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Fit To Be Tied

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You joked when we first started seeing each other that the reason you had bought the four post bed was so that you could tie up naughty girls and do naughty things with them, but admittedly this had never happened. While I was never inclined to let anyone tie me up, I have to admit that the idea teased at my more erotic side and led me to many such fantasies. Sometimes when I came over and you were up before me, I would sprawl out, reaching for the posts and imagine that I was tied there to be used by you. Such fantasies led to hot sex, though I never told you what had got me going.

When you looked into my eyes the first time and told me that I was a naughty girl who needed to be tied up and fucked, my heart leapt at the thought of that fantasy coming true. I knew you and trusted you completely. My eyes locked with yours and I answered, “Yes, I’ve been very naughty, and I think that’s just what I need.” You used robe ties to secure my wrists and ankles. When I was securely bound and helpless, you showed me that submitting to you was the right decision. Your mouth on my breasts; your tongue on my clit; the gentle touch of your hands on my body drove me wild. I tugged against the bindings as you brought me to orgasm three times before even entering me. When you did, I was so wet and so aroused the sensations were unbelievable. I had my fifth orgasm about the time your climactic warmth pulsed into my body.

That was the first time I was bound, but not the last. You purchased cuffs for just that purpose, padded and lined with D rings to attach the chains. Yes, chains; just because it was more erotic that way. The chains attached to other D rings on straps attached to the posts; dog collars, to be exact. I was not afraid. I could never be afraid of you. You love me and I love you. The bonds of trust allow me to yield my body to you without fear. You would never hurt me.

And so tonight when I was securely bound spread eagle; attached to the four corners of the bed as usual by cuffs and chains; your prisoner and your lover; I felt secure in once again yielding to you. You called me a naughty girl, and yes, I did feel naughty. You said I needed to be punished and I agreed, even if neither of us could think of anything to be punished for. The reason didn’t matter. You were directly above me with your hands on the mattress on either side of me. Your knees were on the mattress between my splayed and restrained legs. Your hard dick was nestled inside me, slowly stroking into my sodden pussy which was made so by three consecutive orgasms. I saw that look on your face; that mixture of love, passion, adventure and sinister intent. I smiled, nervous and excited.

“Punish me,” I said to you. “Punish your naughty slut.”

“I will,” you said. You quickened your motions and soon I felt the warm, familiar sensation of your orgasm pulsing inside me. Unable to move, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the frantic throbbing of your dick as it unleashed its pent up fury inside me.

You didn’t completely lose your erection. You seldom do after the first climax. It does soften somewhat, though, as it did this time; as if taking a partial time out. You pulled out of me and climbed off the bed. I watched you walk around the foot of the bed and reach down to unfasten my ankles. My left ankle was freed, first, and then my right. You climbed back on the bed and straddled me. “Naughty girl,” you said to me. You kissed me softly and your kiss was as intoxicating as ever. I looked up into your deep brown eyes and gave you an impish smile. You reached over and unhook my left wrist. Then you reached for my right. You unhooked it, but when you did you pulled me over and clicked it to the end of the chain that used to connect my left wrist. I was then on my side, but not for long. You slid my left hand back toward the other side moving me face down and you connect the other chain.

“What are you doing?” I asked, not quite understanding your intent. It became clearer when you slid back off the bed and secured my ankles. I lay with my head on the pillow, wondering what you were up to and getting a little nervous. I knew I could trust you completely, but I had a feeling I was going to be pushed in a direction I had never gone before.

I felt you climb up on the bed beside me. Your hand was on my ass, caressing me. I could feel the warmth of your hands and even identify the calluses that identified that hand as belonging to my lover. Your fingertips slid down to the front of my pussy, over my clit, and slowly traced back up the length of it to the tightly puckered muscle of my anus. Your middle fingertip was wet with the collected fluid that was seeping from me after your climax. You smeared this fluid over that muscle and collected more. This time you put pressure on that muscle and I felt your finger slide in to the first knuckle.

“No,” I gasped. My exclamation was immediately answered with a crisp slap to my exposed rump. I jumped at the contact, though I couldn’t have moved even a full inch.

“I said I was going to push you,” I heard you say. “Do you want me to get my belt?”

“No,” I said. “I don’t want you spanking me with your belt.” Something about the way you said it made me convinced that you would have done it.

“Then behave.” Your finger tip made another trip, bringing a new supply of warm cum from inside my freshly used pussy. You pressed your fingertip inside me, pushing that fluid into my ass as well, again only to the first knuckle. I started to say something, but WHACK! I felt the sting of your hand on my ass again. I cried out, as much by the surprise of it as the pain. “I said behave,” you told me. “You said we’d try this one of these days and tonight is the night.”

I let out a sigh of resignation. I HAD said we’d try it one of these nights. I hadn’t wanted to put you off with a direct no and I really didn’t have the guts to try it again. I had tried twice before. Both times were painful. I made the one I was with stop. I have to admit that somewhere in my fantasies the idea of you taking my ass has always lurked, though I always said now to both you and my inner curiosities. I tried to look at it rationally. It was something that millions of people did. Maybe I COULD do it after all. Now it seemed I had little choice but to let you make the attempt. After the hot sex we had earlier and given the fact that you were always gentle with me, what did I really have to fear anyway?

You lay down beside and lightly kissed my neck. Your middle finger remained in my ass, now to the second knuckle as you reassured me how much you love me. You reminded me that I was a naughty girl and that I really needed to be punished this way. I began to relax more as you moved the finger around inside me. If I relax, it will go okay, I told myself. I gasped as I felt you press your index finger into my ass beside your middle finger. Now you had two fingers inside my ass.

You sat up and pulled your fingers out of me. There was a moment when I wondered what you were doing. Then I felt your fingers again, now coated with lube. You slid two fingers into my ass and pushed them all the way in. It stretched my muscles uncomfortably, but I could handle it I assured myself. You pulled your fingers back and then I felt a third finger being pressed into my ass. I let out a moan and reflexively tugged against the restraints. You pressed the three fingers in deep and told me to just relax. How was I supposed to relax with three fingers in my ass?

It took a few minutes, but my muscles became accustomed to the intrusion of your fingers. It still felt uncomfortable, but not painful. You reached around and rubbed my clit. I squirmed under you and moaned as the sensations drove me wild.

You stopped and moved to sit between my legs. I closed my eyes, but before I had much of a chance for my brain to register what was going on I felt a well lubricated condom that was filled with a very hard dick being pressed against my lubricated and slightly gaped opening. You gripped your shaft with one hand and steadied yourself with the other. I barely had time to say “Wait,” When I fell you press it into me. I cried out as I feel your dick now lodged in my ass. “Take it out. I can’t do this,” I say. This time you did not let my fear stop you. You snuggled close to me. Your left hand wrapped around my waist. Your fingers caress my clitoris. Your kisses, warm and reassuring were on my neck. “Shhhh. You can do this,” you say to me.

You pushed into me and pulled back. I cried out and felt my muscles tense. “Take it out, please,” I moaned. I wasn’t very convincing. You could feel my arousal as your fingertips massaged my clit. After a moment you pushed in deeper and pulled back slightly. I moaned as you continued to rub my clit. After a couple more pushes, your dick was completely inside me. For the moment you didn’t move. You simply caressed my clit until the pleasure overwhelmed the discomfort.

After a few moments you began to move your hips. I let out a low moan as I realize your cock is all the way inside me and I can take it. I wasn’t ripped and bleeding. I wasn’t in extreme pain. “Fuck me,” I moaned softly. “Fuck my ass.” I was still not sold on the idea. I just wanted you out of me, but I knew you wanted this and I wanted to please you.

You kissed the back of my neck and rubbed my clit as you continued. I knew what you wanted. I could feel my own climax building inside me. You wanted me to cum while you fucked me in the ass. You were about to get your wish. The pain was all but gone. I began to buck against you as I came wildly. You increased the tempo and I bucked under you. My ass was so tight on your dick I knew you wouldn’t be able to last long. “Cum with me,” I moan. “Cum in my ass.”

You began to pound into me more aggressively. As my orgasm began to ease, I felt you cumming in my ass. Your dick throbbed as you unleashed your climax in wave after wave. I heard you groan as you slammed roughly into my ass. I was completely relaxed at this point. I felt a sense of satisfaction as I finally completed my first ass fuck. It hadn’t hurt as much as I was afraid it would have, and in fact there were moments of tremendous erotic pleasure.

You moved to get a towel, which you positioned under me to catch the fluid that was draining from my fresh fucked ass. One by one the restraints were released. You pulled me on to you. My head rested against your muscular chest. I could feel your heart pounding as you began to wind down from the intensity.

“Baby, I love you so much,” you said to me. “I’ve wanted your ass ever since we started going out.

“Well, now you’ve got it,” I answered softly. There was a dull throb in my ass as I snuggled on top of you. “But you have to give me a little time to recover before we do this again.” I could feel you smiling even though my eyes were closed. My head lay peacefully on your chest. I paused before I said the words I knew would rock your world. “At least a couple of hours.”

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