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She leads him by the hand into the bedroom. There she slowly takes off his clothes, grazing him with only the lightest of touches. She goes behind him and ties his hands together with a black scarf; the silky fabric is smooth against his skin. She takes another scarf and ties it around his eyes; he’s now in darkness.

He senses her standing in front of him and then slowly circles him. She doesn’t touch him and he shivers in anticipation. She tells him not to move and then leaves the room. He is left alone; his ears strain trying to hear her in the other parts of the house. He is left to wonder when she will be back and what she will do when she gets there…

* * * * *

Later she comes quietly into the room. He feels a bit apprehensive not knowing what she is going to do. He jumps as she softly touches his shoulder. She chuckles. He feels her standing behind him. He feels the soft tickling as a feather goes over his shoulders. Goose bumps come to his skin.

She runs the feather slowly, softly over his shoulders and down his back. Lower and lower until she skims the top of his bare ass with the feather, back and forth. She runs the feather up and down the crack of his ass. She goes further down and catches the bottom of his ass and follows the contours of his cheeks. His legs are spread wide and she run the feather over the back of his balls. He gasps and shifts out of the way. She harshly tells him to “stay put and not to move again.”

She runs the feather over his inner thighs where the skin is extra sensitive. He shivers in response and again she chuckles. Next she runs the feather down one leg and tickles the back of his knee. He moans and tries to move the knee away. *SMACK* she hits him on the ass with her open palm; he puts his leg back. She tickles the other knee; he moans and squirms slightly. She pulls the feather down to one ankle and tickles the top of his feet. She moves the feather up and down the back of his legs as she crawls in front of him. She is eye-level to his dick and it’s getting hard.

She runs the feather up one leg to the knee, this time in front, and start to go further up. His breath hitches in anticipation. She bypasses the area he really wants her to play with and stands up. She starts again at his shoulders and neck running the feather softly side to side across his chest. She makes it to one of his nipples and she teases it with the tip of the feather; the nipple puckers up hard. She moves to the other one and does the same.

She has only touched him once with her hand other wise it’s been only with the feather. It makes her so hot to have aroused him so much – with only one touch. She leans forward and softly kisses one of his nipples; he shudders at the touch of her lips. She smiles and flicks out her tongue to lick at one nipple then the next. He moans again and she bites a nipple lightly, and then soothes it with her tongue. As she kisses and bites him she moves the feather further down; running it slowly down his stomach and playing around his belly button.

She steps back, breathing heavily, and watches him. His head is cocked to one side, trying to see under the blindfold and his arms and hands are trying to get out of the scarf at his wrists; but she tied them very well and only she can undo them. She reaches forward with the feather and touches the sensitive skin at one hip; his dick jumps and she laughs again.

She decides to go ahead and play nice. The feather slowly goes down and reaches the base of his dick. She teases him there for several seconds until his hips are jerking. She pulls away again and lets him calm down for several seconds. His dick is standing out by now and she start to slowly circle it with the feather like she usually does with her tongue, around and around. She pulls the feather down to his tip and rubs it over the top of his dick; the end gets wet from his pre-cum.

“Do you want more?” she asks. He moans. She smacks one of his ass cheeks with her hand, hard, and then the other cheek. There are bright red hand prints on his ass. “I asked you a question.”

“Yes, I want more,” the strained response comes from his lips. She reaches out and takes him by one hand, the feather playing at his ass again. She just squeezes the head of his dick and makes him cry out. She runs her hand down the length of him. Her hand holds the base of his cock and she slowly lowers her mouth and kisses the tip of his dick. Her tongue licks up the last of the pre-cum before she takes more of him in her mouth. Her tongue circles him, like the feather did earlier as she goes further down.

She drops the feather and her other hand rubs his ass. As she sucks him in deeper into her mouth, her finger penetrates him. His hips strain forward as she increases the rhythm of her mouth on his dick and her fingers pump him at the same time. After several moments she stops and looks up at him. He’s panting fast and his head is thrown back in pleasure. The sensations overwhelm his darkened world. She runs a finger tip over his engorged cock and he shivers in response.

“Do you want to fuck me, baby?” she asks. He tries to speak but nothing comes out. She sees him trying to swallow and a raspy “Yes” finally comes out. She smiles and licks her way up his body, stopping to nip at each nipple and ends up kissing his lips, long and slow.

She pulls away again and goes behind him and undoes the scarf at his wrists. She tells him not to move. She rubs his wrists to get the circulation back and kisses each palm. She reaches up and unties the blindfold and he blinks in the sudden candle light. She bites one of his shoulders hard, leaving teeth marks and he gasps.

She walks in front of him and he see that she’s only wearing thigh high black stockings and high heels; he moans again and take a step towards her. “Stop,” she tells him; he does. She walks over to the bed and lies down on the mound of pillows. Her hands run up and down her full tits, the nipples hard points, she pulls and twists at them. She put a finger in her mouth and sucks it like she did his dick, in and out. She then runs her finger down from her lips; leaving a wet trail down to one of her tits; she teases the nipple a little then runs it down her stomach. She goes in and out of her belly button once, just a suggestion of what is to come. She runs the wet finger down to her mound and slowly opens her legs and spreads them wide. He sees her so red, hot and wet.

“You make me so wet baby,” she tell him. “Just look, I’m dripping already.” Her finger plays at her clit just rubbing is slowly. She moans; it feels so good. Her finger goes lower and she put it in her dripping hole. “You want this?” she asks as she puts her finger in her mouth and sucks off the cream.

“Fuck, yes,” he growls out.

“Good, come here.”

He slowly walks to the bed and gets in between her legs. His hands grab her ass and pull her further down on the bed; he buries his head in her pussy, licking up and down her lips. His fingers open her and his tongue spanks her clit; she cries out and jerks her hips up to meet his tongue. He bites and sucks at her, driving her crazy; she grabs his head and pushes it into her pussy. He puts three fingers into her and fucks her deep with them. Her hips pumping his face as he sucks up her juices.

“God, baby, put your hard cock in me and fuck me,” she breathlessly sobs out. He bites her clit, causing her to scream out again.

He looks up at her, his face smeared with her juices. “Get your ass in the air,” he tells her.

She scrambles up and gets on all fours, ass facing him, juices running down her thighs. He gets up behind her and then spanks her ass several times; her breath hitches and she shudders with each slap. “I’ll cum soon if you keep that up,” she says. He rubs her sore ass and she moans loudly.

She feels his hard dick at her ass, rubbing up and down her crack. He goes lower and rubs against her wet pussy lips, teasing her. She pushes her hips back trying to get his dick in. It’s his turn to laugh at her frustration; she can’t help herself and starts to laugh with him. “Come on baby, please,” she pleads between her giggles.

She feels his hand guiding his hardness into her. He goes just a little bit at a time, drawing himself in and out of her. She moans out another plea and feels him grab her hips and then he thrusts into her full force, all the way, and they both cry out in pleasure. She goes down on her elbows, giving him better and deeper access to her pussy.

He knows how she likes it, hard and deep, and he sets the right tempo. She cries out with each thrust, the quick slap of his balls on her ass drives her crazy and her nipples harden even more as they rub against the sheets. Her breath starts to come in quick rushes; he knows she’s going to cum soon.

He reaches down between her legs and twists her clit and she explode into orgasm; her whole body shakes and low moans come deep from her throat. Her arms give completely out and her upper body is supported by the mattress, her ass still high in the air for him. He pumps her several more times, her muscles clenching his dick hard. He takes his dick out and put it between her ass cheeks and she clenches her ass cheeks tight for him. He strokes her ass and lower back with each push of his hips.

She gets back on her elbows and reaches one hand behind her and grabs at the tip of his dick with each thrust. His hips go faster and she knows he will cum soon. “Cum on me baby, cum on me now,” she tells him. His breath catches and she feels the hot cum start to land on her ass and up her back; it feels so warm and good. He jerks his hips several more times and then slumps down behind her.

Her arms and legs give out and he falls with her, pinning her legs to the mattress his head pillowed on her ass. They lay there for several long moments catching their breath. He lightly bites her ass checks and then licks up her back, making her shiver the whole way. He nips at her shoulders and she turns her head and look sideways at him. He has a smug little grin. She grins back, and turns over and his mouth lowers to her. As he thrusts his tongue in her she tastes his cum that he licked up from her back. She gives a moan of appreciation and deepens the kiss even more.

Several seconds later she breaks the kiss off, “I’m glad you got off work early today hon.”

He smiles down at her, “The pleasure was all mine.”

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