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Olivia took a deep breath, shook herself a little to try to calm the nervous trembling that quivered inside her, and pressed the door bell. She waited only a minute, even less, and the door opened.

“Oh hi Olivia,” the man at the door said. It was her next door neighbour in the small, quiet street. A bit of a mystery man, though well-liked by everyone, forty-ish, single, rarely said much at all about his private life, and all the neighbours respected that.

No-one was even sure just what he did for a living, but they all knew he had plenty of money, was generous with friendly loans on many occasions, was very, very intelligent, and held great parties. His name was David and over the last few years he and Olivia had become good friends. She was a straight-A student at her university, doing an advanced course in physics, and was recognized by the uni as a star student with a huge future. Olivia was an extremely intelligent girl, and she allowed quite readily that a proportion of her academic success was due to the help that David gave her. Not that he ever actually did her work for her, she would not have dreamed of asking that, and he would have refused if she had. But he was brilliant at explaining things, at asking the right questions, the sort of questioning that slowly guided the learner to the solutions.

David looked at her now, as he always did, seeing a very pretty young woman, dark blonde, almost brown hair, slim. Despite her beauty, of which she did not seem to be aware, Olivia never seemed to have a regular boyfriend. She was a loner, living with her mother next door, totally committed to her academic career. Despite his respect and liking for her, as usual David could not stop himself from admiring her looks, her slim legs that emerged so prettily from beneath the mid-thigh length denim skirt, the smallish (probably a 32 b, he had decided a fair while ago) breasts, today concealed under a grey T-shirt with a heavy-metal rose and heart type motif on the front. He was surprised to discern that she did not appear to be wearing a bra, and was angry at himself for noticing.

“Hi David,” Olivia chirped brightly, watching his eyes in their quick tour of her body. She had noticed a while ago that David admired her, especially at the pool parties when all she was wearing was the modest blue bikini she liked so much. She liked that he admired her, liked him and trusted him, and was often annoyed that he was too well-mannered, or too afraid, or too conscious of the difference in their ages, to have ever done any more than look at her admiringly. There had been several parties when she would not have said no if he had suggested anything more than the involved scientific discussions they often indulged in, and there had been one party when she had thought she had done a lot to encourage him. But perhaps he had just dismissed it as her having had too much to drink.

That would change today, this afternoon, she hoped, as her physical loneliness, and an overwhelming curiosity about something, had given her the courage to be here now, standing waiting for him to ask her in.

David saw that over her shoulder, Olivia had the bag which usually contained her files and books, whatever was relevant to the problem she was trying to solve. Nothing ‘untoward’ had ever happened between them, and with a twinge in his belly he had to concede that nothing ever would.

“Come in, Olivia, it’s nice to see you again,” he said, standing back to let her through the door, watching her cute bum wiggle under the skirt as she walked automatically to the table where they usually sat. He had noticed some sort of tension in her face. “You look like you have a big problem that needs solving.”

“A very big problem,” Olivia said softly, annoyed at the slight tremble in her voice. “An experiment-a difficult experiment-that I just have to do, and I know you are the only person who can help me with it. I just hope you won’t say no.”

“Now why would I say no,” David laughed. He went to the fridge and took out a jug of lemon squash, some ice, made two long drinks of it and brought them over to the table. Olivia wished he had offered her something stronger, but no, she needed to keep her mind clear for this.

“So,” David continued, “what’s this problem that has put that frown on your face?” He lit a cigarette, offered Olivia one, was puzzled that her fingers trembled slightly as she accepted it. She was normally very confident about everything.

“Well, it’s…there’s something I need to find out,” and Olivia became very annoyed with herself that she was struggling to find the words. Ever since she had decided on this, a few days ago, she had rehearsed over and over in her mind how she would make the suggestion to David. Ever since that enlightening conversation with several of the young women who were as close as she came to having best friends. It had been at a bar, and they were all a little drunk, and Olivia had been amazed and fascinated by some of the admissions the others had made about their sexual activities.

For herself, Olivia rarely bothered with it. Occasionally, if the mood was right, and the guy was nice, she went along with it all and normally it was all ok, though she had never experienced the mind-blowing bells, stars, explosions, however it was worded, that sex was apparently meant to be if it was done ‘right’. Often she wondered if those sorts of reactions were in fact reality, or just made up stuff in novels and movies.

Anyway, she had gathered from the conversation that there were experiences she had so far missed out on, Mandy’s hand on her thigh several times had convinced her that there was an opportunity to experiment that way, but it was another sort of activity that had intrigued her more, and she could only think of David as the person who could help her explore it. But she had to admit to herself that she might also be running the huge risk of earning his anger, or even contempt. All she had to go on was the way she often caught him looking at her, and her belief that most men would never say no. But also at the back of her mind was the certain knowledge that David was not most men.

She had spent hours the evening before researching on the internet everything she felt she should know about it, had even taken notes-typical me, she had laughed derisively at herself-and now it was just a matter of having the courage to ask him.

“It’s not…the usual sort of thing I ask you…” and her trepidation was obvious. David was now very intrigued. They had a good relationship, friends, perhaps mentor and student, nothing formal, no money ever changed hands. So why was she so nervous about this.

“Well, you know I am always here to help you out,” David tried to reassure her. “It’s so wonderful seeing you doing so well in your studies.”

“This isn’t really related to them,” Olivia almost whispered, and tried to laugh to calm herself. “It’s more a personal thing.” Even more intrigued now, David decided that she must be wanting boyfriend advice. He encouraged her with a smile.

“Well I hope whatever it is, that I can help Olivia, you know that,” he said, and he wanted to pat her hand as her fingers drummed softly and insistently on the table. But he didn’t.

“Ok…well…ok,” and Olivia took a deep breath again, and decided there was no other way. “It’s…some friends of mine were talking the other night…some things they said…made me curious…I really need to know…sort of like research you know…” she laughed to cover her flusteredness, “I really need to know what it’s like to…” another deep breath and nervous, soft laugh, ” to be fucked in the bum.” And she looked deep at his eyes to gauge his reaction, “and I was hoping you would…you know…” Very flustered now, she trailed off, happy though that his reaction was not one of shock or amazement. His eyes said that he liked what she had proposed.

For a few moments there was silence. David was in fact amazed, stunned, at what she had said. Could it be that all those fruitless nights of fantasizing over what it would be like to spend the night in bed with her were about to become reality? Not that he had ever imagined that she would suggest this particular activity, but even so.

Olivia rushed on, not wanting any more silence, still afraid he would laugh at her or something.

“I’ve done a lot of research,” she was scrabbling around in her bag, pulling out a file, and a small tube, “I’ve prepared myself…you know…the sites suggested some things…I have this…they said it would be a good idea,” and she pushed the tube of lubricant to the middle of the table, and opened the file, “I even made up a list of questions that I want to know the answers to…need to know…”and again she trailed off, her voice very quiet now, she looked down at her knees, not wanting to meet his eyes, in her mind begging him to say something.

David felt sure now that there was no harm at all in touching her. He reached over the table and took her hand. His mind raced in its search for the right words, to tell her he loved the idea and wanted to help her, but at the same time to be careful not to appear insensitively over-eager to see her naked, to touch her, to fuck her, even though these were things he was very eager to do, and had been for several years now.

“I think that would be a great experiment for us to do together,” he said softly, annoyed at the thickness that came into his voice, and squirmed a little to placate the erection that had sprung to life as she had been talking.

“Really?” Olivia asked, the relief was enormous, she felt a flood of warmth rush through her, and an easing of tension in her body such as, up till now, she had only ever felt after masturbating. And even more pleasurable was the growing in her of a new kind of tension, a much more pleasant kind, the thrill of anticipation.

The edginess that had been in the air just now had dissipated, and again they were a pair of enquiring minds, at the beginning of a new adventure into learning something as yet unknown. They lit more cigarettes. Her voice was calm now, though her body wasn’t. Deep in her belly she felt tingling and a twitching. A delicious twitching and tingling.

“David…may I ask…do you have any…um…experience…in this sort of research?” and she laughed-she had a beautiful laugh, he had always thought that-she laughed at how she had worded her inquiry.

“Yes I do,” and David laughed with her. They were both totally relaxed now, and both totally enjoying these quiet moments in anticipation of the intimacy they were about to share.

“Then,” and Olivia put out her cigarette, she didn’t normally have two so close together, and she wanted to keep her mind completely clear, to appreciate fully this new experience.

David looked with amusement at the list of questions typed on the one sheet of paper in the file. It was so like the scholarly young woman she was, there were a lot of questions, and they were arranged in groups and sub-groups. He smiled to himself that it would be just like her to want to pause frequently during their ‘experiment’ to make notes. He was sure he wouldn’t mind that.

There was an air of lightheartedness now, now that what was going to happen had been assigned a name, it was an experiment, and they had done a lot of those together.

Olivia rose from her seat, and walked around the table and sat herself on David’s lap. It was the first time their bodies had ever made any sort of contact, and it was special to both of them. Feeling much more relaxed now, and cheeky, she wiggled her arse on his lap, felt his erection through their clothing, liked it.

“Well, it seems your equipment is prepared for our experiment,” and she giggled and wanted to kiss him. David laughed with her, fighting against the urge to push the bulge in his jeans back at her bum. He wondered if kissing her would be consistent with the experiment. Olivia put an arm around his shoulder, and she smelt beautiful, a light, seductive perfume, he inhaled the scent of her deeply. The way she was sitting with her arm across his shoulder he could see into the short sleeve of her t-shirt, and he looked closely for a few seconds at the sexiness of her armpit, smooth and white, with that intriguing mound in it, a reflection of another mound he knew he would be seeing soon. This thought made his cock twitch, she must have felt it because she giggled, and wriggled her bum on it again, and then she went on, “And like I said, I’ve prepared my um…equipment,” and they both laughed again.

There was a brief pause now, who would bring it up first, the moving to the bedroom? Olivia assumed that would be where they would go. She knew he was too much of a gentleman to just bend her over the table and ‘do it’, though that was an exciting prospect too. Yet another thrill of heat tingled deep through her belly, and down between her thighs.

“You know,” David said a little nervously, “in this sort of um…experiment, it will be a big help to you if you are very aroused.” He hoped he hadn’t sounded too practical, too eager.

” I knew you would be the best partner for my experiment,” she replied, very excitedly. “Oh yes, I know that. My research told me that, while there might be a fair bit of…um, while it be uncomfortable, it isn’t so bad if I’m um…as you said, aroused,” and with her tone, matching his, it could have been that they were discussing theories for a new method for splitting the atom. “That’s why I decided to ask you to help me with this research. Because I know you believe so strongly in doing things um…” she couldn’t find the word, she didn’t want to say methodical, she was genuinely interested in finding out what anal sex was like, but she didn’t want it to be too impersonal, too disinterested. “Thorough,” she went on. It would have to do, though it still wasn’t really the word she was looking for either. She definitely wanted this to be fun, and the tingling deep down in her belly was telling her she was expecting more than that too. David felt her body tremble on his lap, and he looked at her, and she looked back at him, and their eyes made an important new understanding, and she bent her head and put her lips on his.

David’s arm moved from the table, and his hand rested on Olivia’s leg, just above her knee. Her skin was warm and smooth, and his hand slid up her thigh, slowly, stopping just under the hem of her skirt, then back to her knee again. In response Olivia pressed her tongue at his lips, they opened, and their tongues tangled gently, exploring, kissing softly, each exploring the scent and taste of the other’s mouth. Olivia took a deep breath, waited for David’s hand to venture further, wanting it too, loving the feel of it on the firm smooth skin of her leg. She squirmed a little, David understood the signal, his hand went under Olivia’s skirt, and his fingertips stroked gently at the softer sensitive skin at the top of her inner thigh. Her tongue went deeper into his mouth, and she pressed her arse down hard on the bulge in his jeans. The sensation of his fingers on her thigh, the knowing how close they were to her delicate entrances, was wonderful, and she was so glad she had had the courage to ask him to help her with this research.

The kiss broke off.

“Shall we move into the laboratory,” David asked her with a smile, and she laughed very softly, and stood up, missing the feel of his hand on her thigh, trembling with the anticipation of what was coming. David stood and took her hand.

“Shall we bring the file with the focus questions?” he asked, and they both laughed happily at the ridiculousness of it.

“No,” she laughed, “we both have good memories. We can make our notes afterwards.” David led her to his bedroom.

It was a large room, with French windows opening out on to the huge patio area which surrounded his pool. Olivia had swam in that many times, and told herself that today, after the experiment, she would ask if he would mind her swimming naked in it, something she had long wanted to do. Of course, she had never been in his bedroom before, and her belly tingled at the awareness of why she was there now. She slipped her sandals off and sat on the bed.

David had been barefoot anyway, and he knelt up on the bed, behind Olivia. She breathed deeply as she waited, expectantly. In his jeans, David’s cock twitched and jumped, he felt little shards of heat racing through his belly, through his cock. This beautiful young woman was waiting for him to undress her, to touch her, and to be very intimate with her. It was taking all his years of experience, with many women, and all the power of his innate good manners and considerateness, to remind him to keep it all slow and gentle.

She turned her head to his, their lips met again, and his tongue slowly slid around inside her mouth, taking in all the sweetness of her breath, and the warmth of its excitement. As he kissed her, he moved his hands to her hips, his fingers closed gently on the hem of her t-shirt, and he lifted it up, slowly, over her belly, the edges of his hands making contact with the smooth warm skin of her belly for the first time, it was electrifying, and Olivia felt that way too, her body trembled, her tongue pressed at his, as he lifted the t-shirt over her breasts.

David looked down, his tongue still playing with Olivia’s, and his mind sighed at the sight of her breasts for the first time. They were beautiful, firm and upright, pushing out from her chest, the nipples that beautiful reddish-tinted brownish colour, erect from her anticipation. Olivia broke off the kiss, and watched his eyes as they took in the beauty of her breasts. His hands moved a little, and cupped underneath them, and for a second she tilted her head back and closed her eyes. The softly tender way his hands were just cupping under her breasts, his thumbs very gently stroking at the sensitive skin, reassured her that this was going to be very different from the mashing they were used to from the young men she had been with up till now.

David moved his thumbs to Olivia’s nipples, so hard they felt, and began making firm little circles over them, around and around. At the first touch, Olivia had gasped, and now her breathing change, and she felt a moisture between her thighs, and she stroked his hair as his thumbs rubbed little circles into her nipples, and the tips of his fingers scratched so softly at the delicate skin on the undersides of her breasts.

“Mmm,” she was moaning softly. With another kiss to her lips, David lifted Olivia’s t-shirt over her head, and dropped it on to the bed. His hands closed over her breasts again, and he let the skin of his palms savour the feel of them. Olivia’s tongue flicked at his lips. Arousal was not going to be a problem, she could feel the building in her belly, soft and just hinting at the moment, hinting that it was getting stronger, and would only get better and better.

She knelt up on the bed now, and smiled at him, her chest pushed out a little, encouraging, and David bent his head and his tongue flicked first at one nipple, then the other. Then his lips closed over her right nipple, and he tugged softly at it, his tongue licking at the tip of her nipple, sensing the little split in it, his mouth moved, his lips closed around more of her breast, tasting the beautiful skin, his nose inhaled deeply the scent of the skin of her breast. Olivia sighed softly, her hand pressed down on his head, she bent and kissed his hair, little kisses, his hair smelt recently shampooed, already there was a new tenderness between them, she sighed softly over and over, her mind and body reacting to the sensations of his lips and mouth tugging so amazingly gently at her breast, it was if he wanted to take all of it into his mouth, she moaned again, kissing his hair. David’s hand moved from her hip, down under her skirt, his fingertips traced along the inside of her thigh, she gasped again as his thumb brushed at her panties, brushed delicately at the fabric, just where her entrance was covered by the soft fabric, his thumb pressed a little, she arched her back, pressing her breast at his mouth, as his fingers went in the leg of her panties, pressed gently in, and Olivia gasped again when one of his fingers found her clit, started rubbing on it, she inhaled deeply at this first touch of him so intimate.

“Oh yeah,” she sighed softly, as David’s finger moved firmly on her clit, rubbing into it, his other fingers tracing around the so sensitive skin around there, at the top of her thigh, one finger reached out to her mound, tickled in the little hairs, while his middle finger continued its pressure on her clit, rubbing at it, feeling the moistness of her.

Still with his hand between her thighs, still with his finger circling firmly on Olivia’s clit, David lifted his head to hers, they kissed again, there was new warmth in her breath now, and gently he turned her, guiding her onto her hands and knees on the bed. Olivia arched her back a little, she trembled as she waited for what was next, she was completely ready for him, she felt, and she was expecting that now would come the discovery that she was seeking.

But David wasn’t a young man with a cock insistent on its satisfaction. While Olivia may have been expecting that he was about to enter her, although he was still fully dressed, instead David wanted her to be even more ready.

He was kneeling beside her hips, Olivia was facing the head of the bed, on her hands and knees, she looked for a moment at the solid masculinity of the pillow covers, her body trembling softly in anticipation.

David lifted her skirt up to her hips, and let his eyes enjoy the sight of the soft materialled panties she was wearing. They were colourful, a psychedelic splash of pink and blue and yellow and green, with little stars here and there, and all the colours mingling and contrasting in sharp edges and lightning bolts of other colours. He bent his head, and kissed them, kissed the fabric and pressed his tongue into it, pressing it into the crack of her bum, and again Olivia trembled, and she felt the moistness between her thighs, and the tingling growing in her belly.

David kissed all over the sweet undies, then moved the fabric over one cheek of her arse, pressing it into her crack. Now before him was one cheek of her beautiful arse, naked, and he bent and kissed it, slid his tongue over it, taking in the beautiful scent of the skin of Olivia’s arse, his hand rubbing in the small of her naked back, his fingers teasing and tickling at the little bumps of her spine, as his tongue and lips continued their exploration of that cheek of her wonderful bum. His other hand was under her, playing with her belly button, tickling it.

Olivia giggled, and sighed, and moaned soft “Oh yeah” and “Mmmm” as he did so, her body tensing at the sensations, and her belly quivering violently inside, and a new pressure deep between her thighs.

David pulled the fabric of the panties over her other cheek, tugged the material tightly into the crack of her arse, making a thong of the panties, and he did little butterfly kisses all over both cheeks now, and the tight feeling of her panties wedged into her crack increased the tension in Olivia’s body, and she wanted desperately for him to fuck her now.

But David had not forgotten the purpose of their ‘experiment’ and he pulled the panties from her hips now, pushed them down over Olivia’s arse, down onto her thighs. It was all beautiful, what he could see, the fine pale skin of her bum, the tight crack of her arse, the darkening of the skin as it sloped away towards the little brown puckering hole of her arse. He kissed the little triangle at the base of her spine, that little inverted triangle that signed go this way down to the crack of her arse. He kissed the top of that crack, slid his tongue into it, licked at the top of Olivia’s arse crack, then slid his tongue further down it, deeper as it got deeper, lower, until his tongue reached the rim of the little hole, then he slid his tongue back up, back through the crack’s depth to where it shallowed out, then kissed the very top of it again. Olivia trembled, and when his tongue had touched right at the rim of that other entrance, an entrance so far never touched by anyone else, she had almost shuddered, so good did it feel, and her fingers clenched at the pillow cover, and she wanted to squeeze her thighs tight on the mounting tension between them, but didn’t, wanting more to keep herself totally available to what David was doing.

David was caressing her now in three ways, and never had she felt such a tension building in her, not even during what she called her masturbation marathons. His left hand was cupping and squeezing and playing with her breasts, sliding occasionally to tickle at her belly, but mostly plucking and teasing and pulling and stroking her nipples. His left hand had moved between her thighs, his fingers squishing and plucking at her vulva, closing the lips, opening them, sliding up and down the increasing slickness of her crease, rubbing on her clit, sliding along the crease, back to her clit, tickling in the thick little hairs of her mound, back to her slit, sliding up and back, pressing, rubbing at her clit over and over, then down again, touching and teasing at her entrance, but never entering it, keeping in mind the purpose of their ‘experiment’, playing with all the sweet moist folds and creases between Olivia’s thighs.

And his tongue, amidst the sensations she was feeling, the mounting pressure of her clit, the growing sensitivity of her breasts and nipples to what he was doing with them, the continual expecting his fingers to enter her as they slid and stroked along her slit, pressing at her entrance but never entering, as much as she was now longing for him to do that, never entering her, but arousing and arousing, amidst all those sensations it was what his tongue was doing that Olivia tried most to concentrate on.

David’s tongue had slid across and around her arse, in ever smaller circles, until now it was licking at her rim, sliding around and around it, his nose he pressed into it, into the opening of that brown sweet pucker, taking in and storing in his memory the earthy inner body smells and scents of her arsehole, he licked at it, sniffed at it, his fingers squeezing at the hood of her clit now, he could feel her body tensing and tensing.

Years of womanizing had made him very sensitive to all the wonderful scents of a woman, and now his nose was full of Olivia’s-the scent of her perfume, the slight hints of the scents of her vulva as he continued to arouse and arouse it, the delicious earth arse smell of that little brown hole that now his tongue had entered, the tip of his tongue pressing into it, licking at it and tasting it. And his ears could hear Olivia’s almost helpless little pantings, could hear the soft slurpings of her vulva as his fingers moved in and around and over it.

Now his cock was getting more demanding, and Olivia’s responses were telling him that she was more than ready for the ‘experiment’ to continue. He broke away from her for a moment, turned her head, her groan was one of almost disappointment, it had all felt so good what he had been doing. She watched him take his shirt off, and toss it gently to the floor, which is where hers had now ended up. His shirt lay on top of hers.

“You are so beautiful Olivia,” his voice husked, annoyed at himself that it did that. But Olivia didn’t mind at all and her voice was just as husky when she replied, “Thank you David. This is wonderful,” and she was wondering too just how long she could retain any self-control, those waves of orgasm were getting closer and stronger.

David gently guided Olivia to lying on her back, is this it, she hoped, though her research had suggested that doing it this way, at first anyway, may perhaps not be the most comfortable introduction. It wasn’t what was in David’s mind, just yet though. He slipped the pretty panties down off over her feet, loving how her body looked as she raised her legs to help. He slid the skirt off the same way, and now she was naked on his bed, as he had fantasized so often. She took a deep breath, and waited. David moved down the bed, Olivia lifted her legs, she sensed what he was going to do, and when his tongue flicked across her clit her back arched and she moaned a quiet “Ohhh” and hooked her hands behind her knees, holding her legs back as far as she could, and lifted her head to look at what he was doing. David looked up at her for a moment, saw the flushing in her face, the pinking in her chest, and he smiled, and Olivia smiled back, and shut her eyes, and waited for the effects of what his tongue was doing on and over and around her clit. She moaned.

David’s tongue slid and stroked and teased up and down Olivia’s slit, tasting and savouring her, lapping at the little juices, once even pressing into the little pee-hole, flicked over her clit, he could feel the tension in her thighs beside his head, he licked at her, lips sucked at her hood, sucked at the lips of her vulva, slid down and pressed at her entrance.

Olivia moaned softly, holding her legs up still, she opened her eyes, then there was a sharp new sensation, it didn’t really hurt, just felt different, and she felt David’s finger, just one, moving into her arse, pressing, slowly, a little bit at a time.

“Oh…yea…” she gasped. As part of her research she had done this herself, working up, over a couple of days, to being able to put three fingers into her own bum, but this having someone else doing it was a completely new feeling.

David looked across her belly, across her breasts, to her face, to see her reaction, and she smiled down at him, and he felt her pressing her body down against his finger, wanting it all in her arse, wanting more than that in her arse. She gasped, and her back arched again, and she wanted to tell him how close she was, but waited, and a second finger joined the first one, they were moving back and forth in her now, he was fingering her arse, and she loved it. She felt the odd stretching feeling as his fingers pressed into her, and she could feel the tightness of her little opening around his fingers. The tips of his fingers were actually at the walls inside her arse, and she closed her eyes, and when for yet another time David’s lips closed around her hood, and sucked at it, at the same time that he pushed the two fingers deeper into her bum than before, she let out a soft, “Ohh…uh…ooooh,” and around David’s chin he felt the extra fluid, could smell the new scent, and he knew Olivia had had an orgasm.

He took his fingers from her arsehole, sat up, and to Olivia’s delight he licked those fingers, the intimate taste of her on them sent his mind reeling, and an uncontrolled little bit of wet heat spurted from his cock. They smiled at each other, and Olivia sat up, keeping her thighs apart, wanting him to look, wanting to be seen.

“We forgot something,” she said very quietly, and David watched her beautiful arse as she walked quickly, a little unsteadily, from the room. He knew there was nothing wrong, but his mind couldn’t focus enough to consider just what it was they had forgotten.

He laughed at himself when Olivia skipped back into the room, holding the tube of lubricant in one hand, and a digital camera in the other. This puzzled him for a moment, then his mind recalled that several of her ‘focus questions’ had concerned what it looked like. A very back corner of his mind marvelled at how much detachment this seemed to indicate. Here she was, she had just had an orgasm, they had just shared some very intimate moments, they were about to share even more, and she was still capable of concentrating on the ‘scientific’ aspects of what they were doing.

He was kneeling up on the bed as she came in, his cock now insisting that it achieve release from the tensions built by the sight and feel and tastes and scents of her body.

“Stand up please,” she said, and knelt in front of him as he did so. “It’s not fair,” she laughed, “I’m naked and you’re not.” And with that she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, he was a little unsteady on his feet, not just because of the bounciness of the bed, but he helped her by stepping out of his jeans and jocks, and his cock jumped at its freedom, and the knowledge of what was about to come.

“Oooh,” Olivia giggled, noticing the little drips of white on the tip of his cock. And she liked what she was seeing, David had a nice cock, comparable to the others she had seen, but thicker, wider than it was round, she wondered if this would add to the discomfort her research had mentioned. Olivia wasn’t afraid of the pain that one of her friends had mentioned, she was sure that, in the state she was in now, that would be easily overcome.

“You know,” she said, looking up at him, “I’ve never tasted this before,” and her tongue flicked across the tip of his cock, picking up those little drops, drawing them into her mouth, savouring the new taste, salty, and just a little bit bitter. Then she swallowed it, and a wave of liberation swept through her, and a realization that there were other ‘experiments’ she wanted his help with. But not yet. “I mean, I’ve…you know…done this before,” and her mouth closed over the top of his cock, and she sucked at it, and David moaned, knowing he could no longer restrain himself, Olivia sensed this, and she sucked harder at his cock, and her hand slid along its shaft, and she loved the smell of it, being so close to him like this, and she dared flick her tongue over his tip, and then the tip of her tongue slid into the little opening of his cock, and that was too much for David, and with a grunt his hips thrust, and he held her hair, and the heat rushed up through his cock, and with a thrust that he just could not hold back, he erupted into Olivia’s mouth. Olivia gagged slightly, more at the thrust of his cock at the back of her mouth than at the filling of it with a new heated whiteness, and she pulled her head back, and felt an amazing surge between her own thighs, and she opened her mouth for David to see his white fluid in it, to see little dribbles of it on her lips, then she swallowed, it was thick and gooey and warm, and she swallowed again to make sure she had swallowed it all, and she relished the feel of it going down her throat.

David sunk to his knees on the bed, feeling apologetic, but Olivia put her arms around him, and smiled, “But that is something I have never done,” and her voice was thick. “Let someone come in my mouth I mean.”

David felt flustered.

“I’m sorry I…” but she didn’t let him finish.

“Don’t be, please,” she said, and kissed him on the lips. “I wanted that to happen, it tastes…it tastes so different to anything, so warm and viscous.” And they looked into each other’s eyes, and both knew that this had gone beyond a simple ‘experiment’.

“Anyway,” she went on, “you took some of me into your mouth, so it’s only fair, not to mention…” They both lay back on the bed, heads on the pillows, letting their bodies rest a little.

“Not to mention what?” he asked.

“When you sucked your fingers after you, you know, had them in my bum,” and she leaned to him, her breast against his chest, their faces very close together. “What was that like, for you, tasting that?”

“It was wonderful, all of you is so beautiful Olivia,” he said, and wished he didn’t sound grovelly, like someone flattering a woman he had just met, in the hope of getting her into bed, something he had done so many times before.

“Wow, even that part of me,” and she laughed, and kissed his lips quickly. Her hand went down his belly, fingers closed around his cock, and she gently stroked at its half hardness. David rubbed his fingers up and down Olivia’s spine, felt her tremble, his cock hardened fully now, and they both knew they had delayed long enough.

Olivia sat up, picked up the camera and put it on the bedside table, then took the tube of lubricant and opened it. She squirted some on to her hand, and rubbed it up and down the shaft of David’s cock, then passed him the tube.

Now she moved, straddling him, her back to him, and lifted her bum up from his chest, and leant forward. David looked at her arse, it was beautiful. He put some lubricant onto his fingers, and gently inserted them into Olivia’s arse, at the opening, rubbing the lubricant around the opening and the little ridges of muscle. Again he rubbed lubricant around it, and then tilted his head up, and kissed each cheek of Olivia’s beautiful bum.

She had trembled a couple of times at the feel of his fingers, and the slightly chilled feel of the lubricant inside her arse. But now she was ready, and she turned her head, and said,

“I read in one thing that at first me on top is best.”

“Yes,” David agreed, marvelling again at this detachment. He reached down past her, and held his cock pointing upright, feeling it slick in his hand.

Olivia raised herself on her knees, shuffled down his flanks a bit, and positioned herself above his cock, taking it in her hand, David took his away, putting them on her back, giving her support if she wanted to lean back at him.

But at this point keeping her back straight, Olivia lowered herself, down and down, guiding his cock, until she felt the tip of it against her little brown arsehole. She savoured that new sensation for a minute, told herself to relax herself, and pressed down on to David’s cock.

“Umph” she said, very, very softly, at the feeling of the tip of his cock inside her rear entrance, just the tip of it, she could feel herself stretching. Olivia took a deep breath, and pressed down, and her teeth clenched, she opened her thighs wider, and pressed down, David was experienced enough to control the thrusting urge, he waited, loving the tightness of her arse around his cock, loving the way she was slowly lowering herself on to it, feeling her tight around him.

With another deep breath, Olivia pressed her body down further, and then with an “Ohhh” she knew he was fully inside her, “that feels fucking amazing,” she said, and she paused for a moment, feeling the fullness of his cock inside her, the stretchiness she felt around her arsehole, the way deeper inside there seemed to be more room, she wiggled her bum on his belly, she knew this was going to be a very successful experiment.

David looked at her arse as it sat on his belly, his mind swimming with the sensation of being inside her, the tightness of her arsehole around the base of his cock. Still he resisted the need to thrust, keeping himself flat on the bed.

Olivia slowly raised herself, lifted until she sensed that his tip was close to the hole again, then lowered herself, raised up again until she thought about half way, then lowered, feeling the stretchiness and the filling.

“This is so fucking incredible,” she said again, moving a hand to her mound, her finger found her clit, mashed at it, lifting and lowering herself. Now she wanted him to come in her, to come in her arse, but first she wanted something else.

“Get the camera,” she said hoarsely, it wasn’t hurting at all, in a way she was slightly disappointed, but nevertheless it was wonderful.

David reached over and took the camera.

“I want,” she gasped, raising and lowering some more, her fingers hard on her clit, “I want a picture…now” she said, and she raised herself so that she knew half of his cock was still inside her. She heard the camera click, she lowered herself so her bum again rested on his belly, his cock fully inside. “And now,” and David took the photo for her, and waited, but his hips were telling him it was time for more, he loved the feel of her arse on the skin of his belly.

“I need…” she was panting now, she knew she would come soon, her mind was going somewhere else, “I need you to go in and out of me faster,” and she lifted herself fully from him, and got on her hands and knees beside him, her thighs apart, one hand found her clit again, she waited, rubbing hard at her clit, the odd relaxing feeling in her arse as she had lifted from his cock receding.

David knelt up behind her, took his cock and guided the tip to her arsehole, slightly open and waiting, he could hear a soft little squelching as Olivia fingered at her vulva, he pressed the tip of his cock into her arse, heard her gasp.

“Take a picture of it going in,” she panted, and he did so, when she heard the click, she panted, “Now fuck it…fuck my arse…fill it up…ohhh” and she moaned and umpphed, and pressed her bum back at his body, and flexed her arsehole around his cock, this did hurt just a tiny, beautiful amount, and she loved it.

She was resting her weight on her shoulders now, her hand frantic between her thighs, the wetness slipping and sliding around her fingers increasing and increasing.

“Take a couple more,” she gasped, the tension deep in her belly getting to her limit, her mind doing its best to focus on the thrusting at her arse, at the growing tension there.

David took a couple of more pictures, then had to drop the camera. His hands went to her hips, firm and heated against his skin, and he started a firmer, harder thrusting into her. Little spurts from her cunt were splashing on to his thighs and balls now, he banged his cock into her arse, the sounds ringing in his ears, the slapping of his thighs against her bum, her gasps and moans, he had to admit he was a little surprised at some of the words coming from her mouth.

“Ohhh fukkkkkkkkkkk,” she shuddered, her thighs tightened, David watched the tensing of her back, the skin of her bum tight and tensing, he looked at the rim of her arsehole as his cock slid back and forth into her, felt her tightening and tightening on him, could hold back not much longer.

“Fuck fuck fuck” Olivia was gasping now, then her whole body almost convulsed, “Ohh fuckkkkk,” and she had come, and he could do nothing else, with a grunt, and a huge thrust of his hips, he slammed his cock deep, deep into her arse, and the white heat surged through his cock, and he shuddered, and it all exploded into her, and for a moment his mind went blank, and he spasmed again, and another little burst erupted into Olivia’s beautiful arsehole, and gasped. The feel of the wet warmth splashing into her bum was wonderful, amazing, her mind lost the words, it was just incredible.

“OH fuck that was so good,” she panted, and then, “take pictures as you take it out, please do that, I need to see,” and David limply picked up the camera, and took a picture of his cock leaving her arse, another and another of it as it gaped briefly as his cock left it, another and another as it slowly closed, another of a small stream of white that dribbled out after his cock.

Olivia collapsed onto her belly now, and David collapsed onto her back, she could feel the hotness of his cock against the skin of her arse. After a few moments he rolled to his side next to her, and there was quiet, just the slow recovering of normal breathing, and Olivia’s continual little sighs of satisfaction. She rolled on to her back, lifted her knees up, closed her thighs, squeezed them shut against the trembling and tingling that still twitched between her legs, and deep in her belly. Finally she felt capable of coherent speech.

“That was just so wonderful David,” and she reached across, and kissed his lips, and her breasts brushed his chest, and she giggled as the corner of her eye caught his cock’s reaction to the feel of her nipples grazing the sensitive skin of his still panting chest.

“It sure was,” David said, “it was fantastic.” He kissed her lips, and a new tenderness intruded on the scientific atmosphere, and she snuggled up against him, after picking up the camera.

Olivia looked at the pictures, giggling, and saying “oh my” and making other approving noises. She was particularly fascinated by the picture showing her arsehole just after his cock had left it. It was wide open, she had no idea it could ever have gotten that big, and clearly showed the inside of it for quite a few centimetres, red, and she looked intently at the ridges inside it.

“Who would ever have thought I would have such a graphic picture of the inside of my bum,” and she laughed. “It has closed up hasn’t it? I would hate to think I’ll walk around with my bum hole that big forever.” And they both laughed.

“Of course,” David said, his cock hardening at the way she was talking. He showed her the rest of the pictures, the ones showing her opening as it closed over to its normal shape and size.

Olivia pressed her body to his, and thoughts, not new ones, moved through her mind.

“Thank you so much for helping with my research David,” and they both laughed at the ridiculousness of it. “Um…I did have some other projects in mind?” and she lifted her head from his shoulder, her eyebrows arched, and smiled.

“Oh yes?” he smiled back, and his cock jumped again at the suggestion. “Such us?”

“Well,” and she drew out the word, “now that I have such a great picture of my bum like that, I think I would like a picture of…you know…my other hole, after…”

“After it’s been fucked?” David was intentionally crude, he loved the way she had been talking in the heat of her orgasm.

“Exactly,” Olivia laughed, and kissed him again. They were silent for a few moments. “Are you busy for the rest of the day?” she asked cautiously now, not wanting to interfere with his privacy.

“Not at all,” he kissed her, “except for scientific research.” And again their shared laughter.

Olivia felt the tingles in her belly rising.

“If we’re going to do that,” David said, wishing he hadn’t said if, and wishing he didn’t have to bring this up at all, “it would be best if I had a shower, just a hygiene thing, before it goes…you know..”

“In my cunt,” and David’s mind nearly exploded with excitement at the sound of her using that word. “Yes, I read that. Besides, that is a new research topic,” she went on, “sucking cock in the shower, I’ve never done that. Never been fucked in one either.”

“We have time for all that research today, I’m sure,” he said, and they both knew there would be many more afternoons of research.

“Definitely,” Olivia agreed, and stood up from the bed, and took his hand, and together, holding hands, they walked to the bathroom.

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