I was up to grabbed her waist and held her firmly on his cock making her give out a deep long moan that must have reverberated around Steve’s cock buried in her throat. I moved forward and placed the head of my cock on the rim of her ass and pushed forward a little. She moaned even louder and twisted her head to try and free her mouth from Steve’s pounding thrust. He held the back of her head firmly and would not let her protest what was about to happen. Scott held her tight keeping his full length lodged deep in her cunt. Just then the head of my cock popped past her tight outer ring and moved in just an inch or two. The velvet smooth feel was amplified a hundred times by the incredible tight grip of her ass. We all froze in place and waited for her to relax a little more. Ginger whimpered around Steve’s cock while Scott held her planted down on his tool. I could feel her ass spasm around my cock as she came with a loud grown. The tight outer ring of her ass was gripping and releasing the head of my cock like a milking machine. The sensation was incredible. A few seconds passed and she started to push back on my cock to get more into her ass. Well this was enough of an invitation for me and I slowly slid deep into her ass. The tight feeling was fantastic and I could feel Scott’s huge tool start to move in and out beneath me.

We pumped away for a good ten minutes stopping several times to enjoy the sensations created by Gingers contracting ass each time she came. Finally with my head swimming from pure pleasure I could not hold back any longer and came deep in her ass. I slowly withdrew as Steve came again in her throat. We both pulled away totally spent and as satisfied as I have ever been. Scott pulled Ginger off and stood up with his cock still hard and wet from this sex goddess’s pussy. He quickly pulled her back to the cooler and bent her over it as she moaned, “Oh Yes, do me from behind.” Allen still hard from losing his place to Steve knelt in front of Ginger and fed her his cock. She sucked it down like she had not tasted cock in years. Scott grabbed the suntan oil and smiled at Steve and me as he greased up his huge tool. I thought that if he tried to get that monster in her ass it would tear her in two. Well, he knelt behind her and she let out a low soft moan around Allen’s meat. The moan turned to a sharp grunt as Scott’s cock went into her ass. Ginger froze in place to slowly allow her ass to open up. Scott pushed forward and inch by inch he disappeared deep in her ass. When his nuts pressed against her cunt Steve and I looked at each other in disbelief and then started to cheer them on.

Scott pumped with a steady rhythm, pulling almost all the way out before sinking all 11 inches up her tight ass. Ginger let out a loud grunt with each down stroke but she kept sucking Allen with gusto. This went on for several minutes and Allen finally succumb to her charms and filled Ginger’s mouth with cum. As he pulled away Scott let out a grown and we all knew he was at the brink. Suddenly he pulled out of Ginger’s tight ass and moved quickly around to her face. With one thrust he went half way down her throat and started to cum. He held her head as he pumped a huge load into her throat. Ginger tried to swallow but cum was gushing out of both sides of her mouth and down her chin.

We all sat around with Ginger; naked and satisfied, helping her clean up and try to recover. She was a little shaky at first but soon regained her composure. After a beer she told us that she had never been fucked in the ass but that she came so many times she lost count. A few more beers and some playful groping and we decided it was time to head into shore. Ginger dressed and took us back to the spot where we were parked. I didn’t want to part ways with this walking wet dream so I told her where we were staying, gave her our room number and asked her to come by and see us if she could. She just smiled and said, “We’ll see.”

When we got back to the hotel John and Chris were still on the beach doing their best with two girls they had met. We went back to the room and when the other two came up we told them all about Ginger and our boat ride. John and Chris both accused us all of being drunk and full of shit. They, on the other hand, were meeting their new found girl friends at the bar so off they went to shower and change. The four of us had no desire to go out bar hopping for girls because we were still reveling in the glory of our encounter with a sex goddess.

By 11:00 we had settled into watching a West Coast football game on TV and relaxing with a few beers when a knock came from the door. It was Ginger and her boyfriend. She introduced us to him as Bill and asked if they could party with us for a while. Of course we agreed and they came in well prepared with Tequila and limes. It was a little uncomfortable with Bill at first as we all were thinking about the fucking we had given his girlfriend earlier that day. Ginger did not make it any easier with her tight white dress cut up to her ass with nothing on underneath.

After a lot of small talk and a few Tequila shots Ginger finally said she had told Bill all about our sunset boat ride and that he was jealous that he was not there to join in. Bill smiled and asked if we could do it again so he could join in. Well I don’t think you could have gotten four guys to say, “Hell Yea!” in that kind of harmony if you practiced it.

Bill walked over to Ginger and kissed her deeply then in one smooth motion pulled her dress over her head. Our perfect sex kitten was back for round two and we could not believe our luck.

Ginger lay across the bed and spread her legs wide. This was my first good look at her pussy and it was so small and sweat. I smiled at Bill and dove in for the treat of my life. She tasted so good and she was flowing juice like nectar. I decided right then that I would eat her all night long and everyone else would have to wait till morning for their turn.

Everyone in the room striped and gathered around Ginger. I could hear her sucking on someone’s cock as I licked her clit with gusto. Soon she was moaning and bucking against my face and I decided to get undressed myself. As I stood up I saw Ginger was sucking one cock and had one in each hand. Her tits were being vigorously sucked and Bill took my place and slid his cock into her love hole.

I was down to my underwear when the door opened and in walked John and Chris with the two girls from the beach. There was a long pause at the door as the two girls slowly entered the room. John asked if it was ok for them to be there and Bill spoke up and said, “sure the more the better.” The two new girls stood back by the bathroom door and watched intently as Ginger sucked on Scott’s big cock while Bill pounded her cunt at a fever pace. I proceeded to tell John and Chris that this was Ginger the girl from the pontoon boat and they just stared in disbelief.

The two new girls were whispering to each other and staying close to their dates as they watched. Soon Ginger receives her first two loads of cum of the night. Scott and Bill moved away and I was ready to join in when Ginger pushed everyone back and sat up. She saw the new people for the first time and smiled at them. She then pulled Allen onto the bed and mounted him from above. Steve moved around to her face and fed her his hard cock strait down her throat. Not wanting to be left out I saw my favorite hole winking at me as Ginger pumped up and down. I figured the suntan lotion had worked before so I grabbed some from my bag and lubed up. When I mounted the bed and moved over to Ginger’s ass she started to moan loudly. She released Steve’s cock and grunted, “Fuck my ass, God yes, Fuck me!” Not being one to make a lady beg I drove right in and started to pound her good.

The girls with John and Chris were squirming and whispering to each other and finally Chris’s girl turned and left the room. John’s girl said this was too much to take and with that dropped to her knees and pulled out John’s cock and sucked it down. She reached up and grabbed Chris by the bulge in his pants and pulled him close. He quickly pulled out his cock and she alternated between the two of them.

Ginger’s ass was just too good and I soon pumped my load deep in her bowels despite my best efforts to hold out. When I got up Chris took my place and slid into Ginger’s ass as he was met with a moan of approval. John’s girl motioned me over to her and she proceeded to suck on my cock that had just cum in Ginger’s tight ass.

John’s girl was not as pretty as Ginger but she was very attractive with a great body. As she sucked on me she unbuttoned her shirt and bra to reveal a great pair of firm tits. I reached down and fondled them as she sucked hard on my cock. This got me hard again in no time and I was ready to fuck this new girl when she told me no she only wanted to suck cock and watch Ginger.

By this time Ginger was on her hands and knees with a cock deep in her throat and one in her ass. She looked so hot and horny and the smell of hot wet sex filled the room. Soon Chris came in her ass and I mounted an all out assault on her cunt. John dumped a load in his girl’s mouth with a loud grunt that made us all turn and look. She quickly moved to Bill who was standing close by with a semi hard cock and took him deep in her mouth. This seemed to set the pattern for the night. This girl would suck us hard like a fluff girl on a porno set and when we were ready we would fuck the star of the show Ginger, in the cunt, mouth or ass.

This went own for several hours when Ginger announced she needed a break and a drink. Bill poured her a shot of Tequila and she drank while resting with her back against the headboard. John’s girl (I never got her name) moved over to the bed for a close look at Gingers dripping pussy and ass. Ginger spread her legs wide so we could all see the cum oozing from her holes. When she had finished her drink she asked the girl if she would like a taste and motioned to her pussy. This girl did not hesitate to dive in and lick Ginger clean. Ginger leaned her head back on the headboard and closed her eyes. She slowly rubbed her fingers through the girl’s hair as she held her mouth tight to her cunt. Well needless to say after watching about 20 minutes of this there were seven new hard-ons looking for some action. We pulled the girl away and began again to triple fuck Ginger in all her holes. She just moaned and grunted her approval.

The fucking and sucking went on until sun up the next day and we all fell asleep happy and tired. Sometime around noon I awoke to the familiar sound of Ginger grunting. When I looked over at the other bed I saw Ginger lying flat on her stomach with her head propped up in her hands. Scott was on top of her pushing his massive 11″ cock up her ass. Bill her boyfriend was behind them taking pictures of her ass being stretched to the limit. Ginger saw me and smiled and said she wanted some mementos of her first gangbang. She waved me over and my semi hard cock went right for her mouth. She opened and took me deep into that now familiar massaging throat.

Bill snapped away with the digital camera. Scott really started to pound hard and Gingers grunts woke everyone in the room. Bill told Scott to cum in her mouth and on her face so he could get a good picture. I took my queue and moved away as Scott quickly moved around to Ginger’s mouth. He shoved in hard and she pulled back to keep from choking as he came. He did not have a lot of cum left in him but it was enough for a picture. That’s when I took my dick and began jerking off right at Ginger’s face. Bill said, “Do it, cum on her face for the camera.” I let go one last load and cum hit her face and chin. I had cum so much that this last orgasm was painful. Now that everyone else was up the circle jerk onto Ginger’s beautiful face was on and Bill got plenty of pictures of his girlfriend with cum splattered on her face and titts.

Ginger and Bill took a shower together and then left after telling us thanks for the party. John’s girl was gone; she must have left during the early morning when we were all asleep. I can only imagine what she told her friend she did all night.

We spent the rest of the weekend lying on the beach recovering from our encounter with Ginger.

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