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Getting What You Want

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There is nothing so simple as getting what you want.

I get everything I want. Come hell or high water.

I’ve seen you before running down the street around midnight. You choose the oddest hours for a run. I love the way you run so graceful without making a sound on the concrete. I love the way you sweat, the way it runs over your body in caressing rivulets.

When you pass by my window I stare and stare then when I go to bed I dream of you. Fantasizing that you are there with me your hand on my breasts, your mouth on mine. I stroke my cunt thinking of you. I get so wet wondering how you would touch me, taste me. I always cum thinking of your dark head buried in my cunt.

Every night at midnight you pass by my window. Seven days a week.

I see you sometimes in the daylight; shopping in the grocery store or in line at the bank. Once you looked up at me and when our eyes met I felt this bolt of lightening hit me right in the chest. I couldn’t take your eyes on me. Your beautiful green eyes. Your hair is kind of long like you have forgotten about it and just let it grow. I wonder how you would scream when I pull it. You have the most perfect cheekbones I want to lick the side of your face and feel your stubble scratch my tongue. I want to have you in my arms, the taste of your flesh in my mouth. You would never want another lover I could make you want me, desire me, I would make you beg to be mine. But not for long. I love you too much.

I don’t like men; their very presence frightens me that’s why I can’t just come up to you with a nice proposition. But I can’t resist thinking of you wondering how it could be between us.

I want you.

I always get what I want.

I have everything ready. I’ve been planning for so long and tonight you don’t fail me coming up the street dressed in black jogging shorts with a sweat soaked black tee. I step outside my front door with tears on my face sobbing aloud.

You come to an immediate stop and come right up to me climbing onto my porch over to the threshold where I lie against the doorjamb dressed in a flowing black robe. You barely notice my state of undress so concerned are you for my wellbeing. I sigh and sob unable to speak as I move more into my house trying to turn away from you. But you come after me closer and closer until I am leaning against the wall beside the door and you are in front of me asking me what is wrong and how can you help?

With a quick spring I slam shut the door throwing the industrial strength bolt across it. You are startled by my actions as I lean against the door staring at you lasciviously it begins to dawn on you that maybe it was wrong to just enter my house without knowing who I am.

Too late.

“What the hell are you doing?” You watch me accusingly your green eyes noting my every move. It is bewildering to you that I can go from crying hysterically to suddenly cold and precise.

I trail my fingers over the bare flesh of my chest that is revealed by the open V-neck of my robe. Your eyes follow the path of my fingers. Down, down, down. My nipples are hard and my cunt is burning, throbbing, wet and waiting for you.

I come forward towards you determinedly, placing both my hands on your hard chest pushing you backward down a dark hallway. At first you are too surprised to do anything but obey but then you begin to try to push away. The wondering look in your eyes makes me laugh as you realize that I am stronger than I appear and too demanding to let you go now.

You try to feint off to one side to move past me but I block you. “No, no, no…” I whisper touching your face. God, the thrill that you give me. I want you so badly.

With a final push I place you into a candlelit bedroom. You hear the now familiar slide and scrape of another bolt being slid into place.

You’re my prisoner now in this windowless, soundproof room. You turn your head behind you to survey the bed. It’s large with four posts from which hang a gauzy black material rather like my robe.

I take advantage of your inattention to push you hard back onto the bed while you are sputtering and muttering oaths I lock your wrists to the posts at the head of the bed with the handcuffs I have placed there.

I admire you sitting back on your stomach. The way your eyes pour forth their fire, you’re very beautiful when you are upset. “You’re so beautiful.” I whisper dragging the back of my hand up against your face. You close your eyes at my touch seeming to savor the feel of it. Do you feel the tingles as I do?

“What are you going to do?” You have a lovely voice so full of smoke and sin. Not raspy but smooth and gentle. You don’t appear to be afraid.

I reach behind you underneath the pillows. I can feel you move your face more into the hollow between my neck and shoulder, smelling me. You can feel my breasts move against your chest, my hard nipples stabbing into you. When I come up I display a pair of scissors before you and noting your worried look proceed to cut your black shirt off your body. I toss the scissors and the scraps of fabric over the edge of the bed leaning down running my hands over your silky skin. I lace tiny kisses over the ridged area of your stomach I can hear the short gasps in your breath.

I move back off the bed my long hair and hands stroking down your muscled legs. I take a hold of your shorts and boxers pulling them down as I go. Surprisingly you don’t think to kick or fight.

Your cock is hard. Stiff and throbbing. I’ve never seen a cock this up close before. I’m still a virgin. Maybe you like that.

I stand up at the foot of the bed slowly pulling on the black satin cord to release my robe beneath it there is nothing but bare skin waiting, craving your touch.

Your eyes are so hot they burn me as you gaze on me surely by now you know what I want.

I crawl back up your body now as hot and naked as mine. When my legs straddle your thighs I bend down to place my lips on yours. Mine tremble as they lightly brush yours. I’ve had a few kisses in my life but never like the taste of yours. When I begin to pull away you move your head up to deepen the kiss surprising me.

I didn’t think that you would want this too.

Maybe you like being my prisoner.

Your tongue enters my mouth. I’ve never been French kissed before but I eagerly meet your tongue with mine.

I pull away just as your hips start to buck up trying to move me farther down your body towards your rampant cock. I place my finger over your lips, there is no need for questions or words. All you have to do is lie back and feel.

I bend forward running my hands through your thick black hair pulling slightly. You bite your lip staring into my eyes.

“Let me taste you.” You whisper.

I pause considering, after all I did not really think that you would actually go along with this but you arch your chest up sending my slick pussy sliding against your skin closer to your mouth. “Please,”

So I give in. Your mouth on me is sin and I cry out grinding my pussy into your face loving the feel of your lips and tongue on my clit. You make me cum rivers into your mouth leaving me shaken and drained. I back up off you lowering down to place my head on your chest. I can hear your heart beat. Your heart pounds against mine. The moment is aching and intimate.

“You’re so beautiful.” You whisper. “You taste like sugar.”

I look up at you to see your face I move then to kiss your lips tasting myself on you. I almost cum at that realization.

Your cock is pulsing desperate to be touched, caressed.

The unreality of the moment hits me then and I reach up my hand to one of the silver bracelets around your wrist. I should let you go.

“Don’t.” Your smoky voice wraps itself about me.

I look at you in surprise. “I can’t do this…I thought I could but I can’t.” This isn’t the way to make you feel the way I feel.

“Don’t stop.” Your green eyes bore into me seeing to my very soul.

You arch up again and I moan at the feel of each ridge of your abdomen sliding against my clit. You’re right I’m too far gone into this to just stop and let you go. Especially when you want this too.

I slide down to move myself over your cock.

“Yes, yes,” You breathe.

I lower myself onto you, impaling myself on your thick cock. You hurt for only the briefest of moments before your heat sears the pain away. I love the way you feel deep inside me.

“So tight.” You arch up making me gasp at the sensation of you moving inside me. “Ride me, fuck me.” You arch up again. “I’m begging you.”

I love it when you beg.

I lean down to kiss you fully on the lips, no pulling back. I begin to move then slowly up and down you urge me to go faster, deeper. You feel so good. So hot. I cry out at the feel of another orgasm rushing through me. You’re so close too but you want to hold on just a little longer. You find that you like to be raped. I find I like being a rapist.

As the last pulsing waves of my orgasm wash over me you cum inside me making me scream. I collapse atop you. We’re both gasping for breath.

I’m shivering in the last moments of our ecstasy when I feel warm hands come to embrace me.

Before I can look up you turn pinning me below you. I find myself looking up into your eyes. You look like a dark sleek predator and I feel like your prey.

“How did you get out of the cuffs?” I choke out feeling your cock now hard again between my cunt.

“Didn’t you know? I’m a marine, part of a special forces unit, they teach you how to disarm cuffs and use them to kill.”

“You could have gotten out of them at any time?” I am so confused. Why would you let me do this to you?

“I’ve never been raped before.” You bring your hand down to caress my cunt making me moan. “By a virgin no less.” You arch one black brow. “I figure since you planned this we might as well have some fun.”

Your fingers are replaced by your throbbing cock, the thick head at the wet entrance to my cunt. “Don’t you want me to touch you? Kiss you? Fuck you?”

I wrap my legs about your lean hips. “I love you. I’ve been watching you for so long wanting…”

A small smile crosses your lips as you lean down placing your mouth at my ear whispering a story about the love and obsession one poor marine has for a mysterious woman. You say that in the end they have a love that could last forever.

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