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French Exchange

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I stood there in the hallway, staring at the door. The rest of the hall was empty, and I could hear my heart pounding as though it was trying to leap out of my chest. When I reached up to knock, my hand was shaking. The voice from within the room did nothing to ease my anxiety.

“Juste un instant, s’il vous plait “, melodically reached my ears. Well, we were in Quebec, and she was my french teacher, so…. perhaps I should fill in some history leading up to this moment.

When I was in Grade 12, I went on my first French Exchange, where English-speaking students go to spend a week in a Quebec town, attending a French-speaking high school while living with local families . The process is reversed a few weeks later, with the frenchies attending our school and English language classes. We had to raise money for the program, and I was part of the fund raising group, which meant that I had to spend more time outside classes with the teacher. What might have been a hassle was more than adequately compensated for by having to spend time with this teacher.

Miss V, as we sometimes called her, was not much older than the average grade 12 student, having recently completed her own schooling. She was actually 25, but she didn’t look it, and compared to the ancient instructor she had replaced, well, she attracted a lot of attention from a classroom of horny teenagers, male and female alike.

She was also built like a brick brothel. Only about 5 feet tall without her heels, she often wore knee-length skirts that showed off her muscular calves, while hugging the rounded curves of her prominent rear-end. Long blonde hair reached mid back, and while she wrote on the blackboard, all male eyes caressed her with their gaze. When she turned toward the class, those caressing eyes locked in on her chest.

She had sexy green eyes, but they were always serious when she was in charge of the class. She dressed in a conservative manner, but there was no disguising what was under her blouse. Serious eyes, or not…. those massive tits had every dick in the class stealing blood from our brains.

That first year, with her being the new teacher, and getting ogled every second of class, she was pretty much all business. But by Grade 13, she had begun to relax a bit. Sometimes, a few buttons remained undone, and she would occasionally perch on the edge of her desk while reading from the text. Even though she kept her legs crossed, those legs were quite the display.

I helped with the fund raising again, spending time with her outside of class, and she was actually quite fun to be around, for a teacher. She even told me to call her Niola, rather than. Mademoiselle V, outside of class time. I’m sure she caught me staring at her boobs on more than one occasion, and I think I saw a small smile on her lips at least once.

Getting to Quebec from our city by train meant staying in a hotel one night on the trip there. She had her own room, while we students crammed together in as few as possible. Most of the guys ended up in one room, eating pizza and spinning bullshit stories, when the topic of Niola’s body came up, pardon the pun. Teenage boys are so full of themselves. Everyone had their own idea of how hot she was, and what they would do to her in the sack. My dick certainly had some ideas of its own. But after an hour or so of this crap, I had to get out of there.

And that’s how I found myself standing outside her door, a door that suddenly opened, meaning I had no choice but to talk to her now.

“Oh, Hi!” she chirped, drying her hair with a towel. “Come on in, I’m decent”. Decent was a huge understatement, and I wondered if she was aware of the inadvertent compliment she had just paid herself. She was wearing the thick terrycloth robe that the hotel supplies for its guests. As I passed her, she put the doorstop down to block the door open. She was obviously trying to maintain the teacher – student relationship. “What’s up?”

“Oh, not much. Just was out for a stretch, since there are so many people in my room. It got picked for the gathering spot. Ended up outside your door, and realised I didn’t know what the plan for tomorrow was, so here I am.” Okay, so it was mostly a lie, but also partly true.

“The bus picks us up at 10. So, your room is the party room?” She was still the teacher.

“I wouldn’t say party room” I said. “More like the bull pen, if you know what I mean”.

She had walked back into the bathroom. “I think I get your drift. The stories getting pretty thick, huh? ”

“Oh yeah. The biggest problem is that I think most of them actually believe their own lies!” I laughed then continued, “I mean, to hear the stories about what they would do to….” Shit! I forgot who I was talking to.

She heard me pause, and came back out of the bathroom, still clutching the towel. “I’m sorry, I missed the…..” She stopped, looking at my red face. When she made eye contact, I looked away. A few awkward seconds passed, before she spoke. “Oh my, I guess I understand now.” She turned away. “Really? They are talking about me?” she queried as she turned back towards me. When she turned, her robe gapped a little bit at the top, revealing just a hint of cleavage, which drew my eyes in like a magnet does steel. She saw where I was looking and pulled it closed as she turned away again. More silence followed. I was just about to stammer an apology and leave when she flipped the doorstop up with her foot and closed the door.

Oh, shit, I am really gonna get it now. She doesn’t want anyone to hear this. She stood at the door with her back to me for what seemed like hours, while my imagination ran wild. Great. I will get shit from her, then my parents, then probably get expelled…. My brain was racing, so much so that when she turned around to face me, I didn’t notice that her expression was far from angry.

“So, what would your story be?” she asked as she took a step toward me. “What would you do to…….” she paused a few feet away, her hands on her hips, “….. me?” I had been staring at the floor. When I realized what she had said, I slowly looked up. Her robe was now held closed, not with the sash, but with her hands. As we made eye contact, she slowly pulled it open.

Oh shit! I AM REALLY GONNA TO GET IT NOW!!! Under the robe, she wore nothing but smooth flesh. The curtain parted to reveal the deep cleavage between her huge, round breasts. They were absolutely magnificent. Firm, smooth, and capped with dark, puckered areolas that were crowned with very erect nipples as big as the tip of my little finger. Down below, she was shaved as smooth as a baby’s butt.

I had been sitting on the corner of the bed, and now she stepped forward to straddle that corner. Her breasts brushed against my face. “Well?” she asked, “Que voulez-vous faire de moi?”

I finally snapped out of my stupor. Both my hands grabbed her ass, while I simultaneously latched on to one of her stiff nipples. She fell forward onto me, mashing her tits against my face, before supporting herself above me. When I looked up through her cleavage, her head was thrown back, a look of pleasure on her face. “Oh oui, c’est ça….Sucer mes gros seins. Aimez-vous mes gros seins juteux?”

Niola always ran her class in French. If you didn’t at least try to speak to her in French, she would pretend she couldn’t hear you. Do I like your big juicy tits? My mouth was full, but I believe I was able to communicate my agreement. If my lip lock on her jugs wasn’t sufficient, the lump of steel in my pants should have been ample confirmation. She had discovered that fact, and was beginning to rub her naked pussy against my denim-imprisoned hard on.

I was swap-sucking her luscious boobs when she suddenly pushed up off of me. “Quel est ce ici? ” she said as she caressed my bulge. A few seconds later, she was undoing my belt and extracting my thick 8 inch rod. She stroked it gently. “Oh fuck, c’est un très gros pénis. Que dois-je faire avec ça?” What do I want you to do with my big cock? Why, suck it, of course. But how do I say that? My brain searched frantically for the translation.

“Umm… Suce-moi, s’il vous plaît Mademoiselle?” I offered, hoping I had the proper verbage.

“Très bien, monsieur, vraiment très bon!” While I watched eagerly, she licked her lips, and locked her eyes with mine. With delicious slowness, she lowered her lips around the head of my cock. The feeling was electric. Warm wetness engulfed me as she slowly bobbed her head in my lap. Her soft globes pressed against my thighs, and one of her hands cupped my balls while the other pumped my dick in rhythm with her lips. She was moaning around my shaft, and I was moaning my enjoyment. I lifted my head and watched as my teacher….. Yes, my teacher…. sucked enthusiastically on my cock. I was living every high school guys dream, getting a blow job from a hot teacher. French class would never be the same again.

“Oh god, that feels so good” I moaned as I moved one hand on top of her head. She pulled away abruptly.

“En français s’il vous plaît” she commanded. Ever the teacher, even while she was blowing me. Okay, I will try to play along.

“Oh mon dieu, ça sent….. uhh……si bon…? ” Translating was difficult with her licking my cock like this, but apparently I did okay, because I soon found myself watching her as she inched her lips down my shaft until it was all the way down her throat. I kept my appreciation of the sensations she was giving me confined to the non-linguistic, lest she stop what she was doing. In other words, I didn’t use any words that might require translation, sticking with moans, groans and grunts. Niola gagged a bit each time she bottomed out, but continued her incredible technique.

“Shit, you are one unbelievable cocksucker”. Damn, that just slipped out. She didn’t need to say anything; she just paused with her lips brushing the by now hyper sensitive head of my dick. “Ah, oui. Excusez-moi. Je voulais dire que vous êtes une suceuse incroyable.” Ha, take that!

A smile beamed on her face. “Très impressionnant, monsieur, et je vous remercie pour le compliment”. She resumed gobbling my knob. Now she was the one doing the moaning, and I noticed that her left hand was between her legs, rubbing her clit while she drooled all over my dick. I was getting close to blowing my top.

“Excusez-moi, mademoiselle. Je vais ….. uh….. cumming…. uh…. dans votre bouche très bientôt”. Some things defy translation. I’m gonna cum in your mouth soon.

She looked up at me, still with a few inches of my cock in her mouth, and smiled…. well, at least as much as anyone can smile with a mouthful of hard meat. She nodded and increased the speed of her bobbing head. Her moans caused a vibration that hastened my explosion. Her lips clamped around the base of my cock as I began to bathe her throat with my hot semen.

“Oh fuck yes… I mean ‘oui’! Oh… fuck… oui! Oh…. Oui! Oui, suce-moi sec!… Oh….. vous êtes une suceuse incroyable!! ” I croaked as I collapsed back onto the bed. Niola continued to vacuum my softening prick, extracting every drop. When she was done, she pulled my nearly limp dick from her mouth with a loud slurping noise.

“Vous avez le goût délicieux. J’aime le goût de votre chaud, jus collant.” she said as she wiped her lips clean of stray spray. Something about delicious taste…. and hot, sticky …. juice? Oh…. my juice. Got it.

I was trying to get my breath back, and she was smiling down at me while cupping and caressing her luscious breasts. I had to ask her.

“Excusez-moi mademoiselle….. uh…. pourriez-vous…. s’il vous plaît…. dites-moi ce que la taille de vos seins sont beaux?” I gotta know just how big those gorgeous tits of yours are. Please tell me. Please.

Niola looked at me, and while she tried to make sense of my limited French skills, her hands stopped their tactile manipulation of her boobs. When she figured it out, she nodded, tugged on her stiff nipples, and walked over to her open suitcase. She extracted a lacy black bra and tossed it to me. While she took a place on the bed, I fumbled with the sexy undergarment, finally locating the tag.

34F! F as in fabulous! F as in fantastic! F as in fucking incredible! I looked from the tag to her, then back to the tag, then back to her. Now she was laying back, peeking at me through the deep canyon of her cleavage. She smiled and arched her eyebrows, as if to say ‘not bad, eh?’ Her knees were drawn up and her legs spread wide, while she gently traced the slick lips of her pussy.

“Voulez-vous que je mette mes doigts dans ma pussy pendant que vous regardez?”. Do I want to watch you finger your pussy? Hell yes! I nodded eagerly.

While I crawled up for a closer view, she began, spreading her lips and plunging a finger into her wetness. Her thumb flicked over her clit, and soon a second finger joined the first, then a third stretched the wet lips of her cunt.

“Aimez-vous regarder? Ma pussy est tres belle, non? Suis-je très humide? Je devient très excitée, tellement excitée. Souhaitez-vous lécher ma chatte, s’il vous plaît? Yes, I like to watch you, and your pussy is very pretty. Yes, you are very wet, dripping, in fact…. You’re getting very excited? Me too! Will I… lick?…. your pussy? Just try to stop me!

She withdrew her fingers, and I replaced them with mine, before leaning in and flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue. A guttural groan escaped Niola’s lips, and she arched her back in pleasure. The fingers that had been in her twat were now in her mouth, and the other hand was pinching her nipple. I continued to probe her hot gash with two or three fingers while I licked the sweet honey from her labia. Every time I ran my tongue across the top of her clit, her moans intensified. She was rolling her head back and forth, with two fistfuls of the bedsheets stabilizing her motions. I pulled my fingers out and buried my face in her slick sex, worming my tongue as deep into her as I could. I guess she liked it.

“Oh mon dieu, oui! Lécher ma ….. uh…… Fuck!…… uh…. chatte! ……. Collez votre …….. shit, your tongue…… uh……. Lick my cunt deep! Lécher mon…. oh, yes, lick my clit……. uh huh….. that’s it! Je me faire….. Fuck, you are gonna make me cum!!” After that, she grabbed the pillow and put it over her head, muffling her grunts, groans, and screams. I continued to lick long and deep into her pussy, while she screeched into the pillow and gushed liquid lust from between her thighs. She came once, then again, and I kept up my assault on her clit. She tasted so good, so sweet, I just couldn’t get enough. Finally, her thighs clamped around my head and she arched her back once again, twisting her body wildly, while a massive third orgasm ripped through her body. Even the pillow did little to squelch her shrieks of delight, and I wondered if the sound would carry down the hall.

Niola went limp. I know that I was only 18, and had limited experience with women,(okay, limited experience with girls… no experience with women) but not even in the hundreds of porn movies I had seen did I ever see a woman orgasm the way she did. I had a feeling that, in addition to the French immersion trip, I was about to get a sexual immersion course, at an advanced level. No prerequisite required.

I removed the rest of my clothes and joined her on the bed, cuddling up behind her and cupping her impressive breasts.

“That was wonderful!” she said quietly, and surprisingly in English.

I couldn’t resist the tease. “En francais?”.

She rolled towards me pressing her big hooters against my chest. “Well (she kissed me softly), they sometimes say French is the language of love (another kiss), but English (kiss) is better as the language of sex.(Another kiss, more forceful and passionate) Hot, sweaty, face-to-face fucking!”. This time the kiss was more like ravishing, and I happily complied, sucking on her tongue while my hands roamed all over her body. I was already hard again after the pussy eating session, but having her body in my arms completed the job.

She was amazing. Her entire body was smooth, but the huge, soft-yet-firm globes of her breasts were in complete contrast to the firm muscular curves of her ass and thighs. We were still joined at the lips while she rolled on top of me, trapping my erection between her thighs. She then raised her hips, grabbed my rod, and positioned it between the puffy lips of her cunt.

She broke the kiss and pushed herself up off my chest, staring intently into my eyes. She manipulated her hips slightly, and the head of my cock slipped into her dampness.

“Oooooooh!” she hissed as she pushed her hips down, inch by inch, while she continued to stare into my eyes. “Ahhhhh! Yes!”. She reached bottom, wiggling her ass on my lap and then sitting straight up. “Like I said before…. Nice, big cock!” Her cunt gripped me fully like a velvet glove, and while she ground her clit against me, she flexed the muscles of her pussy to squeeze me tighter. “Oh fuck, you really fill me up!”.

Niola arched her back and wiggled some more, groaning lasciviously. From my point of view, her already remarkable breasts took on new prominence, silhouetted against the light coloured ceiling. The stiffly erect points of her nipples stood proud. I guess multiple orgasms have a great effect on the height of a woman’s nipple erection, because they were standing taller now than they were when I had them in my mouth. She looked down and saw what I was looking at. “Yeah” she giggled, “they stand up pretty good, don’t they?”. Her fingers pinched the sensitive nubs, that appeared to be almost an inch long. “Fortunately, they only get this stiff when I cum.”

“Fortunately? I think they are the sexiest nipples on the greatest tits in the world!” I said, leaning up to take one in my mouth.

“Merci.” She accepted the compliment graciously. “God your lips feel good on my breasts. Seriously though, if they were like this all the time, I would really have a problem getting the class to pay attention.” I tried to give her my innocent look, but I was furiously suckling her breast, so it was pretty ineffective. “Okay, maybe I should rephrase that. I know all the guys are paying attention…. but not to the lesson. I feel all your eyes on my ass, and my tits, everytime I stand at the front of the class. Yours included” she laughed as she smacked me on the back of the head. I shrugged and switched nipples, while she made little happy noises and continued to grind her cunt down onto my cock.

Niola put her hand on my chest and pushed me down on my back. “I love that you love to suck my tits, but I really need to make better use of this…. ” flexing her pussy around my cock, “….. Now! “.

She leaned forward a little, and slid slowly up my shaft, gripping me with those firm kegel muscles, then relaxed them and slid down, rotating her hips as she did. The process was repeated. And again. Now faster. The feeling on my cock was absolutely mind blowing. I started to moan with pleasure, and she was matching me, although I tended to moan on her up stroke, and she seemed to prefer the down stroke.

“You like my pussy pulling on your cock?” I moaned my assent. This woman really knew how to fuck. “I really like the feeling I get when I squeeze and pull…” she demonstrated, throwing her hair back “…. oooh, yes….. I can feel the texture of your skin better.”. Her shoulders and upper body remained almost still while her hips worked feverishly up and down on my cock. She was beginning to breathe more heavily, and a flush began to appear on her face and chest. She was getting close. I reached down and grabbed one of her breasts, pulling it within range of my lips. My tongue flicked the rubbery tip.

“Oh shit, yes…. Fuck and suck! Fuck and suck!” she demanded. Her pace was quicker, and she was now slamming her cunt down onto me. The flush was spreading, and in my mouth, I swear it felt like her nipple was getting hotter and harder. “Yes, that’s it! Suck my tits while ……. I fuck …… your cock with my cunt.! ……. God yes! I am so ……. wet, and …. your cock ….. feels so good, …… yes, so good.! Oh yeah,….. fuck …… yeah, ….. here it…… comes, here ……. it cums, ohhhhhhh ……….. yessssssssss!!!!” Niola threw her head back, and I lost my grip on her breast as the orgasm overtook her. Her mouth was open in a silent scream. She shuddered, her breasts shaking from side to side. All the while, her cunt tried to crush my cock and hot juices ran out of her. It was really something to watch, and feel. Incroyable.

She twitched a few times, then fell over backwards, pulling herself off my rod with a pop. She was gasping for air, and the view I had of her pussy allowed me to watch her swollen lips grasping for my now absent penis. Aftershocks rocked her body and her sex. The feeling of her hot secretions cooling on my cock and thighs made my skin tingle.

I managed to extricate myself from our tangled pile of arms and legs, and stood to observe her supine loveliness. Her breasts rose and fell with her breathing, which was returning to a more normal rate. I leaned over and kissed one of her nipples, which elicited a quiet groan from Niola. When I sucked the stiff bud into my mouth, the groan got louder, and she reached up to cover her breasts with her hands. “Too sensitive….” she panted.

If her breasts were too sensitive to touch after her fourth orgasm, I imagine that her honeypot must be buzzing with sensory overload. I decided against wrenching her legs apart and licking the chick slick from her labia. Instead, I just sat next to her, gently caressing her back and shoulders, down to her hips. She purred contentedly, and after a few minutes, I replaced my caressing fingers with soft kisses. This made her sigh, and open her eyes.

She grasped my wilting cock in her small hand, and tugged me toward her mouth. Where the dick goes, I follow, so I soon found myself straddling her head while she did an upside down suck job on me.

“Damn, I do taste good, don’t I?” she smiled, as she simultaneously cleaned her juices from me and prepared me for round…. Uh…. 4? I suddenly realized that I had been gone from my room for quite a while. Would anyone go looking for me? That question was forced into the background when Niola pulled my hard cock out of her mouth and spun around, scooting her butt over to the edge of the bed. She lifted her smooth, muscular legs, still together and extended, up toward her head. She looked at me with a mischievous look on her face.

She took an ankle in each hand, and smoothly spread her legs wide, wider, still wider, until her pussy lips gapped open on their own. She then bent her knees, and hooked her elbows behind her knees. Her knees were now beside her ears, and she gave me a look that clearly said ‘well, what are you waiting for?’.

“Holy fuck!” was about all I could say as I quickly placed the head of my cock at her open slit. One stroke, all the way to the bottom.

“Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuccckk” Niola hissed sexily. Obviously, in this position, my cock could reach as deep into her as it ever would. Maximum depth. I started to slowly pull out, when she stopped me. “Hold still for just a sec”. I hadn’t noticed the look of bliss on her lips, but now I could feel her literally vibrating. She grabbed her nipples frantically and pinched them. The vibrations got more intense, and her breathing became irregular. “My clit! Rub my clit now! Please! I’m gonna….” I pinched her love button, “cuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm!!! “.

Her cunt rippled and twitched on my cock, clutching and grabbing me as she came, without me actually moving, at all.

“Oh mon dieu…. Okay, now fuck me!!” I began to thrust, while her pussy made funny little slurping noises. “I said fuck me! FUCK me!” she commanded. I complied, picking up the pace. Apparently not quickly enough. “Oh god, your cock feels good like that… but I said FUCK ME!!!” Her pussy lips were stretched tight around my shaft, and that sensation began to take its toll as I started to fuck her as hard as I could. She went off again.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming again! Keep going, keep fucking me!! Don’t stop!!” she hissed through clenched teeth. She then grabbed the pillow and bit the corner to muffle the sound of her orgasm. Perhaps I should pluralize that, because I continued to pound her pussy through what could either be described as four separate orgasms, or one huge one.

Either way, she was going to have some company soon. Real soon. Really, really soon. I was still thrashing her cunt mercilessly.

“In you, or on you?” Before she could answer, I made an executive decision, and yanked my cock out of her dripping snatch just as I exploded. Scalding semen shot out in one massive rope, across her gaping pussy, up her stomach, directly through her deep cleavage, up her chest , her neck, and onto her face. She tried to catch it, but it happened too fast. The next shot landed mostly on the side of her neck, but some ended up in her hair. By the time I was spent, streaks of cum adorned her hair, her left shoulder, the left side of her neck and ear. Then there was a thick glaze of my glop across her left breast, from cleavage up to the collarbone and over her nipple. Some was on her chin and cheek. Some in her navel. Some dripped out of her gaped open pussy.

Niola uncoiled her legs and sat up, collecting gobs of goo as she did, and licking the syrup from her fingers.

“In me would have been fine. On me is good too. Down the hatch works.”. She was standing now, and gravity was having its inevitable effect on Niola’s coat of icing. A big drop hung for a few seconds from her erect left nipple, before she caught and consumed it. She started toward the bathroom.

I was now sitting on the corner of the bed, trying to focus. “Okay. So in you or on you, either way is fine. I will have to remember that for next time.” Shit, I guess I just made a very big presumption. I held my breath, hoping I hadn’t just fucked things up.

Niola froze. “Next time?” she queried. “Next time?! NEXT TIME!!?” Slowly she turned. I braced myself for a shit storm. A smile broke across her face. She nodded. “Next time”. She turned and went into the bathroom, starting the shower seconds later.

I flopped back on the bed, content I had not looked the proverbial gift horse in the mouth. Or maybe it should be fucked the proverbial gift slut in the mouth? Either way, I was glad. And sleepy.

I was awakened by Niola’s lips on my penis. Great way to wake up, really. I groaned. “Just cleaning, so don’t get any bright ideas, you horny bastard”, came her voice from between my legs.

“Me? Horny? I’m not the one who had, what…. six orgasms?” I said teasingly.

She smiled, blushed, and looked away coyly. “I didn’t hear you complaining. Besides…. I think it was seven orgasms!”. She laughed like a teenager and disappeared into the bathroom again. Her head popped back around the corner, “Actually….. it might have been eight!”

I walked over to the bathroom door. “Show off!” Niola was washed and dried, pulling on a black thong. She smiled at me and did a mock curtsey. She plucked up the black bra from the counter and put her arms through the straps, easing her incredible tits into the cups.

“Would you mind?” she asked, turning her back. “On, not off.” she giggled as she looked at me in the mirror. Her eyes dropped to my semi hard dick. “Mon dieu, didn’t you get enough. I won’t walk normal for a week.”

“Can’t help it. Question :do you wear this sort of thing to school? “I gestured to her bra, that barely covered her now softened nipples, and her thong, pulled up between the lips of her smooth pussy.

“Wouldn’t you like to know!”

“Yes I would”. I kissed her neck, and she spun around and jammed her tongue down my throat. “Who’s asking for more now?” I said when she stopped kissing me. She just smiled.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Then a voice. “Miss V, are you awake?” One of the girls from the exchange.

Niola suddenly became a Navy Seal, using hand signals to direct me to stay in the bathroom, be quiet, and hide, while she would see who it was. She raced out to kick my clothes under the bed, and grabbed the robe she had been wearing when I arrived. “une moment…” she called as she turned off the light and closed the bathroom door. She had a quick look in the mirror to make sure she didn’t look too much like she had spent the evening getting royally fucked. She took a breath, and opened the door.

From inside the bathroom, I could only make out the odd word, so I had to wait for a recap. I sat quietly, on the toilet, naked. The outer door closed, and seconds later the bathroom door opened. Niola reached in and flicked on the light .

“I have to meet them down in the lobby in 5 minutes to go look for you ” she said as she jabbed her finger into my chest. Then she smiled and kissed me.” Found you! “. Then she reached in and turned on the shower.” You…. In! Wash the smell of my pussy off you” I pouted, “and use the time constructively. You need to come up with a plausible story for where you’ve been for the last 4 hours, when we ‘find’ you in the lobby in an hour”.

4 hours?? Really? I tried not to look too proud, but she knew exactly where my mind was going. “You were asleep for one hour, you know?” Still, pretty good use of three hours :a blow job, some extreme cunnilingus, and two seriously strenuous fucks.

Anyway, during the shower, I actually did come up with a reasonable story, and when they returned to ‘find’ me in the lobby about an hour later, nobody voiced any doubt.

Miss V had her teacher persona back on. “Très bien. Tout le monde au lit maintenant. C’est deux heures le matin et le bus sera ici en 8 heures.” She turned to me, ” Vous. J’ai besoin de vous parler pendant une minute.”. That elicited the desired ‘oooh, you’ re in trouble now ‘ from the group, as they headed for the elevators. Niola put her hands on her hips and tried to look suitably pissed, while I put on the contrite act. Finally, everyone was safely up the elevator shaft.

She dropped the act and winked at me “Pretty good excuse. C’mon, let’s go to bed.” We were in the elevator when she realized that last comment might need some clarification. “I mean, you go to your bed, and and I will spend the night alone in mine.” Another kiss. “I really wish I could spend the night in your arms, but….”

“I know……

“And it goes without saying that all of this stays between us, oui?”

I tried not to look hurt. Of course, I wouldn’t be doing anything that might jeopardise a return trip to her bed. Hell, no one would believe me anyway. She patted me on the crotch as the doors opened. I peeked out before leaving. No one in sight. I turned back and quickly stole behind her.

I kissed her on the side of the neck, wrapping my arms around her as well. She inhaled sharply when I brought my hands up under her breasts, fondling her for a few seconds. Her head lolled back against my shoulder.

“Damn, it’s going to be a long night.” she sighed.

Actually, it was a long 2 weeks. No way to get together during the French exchange, nor on the trip home. Then we were back at school, and she was all business. I did get the occasional smirk in my direction, and of course, I couldn’t get the picture of her in bra and thong out of my mind. Was she wearing sexy underwear?

One afternoon, after school hours, I was walking down the hall past her classroom when I noticed she was still in there, grading papers. I saw that there was no one in with her, and the halls were deserted. I very carefully turned the knob, and the door opened quietly. I closed it behind me.

“I was beginning to think you’d never come looking for me”, she said, putting down her pen. “This is the third day I’ve stayed late to grade these papers!” She stood and sauntered over to me. She moved like a sexy cat. A sexy cat wearing 6 inch heels.. I could swear she was wearing different shoes before, in class. Actually, now that I think of it, she changed all her clothes. This skirt was shorter, showing more leg. Now she was wearing a v-neck sweater, that snugly covered the extreme curves of her breasts, and showed some breathtaking cleavage.

Niola perched on the edge of her desk, while I sat in the front row. If someone happened to pass by and look through the window, they would see a teacher talking to a student. However, this teacher was flashing this student. Stocking tops were visible as the skirt rode up a bit. No panties were visible because they weren’t there. “I really need a good fuck, so here’s what I think we should do……” She detailed how I would leave first, but take her keys, so I could be waiting for her when she got home. Sounded like a great idea to me. But, I still wanted to do one more thing.

Standing with my back to the door, I blocked the view through the window. “I will be there….. but, I need a little preview, please?”

She stood with her hands on her hips, a thoughtful look on her face. She concluded the thought, and reached behind, unzipping her skirt. It fell to the floor, and she stepped out of it. She grasped to bottom edge of the sweater and peeled it up and off. She now stood in her classroom in a black bra, thigh high stockings, and six inch heels. She thought for another second, then shucked her bra as well.

She sat back on her desk and spread her legs, running a finger along her slit. She got it wet, which wasn’t difficult since I could see her snatch was dripping from across the room , and then licked her fingers clean. She diddled her pussy a little more, making a little puddle on the desktop.

Okay, I wanted to get her naked in the classroom to get her hot and bothered, which she obviously was. But now she was in control, naked and out of reach, and I was the one on the receiving end of the tease.

“Stay….. right where you…….. are!” she panted as her fingers worked furiously into her cunt. Niola’s nipples were up again, and she orgasmed with silent fury. A small jet of pussy juice shot across the desk. “Always wanted to masterbate in class.” She looked at the desk. “I made a mess”.

“I might make a mess too” I said, staring at her. My cock was ready to explode. She was putting her bra back on now, and soon the skirt and sweater were back in place. I was now cleared to move from the doorway, so I sprinted over to her desk to taste her juices. I had been weeks without the taste of her nectar. She was smiling at me while I licked my fingers.

“Now, get your ass out of here” tossing me her keys, “and pick us up something to eat on your way”. I broke into a big smile and stared in the direction of her box lunch. “I mean, get us some food, pervert. ”

“Pervert? Moi? I am not the one who just fingered her pussy to orgasm in a public high school classroom.” I feigned innocence.

“No, you’re the one who asked me to get naked, then licked my cum off the desk”. She was raising her skirt again.

“Oh yeah, I guess I did.” Busted. “Sushi?”

“Sushi would be fine. Half hour or so?”

“I’ll been waiting. Naked? ” I suggested.

She laughed. “Why don’t we keep some clothes on until after dinner. I’m not going to run away.”

Just over an hour later. Sushi has been consumed. Niola had some wine, I’m not old enough to drink, so I had a coke. I suppose I am not really old enough to fuck my teacher, either, but I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. I’m sitting on the couch, flicking channels, while Niola is in the bathroom.

I finally found something to distract me from the fact that Niola was taking what seemed like forever to get ready. I must be honest :if she was a three hour fuck when it ‘just happens’, the thought of being in her bed when she has had time to prepare was both exciting and terrifying. I didn’t need to wait much longer.

I heard the click-click of heels behind me, and before I could turn to look, she put her small hands over my eyes. “No peeking. I’ll tell you when. Eyes closed?”.

I turned off the tube and put the remote down. “Yes ma’am”. More clicking, as she moved around in front. I tipped my head down. She told me to open them.

I slowly opened my eyes. Toes. I see toes. Sexy painted toenails…. in sexy, fishnets, in sexy open toed heels. Tall black heels. I turned my gaze upward with excruciating slowness, like unwrapping a long anticipated present. The fishnets covered her sexy legs up to mid-thigh, where the garters started. A black satin thong covered her mound, showing a little camel toe. The garter belt hugged her sexy hips. Higher up, a black, cropped bustier, laced up the front, with half cups that supported her otherwise naked breasts. A diaphanous wrap over top. Ruby red lipstick adorned her sexy lips, and her green eyes smouldered through the bangs of her ‘fuck me’ hairdo.

Oh. My. God. My mouth was hanging open. I was trying to come up with a suitably complimentary comment, but all the blood was rushing to my penis.

“Do you like it?” she asked, cocking her hips to one side, then doing a pirouette.

Do I like it? Are you fucking kidding me? My cock was about to rip a hole in my jeans. I nodded, dumbly. “Yes. I like it. I especially like what’s in it. I will try not to damage it while I rip it off and ravish you”.

Niola laughed, tossing her hair back. She dropped the wrap, then peeled the thong over her hips, stepping out of it. “Now we don’t have to worry about damage. You said something about ravishing?” The fingers of her left hand traced her pussy lips teasingly.

I virtually leapt from the couch, taking her in my arms, crushing her breasts against my chest and her ruby lips against my mouth. She returned the kiss with equal ardour. My hands roamed down to her ass, lifting her up, and her legs wrapped around my hips. We continued to make out like kids, while I held her up. After a few minutes, she pulled back and unwrapped her legs, sliding down.

She dropped to her knees, and ravenously unbuckled, unzipped, and yanked off my jeans. I was going commando, so my erection sprang up into her face. She didn’t even hesitate. She just swallowed me to the hilt. She gagged, pulled back once, then swallowed me again. As quickly as it started, she was gone.

She stood and walked into the kitchen. Placing her hands on the counter, she turned and looked over her shoulder at me, wagging her luscious ass suggestively.

I immediately took my place behind her. My cock was dripping with her saliva, and she was dripping with her own lubricant, so entering her hot sheath was swift. I buried myself balls deep in one fierce plunge.

Niola voiced her approval. “Yeeeeeeeeessssssssss!” I grabbed her hips and started to rock back and forth, early short strokes quickly giving way to full length slammers. I marvelled at the firmness of her ass. It absorbed the ferocious pounding I was giving her, muscle rippling but not jiggling. I grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back. “Oh god, yes! Fuck me hard! Give me that long hard schlong! Pull my hair and fuck my cunt hard.!” Now that we were alone, with no one nearby to hear us, she wasn’t holding back. “Gimme that cock! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she wailed as she went over the edge.

Her cunt gripped me tight, but I didn’t even slow down. I assaulted her pussy without mercy, almost pulling her off her feet a few times. She had a death grip on the edge of the counter, and was slamming her ass back against me.

“Ooooooooooooooo here I gooooooooooo againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” she was virtually screaming with passion. Orgasm number 2,or 3 if you count the classroom, was loud and long, a series of panting grunts, groans and melodic moans mixed with profanities. “Oh you fucking bastard! I want to keep fucking you forever! ”

I always have loved fucking doggy style, and the standing variant was equally fun. More body movement though. So much so that I could see her tits swinging wildly as they hung free. I have also always loved big tits bouncing or swinging, so I was getting very excited, and very close to blowing my load. She must have felt it. “Don’t you fucking cum in me….. I want my dessert!!”

“Well, your delivery is here!” I growled.

Niola pushed off the counter, lurched forward and spun free, dropping to her knees. She grabbed my slick shaft in both hands and stuffed it hurriedly into her mouth. She deep throated me two or three times, then pulled back off and extended her tongue, pumping furiously.

I grunted and growled as I felt the magma flow. Hot cum rocketed out of my dick, across her tongue and down her throat. Some splashed onto her cheeks, but she did a remarkable job catching my spunk. I was moaning, and she was gulping loudly, then she suddenly pulled back and began to shriek. One hand flew to her clit and pushed her through another orgasm while she resumed sucking the remaining cum out of me. Satisfied she had completed her dessert , she fell over onto her hip, while I stumbled off to the couch.

About the time we both had resumed breathing normally, there was a knock on the door.

“Shit! Who the hell could that be?” she asked as she frantically grabbed the wrap she had been wearing earlier. Not that it mattered. The wrap was so sheer, she may as well have been wearing nothing, which she pretty much was. I ducked down out of sight on the couch. “Who is it?” she chirped.

“Police, ma’am. We’ve had a complaint about noise. Is everything alright?”

Niola was standing with her hand on the doorknob, trying to compose herself. Finally, she decided to open the door. She angled her body to take cover behind the door.

“Yes, officer?”

“Good evening, maam. One of your neighbors asked us to….” the officer stopped mid sentence when she stepped out from behind the door. Niola stood before him in her glory. Heels, fishnets, bustier, tits hanging out, no panties…… even a little bit of my cum still on her cheek. The cop’s mouth was hanging open as he gave her the once over, nineteen times. A smile crept over his face. “Thank you for your time, maam. You have a NICE evening” he leaned a little closer and whispered “just try to keep the noise down.” he nodded and left.

Niola closed the door and locked it She turned back towards me. I got the view he did. “Did you just flash the cop?”

She laughed. “Sometimes, the best approach is the direct approach!” she smiled from ear to ear. “I think he liked what he saw”, she held her arms out and did a twirl.

“Well, they are trained to be professional observers ‘. That made her laugh again. Her boobs jiggled under the wrap. She stepped over to me on the couch. I tapped my cheek, the universal signal for’ you have something on your face ‘. She found the errant blob of semen, blushing at the realization that the cop must have seen it, and known she had been sucking dick. She cleaned it off.

She straddled my lap and looked into my eyes. “He did tell me to have a nice evening”, kissing me deeply.

“Police orders. I guess I will have to comply.” I joked. “Bedroom?”


We actually only fucked once that night. We spent the next ten hours in her bed. We had lots of pillow talk, in French, of course. Sleeping with the teacher is one way to improve your grades, but Niola gives tutorials almost as good as she gives head. We napped. We snuggled. And we made love. Slowly, gently, sensually, and for hours. Niola may have been a great fuck, but she was an even better lover.

The next day, I left first, and went to school as usual. Class was business as usual, but I did catch a strange look on Niola’s face a few times. Pensive, far away. Maybe she was thinking about the frenchies arrival next week.

It was another two weeks before we could get together again, fittingly enough on the day before my birthday. She had passed me her keys after class, so I was waiting for her when she got home. I had flowers in a vase on her table. She walked in, saw the flowers, and walked over to kiss me. It was a gentle kiss but lingered.

“I am going to have a shower and get changed, then we are going out for your birthday dinner.” she said, kissing me again. The pensive look was back.

“Out? Really?” I was a bit confused. I thought we were keeping this quiet. Maybe she was doing the ‘he won’t make a scene in public’ breakup. That would explain the deep thoughts.

“I think we need to celebrate. It is your birthday tomorrow.”. She saw the worried look on my face. “What’s that face for? Everything is fine. Give me about 20 minutes. “Another kiss.

I sat on the couch with the TV on but not really watching it. I couldn’t get the worries out of my mind.

Niola came out of the bedroom. She looked stunning. A red wraparound dress, cut with an asymmetric neckline and hemline, hugged her curves spectacularly. “Shall we?”

Dinner was just pizza, but the company was great. Still, I was feeling that there was something going on that I wasn’t aware of, and that worried me. Not only did I have a great thing going with Niola, I was really starting to enjoy being around her, sex or no. I hoped things weren’t going sour.

Of course, she wasn’t making it easier. I love it when busty women rest their breasts on the table during dinner. In this dress, her cleavage was on full display, and the off-center V of the neckline had most of the inside curve of her left breast available for ogling.. The thought of losing her, or of losing access to her charms, was not something I wanted to entertain.

“Can we talk?” I broached the subject cautiously.

She exhaled, like releasing pressure. “Of course. We do need to talk about something. I have had something bothering me for the last couple of weeks, but I didn’t know how to say it. So….. here goes.”

That didn’t sound like the start of a conversation I was going to like.

“When you showed up at my hotel room, and told me, accidentally, about how you and the other guys had been gossiping about me… well, first I was angry, then flattered, then…. well the thought of a bunch of my students admiring my body kind of turned me on. So I decided to fuck your brains out. Not a perfect plan, I know. Problem was, you fucked my brains out, and I liked it. Then you did it again a couple of weeks ago. The real problem started after that, when you spent the night ”

Her use of the word ‘problem’ scared me. Did I snore?

She had paused, and was now trying to get up the courage to continue. That really scared me.

“Umm….” Her voice was quivering a bit, “tomorrow, you will be 19, legally an adult and able to do as you please. Two weeks from now, after you graduate, I will no longer be your teacher. Those two facts mean that, after you graduate, we won’t have to be a secret…..” She stopped, and looked at me with damp eyes. She looked like she was hoping I could do the math, and figure out what she was saying. “Do you get what I am saying?”

Now I was really confused. C’mon dummy, listen to what she said. ‘We won’t have to be a secret’. She’s not ending it, she wants to continue, openly. Okay, no problem there. I would be a hero with the guys. So what has her on the verge of tears? What is she afraid of?

I was racking my brain. She touched my hand. She was warm and soft. Think like a woman. Okay, maybe that’s a tall order. What is it that a woman wants from a relationship? What does a woman want… From a… Relationship?

The proverbial light bulb finally went on as I realized what had her all wound up. She’s worried that she wants something more from this arrangement that I don’t. The math continued in my head. She’s developing feelings for me. This is more than just sex for her. I actually felt better. I hadn’t been able to define it, but I had been feeling something myself.

We had been sitting silent for a few minutes, but I’m sure to her it felt like forever.

“I think…. Uh…. I hope, I understand what you mean. If you are saying that you have feelings for me……” I looked into her eyes. Along with the tears, there was real fear in there . I patted her hand. “……. Umm….. then you should know that….. Uh… I think……. I……. think I…….” Shit, just say it. “I think I Love you too”.

The tension visibly left her face. She laughed nervously. Colour returned as the fear left. “Thank you” she sighed, “that’s all I needed to hear. I just needed to know there was a chance we wanted the same thing. Ever since you spent the night….. ”

“Me too.” I finished the thought for her. Our hands were still touching, so I brought hers up to my lips and kissed it. A smile beamed from her face.

We spent the rest of dinner just being a couple, talking about stuff couples talk about. Movies, plans for the distant future, her tits in that dress…. You know. Now that the pressure was off, Niola was taking advantage of our public location to tease me without mercy. She knew I was staring at her tits, so she put them on the table, she did the squeeze (when a woman presses her arms together against her boobs), she trailed her fingers across her chest while we talked…. and that was just the start. She was dragging her nipples across the edge of the table, causing her high beams to become visible.

When the waiter came by to ask about dessert, he had a hard time keeping his eyes off her hard nips. Any doubt I may have had about her undergarments ended when he left. Niola good did a little scope to see if anyone was looking, then pulled the dress down a little to reveal her very excited left nipple. She pinched it and gave it a little tug, getting it back under cover just in time for the waiter to come back with dessert menus. When he was gone, she burst out laughing.

“Maybe I should have flashed him” her magnificent boobs jiggled while she laughed. “Could have saved the tip!” Finished teasing the waiter, she came back to me, running her tongue around her lips, sucking on the tip of her finger…. no room left in my pants.

The waiter was coming back often to check on us. I guess he liked what he saw. This time, Niola just asked for the cheque. She winked at me, positioning herself so that her breasts were on the table edge. She tugged the left side of the dress down until the upper edge of her areola was visible. Another wink in my direction.

He brought back the cheque on the little platter. Niola had her right hand under the table, and brought it back up as he placed the platter on the table. Two of her fingers were wet, and while she inspected the charges, she pressed against the table more. Her breasts bulged up a bit more and the dress slipped down a bit more, until her nipple popped out from under cover. She pretended not to notice. I looked at the waiter. His eyes were locked on her exposed flesh. Niola’s wet fingers soaked a corner of the bill as she continued to press against the table. The dress slipped further. She picked up the pen and signed the slip with a flourish, making her breasts move even more. One more push as she looked up to hand back the bill, and her entire breast popped out onto the table. She didn’t even flinch, staring into the waiters eyes as he tried to tear his gaze away from her naked breast. He took the bill back, and Niola put the fingers, that had obviously been in her pussy, in her mouth. Her left boob was still on the table.

The waiter was breathing funny, looking like he was trying to form a sentence. Then he remembered I was there, and glanced at me. I was looking right at him. Flustered, he merely croaked “Thank you ma’am” and left.

Niola giggled as he hurried off. She adjusted her dress to once again cover her charms. “I think he’ll be jerking off on his break! ”

“I don’t blame him. I feel like jerking off right here at the table! ”

She stood and smoothed her dress. “Don’t you dare! I have plans for you, young man!” She leaned over and whispered “I need your cock in my pussy ASAP. Let’s go!”

We made it all the way out to the car before she yanked my cock out of my pants.

“Drive!” was all she said before my cock disappeared down her throat.

The roads were quiet. Good thing, because I was understandably distracted by Niola’s lips dancing on my pole. I was pretty worked up, as was she obviously. “Gonna cum, baby!” All I heard was a muffled ‘uh huh’ between the slurping noises.

I went off in her mouth like a firecracker, and she swallowed every drop. She kept on sucking me, keeping me hard. “We need to find a place to park. I need your cock in me now!” she demanded during a pause in her oral ministrations. I took the next right, and we soon found ourselves at the end of an industrial area. I stopped the car and turned off the lights. Niola was still sucking me.

“I think we are clear” I said, tapping her on the shoulder. She didn’t say anything, just sat up and flung the door open. When she was out of the car, she untied her dress and removed it. She walked around the car to the driver’s side, naked save for heels and thigh high stockings. She put her hands on the fender and extended her ass suggestively. It didn’t take me long to take my position behind her.

I rubbed the head of my cock along her cunt lips. She was scalding hot and gushing wetness. I put just the head in her and grabbed her hips. She was anticipating me to plunge it home, but her mouth had taken the urgency out of me, so I decided to tease her a little. Turn about is, after all, fair play. I made little short strokes, giving her only an inch or two. She was whimpering excitedly, trying to push her hips back to get more, but I held her tight.

“Oh mon dieu, oh please!…… Give it to me, please!……. I need your cock in me!….. Please!” she begged, but I wouldn’t give her any more than a couple of inches. After a few more minutes of this, she was almost in tears, and her pussy juice was running down her thighs. She was resting her head on the fender, whispering and whimpering. “Please….. please fuck me……. Oh please…….. Oh god please…………” I figured I had made her wait long enough.

A few more short strokes, followed by a full length skewering. Niola’s head came up off the fender “Yessssssssss!” she screamed. I slammed her half a dozen times and she came loudly. “Oh fuck yes, I am cumming!!” I kept fucking her. Suddenly, she pulled herself off my cock. She turned and hopped up on the fender, spreading her legs. “I want to see you. I want to be able to kiss you while we fuck!”

She hooked her heels behind me and pulled me in, guiding my cock back into her as she did. As soon as I was fully ensconced in her wetness, she pulled my lips to hers. A long, passionate kiss ensued. She held my head tight, and our tongues duelled intensely. Meanwhile, my hips were slowly moving back and forth, giving her a slow shafting that met with her approval. At least, I think she approved. All she said was ‘mmmmmmmmm’, but we were kissing at the time. A few minutes of slow sex later, she leaned back on her elbows.

“More cock, please.” I started to fuck her a bit more vigorously. Her boobs were doing a dance in front of me, so I dipped my head to lick her nipples. “That feels good, baby” she whispered. “Gee, do you think any of these businesses have security cameras?” she asked while looking around.

I disengaged from her breast. “Probably do, yes”.

“Jeez, I was joking…. Do you really think so?” she craned her neck, while trying to cover her tits. I just kept thrusting.

“Niola, two weeks ago you answered the door, to a cop, I might add, nearly naked. And about 30 minutes ago, you flashed your breast to a waiter in a public restaurant. Are you really worried about getting caught now? ” I asked her while I continued to probe her warm recess. I thought about it for a few seconds, then decided to push her buttons a bit . “You said that thinking about your students undressing you with their eyes turned you on.” She nodded. “And teasing that waiter obviously got you going, right?” She agreed again.

I leaned in close to her ear and whispered “then just think about the security guard…. maybe multiple security guards….. that might be watching us right now”. She inhaled sharply at the thought. “Think of them watching you….. watching me fucking you right now…..” she was breathing harder now, excited by the prospect, “…. wishing they were in my place…..” panting more now, “…. lusting after your body, while they jerk off!”

That did it. Niola screamed as she orgasmed wildly. She clutched at my shoulders, holding me tight to her chest while her twat held me tight down below. With her legs wrapped around my hips, she pulled me deeper into her as her orgasm continued to wrack her body. It took about a minute for her to come down from the plateau, and release me.

“Whew, that was a big one!” she gasped. Her head rested limply on my shoulder while I held her. It seemed as if her orgasm had dissolved all her bones, because she was like a wet rag in my arms. I held her tight in the cool night air. Suddenly, with her in my arms, I knew.

“I Love You” I whispered. She lifted her head slowly, until she was looking directly into my eyes.

“I Love You too.” There were tears in her eyes, and she was shivering. She put her head back on my shoulder, and wrapped her arms around my back. Her legs came back up around my hips, trying to pull me back into her pussy. “Just one more, please? .” she asked as the muscles of her vagina gripped my member.

“Okay, baby” I said as I began to move again. She laid back on the hood, where the engine heat would keep her naked form warmer. I slowly pulled back, then glided into her. I hooked her legs up over my shoulders.

Niola’s breasts were moving in gentle circles in response to my motions. Goosebumps covered them, and her nipples had puckered up completely, so she was obviously feeling the cold. “You okay, baby? Sure you don’t want to finish this at your place?”

“No, make me cum one more time….” she made a jerking off gesture with her right hand and laughed, “…… for my audience! My farewell performance! Now, really make my tits shake for them! Fuck me good! We can be gentle later.”

She was the director of this performance, so I had to comply. I lowered her legs, draping them across my elbows, and grabbed her ass with both hands. I pull her back a few inches, until her hips were clear of the fender, and repositioned myself to prepare for my onslaught. “Ready for this?”

“Always ready for you, baby. Unleash hell!!!” she screamed as she gripped the fender tightly.

Your wish is my command. I began to fuck her like my life depended on it Her breasts went from gentle circular motions to wildly swinging in arcs that caused them to slap together audibly in the centre. I don’t know if there really were security cameras, or if there really were guards watching and jerking off while I fucked her furiously. I don’t know if they could see her fabulous breasts doing their incredible dance on her chest. In the long run, none of that mattered right now. She asked me to fuck her hard, as though we were on display, and make her cum. That’s what I was going to do.

I, on the other hand, could clearly see her big tits as they swung, shook and quivered in rhythm to my pounding of her cunt. I could clearly feel the muscular texture of her inner walls against my penis. I could clearly see the sexual fire in her eyes as she stared at me, open mouthed, orgasm approaching rapidly. Mine was approaching rapidly, too.

Niola’s back arched as she reached her peak. The sound of her screams echoed off the walls of the nearby buildings. She was the very definition of ‘screamer’. I slowed down a little, letting her have her fun. As she began her decent, I offered “want more dessert?”

She smiled, and nodded eagerly. I went back to fucking her hard. “5…..4……3……2…………….1” I counted down and released her. Seconds later she was crouched in front of me, her lips sealed around my rod, swallowing my second load of the evening with gusto.

When she was finished licking our combined love juices from my penis, she left me to collect my wits and strode…. no….. paraded around the car, doing two laps before stopping at the passenger side door to retrieve her dress. Within seconds, Niola’s nude form was once again wrapped in sexy red fabric. She turned to an imaginary audience, did a perfect curtsey, and said “let’s get out of here”.

Within thirty minutes, we were snuggled warmly in her bed. The feeling of her warm flesh in my arms, her breathing gently tickling my chest, felt so perfect. I was happy. Content. I didn’t just have some teenage girlfriend. I wasn’t banging some older woman who was in it just for sex. I was in a relationship, with a woman. The hottest woman I had ever seen or heard of. I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.

For the next two weeks, I spent nearly every night in Niola’s bed. We were lovers in every sense of the word, and did everything from fucking like rabbits, to hours of gentle, sensual lovemaking. Quietly, lest we risk a return visit from the police. I do imagine, however, that that particular officer would welcome another call out to Niola’s door.

My graduation present from her was wild. I was greeted by Niola at the door, in a French Maid outfit. Appropriate, and sexy as hell.

“Bonjour, Monsieur. Comment ça va? ” My mouth was hanging open again. “Fermez la bouche, et entrez, s’il vous plaît.”

I entered. The furniture had been moved around, and the lights seemed brighter than usual. There were two triangular objects, covered by sheets, across from the couch at opposite ends, while another sheet covered something on the end table. I sat.

Niola pranced around, brandishing her feather duster. She went over to one of the mystery triangles, and with a “ta da”, unveiled a tripod, with a video camera on top. The other one was similarly revealed. Finally, a small, handheld camera was uncovered on the end table. After starting the two, tripod mounted cameras, and handing me the small cam, she returned to stand in front of me.

She bent deeply from the waist, and dusted off my crotch. The bend exposed her firm ass, under the ridiculously short frilly skirt, to the tripod cameras. I had the good fortune to get the view down the scooped neckline of the outfit, her incredible breasts barely contained within. She bent a little further and kissed me. “Congratulations, Graduate. I am going to fuck you now.”

She knelt in front of me. I watched her in anticipation. She nodded toward the camera in my hand. “I’m waiting for my cue, cameraman.” A lusty smile crossed her lips.

“Oh yeah, right!”. I fumbled with the camera, and it whirred to life as I brought it up into position. “And…….. Action!”.

My luscious actress began to undo my pants, and soon her lips were doing their familiarly ecstatic dance on my erection, captured for posterity by my POV camera. For the next hour, she put on a performance for all time. She fucked me cowgirl, while I feasted on her tits. She reversed, showing her bouncing boobs to the tripod cams. We then moved to doggy, while I reamed her from behind. Her tits hung out of her costume, swinging freely. I bent her over the back of the couch. She took the POV while she laid back on the couch and I fucked her from my knees. I stood while she sucked me again. We finished with her on her back again. I had the POV, and when I came, the cameras captured my hot cum as it shot in her hair, on her face, her boobs, and her lips. While I watched from behind the camera, she pulled my oozing, sticky shaft to her lips and licked it clean. She left the remaining jism on her face and smiled for the camera.

“Happy Graduation, Sweetheart! Bye bye!”

After we had a shower together, we were snuggling in bed. “I wanna see it!” she suddenly blurted out. I went out to retrieve the tapes, and when I returned she was bouncing on the bed like a kid. “I wanna see it! Show me! Show me! Show me!”

I rejoined her in bed and hit ‘play’. The screen flickered to life, and we watched her sucking my cock, then riding me with her back to the camera, when I suddenly realized she hadn’t cum. I had been so busy with the camera, I had neglected her pleasure. That simply wouldn’t do.

“My god, you didn’t cum!” I said as I turned to her.

“Today is about you. I am very proud of you, and this is my present.” she shrugged with a smile.

“Well, I’m sorry, but my present is not complete,” I said as I ducked under the covers. “You watch yourself get fucked, while I take care of things under here”.

I commenced a full scale attack on her pussy. I licked, I sucked, I probed. I used my lips, my tongue, my fingers, even my chin, and before long, I had her on the verge.

“God yes, suck my cunt!!” The sheet lifted and she peered under for a second. “I think I like watching you fuck me,…. while you eat me!!” I continued to graze on her. “Shit, I really do have nice tits! Look at those beauties bounce!” Her fingers were tugging and milking her nipples, and one last slurp pushed her over the top.

A mouthful of the sheet kept her volume level within civic bylaw levels. Niola quenched my thirst as she squirted her honey down my throat. It was my turn to gulp and try to keep from drowning as a prodigious amount of pussy juice flowed from her.

Finally, the flood slowed, and I was able to take a breath. Niola was spent, gasping for air, but otherwise lifeless.

Pussy juice must be some kind of magic elixir, because despite our already rambunctious evening, I was fully recharged and ready to go. I crawled up from between Niola’s legs and placed the head of my cock at her entrance. I gently inserted it into her warm wetness. She moaned, softly.

Good, she’s somewhat conscious. I gave her a slow, sensual shafting, and she gradually regained her senses, until we were both present.

“I Love You, baby.” She locked her lips over mine, in a kiss that lasted long enough for me to approach orgasm again. “Hold on, baby, wait for me. I want us to cum together…” wrapping her legs around my hips, “and I want to feel you fill me up!” It didn’t take long for her to catch up. “Okay, baby…… Anytime…. You….. Are….. Ready!”

“Now!!” was all I could say before I blasted her cunt full of goo.

I would be attending a local college in a couple of months, and several of my friends wanted to get a place together off campus. The local real estate market had been in the tank lately, so we were able to get a really nice place for a reasonable rent, per person. I was the one who found the place, so I got my choice of bedrooms. Naturally, I took the master, with its ensuite bath. I was, of course, planning to have a guest on occasion. The first time she spent the night was memorable.

Of course, we fucked, loudly, all over the room. On the bed, the dresser, in the shower… All night long. It was a Friday night, so we didn’t need to worry about being up early.

Most of the guys were up before we were. Niola stood at the bedroom door, her hand on the handle. She was wearing a black skirt, just above the knee, six inch heels, and a red silk blouse that was only half buttoned. She was gonna make quite the impression.

“Well…” she said looking over her shoulder at me, “…. we are about to officially go public. Here goes!”

She opened the door, leaving it wide open behind her. I heard her heels on the tile of the hallway, then down the stairs. She turned into the kitchen, so I knew that my friends, watching a movie in the attached family room, would get a good look at my bed mate.

Niola strolled into the kitchen, all eyes on her while she retrieved a drink from the fridge. “Bonjour. Comment allez-vous aujourd’hui? ” (she told me later they were all staring, open mouthed. Three of them were in her class, and they all knew exactly who she was). She walked toward the front door. “Have a good day, baby. I’ll see you tonight. I. Love You!” she called upstairs as she left.

“Love You, too” I called back.

She probably wasn’t even in her car yet before I heard the stampede of footsteps racing up the stairs. All five of my roommates came charging around the corner into my room. I was laying back in bed with my hands behind my head, trying not to look too smug. Now they were staring, open mouthed, at me. Three of them just, shook their heads and muttered something under their breaths about ‘lucky bastard’ as they left the room.

The last two guys looked at each other, then erupted into laughter. Their comments included “Miss V? Way to go!” and “Are you fucking kidding me?”, as well as various questions about Niola’s physical attributes, sexual talents, and proclivities, all of which I declined to comment on.

When Niola returned later that afternoon, the guys were waiting for her in the dining room. “Good afternoon, Miss V!” they all said in unison. She burst out laughing.

“Good afternoon, boys,” she replied when she stopped laughing, “and please, call me Niola”. She gestured upstairs.” Is he…..? ” They indicated yes. She turned and headed up the stairs, and all eyes followed. She made it about halfway up before she realized they would be able to see up her skirt, which was shorter than the one she wore in the morning. She stopped, smoothing her skirt down. “Ahem! Gentlemen!” They were all already looking up at her, “Eyes front!!” she ordered.. They complied reluctantly. “Thank you!” and she completed her climb.

I was laying on the bed, watching TV, when Niola appeared in the doorway. One final comment of ‘and keep the noise down, kids’ wafted in before she closed the door, and came to join me on the bed. “Those kids are going to drive me nuts!” she laughed as she took a position straddling my lap. She bent to kiss me. “How was your day?”

I pouted. “Lonely”

“Oh, poor baby!” Another kiss. She sat up, unbuttoning her blouse. Soon, it was on the floor. Her bra soon followed. Before long her skirt was up around her waist, thong pulled aside, and she was riding my cock enthusiastically. I was laying back, just watching her please herself on me, and believe me, it was quite a sight to behold. Her breasts were bouncing. That is, unless her fingers were manipulating them, which they often were. Her head was back and she was wailing, at the top of her lungs. “Oh fuck me, baby! Fuck me!!!”

After she finished her orgasm, she took a position between my legs, and began an oral assault on my wet, sticky dick. I was soon bellowing loudly as she sucked the cum out of me.

She sat up on the edge of the bed. “Keep the noise down, indeed. Ha! Take that!” Then she turned to me. “Do you think we’re in house full of stiffies right now? I mean, other than this one?” she patted my exhausted member with a smile. I didn’t reply. The question was pretty rhetorical.

Niola was slipping her bra back on when she smacked her lips and said to me “Okay, I have had my appetizer, but I could still use some food. Maybe a movie, too?”.

“You got it, baby”.

Five minutes later, we were walking hand-in-hand down the stairs. “We’ll be back in a few hours, boys”

“Good night, Miss V!” came the reply from the class, followed by several chuckles. She laughed back.

We had a nice meal, and snuggled together throughout the movie. My arm was around her shoulders, and I gently caressed the side of her breast, while she fed me popcorn.

Niola spent the night again. In fact, she spent a lot of nights with me. Eventually, we decided that she should just move in and save the rent she had been paying for an apartment she hardly ever slept in. She became the unofficial ‘house mother’ to the other guys.

To me she was officially the woman I Loved.

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