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Getting Paid For It

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I’m 24 years old. I have brown hair, brown eyes, full lips, and 34c breasts, and I’m 5 feet four inches tall. I’ve put on a bit of weight since high school, but i still get looks when I dress up, or even when I’m just doing groceries or walking outside.

Early this year my husband lost his job. He works in the high tech industry and we had moved into a very nice condo outside of our city.

Because of the economic situation, it was very hard for him to find work in his field. After a few months money was very tight and the unpleasant prospect of losing our new home was becoming a reality. My husband took the loss of his job very badly, and he spent a great deal of time in a bathrobe, watching daytime tv, and drinking.

I knew we needed money. I couldn’t ask my parents for help, as they lived far away and had very little of their own. My husband had no contact with his own family, since he had married me and his parents considered me trash. I grew up in a trailer park in Oregon and I barely graduated high school. Although I’ve tried to rise above my past, I know Ken’s parents wanted him to marry someone in their own social class.

As things got tighter and tighter, Ken simply sat in front of the tv, watching Jerry Springer and Jenny Jones and usually passing out before dinner. I won’t lie and say I didn’t think of selling myself. I didn’t know any other way of making the kind of money we’d need to keep our home.

One day I decided to take the plunge. I would take a bus into town and go to one of the hotels in the city. I watched a little tv with Ken and observed the cans of beer piling up on the coffee table. Before six his eyes were closing and I knew he’d soon pass out. I lay Ken out on the couch, brought him a pillow and a blanket, and when I heard his snoring I went into our bedroom and changed.

I put on a red lace bra and panty set, black stockings, and a short black skirt. On top I wore a white camisole and a red blouse. I went to the bathroom and applied my make-up.

Before leaving the house I decided I’d take a cab. It would cost me almost 40 dollars to get into town in a cab, money we didn’t have. I knew that if I spent that money I’d have to make some, and I decided it was the best way to garantee I wouldn’t chicken out.

I phoned for a cab and went downstairs. The taxi arrived and I gave the cabbie the name of one of the nicer hotels downtown. I still wasn’t sure what I was going to do but I hoped the momentum of the situation would mean the details would take care of themselves.

I arrived downtown and walked into the hotel. It was almost 8:30, the sun was setting, and the lobby was crowded with people checking in, sitting on sofas reading, and drinking in the hotel bar. I went to the bar and ordered a white wine, realizing I would have to spend more money for drinks, not to mention the cab ride home. This evening was starting to cost me quite a lot of money.

I looked around the bar. I don’t think I’d ever been to a bar alone, and after only a few minutes I could feel many eyes boring into me. Most of the men seated around the bar were much older than me. I guess they were men travelling for business, and as I felt their gazes resting on my face and body I realized that a hotel was the perfect place for what I wanted. Most of these men were far from home, and more than a few probably looked upon a business trip as a good excuse to play.

After a few minutes a middle-aged man moved from his seat to one next to mine. He was probably 50 or maybe a little older. He had grey hair, a bit of a paunch, and a fat face, the result of a lifetime of drinking, I guessed. He also had a gold band around his left ring finger. I had removed mine and left it at home. We struck up a conversation.

He told me his name was Dennis. He asked me if I was from around here and I answered yes. He asked what I was doing in the hotel and I told him I was unwinding after a long day. It was easier than I had imagined to play this little game. I laughed at his stupid jokes, arched my back when he stared at my breasts, and giggled when he made suggestive comments. He offered me another white wine and I accepted. After a while I could feel his shoe rubbing against my calf, and I didn’t pull away. A few men were watching and I actually enjoyed the attention. I think it may have been the alcohol, or perhaps just the fact that men were looking at me after months of being ignored by Ken.

Finally the moment of truth arrived. He asked if I’d like to go to his room with him. I demurred, but as I did I lowered my head and gave him my best come-hither look. I knew he was turned on. He told me he’d make it worth my while. I acted surprised and asked what he meant. He let his hand drop below the bar and rubbed my stocking-clad thigh.

“I think you know.” He told me in a low voice.

“Well, please tell me.” I coyly answered.

He asked if I was a cop and I said no. At that point he asked how much I wanted. I said one hundred and fifty and waited for his response. To my surprise he agreed. I had done it. I had offered myself for money and I was a few minutes away from fucking a complete stranger. We finished our drinks and made our way to the elevator.

Once the elevator closed I felt his hands encircle my waist and then cup my breasts. I was shocked and had to stop myself from pushing him away. It’s what he’s paid for, I thought to myself. His hands massaged my nipples with considerable skill, and I found myself responding. I leaned back against him and relaxed, enjoying having my nipples rolled between the fingers of this stranger. He grunted with pleasure and whispered “you’re a hot little thing, aren’t you?” I moaned in agreement, and soon we arrived on his floor.

Dennis unlocked the door with his room card and soon we found ourselves in his suite. It was very impressive. There was a living room, a large balcony, and a large bedroom was located through a door on the far wall of the living room. I hadn’t stayed in a room this nice on my honeymoon, and I cursed myself for not asking for more money.

Dennis swatted my ass and told me to get in the middle of the room. I instinctively obeyed him. He said down on the couch and unzipped himself. To my surprise he was very well endowed. His cock was quite thick, and even though it wasn’t hard it already seemed longer than Ken’s. He told me to strip for him. I took off my blouse and camisole and undid my skirt. I folded everything carefully, placed them on a chair, and stood before him in stockings, bra and panties. He was drinking in the sight of me as he stroked his cock, telling me how beautiful I was. I wanted to tell him not to stop. I felt I wasn’t as pretty as I had been in high school, and having a man tell me he liked the look of my tits and ass and legs and the rest of me was wonderful.

He asked me to pose for him. I squeezed my tits together and bent forward, smiling. After that he directed me, told me to suck on my fingers, to show him my ass, to give my cheeks a quick slap. I did everything he told me, and I could feel myself getting wet as I performed for his old man. I could see his cock growing as he watched, and I couldn’t stop myself from looking at it. He noticed, and told he to get on my knees and suck it.

I tried not to obey too quickly. I didn’t want this man to know just how bad I wanted it. I love my husband, but he lost interest in sex when he was unemployed. At 24 the lack of sex was difficult for me. Also, my lovemaking with Ken was very tender and romantic, and I missed sex being naughty and hard and dirty.

I approached him and fell to my knees, still dressed in my red lace panties and black stockings. I wrapped my hands around his cock and looked him in the eye as I took it into my mouth. Dennis watched me over his belly, smiling, telling me what a talented cocksucker I was. The dirtier he talked the harder I worked at worshipping his large cock. I licked it from the base to the tip, I fed it into my mouth until it pressed against my throat, I licked and sucked his balls when he told me to. I stuck my tongue out and let him slap his large dick against my tongue, and then my cheeks.

Dennis kept up his dirty talk. He said the usual jokes, like I could suck a golf ball through a garden hose, he told me I must have sucked on plenty of cocks to get so good at it, and other such comments. I must admit I loved it. I liked being treated as nothing more than a slut. I was convinced Dennis wouldn’t hurt me, that he was simply doing all the things he could never do with his wife, and since he was paying me I wanted to give him value for his money.

His cock was now at full mast. It must have been 8 inches, and was the longest I’d seen in my life. I know in a lot of stories on this site men have 12 and 13 inch cocks, but I’d never seen one that big, except in magazines and movies. I liked the heft of it in my hand. I stroked it slowly as I gazed at it. Dennis pulled me out of my reverie by standing up and taking my wrist. We walked to the bedroom, Dennis still dressed, his cock sticking out of his pants, and with me dressed in my bra and pantie and stockings. In the bedroom he unclasped my bra and fondled my breasts, pinching the nipples and squeezing my tits. I close my eyes and tilted my head back. Before I knew what was happening Dennis started kissing me. I hadn’t expected to be kissed and at first I just parted my lips in surprise, letting his tongue snake into my mouth. Slowly I began to respond, sucking on his tongue and following the lead of his kisses. He pulled away and smiled.

“You haven’t done this before, have you?” He asked me. I knew he didn’t mean I was a virgin, but that I’d never sold myself. I told him I hadn’t.

“Not many working girls kiss their clients, or suck a cock without a condom, Pamela.” He also told me not many girls got wet when working, as his fingers slid under the elastic of my panties and felt my soaking cunt. I couldn’t argue with him. One of his fingers found my slit and began slowly sliding in and out. I could feel myself softly shaking with lust. After a brief pause he continued kissing me, and I wrapped my hands around his neck and returned his kisses, while humping his finger like a bitch in heat.

He then pushed me onto the bed, and told me to take off my nylons and panties. I did as directed and in a moment I was completely naked. Dennis was still dressed. I don’t think I am submissive by nature, but being paid for my services, and being naked in front of a fully dressed stranger, and having obeyed all of Dennis’ commands up to now had put me into a very submissive mood. Had Dennis told me to call him sir for the rest of the evening I would have.

Dennis began taking off his clothes. His belly was white and soft, and the sparse hair on his chest was mainly white. Once he was naked he got on the bed and spread my legs by pressing outwards on my thighs with his large hands. I leaned back on my elbows and watched. He seemed fascinated by my young pussy. I’m almost completely shaved, with only a “landing strip” of brown hair above my pussy. It was incredibly exciting to have a man stare at my little fuckbox as if it was the holy grail.

After a moment he started running his tongue over me, starting at my ass and going all the way to my clit. He licked me like a cat would, with long slow strokes. I lay back down and arched my back. His hands found my tits and I put my own hands on his big forearms. I closed my eyes and began to moan. He asked me if I liked that and I mumbled that I did. He asked me again, telling me to say it louder. I said I liked it again and again, losing a little bit of my self-control. Dennis would lick me and then tell me how pretty my cunt was. He slid his tongue into me and then up to my clit. He kept this up until I was close to having an orgasm. I could feel it building in me and I knew it was going to be a strong one. My breathing was getting quicker and I was gripping his forearms with such force I’m sure I left marks with my nails.

Before I could cum he stopped completely. His tongue left my pussy and his hands left my breasts. I almost wanted to cry with frustration. Dennis got up on his knees and pushed my calves backwards until my knees were practically on either side of my head. He positioned the head of his cock at my pussy and moved forward. I gasped a little as I felt myself spread wider than I had been in a long time. Dennis slowly worked himself into me, taking short, slow strokes and going a little deeper every time, watching himself all the while. Soon he increased his tempo and I felt myself rocking back and forth on the bed with his every stroke. He told me to play with his nipples while he fucked me, and I did. I did my best to squeeze them as he rammed into me faster and faster. He pounded into me with all his force, and drops of sweat fell from his body onto my tits and tummy. I wanted to rub my clit and cum, but I had to concentrate on his nipples, and anyway I still didn’t want to look like I was having too good a time.

Dennis stopped and told me to get on all fours. I quickly obeyed. I like doggy style, and the anticipation of having such a long, thick cock go deep into me was delicious. I put my head on the pillow and my ass in the air, and soon I felt his hands on the curve of my hips, as his knees moved my legs further apart until I was completely spread open for him. He pushed into me with more ease than before, and I imagine what I must look like to him, dripping wet and spread wide open. I had to use my hands to brace myself against the headboard.

I felt a warmth land on my cheeks, and then felt a finger rub liquid onto my asshole. I guess he must have let some saliva drip onto me and was using it to lube up my asshole. Dennis asked if I had ever had a cock up my ass. I told him yes. I had never had anal sex with Ken, but when I was 19 I had a boyfriend who was pretty much obsessed with it, and we had experimented quite a bit. Dennis asked if he could fuck me there and I said no. My old boyfriend had had a normal sized cock, and the idea of taking that monster into my ass was frightening. Dennis continued to fuck me from behind as he negotiated a price for my ass. He finally said he would double the one fifty if he could have my asshole. I agreed, but with more than a little foreboding.

The minute I said yes he pulled out of my pussy and I felt an immediate emptyness inside me. I was impressed by his staying power, but I hoped he’d cum quickly once he was in my ass. I didn’t think I could take the pounding he’d given my pussy in that more tender area.

Once again, Dennis proved himself very skilled. He started by licking my little brown hole, slurping over my ass with abandon, and I responded by moaning and pressing myself against his face. Then he used one finger, and soon he had two inside me. He turned and twisted his wrist until the pain and discomfort receded. My body seemed to have a memory of being ass-fucked, because being spread open started feeling very good.

Patiently Dennis moved my fuckjuice from my pussy to my asshole with the head of his cock. I liked the feeling of his smooth head going along my ass and pussy, and soon my asshole was lubed, open and ready.

Slowly, in complete silence, he began forcing his cock into my asshole. The only sound was our heavy breathing. His two fingers were not nearly the width of his cock, and I whimpered as it sank into my little forbidden treasure, inch by thick inch. There was a lot of pain, and I felt a few tears spill down my cheeks. In order to take my mind off the pain I began rubbing my clit as he worked his way into me. Dennis took this as a sign I was enjoying myself, and increased his tempo. I gasped and tried to stay relaxed as he began fucking my ass in earnest. I felt an orgasm building up inside me, and as I did Dennis began smacking my asscheeks, which has always been a major turn on for me. With rubbing my clit and my cheeks warming up, I was beginning to enjoy the sensation of being sodomized. I knew he was going fully in me, because Dennis would stop once he was immersed inside me and I could feel his pubic hair against my smooth cheeks.

I was on the edge of cumming, and little squeals of pleasure were escaping my lips. I was being rammed up the ass by a stranger, my pussy was still stretched and dripping, and I could still taste his pre-cum in my mouth. I felt equal parts slutty and liberated. I rubbed my hard clit faster and bit down on the pillow as I had a massive, toe-curling orgasm. I spasmed a few times and felt liquid run onto my fingers and down my thighs. Dennis was getting close, and as I caught my breath he pulled out and sent a jet of cum onto my back and butt.

We lay beside each other for a moment. I didn’t really want to cuddle with him or have any type of tender post-fuck conversation, so I got up and grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom. Using a small towel I cleaned myself up as best I could. I dressed and looked at myself in the mirror. My make-up was smudged and my hair was a little messy but I knew I could go home like this. I had no idea how some girls could do this with several men in one night. I was exhausted and both my pussy and ass were already feeling a little sore. I knew from experience they would be much worse tomorrow.

Dennis was waiting in the living room dressed in his boxers and shirt. He handed me three hundred dollars and for a moment I thought I was going to cry. I smiled as best I could and put the money in my purse. To his credit Dennis gave me a few more tips before I left, telling me to never do anything without being paid in advance and to always make the guy wear a condom.

I took the elevator downstairs. I thought it would be obvious to the world I had just taken cock in every one of my holes, but everyone seemed oblivious to me, involved with their own problems and concerns. I took a cab home. Even with the money for the cab and the drink in the bar I had still made over two hundred dollars.

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