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Game Bet

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It all started when our head Cheerleader, Carol, got a mysterious note in the mail. The Turkey River Jr. College Cheerleaders, wanted to make an unusual bet on the football game with Charleston Tech. It sounded like a sure thing that would be exciting, especially since our team had been on a winning streak this year.

Winning streak was an understatement, no team had even scored on them yet, and we were in the middle of the season!

We couldn’t believe those dumb girls wanted to make a bet against a team like ours. They suggested that the losing teams cheerleaders get paddled by the winning teams quarterback. The amount of licks would be determined by the difference of the scores. Which means if we won 13 to 10, they would get three licks from our quarterback.

“I think these girls are nuts. Why don’t we make it a little more interesting for them, and see if they still want to bet.” I said to Carol, as we were getting ready to practice.

“What did you have in mind Lee Ann? Something dirty I bet”

“Not really, I just think the winning cheerleaders should get to strip the losers uniforms, prior to the paddling. . . in front of both teams. I also think the winners should get to keep the losers panties, as a souvenir.”

Carol loved the idea of a bare bottom paddling, as did the rest of the squad. Joyce, one of the younger girls, added that the licks would be administered on the pommel horse in the middle of the gym, while a winning squad member held the losers legs and wrist. Karen spoke up and added a meaner angle….

“I think the losers legs should be spread wide – so everyone can see her goodies. We wouldn’t want any of the guys to miss anything. In fact, I think we should make it a Kodak moment for the school paper.” That caused a lot of laughter, everyone loved that idea. Carol added another dimension,

“Why don’t we say that the squad whose team is down by more than one touchdown at half time, forfeit their tights and cheer the second half in their panties?” Everyone loved that one too, and it was added. I offered what I felt was a safeguard against any of them escaping pay-off.

“I think all of our valuables, purses, car key, jewelry, clothes, etc., should be placed in the opposing teams locker, by the coach, to insure no one runs off with out paying. I would also add that if even one squad member of the losing team fails to report to the gym after the game, the number of licks be doubled for the rest.”

“Wait, wait, I have one, I have one,” yelled Karen. “Lets make them stand naked on the side of the court, so everyone can enjoy looking at them, until all the paddling is done.”

A formal agreement was drawn up by one of our geeks, with a place for both squads to sign along with their teacher-sponsor as a witness. Carol delivered it, in person, to the head Cheerleader at Turkey River. She said the girl turned white when she read the agreement, but didn’t turn it down. She indicated she would get back to us with a response by tomorrow.

We figured we would never hear from them again, but the next afternoon a guy from Turkey River gave Carol two original agreements back with all their squads signatures on them, along with their teacher witness. A note was attached asking us to sign both and give one to the guy to return to them.

Wow! It was now our turn to have white faces. None of us really expected them to go along with this. No one said anything after Carol re-read the agreement to us. Somehow all those cute ideas to scare Turkey River weren’t so cute now that we would have to sign the agreement. Karen was the first one speak up.

“Do we really have to do this, I mean we could call them and tell them it was just a joke, right?”

“No,” said Carol. “We were the ones who made all the additions to this thing. If we back out now you can be sure Turkey River will never let us live it down.”

“Besides,” I said, “my Dad said the odds makers are giving 30 to 1 that we will beat Turkey River. I don’t know what those girls have up their sleeves, but it’s not a football team.”

That put everyone in better spirits, and we decided to sign. Miss Wilson cautioned us before signing that nothing is a sure thing, and this agreement was binding.

“I hope you all realize that things can happen, and you could be on the losing end of this bet. I can’t figure out why Cheerleaders of a poor team would want to make such a bet with you, so I think you should be careful.” We all assured her we understood, and signed.

It wasn’t long before the whole school knew of the agreement. About a week before the game Carol’s brother, who had a good friend on the Turkey River team, told her their Cheerleaders had quietly informed the team that if they beat Charleston Tech they would give them a very private party, after the game, that they would never forget.

“Shit, they are offering them sex to win! I can’t believe they would do that,” Karen said.

“Yeah, I can see their team trying to collect on that offer; it’s all bull shit Karen. They have no plans to screw the team, they’re just desperate,” I said. Carol who had been quiet, spoke up

“I disagree. It seems they gave their team a private party last year after beating Gordon J.C., and the entire team went home weak and very happy.”

“I’m a virgin, but my boyfriend says I give great head. We could promise our guys blow jobs if they win,” said Cindy, the youngest member of the squad. Everyone chuckled at that idea.

“Hey, maybe we should concentrate on our key players instead of the whole team,” I said. Then Carol had to add another idea.

“Yeah, why don’t we get Lee Ann to let Billy Johnson sample her spastic vagina and . . .”

“Whoa! I’m not going to be the guinea pig, besides Billy is black…..and really big. Besides, who told you I have a spastic vagina”, I asked?

“He’s not as black and blue your ass is gonna be if they win,” Carol said.

“Oh C’mon Lee Ann, Jimmy told everyone about your “special gift” last year, it’s old news,” said Carol giggling.

The discussion went on for an hour. In the end it was decided that we would have to give sexual favors to the entire first string, eleven guys, for the plan to work. There were sixteen of us, so that gave the four girls, who swore they were virgins, an escape, as well as Carol (rank has it’s privilege).

Carol contacted Billy Johnson, the captain, and gave him the same offer that Turkey River got, but only for the first string. He couldn’t believe his good fortune, but insisted that one of us must “party” with him…….as a showing of good faith, prior to the game. If we did, he promised Turkey River wouldn’t even score on us. This really pissed Carol off, but she said she’d speak to the squad.

After a long heated discussion, it was decided that the non-virgin girls would draw straws to see who would have to entertain Billy. As luck would have it (at least I think it was just bad luck), I lost. . .I got the short straw.

Billy picked me up after school, and took me up into the State park. He insisted I strip and get in the back seat…..he did the same. He kissed me a few times, then drove the fattest 12″ cock in me I’d ever seen. I felt like a virgin again, and screamed it hurt so bad. But when my vagina started squeezing him, his eyes got huge and he squealed like a baby. Once the shock of my snapper wore off, he started fucking me like a pile driver gone wild. He’d cum like crazy, then lay on top of me and nibble my ears and tell me how wonderful I was until his giant sausage got firm again. He nailed me four times before he finally rolled off me.

Billy had a tongue he knew how to use, and brought me to climax several times, before he slid up on top of me again for another multiple fuck session. What seemed like a quart of cum later, he finally pulled his black monster out of me, leaving the bottom of my cunt raw, and my insides sore.

“You know Lee Ann, I thought old Jimmy was lying when he was talking about your pussy, but I gotta tell ya sugar, I think you got the best pussy in the whole school.” Billy informed me as he drove us back into town. I didn’t talk much. I knew every boy in the school would be hitting on me from now on, weather we won or lost this game.

The girls were all teeth and eyes, as they watched me walk very slowly into the gym the following afternoon. “Gee Lee Ann, you look like you’ve been rode hard and put up wet,” giggled Carol, and all the girls broke into laughter.

“Hey you guys! Every guy in this school will now know about my special gift; my insides are sore from that long black monster pounding my guts for an hour; my crotch is raw, and now I have to listen to your cute remarks, I . . .”

“Lee Ann, please,” Carol interrupted me, “no one meant to insult you, take it easy…….we all know what you gave for the squad last night, and it’s appreciated.” All the girls then apologized profusely, and hugged me.

Well, the big Friday arrived, and the first bad news we got was that our head coach was in bed with the flu. Kick-off was at 7:00pm, so Carol and the other head Cheerleader took a bag with our valuables to the Coach to be locked up at 6:30. They kicked to us, and everything looked normal, but our guys were having trouble making headway. They were not playing like a last place team. It was back and forth in the center of the field until the top of the second quarter. Our quarterback took a hard sack, and had to be carried off the field. The Doc said he had a bad fracture in his right arm, so the Coach replaced him with Willie. Willie was OK on runs, but he couldn’t pass for anything. So the first thing he does is throw a long pass down the right field, which is intercepted by the fastest little guy I’ve ever seen. He threw off our tacklers and scored. You could have heard a pin drop in our stands. We were all devastated. The extra point was good, so we were seven points down at the middle of the second quarter, not good.

They were back and forth in the middle until the bottom of the second quarter. Willie decided to try another pass, but was sacked. The ball got loose and they recovered and scored again. So, as the half time buzzer went off, the score was Turkey River 14, Charleston 0. We were all so shocked and stunned by the beating this little team was giving us, we forgot, momentarily, that we had an agreement.

“Hi ladies, I think you have something we want,” yelled their head cheerleader, as she and another girl approached us carrying a basket.

“Shit, we’ve lost our tights!” Carol yelped, “I forgot about that part. OK gang put your tights in the basket,” she yelled, as she peeled hers off. We all slowly followed her lead.

“Thank you, now I thought I’d show you the paddle we brought. Our quarterback has been practicing all week with it,” the Turkey River girl said.

It was made of black rubber, about two feet long with a handle the same length, with many holes in it. It was an awesome thing. It gave me goose bumps on my ass just looking at it. We couldn’t hide the fear of our situation as we passed the paddle around. They laughed at us, as they headed back across the field.

“Damn, I don’t want to get 14 licks with that thing Carol. My ass would be hamburger,” I said.

“Well,” Carol said, “don’t feel alone. If our team doesn’t shape up, it may get worse.”

After the half, Turkey River won the toss and got the ball. Our guys held them pretty good in the third quarter, but we didn’t score either. The crowd was now more interested in catching glimpses of our panties, than the game. Everybody was trying to take pictures of our undies (especially our Dad’s), and we, unfortunately, were giving them plenty of opportunity.

Then at the top of the fourth quarter, we made a field goal, a whopping three points. On the second play after the kickoff, their quarterback went long and connected with a receiver in the end zone, bringing the score to 21 to 3. They managed to get a field goal after the two minute warning, making the final score 24 to 3. That meant we were faced with 21 licks from that giant paddle, not to mention the humiliation of it all.

When the buzzer sounded, the teams didn’t run to the showers. The moved in around us. “The gym is right this way ladies,” said their grinning head Cheerleader. “It’s time to pay the piper.”

We formed a line and slowly walked to our fate, surrounded by both teams. Once we were inside, the doors were locked. Their squad leader came over to Carol.

“Do you want to watch, or would you prefer to wait in the Coach’s office until it’s your turn?”

We were split on this question, but a majority of us wanted the office; we didn’t want to see what was happening. Carol went first since she was our head. I had to peek out the door to see what happened, even though a part of me didn’t want to know.

They stopped at the edge of the crowd and two girls removed her shoes and sox, while two more held her arms. One girl lifted her skirt high, while the head cheerleader slowly slid her panties off, exposing her charms to the cheering teams. Then the rest of her clothes were removed, and they then led her to the pommel horse to more cheers and whistles.

She was instructed to bend over the horse, while two girls held her wrist and two more her ankles. The ones holding her ankles spread her legs, exposing her bare cunt to everyone. I moaned as the flash of several camera’s brightened her bare bottom and the guys went crazy with wolf whistles. The quarterback came forward with the paddle, but I couldn’t watch any longer, and shut the door. It was silent for a moment, then we heard a low whistle and the loud slap of rubber against flesh, which was followed by a terrible scream. The second lick came about three seconds later, while Carol’s screams of agony filled the office. The licks continued, one every three seconds until the count was reached.

We were all terrified and sobbing now, but I had to take another peek. She was screaming and crying as they helped her off the horse. Her bottom was red and purple with lots of white blisters. She continued to dance and cry as she was led to the side. Carol was then instructed to face the horse, so her bottom could be seen by everyone. As the Co-head, I knew I was next.

I maintained my composure while my shoes and socks were removed, but when my skirt was lifted and my panties were pulled, to the sound of wolf whistles and camera flashes, I broke into tears. Like Carol I was stripped nude and stretched over the horse, and my legs were also spread, to more whistles and cameras.

It suddenly got deadly quiet. Then I heard the paddle whistle through the air landing on my bare cheeks with a loud pop. I screamed, cried and shook all over, the pain was much worse than I expected. I don’t think a blow torch on my flesh would have been more painful than that paddle, and it kept getting worse every three seconds.

I screamed and begged them to stop because I couldn’t stand it, but of course, it fell on deaf ears. The three second wait between licks, was gruesome. Three seconds is an eternity when your waiting for another red hot iron to be laid on your butt. I thought I was going to die from the pain, but the last one finally hit me, and I was helped off the horse.

Like Carol, I continued to scream, cry and dance, long after I was standing next to her. It was at least ten minutes before the fire on my fanny started to go out, and I got the courage to feel my ass.

My bottom was covered in blisters, and I knew none of us would be sitting for a long time. I was in too much pain to notice it earlier, but they were taking before and after photo’s. A girl stood beside the horse holding the name of the current victim for a photo opp. We were forced to watch and bear the screams as the black paddle turned all the girls white bottoms into blistered buns.

After it was over we were given our uniforms, and moved as fast as we could back to the girls locker room, suffering cheers and more whistles as we ran. Miss Wilson was waiting for us in the Locker room.

“Well girls, I hate to say I told you so, but you brought this on yourselves through your arrogance. Turkey River got three new top-notch players on their team. They came from out of state, so no one new them or their ability.” She examined our bottoms and said we had from 25 to 30 blisters each. So, because of our pride and arrogance we had suffered horrible pain and humiliation. The real humiliation and embarrassment began when school started on Monday, since the Turkey River Cheerleaders made sure that each set of photo’s they took were freely distributed on the Charleston campus. They also distributed a photo showing our panties waving in the breeze, on their flag pole.

Each one of us had our own special section on the glass enclosed bulletin board by the trophy case. Under each name was the photos taken of that girl. The crotch shots were zoomed in so close, you could see the tampon strings on a few of the girls. People were lined up between class and at lunch trying to enjoy them. Embarrassed is too kind of a word to describe what we felt, disgraced is closer to it.

But at least the other girls reputation was intact. Mine was in the gutter for doing Billy in the park, and I became THE girl to date on Friday night. I got real good at saying no, and keeping my panties on. We all learned a hard lesson from all this. . . never bet on a sure thing.

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