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Fun at the Pool Hall

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My wife, Brandie, and I hadn’t had any kinky sexual fun in quite awhile, so one night not long ago, we decided to go out to a local bar, not our normal swingers club, and see if we could have some FUN!

Brandie, was just over 55 at the time, but could easily pass for 40ish. She wore a white button up blouse with a plunging neckline that showed off the top of her lacy white push-up bra, and all of her chest and cleavage.

She had her blond, shoulder length hair nicely done and just enough makeup on with red lipstick. A couple of gold necklaces hung around her neck, bringing attention to her chest and nicely tanned tits, as if you wouldn’t be “looking” without the gold catching your eye! The necklaces, white blouse, and blond hair all complimented and showcased her tanned complexion.

She wore a short black skirt that had a zipper in the back of it running from the hem, upward, towards the waistline, so that you could unzip it and create as high a “split” in the back of the skirt as you dared to. Of course she wasn’t wearing any panties under it, no stockings on her tanned legs, and she wore a pair of black satin pumps which had straps around her ankles. On her right ankle, she wore a heavy gold anklet that brought your attention to her flower tattoo on the outside of her ankle and also to her nice golden brown, tanned, legs, as if you NEEDED any other reason to look at her legs!

We went to one of our favorite pool halls, a bar with eight pool tables in the back of the bar. We knew the owner pretty well as we had been there many times and he was a friend of ours. The place wasn’t very busy, there were a few patrons sitting at the bar and four of the eight tables were occupied with players. My wife and I sat on stools at the bar and had a couple of drinks, (I only drink soft drinks when I know I have to drive, and she likes beer and shots of Tequila). We made small talk with the bartender/owner and a couple of the young GI’s sitting at the bar, who recognized me as a retired veteran from my hat. (We live in the same city near the Army base I was stationed at when I retired from the Army.)

My wife was the only woman in the whole place and sitting on that barstool, showing all that gorgeous tanned leg, she was getting plenty of admiring stares from the men there, almost all of them GI’s, who looked to be from about 21, to a couple of them looking like they were in their later 30’s. During the couple of hours we sat at the bar drinking and making small talk, there were a couple of times that my wife had to slide off of her barstool and walk all the way through, to the back of the bar, to use the ladies room. Each time she did it, she showed off a generous portion of tanned leg and thigh and I think she even flashed a couple of the guys at the bar a quick look of her cleanly shaved pussy as she got off of, or onto, her barstool. The men, who were playing pool in the back of the bar, all stopped and stared, as she walked past them in and out of the bathroom.

After a couple of hours of us drinking and making small talk at the bar, there were only two pool tables with players and still several people at the bar. My wife and I went to the back of the bar and started to play pool.

As she and I played pool, the four guys on the other tables weren’t too coy about watching my wife, as she circled the table and bent over to take her shots. Her skirt wasn’t “micro-mini”, but it was pretty short, and it did show off plenty of her nicely tanned legs when she bent over to shoot. Brandie had that zipper I mentioned earlier, unzipped a couple of inches to make a little short “split” in the back of her skirt. When she bent over the table, if she set one foot in front of the other, then her trailing leg went into that split and the split went way up on that leg, nearly to her butt cheek! This didn’t go unnoticed by the other four guys playing pool and I saw all of them taking appreciative glances of my wife’s legs and nice ass as she played pool.

We played several games over a couple of hours, during which, Brandie had several more beers and a few more shots of Tequila. She was feeling the “buzz”, and when she gets a buzz, she actually shoots pool better because she is more confident of herself and “bolder”, about EVERYTHING!

Two of the guys on one of the other tables had left, leaving just one couple of guys playing on the table next to us. My wife was checking these guys out as much as they were checking her out and a couple of times while we stood close together, she whispered to me that she thought they were cute, “especially the younger one”. As we played the next game, my wife enticed them a little more by wiggling her ass needlessly as she lined up a shot, bending over so that her tits were nearly dragging on the table so they could get a good look at her cleavage, and even making sure that she was standing in their way a few times so they had to ask her to move as they tried to make a shot on their table. As they finished their game, one of them asked us if we would like to play pairs. Brandie answered them before I got a chance to, gladly saying, “Sure!”

They were both obviously GI’s, one of them looked to be early 20’s the other maybe in his 30’s. After we started playing and had a little small talk, I found out one of them was a young Corporal named John, and the other a Staff Sergeant named Tom, both in the Infantry, and both in the same Regiment that I had retired from. As we played, I made small talk with both of them about the Army, deployments, war and such. My wife chimed in from time to time, she knows nearly as much about the Army as I do since we had been married so long while I was a GI, and Brandie’s previous husband, and several boyfriends before me, were also GI’s.

The guys both spent as much time as they could admiring my wife without being too obvious, I’m sure they were trying not to piss me off. Brandie was more “buzzed” by now and so she was being a little flirty with them, and me, rubbing them as she passed them at the table, sometimes if one of them was sitting in a chair, she might stand right in front of them with her ass right in their face. Once when I was sitting in a chair and she stood in front of me like that, I reached out and unzipped her skirt about halfway to the top of the zipper, which took the split in the back of her skirt almost to the middle of her ass when she was standing up. That meant that when she bent over to take a shot, her ass cheeks and possibly her pussy, would be peeking out through that split in the back of her skirt. She either didn’t notice, or she pretended not to notice, that I had unzipped her skirt more than what it already was.

After that, as she took several shots, I maneuvered around behind her to see how it looked and sure enough, when she bent forward, her ass cheeks were in plain view and if she spread her legs a bit and set her feet for a shot, my wife’s cleanly shaved pussy lips would peek out between her thighs! After I knew how it looked, I stopped taking up the space behind her when she would shoot, and left it for those other guys to see.

It didn’t take but just a few shots for both of them to get a good view of my wife’s ass and pussy from behind her as she took a shot! I noticed that they couldn’t help themselves, even though they were trying to be cool about it and not stare at this “other man’s wife” too much and piss me off. I tried to let them know that it was cool and it was OK to look. When I would catch one of them looking, and he would see that I caught him looking, I would just laugh, smile, and say something like, “A great view, huh?” They would just smile; shake their heads and say, “Yeah!”

About then we ended a game and my wife went to the bathroom. While she was gone, I was racking the balls and one of the guys, the older one, Tom, got the nerve to tell me, “I hope I’m not overstepping any boundaries here, but your wife is HOT!”

I said, “Thanks, and no, you’re not overstepping any boundaries. I don’t mind showing her off to other fellows from time to time. She might not be as “HOT” as she was when she was younger, but she’s still HOT, and I know men enjoy seeing what she’s got. In fact, she likes to be appreciated too. When she comes back, give your compliments to her. I promise you she’ll take it well. Don’t worry about being too forward, or crude, I promise she won’t be offended, and neither will I.”

John chimed in on the conversation and said, “Hey man, I’m only 23 but I think your wife is fine, I don’t care how old she is!”

About that time my wife returned from the bathroom and asked me what we were talking about while she was gone. I told her we were talking about her and her sexy ass. She laughed and said, “You mean my “old” ass don’t you?” Then she asked me to get her another beer before we started the next game.

As I came back from the bar, my wife had her back to me and was standing very close, face to face, with Tom, the older of the two fellows, holding her pool cue in her hands with the end of it on the floor between her feet. I noticed that the zipper on the back of her skirt was unzipped ALL THE WAY UP! I knew that the zipper stopped only 8 inches from the waistband of that skirt, (I had measured it before), and so now she was wearing a skirt that essentially was only 8 inches long! (For those of you in the UK, 8 inches is about 20 centimeters.) Now even standing up, her ass cheeks were poking out between that split in her skirt and when she bent over, nearly her whole ass and whatever peeked out between her thighs would be on plain display.

Later on, my wife denied knowing the skirt was unzipped all the way up, saying that it must have come unzipped the rest of the way while she was pulling it up to pee, in the bathroom. (I suspected, and still do, that she unzipped it all the way on purpose!) She also told me that Tom was talking to her while I was gone, telling her how sexy she was. She said that he was pretty bold about it too, with me out of earshot. She said, that he said things like, “You have got a fine looking ass and fantastic legs!” She said he even asked her if anyone ever gets between them other than her husband. She laughed, thanked him for the compliments and as for the rest of his questions, she smiled and said, “I have never cheated on my husband.”

Tom said, “I didn’t ask you if you ever cheated, I asked if anyone else ever gets between those sexy assed legs of yours?” About then, I showed back up and she never had to answer his question.

We started the game. I broke, and then I sat down in a chair to wait for my turn again. My wife stood in front of me and I could see that now, with that skirt “split” unzipped all the way up, that her bare ass was peeking out of that skirt, even while she was standing straight up. As John started taking his shots, I couldn’t resist the temptation! I reached out and rubbed my wife’s bare ass. She didn’t object and even bent forward, leaning on her pool cue a bit, encouraging me to rub her ass. Then I slid my hand down onto the inside of her thighs and rubbed each leg up and down. I made sure that the other guys could see me rubbing her legs and that she wasn’t making me stop. I looked to see if they were watching, and sure enough, Tom was watching from the other side of the pool table and John was trying to take pool shots, while watching what I was doing to my wife, at the same time.

On one upstroke, I went up under the skirt and Brandie, knowing where I was going, moved her feet a little farther apart so that I had easy access to her pussy. As my hand went between her legs, onto her pussy, I saw her sigh, and even though I couldn’t see her face, I imagined that she might be standing there with her eyes closed enjoying my “massage”. I rubbed my hand flat, forward and back along my wife’s pussy, not letting my finger tips trail in between her pussy lips, yet I could feel her heat and the beginning of wetness between her legs.

Suddenly John, spoke up and said, “Hey! Brandie! It’s your turn.”

My wife acted as if she had been startled out of a trance and she said, “Damn!” We all laughed.

I stayed in my chair and watched as my wife walked around to the other side of the table and looked for her shot. By this time of night, there was only one other guy sitting at the bar, way up front from where the tables were, talking to the bartender, and we were the only people in the back, near the tables. The place was almost deserted.

Tom and John noticed that Brandie’s skirt was unzipped all the way up and they weren’t coy anymore about looking at my wife’s ass! In fact, as she was lining up her shot, they both sat down in chairs behind her so that they could get a better view of her ass, and her pussy, that no doubt peeked out from between her thighs!

My wife bent over to take her shot and I have no doubt that these guys probably had a great view of some of Brandie’s pink slit between her pussy lips as she seemed to bend a little farther than usual and even spread her feet a little farther apart than she needed to. I think the “SLUT” was doing it on purpose! My wife was doing what she likes to do best; showing off, exposing herself to other men. We had discovered a long time ago, that she has an exhibitionist streak in her and it turns her on to be “looked at” in a sexual way. I figured that she knew what she was doing, it was turning her on, and that her pussy was no doubt getting wetter by the minute! The thought that my wife was purposefully letting these strange men see her ass and no doubt her pussy too, made my cock twitch and jump in my pants!

She made the shot and had to line up another one. As she bent over for the next shot, Tom got up out of his seat, walked up behind my wife, pressed his groin right against my wife’s ass and said, “I’ll bet you can’t make this one.” As he pressed against her, Brandie stood up without turning around to face him, and after he was finished she said, “We’ll see.” (She later told me that she could feel his cock, hard as concrete, through his jeans, pressed on the crack of her ass!)

Then she bent over again and as she did, Tom stepped back just a bit and slid a hand onto my wife’s ass. I couldn’t tell from my side of the table, but I suspected that he might even have slid a finger into my wife’s cunt because she hesitated taking the shot for a second, kind of shivered, and I saw John shoot looks back and forth between me and what Tom was doing. I’m sure he was wondering if Tom hadn’t gone a little too far and that I wasn’t about to blow my stack! To make sure that everyone understood that I was cool with it, I spoke up and told Tom, “Man, when this woman is shooting pool under the influence of alcohol, you can’t distract her like THAT, (with an emphasis on “THAT”)! She likes that too much!”

About then, Brandie made her shot and stood up, (as she did, Tom withdrew his hand), she wheeled around to face Tom and said to him, “My husband told you so!” We all laughed at that.

She missed the next shot without any distractions and we went on playing pool. While Tom was shooting, Brandie stood on the other side of the table in front of young, John. To this point, he had been a little more hesitant about all this than Tom had been. But with my wife standing right in front of him and with the memories of what he had seen me, and then Tom, doing to my wife, I guess he figured it was his turn.

I watched as John slid his hand up and down my wife’s legs, at first not going any higher than her skirt hem. But since she wasn’t objecting, (in fact I think I saw the “SLUT” even spread her feet a bit farther apart to encourage him, making my cock twitch again!), I saw his hand disappear up under her skirt. Of course I couldn’t tell exactly what he was doing because I couldn’t see it, but I saw my wife close her eyes, kind of lean forward on her pool cue and bite her lower lip. I figured the guy had a finger or two in my wife’s pussy!

Brandie later told me that John hadn’t actually slid any fingers up inside of her, but he had rubbed his hand flat on her pussy, letting a finger tip trail along between her pussy lips and across her clit. She said that by this time, she was so turned on by teasing these guys, and the touching she had gotten from me, and then Tom, that her pussy was very wet and John’s finger tip almost “fell” into her slit without him really having to force it. She also said that each time his finger tip touched her clit that he made her shiver and she didn’t want him to stop, in fact she was ready for more!

Tom made a couple of shots and was taking a lot of time doing it, because he kept shooting glances over at his buddy John and watching the same show that I was. Tom missed the next shot, probably because he was too engrossed in what John was doing to Brandie!

It was my turn next, so Brandie kept standing in front of John, obviously enjoying whatever it was he was doing to her. As I walked around to that side of the table, my wife opened her eyes, looked at me, and made a face, kind of puckering her lips and blowing a little silent whistle, that told me she was enjoying having young John’s hand/fingers on her pussy right there in the pool room!

I took a shot and missed, (on purpose), so that it would be John’s turn and we could end what they were doing before it went too far. I wanted to extend this “teasing” and grab ass game a little longer and I knew if my wife stood there with John much longer, that she might just orgasm and then the “sex game” would be on! I quickly said, “It’s your turn John.”

My wife stepped away from him and walked around the table to get her beer and as she did, she said, “And not a moment too soon!” We all laughed very loud about that and it took a couple of minutes before John could settle down and take a shot.

While John was shooting, Brandie was standing to the right/front of our table, while I was sitting in a chair, back to the wall, with my right arm on the table and sipping my drink. Tom was standing to my wife’s right side. Since I was in the chair, I was sitting slightly behind them and I saw Tom boldly reach his left hand down and start rubbing my wife’s bare ass through that slit in her skirt. I love it when a man is bold enough to make that kind of forward advance on my wife while I’m sitting right there to see it. I also love to watch as my “SLUTTY” wife, just stands there and “takes it”! When my wife willingly lets another man fondle her in a sexual way, while I’m right there to see it, that tells me that she’s HOT, horny, and willing to act like a “SLUT” while I’m watching. NOTHING turns me on more than to see her acting that way! Tom looked over his left shoulder and down at me, I just smiled and nodded my head in a “yes” motion to let him know I was cool with it.

I had a perfect view as this other man rubbed his hand all over my wife’s bare ass. John was taking his time making a couple of shots in a row and so Tom sat down in a chair and he was now slightly behind my wife the same way I was. Tom kept rubbing Brandie’s ass and then her legs, sliding his hand up and down the inside of her thighs. My wife loves to have a man rubbing the inside of her thighs and legs, it really turns her on, and so I knew she was enjoying the treatment that Tom was giving her. He looked over at me and said, “Man! Your wife has a gorgeous ass and legs!”

I responded, “Yeah, I agree. I have been enjoying them for many years! But her pussy is even better than her legs!”

Up to that point, my wife had been standing there, obviously knowing this other guy was feeling her up with me watching and hearing us talk about “her”, as if she wasn’t even there, and she hadn’t moved a muscle. When she heard me mention her pussy, she slid her right foot out a bit and Tom instantly took the bait and slid his hand between my wife’s legs and started rubbing his hand flat against her pussy. As his hand hit her pussy, I saw Brandie kind of shudder, and lean a little forward on her pool cue. Then I asked him, “You felt that a little bit ago over there on the other side of the table, didn’t you?”

Tom said, “Yeah.”, hesitated for a second and then said, “And I also felt this!” At that, he put his middle finger tip between my wife’s pussy lips and quickly slid his finger up my wife’s cunt, which was so wet by now with all the teasing and fingering she had already had, that it easily slid up until his whole finger had disappeared! He did it quickly and with a bit of an upward thrust and I saw Brandie kind of rock upward for a second, she gasped, and then she settled back down onto her feet. She leaned a bit forward, leaning on her pool cue for support and Tom started to finger fuck her; sliding his middle finger up and down, into and out of my wife’s’ cunt, slowly at first, right there, at the table, in the bar, while I sat there watching!

I looked up towards the bar and could see that there wasn’t anyone in the place, except my buddy, the owner, who was cleaning up around the bar and not paying any attention to what we were doing back here by the pool tables. I turned back to see that Tom was really going at it now, with a couple of fingers up my wife’s cunt. He was alternately finger fucking her and rubbing his fingers back and forth between her pussy lips, then jamming them up her cunt again! I could see that my wife was leaning further forward on her pool cue and was breathing heavier in response to Tom’s fingers fucking her sopping wet cunt. I could hear his fingers squishing in and out of her and I could smell the aroma of her juices as Tom was working her pussy and bringing forth ever more juices! I could see that Tom’s fingers and hand were soaked with my wife’s cunt secretions.

John had missed a shot and told Brandie, it was her turn, and she didn’t answer him. She just stood there, leaning on her pool cue, enjoying the feeling of Tom’s fingers in her pussy. I spoke up and told John, “She’s a bit preoccupied right now. She’ll be ready in a few minutes!” My wife leaned over farther now, laid her pool cue on the pool table, leaned on her hands on the edge of the table, and just stood there enjoying the finger fucking she was getting from Tom.

At that, John sat down and watched from the other side of the table, drinking his beer, I suspect he was too shy to come right over to where we were and get a better view of the action.

I could hear Tom’s fingers squishing in and out of my wife’s soaking wet fuck hole, and even in the dim light, I could see her juices frothing up around his fingers. I could smell her sopping wet cunt. My cock was hard as a rock! If we hadn’t been in a public bar, (actually I was more concerned about not freaking these guys out than I was that we were in a public bar, because by now, we pretty much had the place to ourselves), I would have pulled it out and started stroking it! I was really enjoying the sight of watching this strange man we had just met a couple of hours ago, finger fucking my wife in this bar. Seeing his fingers sliding in and out of her cunt, watching him sliding them between her pussy lips and rubbing her clit, knowing how good that makes her feel and how much she loves the treatment she was getting, seeing my wife acting like a common “SLUT”, was nearly too much for me to bear! I was almost afraid I would bust my nut right there in my pants without ever touching my cock!

My wife was leaned all the way over on the edge of the pool table now with her arms folded under her, she had her feet spread wide and Tom was giving her a fantastic fingering! He would fuck her for a bit, then rub her pussy and clit, every time he hit her clit she would jump and moan, then he’d jam a couple of fingers back up her cunt, and each time he did that, she would jump up and give a little squeal. The jukebox up front was still playing music so her noises weren’t traveling far. I took a quick look around the bar to see if anyone else was watching. The only other guy in the place was our friend the bartender/owner and I saw that now, he was watching as he dried some glasses and he could tell what was going on. He knew about my wife’s and my, kinky sexual lifestyle, (in fact, he had fucked my wife before on his bar, one night after closing, while I watched and followed up for those sloppy seconds I love so much!), so he just gave me a smile and a thumbs up, that all was OK. It was late and I suspect that he had locked the door.

It only took a few more minutes and Tom’s fingers had the desired effect. My wife rose up so that she was leaning on her hands, arched her back, and moaned her way through a tremendous orgasm! I watched as her cunt muscles squeezed around Tom’s fingers and her juices ran freely, some of them dripping onto the floor between her feet. Tom’s whole hand was soaked and juices even ran down around his wrist! Brandie moaned, gasped, sighed, shook all over as if she had caught a chill, then Tom slowly pulled his fingers out my wife’s cunt, gently slid them over her pussy and across her swollen sensitive clit, which made her moan again, then he withdrew his hand.

My wife stood up, turned around and we could see that she was sweating and breathing hard, she said, “I’ve got to go the bathroom.”, and off she went.

Tom wiped his wet hand on his jeans, he and I sat there still with the aroma of my wife’s wet pussy hanging in the air and he said, “Man! She is HOT! Thanks for letting me do that.”

I told him, “Hey, no thanks necessary, I enjoyed the show too. But, thank her when she comes back.”

He said, “I will, for sure. Is there more? Or is that it?”

I said, “Well that’s all up to her, but I suspect she’s up for more.” Then we sat there and waited for her to come back from the bathroom.

Brandie came back from the bathroom looking much more “normal” than she did when she left. She had washed her face, touched up her makeup, her breathing was normal, but she still had that glow of a fresh orgasm about her. She asked me to get her another beer and a shot, so I went up to the bar. The bartender told me the door was locked and we had another hour or so before he had to leave. He had already cashed out his register so he gave me the drinks, “on the house”.

When I got back to Brandie, my wife was standing there with both guys on either side of her, she had her arms stretched out and wrapped around each man. She was making out with them, alternately kissing each one as both men rubbed her ass with one hand. I walked up behind her, loudly clearing my throat, then said, “Hey, here’s your drinks.” The three of them broke it all off. Brandie downed her shot, and then followed it with a swig of beer. While she was doing that, I said, to no one in general, but for everyone to hear “The bartender say’s he’s locked the door and we have about another hour before he’s got to leave.”

At that my wife turned to young John and started kissing him. They started really making out and getting pretty hot and heavy. You could plainly see their tongues going in and out of each other’s mouths and John had both hands on my wife’s ass. Tom started to move in on them, but I put my hand out and motioned him over to a chair, we both sat down and watched. As we both took sips of our drinks, I told him, “We’ve got an hour, no need to be in a hurry.” I wanted to also set the ground rules here, and let him know that I was “in control” here. That I might allow them both to have their turns with my wife, but it would be on “hers, and my terms”, not theirs. We would set the pace, not them.

As we watched John and Brandie, my wife got one hand down on the front of John’s jeans and she was rubbing what was obviously a very hard cock. Then she stepped back, and using both hands, undid his belt, jeans, and pulled his pants and under shorts down, freeing his cock to spring out in front of him. My wife then went down on her knees and grabbing his cock in her right hand, took it into her mouth!

Young John leaned back on the pool table and stood there obviously enjoying my wife’s mouth on his cock! He would look down at my wife sucking his cock and then throw his head back, close his eyes and enjoy the feelings she was bringing to his groin. A few times, he looked over at us, (maybe it was me he was looking at), and he seemed a bit nervous standing there getting his cock sucked by a woman while her husband sat there watching. To put him at ease with the situation, I spoke up and asked him, “How ya like that John? She sucks pretty good cock doesn’t she?”

At just 23, John probably hadn’t had many blow jobs in his life and certainly he had never had one from a woman as talented at it and with as much experience at it as my wife. Brandie had literally sucked hundreds of cocks in her lifetime and when she met me, I was the first one to ever “tell her” how to do it right. She had taken my advice, practiced on me, and every other cock she could get in her mouth. I think that most men have a harder time busting a nut from a blow job than they do from fucking. But, my wife, Brandie, had gotten so good at it, that she could usually make any man cum within minutes of her starting sucking on his cock! I can honestly say that she is the best cocksucker I have ever known! I have had many men tell me the same thing, although many of them had to do it when their wives couldn’t hear them.

Young John was a bit bashful about talking about it, but I asked him again, “Well John how is it?”

John finally managed to speak and said, “Man she is GOOD! I have to admit I was a bit nervous at first getting a blowjob in a bar with you guys watching, but she is going to make me blow any minute!”

Tom spoke up and told me, “Man she looks like she enjoys that and does it well!”

I said, “Wait until you get your turn at her mouth. She’s the best damn cocksucker I’ve ever known!”

While we were all talking about my wife, she was just working on young John’s cock and not paying us any attention. I learned a long time ago, that while my wife is engaged in sexual action with another man, she likes to listen to him, me, and others who may be watching, talk about her. The more we talk about her like a “SLUT”, maybe even using the term “SLUT”, and talk about what she looks like and how it feels, etc. the more she likes it! I greatly enjoy talking to the other man, (or men), too. I like to hear them complimenting her sexual abilities and talking about how good it feels. I like to talk about her as if she’s just some “SLUT” we don’t know, there for us to “use”. I don’t allow the conversation to get “degrading or humiliating”, neither of us is into that, but talking about her like a “SLUT” is a turn on for both of us!

About that time, young John tensed up and unloaded into my wife’s mouth! He let out a loud groan and grabbed the back of Brandie’s head, shoving his cock as deep into her mouth as he could get it. The “SLUT” didn’t miss a beat! She swallowed every drop! I watched as my wife slowly pulled John’s softening cock out her mouth, licking the head of it, licking her lips and looking up at him she said, “Did you enjoy that?”

John laughed and said, “What do YOU think?” She laughed, we laughed, and Brandie got up off her knees.

She came over to the table Tom and I were sitting at, straddled my lap and sat down on me as she picked up her beer and took a couple of drinks. I said, “I’ll bet your pussy is soaking wet!” I slid my hand under her and sure enough she was soaked and making my pants wet! Then while she sat there on my lap drinking her beer, I unbuttoned my wife’s blouse, unhooked her front hooking bra, and freed those beautiful 38C tits for everyone to see. I started sucking on them. John was standing to my left and Tom was sitting in a chair to my right. I pulled my mouth back from my wife’s tits and looking over at Tom, I asked him, “Aren’t those nice tits?”

Of course he said, “Yes.”, and then he reached out to squeeze, play with them, and roll her nipples between his fingers. Tom didn’t know it, but he was doing one of my wife’s favorite things. She loves to have her nipples gently rolled between a finger and a thumb; it turns her on, BIG TIME!

Getting turned on even more than she already was, my wife wanted another cock to suck. So, she turned towards Tom, (who was standing beside us by now), and while still sitting in my lap, opened his pants up and took his rock hard cock into her mouth. I sat there watching my wife sucking this other guy’s cock just inches in front of my face; I couldn’t have had a better view!

I could see her lips stretched over his cock sliding up and down his length. I watched as her hands worked on and kneaded his ball sack as she sucked his cock. I could feel the heat of her soaked pussy in my lap on my rock solid cock and I was afraid if she moved around too much in my lap, I was going to cum in my pants!

I whispered into my wife’s ear that I had to get up. She probably understood why, so she stopped sucking Tom for a moment as I stood up, I told Tom to sit back down in the chair I had been in and then I stepped around behind Brandie as she bent over and went back to work on Tom’s cock. I slid my right hand onto my wife’s pussy and slid a finger tip between her pussy lips. I rubbed it over her clit. She gave an approving moan without taking Tom’s cock out of her mouth and wiggled her ass a bit. Then I easily slid a couple of fingers up my wife’s cunt and I could feel her hot, wet, slickness, and then once again, the air filled with the smell her soaked pussy.

This entire time, young John is standing there watching us, and his cock is hard again. I looked at him standing there with his pants up but still open, his hard cock sticking out and he was holding it in his hand, I hadn’t been watching him the whole time, for all I know, he might have been standing there stroking it. My wife was bent over sucking Tom and he was loving it! He even spoke up and said, “Man! You were right! This babe really knows how to suck a cock!” To which I responded, “I told you so.”

At that point I told John, “Come on over here John, and fuck this “SLUT”. I have no doubt she wants some cock in her cunt!”

NOW, I had set the tone! These guys had heard me refer to my wife as a “SLUT” and mention her “cunt” openly. The term “SLUT”, I use in an endearing manner and she doesn’t find it offensive either. My wife and I had talked about this a long time ago and we both think of a “SLUT” as a woman, who freely chooses to have sex on her terms, with whomever she chooses. This we find to be different than a “whore”, or a “prostitute”, who fucks whoever will fuck them, no matter who they are. So that is why I always use the word “SLUT” in capital letters with quotation marks when I use it in reference to my wife. And I can tell you that it turns my wife on to be occasionally referred to as a “SLUT”, by myself and other men, while she is having sex.

So, I pulled my fingers out of my wife and stepped off to my left, making room for John to get in behind her. He dropped his pants to the floor again, grabbed my wife on both sides of her hips and slowly pushed his cock head between her pussy lips. Then he hesitated a moment, and after all this action, seemingly still a little unsure about how I would take all of this, he looked over at me as if to get some reassurance that this was all OK. I waved my hand at my wife and told him, in an almost demanding voice, “Go ahead man! Give that “SLUT” what she wants. Fuck her!”

I guess now being assured that all was OK, John grabbed my wife’s hips a little more forcefully and shoved his cock all the way into her in one quick push. Brandie was shoved forward a moment, then bounced back and as John’s cock slammed home, she opened her mouth on Tom’s cock and gave out a grunt followed by an approving moan. Then John started stroking his cock in and out of my wife’s cunt, slowly at first, while she continued sucking Tom’s cock.

Tom looked over at me and said, “You know as good as this woman sucks cock, I’m trying to hold out ’cause I want some of this “SLUT’S” pussy.”

Hearing that, my wife pulled her mouth up off from Tom’s cock and stood there holding both sides of the chair he was sitting in, as John started fucking her, harder, and faster. Tom grabbed the back of Brandie’s head and forcefully pushed her mouth back down over his cock and told her, “I’m not ready to blow yet baby, you keep sucking!”

My wife could only suck Tom another minute or two because she was getting so into being fucked by John that she had to have some air. I knew it and when she came off from Tom’s cock again, and he grabbed her head again, I told him, “Give her a break a minute Tom, she needs some air.”

So Tom just sat there with my wife bent over his lap with his hard cock sticking up in her face while she held on to the sides of the chair and enjoyed getting fucked by John. Tom started playing with and squeezing my wife’s tits and nipples the way he had before, and the combination of that, and John’s cock up her cunt, was driving my wife to the brink!

I had a great view of John’s hard cock sliding in and out of my wife’s slick cunt and I could see her juices looking like suds in a washer clinging all around his cock and on her pussy lips. In all reality, this whole thing since John had started fucking my wife, hadn’t been more than just a few minutes. I asked young John, “How’s that pussy man? Ya like that?”

He answered, “I’m sad to say that even though she got me off a few minutes ago, I’m not going to be able to last long in this pussy. Man she is GOOD! And this whole situation is HOT! I’m going to cum any minute!” I said, “Hey man, don’t worry about it, let it go and fill her with your load!”

I saw my wife look at me and kind of shake her head and I knew what she was trying to tell me. She was getting close to an orgasm and she was distressed that young John might not be able to last long enough to get her off. I saw Brandie, start pushing her ass on John and “fucking him”, now, more for herself, than for him. She was close and she was trying to get off before John did. Her change in motions was all John could take and I saw his body tense, his ball sack tighten and he drove hard and deep into my wife’s pussy as he shot his load up my wife’s willing, well used cunt! As he was cumming, I saw my wife tense up and she was moaning along with John in a small orgasm of her own while she took John’s load inside of her.

As soon as Brandie had settled down from her small orgasm and John pulled his cock out of her, (I saw globs of their mixed cum drop on the floor between her feet), my wife grabbed Tom’s hand, pulled him up out of his chair, she turned around and leaned over the pool table and looking over her shoulder she said, “Come on. Your turn. FUCK me, NOW!” I knew from my wife’s tone of voice and the way she was acting, that the small orgasm that she just got off from John fucking her, only lit a bigger fire in her belly and she wanted someone to put it out!

I love it when I hear my wife demanding that some other man “fuck her”, it means that she is HOT, she has a fire in her belly that can only be put out by cock and she doesn’t care that it isn’t my cock, just put that fire out!

Tom was no where near as hesitant as young John had been, he slid his hard cock into my wife without needing any reassurance from me, and started fucking her hard and fast. Tom was a bit aggressive right from the start of this whole thing and so he was really “using” her right now. At this stage of the action, that’s what my wife likes, as long as it’s not physically hurtful, or degrading. Earlier, Tom had pinched my wife’s nipples just the way she likes it without knowing that was one of her “things”. Now, he did another thing she likes. When being fucked from behind, my wife likes to have a man grab her hair and gently pull it, or at least hold her head up by pulling on her hair. Tom had his left hand on Brandie’s head and had a hand full of her hair while he was thrusting his cock in and out of my wife. We could all hear his balls slap, every time he drove in to the hilt and they hit her belly. He was holding her head up and he looked a bit like a bronco rider trying to hold the reins of a horse and stay in the saddle.

I could tell that Brandie was getting the fucking she wanted and she was about to explode!

As Tom took a couple more, hard, deep strokes, my wife’s whole body tensed up and she threw her head back even farther than Tom was pulling it and she nearly screamed as she grunted, groaned, moaned, and shivered through her orgasm! She pushed her ass back hard at Tom and screamed at him, “Push in hard! Hold it there! Oh GOD, I’m cumming, FUCK that feels soooo goooooood!” I was watching her ass cheeks spasm against Tom’s belly and I knew her cunt muscles had be squeezing the shit out of his cock! I saw some juices drip onto the floor between her feet. I knew Tom had made my wife cum HARD! As she settled down a bit she said, “Come on fuck me!”

My wife had had her “big orgasm”, so now I knew she wasn’t worried about getting off anymore, she was going to get him off and it wouldn’t take her long!

I could see my wife moving her ass in those ways that I know feels so good to anyone’s cock that’s in her, and every time Tom pulled out, I could see her pussy squeezing him. Tom looked at me and said, “Man! This “SLUT” is HOT and she not only knows how to suck, but she can fuck too!”, before, I could answer him; he tensed up, drove all the way in and dumped his semen into my wife to mix with her juices and John’s load before him.

About then, I noticed that our bartender friend, Billy, had moved back to where we were and he was standing on the other side of my wife enjoying the show with John. He looked across Tom and my wife, who was laying face down on the pool table trying to regain her composure. Billy asked me if I minded if he got some of that action. I asked my wife if she was up for another. She was still standing there with Tom’s softening cock in her and she hadn’t really been paying attention to the conversation, as she was still gasping for air. Looking at me on her right, she said, “Who?”, and before I could answer her, she looked to her left, saw Billy standing there with his hard cock in his hand, and she said, “Oh yeah, Billy. Come on! You can fuck me too.” I knew my wife was pretty drunk on booze and sexual hormones to be talking like that; she usually isn’t that vocal during sex.

So, Tom pulled his cock out of my wife’s well fucked pussy, more globs of cum dripped onto the floor, and he stepped aside. Billy, who was already hard, just popped open his pants, positioned himself behind my wife, grabbed her hair in his left hand and guided his cock to her waiting fuck hole with his right. Then I watched his dick slide all the way into her sopping wet, well used cunt! As he slid his cock into her, I heard him say to my wife, “Brandie, I’ve wanted another piece of your sexy ass ever since I got it the last time.” When he bottomed out, he stood there for a few seconds enjoying the feeling of my wife’s well used cunt enveloping his cock. Tom, John, and I stood there watching my wife taking her third cock of the night.

My wife responded to Billy saying, “Well don’t just stand there, fuck me!”

Billy started stroking his cock in and out of my wife, slowly, but quickly building steam. Tom, who had been the aggressor all night, moved over to the two of them and he reached under my wife to pinch her nipples again. This, my wife was enjoying, and it didn’t take her long to build up to another pretty big orgasm. Billy drove home and held it there as my wife screamed and moaned through another big orgasm! As she regained her breath, she grunted, “Shit Billy! It didn’t take you long to make me cum! Damn! That’s good!”

Billy started laughing, then he said, “As I recall, it didn’t take me long to make your “SLUT” pussy cum the last time either!” Then he stroked his cock in and out just a few more times, I’ll bet he hadn’t been fucking my wife for more than five minutes. With a hard, forceful stroke, he slammed home and emptied his balls into her, to mix with the other two ahead of him.

Billy let go of Brandie’s hair, stepped back, pulling his cock out of her, as he did, (more globs of cum on the floor), he gave her a playful and gentle slap on her ass and thanked her for a good time. He also said, “That’s twice that was pretty short, next time we need to take a little longer.” Then looking at me, Billy said, “That’s a great piece of ass you’ve got there, thanks for sharing it.”

Now, my wife was standing there, bent over a pool table in a bar, she had been fucked by three other men, her pussy was wide open, well used, oozing cum, Billy had just referred to her as “it”, a great piece of ass, like the “SLUT” she is, and now it was my turn! I was so turned on, I wasn’t sure I could get my cock into her without cumming!

I stepped up behind my wife, opened my pants up, took my hard cock in one hand, grabbed her hip with the other and slid just the head of my cock between her pussy lips, which were so swollen and slick that it was almost like I didn’t have it in yet. Then I grabbed my wife’s hair in both hands and I told her, “You KNOW this isn’t going to take long!”

She chuckled and said, “Yeah. I know. You’re ready aren’t you?” It was more a statement of fact, than a question.

I said, “You know I am. I’ve been watching you take three different cocks up that “SLUTTY” cunt of yours and now I want to get those sloppy 4th’s!”

She said, “Well, OK then. Come on and get ya some. FUCK ME!”

I slid my cock all the way into her cunt until my belly pressed hard against her ass. I held it there for a few seconds enjoying the feeling of my wife’s well used cunt, full of three men’s cum, enveloping my hard cock! The heat, the slickness of all the juices that had been dumped into her, the images that I had fresh in my mind from all the action I had been watching for the last 3-4 hours leading up to this gang-banging of my wife, it all combined to make me nearly ready to explode way too quickly!

I was able to hold off the feeling to cum for at least several minutes as I fucked my wife; fourth, behind the three other men standing there, now watching us. As I pounded my cock in and out of my wife’s cunt, I was making her rock back and forth over the pool table. She raised herself up, off her arms, which she had folded under her, so that she was leaning on her elbows and her tits were swaying back and forth underneath her. She had raised up just far enough, that her nipples, which were standing hard and swollen, were rubbing back and forth on the felt of the pool table, as I was making her tits sway back and forth by fucking her from behind. Then Tom, who had been aggressively trying to stay in all the action all night, reached under my wife’s crotch from in front of her and began massaging her clit with his fingers while I was fucking her with my cock. Now, every time I slid all the way into her, my balls slapped on his knuckles. This was really turning her on and the combined feelings of her nipples on the table felt , my cock pounding her cunt, and Tom’s fingers on her clit, made her build up to a tremendous orgasm! My wife’s cunt muscles clamped down on my cock. She began to moan, gasp, and force her ass back hard against me, trying to shove my cock into herself as hard as possible. Then she cried out, “Oh my God! OOOOOH! That feels sooooo goood! I’m cummmmming!” Then she gushed with juices! I felt the heat and slickness of the sudden rush of her cum juices filling her cunt around my cock and forcing out around me, to coat my balls, upper thighs, and pelvis area, making us both sopping wet!

I couldn’t stand it any longer! I took two more strokes, one out, then in, droving my cock hard and deep into my wife. As she was cumming from her own orgasm, I added my load inside her, to mix with that of the other three men, who had just fucked her minutes before me! The explosion of my own orgasm into my wife’s pussy was as strong as I had ever experienced and for a few seconds, it made me weak in the knees! I stood there, pressed hard into my wife, and leaning a bit over her, as both of our orgasms peaked and subsided, and then I rested for a few moments as we both tried to catch our breath.

After I pulled out, I helped Brandie to stand up, (large globs of cum squirted out of her pussy, ran down her legs, some dripped on the floor and her shoes), and I held my wife tight as we kissed deeply, passionately, and she regained her composure and balance, after all, she had been bent over that pool table for over half an hour.

This is the moment; when all the other sexual action is over, my wife and I have both had our last orgasms, and without any interruption from the others, that my wife and I spend a few moments passionately kissing, stroking each other, hugging, and generally “loving” each other. We show each other how much we do love the other and we speak loving to each other in whispers, telling the other how much we enjoy indulging in this kind of sexual fun fest for the mutual enjoyment of both of us. At this moment, the room could be full of people, but we are alone, in our moment of passion for each other.

When we broke off kissing, my wife fastened her bra, pulled her blouse closed, and her skirt down; I pulled the zipper halfway down in the back. Then she stood there, with her hair all a mess, the smell of sex in the air, and cum from four different men and her own juices running down her legs. I could even see some of the white globs drying on her black satin shoes. (I thought, that might be hard to clean up.)

She never looked more sexy, or beautiful, to me!

I joked with Billy that he had more cum on the floor to clean up than in an adult book store movie booth. He told me no problem, and if only some of his customers knew how she had squirted cum juices all over his bar right where they sit! He said he sometimes laughs about it when he sees someone sitting right where he had fucked my wife on the bar.

The two GI’s that we had been playing pool with and who had fucked my wife that night, Tom and John, both thanked us for a fun night and then we all went our own ways.

My wife hadn’t bothered to clean up before we left the bar. She just walked out of there like the “SLUT” she is, with her cunt leaking cum from three other men and me, running down the insides of her legs, smelling like she had just been fucked by four men, and the whole way home the inside of our vehicle smelled of sex! There was the unmistakable smell that told that she had been thoroughly fucked in the air! She sat in the passenger seat with her legs spread open, her pussy was still a little swollen and sore from the “use” it had gotten tonight. I told her how proud of her I was and what a good “SLUT” she was.

She said, “I had a lot of FUN tonight! I haven’t ever been fucked four times, by four different men, at one time, ever. Not even at the swingers club or any party we’ve ever been to. I have been fucked all night long before, by you and another guy taking turns, yeah, we’ve fucked like that for several hours before. I’ve fucked three different men at once before, you and two other guys. I’ve never done four guys at one time like this before, ever! It was pretty cool! I felt like a total “SLUT” getting “used” like that. Does this qualify as a “Gang-Bang”?”

I told her it did, and yes, she was a “SLUT”, and I told her how much I loved her and appreciated her. She said she loved me too and enjoyed being my “SLUT”. When we got home my wife took a shower, cleaned up, got the smell of sex off her, put on a slinky nightie and crawled into bed with me. We cuddled up and talked about how much fun the night had been and how much sex she had. As we talked, I gently stroked her pussy that was quickly recovering from all the fucking it had just hours before. She was stroking my cock which stood hard at attention again. Then I said to Brandie, “I noticed that you didn’t get your pussy licked tonight. You want me to do it?” She readily agree and I went down on my wife, licking her where just a short time ago, three other men had had their cocks and filled her with their cum. She was of course, very clean now from her shower but I was gentle so I wouldn’t hurt her as she was still a little tender. But as she got worked up, she didn’t care about that anymore as she ground her pelvis up into my face and went through another tremendous orgasm! I don’t know how she had any left in her, after the several small ones and couple of major ones she had at the bar.

Then I got on top of my wife, sank my hard cock into her pussy, and fucked my wife for her fifth time in less than 3 hours. Then we both drifted off to sleep as the smell of her cum filled cunt, once more filled the air!

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