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Four On a Quilt

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I’ve always adored old quilts airing on clotheslines in the spring of the year and my great Aunt Selina was a proponent of airing her quilts by spreading them on the grass to freshen them up. That is why memories of her came to me just now. Quilts have a special scent when they are placed in the sunshine…and James had placed several in the yard for this afternoon. Not so much for my visual delight, but for my sensual delight…one draped with care over two bales of straw and two upon the green grass on either side of the bales.

He did not know this, but the sight of those quilts relaxed me in their familiarity and in the connection that I feel with the maker’s hands when I look upon their beauty and the comfort they afford. The fresh scent of the quilts and the sight of their artfully placed pieces dimpled with countless stitches reflects their soul purposes for their creation…comfort, beauty, and love. I read too much into everything around me and my reaction to the quilts is proof of that, but I find pleasure in everything around me.

This afternoon was the first of many “firsts” for me. It took some coaxing and your patient smiles paid off, but I reluctantly stepped out onto the deck into the sun without a stitch of clothing on. It even took a while to get me out of the bedroom into the kitchen, but now, here I was feeling the warmth of the sun pouring over me and I had not felt this surely since I was a child. The smiles on James and Carl’s faces were all I needed. I had not experienced one second of undue pressure to step outside and like a new-born calf, I was allowed to gradually survey the surroundings and venture further from the deck into the yard and looking back at both of you, receiving assurance that no one was going to be able to see us and no one was coming up from the road to intrude.

I gradually made my way further into the surrounding yard and was relaxing more with every moment. After a quick walk around the grounds, I was ready to settle in for the much promised “cloud show” that James had promised. So I walked over to the quilts where James and Carl were reclining and motioned for them to move apart to make way for me and I laid down between them, truly trusting that I was about to be given the most incredible time to relax and adjust to their closeness and their obvious sexual intentions.

No sooner had I laid down than both brothers began caressing my torso and arms, nothing overtly sexual, just hands applying light pressure upon my skin. It was obvious that their touch was meant for my total relaxation and I was accepting of that luxury. I wanted to relax…need to in order to please them as well…so I directed my eyes to the blue sky above and while delighting my sense of vision in the clouds, I turned the rest of me over into their hands. I have never received so much attention and the feeling of being desired and cared for was so completely obvious. I gave in totally to this experience and felt a rush of guilt for my selfish acceptance of such pleasure, but I was really getting into this. Carl’s touch was calming and James kept speaking to me to direct my attention into the clouds. A bottle of sunscreen was magically produced from under a fold in the quilt and a generous stream was applied to my torso like a long strand of pearls that resembled a well-placed stream of cum. Both their hands caressed in concert over my skin. Their hands glided slowly up the outer sides of my stomach and then paused as their fingers stopped at the baselines of my breasts, pausing at the edge of the full roundness where my breasts met my torso and then up and over my breasts…teasing my nipples and then stroking all around before returning to my stomach. Several passes over my breasts, each time a little slower and soon my thighs were relaxed and open for their caressing touch. I was so moved that they cared to protect my skin from the effects of the sun, the jesture was touching ( in more ways than one ).

Carl remained quiet and attentive in his touch while James continued to caress my mind with his words, as well as my skin with his touch. Their hands now dipped between my thighs and while applying the protective sunscreen, gradually worked my thighs farther apart with each successful circular stroke. Their hands stroked in mirror-image strokes down my thighs, over my knees, past my calves and onto the tops of my feet. And just as I thought…Oh, that was nice…..they began moving in tandem back up again….This was absolute heaven…my instinct to give in return made my hands reach out and grasp their cocks. A light squeeze and I too began my own attentive strokes. My grasp could not completely encircle James’ cock and I so enjoyed the feeling of his fullness in my hand. I was equally aroused at the feeling of my hand stroking the length of Carl’s cock, causing me to turn my head and survey the long stroke that I applied upon his hardened cock. Neither one were completely erect when I first grasped them, but in my first few strokes I was amazed to feel their pulsing, throbbing cocks awakening to my touch. Feeling their desire rising literally in my hands was so empowering….the added treat of being wanted by two brothers was sweetly naughty….I felt the first few drops of moisture escape my pussy lips as I squeezed my hands slightly over their cocks.

I was caught between feelings of complete relaxation and impending full arousal. James was right….he would see to it that I enjoyed this and he was giving me the time to adjust, just as the brothers had promised. As my hands continued to explore and stroke their cocks, their hands began searching more intimately upon my skin. Until now, neither one had so much as touched within an inch of my pussy, it’s lips, or my clit. I had shaved my pussy clean below the clit and back over my ass…completley smooth, knowing this always accentuates my sense of touch. I trimmed the hair above my clit to a smaller, definite patch and trimmed it short. My pussy lips are very full and extend out naturally from the major folds of skin, almost resembling ruffled flower petals. I was dying to feel a fingertip graze over my cunt lips; had almost begun thrusting my hips as a signal, when I felt the first touch of fingers over my lips and then at last….one faint, barely perceived flick upon my clit!!!….I released the longest, slowest sigh, accompanied by full release of any tension in my thighs.

James whispered upon my neck “That’s it, baby…relax for us.” And with that I drew up my right knee and let it relax to the side toward James. Feeling both of you reclining beside me, being surrounded by so much “maleness”….being catered to so erotically…and now having my clit teased by Carl’s touch…this was making my head spin. The clouds continued to drift away along with my worries.

Carl placed his palm just above my clit and used his index and ring finger to press down firmly on either side of my clit, causing my clit ro raise up and out of it’s protective hood….it was completely aroused and searching for touch. About every 15 seconds or so Carl would either tap, lightly stroke or flick the tip of my clit and each time I tried to stroke my clit back into his touch for more. The less he touched, the more I wanted. James instinctively felt my desire for more and slid two fingers into my pussy, pressing up inside very firmly, finding that delicious spot high up inside my pussy, but just underneath my clit…he applied intense upward pressure and when Carl applied the next flick upon my clit I screamed out in a near orgasm. It was immediate and so fucking hot…how did they know how to do this to me? I began begging for more….”Again , again…please….do it again.” James felt my cunt juices beginning to flow from inside and working together he and Carl continued to take me to the edge and back dozens of times. Each time my cries for more echoed into the surrounding mountains….By now, my pussy was grasping James’ fingers and my clit was near bursting. I needed to be fucked, sucked, stroked, rubbed, pumped, and pounded all at once and the afternoon was yet young…

Carl moved up onto his knees and motioned for me to roll over and James quickly maneuvered into a kneeling position at my head. I placed myself upon my knees and spread my thighs as far apart as I could, at the same time tilting my ass upward as I steadied myself with my hands placed on James thighs. My lips were just beginning to brush the head of his cock when I felt Carl direct the head of his cock into my silken slit. The touch startled me and my mouth opened as I gasped….letting James’ cock slip in further into my mouth. My tongue instantly began swirling just under the head, applying light flicks to his cock. The head of his cock fit perfectly into the roof of my mouth and I continued to let my tongue swirl and tease as my pussy was being just as teased. Carl slowly pressed the head of his dick into my pussy apparently to make use of the wet juices he worked so hard to produce. He was careful to allow no more than the head of his cock to slide up and down my soaked slit, feeling my pussy muscles flexing to be fucked. I then felt his left hand caress my hip and then he slid his fingers between my ass cheeks as he slipped his cock up closer to my tiny pink ass. I instinctively tightened a bit and he playfully tapped my hips in a playful slap and admonished me “Jenny, relax, take it easy, Let me try to fuck your ass, baby….come one, relax for me, baby”. I returned my attention to Carl’s cock and attempted to take in more of his full erect cock into my awaiting mouth. My hands grasped James’ thighs tighter to brace myself as Carl was intently applying my first ass fuck. I felt the tip of his cock pressed against my ass and concentrated on relaxing completely for him. The pressure was not painful and I was determined to have this…felt intensely aroused as my tight opening was invaded to a sensation of both heat and light pain as the head of his dick slipped in. My response caused me to suck lightly on James’ cock and I began a rhythmic rocking motion to fuck his cock with my mouth to match what Carl was accomplishing in my ass. “That’s my Jenny, good girl….let me fuck your sweet ass baby”…Carl’s coaxing was perfection, he now slid in further still and sweetly coaxed me the whole time. Words arouse me more than touch at times…”Jenny, baby…good girl…take this cock, fuck my dick, baby”…I could now feel his cock beginning slow, easy strokes into and out of my ass. James was fucking my mouth to the same rhythm. Gliding in and out as he watched over my back, watching Carl’s cock sliding in and out. My first ass fuck was going well and the brothers were arousing each other as much as they were arousing me.

My grasp now relaxed on James’ thighs and my mouth was gliding aroud as much of the length of his dick as I could manage. I could feel Carl’s balls grazing my clit with each inward stroke of my ass and James was encouraging Carl on in his continuing initiation of my ass to his cock. James was obviously incredibly aroused by watching Carl fuck my ass, he was becoming more demanding of my mouth’s attention as he watched Carl’s cock disappear and reappear into and from my ass. As I imagined, my pussy was aroused and demanding attention as well. Cunt juices flowed freely as my pussy lips spread open. Carl gently pressed his cock firmly inside my ass and teased me as he slid borh his hands down my hips and using his thumbs, dipped each thumb into my pussy and then applied outward pressure to spread my pussy wide. This caused me to moan loudly, my voice vibrating all around James’ cock I rocked back hard, firmly responding that my pussy needed stroking badly. And just as Carl was about to begin a delicious finger fucking to my pussy, the sound of a car approaching startled me back in to reality. James and Carl laughed as I retracted my mouth and ass away from their cocks…it was Charles…late again….but here none the less. His car pulled to a stop no more than 25 feet away from our place on the lawn….and by the looks of his smile, he was pleased to see that we were all primed and ready to add to the moment.

Carl asked as he began removing his shirt. “Why did you all stop when I drove up?” James said…”Jen’s just a little skiddish, she was afraid the Welcome Wagon was coming for a visit.”….Charles laughed and said…well, I’m not the Welcome Wagon, but I will definitely welcome her here. He stood above the three of us and surveyed the situation, watched me as I laid on m stomach and had obviously reached under and was playing with my clit now to maintain the arousal. I wanted to be fucked and I wanted to be fucked now. James offered…”Do you think the two of you can double fuck that nice, slick pussy? She wants it man, she really wants it.”…Just as Charles lowered his jeans he sarcastically offered…”Yeah, I think Carl and I can offer the little lady just what she wants…can’t we Carl?” And with that, Carl laid down on his back and I quickly slid over and laid an arm over his chest….”Hi Charles…double fuck me…now, show me what you and Carl can do for me…let me feel this double cock fuck that I have heard so much about.” And with that, I swung my left knee over Charles and straddled his hips and rocked back a few times to tap my pussy on the head of your cock…pressing back a little more with each stroke back. The final time, I pressed back hard and felt the head of his cock pop just inside my cunt….Charles let out a slight moan and reaching down, grabbed my hips firmly and proceeded to impale his cock into my pussy in one long even stroke. His cock slid in, filling me beyond my wildest dreams and causing me to wiggle a little against his invading cock to adjust to his size. I could feel the pressure of his full length demanding more depth than I had, but now I had him completley enveloped inside my pussy. I placed my hands upon his chest and leaned in closely to his ear and whispered…”Charles, fuck me baby, let me feel a double cock fuck…please…come on, give it to me…now.” You had already started stroking my pussy in and out. I rocked with you, meeting every stroke of your cock. I knew I was in for the ride of my life. I looked over at James and said “Don’t leave…please….stay right here with me. You repositioned yourself behind Charles’ head and again offered your cock to my sweet mouth…

I greedily took as much of your cock into my mouth and Charles watched as you cock dipped in and out of my mouth. Carl now positioned himself behind me and again I moaned as I felt him approach my already stretched and full pussy. Charles knew to stop stroking now and firmly planted his cock deep inside my cunt to await Carl’s cock. Carl pressed firmly and without pausing, maintained pressure until the head of his cock slid just inside my pussy. He paused for a moment to allow my cunt to adjust slightly and when he felt the first signs of my acceptance, he proceeded to slide in further still. The touch of the underside of his cock gliding along his brother’s hardened cock gave a small wave of pleasure caused from the intense pressure of this tight envelopment in my pussy. I could barely detect pulse beats as blood coursed through the two hardened cocks intent upon double occupation of my pussy. James, was intensely aroused as my mouth tightened over his cock and I continued to lavish his cock with my aroused sucking and stroking. My moans further stimulated the head of his cock with the vibrations of my moans against the head of his cock. My mouth was warm and slick over his cock as the vibrations from my throat were building a rising urge in his cock to cum hard.

Carl had now slipped his cock deeply into my pussy and the thought of the two brothers cocks fucking my pussy at once was almost more than I could handle. I tried to imagine how their cocks felt completely surrounded by my warm, slick soft pussy and yet stroking each other’s cocks off by gliding along each other’s cocks. Even the slightest movement must have felt incredible….I know that my clit was near bursting and by the sensation of a few drops of pre-cum on my tongue, I knew James was ready for release too.

I was so close….my clit was pressing down hard onto Charles and all I knew was that I had two dicks fucking my pussy…I could do no more than take it all and wait for the release. Carl continued to manage most of the motion…his part now was to fuck stroke my pussy… Charles’s part was to keep his dick pressed tightly into my pussy and provide the friction and pressure for both Carl and me to cum.

I looked up at James and begged….”baby, please…cum for Jenny….let me watch you stroke off for me…please….let me watch you jack off for me.” You quickly agreed but had other ideas for finishing off. My eyes were glued on James as he provided me with my favorite visual stimulation. There are so many things that I fantasize about, but when I want a really hard orgasm…I just dream of watching a man’s hands and fingers busily jerking off a gorgeous dick…James was incredible in his attentions to his cock….I was nearly cumming just watching and the double fucking was getting so intense now….I had to redirect myself back to my pussy.

The throbbing in my pussy was getting stronger and my clit was thumping, ready to explode. Carl was the first to let go…I felt it when he began humping just a little more intensely…I could feel his attention turn from giving pleasure to me to demanding the pleasure for his cock. In one final thrust his cum began to spill deeply inside me and by the second jolt Charles too began spurting deeply inside my pussy…it was his spasmic spurt that put me over the edge and I was able to join both brothers in a gut wrenching…clit grinding…pussy grabging orgasm that once again caused my screams to echo through the surrounding mountains. My extended orgasm lasted through all the cum splashes that Charles and Carl had to deliver to my grasping pussy. I felt Carl pull away slowly and then I was left with Charles’ cock still hard…I was amazed when he pumped his cock hard and fast for about a dozen final fuck thrusts into my cunt and I concentrated on tightening my pussy around him to give as much final pleasure to his cock as I could.

Lying on my stomach and relaxing, I could feel streams of cum escaping my pussy. Warm, hot, slick cum….I was drenched…and felt so wonderful. One muscular contraction and the final pool of cum slipped out from inside. I looked up at James and said ” I’m not finished yet, you started this whole thing, now come over here and finish it”. Your cock was fully engorged, beyond it’s limits and judging from the pre-cum running down it’s full length, you could fill my pussy up again and still have more to give.

You motioned for me to come over to where you were seated in the chair. I straddled your wide-spread thighs and placed my hands upon your shoulders. I settled down onto your thighs taking your cock into my pussy and whispered..”Perhaps I will fuck you instead”. I proceeded to raise and lower my pussy onto your cock. Your brothers could see your cock disappearing into my pussy and then reappearing, your cock glistening with a mixture of their cum and my own slick pussy juices. I found a nice quickened rhythm and soon had you rocking your hips to fuck deeper and faster still. Your head fell back and you grasped my hips, squeezing them as you guided my strokes down onto your throbbing cock. You had watched every moment of my being fucked so hard by your brothers and now this pussy was yours…yours to fill with the final load of cum that would leave your mark, your scent upon me. Mixed with the others, but yours just the same. I felt your orgasm begin to rise and I began to rise and fall harder, faster trying to jack off your dick with my pussy. Your groans preceeded your eruption of hot cum….My name…Jennnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!! FUCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! and then it began hitting, splashing hard inside my fucking cunt… sweet jets of cum…1 jolt, 2, 3 and then the 4th, the deepest…longest….my arms encircled James and I held him as his orgasm subsided.

I was spent and so pleasured….The quilts beckoned me back onto their warmth in the sun…and there as the clouds watched from above the four stretched out for a recouperative sun bath. The night sky would be out later and it would be the star’s chance to watch below.

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