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Fuck me.

It was two days until I started my period and I was so goddamn horny I was ready to screw the neighbor’s dog the next time it came into my yard to pee on the shrubs. Instead, after a long day at the office, I showered and slipped into my favorite over-sized shirt. Padding barefoot and bare-assed down the carpeted stairs, it was my plan to curl up in front of the television for an evening of watching X-rated videos and playing with a variable speed massager that I bought to treat a knee injury but ended up using as a vibrator.

As my feet touched the floor of the entry hall, the doorbell rang. I watched a shadow cross the frosted sidelights and gave only fleeting thought to my state of near undress. Not expecting company, I went to the door to dispense of the salesman, missionary or whoever it was and get on with my masturbation marathon.

Cracking the door open, I braced it with my shoulder and peered out onto the porch. Bathed in the orange cast of a street lamp, a late-middle-aged man dressed in a dark wool top coat doffed his hat, cleared his throat and gestured to a light-colored sedan stopped at the end of my front walk. “Excuse me. I’m sorry to bother you, Miss, but both my tire and my spare are flat. I was going to call the auto club but I’m afraid my cell-phone battery is flat, too. May I use your phone?”

Looking past the man’s shoulder, I scanned the side of the car and found that the back tire on the passenger side was, indeed, flat. Considering whether I should let him in to use the phone or leave him standing on the porch while I made the call on his behalf, I glanced at his face only to find him staring at my chest. Barely buttoned to start with, when I opened the door, my blouse caught on the deadbolt latch and was pulled wide open, exposing most of my generous right breast. The lustful look on the stranger’s face as he stared at my bare nipple stirred me to make a split-second decision. He wasn’t the neighbor’s dog but he’d do. I stepped back, opened the door and invited him in.

As I pointed out the phone on the desk in the front hall, I covertly opened another button on my blouse then crossed my arms under my breasts, pushing them higher. The fabric draped loosely, covering my now erect nipples but exposing considerable cleavage at the top and the fringe of my bush at the bottom. Speaking to an operator with the auto club, the stranger described the make, model and color of his car then turned to me. His eyes locked on my pussy as he stammered, “I’m – I’m sorry. What, um, what is the address here? They need it to – find – where – I am.”

I reeled off my house number and street, which the stranger repeated into the phone as his eyes wandered my body from tits to crotch and back.

“They want the phone number,” he said in a low, hoarse voice.

I repeated the number three times as the stranger stammered to the operator, swapping the order of numbers twice before finally getting it right. Hanging up the phone, he managed to meet my eyes. “The operator said it’ll be about 45 minutes before they can get here.”

“Well, come in then. Here, let me take your coat. You might as well make yourself comfortable. Would you like something to drink?” Setting down his hat and slipping off the slate wool topcoat, the stranger shook his head.

“Are you into tits, then?” I asked, laying his coat across the back of the desk chair. Opening the last two buttons of my blouse and peeling it open like the pages of a book, I cocked my head and offered, “Want a taste?” As an added enticement, I shimmied my shoulders just enough to show off the supple jiggle and bounce of my firm breasts.

The gray-haired stranger watched my tits dance with a look of wary longing. He drew is lip over his lower teeth, running his tongue over it. His eyes roamed my naked body as they would a succulent buffet after a long period of starvation. “You want me play with your tits. Suck them?”

“Consider it in exchange for use of the phone.” I closed the space between us, allowing the stranger’s clean, manicured hands to brush across my breasts for the first time. “Feel me up. Don’t be shy. Put some heart into it.”

The stranger’s hands closed firmly over both my tits, playing with the soft flesh, weighing them, shaping and molding them. Hands still cold from the wintry night, he rubbed icy fingertips over my nipples sending bone-deep shudders through my sex-hungry body. Lowering his mouth, he teased my hard buds with the soft warmth of his lips. At last, he flicked each nipple with the tip of his tongue before closing one in his hot mouth and suckling sweetly, making me moan in sheer pleasure.

“Come into the living room, where we can be a little more comfortable,” I coaxed, tugging the stranger by his deep blue, silk tie as I backed toward the dimly lit room. Lying down across the couch, I pulled the man with me, urging him to lie, fully-clothed along the length of my body. I basked in the weight of his body pressing me into the sofa cushions and guided his face back to my tits.

Starting at the outer margin of my left breast, the stranger began to lick my skin with long, fluid motions while he caressed me with his hands. He savored me as though I were a long-denied sugar treat, gently kneading and shaping my right breast at the same time he feasted on my left. Between the licks, he interspersed soft nibbles that finally culminated with his teeth closing with sharp pressure around my hard nipple, twisting first counter-clockwise then clockwise, again and again. The sensation shot a lightening bolt to my pussy. I gasped and mewled my appreciation for his technique.

Swapping sides, he repeated the process, moving his free hand down to dip into the wetness between my legs. This time, his fingers clamping down to pinch my aroused clit and other nipple accompanied the sharpness of his teeth closing around my nipple. Without warning, he pulled both my nipples and clit, rolling them between fingers and teeth, evoking a sweet pain that made me cry out, arching with pleasure as my juices flowed.

“God, I need to cum,” I groaned. “Make me cum.”

“Do you want me to fuck you or eat you out?” He probed my snatch with his fingers, stroking his thumb over my clit as I thrust my hips toward his hand, physically begging for more stimulation.

“Eat me. Use that tongue of yours to suck the juices out of my snatch. And this,” I handed him the massager turned vibrator, “use this on me.”

With an eyebrow quirked, the stranger snapped the switch on the massager and looked it over, adjusting the variable speed as the motor buzzed. “You use this on yourself, then? Lovely. Here, we’ll start slow.”

Watching my face, he ran the buzzing contraption across my hard nipples, still wet from his mouth. The urgent vibration of the machine made my tender nips tingle and sting, sending another crackling jolt of electricity to my cunt. He then passed the massager over my sensitive clit, watching with amusement as I convulsed at the sensation. “Ah, I think I’m going to like this,” he smiled as he ran the massager between my thighs making me moan in want as it pulsed against my ass, invoking a needful throb. “Let’s just make you cum, then.”

Sliding off the couch, the stranger parted my legs wider and spent several long moments looking at my glistening pussy before touching me again with the massager. He smiled widely at the spasm of pleasure that shook my body in response. Pulling my rump off the couch, he crawled between my legs and tenderly ran his fingers along the inside of my thighs, up to my quivering cunt lips which he tickled gently, encouraging them to blossom for him. Using long, elegant fingers, he parted my pussy and stroked his tongue the length of my sopping slit. He sucked up my juices with wet sounds, sticking his tongue inside me as he ran the head of the massager back and forth across my pubic bone, close enough to my clit that I could feel the vibrations but not experience direct contact.

Increasing the speed of the massager, the stranger pressed it hard against my public bone as he lashed my clit with short, deft flicks of his tongue. The maddening vibration of the massager radiated through my pelvis and hipbones, giving me a diffuse sensation of pleasure from clit to asshole. Continuing his delicious torment for several long minutes, the stranger stroked me with fingers and tongue while gradually increasing the motor speed, keeping aloof from applying direct stimulation anywhere that would provide instant gratification.

Hot, panting and desperate to fulfill the promised climax, I humped my hips, seeking contact between the vibrating head of the massager and my distended, aching clit. “Please, oh please,” I begged repeatedly. With a quick flick, he ran the massager head across my cunt and away again making me spasm helplessly and cry out for relief for the orgasm that seemed to build endlessly.

“What a horny, young lady you are,” the stranger said with a dark smile. “Luring a complete stranger into your house, showing him your tits and begging him to eat your pussy. What makes you think I should make you cum?”

Reaching between his legs, I rubbed the impressive erection I found lurking beneath his pressed wool slacks. “This steel rod, right here. Make me cum and you can fuck me nine ways from Sunday with this hot, hard poker. You can shoot your load anywhere you want; mouth, hair, tits, snatch, ass. Deal?”

“You’ve got yourself a deal, lady,” the stranger said, turning the massager up to full speed, the persistent buzz of the motor filling the room. “You’re going to cum so hard, your juices will spray into my mouth.”

He ran his tongue between my pussy lips again, burying it to caress the inner walls of my hot box, smearing his cheeks with my juices. “I’m waiting, baby. I’m waiting for you to pour your sweet, slippery honey all over my tongue. Cum on my tongue, baby. I want to taste the depths of you,” he demanded, staring into my eyes.

With that, he licked the length of my snatch again, sucking firmly on my clit before tongue fucking me and pressing the whirring massager against my clit. Neck arched and eyes rolled back in my head; I came in a bone-crushing orgasm. Backing out of my snatch, he spread my pussy with his fingers and cupped his tongue at the base of my slit. As he predicted, love juice spilled from me like an ejaculation, pooling on his tongue.

“Oh, God. Fuck! Yes!” I groaned, as the orgasm thundered through my body from head to toes. I fought against the blissful convulsions urging me to jack knife at the waist.

The stranger’s soft, brown eyes glazed with animalistic lust. Pussy juice dripping from his chin, he shifted the massager, letting just the edge of the head graze my clit with a burning sensation that sent needles of pleasurable pain radiating from my snatch to the tips of my fingers and toes, pushing me into a perpetual, convulsive climax that left me without reason. Helplessly, I begged for more even as my chest constricted and my heart felt like it would explode from the strain.

“That’s it. Keep cumming to me,” the stranger urged as I screamed in a strangled mix of pleasure and pain, feeling the inner walls of my cunt contract in unrelenting response as I released another heavy stream of slick juices onto his waiting face and tongue. “I’m eating you, baby. Give me what I want. Cum on my face.”

Thrashing instinctively, uncontrollably against the massager, the sight of a stranger’s face in my cunt, his words and enthusiastic slurping of my orgasm made me groan with primal rapture as goose bumps broke out across my flesh. Finally, unable to endure the potency of the climax any longer, I begged him to stop before I slid into unconsciousness. With a click, my sweet tormentor flipped the switch on the massager and the motor fell silent, leaving the room with an odd void that even my exhausted panting could not fill.

Licking my crotch clean, the stranger pulled a neatly folded handkerchief from the interior breast pocket of his jacket, wiped his nose, cheeks and mouth and sighed, “Ah, sweet, horny nectar. I could drink it forever.”

Standing, the stranger stared down at my spent, boneless form sprawled on the couch; my legs spread wide and twat red, stinging and throbbing with residual feeling from the massager and orgasms. With slow, deliberate motions, he re-folded the handkerchief and tucked it away before unzipping his trousers. Shifting his underwear, he allowed his dark, swollen cock to spring free. “Suck me.”

Unable to stand on my shaky legs, I slipped to my knees pulling on the stranger’s hand, urging him to sit on the edge of the coffee table where I could reach his cock to suck him off despite my sexually exhausted state. Closing my mouth around his hard, throbbing organ, I heard him release a soft moan of pleasure.

“That’s it,” I said, stroking the length of his shaft with my tongue, “let me hear you take your pleasure. I want to hear you groan.”

Using fingers and tongue, I made love to the stranger’s thrusting cock, tracing the pattern of thick veins along its base and sides, delving into the sensitive V-shaped cleft at the back of the head and teasing the rim of his glans. Pressing his knees further apart, I felt his hips shift as he fought to keep from plunging forward into my mouth. Basking in his deep, encouraging groan, I stroked his balls with a cool touch. Burrowing the tip of my tongue into the slit at the end of his cock, I pulled away a long string of pre-cum. I looked up into his eyes as he watched the sticky thread that connected his dick to my mouth stretch and break, dropping cold and wet against my chin and neck. Opening my mouth wide, I took his cock in bobbing waves that brought him deeper into me with each effort. I ran my tongue under his stone hard shaft, licking before starting to suck hard and work him down my throat. He moaned louder with each stroke as I deep-throat fucked him, feeling and tasting his pre-cum release.

Pushing him toward the brink, I reached between his legs, past his scrotum to trace light, gentle circles and figure eights on the soft sensitive skin of his perineum. Burying his fingers in my hair, the stranger groaned with pleasure. I caressed his tender skin, his balls resting in the palm of my hand. As I felt them starting to bunch, signaling the approach of his climax, I closed my fingers around them, gently pulling down on his sack, hoping to prolong the agonizing build to climax for him as he had me. His frustrated groan convinced me I succeeded and I began to back off and lick the length of him again before sucking hard on his cock head.

“Oh, you’re not getting away with that,” the stranger groaned with a grin, pushing me away and moving off the coffee table. “I’m going to nail your ass now. Get up here; lean across the table.”

He pulled me toward the coffee table, laying me face down on the scatter of magazines. Moving behind me, he lifted the tail of the crumpled shirt I was still wearing and thrust his cock into my cunt. Fucking me from behind, he pounded hard, concentrating on reaching his own climax. Bracing my hands on the sides of the coffee table, I pressed back into him until we banged together in an ancient rhythm.

“Hard. Fuck me hard,” I begged. The stranger rewarded me with a series of deep, violent thrusts. As the friction of his cock pounded on the pleasure spot at the mouth of my snatch, I was hit with another climax.

As the sound of my release filled the room, I felt his hands press my ass cheeks apart, exposing my anus. Sliding out of my slick channel, the stranger leaned down to tongue my asshole. I shuddered as I felt his tongue enter me, followed by the length of a finger, first one, then two. As he pressed two long fingers into me, his thumb brushed my clit causing a series of passionate tremors to roll through my body in the wake of my orgasm. Standing on his knees, the stranger dipped his cock into my pussy again, pumping with four hard, rapid strokes before pulling out and pressing the engorged head of his prick against my ass. With one determined stroke, he breached my hole and buried himself balls-deep inside my bowels.

“Ow, goddamn it, you bastard! That hurts!” I shouted.

“Good, that means you’ll remember me,” he growled, taking a series of deep strokes.

Despite my best effort to grit my teeth and remain silent under the assault on my ass, a whimper escaped from my throat, causing the stranger to pause briefly. In the next moment, I heard the buzzing motor of the massager fill the room again. He adjusted the speed to its lowest setting and reached under our joined bodies to caress the vibrating head over my clit. Once again, he began moving in my ass, this time grinding his hips against me before slowly pulling out to the tip of his cock and thrusting back in. The combined sensation of the vibrator and his slow, incredible fucking worked their magic.

As anticipation of another climax began to build, I rocked my body back to meet his strokes. The stranger increased the lunging of his cock until his movements were little more than short, deep thrusts and his breathing hot and labored. My final cry of ecstasy was joined this time by his hearty groans of release. His body shuddered as he shot spurt after of spurt of thick cream deep inside me.

With his cock still inside my ass, the stranger collapsed across my back, panting. “Goddamn, you’re a good fuck,” he breathed against my ear. At that moment, a pulsing amber light illuminated the curtained living room windows. “I think that’s for me,” he grunted, pulling out. Standing, he tucked his spent cock back into his pants, adjusted his clothing and zipped up before taking an unsteady step toward the front hall. “Oh, man, I can barely walk. Thanks for use of the phone, by the way.”

“Anytime,” I said, rolling off the coffee table and collapsing flat on my back in the middle of the living room floor. “Thanks for coming.”

Grinning, the stranger grabbed his coat and hat off the desk and let himself out the front door. With effort, I boosted my spent body off the floor and staggered to the door to throw the deadbolt. Flipping off the light, I felt the stranger’s cum run out my ass and down the back of my leg. As the neighbor’s dog slept, tucked safely in his backyard house, I walked upstairs for another shower.

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