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For the Thrill of It

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(Hi everyone! I have wanted to submit a story for years, but have never completed one that I was happy with. So, I decided to just to go for it by submitting this. I really want you to have an enjoyable time with it and feel free to give a first timer some critiques. So, I will stop my ramblings and let you get on with reading!)

Megan leaned on the glass top of the counter as the clerk stared at her with a smile that attempted to be complimentary, but instead was the pinnacle of creepy. She pretended to cough as she investigated the soft gold chain that currently resided within her hand. The man just continued to gaze upon her, doing his best to be helpful, but just failing miserably. “Well, this does seem lighter than the last one,” she critiqued, “but perhaps too fragile. I’d hate to be a bother, but do you mind showing me a heavier one?”

The man nodded over zealously. “Certainly ma’am.”

He took the chain away and Megan sighed with a relief. Finally, he turned his back without locking the front case. It took four trips, but as always, persistence was the key. With crafty fingers, Megan reached quickly into the slightly ajar case and grabbed the piece she truly wanted, which was a very adorable diamond necklace. As the clerk unlocked the other case, she managed to worm the pendant under her sleeve and rearrange some of the other necklaces to make it look like nothing was missing. As the man returned with the thicker chain, Megan was back in her casual lean on the counter. “I hope this one is better,” said the old clerk.

Megan didn’t want the man to grow suspicious, so she made sure to spend as much time with this one as the others. After a seemingly acceptable minute, she grimaced and formed an expression of absolute repentance. “I feel terrible, but I may have wasted your time. None of these are particularly exciting me. I’m so sorry,” Megan groveled.

The man’s eternal grin did not fade, but rather, seemed to completely understand. “That’s the nature of shopping, ma’am. There is no reason to feel bad. If you change your mind though, just stop on by.”

“I will do,” Megan responded graciously. “Have a nice day.” As she walked away, she slyly shook the pendant from her sleeve and into her purse. The whole experience sent a thrilling rush through her nerves. She succeeded without need for flirting, cleavage, or hell, anything remotely sexual.

The store bustled with customers, Thanksgiving on the horizon. Megan looked forward to this holiday traffic since people were often too absorbed by their shopping activities to notice her mischievous ones. Still, the pendant indeed was quite the high ticket item, so despite her desire to visit the makeup department for more… discounts, it was best for her to be on her way.

The exit was in her sight when Megan noticed something else out of the corner of her eye. A man about fifty feet in front of her leaned over a rack of shirts. The interesting part happened to be the wallet protruding so alluringly from his back pocket. Pick pocketing was well out of her normal pervue since she enjoyed stealing more due to the challenge and skill rather than being like a street urchin from some stuffy novel. Still, she had taken a few such items on occasion, and this man reeked of obliviousness.

Megan flipped her long chocolate brown hair back, a habit that helped her mentally prepare for a daring escapade. She walked carefully to make sure that the clicks of her heels were not too noticeable. For thirty seconds, her hands sorted through a table of garish polo shorts, before finally, she swooped in. Casually, Megan grasped at the thick wallet and pulled it out like the sword from the stone. With a tight posture, she hurried to a display of artificial Christmas trees and hid there.

A giggle escaped Megan’s lips; the rush she received even greater than that of the pendant heist. Anxiously, she decided to investigate her spoils, opening the leather clasp on the wallet. Her eyebrows rose as she became perplexed by what she found. The wallet was completely empty. No money. No credit cards. Not even a driver’s license. Suddenly, she felt a tight grip on her arm as some removed her from the hiding spot.

Indeed, the hand belonged to the same person who owned the wallet. He was a tall man with jet black here and stern blue eyes, framed by a casual stubble. His muscles were hidden under a white collared shirt, his pants gripping his lower body tightly. Megan’s expression exuded utter panic as the man took his wallet back. “Now, now,” he chuckled, “it’s not nice to take things that belong to others.”

Megan pouted her lips as she narrowed her amber eyes at the man. “And it’s not nice to grab people, might I add.”

The man drug Megan through the crowd, everyone around ignorantly unaware of her plight. Her heels drugs and clicked as she was thrown into a secluded area behind the book department. The man laughed gruffly again, sliding the purse off of Megan’s arm, despite her protests. “Now, don’t be so rude. You got to see what was in my wallet, so I get to see what is in yours!”

Megan’s skin grew pale as he shuffled through her bag, knowing exactly what he will find. First, he opened her wallet, taking stock of the lack of cash and looking at her driver’s license. “Megan Ellison. Huh, yeah, you do look like a Megan,” he laughed throwing the wallet back into the bag. His eyes then lit up as he looked down. “Now, what is this?” Megan gulped as he pulled the pendant from the purse, dangling it in front of her face. “Well, this looks awfully expensive. I wonder where the receipt is…”

Megan clenched her fists together as she leaned in. “What the hell? Who are you? Let… let go of my stuff…”

He let out his smug laugh yet again. “We both know this doesn’t belong to you, Meg, so, I suggest you don’t go about making a scene.”

Megan bit her lip. She hated being called Meg. “Well, you don’t seem upstanding yourself,” she protested. “I mean, what was up with that wallet?”

“Yeah, that is weird, isn’t it? It’s almost like it was a trap,” the man replied with a wicked grin. “I work for security and there has been a string of pick pocketing here. I was trying to lure out the culprit.”

Megan’s flesh lost any sense of color. She managed to mutter, “fuck.”

The man leaned in. “Don’t worry, Meg. I know you aren’t the master thief I was looking for. I mean, you tried to rob from me in those heels! Like, how dumb are you?”

Megan was too busy being shell-shocked to become angry at that comment. “Unless, you weren’t trying to steal from me at all, but rather, just wanted into my pockets,” the man sneered. He grabbed Megan’s wrist yet again, her eyes bulging as he roughly shoved her hand into his front pocket. “Let’s see if you find anything of interest in there, Meg.”

Megan wormed about as her hand was pinned in the pocket, the man’s grip controlling the path of her fingers. After some shuffling, her senses picked up on his intended target. They shared eye contact as he moved her wrist up and down, making her fingers rub up and down the length of his manhood. It was semi-hard and a good six inches at least, throbbing at her touch. She trembled while sheepishly asking, “are you going to turn me in?”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged, causing her hand to make a hard rub on the cock. “You are certainly not the pickpocket, but this thing is pretty pricey. Any second now they are going to find out it’s gone. Before that happens, why don’t we have you try it on?”

His strong grip continued to make Megan’s hand rub up and down his length, the thing growing with each passing second. She hung her head as she nodded, choking out, “I think that is better than going to jail.”

“Wonderful,” the man replied, finally freeing Megan’s hand. “I’m Derrick, by the way. A pleasure to meet you. Follow me.” Derrick grasped Megan’s hand again, dragging her once more through the crowded store. Derrick’s stride was quick and firm, not allowing any chance for Megan to wiggle away. To Megan’s relief, she happened to see the clerk in the distance, still seemingly not aware of his missing item.

After a minute of marching, Megan found herself gently pushed into a small white dressing room with a small bench opposing a human sized mirror. “Face the mirror Meg so I can put this on,” Derrick commanded. She complied and stared at the mirror, seeing her curvy form dwarfed by the size of the man behind her. He slid the necklace around her neck, clasping it in the back. “Your license said you are twenty one, is that right? Little young to be a criminal mastermind, aren’t you?”

Megan turned away from the mirror and nodded. “Well, everyone starts somewhere,” she chirped.

Derrick grabbed her chin and made her stare at the necklace in the mirror, which hung over her brown blouse. It shimmered wonderfully around her neck in the low light, looking pristine. “And most criminal geniuses also have skill. Or at least a death-ray of some kind. You look gorgeous by the way.” His hand reached down and gripped her ass roughly, making her wince. He used his other hand to massage her side.

“I left all of my death-rays at home, sadly,” Megan chortled, feeling the hand grope her flesh through her jeans.

“Well, I am actually in a merciful mood. Not only am I not going to turn you in, but I am going to help you smuggle this out,” Derrick said with a sense of menace.

Megan looked at him through the mirror with suspicious. “Something tells me that there is a catch.”

Derrick kept one hand on Megan’s ass, but ran the other through her hair. “Well, not really a catch, but we do need to make sure people are distracted from your neck.” Both of his hands moved to Megan’s shoulders as he grinded himself into her behind, his bulge very pronounced by this point. “I have a plan, though.”

With that, he pushed down on Megan’s shoulders roughly, forcing the woman to her knees. She stared at herself in her pretty necklace one last time before being roughly turned around, face to face with the bulge in Derrick’s pants. Her amber eyes glimmered as they looked up, his hands still on her shoulders. “I don’t see how this is going to help me escape, quite frankly.”

Derrick laughed as he grabbed her wrists again, bringing Megan’s hands to the button on his jeans. “Don’t worry, Meg, we both know I’m the smart one. I know what I’m doing.” Megan’s digits shook as they loosened the buttons. The pants cascaded to the floor, leaving the large bulge pushing against the thin fabric of boxers. With a slight grunt, she pulled the undergarment down. His cock flew out immediately, a good eight inches now, slapping her in the cheek. The musky smell of it floated into her nose. “Best get to it, Meg.”

Megan couldn’t help but roll her eyes before hooking her head back and grabbing the bulbous cockhead between her lips. She let it sit on her tongue for a moment, her eyes pointed up as she barely could believe what she was doing. What was worse to her was that Megan realized some excitement was brewing in her heart. She let the cockhead rest between her two lips for roughly twenty seconds, using her tongue to lick and lather the fleshy bulb. She then reached back and gripped her heels, rolling her head and letting two inches enter. She kept rolling her head and tongue in unison, swirling the start of the dick in her gullet and covering it with saliva.

Megan fell into a persistent rhythm, her head rolling consistently. After about half of the cock was in Megan’s mouth, Derrick tilted her head back, placing a hand in her hair and coaxing her further. An inch slid in, unexpectedly, causing a gag to escape Megan’s lips. She then readjusted her approach, scooping the dick from the side with a tilted grind from her lips. They slide up and down the veiny flesh, the throbbing intense on her tongue.

“I think we found something you ARE skilled at, Meg,” Derrick groaned. Most of the penis was firmly in Megan’s head as spit bubbled at the corners of her stretched lips. She became more proactive at pleasing it, bobbing her head in a dependable motion in a two inch span. The movement started slow with a total trip from point to point lasting about ten seconds. With each successive trip, the time lessened. Within a bit, Megan’s head was flying on the segment, her hair rippling in the air.

Derrick slumped down on the bench; an action that caused his hips to thrust upwards, forcing the cock fully into Megan’s mouth. Drool leaked down her chin as she sputtered and gagged briefly, her hands squeezing her heels tightly. The balls beat against her drool soaked chin, her head gurgling as Derrick gripped her hair tightly.

“Ah, that is much better,” he chirped as he started to pump Megan’s head for all that it was worth. The cockhead wormed into her throat, the muscles there tightening around the dick, encasing it as it slammed back and forth. Megan’s nostrils flared and hair bounced as her body writhed under the might of the shaft.

Derrick then felt a buzz against her ankle. With a bit of skill, he managed to reach into his pocket and grab it, happy to see Megan follow is downward motion and ascension back up. With Derrick’s hands busy elsewhere, Megan pulled out to the six inch mark, slurping her head up and down the cock in three inch intervals. Derrick smirked at the phone before casually using his freehand to push Megan back down, fully impaling her once more.

“Oh, Meg sweetheart, looks like old man Rufus finally figured out something is gone. You are going to be in sooooo much trouble,” Derrick taunted as he kept his dick fully sheathed in Megan’s gullet.

Derrick held her head there for fifteen seconds, Megan’s cheeks losing color slightly. He then suddenly stood up and pushed her head back on the mirror, slamming the cock in deeper. Megan’s body bucked under the pressure. His hips drove the meat into her head again and again, her skull bouncing against the mirror. To steady herself, Megan reached up and gripped his ass as he slowed his approach, pulling out nearly halfway and then slamming forward. Each time, her head hit against the mirror with the balls slapping her chin.

After a minute of the long slams, Derrick pulled out, leaving Megan to keel forward and pant like a dog. “Back on your knees, Meg.,” Derrick ordered, grabbing her chin. She complied, looking up again as Derrick worked his shaft with his own hand. Megan finally caught her breath, cockhead inches from her face as she reached up to voluntarily to massage his balls.

That was enough, apparently, because almost immediately, a shot of semen spurt from the slit in the cock, landing on the right side of Megan’s face. Derrick let out a cry as the hard shaft spasmed, shooting three successive shots onto her face and hair. Some splashed on her cheek and chin while other drops landed in her hair and on her top. Ironically enough, the final spurt landed right on pendant around her neck. Megan stared ahead blindly, a descent amount of cum now littering her face.

“Let’s see how pretty you look now,” Derrick chuckled, helping Megan to her feet. He turned her around and Megan was shocked by her appearance. Cum streaked down the curves of her face and chin, some of it falling onto her flesh and top. A thick strand stained her curly brown hair. In fact, her right eye was shut from a heavy contingent of goop.

Megan reached up to wipe her face, but Derrick stopped her. “No, no Meg. This is your way out.”

Megan turned to him with a confused expression. “What the fuck do you mean?”

Derrick sighed, looking down on her while pulling up his pants. “It’s a very good thing you stole from Rufus,” he explained. “The man is nice, but rather a dolt. All we know is that we are looking for a short, brunette Caucasian in a brown top. They also don’t have a clear shot of you on camera, if this text is to be believed. So, the best way to hide is in plain sight. Everyone is just going to ignore the woman who stumbles out of a dressing room with cum all over her face. Just, if you see a guard, head the other way.”

Megan nodded since the man did have a point. “All right, thanks… I guess,” she coughed, her throat a bit coarse now.

“Don’t think we’re done Meg. I want you to wear that necklace proudly as you walk out of here. There is a café across the street. Wait there for me. My shift is done in two hours… and don’t dare clean your face,” Derrick said. “Remember, I have your name and address.”

The idea of sitting in a public place with cum hardening on her face made Megan recoil in terror, but it wasn’t like there was much alternative. “All right, I’ll wait,” she replied coldly.

Derrick spanked her ass, causing Megan to jump. “Perk up, Meg! This is the biggest score of your life!” He then opened the door and pushed her out of the room.

An old woman wearing an employee name-tag peaked down the hallway, staring right at Megan. The two women shared eye contact for a half a minute. The employee then slowly turned her head, walking away as if she saw a ghost. Maybe Derrick was right after all.

Megan’s heels clicked as she ventured into the more open area of the store. She noticed two men in security uniforms in the back end of the store, chatting sternly. Putting her head down, Megan journeyed the other way, unable to see out of one of her eyes. She moved quickly enough so people didn’t fully register what was all over her face, though some did stop to gawk at her. Plus, Megan was pretty certain that the smell was as intense to others as it was to her.

Then, to even her own surprised, the cum splattered thief realized she was now outside in the cool November air. The midday sun beat down on her soiled face, making it even harder to see out of her one open eye. She could still see enough to notice the café. While moving, Megan worked to position her head to block the view of her face from others… which almost caused a collision with a barista. The raven haired woman just stared at her blankly, not really blinking. After a moment, she managed to say “you have something on her face.”

Megan could only respond with the loudest sigh of her life. “Yeah, I know that.”


For the next few hours, Megan camped out in the corner of the café on a very comfy sofa. At all times, she had one of their many terrible free magazines in front of her face, making sure the periodical was high enough to hide her visage. The sun was setting outside, lighting the sky in bright pinks. Her face felt insanely uncomfortable and tight.

Without warning, she heard a laugh. As she suspected, it belonged to Derrick. “Oh my god! I can’t believe you didn’t clean your face! You look disgusting!”

Megan stared at the man with absolute contempt. “Someone directly told me NOT TO.”

Derrick cocked his head to the side, replying “you shouldn’t be such a sheep, Meg.”

Megan’s eyes narrowed further as she stood up, her fists clenched. “I hate being called Meg.”

Derrick rolled his eyes, putting a hand on her shoulder. “Another dumb move, sweetheart. Now that I know that, there is no way I am going to call you anything else… Meg.”

Megan wrinkled her nose in frustration as she produced some moist toilettes from her purse, scrubbing at her face maddeningly. First, the clump in front of her eyes was addressed, finally returning her to normal vision. “What are you going to do to me now?”

Derrick folded his arms, now dressed in one of the blue security uniforms. “God Meg, I’m not a monster. I’ve decided not to turn you over to the police. In fact, I ‘m going to help you get rid of that thing.”

Megan gripped the pendant in her hand, realizing that there was still some sperm on it. “I took this to have it, not to sell it!”

Derrick picked up one of the toilettes and wiped the last bit of sperm from her cheek. He then wrapped his arm around her and helped her out the door. It wasn’t long before that hand found its way again to her ass. “Meg, Meg, Meg… you can’t keep it! That is well worth over a thousand dollars. We need to get rid of it, posthaste.”

Megan was starting to get disturbed how accustomed she was growing to this man and his ass grabbing. She rolled her eyes yet again. “Whatever. I just want this whole ordeal to be done.”

The duo walked up the steps in an old parking garage, Derrick’s hand gripping Megan’s ass the whole time. Derrick took her to a nice looking Sedan, opening the door for her. “This is a nice car for a security guard.”

He made sure to give her a spank before she sat. “Head security guard, thank you very much.”

Megan then realized that this was the man in charge, making her situation that much more dire. Derrick climbed into the driver’s seat, buckling his belt as he turned on the car, then the heat.

Megan fidgeted with her hands. She looked out the window, leaning into her seat. “Look, I don’t know how to feel on all of this. On one hand, you did save my ass… as well as grope it several times. Yet, on the other hand-”

Megan felt a hand pull on the back of head and then a second later, she found herself pulled down with a mouth full of Derrick’s dick. The transition was jarring at first, her body bucking as that musky taste filled her head again.

After being pinned for a short time, Megan’s mouth adjusted and her struggling lessened. Derrick pulled the car out of the garage, keeping a firm grip on Megan’s hair. “You talk way too much, Meg. This is much better.”

Megan’s ass perched in the seat as she took control of the situation the best she could. She used her right hand to massage the balls and the left to hold onto the seat for leverage. She bobbed her head at consistent intervals, running her lips and tongue up at the contours of the shaft. Some precum managed to leak out, rolling down the ridges of her tongue. Her saliva thickened as she worked up and down the penis in a sensual way.

Derrick drove with a bemused look on his face, feeling Megan’s diligent work. “Crap Meg, you’re really into this.”

Megan then realized, yeah, perhaps she was putting too much into this. She tried to pull out, but Derrick’s hand pushed on her skull, halting her ascension.

“God, that didn’t mean stop, dummy. I can’t even compliment you without misunderstanding,” he laughed.

The cock pulsated in Megan’s gullet, pressing further into her throat, balls still in her hand. She made sure to give each one ample attention, rolling them finger to finger, head bobbing with a sense of clockwork motion. Her head moved again and again, making sure to attack the cock from all angles.

Then, without warning or fanfare, she felt a warm burst against the back of her throat. Her body shook as the cum spurt less vigorously this time, filling her cavity and bubbling at her lips. As he came, Derrick kept Megan’s hair held tight, pinning her on the shaft. Megan focused on breathing through her nostrils, still massaging the balls as the sperm slowly stopped. Derrick then tugged Megan’s hair, pulling her upright.

Some of the cum dribbled down Megan’s chin. When she went to wipe it away, Derrick gripped her wrist. “Leave that there, Meg.” With a sigh, she lowered her hand, finding it hard not to cough. She still tasted the bitter, watery saltiness on her tongue and felt it gurgle in her stomach.

The sun was almost gone when the car pulled down a long dirt driveway, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. “You’re going to murder me and throw me in a ditch, aren’t you?” Megan muttered.

Derrick chuckled, “that sounds like a lot of work. I’ll do it later.” The car stopped in front of an ancient looking barn with peeling red paint and broken beams. A man almost as tall as Derrick emerged from the edifice dressed in a ratty flannel and turn up cargo pants. His beard was super long, engulfing most of her face, which made up for the fact that the top of head lacked hair. Derrick climbed out of the car, something Megan was hesitant to do.

“Larry,” Derrick exclaimed. The two hugged, which freaked Megan out for some reason. “How have you been?”

The man coughed without covering his mouth. “Good, good. Mom’s got some stuff brewing down by the creek, some real hush hush kind of stuff. It’s excitin’!”

“Well, sounds like one of your brothers will probably end up losing a finger again. Well, I have some one for you to meet!” Derrick turned to the car, insisting through hand motions for Megan to emerge. With a loud sigh, she climbed out of the car. The way Larry’s eyes widened frightened her to no end. That is when she realized there was still cum on her chin.

“My, what a pleasure to meet you Ma’am! I’m Larry and I’ll be takin’ care of your troubles.” Larry took Megan’s hand and shook it in a death grip. Her nose wrinkled as she felt Derrick’s hand, once more, return to her ass.

“This is Megan,” he told Larry. “Show him your prize, darling.”

Megan lifted the pendant off of her neck. Larry took it from her and inspected it. “The pendant itself would be too hard to lift, but these diamonds… bad cut and all, should get us some change.” The strange man’s gaze then turned to Derrick. “You’ve always been such an ass man. You’re spendin’ all of her time with that thing when these are right here!” Megan’s eyes widened as Larry casually reached down and grabbed her right breast.

Derrick laughed once more as Megan was thankful that the hand was removed from her tit. “You got the other thing ready, right?” Megan’s eyes returned to doe eyed state when she realized that Larry’s hand moved from her breast to the buckle of his pants. She watched as the trousers fell, realizing what she would be doing yet again.

Megan felt Derrick’s hand push on her shoulder, forcing her to kneel down in the mud. Megan’s throat already felt hoarse as Larry’s tighty whities lowered, revealing an extremely hard cock of about four inches with crazy wild pubic hair. Derrick grabbed Megan’s hair and pushed her right on his friend’s penis. Derrick laughed, “I swear she is enjoying herself!”

Due to the fact that it was much thinner and shorter, the penis fit Megan’s mouth much better than Derrick’s did. It also turned out that Larry did not have a delicate touch. He grabbed Megan by the hair and just started to slam her head on his member over and over again. His hairy balls beat against her chin as her nose slammed against his abdomen. “This bitch doesn’t even gag,” Larry declared.

“So, you think five hundred is fair?” Derrick asked, just standing there, letting Meg’s head be pummeled by his friend.

Larry thrust his hips forward, the cock coming near to Megan’s throat, but never penetrating it. “All right then, I set up everything else for her.”

Derrick kicked his feet, looking around suspiciously. “I don’t want her to hear this next part, got me?”

“Yep,” Larry replied simply. His hands then cupped Megan’s ears, blocking out all sound as her head was continually slammed on his cock. She could not hear their conversation, just the sound of the dick sloshing about in her mouth, an echo chamber in her ears.

Finally, Larry stopped the motions, keeping Megan’s head pinned to his crotch. His hands moved enough to let her hear the strange noise he let out as a single spurt of extremely watery hot cum shot into her gullet and dripped down her throat. Larry removed Megan from his penis, letting her slump forward coughing. Derrick was nice enough to help the woman to her feet.

Larry laughed a bit while pulling up his pants and buckling his belt. “All right. A deal is a deal.” He pulled a random roll of hundreds that happened to be in his pocket. He counted five as Megan put out her hand to take it. Instead, Larry handed the bills to Derrick.

Megan’s forehead furrowed. “What the hell? That money should be mine!”

Derrick chuckled as he shook his head. “Meg, the only reason you aren’t in jail right now is because of me,” he said. “I not only helped you get out and sell this, but also made sure no one will ever pin the crime on you. All you did was trick a poor old man and stumble about. So, as a thief, you are terrible.”

Megan let out an anguished cry and rubbed a hand on her face. “Fine. Can I go home then?”

Derrick then leaned in, pulling her hand out again. “I said you are a terrible thief, but I have to say, you are a very good whore. Very skilled and very compliant. You definitely need to be paid for that. I think one hundred dollars per blowjob sounds fair, don’t you?” Derrick then laid three one hundred dollar bills into her hand.

She stared down at the money with a blank expression. “I don’t know how to react to any of this.”

Derrick reached forward with two hands and kneaded Megan’s breasts through her top. “You’re right Larry, these are nice. As for going home Meg, I need you for one more thing. It will be worth the other two hundred.”

Megan just stood there as Derrick mindlessly groped her breasts. Five hundred dollars would be nice…. “Fine. Fine! Just, like, nothing too extreme. I won’t fuck any animals or anything.”

That comment made Larry burst into a fit of laughter, “god, where did you find this girl?”

Derrick put his arm around Megan and walked her to the barn. The inside didn’t look much better than the outside. It was filled with large crates and boxes. Hanging on one of them was a small black sleeveless dress. “You can leave those boots on, but those dirty cloths have to go.”

Megan took the dress while sticking out her tongue. “I have to point out they were sparkling clean when I left my apartment this morning. Where can I go to change?”

Derrick stared at her. “That was another dumb question. Oh, and no underwear, by the way.”

Megan sighed once more as she lifted the sides of her top and pulled the soiled fabric above her head. She then unzipped the sides of her boots and stripped off her jeans.

“I may be starting to agree with you about my intelligence level,” Megan admitted callously. After that, she stripped off her bra, her breasts bouncing out, her tiny pink nipples erect. “Panties too?”

Derrick just stared at her, prompting an eye roll from Megan. She rolled her panties off and slid the dress on her body. Derrick walked behind her and gripped her ass as he zippered the dress up. “And don’t worry; I’ll make sure you get home tonight.”

Megan looked back at him with raised eyebrows. “Somehow, I do not find that reassuring.”


Megan once again found herself in the passenger’s seat of Derrick’s car and for this moment at least, it appeared as her mouth would remain empty. After sliding on the dress, she was encouraged to clean up her face and fix her make-up… then was groped several more times before finally departing.

The silence was quite awkward. It gave Megan a bit of time to think. Why was she going along with all of this? The man did hold her fate in his hands, but he didn’t exactly blackmail her. In fact, from an outside perspective, a court of law could probably convict her of immediate Stockholm Syndrome.

Not wanting to mediate on her own thoughts anymore, Megan turned to Derrick, leaning in her seat with her breasts pushing against her top. “Can you give me any clue on where we are going?” Derrick smiled, reaching over and running a hand through her hair. “A bit impatient, aren’t we? As I said, you’re going to be helping me out big time.”

Megan crossed her arms and furrowed her brow. “That’s awfully vague.”

Derrick laughed, “yeah, I know you aren’t very bright, but I have to believe you at least can pick up on patterns here. At first, I felt guilty, but actually, I think I may be doing you a small favor.”

Megan immediately grimaced, eyes full of shock. “Excuse Me?!”

“Well, judging by your cloths and general demeanor,” Derrick explained, “something tells me you don’t need to be a thief. You’re just a thrill seeker and all of this mystery… and activity… is just feeding into that. I am happy to be of help.”

Megan wanted to reply with a sly rebuke or retort, but she paused. As boorish as the man was, he was essentially correct. Her parents were paying for most of her college and living expenses, so she indeed did not need to steal things. It probably was the thrill… as well as the danger and the fun and a host of other such emotions. Megan always considered her sex life to be adventurous, but this was a step beyond, and though difficult to admit, this day was feeding into her basic impulses.

Derrick chuckled, “wow, I managed to shut you up without shoving my dick in your mouth. We’re here.”

He slowed the car and parked it at in a small lot surrounded by a rusty fence. Megan peered out the window, seeing a collection of buildings in a town she did not recognize. Derrick walked to her door and opened it, helping her step out into the cool night air. The two walked hand in hand to an old brick building with a flickering neon sign that read “Stu’s Tavern.”

The inside looked just as rustic and gross as the exterior with a dirty wooden floor and several ancient looking tables. An older man with a trimmed white beard and a sleeveless shirt revealing a litany of tattoos stood behind the bar. The bar was dead with not the evidence of a soul in sight. “Ah, I was wondering when you would finally get here,” the bartender said.

“Stu, you know I’m a man of my word.” He placed an arm around Megan, who seemed suddenly stricken with a case of extreme nervousness. “This is Megan. Say hello to the man, girl,” Derrick sneered while giving her ass a nice slap.

She gritted her teeth as the hand collided with her ass, hands folded in front of her. “Nice to meet you, I guess.”

Stu’s eyes twinkled as he scanned the girl lewdly and openly, taking in her form. “I can’t believe you got somebody of her caliber! I haven’t had a girl this skinny for weeks. Yeah, she’ll be able to make back ten times what you owe me.”

Derrick nodded as Stu walked from behind the bar. “And you promise this will be just a one night engagement?” Derrick asked intensely.

Stu reached into her pocket, eyes still leering at Megan. “You’re not the only man of your word.” He pulled out a pair of silver handcuffs to Megan’s chagrin. After roughly placing a hand on the back of her neck, he slid the cuffs around her wrists and clicked them shut. “I’ll take good care of her.”

Derrick leaned in and kissed Megan on the cheek. “Well, it was a pleasure to spend the day with you, Meg. You have fun, all right?” Derrick laughed as he made sure to give her ass one more spank. Megan’s eyes stared anxiously as he turned around and left the dank tavern.

She did not have much time to think before Stu wrapped an arm around her and drug her through a black door. The two rushed down a long narrow hallway lined with doors of various colors. “Okay, keep being a good girl like you are now, got it?” Stu instructed. Megan did not even have time to nod before Stu shoved her through a set of double doors.

Unlike the bar, this medium sized room was populated. About twenty men of various sizes, ages, and races sat on dingy wooden folding chairs that stood on stained red carpet. Stu pushed Megan onto a small stage made out of old crates. She heard some whistles from the audience and even some clapping. Her skin was completely pale.

Stu sneered as he stood to the side of Megan, addressing the crowd. “Gentlemen, this is the next item of the evening. You can call or Megan or whatever the fuck you want.” Stu gripped Megan’s shoulders and bent her waist forward causing her breasts to push against the confines of her dress. “This little wonder is the highlight of the evening; twenty one, fit and flexible, and from what I hear, despite the brown hair, is more of a bimbo than most sluts who have graced this stage.” The lecherous bartender then roughly turned Megan around, showing off the round globes of her ass. Her eyes bugged as she felt the hand roam down over her outer labia. “And she feels tight too… even a bit wet.”

Stu turned Megan back around to face her fans, each one’s eyes transfixed upon her. Two especially beefy men with bulging muscles walked to the stage, seemingly guarding her from any spontaneous uprising that would erupt to take her for free. “Now, since she is such a rare and valuable item,” Stu continued, “she will not be available for any long term private time. Still, the first buyer will be able to purchase ten minutes of alone time before anyone else intrudes on the fun. Then, I insist, that you all share! I’ll start the auction to be the first customer at one hundred dollars…”

A rather rotund gentleman was the first to raise his hand. Megan did not receive the opportunity to view the bidding war for very long as the two guards took her back into the hallway. They opened a black door and shoved her inside. The room was a perfect square, featuring several chairs, a large wooden table, and an ominous cabinet. A clock stood watch above the cabinet, clicking loudly. One of the guards lifted Megan’s hands, sliding the chain of the handcuff onto a hook that protruded from the ceiling. This forced her to stand on her toes and bend her chest forward.

As the two left, Megan could not deduce whether she was in a state of dread or bizarrely excited. It seemed like she stood alone in the dank room for an eternity, hanging from the ceiling like a piece of meat. She just stared forward at the wood paneled wall, waiting to see what would happen next.

As the door slid open, Megan jumped to attention, startled by the sudden sound of footsteps. Each sound sent shudders down her spine. When a hand grasped the small of her back, she audibly yelped, her body bucking from shock.

“You’re jumpier than I expected,” a male voice said. A rough hand slid the handcuffs off the hook and then turned Megan around. She came face to face with a very thin Hispanic man who was not much taller than her. He caressed Megan’s face, staring yet into her cleavage. “Get ready to give me my money’s worth,” he snorted, grabbing the edges of the top of her dress, and just ripping the front in half.

The loud tearing sound echoed through the room as her two breasts bounced from their prison and to attention. “That’s what I wanted,” the man growled as his head swooped down and dug into the two lumps of flesh. His tongue shot out, running circles along the tender flesh, working like a tornado down to the peaks. Megan shut her eyes, unable to stop a moan from escaping her lips as the man tenderly suckled her right nipple, flicking them pointedly with his tongue. He then moved onto the left, going back and forth between each before finally grabbing Megan’s sides and placing her on the table.

The man gripped her ass to steady himself before using a hand to rub at her inner labia. Megan’s back arched as the man gave her clit a few solid flicks with his thumb… right before he ripped down his pants with his free hand and pounced forward in one thorough motion. The sudden shock of having a penis shoved into her caused Megan to gasp and buck, her posture resuming a sitting position, which just shoved her breasts further into the man’s mouth.

Against her instinctual leanings, Megan grabbed the man’s shoulders and slid his cock into her inch by inch. Her legs reached up and straddled his waist; her heels clicking as the medium sized cock fully penetrated her. She hugged his shoulders, the table shaking as he continued to lick at her nipples. The sensations from both the peaks of her breasts and deep within her vagina emanated through Megan’s nervous system. The man reached down and propped up each breast with a hand, giving direct licks to the erect summits as his thrusting picked up speed.

Megan’s body quiver as the man just rammed the hell out of her, not really aiming to please. It felt coarse, but not too painful with some dull rumblings deep within her vagina. He panted heavily as he slowed the assault for a second; just to give Megan’s right breast a particularly rough suckle. Megan’s long hair splayed to the side as the man reached back and slapped the breasts.

Ten minutes must have passed because the door opened again. The portly gentleman who bid first entered. His goatee was a slick black as well as far too thin and his footsteps extremely lumbering. He immediately went to the cabinet as the Hispanic picked up his pace, obviously nervous by now having another person to contend with. The motions became a bit more painful, but not as painful as a sharp sensation that filled Megan’s side so suddenly.

She looked up to see that the fat man had grabbed a weird looked whip from the cabinet that featured three leather strap. The Hispanic man smiled wickedly and leaned back, letting the fat man come in close. He proceeded to whip each breast three times. Megan yelped and writhed as the Hispanic man focused on filling her and ramming her.

“Make the bitch squirm,” he sneered as his balls beat against Megan’s thigh. Her eyes glistened as she grunted through gritted teeth, her cuffed hands behind her awkwardly. The fat man just kept pummeling her breasts, the flesh becoming pink as the Hispanic man pulled out. With a strained look on his face, the cock spurt in a thick white stream, splashing on the underside of her breasts. There were three spurts in total that splattered under Megan’s tits like dew. After he was done, the Latino collapsed into a chair and the fat man gave Megan no time to catch a breath before grabbing her hips and shoving his cock inside her.

The hefty man kept whipping her, though the lashes where less focused. Each hit went to a different place as the man’s round face beaded with sweat, turning red. Megan felt a new pair of hands on her breasts and realized another man entered without her realizing, this one a black man of medium build. “Look how much this little white slut enjoys it,” he cooed as he slipped a silver clamp over her right nipple.

As the metal clasped down, Megan let out a scream which echoed in the room. The black man put a hand over her mouth as he clamped the other nipple. “Fuck, don’t make me deaf,” exclaimed the African-American gentleman.

The black man then grabbed the whip from the fat man and ran it in a slice motion across each nipple. Megan yelped into his large hand as each hit made her body writhe. She looked up and it appeared as the fat man would have a heart attack. He accidentally pulled out, spurting all over her thighs, the warm sperm very watery.

“Dammit! Don’t make such a mess,” complained the black man before pushing the shy seeming fat man aside. “Get ready for some good dick, slut.” With that, he grabbed Megan’s sides and flipped her over, causing the clamps to push roughly against the surface of the table. He whipped her back as he grabbed her ass, pushing himself inside of her.

“Oh yeah, take that dick, you little bimbo bitch,” the black man cheered.

Megan drooled a bit as the thick black shaft pushed into her roughly. Her eyes glimmered, his thrusts slow and heavy, each one slamming upon her cervix. She then realized that the Hispanic man was back with a hand on her chin, shoving his cock between her lips. Megan could taste and feel her own juices on the flaccid cock, the warm thing slightly hardening as it perched on her tongue.

The black man bucked behind her like a bull as the man in front of her seemed to casually use her gullet as a sheath. The black man’s large hands gripped each ass cheek as they drove into her, making Megan grunt on the cock in her mouth; her tongue curled upwards with each laborious, yet borderline sublime ram from the black man. The clamps were driven into the table, tugging at her nipples with an absolute fierceness.

Megan’s head buzzed as she felt the cuffs freed from her wrist. Each hand was grabbed and pulled to either side of her and within seconds, Megan could feel the throbbing of a cock in each palm. The one on her left was short and fat and the one on her right was long and thin. She curved her fingers up and started to grind them the best she could, being splayed upon the table, double penetrated. The Hispanic man gripped Megan’s hair as the black man slammed into her over and over again.

Suddenly, the man in Megan’s vagina slowed his assault. Then, without much warning, Megan felt a warmness in her abdomen. The black man was the first to cum inside of her, the semen surging as her vaginal cavity became half filled. He let out a victorious cry as he orgasmed right inside of Megan. This seemed to encourage the Hispanic man as he came once again, this time in a much weaker fashion. Two watery spurts splashed against Megan’s throat as he then collapsed into a chair.

After the two men removed themselves from her, Megan could feel the cocks in her palms leave her as well. She was then aggressively rolled back over, one clamp flying off in the process. The pull caused Megan to scream once more, eyes shut as the other clamp was more directly pulled off. Two hands grabbed her thighs and roughly pulled her legs apart as she felt a cockhead swirl around her cum lathered labium. “Sloppy seconds are better then nothing, I guess,” bemoaned the man in front of her, who had no notable features to speak of. He seemed hesitant to actually enter her.

Megan stared at the obstinate man, wondering if he was actually going to do anything. At first, she did not notice a man was staring down at her, right overhead. It took her a few seconds to realize that the man in question was Larry. “Nice to see you again, whore. I just can’t get enough of these,” Larry said.

Larry grabbed a breast in each hand as he slid Megan back enough so her head dangled over the edge of the table. He then proceeded to dangle his hairy balls into Megan’s mouth, forcing her two lips to engulf them. The swollen balls consumed her gullet as Larry thrust his shaft forward, squeezing it into her two breasts. This seemed to give the man in front rammed Megan proper motivation, since he slid inside of her weakly and clumsily, stabbing her insides at weird angles.

The balls jostled in Megan’s mouth as Larry aggressively fucked her tits. He kept each nipple pinched as sharp pain emanated from her sides yet again. There were obviously two whips now and their owners seemed to like lashing her sides. She groaned and yelped into the balls as Larry proceeded to pound forward. She felt the man in front pull out and lift up her feet. Her boots were roughly pulled off. Some one new grabbed her ankles and cupped her feet around a thick cock. She then felt two random spurts of cum at different places; one hit her right side while the other splashed across her knees.

Larry grunted like a bear as he keeled forward, slamming her breasts at a maddening pace. The man fucking her feet was much slower and methodical, gliding his flesh from the balls of Megan’s feet to her toes. After a minute of this, Larry’s cock shot out an absurd amount of watery cum, maybe even a half of a tablespoon’s worth, making Megan’s entire tummy gleam like it was wet. Megan didn’t even realize that there was another cock in her right hand until it came all over her wrist.

Larry collapsed backwards, his balls bouncing out of Megan’s mouth with a loud pop. Her thick saliva flew out, coating her chin as the man fucking her feet arched her knees. He moved her legs like a contraption, letting her feet move upon his shaft almost robotically. She then felt a man tickle her under her armpit, which caused her to laugh as she looked forward, head still over the edge of the table, hair hanging down. She came face to face with an angry looking red cockhead that spurt over her face, coating her lips and then moving down to litter her hair with dribbles of sperm.

Megan’s head throbbed and felt hazy. Out of the corner of her eyes she could see two men arguing. It was the black man and one she could not recognize. She then saw one of the guards burst into the room and remove the two men. Before being able to fully process just how many men were around, Megan found herself rolled over so her breasts pushed against the table once again.

Her eyes bugged as something cold was coated on her asshole, making her sphincter muscles recoil. “Seems like everyone forgot to use this hole. Don’t worry, I’ll fix that” chirped a deep voiced man. Megan then felt a thick and warm tangent of semen shoot along her back. As soon as that ceased, a thin cock parted her asshole, making her grip the sides of the table. As she spread her lips to scream, a long cock entered her gullet, making her gag as it immediately penetrated her throat. The deep voiced man’s penis spread the tight confines of her ass, making Megan’s lower body squirm as he parted the spongy innards. She gagged and whined into the cock in her mouth, which didn’t move much. Its owner kept it lunged into her throat, using the muscles there to please himself. The man behind her used Megan’s ass muscles in a similar fashion.

The two worked her like a water pump, pulling her one way or another to use either tight hole. Megan started to gag like mad, saliva bubbling at the corner of the lips as the man behind her dug deep into the narrowness of her ass. The man in front gripped her hair and started to facefuck her with vigor. The man behind kept it slow, pulling and prodding the ass in order to keep the muscles in the prime positions to please himself.

The man’s balls slide across Megan’s chin and she could feel them vaguely ache. Indeed, within seconds, her mouth was filled with creamy thick cum. The taste overwhelmed her tongue as it bubbled out of her mouth. Some of it even leaked from her nose. Her face turned a bit blue as the man finally stopped his thrusting, pulling his manhood out. Some sperm leaked down Megan’s chin as a man with a small cock stood in front, shooting cum right on her forehead.

Megan could hear the man behind her making disturbing noise, and then SLAM. Something hard and heavy hit her ass, spanking her with might. It hit again and again, her body now full of intense sensation as the man behind her finally came, right into her ass. She could feel the cum wash against the spongy insides, feeling like a bad injection. Finally, that hole was now free of cock. Someone still spanked her again and again, calling her a “bad girl.” Her head ached like crazy now, her vagina soar, and her throat hoarse. She then felt someone else cum right into her hair, coating more hair strands in heavy globs.

For a minute period, Megan felt nothing on her body. She looked up at the clock and realized that nearly two hours had passed. Where the fuck did the time go, she wondered. Cum oozed from her ass and leaked from her pussy and mouth. She felt warmness on almost every bit of her flesh, hair and face. Her feet felt drenched in sperm, never recalling the man fucking her feet actually cumming on them, though some one must have.

Through glimmering and dazed eyes, Megan looked up to see Stu smiling down on her. “Well, it looks like someone had fun,” he beamed. He grabbed the roots of her hair and pulled her roughly off the table, pinning her to a wall. Megan stared him right in the eyes as he slammed her cock into her messy cunt, her body bucking against his as he proceeded to nail her pinned about against the wall with his shaft.

Her head hung down as she writhed, her make up an obvious mess as her hair rippled. “You were such a good moneymaker, bimbo. You take it so well,” he growled, her ass beating into the wall. He slapped her tits as he humped her like a crazed animal, her body sliding into his.

“Oh god,” Megan grunted as she felt Stu cum inside of her, adding his cock juice to the collection. As he pulled out, it leaked down her thighs. Megan looked down and was shocked just how much glimmering translucent semen was on her flesh.

Stu ran a hand through Megan’s cum soaked hair as she looked up, her eyes glazed over. “That was a good job tonight, cunt. We’ll clean you up in the morning. Right now, we both need sleep. You’re going to be pleasing a lot more eager men for me tomorrow. Let’s get you caged up.”

Megan was incredibly sore, finding it difficult to walk. Stu guided her into a large room behind the makeshift stage. The light was low, but Megan could make out eight cages, three of them occupied by women. Stu opened an empty cage and pushed Megan inside. “Good dreams, Megan.”

Megan twitched as the cage slammed behind her. It was a cramped space that forced her to kneel. It contained a dog bowl full of water and nothing else. Of course, at this point, she was two sore and tired to care. She just crawled into a fetal position, shut her eyes, and drifted off to sleep.


Megan stirred from her sleep due to the clang of metal. Her eyes opened slowly, her entire body throbbing and aching. She managed to worm her way to a sitting position, the room around her still quite dark. She could barely make out the shadows of a man working at the lock to the cage. “Looks like someone had fun,” whispered Derrick.

Megan found it hard to speak, her voice hoarse. “Yeah, it was all right until I got shoved in here. I would like to go home finally, please,” choked out Megan, surprising even herself by the lack of malice in her heart.

“Believe me Megan, I feared that dumbass would do this. I mean, playing this little game with you was fun, but there has to be lines, you know?” Derrick clapped his hands in glee as he managed to open the cage. He gripped Megan by the hand and helped her stand up. She found her legs a bit wobbly, her every muscle feeling like wet noodles.

“It’s good to know you have a line,” Megan squeaked out lightly.

“Don’t worry. I’m taking you home now,” Derrick promised. I even brought you a change of clothes.” It was in that moment that Megan realized tattered remains of the black dress still clung to her waist. She pulled it down and off and accepted the new clothing… not that it was much more modest than the shredded dress. The tight pink hot pants clung to her ass like a second skin and the black tank emphasized her cleavage.

Derrick helped Megan sneak out of the room. The two kept close together, tip toeing about like a pair of spies. This was indeed the kind of thrill that Megan lived for. In fact, the day was indeed quite the adventure all said. Still, Megan’s mischievous heart yearned for the taste of revenge.

The duo managed to make it to the front bar area, which was bathed in eerie moonlight. Derrick headed for the door as Megan spotted a rickety old jukebox. She then formed a smirk and said, “whoops.” She hit the jukebox hard and to Derrick’s horror, it sprung to life. He grabbed Megan’s wrist, ready to make a daring escape. Unfortunately, one of the guards from earlier busted into the room, shocked to say the least. The music blared as he pulled out a gun.. Megan smiled as she put her hands up.

Within minutes, Stu and the other guard joined the party. Derrick obviously looked far from happy as Megan leans against the jukebox with a smug expression, arms crossed. “Why the hell would you do that?” whispered Derrick. She simply stuck out her tongue impishly at him in response.

“What the hell is going on here?” Stu asked, staring at Derrick. “Going back on our deal, man of your word?”

“Hey, you’re the one that didn’t let her go! I’m not the bad guy here,” Derrick responded, hands up.

Megan dug deep into herself, mustering all the charm she could, flashing a devilish smile. “I had a wonderful night, sir, but that cage was quite cramped. Still, I knew it would be rude to leave without saying goodbye.”

Stu laughed at that. “Maybe you aren’t that dumb. Come here, girl,” he beckoned. Megan obediently headed to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. “We’re going to have to teach your boyfriend a lesson.”

Megan nodded as she peered up. “Yep, he deserves one. Do you think though that I could maybe go to a hotel tonight rather than back to my cage?”

“Sure. There is one down the street,” Stu replied, obviously lying. “Jack could probably guide you there.”

“Thank you, sir,” Megan chirped, gripping Stu’s ass for fun. Megan walked to Derrick, sashaying her ass left to right as she did. Leaning in, she kissed his cheek, managing to pull her stealthiest grab ever, effectively taking the man’s keys. “It was a pleasure to see you again. You have fun, all right?” The one guard then roughly grabbed him and pulled him into the dark corridor. Megan blew Stu a kiss before the other guard, named Jack apparently, took her outside.

The sky was pitch black, looming overhead like some dark god as Jack stood right behind her, ready to snatch her up again any second. Thankfully, Derrick was predictable, parking his car in the same place. Megan pretended to yawn… then slammed her fist right into Jack’s balls.

The man recoiled backwards, gripping them as Megan darted as fast as she could to the car. He eventually started after her, but that wasn’t before Megan had the engine turned on and her foot on the pedal. She peeled out of the parking lot, cheering as she watched Jack fade into the distance. In another stroke of luck, her purse was still in the passenger seat. She turned on the GPS and finally started her trek home.


The sun was rising, illuminating the sky in a hue of pink as Derrick managed to limp up the wooden steps. He peered down at his car, which looked safe and undamaged, though parked very badly, wishing he could have driven that here instead of relying on the bus. His head ached fiercely, making the world around him seem hazy. Those goons certainly knew how to punch, though thankfully, they failed to cause any permanent damage. They specialized in bruises, black eyes, and the weakening of pride.

Despite the obstructions, Derrick was able to locate Megan’s apartment with little problem. He decided to test the door to see the best way to break in, but was shocked to find the door unlocked. The moron doesn’t even lock the door, he thought with a sneer. As quiet as he could, the man slid open the door and stealthily moved through the semi-dark apartment. The place was very small, but well organized, with a large door that Derrick suspected led to the main bedroom.

He peaked in to see a medium sized bed with a large blue comforter. A distinct lump was on the right side. Derrick smirked to himself, thinking Megan to be even dumber than he expected. It was hard not to limp, but he managed to creep over to the bed without making a sound. The room was still rather dark, but something was off about the lump. From a distance, it looked like a human shape, but up close, it was obviously just a big lump made by pillows. Derrick realized something was wrong.

The revelation came too late. Before he could react, someone pushed him by his lower back and onto the bed. His first instinct was to punch ahead, but before he could, a shackle was placed around his right hand and then quickly around his left. He pulled at his hands, realizing that the shackles were attached to the bedposts. The move turned out to be a waste of time because he could have used the opportunity to do something with his legs. Instead, those were shackled as well.

Megan slid a padlock along each shackle as Derrick looked at her with angry surprise. She obviously cleaned herself up, her skin and hair practically shining and her general essence smelling of soap. She wore a pair of boyshort panties with a casual tank top, a very pious grin on her face. As she finished securing Derrick, she casually flipped her hair back. “Hey there, sweetie,” she teased.

“What the fuck. You crazy-,” Derrick protested. Immediately, Megan grabbed a cloth and shoved it in the man’s mouth and slid a piece of duct tape over it, effectively gagging him. The man’s muffled complaints could still be heard.

“Sorry,” Megan chirped, “but after today, I am really tired of hearing you talk.” She sat next to him on the side of the bed and folded her legs. “Your car is pretty great and so fun to drive. The sperm may have ruined your upholstery though. I made sure to rub it EVERYWHERE.”

Derrick’s eyes bulged as he attempted to lunge, but it did not panic Megan at all, who simply rolled her own eyes playfully. She rolled onto his chest and pressed her knees down, digging into his injuries.

“I have been the sweet demure damsel all of yesterday, so it is my turn now,” Megan barked. She pushed down harder against a bruise, just for fun. “You were right though. I am a thrill seeker and yesterday was quite thrilling in a way. It reminded me of a rollercoaster. But that part where you left me in a sex dungeon? Not cool.”

Derrick finally stopped resisting, realizing that Megan was quite prepared for him. The shackles were reinforced and taut to the extent that made movement hard. Plus, despite her lithe frame, Megan’s weight on Derrick’s tender chest made fighting that much more difficult.

“Good,” Megan giggled. “You calmed down quicker than I expected you would. So, now, I was thinking. You helped me steal that necklace, but rudely took it and only paid me for blowjobs. We both know I am to blame though. My curiosity kept me just following you, even sucking you, when a normal woman would run away screaming. So, I propose a truce. We consider each other on equal ground, though you do have to pay me ninety percent of what that shady Stu guy gave you for me.”

Derrick stared at the woman before motioning for the gag to come off. Hesitantly, Megan obliged the request, ripping the tape off, which sadly did not sting as much as she though it would. “I will give you sixty percent,” he replied.

Megan sneered, raising an eyebrow. “Woah, we’re not haggling. Much like I should be happy that you let me get away with larceny, you should be happy that I waited until your arrival here before I called the cops on that place. Fuck, I’m not sure how much of what that guy is doing is illegal, but we both know that some of it has to be.”

Derrick glared at Megan. “Fine. I guess I should be happy with ten percent.”

“That’s the spirit, Der'” Megan cheered, slightly saddened that there was no good shortened version of ‘Derrick’ like there was for ‘Megan.’ “Of course though, I forgot to mention that you have one more task to make us even.”

“What?” Derrick asked with a faint sense of fear in his voice.

Without any warning, Megan ripped down her panties and kicked them off. She leaped from his chest and cradled Derrick’s mouth with her crotch area. Derrick gagged and coughed, shaking as the eager woman planted her bare feet against the headboard and pressed down. Her clitoris started at Derrick’s nose and rubbed against it as she pushed back with a bit of force, making it rub against her lips, the hood just high enough not to obstruct any sensations.

“After everything that happened to me yesterday,” she groaned, “I did not cum once! We’re going to change that.” Derrick’s head was still woozy, but the overwhelming smell filling his nose brought him to attention. He managed to crook his sore neck and lick around the skin edges of Megan’s outer labia. She then forcibly grabbed his hair and started to control his head like a puppet. She rolled his neck, causing the tongue to slide up her inside and knick the edge of her clit.

“This would be easier with my hands,” Derrick managed to choke out between licks. Megan quickly undid the shackles and Derrick immediately grabbed her ass, bringing the vagina closer to his lips. Megan responded by bringing her legs down from the head board and spreading into a squat, gripping the board while arching her back.

She gently moved her hips back and forth in small intervals as Derrick gripped her tight, using his long tongue to run up and down her pussy lips. He reached his left hand around, roughly rolling her thumb over Megan’s clit, causing her to buck forward and grip tighter. She wrinkled her nose as she grunted, her body quivering as Derrick’s tongue darted in and out of her. He then went full force, keeping a thumb on her clit planting his lips on her outer labia. He rolled the tongue back and forth, tasting her wet entrance as his thumb became more vigorous upon the clitoris.

Megan’s breathe quickened, her breasts heaving in her top. Derrick managed to use her free hand to free the tits from their restraint. She swallowed hard as he sensually ran a thumb across her right nipple and then her left. The motions became slow and sensual, the tongue moving at an almost glacial pace as it meticulously licked around the opening, only stopping for Derrick to breathe.

Megan’s hips shook and knees wobbled as she turned her squat into a kneel. The vagina smothered Derrick’s face, but he took this as an opportunity. Both hands resumed their position on Megan’s ass as his motions become more forceful. He pushed Megan back against the headboard into a sitting position and rolled onto his stomach, the chains at his ankles clanging together.

Using the weight of his head, Derrick pushed Megan’s ass against one of her pillows, propping her up slightly. Her body was washed in pleasure, her nerves screaming with joy. She sucked her bottom lip as she gripping his hair with one hand and the headboard with the other. Derrick’s movements were even more measured now, his tongue flat against a tender area. He patiently licked again and again, making the tingling within Megan’s body build more and more.

Megan decided to go without any warning to Derrick. His head tilted back and she let out a loud high pitched cry. Her body let loose a series of spasms, her eyes rolling back as her moans filled the small room. She held the headboard tight as she went through a long spasm and then a short one. Her sounds lessened as her body relaxed some, her spasms slowing as she let out a final squeak of glee.

Once her bucking finished, Megan looked down and smirked. Derrick’s face was now sporting driblets of a thin liquid sheen. “Look who is messy now,’ Megan teased as she hopped up and slid on a pair of blue jeans next to her bed.

“Megan, I am happy there was a truce then,” Derrick replied demurely. “So, now is it your turn?”

“Oh, it was my turn twice yesterday,” she chuckled, freeing the man from the shackles around his feet. She then helped him stand. “I’ve got errands to run today and I have to get cleaned up… again. But this was lovely.” Megan grabbed Derrick by the hand and forced him towards the front door.

“You do owe me money, so I guess I will have to see you again. But it was fun. Bye-bye now,” she chirped callously, pushing Derrick out the front door before he had a chance to respond. She locked the door behind her, leaving Derrick with her juices all over his face, his head hurting even more than it did before.

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