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Forced Entry

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Rose sat at her dining room table, barely touching the breakfast in front of her. Her marriage was in trouble, and she had no idea why. It had been almost two months since her husband had touched her, and she thought he may be having an affair. It wasn’t uncommon for men to seek the company of a younger woman, but at forty-six Rose still had the body of a twenty something. High breast, flat stomach, and an ass that still turned heads. Even this morning she tried to wake him by stroking him, and the only reaction was him rolling over. Even his goodbye when he left was chaste at best.

Deep in thought, food cold before her, Rose didn’t here the intruder come into the dining room behind her. Suddenly Rose felt a strong hand cover her mouth and a deep voice in her ear. “Not a word if you want to live,” the voice said. “Don’t move a muscle, don’t turn around, and do exactly as I say.”

The hand covering her mouth fell away, and Rose was terrified. Everything went black, he had blindfolded her. Grabbing her by the shoulders, he stood her up. She felt both of his arms around her, and she could feel him undoing the silk tie to her robe.

Her robe open, Rose stood with her back to the man. His fingertips slowly caressed her stomach. A tingling sensation went through her body, and a small gasp escaped her. The hands moved up, each taking a still firm breast. Cupping each breast, the man slowly rolled each nipple between his forefinger and thumb. Her nipples erect, Rose felt the mans fingertips outline her areolas.

Not wanting to, but unable to stifle it, Rose let out a small moan. Not having been touched like this in months, Rose was terrified and beginning to get aroused at the same time. She tried to push her hips back to the man, to feel him against her ass. A hand released a breast, and with a firm smack on her ass, “Don’t move I said!” he told her.

Both hands now released her, and she no longer felt the man near her. With a yelp, Rose jumped as she heard everything on the table crash to the floor. The man was back behind her, and moving her to the end of the table. With her back to the table, he stood in front of her. She could feel his hot breath on her face as he brushed his lips against hers. He opened her robe to expose her full front, and after a moment let it fall off of her shoulders. She stood before him, quivering with fear and excitement.

With both hands on her hips, he sat her on the table. She sat there waiting for what seemed an eternity. He didn’t touch her, he didn’t make a sound. Unable to see, she had no idea what was going to happen. Her mind was racing with thoughts she couldn’t understand. Fear, excitement, wanting and needing all went through her mind.

He then moved in front of her, as if he just appeared from thin air. He spread her legs, and she could feel his strong thighs between hers. Again his lips brushed hers. His tongue parted her lips, and he began to probe her mouth. Rose responded, and tried to pull him closer to her. He grabbed her wrists firmly in his hands, moved them behind her back, and held them there with one strong hand.

His other hand grabbed the back of her head, and he held it back while he started to kiss her neck and shoulders. His lips slowly moved to her breasts. He took her left nipple in his mouth, at first just gently sucking it, his tongue moving around it. Gently, he nipped it between his teeth , and felt it get more erect. He kissed the top of her breast and moved to the right nipple. Repeating the process, the left nipple he caressed with his free hand.

He began to kiss under her breasts, and moved to her stomach. his hands pushed her shoulders to the table. lying there with her legs hanging over the table, Rose tried to wrap them around him, but he pulled away. He moved back to her, and ran his tongue from her navel to the middle of her breasts. Beginning to kiss his way down again, he took both breasts in his hands and massaged them as he kissed and licked her. As he got closer to her pubic region, she put both legs on his shoulders, and this time he let them stay.

Rose could feel the heat building in her. She could feel her lips become enflamed with desire. He kissed around her mid section. He kissed and licked her inner thighs. Rose tightened her legs around his head, trying to force him to taste her. He pulled his head back. “Be patient,” he told her. He started on her inner thighs again, and began to kiss around her lips. She thrust her hips into his face, and answered by spreading her lips with his tongue. He ran his tongue inside her, tasting her wetness, licking from bottom to top. His tongue ran across her clit, and she almost screamed. He rolled her clit around his tongue, sucked on it, and nibbled on it. Rose tightened her legs around his head, and pulled him in closer with her hands. this time he didn’t stop her.

His hands were still massaging her breasts, keeping her nipples every bit as hard and erect as her clit had become. Rose thrust her hips up to meet his tongue. She could feel the orgasm building in her. After two months of helping herself, it wasn’t going to take her long at all. With every lick and suckle of her clit, the intensity built in her. She pulled his face down harder, squeezed her legs tighter around him. Beginning to scream, she thrust her hips upward faster and faster. She tried to make it last as long as possible, but it was too much. She exploded like never before. She held his head tightly to her, rubbing herself all over his mouth, wanting more and more. He worked his tongue faster around her clit, sending shock waves through her body. Soon it was more than she could handle. After screaming for him to stop more than once, he finally relented and moved away from her.

Lying there, breathing hard and sweat dripping, she couldn’t believe what had just happened. She had never felt an orgasm like that. She never thought she could ever have one that strong. After a moment, she felt the mans hands around her ankles. He lifted her legs, and both were on his shoulders. He began to rub her clit with his thumb, slowly massaging it, getting it hard again. Shortly his thumb was replaced with the head of his enlarged manhood.

Rose was getting wet all over, wanting to feel him inside her. She reached and took him in her hand, trying to guide him in her. He resisted, only allowing his head to enter her. As her lips spread, Rose moaned with pleasure. He pulled out of her, and spread her lips again, going a little deeper. As he quickened the pace, he went deeper and deeper. He held the front of her legs, pulling her to him with every hard thrust. Rose was breathing hard again, meeting his every thrust with her own.

Rose couldn’t believe it. This man was in her deeper than any man had ever been, she was damn near screaming, an he was totally silent. Not a grunt or groan coming out of him. While he continued his thrusts, she tightened her lips around his shaft. He moaned with pain or pleasure. What ever it was, her tightness made it harder for him to push into her.

Rose could feel him getting harder inside her. She knew he was getting close to filling her with his hot cum. She only hoped that she was able to come with him. She began to push into him harder, trying to take him deeper. He went faster and faster, putting every inch of him into her. They had perfect rhythm, meeting each others thrust with their own.

She could feel the ecstasy building in her, and feel him getting harder as he got closer. He began to push into harder than ever, and began to scream with pleasure. After one final extremely hard thrust, he stayed in her as deep as he could and she felt his explosion in her. That was all she could take. Her orgasm was stronger than when he was going down on her. She was blind with excitement.

They both stayed as they were for a moment, and he slowly pulled out of her. He lowered her legs and left her there, gasping for breath and dripping in sweat. The room was quiet again. She wondered was there more to come. She didn’t think she could take anymore.

After a few minutes she knew they were done. He whispered in her ear, “Don’t move for five minutes.” She answered him in a hoarse whisper, “Don’t worry, I couldn’t if I wanted to.”

The allotted five minutes went by, and Rose sat up and removed the blind fold. She looked around, and with the exception of the mess on the floor, everything was as it should be. She knew she should call the police, but she was to weak to even move, and he hadn’t really hurt her. She got off the table, and with weak and trembling knees, she picked up he robe and put it on. She needed to clean the dining room, but was to exhausted to do anything. Her husband wouldn’t be home for hours, so she decided to lie down and relish in her new found glory.

After what seemed like moments, her husband was gently waking her on the couch. She jumped up, afraid that he had already seen the dining room. She ran to the kitchen, apologizing for sleeping all day and claiming to be getting his dinner ready. Reaching the kitchen, she looked into the dining room and was amazed to find it as it should be. No broken dishes, table set, and nothing out of place. Was it a dream? Was the man her husband? Whatever it was, it was the best sex she had ever had.

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