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George and Aunt Angela

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George and Carol had been married for just over ten years. They’d originally wanted children but nothing had happened yet and, basically, the idea had gradually slipped from their minds.

Because they had no family commitments, it meant that they were able to devote time to their local community – especially charitable organisations. George had been asked by two different political parties to stand in local elections, but he had declined the invitations.

George, tall dark and handsome, worked at a local car sales and his reputation for being straight and honest brought customers back again and again. He was far from wealthy, but the couple were comfortable. Carol worked part time as a receptionist at the local dental practice. She was friendly and efficient and more than a few patients made a pass at her (usually on the way out after a successful check up).

Life in the bedroom was OK for the couple. Sex was nothing special, nothing particularly adventurous, but reasonably frequent and of a loving nature.

Christmas was fast approaching and as George’s parents had emigrated a few years previously, Carol decided to invite her own to stay for the festivities.

Then there was Aunt Angela. George had met Carol’s Aunt on a number of occasions, but hadn’t seen her for about a year – on the occasion of her husband’s funeral. Carol realised that she would be spending Christmas on her own and began to feel she should do something. Although the house had three bedrooms (all en suite), the smallest had been converted into an office for both of them, so it wouldn’t be possible to invite her to stay, but they could at least invite her to celebrate Christmas Day with them.

Maybe Aunt Angela wanted to be alone. But unless she asked, Carol would never know. In the end, when she did, Angela jumped at the opportunity and confessed that she had been dreading spending the day on her own.

Of course, that left the problem of how to get her to their house and home again. Even if they could get a minicab, it would cost the annual budget of a small country, so George agreed to forego alcohol until he got back from taking Carol’s Aunt back to her home again.

On the day, George left at around 9am and made good progress over the forty miles. When he arrived, Angela was ready and waiting. He didn’t even have to switch the engine off as she stepped out of the door with two bags of presents. Surprisingly, the round trip took George little more than an hour and a half.

Angela was younger than her sister (Carol’s Mother) by quite a few years and she dressed accordingly. Today she was wearing a simple, thin-strapped light blue dress with black leather high heels. The skirt flared out from her hips and swayed as she walked.

The day went well, lots of food and drink (except for George) and everybody enjoyed the intimate family gathering – Angela in particular. She possibly drank a little more than she should, but nobody blamed her and the permanently tipsy demeanour was quite amusing. Before they knew it, the clock struck midnight and it was time for George to take Aunt Angela home.

As he backed the car out of the driveway it started to rain lightly. However, not long after they had set off the drops turned to flakes of snow. By the time they neared their destination it was fast approaching a blizzard. The visibility deteriorated rapidly and George found himself straining to see beyond the windscreen. Once they left the main road the surface conditions became very hazardous. George could feel the rear wheels losing grip every now and then and he made sure that his steering movements were very gentle. Finally, they made it. The one-way journey had taken close to two hours.

As soon as they got inside, Angela made straight for her telephone.

“Carol, Darling,” she said when answered. “We’ve only just got here and the weather is simply awful! I can’t possibly let George drive home now. It’s far too dangerous. I can put him up overnight and he can drive home in the morning.”

George was about to speak out at Aunt Angela’s suggestion, but then realised that it was already 2am and his chances of getting home were pretty slim. When he looked out through the window he could see that snow was already covering the windscreen of the car and it wasn’t letting up.

“Now that’s settled, George, perhaps you’d like a drink at last? I’ve felt so sorry for you all day having to abstain.”

He really did feel like he’d missed out now. “OK,” he said. “I’d like that.” Even though it was the early hours of the morning, the stress of driving had left his mind buzzing. He needed to relax a little.

Angela left the room and returned minutes later with a bottle of red wine and a pair of glasses. She poured the liquid, settled the bottle down on the coffee table, sat down next to him on the sofa and then handed him his drink.

They began to talk amiably; all the while Angela seemed to be toying with her necklace or earrings. As the alcohol took hold George began to look at her properly – the first time that he had really had a chance to do so. She was still very attractive. There were a few soft lines on her face, but her skin was such that she didn’t really need a lot of make-up. Her eyes were a light blue – almost matching the colour of her dress and her legs were long and slender, covered in flesh-toned nylon.

George suddenly realised that he was finding Angela attractive. On reflection he realised that their ages were not all that far apart – fifteen years, in fact. He felt a stirring in his underpants and tried to concentrate his mind on something else, anything else.

Angela kept topping up their glasses as they chatted, until the bottle ran dry. George had been enjoying the conversation and hadn’t realised how much he had drunk.

“Oh, that’s a shame,” she said. “It’s all finished. It would be a waste to open another. How about we have a glass of brandy?”

“Um, OK,” was all George could reply.

She fetched some cut-glass balloons and an expensive looking bottle of brandy. She didn’t seem to pour much into the bottom of the glass, but it was quite big, so it was clear how much there was. After they had had a few sips she said, “You know what I missed today? Not playing party games. I really used to like that part of Christmas. Why don’t we play something?”

George assumed that she meant cards, or charades or something. “OK,” he replied.

“What shall we play then?” She seemed to consider for a moment and then said, “We don’t really want to play a kids game. How about… something like the Guessing Game?”

“The Guessing Game,” he asked. “What’s that?”

“Oh, it’s simple really. We take it in turns to guess something about each other. If we get it wrong we have to down our drink. If we get it right the other person has to down theirs instead.”

“A drinking game?” George was shocked that Angela should know of such an amusement.

“Sure, why not? It’s just a bit of fun. I’ll go first if you like.”

George shrugged agreement.

Angela looked at George and then cocked her head on one side. “It has to be something that I don’t already know about you. I know! I’ve always noticed that you’ve got very broad shoulders, I bet you used to swim a lot when you were younger.”

“I still do.”

She smiled and clapped her hands. “I win!” she said gleefully. “Drink up.”

George looked at his brandy. There didn’t appear to be too much in there, so he steeled himself and gulped the contents down. The liquid warmed his throat as it slipped down his gullet.

She refilled his glass and then said, “Your turn, George. Now you have to guess something about me.”

What could he guess? George knew very little about Aunt Angela, having only met her perhaps a handful of times – usually at family gatherings, such as her husband’s funeral. Without thinking, he blurted out, “You must be feeling very lonely without your husband.”

Angela’s mouth dropped open and her eyes took on a glassy appearance as tears started to form. George was appalled at his insensitivity.

“Oh, Angela, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what made me say that. Please forgive me? I think it must be the drink.”

Angela drew in a deep breath, “It’s OK George. It’s just a harmless game – and besides, you were right.” She picked up her glass and swirled the amber colour spirit around the sides. She sniffed at it first, then elegantly raised the glass to her lips and swallowed the contents.

“Come on. Let’s play some more,” she said. Her face seemed a little flushed.

Angela seemed to consider carefully for a while before speaking. When she did, her eyes seemed to sparkle and she had a half smile on her face. “I’m going to guess that… you’re wearing dark blue boxers?”

George was stunned. Not only because Angela’s guess was so personal and intimate, but also because she was right. Little did he know that while he was out of the room during the previous afternoon, Carol had let slip that he would only ever wear dark blue boxer shorts and refused to entertain any other colour.

Before he could say or do anything, Angela had leaned forward and started to unbuckle his belt.

“Whoa! What are you doing?” He asked.

“Well, we’ve got to find out, haven’t we?”

“No need! You were right! You don’t have to do that!”

Angela hadn’t stopped and by the time he had finished speaking, his trousers were undone and gaping. She pushed his shirt tails aside to reveal the dark blue material.

Such an act had a stirring effect on him and George was struggling to keep control of his penis and prevent himself from getting an erection. Meanwhile, Angela had turned sideways and raised one knee up onto the sofa. For the first time George became aware that she was wearing stockings. Enough of her trailing leg was showing to reveal the darker welt at the top.

“Well, come on, drink up George. And it’s your turn to guess.”

His mind had unwrapped itself and he no longer had the ability to think logically. He downed the brandy and felt the fiery liquid coursing its way down through his body. He could only think of one thing; to follow Angela’s lead. Fortunately, when he had been helping her into the car earlier he had caught a brief glimpse of her cleavage, clad in light blue lace. He guessed that she was the type of woman who would insist upon wearing matching underwear. He spoke boldly.

“My guess is; that you are wearing matching blue lace underwear. And stockings.” The last he added as an afterthought before he could stop himself.

Without another word, Angela stood up, reached behind and unzipped her dress. She shrugged her shoulders, the thin straps slipped loose and the dress fell to the floor around her ankles.

George made a sharp intake of breath. He was stunned – not only by Angela’s actions, but by the fact that she had such a beautifully curvaceous body, now clad only in a thin bra and panties, with matching suspenders and stockings. He couldn’t make out her pubic hair through the lace material, but he noted that the gusset appeared to have a slightly darker patch. His eyes were drawn upwards towards her breasts, where he could clearly see the dark circles of her nipples. Indeed, the hard protrusions were clearly visible.

Angela downed her brandy as a forfeit and then resumed her seat. But this time, when she drew one leg up onto the sofa, the crotch of her knickers was openly displayed and stretched across her genitalia. The damp patch appeared to have widened.

“My turn again,” she said, with a notable tremor in her voice. “My guess is that I’ve given you an absolutely, splendidly rigid hard-on.”

George was unaware of his body’s reaction, but he was indeed very hard. Before he could do anything to stop her, Angela and leaned forward, slipped her hand through the opening in his boxers and swiftly released his throbbing member.

“Oh, but that’s gorgeous,” she murmured, dipping her head closer so that her face was no more than a few inches away. She licked her lips and looked up at George.

“You’re… you’re going to suck my cock, aren’t you?”

She smiled, “Your guess is correct. And my next guess is that we are both going to get a reward!”

Angela’s tongue snaked out as she moved even nearer to the shiny head. She licked around it, aware that George was shuddering. Then she opened her mouth and sucked the head into the warmth, where she swirled her tongue around the sensitive points on the underside. She began a soft bobbing motion, which became faster as she swallowed more and more of his length.

George had very rarely persuaded Carol to go down on him and when she had, it wasn’t for very long. That was as a result of him almost coming in her mouth once. On that occasion he had been pretty turned on and his orgasm had taken him by surprise. On that occasion, Carol had just decided to stop sucking and to take a breather while continuing to rub him. His come shot past her face, a small drop catching her earlobe. She was determined never to risk what very nearly happened, actually happening in future.

His eyes were closed with pleasure for most of the time, but as he drew close he opened them again. Although Angela was bent double leaning over him, he could still just see the front of her panties. They looked very wet now – and for good reason; her middle finger was pressing in hard, clearly indicating where her pussy lips lay. She wasn’t actually masturbating, but was clearly fulfilling some kind of physical need to touch herself.

George realised at that moment that his balls were tightening. “I’m coming!” he said.

Angela stopped playing with herself and used the hand to cradle George’s testicles. Her other hand was wrapped around the shaft and was rubbing in time with her mouth’s movements. George had expected her to stop sucking, but she just kept going. The semen surged up through his cock and exploded across her tongue. She kept sucking and swallowing, even though his orgasm kept him juddering and jerking for some time. He had never come so much.

As George’s dick subsided, Angela let it slip from her mouth with a plop.

“Mmm. That was nice. You taste really good.”

She sat back up and smiled at George, then looked suddenly contrite. “I’m sorry about that,” she said. “I couldn’t help myself. I just felt so horny.”

“What are you apologising for? You’ve just given me the first proper blowjob that I’ve ever had. Besides, I’m sure I must have been far more turned on that you. In fact I think I’m starting to get hard again just looking at your fantastically sexy-looking body.”

“You smooth talker you.” Angela looked down and saw that he really was getting hard again. If anything that made it worse for her, as she had yet to achieve release for herself.

Angela looked pleadingly at George and asked, “Will you do the same for me?” She looked down at her sodden crotch.

“I’ve never done that before… but, I’m willing to give it a try.”

She leaned back until she was in a prone position and then reached her hand down. Her index and middle finger of her left hand slipped under the elastic and pulled the panties to one side. Now George could see why he didn’t detect her pubic hair earlier – she didn’t have any. Her mound was smoothly shaven, and glistened with her already copious juices. He dipped his head towards Angela and breathed in her scent. His tongue reached out experimentally and with an unexpected accuracy touched her clitoris. Angela arched her back in delight and moaned.

Although inexperienced at cunnilingus, George was a willing and inventive learner. He experimentally ran his tongue down her slit and then on the return pushed between the lips. He was surprised at how easily it slipped in. He wiggled it about, causing Angela to squirm and then began to slide it in and out as though it was a penis. She reached down and grabbed his hair, pulling him up towards her clit again. Now she really began to thrash about.

George’s hands had been resting on Angela’s thighs, but then he moved one of them up to her pussy. As he suspected, her vagina was gaping and wet and his index finger slid straight in. After a couple of strokes he added his middle finger as well and then began a rapid, plunging penetration while continuing to suck on the erect nub above. The additional stimulation was enough to tip the woman over the edge. She let out a strangled roar and bucked uncontrollably for as much as thirty seconds before her spasms subsided.

His fingers slipped out and he brought his head up from Angela’s pussy. She drew herself up and cradled his head in her hands. George sat back up on the sofa and Angela kissed him passionately. When they finally paused, she looked down and saw that he was fully erect again. She said huskily, “I want to feel you inside me. I need to feel your dick filling me up. Take me to bed George. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Now!”

Angela stood up abruptly, took hold of George’s hand and dragged him along behind her. George was struggling comically with his free hand to keep his trousers held up as she pulled him up the stairs. From behind, her panties had slipped into the crack of her ass on one side. In fact, the majority of her pussy remained uncovered.

When they reached the bedroom Angela kicked off her high-heeled shoes, quickly unclasped her brassiere and shoved her panties down to her ankles. She kicked them into the corner of the room and climbed onto the bed leaving her stockings and suspenders on in her haste.

“Come on, George. I haven’t had a man for a couple of years. I need your cock inside of me. Please?” she begged. She spread her legs wide and drew her knees up to expose her genitalia to maximum effect.

George had never felt so uncoordinated in all of his life. He simply couldn’t work out how to undress quickly and what to take of first. He was rushing to be with Angela, but was taking longer than he would normally have done, due to his desire. He gave up when he was down to his socks and leapt onto the bed. He didn’t need any more encouragement and she didn’t want any more foreplay. He lay between her knees, took his weight on his elbows, shuffled up her body and planted the head of his penis at her crack. With one single push he fully embedded himself and then, taking long slow strokes began to fuck her.

Already Angela had beads of perspiration on her upper lip and before long her body had a glowing sheen to it. Having orgasmed already, George was able to hold back for quite a long time, extending the older woman’s pleasure for that much longer. As her next climax hit, he felt the ripples gripping at his cock and increased his pace to encourage his own orgasm. When he came, he felt the semen surging up through his penis and flooding into Angela’s passage. She felt the warmth spreading into her and experienced yet another peak.

George collapsed on top of Angela, but then realised that he might be crushing her and rolled to one side. After a while, she spoke quietly, “Thank you George that was wonderful. I haven’t had a man for almost two years and you certainly made up for it. She rolled onto her side and kissed him, then laid her head on his chest. Her slowed breathing told him when she had nodded off to sleep.

For George, sleep was impossible. He had never imagined that anything like this could ever happen to him. He was pleased with himself though, as he seemed to have performed to Angela’s satisfaction. He hadn’t yet considered the ramifications of having sex with his wife’s Aunt, but for time being he basked in the glorious afterglow of love-making.


It wasn’t long before the morning light started coming through a crack in the curtains. When Angela started to come awake, she became aware of two things; that George was snuggled up against her back and that he had an erection nestling between the cheeks of her bottom. His left hand was cupping her left breast and was lightly gripping it. The overwhelming desire that she had experienced a few hours before returned as strong as ever. She didn’t want to wake George, so she surreptitiously moved her hand down between her legs. She couldn’t help but shudder as her fingertips found her clitoris.

“Would you like me to help you with that?” whispered George.

Angela froze and felt herself blush heatedly with embarrassment at getting caught playing with herself. George slipped his hand from her breast, tweaking a nipple as he went and moved it down to join hers. He slid it beneath Angela’s and found what she had been rubbing. He teased and tickled, then probed the opening with his middle finger.

All the while, Angela could feel his dick growing even larger and harder and he began to press himself against her. Her ass cheeks had been forced apart by the solid rod and as he played with her, he rhythmically thrust his hips forward. As she came closer to climax, she could feel the solid flesh rubbing across the sensitive area around her anus. She had never allowed a man to have access to that place, but in the throes of her building orgasm she began to imagine George thrusting his cock in there. It was enough to cause her to come powerfully yet again.


After a while, George rolled away from Angela and climbed out of the bed. “I think I’ll go and have a shower, if that’s OK?”

Angela rolled onto her back and then sat up. “Only if I’m allowed to watch,” she said with a lazy smile.

As George walked across the room to the en suite bathroom, his dick waved around in the air. Angela padded after him. He turned on the powerful jet and stepped in, while she picked up her toothbrush and began cleaning her teeth. She watched this handsome young man soaping himself in the shower.

When she finished, she reached into the cabinet and pulled a wrapped box out. “I’ve left a new toothbrush out for you, when you finished in there.”

Angela turned back round and gasped as she saw George stepping out of the shower. She picked up a towel and walked towards him. He was still rock hard! Just looking at him excited her so much that she almost came just from walking a few steps. Her voice nearly deserted her, but she said in a croak, “Wrapping this towel around you would look ridiculous. Are you always that hard in the morning?”

George had been watching Angela cleaning her teeth while he showered. She stood there completely naked, her breasts swinging with the sideways movements of her arm. He couldn’t believe just how beautiful her body was. OK, she had a little extra flesh as would be expected for a woman of her age, but her curves were so sexy! He had to be careful when he was washing his genitals for fear of an explosive reaction. Stepping onto the mat, his shaft was so solid that as the blood pumped into it, it slapped against his stomach.

“How do you know just how hard I am without touching it?” he asked.

Angela took another step and dropped the towel. She reached out for him and felt the blazing heat emanating from it well before she touched it. She wrapped her hand around the cock and it felt like iron. She began to rub it.

“Stop, stop! You mustn’t!” he gasped.

“Why,” she asked, confused.

“Because I’m about to come!”

“If you do,” she replied. “I’ll just have to get you stiff again, wont’ I? Do you realise that before last night I’d hardly ever sucked a man before? And when I did, I always finished off with my hand. I’ve never let anybody come in my mouth before. And you know what? I just adored the taste of you. I wanted to drink it, to swallow it. And now I want more. I want you to come for me now.”

George was already having trouble controlling himself and Angela’s words did not help. She knelt down in front of him and looked up earnestly. “I hope there’s a lot,” she said, and closed her lips around the head. No sooner had she moved past the tip and begun to use her tongue on him, than he began pumping his hips involuntarily. Angela had to hold the shaft to make sure he didn’t accidentally withdraw. She felt his semen jetting across her tongue and, thinking he was finished took her mouth away. George had been watching as she did so and the sight was so erotic that he had a secondary spasm. The creamy white liquid shot across her face and nose.

“You naughty boy!” she said laughing. “I’ll have to punish you for catching me out like that!”

George’s cock was still mostly erect. He had never experienced this before. Throughout his life an orgasm had meant an end to his erection. Sure, he was usually able to get back up within about thirty minutes, but although he had experienced this many times, he had never made use of it. Carol wouldn’t have been interested.

“Toothbrush.” Angela indicated the packaging over her shoulder as she took her turn in the shower. If George had found it arousing while watching her cleaning her teeth, seeing her soapy hands sliding over her curves made him even hornier. He stared, fascinated as she washed every part of her body, lingering on her most intimate and sensitive places. He finished at the basin and then picked up the towel to dry himself.

When Angela stepped out of the cubicle sex was almost inevitable; it was simply a question of where and how. Would they make it as far as the bed?

George grabbed another towel and began to dry Angela. He took his time, enjoying the feel of her body through the soft cotton. He could feel her nipples harden as he moved across them and when he reached lower she stood with her feet apart to allow him access. As he gently patted her between the legs his fingers lingered. He could feel her lips parting in anticipation and her knees quaked. He moved down her legs and then pushed on one hip and pulled on the other to encourage her to turn around. He dried her back and then worked up from her ankles. As he reached her upper thighs she started to teeter.

When George’s towel-clad fingers slipped between her ass cheeks and rubbed there, it was way too much for her. Her pussy was aching for attention and in desperation she bent forwards and placed her hands upon her knees. This manoeuvre brought his hand into contact with her labia. She moaned loudly and soon, somehow, the towel was no longer there but his hand still was. The wetness told George she was more than ready; he nudged the head of his cock at the entrance and gently worked it in. Holding Angela’s hips he started to plunge harder and faster.

George had enjoyed the occasions when he had taken his wife Carol from behind. They were very rare and always with her on all-fours upon the bed. He had never had her standing up, let alone bent over, accepting the full length of his cock like this. Not that Angela remained standing for long. At her first orgasm her knees buckled and he had to hold her weight. Lowering her to her knees he resumed plundering her vagina.

“Spank me!” She yelled suddenly.


“Slap my ass, George. Give me a good spanking while you’re fucking me.”

He let go with his right hand and then brought it down on her rump with a smack. She grunted and told him to do it harder. He did. Then he let go with his other hand and used that. With Angela bracing herself, he was able to deliver a slap on one side or the other each time he thrust forwards. He could feel her pussy gripping his cock each time he did so. She came again.

“Harder!” she demanded. George wasn’t sure if she meant the spanking or the penetration, so increased the power of both. Her arms folded and she dropped to her elbows. He looked down at his shaft disappearing between the wet, pink lips. He felt so horny. Just above his dick lay the puckered star of her anus. He could see Angela’s juices had somehow spread to it. Almost like an electric shock, George was overcome by the desire to penetrate it with a finger. He was worried about her reaction, so, in between smacking he allowed his thumb to slip gradually closer as part of his movements.

Finally, he was touching it. Angela didn’t object, indeed she seemed to be making panting noises. He pushed experimentally and almost immediately the digit slipped in easily up to the first knuckle. The woman’s back arched in response, but still she didn’t say anything. So George eased his whole thumb in. Once buried, he could feel his own cock as it thrust into her vaginal passage. The tightness eased and he wondered if he dared to do what was in his mind.

George withdrew his penis. Angela remained in position, her ass pointing upwards. Her pussy gaped invitingly, but when George’s cock came back into contact it was where his thumb had just been.

Angela looked back at him with an open display of lust. “Do it!” she said.

As George tried to push the head of his dick through the resistance at the opening, he could see the lips of her pussy clenching and unclenching. As he moved deeper Angela came wildly. His own orgasm was so close that he was only embedded halfway when she felt him emptying the contents of his testicles into her bowels.


The couple went back to bed to rest afterwards. George had another shower later, before kissing Angela goodbye and leaving to make his way carefully home again.

That was the first time that Angela and George were intimate, but after they parted, it occurred to both of them that they didn’t want it to be the last.

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