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Freeing the Lesbian Within

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Courtney had always been intrigued by thoughts of being with another woman. In her small town though, it was a taboo never to be acted upon. She dated plenty of guys in High School, even allowing one to take her virginity, yet, none of those relationships were fulfilling for her. She felt something was missing, a void that would be filled by time spent with her close female friends, yet even then, she knew there was something more, something unattainable at the time.

When she left home for school, traveling halfway across the country, she finally found herself free to discover what she had always dreamt and thought of, yet, did not know what to do.

Courtney was an attractive 5′ 6″, with short curly brown hair, brown eyes, pale white skin, an athletic figure with 34b breasts. She felt freed from the rules and regulations and societal norms that governed her hometown. She felt freed to finally act out and experience things. Yet, she was filled with a nervousness, an inability, to take that first step despite her overwhelming desire to do just that. She preferred the anonymity of a chat room for lesbians, than the close personnel interaction offered by the University’s Rainbow Alliance. Besides, how do you find someone, when its taboo and not to be talked about. The restrictions of her youth built up a number of obstacles to her dreams. Obstacles that had to be battered down.

It was in a lesbian chat room that Courtney first came out into her own. She signed on as acuriousgirl06 and typed a quick hello into the room. She was assaulted by numerous messages from men, a fact that surprised her. After all, this was a lesbian chat room, what type of men hung out there. But she slowly began to talk to a few of the other women there. Most just said hello and asked a question or two before moving into deeper or heavier discussions with other members.

After being on for about fifteen minutes and just saying hello to a few woman, Courtney was beginning to consider changing rooms, when Michellez signed on. “A/S/L,” the new person asked on the screen.

Courtney typed, “18, F, __.”

“25, F, __” Michellez responded. “How are you” she asked.

Courtney soon found herself whispered by Michellez. “My name is Michelle, yours?”

“Courtney, Michelle’s a beautiful name.”

“Thank you, where in __ are you from?”

“I’m a student at ______ in ______” she responded.

“Really, I went there, I teach about twenty miles away now.”

After about ten minutes of discussing the school and being in college, Courtney asked, “So, this may sound stupid, but are you a lesbian?”

“Yes,” Michelle wrote, “and I guess you are curious and want to know what it’s like?”

“Yes and yes.” Courtney typed.

“Well, let me tell you, it is beautiful. It can be difficult, not everyone understands, but to be with another woman is such a fulfilling and powerful moment. First, you are being true to yourself. Second, it is so right, you are made for each other, you know what the other needs more than a man would. Third, it is so intense. My first experience was in high school and I’ve never looked back. I couldn’t.

“Sounds pretty deep and wonderful.”

“It is, you really don’t know how wonderful until you experience it for the first time. Then it is everything you’ve ever dreamed about, desired and wanted.”

For three weeks Courtney and Michelle met daily online to talk. There were moments when the topics were very sexual, but for the most part, it dealt with the depth and power of lesbian love, or opening and accepting that part of one’s identity. They talked about movies, books, clothes, and crushes. Pictures were exchanged. Courtney found herself moved by her conversations with Michelle. She felt her desire to taste, touch, and experience another woman growing each and every day. The first time she looked at Michelle’s picture, her breath was taken away. She felt herself grow wet looking at the tall curvy blond. She found herself admiring her new friends round face w/ short blond hair, her tan skin and long strong legs, her large breasts, wide hips, and in one particular photo – her tight ass. While she had admired some of her high school friends and saw them as attractive, she had never looked at one of them in this way. She found herself imagining being held by Michelle as their naked bodies lay together.

Three Weeks Later

“I think we should meet.” Michelle typed.

“Really?” Courtney responded.

“Yes, I want to meet you, to talk to you.”

“And show me?” Courtney asked

“Yes, and show you” after a long pause Michelle typed, “and make love to you.”

Courtney just stared at those words, feeling that an emotional barrier was about to be crossed. She wanted it. She felt her body yearning for this lesbian touch, she could feel her entire body aching for it from her toes to her head. But, if it was really such a life-changing event, how different would she be? What would her parents’ response be? Her friends? Yet, the feeling was undeniably strong.

“When?” Courtney felt herself type.

“Friday afternoon? There is a café three blocks from my house, we could meet there.”

“Yeah, Friday afternoon will work, what time?”

“Is 4 good, it’s a half-day on Friday?” Michelle asked.

“That is great, do I need to bring anything?” Courtney asked.

“Only that beautiful body of yours” Michelle typed, knowing that Courtney would be flushed by the comment. “Course, you might want to bring an overnight bag, just in case?” Michelle worried that would drive Courtney off, but Courtney wanted this.

“You might be right, I hope.” Courtney responded.


Courtney arrived at 4 at the small Coffee Shop halfway between downtown and her school. She was dressed for a casual meeting, wearing a pair of jeans and a red long-sleeve polo shirt. She wore her brown hair down. Taking a deep breath she entered the shop. She briefly looked around and saw Michelle, who waved, sitting in a corner. She breathed deeply again as she saw Michelle. Michelle wore a sleeveless black top, blue jeans. Michelle rose and hugged Courtney. Courtney responded to Michelle’s embrace by pulling her in tight as well. Taking their seats they stared at one another and began to talk. Initially the conversation focused on the mundane, about the day and recent happenings. Michelle reached across the table and took one of Courtney’s hands in her own. They sat, talking animatedly for a half hour and the conversation gradually became more and more intense.

“It will be intense, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Some people will look at you differently for your choice, so it has to be right for you. But it will be the most powerful, exhilarating and freeing experience in your life. There is nothing like it,” Michelle explained. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Courtney sat holding Michelle’s hand, breathing slowly, contemplating what Michelle had said. “Yes” she finally responded.

“Just to be sure, wait here 10 minutes after I leave and follow me. I live two blocks east and one block south, 322 Miller, 4E. If you are truly sure, I’ll be waiting to ring you up.” Michelle rose from her seat, smiled at the seated Courtney, leaned down and whispered in her ear, “I do hope to see you there.” She walked out.

Courtney followed her out, admiring her figure as she left the door before quickly turning back to the table and staring at it. Courtney pondered what to do and she looked up around the coffee shop. It was then that she noticed that the shop was full of couples, sitting together at tables, and nearly all the couples were women with women. And judging by their actions, they weren’t just friends. Seeing that she and Michelle were not alone in their feelings brought a smile to Courtney’s lips. She rose up and walked to 322 Miller, 4E.

322 Miller, 4E

Courtney walked up the steps and rang the bell to Michelle’s apartment. Courtney pushed the door open as it buzzed and hurried up the three flights of stairs. Taking another deep breath, she knocked on 4E. She could hear classical music playing in the background, and the door unlock. The door opened and Courtney smiled seeing Michelle. She entered and wrapped her arms around Michelle, “Yes, I am Ready, I want this.”

Michelle smiled at Courtney’s enthusiasm and wrapped her arms around Courtney. “Welcome to my humble abode,” Michelle said as she closed the door and led Courtney into the room. Placing her hands on Courtney’s hips as Courtney placed her arms around the neck of Michelle. Courtney wet her lips as did Michelle. Michelle leans down tilting her head, bringing her lips slowly to Courtney. Their lips met in an electric first kiss. Courtney responded by pulling Michelle tighter. Her lips opened to allow Michelle’s tongue to run along her lips and slip inside of her mouth. Their tongues met as they shared a passionate kiss. Courtney’s tongue danced with Michelle’s, slipping by to lightly trace the other woman’s lips. The kiss grew deeper and deeper as Courtney gave into her passions and the tongue of her friend. Michelle ran her tongue along Courtney’s lips one last time before lifting her head up and looking at the smiling face of Courtney.

“That was incredible, that kiss, was the most beautiful, intense, intimate kiss I have ever had. My heart is racing,” Courtney confessed to Michelle.

“Lover, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

Michelle lowered her lips back to Courtney’s as they met again in an intense and lasting open kiss. They each feverishly sought to extend the kiss, tongues, lips and mouths, darted, parted and opened to increase the passion. Michelle began to guide Courtney back with her toward her sofa. They both seated, facing each other. Courtney just looked at Michelle, lost in her older lover’s eyes. Courtney placed on hand on Michelle’s hip and the other on the top of the sofa as they resumed their kiss. Michelle placed her hand on Courtney’s waist, sliding up her shirt ever so little to feel the hot skin beneath. Her other hand rested on Courtney’s shoulder. They continued to kiss, each kiss growing deeper as they leaned together on the sofa. They kissed and kissed.

Briefly parting the kiss, Michelle looked at Courtney, “Touch me.” Bringing her hand away from Courtney’s hip she took Michelle’s hand in her own and brought it to her ample breast. “Touch me here.”

Courtney just stared at Michelle’s breast as her hand was moved to it. She began to gently knead the breast. Her hand slid to cup it, almost weigh it in her hand. A huge smile appeared on Courtney’s face as she played and touched Michelle. “Does it feel good?”

“Oh yes, you are doing great kid,” Michelle responded before leaning in for another kiss. Her job done, her own hand slid to Courtney’s thigh, before moving ever so slowly up to her hip, then her waist and finally up her side, till she took one of Courtney’s breasts in her hand. She kneaded lightly and then lightly began to stroke the breast back and forth. Their kisses deepened and took on greater insurgency as Courtney and Michelle’s passions were aroused by the touch.

Michelle reached down with her hands to the hem of Courtney’s polo and began to lift it up. Courtney moved her hands to the hem and lifted it up over her head before throwing it in the corner. Michelle moved to her own shirt, reaching the hem, she slowly lifted it up, over her head and threw it on the floor as well. The two women, shirtless for the first time looked at the other. Courtney smiled, her eyes, lip up, as she looked at Michelle’s breasts. This was the first time she looked at another woman’s breasts in a sexual manner. She saw the beautiful tan skin, slightly encased in a black lace bra. Her hand began to knead and cup the breast. Looking at Michelle, smiling, she lowered her head to the breast. She began to plant kisses along the revealed skin, eliciting a moan from Michelle. Her hand gently cupped the large breast, her thumb, gently stroking across the lace covered nipple. She ran her tongue along the edge of the bra, slightly dipping her tongue beneath the lace. Courtney slid her hand up to Michelle’s shoulder and slid the strap slowly off the shoulder, folding the bra down and revealing the one of her breasts. She leaned in and began to kiss the pink nipple. The nipple was hard as Courtney’s tongue began to circle it. Michelle continued to moan in response to Courtney’s attention to the breast.

Reaching behind, Michelle unstrapped her bra and let it slide down her arms. Her hand moved to Courtney’s face, gently stroking it, “Look at me.”

Courtney looked up at Michelle, looking at her voice. “You are wonderful, you know that.” Michelle told her. Reaching behind, she unclasped Courtney’s pink cotton bra, which soon joined their shirts and Michelle’s bra on the floor. Michelle leaned in and kissed Courtney. Her hand instantly moving to Courtney’s newly exposed breast. Her thumb deftly stroking back and forth across the dark brown nipple. She continued to lean into Courtney, causing Courtney to lean back against the sofa. Michelle slid up on top of her, sliding her thigh up against Courtney’s pussy, which was dripping. She pushed her thigh up against the pussy as she lay up against Courtney, their lips continuing the erotic dance. Courtney brought her arms around Michelle, stroking her back, sliding down and grabbing Michelle’s ass. She pulled Michelle into her as the kiss continued and deepened. Michelle’s hand slowly slid down Courtney’s side, reaching her hips and the jeans. Lifting herself up just enough, her hand unsnapped the jeans and slid the zipper down. As she continued to kiss Courtney, her hand slid in, along the panties, feeling Courtney’s wetness.

“You are so wet, you are loving this.” Michelle told Courtney.

“Yes, Oh G-d, I am so wet, you have me dripping Michelle, ohhh,” Courtney gasped as Michelle’s fingers lightly pushed against Courtney’s lips, touching her clit through the fabric.

“I suggest we take this to my room, and I am going to enjoy licking that delightful pussy.”

“Michelle, lets, please, yes, I cannot wait for you to lick my pussy, to make me cum,” Courtney moaned in response.

Michelle’s Room

Michelle slid off of Courtney, stood up and helped her up as well. Beckoning Courtney with her finger she walked slowly to her room. Courtney followed, watching the swaying of Michelle’s hips. She watched as Michelle stopped at a closed door, turned around to look at her, smiling, and began to slide her pants down to the floor. Moving back up, she turned around, showing off her lace black thong. Courtney smiled, looking at the beautiful sight. She slid her own jeans down her legs, stepping out of them, and standing in only her pink bikini panties. She blushed as Michelle looked her up and down, licking her lips. Michelle turned around and opened the door, walking in. Courtney followed, entering the room. The shades were drawn and candles were lit throughout the room.

“Welcome,” Michelle said huskily, “I’m glad I was able to get you in here.”

Courtney just smiled. She watched as Michelle placed her hands on her thong and began to slid it to the floor, she kept her legs tight together, bending at the knee, the entire time maintaining eye contact. When she stood back up, Courtney saw Michelle’s shaved pussy. It was unlike any experience in the locker-room or a sleep over, she felt desire, a strange urge to fall to her knees and kiss it.

“Take off your panties, let me see all of you.” Michelle said.

Courtney smiled and slowly complied, doing her best to make it as erotic as possible. With her panties gone, her last vestige of clothing was gone, she stood naked before another woman. Michelle looked Courtney up and down.

“How wet are you?” Michelle asked.

“Why don’t you find out.” Courtney replied, suddenly stopping and realizing what she had said.

“I think I will, but first on the bed and spread those legs, you are going to love this.” Michelle told her.

Courtney climbed unto the bed, moving up to the pillows before rolling over to face Michelle. She spread her legs, revealing her glistening lips. She was breathing heavily, her arousal touching every part of her body, she was quickly becoming enraptured by this Sapphic experience. “I want you to make me cum, to lick me,” Courtney pleaded.

Without saying a word, Michelle climbed up on the bed, sliding on top of Courtney. She rested between Courtney’s spread legs. Courtney wrapped her legs around Michelle’s ass, pulling her tight. They began to kiss, a hot passionate kiss, tongues darted in and out, lips opened and closed, each one, trying to drive the other to greater heights. Courtney’s arms began to roam up and down Michelle’s back. Their breasts pressed together as Michelle began to thrust her hips forward against Courtney. Michelle began to kiss down along Courtney’s jaw, to her neck, then to her shoulder, and slowly descending lower. She reached one of Courtney’s nipples, her tongue lightly circling it; eliciting a loud moan from Courtney. She began to suck on the nipple, surroundings it with her lips. Her hand began to lightly stroke the other bud, it tightened beneath the touch. Michelle kissed down the breast, lovingly licking the valley between before moving to the other nipple and circling it with her tongue. She then took it too into her mouth, sucking it in. Her hand began to stroke the recently abandoned nipple. Courtney only moaned in response.

Michelle continued her journey down, planting kisses across Michelle’s belly. Slowly Michelle moved herself before Courtney’s spread legs. She blew onto Courtney’s lips, drawing another moan and a movement of the hips in response.

“Are you ready Courtney, are you ready for the earth-shattering experience?” Michelle asked.

“Yes, yes, please, lick me, oh g-d, lick me, make me cum,” Courtney pleaded.

Michelle smiled and lowered her lips to Courtney’s treasure. She planted a light kiss on glistening lips. Her tongue sliding between the engorged lips. She began to kiss first one lip and then the other. Her tongue sliding between them, up along the wet hot slit. Courtney shook and writhed in ecstacy at the touch. Her moans became more and more pronounced as Michelle’s tongue continued to lovingly lick her pussy. Each lick brought her closer and closer. She could feel her body build as she shook. Her toes curled up. She just moaned Michelle’s name, saying please, please, again and again. Michelle’s tongue continued to slide up Courtney’s slit and along her lips. First one and then the other, again and again her tongue licked and licked. Licking up one last time, her tongue continued, lightly stroking Courtney’s clit.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH, ohhh my goosh, yyyeeessss.” Courtney screamed.

Michelle continued to stroke Courtney’s clit back and forth with her tongue. Circling it around and around. Michelle was only spurred on by Courtney’s verbal response to the touch.

“Oh, Michelle, I am almost there,” Courtney panted.

Around and around Michelle circled her tongue, stroked Courtney’s clit. Playing with the source of Courtney’s pleasure. Back and forth, back, and forth, Michelle flicked her tongue. She could feel Courtney’s body begin to tremble and then Courtney screamed, “I’M CCCUUUUMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Michelle continued to tongue back and forth across the clit. She slid two fingers into Courtney’s pussy as she shook and moaned. “OOOOHHHH GGGG—–DDDDDD, I’MMM CUUUMMMMIIIINNNGGGGG!!!!!” Courtney shook and shook, moaning as Michelle continued to lick back and forth across her clit. Michelle slowly brought her tongue to a stop, resting on Courtney’s clit before planting one final kiss upon it. She smiled staring up at Courtney. Courtney just smiled back through half-closed eyes.

“That was so incredible,” Courtney panted as her breathing began to slowly come back down, “I’ve never felt something that deep, that powerful.”

Michelle smiled in response, “I’m glad you liked it, are you ready for something else.”

“I’m ready to lick you, I want to,” Courtney answered.

“Not yet, not yet lover, I want to fuck you, may I?” Michelle asked.

“I trust you,” Courtney responded.

Michelle stood up from between Courtney’s legs and walked to her night stand. She slowly removed a black harness and a 9in red dildo shaped like the real thing and a jar of KY. Courtney’s eyes opened wide, as she saw Michelle put on the harness, strapping it on. Her eyes focused on Michelle’s red penis as Michelle turned to face Courtney.

“Are you ready?” Michelle asked.

“It’s so big,” Courtney responded.

Michelle moved back to the bed, sliding up to face Courtney. Courtney’s legs were still spread and Michelle moved between them. With one hand she guided the dildo to Courtney’s waiting lips, she began to stroke the slit up and down. She looked at Courtney, who only nodded. Michelle began to slowly slid the dildo in. Courtney opened her mouth in a silent moan as Michelle entered her. Michelle continued to push, sliding the dildo in its entirety into Courtney. Courtney only moaned in response, she could feel it fill her. Michelle slowly began to thrust in and out gently into Courtney. Courtney’s spread legs wrapped around Michelle, pulling her tighter.

“OOOOOO, It feels so good, it’s so deep.” Courtney moaned.

Michelle began to press herself down, so her body came in contact with Courtney’s clit, beginning to build her up again. Her dildo continued to push in and out. Courtney pulled her tighter. She looked up through dazed eyes at Michelle. She watched as Michelle’s large breasts swayed back and forth with each full thrust. She smiled and moaned as the orgasmic assault continued.

“O my gosh, I am building again, oh yes, I’m going to cum.” Courtney moaned.

“Cum for me, Cum for me, say what you love, cum for me,” Michelle urged as she continued to thrust into Courtney.

“Oo, Fuck Me, Fuck me, oh yes, I’m going to cum, oh yes, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” Courtney moaned. “Oh yes, I’m cumming.” She pulled Michelle tight, her legs locking her dildo inside of her, Her arms pulling Michelle’s body tight against her own. Her body shook with another orgasm, moaning Michelle’s name again and again, “Michelle, Michelle, Michelle, that’s incredible.” Slowly her body came down from the high, and Michelle removed herself rom Courtney’s pussy.

“Roll over, there’s one more thing before your first taste, I am going to fuck that beautiful tight ass of yours.” Michelle commanded.

Courtney could only roll over in response, her eyes glazed over in pleasure. Michelle moved to her knees behind Courtney. She took the jar of lube and began applying it to Courtney’s ass. Courtney moved up on her knees, exposing her ass to Michelle’s caress. Michelle lovingly applied to lube, sliding her hand between the round cheeks, her fingers tracing the anus, her hands squeezing each cheek. Running her hand over the dildo a few times, she moved slowly toward Courtney’s ass. She took the dildo in her hand and guided it between Courtney’s cheeks.

“Courtney, are you ready, I’m going to push in, it will hurt at first, but then it will feel so good. I need you to push back toward me, help me fill you.” Michelle instructed.

“Yes,” Courtney responded.

She slowly began to push back as Michelle pushed in. The dildo slowly entered Courtney’s tight virgin ass. She groaned in pain and pleasure. Feeling the dildo fill her completely. She began to wince and pant and moan as the dildo slowly entered. Michelle continued to push until the dildo was nearly completely in. She began to lightly and slowly slide back and forth, just a little bit. One of her hands reached around and slowly began to circle Courtney’s clit.

“Ohhh, Michelle, oh, it feels so good, I can just feel you inside of me, oh, I’m going to build again,” Courtney moaned.

Michelle continued to push herself in and pull herself out of Courtney. All the while her fingers speedily circled and twirled around Courtney’s clit. Courtney began pushing down, back on the dildo, taking it into her ass. Her moaning grew as she built toward an orgasm.

“Oh, Michelle, I’m almost there.”

Michelle began to thrust in faster and faster, filling Courtney with the dildo. Her body began to slam into Courtney’s ass as she thrust faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Her fingers furiously rubbing the clit back and forth, back and forth.

“Oh Michelle, I’m there, I’m there, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Courtney Moaned.

Michelle thrust one more time and then slowly began to remove herself from Courtney’s ass. She pulled the dildo out and unstrapped the harness. Courtney collapsed down on the bed completely. Michelle lay down up top of her, her breasts pressing down in Courtney’s back. Her hands sliding up and along Courtney’s side. Her hands joined Courtney’s above her head. She leaned down, planting kisses along Courtney’s neck and by her ear.

“Did you enjoy that, was it everything you desired?” Michelle asked.

“Yes, oh gosh, you have no idea, how incredible those orgasms were, how it felt, your tongue, your fingers, all of it, it was so incredible,” Courtney groaned.

“There’s just one thing left for you to do for this experience to be complete, I know you want to lick me, to lick your first pussy, to truly indulge the lesbian inside of you, to free her,” Michelle whispered.

“I need to lick you, I need to lick your pussy, to taste you, to make you cum with my tongue,” Courtney confessed.

Michelle rolled off of Courtney unto her back. Looking at Courtney she said, “Girl, I am all yours.”

Courtney smiled and slid her body un-top of Michelle. Her breasts pressed into Michelle’s, their bodies pressed together. They kissed, their tongues sliding together, sharing the passion and power of their sex. Courtney began to slowly kiss down toward Michelle’s breasts. She showered kisses all over each of Michelle’s large breasts. Her tongue licked around each breast, touching the underside and side of each beautiful orb. She planted kisses around each nipple before slowly taking it into her mouth. Her tongue began to stroke back and forth, back and forth across the nipple. She continued to kiss first one nipple and then the other, and then back. Each nipple was showered with kisses and licks. Michelle could only moan at the attention her breasts were receiving. Courtney began to kiss down further, Her tongue sliding across Michelle’s abdomen. She felt Michelle, spread her legs, ready with anticipation for Courtney’s arrival.

Courtney kissed down her hip, planting kisses along one thigh, before stopping and staring at Michelle’s spread legs and the treasure it revealed. She looked at Michelle’s pussy, smiling, wetting her lips. She looked up at Michelle, only to see her lover with her eyes closed, breasts rising with each breath, and a moaning please. She lowered her head and slowly extended her tongue, she licked up Michelle’s entire slit, sliding between the wet lips. “It tastes so good,” Courtney said, as she returned for another lick. And another. And another. She began to lick up and down Michelle’s slit. She began to kiss each lip, pretending she was kissing Michelle on the lips, taking a lip between her lips, her tongue would run along it. And then she would lick the other lip. She just kissed and kissed Michelle’s lips, tasting her, savoring her. Her tongue sliding between the lips.

“Yes, Yes, Courtney, you are a natural, lick that pussy,” Michelle screamed.

Courtney continued to slide her tongue between and along each lip. Tasting Michelle as she licked. Her tongue continued up, reaching Michelle’s clit, she slowly twirled her tongue around it, circling it, around and around. Michelle lifted her hips up into Courtney’s mouth.

“Yes, Oh Yes, Courtney, I’m almost there, I’m going to cum, you are going to make a woman cum,” Michelle cried.

Courtney continued to circle Michelle’s tight clit, around and around, back and forth, her tongue went. She lowered her mouth over the clit, sucking it up into her mouth before lightly nibbling it, eliciting a gutteral moan from Michelle. Her tongue continued to circle and flick as Michelle’s body began to rock and shake into Courtney’s tongue.

“Oh, Courtney, I’m going to cum, oh yes, oh yes, Courtney, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” She screamed. “You are making me cum.”

Courtney continued to lick her clit back and forth. Michelle’s hands moved to Courtney’s head, holding her down, forcing her head into her pussy. Courtney continued to kiss and lick Michelle’s clit, before sliding back to the pussy. Her lips sliding along the lips. She slid a finger into Michelle, pushing in. She circled it around and around before pulling out. She began to slide her finger down away from the pussy, sliding between Michelle’s cheeks. She began to circle Michelle’s anus, before sliding the wet, juice covered finger in. All the while her tongue continued to lick up at Michelle’s slit.

“Ohhh, Courtney, oh, my gosh, that is incredible, oh yes, I’m cumming, I’m still cumming,” Michelle cried. Arching her body one more time she fell back on the bed, panting and breathing heavily, “Stop, please stop.”

Courtney removed her finger from Michelle’s ass and ceased her licks. She smiled up at Michelle, who just smiled back. She slid back up Michelle’s body, laying on top, pussy to pussy, breast to breast. She just smiled, staring into Michelle’s eyes.

“Was is good, did I do a good job?” Courtney asked.

“Lover, you were a natural,” Michelle moaned.

“A natural what?” Courtney asked pressing her body down hard unto Michelle.

“A natural lesbian.” Michelle smiled.

“I know, I am, I am a lesbian, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Courtney confessed.

“Let’s shower off, I have so much more to show you.” Michelle told Courtney.

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