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Foursome In The Beach House

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Like most hot blooded men, I have always fantasized about having sex with more than one woman but, being married to a conservative catholic, I was resigned to never realize this fantasy. So, when I ended up having sex with my wife and two of her best friends, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

It all started on Monday morning with a call from my wife. A friend of ours that owns a beach house located only a couple of hours drive from our home had called Karen.

She was going on holidays and had asked whether we wanted to use the beach house. I checked the weather forecast; sun was expected the entire week. I quickly called my boss and, being that I had vacation days due that I had not taken, I asked him if I could take the rest of the week off. Also, knowing that the beach house is quite large, I suggested to my wife, that she invite the 2 couple that we usually socialize with. I knew our friends would probably not be able to get out there until Friday, as both husbands work.

When I finally got home in the afternoon, expecting my wife to have the car packed and ready, I was surprised to find her waiting with Veronica and Christy. The girls did not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy a full week at the beach and decided to go with Karen and me and let the hubbies catch up with us on Friday. Who am I to complain? Like I said, I had lost all hope of ever realizing my fantasy but still, being in the beach with three lovely women, is something no hot blooded man would complain about even if the prospects of wild sex were extremely slim.

Karen, my wife, is a beautiful petite brunette that is in her early thirties. She is about 5’2 with beautiful round breast that costs me a fortune a few years ago but proved to be a very worthwhile investment. She has shoulder-length brown hair and gorgeous green eyes. She works out a lot and has beautiful firm legs and an extremely well formed ass.

Veronica is another knock-out. She is slightly bigger than Karen but could still be considered petite. She also has beautiful firm breasts and a great body overall with long blonde hair that reaches halfway down her back. Her strongest feature is her beautiful face.

Last but not least is Christy who, being foreign, has a slightly darker complexion than the other two ladies that would be my companions for the remainder of the week. Christy is not as beautiful as Karen and Veronica but she has this exotic magnetism that just makes guys turn their heads when the cross her in the street. She has small but firm breast, very long legs and a fantastic ass. She has short brown hair and brown eyes that match her Latino complexion.

The first 2 days with the girls were uneventful. The girls basically spent the entire day sun bathing on the pool deck or out by the ocean. In the afternoons they did a little shopping and we had nice quite dinners. On Wednesday evening, I decided that I’d try to get the girls to loosen up around me. There seemed to be a lot of chatter between the three of them but every time I was around the conversation seemed to shift to boring subjects.

My plan consisted of cooking them a fancy dinner, which would be served with some very fine wine that I found at the local liquor store. My hope was that, at the very least the wine would make the girls loosen up around me and perhaps be a bit more open. Also, I think they were a bit uptight around me as the husbands were not there. Anyway, the dinner and wine did the trick. After our second bottle was finished, the girls became much chattier and eventually the conversation turned to sex.

Both Veronica and Christy shared with me some of the naughty things they enjoyed doing with their husbands, while Karen and I admitted that we had fallen into a marriage routine and naughtiness hardly made it into our sex life. Veronica and Christy then started pressuring both Karen and I to fess up to our fantasies. Seeing our reluctance they even volunteered some of their own. My jaw dropped when Christy told us that she had always fantasized about having sex with a woman but had yet to gather enough courage to talk to the hubby about making the fantasy come true. Veronica mentioned that her fantasy was to have sex with two men at the same time but, being that the husband was very jealous, she doubted she’d ever dare ask him. Jokingly, I even volunteered to talk to both hubbies on Friday when they arrived.

Then they cornered me and would not give up until I confessed my biggest fantasy. At this point my tongue was also very loose from the wine and I though “what the heck? It is my fantasy, and I know it is shared by a very large percentage of the male population, and I may never get another opportunity to let Karen know this is something I long for”. So, I let it go. The girls listened intently and began to make more personal questions. They wanted to know what I would do to these 2 women in bed with me and how. They wanted a detailed fantasy and I gave it to them. Throughout the entire tale, I always made sure to mention that my wife, Karen, was one of the 2 women in my fantasy.

All of a sudden Karen gets up and asks us to move to the living room so she can clean up the dishes. The girls offer to help so I go on my own, pop open another bottle of wine and sit to wait for the girls. At this point I am thinking the wife, being a catholic, is probably very pissed and I will get an earful when we finally go to bed. But, at least I was happy because my fantasy was now out in the open.

A few minutes pass and the girls come in. Karen sits beside me and Veronica and Christy sit on the couch across from me. Before I realize what is happening, my wife has pulled down my shorts and is stroking my cock. At first the awkward situation was not letting me achieve an erection. Here I am, my wife playing with my cock in front of two beautiful women and I could not get it up. Then my wife says: “come on girls; help me make Rick’s fantasy come true. You both told me in the kitchen that you found him extremely attractive and that the conversation after dinner had made you hot. How about you both suck his beautiful cock to life as he described when he told us his fantasy”. I could not believe what I was hearing.

This dialogue certainly got my erection going and although they hesitated at first both girls were soon on their knees and sucking away at my manhood. They took turns sucking the length of my cock and my balls. It was the most incredible feeling in the world. At one point Veronica and Christy actually started French kissing with the head of my cock between them. Next Veronica began to take me deep into her throat while Christy worked wonders on my balls. I was in heaven.

I turned to look at my wife to see her reaction to what was happening and was shocked to find that while Veronica and Christy were performing their ministrations on me, Karen had removed her jeans and panties and was sitting in the couch beside me with her legs spread open and masturbating. She has 2 fingers of one hand inside her pussy and with the other hand she was furiously stroking her clit. I could sense by the look in her eyes and her breathing that she was about to have an orgasm. As her moans grew deeper, I knew she was seconds away from coming but I was unable to get away from Christy and Veronica to help her out. But, what happened next blew my mind.

Christy, who had previously told us her fantasy was to be with another woman, apparently also notice that my wife was about to come and swiftly left me balls and dove at Karen’s open pussy. In no time Christy had Karen’s swollen clit in her mouth and was sucking it. This brought Karen over the edge and she started screaming as a monstrous orgasm hit her. Christy then left her pussy and began lapping up the juices that were overflowing Karen’s now satisfied cunt.

When she finally got her breath back Karen tells us: “Well Christy that was certainly some orgasm you helped me achieve but with your permission, I need my husbands cock inside of me now. He knows how to make me come in no time. Once I am done, I will sit back, relax and let you two fuck him to your hearts content”. This certainly did not sound like the fervent catholic I thought her to be.

Anyway, Karen got off the couch and proceeds to impale herself on my cock. She begins to ride me facing forward with her back to me and I know this is the position in which she enjoys her orgasms more. Christy, who apparently has enjoyed her first experience tasting a pussy, begins to suck my wife’s clit as she rides me. In the meantime, not wanting to leave poor Veronica out of all the fun, I ask her to take off her clothes, climb up on the couch and sit her pussy on my face.

For a moment I was lost in the sensation of Karen riding me while Christy was licking her clit that I failed to realize that Veronica her clothes off and was trying to climb up far enough to grant me access to her beautiful blond bush. I help her up and let her sit on my face while using both my hands to help give her support and stability. She was absolutely delicious and was apparently so hot with what was happening that her pussy was dripping wet.

This must have gone on for maybe 5 minutes and I can feel Karen’s pussy muscles tightening around my cock and I just know she is about to come. I begin to thrust upwards harder to match her downwards thrusts and soon hear her scream in ecstasy for the second time that night.

When her orgasm subsides, Karen gets of my cock and announces: “girls, he is all yours.”

Veronica was already wet and ready to be fucked so I place her on her hands and knees on the floor but facing the couch. I then instruct Christy, whom by now has relieved herself of all clothing, to sit in the coach in front of Veronica’s face so she can eat her pussy while I fuck her from behind. Christy complies but I sense that Veronica is hesitant and she does not immediately go down on her friend. So, to give her the added incentive she needs, I place my swollen cock right at the entrance of her pussy.

“You want me in you, right? Well then start sucking that pussy and you will get what you want”. Apparently that did the trick as Veronica started to diligently lick Christy’s pussy. I then begin my assault on that beautiful pussy. Having that gorgeous raised ass in front of me, my cock buried to that hilt in that beautiful pussy while watching this goddess suck on a beautiful shaved Latino pussy is almost too much for me. I feel I am about ready to explode but I force myself to stop. I have a third pussy to get to and I don’t want to ruin it by shooting my load off now. Who knows, in the time it will take me to recover the girls might change their mind and put an end to this escapade.

I know that if I change positions and have Veronica ride me, I will last longer. So, I pull out of her and lie down on the floor. I have Veronica ride me facing forward and I instruct Christy to sit herself on my face so I can taste her pussy. So, I have one girl riding my cock and another riding my tongue. And the best part is they are facing each other and in the middle of a deep French kiss. This again brings me to the brink but I manage to hold back by keeping Veronica down. By not allowing her to do the up and down motion, she then starts moving forwards and back with my cock fully inside her. This generally makes my wife, Karen, come immediately, and I am hoping it will have the same effect on Veronica. Lo and behold the trick works and I feel Veronica’s pussy muscles tighten their grip on my cock. In no time she is screaming in pleasure and her orgasm hits her.

Now I have one more woman to service, the delicious Latino Christy. But, knowing that her fantasy had been to have sex with other women, which was fulfilled and she obviously enjoyed, I wanted to try to make this even more special for her. So, I get Karen and Veronica to sit on the coach and spread their legs so Christy can clean their pussies out to her hearts content. While Christy is eating both pussies, I am pounding her from behind. As she goes from one pussy to the next I go with her and continue my assault.

Eating both pussies while being fucked from behind soon has Christy screaming in orgasm. She was in the process of cleaning Veronica’s pussy with her tongue when her orgasm hit her. I then begin to pick up my pace, having fucked all three women to orgasm, I feel it’s only fair to have mine. Christy senses this tells me to stop.

“You told us that your fantasy was to come while both women were engaged in a 69 and with your cock inside one of their assholes. If you have lived out your fantasy so completely until now, you can go all the way and come the way you envisioned it”. What a gal!!

I have Karen lie down on the floor facing up and Christy quickly gets into a 69 position on top of her. I watch both women go at each others pussies for a minutes and then decide its time to shoot my load off. I kneel down behind Christy and lick her asshole, I insert my middle finer in her dripping pussy and I can feel Karen’s tongue against her clit. I then insert the moist finger into her asshole to help lubricate her. After repeating the process a few times I sense Christy is ready.

I position myself behind her and she raises her ass a bit further to give me access. I slowly bring my cock head in and stop to let her adjust. After a few seconds I proceed to push all the way through until by balls are resting against her ass. She then lowers herself back on to Karen’s hungry mouth and tells me to fuck her and to do it hard.

The feeling of being inside a tight asshole, seeing both women engaged in a 69 is too much to handle. I sense my orgasm coming so I begin pounding Christy’s ass like there is no tomorrow. Incredibly before my orgasm hits me, I hear Christy screaming her second orgasm of the night into Karen’s pussy. This did it for me. I immediately start gushing rope after rope of come deep into Christy’s ass. I have never had an orgasm that lasted so long.

Fully satisfied we all decided to head up to the main bedroom and sleep together to recuperate our strength to have another fuck fest on Thursday prior to the hubbies’ arrival on Friday but, that will be a story for another day.

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