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Fate Wields a Reward

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One must love road trips. I know I do. Fate also has the most amazing way of showing you that even though you have it all figured out, there are certain things which can occur that are beyond even your wildest fantasy.

I was driving down the road, coming home from a particularly horrible day at work. In the hazy mist of a cruel evening, something jumped in front of my Accord. I swerved to avoid it, which luckily I did, but managed to hit something else that was in the road.

The result was a blown tire which led me running headlong into opposing traffic. Instinct took over and I let the car turn into the direction of the spin and when it finally came to a halt, I was safely on the side of the road, with no major accidents occurring because of what happened.

I got out and began to change my tire. It was about then that a car happened to stop on the other side of the two lane road. I heard a very familiar voice call to see if I was alright.

I turned and looked in disbelief.


In Knoxville?

When he got close enough, he stopped dead in his tracks. “Angel?” he questioned.

I got up from kneeling on the ground and we both rushed to give one another a hug.

It had been ten years since we last saw one another. Ten years since the best sex of my life.

John helped me change my tire and while doing so we talked about what happened that landed us in the same place at the time. He was just on a road trip, seeing some old friends from “back in the day”. He admitted his surprise and pleasure in seeing me. I offered to buy him dinner, to give us a chance to talk longer, which he accepted.

Dinner was spent getting caught up on everything that had happened to us. His marriage, for starters. My heart sunk when he told me about it. Still, I was happy for him. After dinner, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

Two months later, I decided to take a break from the craziness of the day-to-day so I decided to head out on my own road trip. Setting my sights on Atlantic Beach, NC, I drove until I hit the coast.

Two days of sunshine and gorgeous men and women before fate intervened yet again.

It was in the middle of Bert’s Surf Shop. “John?” I called.

The blondish-brown haired man turned to regard me. The instant he smiled, I felt myself weak in the knees.

His wife had gone to Atlanta for the week to see a strip show, so he said and he decided to get out of the house and be amongst people.

Walking across the street, we shared an ice cream cone and talked some more. We flirted. I became more and more touchy feely. He resisted me at first but eventually gave into me.

Before long we were acting like long lost lovers.

The sun was going down too quickly and in my attempts to keep the night going, I asked him to dinner. He accepted on the provision that he pay. I accepted his terms.

Dinner was uneventful. I played footsie with him and we laughed while sharing stories and jokes. He asked me if I still carried a vibrator everywhere I go. I looked him dead and square in the eye and told him it was a neccessity of life.

With desert out of the way, he walked me several blocks to my hotel room. We hugged good night and instead of letting him go, I did the only thing I could: I kissed him.

Kissed him with every bit of desire and pent-up emotion I could.

When he not only did not respond but pushed me away, my heart sunk to depths unheard of. I understood. His marriage meant the world to him. He would never betray her.

I admired that and we said our good byes. I thought this time to be the last.

I spent the early part of that evening at one of the local bars. I drank and eyed every piece of ass in that place. I could find no one desirable enough to take to bed.

“Mind if I join you?” a familiar voice called from behind me.

“Sure” I said, thinking I was imagining the voice.

It was John. He was on his way home when he decided to call his wife. When some guy answered the phone, he was quite shocked. Instead of handing the phone to his wife, his wife’s friend apparently took the phone and told John that his wife couldn’t talk, despite hearing his wife in the background.

Long story short, his wife had gone out with friends, gotten drunk and they ended up going back to her hotel room where she fucked a guy she met that apparently played for the Falcons.
After seeing the guy’s picture and the way he played, I’m not sure I would have said no either.

He ended up here by chance. It was the closest bar he could get to and wanted to drown his sorrow in a few drinks.

Despite being a total hypocrite, I talked him out of it and managed to get him to leave the bar. That evening he became my chauffeur, showing me the sights and sounds of Morehead City, Emerald Isle, and the rest of the area.

He wanted to show me where he lived. I thought it would be nice to see, so I agreed to it. So a little before eleven we sauntered up to his house. Unlocking the door, he let me in. Closing the door behind me, John turned on the lights.

He had done well for himself. I got to see his wife. She was pretty hot. John was a lucky man. Except she was a luckier woman. A shame she forgot that fact.

He pulled out a few bottles of beer and we took them to the porch to talk. Light conversation in the cool night air. I could tell he was bothered and upset. I tried to comfort him but my mind kept thinking about the opportunity to have sex with him. Well, I knew that was off the table. We talked about how we had continued running into each other over the last few months and how it must have been karma looking out for both of us. Maybe there was some unfinished business between us. We laughed together and I leaned my head into the crook of his arm.

As the hour turned to midnight, we sat on the railing of the deck, mere inches from each other. He said something funny and we turned to look at one another.

Then it happened. We kissed.

It was soft, sweet, and innocent.

Then in the moment it happened, it was over.

John pulled himself away and took the empty beer bottles and went inside.

I followed.

We sat down at the table and I tried to comfort him. I reached for his hand and held it. He looked longingly into my eyes before dipping his head into mine and kissed me.

I kissed back. Exactly like when he rejected me at my hotel room door.

I pushed away from him, touching my feverish lips. They felt flush and bruised from the heated exchange.

“I am sorry” he dejectedly spoke as he looked down and around the kitchen table.

Our eyes were drawn to a singular pair of handcuffs.

I wanted to make a joke about their sex life being kinky but decided it would have been in very bad taste considering everything that he had just experienced.

He reached for them and threw them on a nearby counter top.

John apologized for leaving them out.

I told him not to apologize and that I wish he would have used them when we were lovers. I boldly told him that I wanted nothing more than to be with him again. Here, now.

He smirked and seemed ready to deny me but grew silent as if he were contemplating it.

“That’s the alcohol talking, Angel.”

“A little, I admit,” was my response, “But in ten years there has never been another lover like you.”


“What do you say?” I pleaded with him, half joking, mostly serious.

“I wouldn’t want to be accused of taking advantage of a lady, ” he drawled, clearly amused at my plea.

I sat up, leaning my elbows on the table. I looked at him with a decidedly droll expression. “Whoever said you’d be taking advantage of me?”
“Well, I guess if we were to make love, you’d be taking advantage of me.”

I cackled and slit my tongue through my teeth, “Let’s take advantage of each other, John. I want to feel the pleasure of making love to you again.”

He leaned in close to me, so our faces were close. “Are you saying that you’re interested in being pleasured then?”

“I am.” I smirked at him. He didn’t know how dangerously close he was to playing with fire. Then again, did I have any idea, either?

John shook his head. “This is the kind of thing that you read about in a really bad erotic story, Angel. Or some awful porno.”

We laughed before I told him that we both have needs and that I needed him.

“I’d be happy to oblige you.” would have been a sufficient answer from him but instead he shifted in his chair and told me that he didn’t think I could handle him.

“Such confidence,” I purred, feeling a warming in my clit when I looked into his eyes and saw a soldering fire within them.

“Oh you have no idea.” He smirked.

“Lucky me, then.” The shimmer of arousal I felt was now taking hold of more than just my clit now. “Still, you are being ever so polite.”

“You know me, Ang,” He laughed. “I have my moments.”

“I want to kiss you.”

His eyebrows darted up in surprise as I pushed my chair back, rose to my feet, and walked around the table. As I leaned over to kiss him, he abruptly shoved his chair away and pulled me down onto his lap. I loved the sensation of the goose flesh which overtook my body as he ran his palms down my back.

I whispered to him words of encouragement as I shifted my bottom against his erection in quite the tantalizing little wiggle. He sucked in a breath as I gave him my best, enchanting smile as I moved in a seesaw motion that served to spike my senses as well as his.

With fingers splayed, he grasped my hips and exerted pressure downward, holding me against his engorged cock for a silent, protracted moment. His dark eyes were now close and the desire there sought to burn me. I kissed him. The moment my lips touched his, I could tell that neither of us was a person of restraint. Or like me, was John’s urgency just a reaction to hours of temptation?

He quickly grew impatient and hungry for more. As he tried to pull away from my lips, I begged him not to. I gripped his face, holding him to me, continuing my plea of “not yet.”

I know he could have easily broken free. John could have done whatever he wanted to do, considering our relative strengths but he returned to me, giving me his undivided attention. Gently curling one hand around the back of my neck, John held me lightly captive as he tempered his fervor. Those forceful kisses were less forceful now. His tongue now explored in a grazing rhythm while his free handdrfited softly down my back then slid upward again as his fingertips came to rest on the plump outer curve of one of my breasts.

As the feel of his fingertip sunk ever so gently into my flesh, it ignited a desire as hot as the fire in his eyes. His touch was of the most gentle, restrained, and delicate I had felt in many months. Yet, in the back of my mind was the knowledge that this gentleness could become hostile and possessive in a moment’s notice. My mouth gaped open and my breath caught in my throat as that truth caressed my thoughts much like he was touching me now.

I do not know if he was gratified with my response but he inhaled my erratic breaths, drawing me closer. It was just a moment later when he tenderly cupped my breast and slid his index finger back and forth over my taut nipple. God, I arched my back to John, pressing myself further into his hand. I silently asked, no, pleaded for more.

Flexing his considerably constructed hips, he thrust upward, ramming his cock against my cunt. The shock was evident as my lips curled in expectation and the skittish cry of what was to come broke free from those same lips somehow.

His hands clamped down hard on my hips, instantly, as he exerted a rough, downward pressure, his low voice telling me that he wanted more than teasing foreplay. We both groaned at the wild rush of pleasure that had taken over our senses.

Suddenly, this delicious man was no longer in a mood to wait. He turned his head away and looked towards the counter top where he had placed the handcuffs.

I looked at him and abruptly pushed him away.

I felt his heart skip a beat until he saw that I was reaching for the zipper on his slacks.

I looked teasingly at him, “I’m done kissing.”

“Done?” he questioned, his mind torn between the act he was about to commit on me and the boldness of what I had just done to him.

“Yep.” I teased between pursed lips. Already his zipper was down and I was standing up.

I kicked my shoes off and slid my slacks down my hips.

John was about to come to his feet, I could tell. He wanted nothing more than to strip off his clothes and attack me. Instead, he sat back to watch me.

I was clearly frenzied. The jolt of his cock against me moments ago made me hunger for his sex. I know my aroused nipples poked hard against my t-shirt. My cheeks felt flush, no doubt a rosy pink. My mouth moved partially open to allow the feverish heat building up inside me room to escape. The moment I jerked my t-shirt over my head and dropped it to the floor, the room went silent. All that could be heard was my rough breathing and John’s gasp.

I smiled at John. His mouth gaped for a long moment before I reached behind my back to unhook my bra before tossing it to him. He turned the silk fabric in his hands so he could see the intricate designs. “That must have been a tough job for your bra, holding up THOSE boobs.”

I laughed, I was glad for the compliment about my breasts, but wanted more than just words. “Right now, lover, I don’t feel like talking, if you don’t mind.”

I moved towards him, nude and eager for sex, while he called me voluptuous. He unzipped his pants, jerking out his cock. I obviously wasn’t the only one who was in a rush.

“Every woman’s wet dream,” I breathed and swallowed at the same time, stopping before him to take in the splendid sight of his huge, upthrust cock, “I am REALLY glad we met again now, even under the circumstances it happened. That gorgeous dick has always gone a long way towards apologizing. I am sure that you have had women lined up at your door for a piece of that since the day we last parted.”

He smiled, “Says the tall and curvy woman with all the right curves and lovely, pillow-soft breasts. Flattery will get you everywhere with me.”

“As long as everywhere includes in bed, I am ok with that.” I could hardly wait to feel that magnificent erection inside of me. My clit pulsed and ached for him, for it to be inside of me.

He crooked his finger, pointing at me, “No line, just you. Right now.”

As if I needed a better invitation, with my frenzied heartbeat in my ears and the pearly fluid of arousal threatening to burst from within, I moved to him. As I came within reach, he leaned over slightly, slid his fingertip up the trickle of wetness between my thighs and touched the fingertip to his mouth. His other hand opened a nearby drawer and took out a condom.

“What’s with that?” I questioned, “Are you always this ‘prepared-for-every-eventuality’?”

“Most of the time.” He slid his tongue through slitted teeth and raised his eyebrows.

Ripping open the foil packet, he slipped on the condom, dropped the foil to the floor, and rolled the sheath down his cock with the speed that comes with considerable practice.

Opening his arms wide, I straddled his thighs. He adjusted my position slightly in order to bring the crest of his erection in line with my wet, throbbing pussy. He gripped my wrist and with fingers splayed began to deftly ease me down his sizable erection.

A hushed silence followed my slow, gradual descent. I was intent on absorbing the full sensual impact of slick electrifying friction, sleek tissue ever so slightly yielding to his invasion. When the intrusion came to rest at last, my auburn locks juxtaposed against his blonde, my bottom warm on his thighs, my cunt full of cock and I was barely able to breath. I admit to being unprepared for the raw intensity which now assaulted my senses. For the moment, I was held hostage by this disorienting feeling of delirium.

I felt his hands slip under my bottom. John was taking care to slide my cunt back up his cock in a very deliberate and leisurely way. He was intent to make me feel every quivering degree of sublime friction. The heat in my pussy, in my flushed and trembling body was finding focus in the fingertips clutching at his shoulders but most of all in that center of all pleasure, my clitoris.

I watched as he held his breath at the apex of his ascent. I was panting, very impatient for me. John obliged me, I whimpered on every upstroke, panted on the down stroke. There were times when we both caught ours breaths and waited for our nerve endings to relax but it never happened.

I was seriously approaching the brink of eruption and after his ninth or tenth stroke, I brushed his hands away and gasped. It was at this point that I proceeded to go directly into orgasmic heaven. I felt my scream echo off the kitchen wall as I bottomed out on his cock and feverishly rolled, twisted, and undulated my hips in a trembling, frantic search for nirvana.

John wasted no time in jumping on the freight train of orgasm. Ignoring my pleas, he lifted me upward again and rammed me down hard on his cock. It was then he suddenly recognized the peaking franticness of my voice and he held me there and gave me what I wanted: His stiff cock, motionless inside me, stretching my body and desire to the limit, pushing me towards something that I thought was unattainable.

In time, my screams taped off. My warm body was in his arms. I was content. Astonished.

I kissed his forehead, tasting beads of sweat as I did so before I murmured to him, “That was fabulous,” lifting my head to his cheek and whispering alongside it, “you have given me a real upside to the troubles of today, you know that?”

“Definitely.” He smiled back at me, “If you need more upsides, can we take this to my bedroom?”

“I haven’t had enough of you, lover.” I coyly played a lazy finger down his toned chest.

He grinned. Lifting me up and away, he set me on my feet. Stripping off his condom, he rose from the chair, disposed of the condom and cleaned himself with a clean kitchen towel.

John took my hand and held me close. I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my chin on his chest so that I could gaze up at him. I playfully batted my lashes and told him I wanted to be a naughty girl, as my hand stroked his rising erection.

There was a thrilling quiver in my belly as I anticipated what was to come. Leading me to the doorway to his bedroom, I came to a sudden stop, clenching my thighs in a vain attempt to stop the tremors within me.

Then he looked at me.

Scooping me into his arms, he told me that he could not wait, that he had to have me. A moment later, I was laid out on his bed, licking my lips unconsciously as I saw his massive erection mere feet from my touch.

He pulled open the drawers at the side of the bed and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, exactly what he sought before. Except these were lined with pink velvet and definitely made for pleasure. My eyes widened, then narrowed, before asking him if that is his favorite color.

When he told me that it matched the color of pussy, I felt my nipples ache for him. He grasped one of my hands and snapped a cuff around my wrist.

“And what if I don’t like pink?” I teased.

He smiled faintly and held her gaze, “Trust me you will.”

He snapped a cuff on my other wrist before raising my hand slightly higher than shoulder level so he could secure the velvet ties to the bedpost. As he lifted my other arm and fastened it, I felt as though I might come without any help at all. After what I experienced in the pat and in the kitchen, I knew what to expect from him now. My body was quite aware of that fact as well and tingled with pulsing energy.

I was already panting, the ache of longing pulsed deep and hard between my legs. My labia were beyond wet and swelling to welcome him. My skin was flush, my eyelids half shut, and I was awake with impatience and could no longer bear to suppress the undulations of my lower body.

John sucked in a deep breath as he walked from the room.

I looked in amazement as I laid in his bed, handcuffed and primed for him. And the bastard just turns and leaves.

He returned with my vibrator. He held up the purple object as he approached the bed, “I don’t think you’ll mind coming a few times.”

“You could have told me what you were doing, dammit.” I cursed at him in anger, but it was dampened with desire.

I glanced at his upswpet penis as he spread my thighs with the sweep of his hand. Holding the vibrator in place, he slightly rammed it upward with the palm of his hand, bending low to draw one of my nipples into his mouth. He gently sucked at it first as I whimpered and writhed beneath him. My body glowed at the combination of him and the vibrator playing with me. The heat of arousal, blended around the vibrator. As my breathing shifted and became more frantic, my hips rocked wildly against the pressure of his hand, and John sharpened the pressure of his mouth. Sucking and nibbling, he devoured my tenderness and tested the elasticity of my nipples as I gasped and cried out in seething frenzy.

As he tugged and stretched at my nipple, a fierce, thrilling ecstasy swept downward through my body and met the torrid pulse of nerves stretched taut around my vibrator. It rolled over me in great, glorious waves of pleasure and orgasm approached me like a tidal wave.

I screamed at the glorious rapture. My orgasmic cries made John suck harder. I was unaware that my orgasm triggered his free hand to search for a condom. It became evident to me when my orgasm subsided and he slid between my legs mere seconds later and thrusted himself deep inside of me.

John did not move for a moment, allowing me to gain some control over my senses. I curled my legs around his ass and shifted my pelvis upward, and I whispered dryly as I arch my head back in delight, “finally the real thing.”

He slid his hands up my arms, grabbed my wrists and exploited my availability, eagerness, and the fact that I was subject to his whims.

I felt the heat of his skin merge with mine. I had not felt this level of want and need in some time. I felt explicitly carnal, my entire body building towards a fevered pitch once more and ready to find release once more.

My legs felt the curves of his ass, a most glorious one from the feel of it, and I felt like he was a piledriver on steroids. John’s face grew contorted a few moments later, his untamed fury was having a toll on him as well. As we built towards the inevitable climax, I could not help but grin evilly at the thought of his erection pulsing with semen as he came. I was so enamored in watching John come I had ignored my own want. It was not until I felt the small, diminishing ripples of my vaginal muscles and shortness of breath that I realized that I had come long before he did.

“That was one helluva ride,” He murmured, blowing at a breath as he lay braced above me.

I cooed, his warm member still pulsing inside me, “I could stand for more, I think”.

He chuckled as our gazes met. I shifted my hips as his penis swelled within me. He withdrew from me in a smooth, supple movement that brought him to his feet beside the bed.

I licked my lips. His body was slick with sweat, every muscle vividly accentuated as if he were a Spartan warrior. His rigid cock was the picture of vigorousness. He discarded the used condom and took a seat at the edge of the bed. I spread my legs so that he could see my pussy from where he sat. I blew him a kiss of want, to let him know that I wanted more of his delicious body.

John sheathed himself once more and climbed on top of my prone and ready body. This time it was softer and slower. More deliberate. He let me dictate what I wanted this time and when I was ready to come, he gave me what I wanted. Three more times in rapid succession, I might add. Only on the third time, he came with me, our hot and sweaty bodies merging in what was a powerful and spiritual melding of desire.

He untied my hands afterwards, although he did not uncuff me. He moved to sit across the room and clean his swollen cock while my breathing returned to normal.

Pushing myself up on the pillows after a time, I smiled at him and told him thank you.

I held up my cuffed hands. I wondered what he was going to do next.

John moved towards the bed again, eyeing me closely. He informed me that he was not going to uncuff me yet. He had other plans.

He gave me commands which I obeyed. Lying down for him, he retied my wrists to the bedposts and stood looking at me for a long moment afterwards.

“I wondered how sweet your pussy tasted.”

I swore I was going to die of pleasure before this night was over with and begged him to take me.

He moved the pillows so he could push me up to the head of the bed and give himself more room. I was already beginning to pant in anticipation when he shoved my legs apart. He took my feet, easing them upward until my knees were bent. When he’d finally gotten into position, lying half on his side he draped my left leg over him so he could get in close.

He didn’t touch my clitoris for a long while. He licked and sucked every other portion of my body. Every fold, every crevice, every sleek surface, and aperture was his to possess. His tongue proved gentle, thorough, and sometimes fast, and other times too slow. He nibbled at my pulsing flesh with a tantalizing delicacy that managed to bring a cold sweat to my skin and a jolt to my senses.

I had long since grabbed the velvet ties to try and secure my freedom to no avail. I was overcome with hysteria as he repeatedly reminded me that I was a woman. It wasn’t until I could not wait another second and I pleaded with him to make me come that he finally obliged me.

My God, John played many tunes on my clit until I found a song I liked and I matched his rhythm with a soft, subtle sigh. It wasn’t until I gasped that he gently lifted my leg off of him.

He rose to kiss me tenderly on my cheek before coming to his feet and uncuffed my wrists and returned to his chair.

I was speechless. I tried to whisper any number of praises. My eyes were shut, my body immobile, and my auburn hair had to be a frizzed mess.

It only took me a moment to gather my senses and look at the gorgeous man before me.

I looked intently into his eyes and pointed a crooked finger at him. I motioned for him to come to me. He did so with much eagerness.

The instant he lay down on the bed, I rolled on top of him, threw my arms around his neck, and showered him with kisses.

I felt soft and warm as I blanketed him. He was hard and firm. His hands, strong and rough, moved against my soft skin. He traced the curve of my spin, skimming the curves of my bottom with his palms and held me for a moment against the hard, rigid edge of his erection.

“I demand that you give me that”, I whispered against his mouth, moving my hips gently back and forth over his erection.

“In a minute,” he teased.

I brushed a kiss over his mouth before pushing myself up and straddling his hips. I wrinkled my nose at him.

He quickly grabbed a condom and ripped it open as I purred, “Good boy.” I ran the pads of my fingers up his taut erection which lay flat against his stomach, the engorged veins pulsing under my fingertips. I rose up on my knees when he rolled the condom down his length at record speed. Before I was able to take advantage of his massive muscle, he helped himself to me, impaling my pussy on his erection.

John held my hips motionless, his fingers stretched wide. I heatedly protested, struggling to break free against his hold while not losing the enormous cock which was embedded within me. I shook my head against his rebuttal of my protest. I feverishly tried to pry his fingers loose. He ignored my clawing fingers, instead goading me, “Can you feel that? My cock is getting bigger and harder.”

I could do nothing but groan with half shut eyes and feel my cheeks grow impatiently rosy and flush. He continued to tease me when I was obviously on the brink.

I gasped, then whimpered in heat, “Please…God…. Please.” was all I could muster.

“Please what?” his voice was rough and harsh, “Do you want to come?”

“Yes.” I panted, recognizing the game. I recognized it and wanted to play it.

He asked me if I would do anything he wanted. Of course I answered yes. By now I wanted to see what other games John had for me, but for the moment, I was lost to him. My clit throbs now thinking about it.

“If I want to fuck you all night, you will let me!”

“Yes!” I responded with delight.

“Yes what?” he asked, with the slithering of his tongue.

My eyes snapped open, bewilderment in my gaze.

“Say, ‘yes, master'”. His voice was so demanding, so dark it no longer sounded like his own.

I thought to hesitate longer, maybe tell him no, but a pang of want shot through my body and forced the answer he wanted as he tightened his grip on my hips, his fingers pressing into my flesh.

“Yes, master”, I spoke, shuddering as my gaze focused inward again on the wild, sensuality that had been overwhelming my senses for the past several hours.

It was then he raised me up his erection and controlled my down descent. It prolonged the agonizing, exquisite pressure of my body as pulsing nerve met overwrought tissue. It did nothing else but to further inflame the seething and turbulent desire within my soul. He knew damn well, by now, that once I was resting on his thighs again, ONCE I was so full of his cock I was going to uncontrollably and uninhibitedly shake, convulse, and explode.

I did so violently.


I wanted him to fuck me like there was no tomorrow.

It was only brief moments later when he tumbled me on my back and fucked me again, “old fashioned”. This time, he was gentle and tender. He kissed like an adoring lover might. John was a very adoring lover, making sure I was sated and empty before he allowed himself to climax this time. I was sated.

But only for the moment.

I swear not five minutes had passed when I felt the longing and need for him return.

This time I reached for the drawer with the condoms. I ripped the foil packet open with my teeth. His teeth gritted at the feel of the latex combined with my hands as they covered his cock.

He tried to nudge my knees open and I fought against him. I finally opened them once the look on his face became one of annoyance. He hovered over me and bent to kiss me. He kissed me again.

I touched him again, this time guiding him to my waiting wetness. There was a slight pause, I could feel his heart beating in an uneven rhythm in his chest as he entered me. God, I felt so fucking tight and he was so large. I find myself fingering my clit now as I write this.

I remember making a sound at the back my throat and arching my back to his as he slowly filled me. It dawned on me that the moan I was hearing was not mine alone, but ours together.

I erupted into flames the instant he entered me.

A sigh seemed to echo in my ears and traveled down the length of my toenails as I surrendered myself once more to this fire. I had felt the girth and length of him in my pussy. I relished in it now. I wrapped my hands around his bulging biceps, wondering at his sheer size and strength. Then he thrusted in me one more time. I threw my head back and was completely overcome with sensation.

I eventually returned to this place of existence, if only momentarily, by his lips. My tongue tangled with his even as our bodies tangled together. Somehow my legs became entangled with his. Our hips kept coming together and apart with him deep inside of me.

John drew back from the kiss and made a low sound in the back of his throat. The urgency there made me want to claw at him. To make him claw at my flesh and eat me alive.

My hands slid with a purpose down his chest, around his back, and down to his behind, reveling in the feel of his movements as I met him thrust for thrust.

His rhythm quickened, stealing my breath away. I moved my arms to brace myself against the mattress in a vain attempt to steady myself. Our hunger, our attack of one another made our positions on the bed precarious, at best. There was also the matter of my impending climax.

When my hands had finally found his bedsheets, the fire inside of my body had already been released and sought to consume every ounce of sanity I had left.

My heart, already beating an uneven rhythm in my chest coupled with our ragged breathing did nothing to calm the storm inside of me.

John felt that need too.

That was evident when he ripped the condom off of his cock and drew his tongue in a line from one hip to another. My nails dug into his shoulders as his tongue ran the length of my pussy, teasing it before fastening on the tight, bulging nub of my desire.

I leaned back against my arms, my hair undoubtedly a mess with heavy lidded eyes when my lips parted and begged him to have no mercy on me. My stomach trembled, ached, matching the tumultuousness of my desire.

He ran his tongue down my inner thigh and use his thumbs to part my swollen pussy. My clit was caught between his teeth. My hips arched as he took a heavy bite of it before sucking it long and hard. He then dipped one finger then two inside of my dripping portal, twisting them and withdrawing them.

My hips bucked in another wild orgasm and he held me still again. I felt his lips kiss the lips of my pussy again before traveling lower. He spread my thighs wide and used his fingers to massage my other hole. God, I wanted him to fuck me in the ass at that moment. I prayed that is what he was going to do.

Before I knew what to expect, I heard a drawer open and several other sounds in a short period of time. I smelled strawberries. I heard the familiar sound of another foil packet rip open. Finally I heard the familiar hum of my vibrator.

I felt his fingers rub a cold liquid on my nether hole. I cooed against the touch of it and him. He parted it softly allowing the entry of his fingertip. I encouraged him with a violent thrust of my hips and screamed a throaty “yes, yes” to him.

I felt my vibrator push through the walls of my vagina. It hummed and shook me to the core.

What took me to the next level was the rising and bending of my legs so close to my chest that I could kiss my kneecaps. Next I felt a stern hand parting the cheeks of my ass and I begged for his cock to be inside of me. When it parted through the flesh of my ass, I almost cried. It had been such a long time since a man of this considerable girth had impaled my tenderness.

I bit my bottom lip hard and drew in a long, nearly suffocating breath as he buried himself inside of me. The pain and pleasure of the act, coupled with the constant throbbing my vibrator provided took me to the edge too damn quickly for me to gain a sense of true satisfaction.

Once, twice he thrusted inside of me. His firm hands holding my hips down, my nails digging into the sheets and mattress below me unable to gain a foothold against the myriad of decadent desires swirling within me.

I felt the hum of orgasm by the sixth time he pounded into me. I cried out his name as my pussy grew tense and unable to process what the vibrator was doing to me in conjunction to John’s thick cock. I was numb to feeling but awakened to ravenous lust.

As the waves of orgasm were released, I remember trying to fight with everything I had against him. The position of my body gave me no way to combat his brutal assault. It wasn’t that I wanted him to stop. Far from it. What I wanted was the ability to wrap my body around his and make sure that he wouldn’t stop. Ever.

I heard him laugh as he plunged into my ass once more and could have sworn I felt the molten heat of his semen inside of me. Of course it was a figment of my imagination but the thought only served to make me wilder.

As the last wave of climax escaped me, John pulled away and readied himself to be inside of me once more. I wiped beads of sweat and strands of hair from my face. Reluctantly, I withdrew the wet vibrator from my pussy. Licking my lips, I watched and waited with baited breath and impatience to have him inside of me again.

I began to finger my pussy to show him how hot and ready I was for him. I was so fucking wet and warm, I could not believe it. He smiled and moved back towards the bed. I slowly managed to slide myself near the edge of the bed where our bodies met.

I lifted my legs in the air and brought them on either side of his shoulders, leaning on my elbows I was able to look at him. His intense stare brought chills down my spine. It made me want to touch myself once more.

I did so with much eagerness and want. As I slid my hands down my thighs, he stepped between them. Taking my legs higher and closer to him, John seized my hips, angling me higher so that he could enter my aching pussy once more. My head fell back into the mattress below and I began to run my hands over my very heavy breasts. They ached and needed to be touched just like my pussy needed his cock.

As he thrust into me, I felt the full length of him collide against my walls. In and out he thrusted, my back and hips arched to meet him with no resistance on his part. His hands found balance on my hips and my calves clenched themselves around the back of his neck.

Calling his name, I pinched and twisted my nipples. The pain, the sensation paled in comparison to the throbbing cock inside me. My hips moved in sync with his thrusts and when I heard his breath begin to quicken and become more labored, I began to fight against him to free myself from the position I was in.

Suddenly fucking had become violent and much more dangerous. He continued to thrust into me as I struggled against him. It was not that I wanted him to stop, I found myself given over to animalistic carnage.

I nearly cried when I finally won my independence and as he leaned towards to reclaim his prize, I was able to regain my own senses and lunged myself at him.

He caught me and our lips attacked one another. Teeth, tongue, lips were all forfeit and game for this assault. As his hands took possession of my hips and bottom, I wrapped my arms over his shoulders and dug into his back. He grimaced and immediately thrusted his cock back inside of me.

We laughed at the deliriousness of it all but as he turned to try and throw my back against the wall, I was able to position my arms and push off of it. The result was my landing on top of of him and the bed. During this tussle, he had slid out of me and I immediately jumped back onto his cock.

I leaned into him, kissed him with much electric desire before my lips slid down his throat and claimed his nipple as I began to build a hot, steady rhythm as I rocked against his cock.

I bit his nipple while his fingers dug hard into my breasts and shoulders. His hard touch excited me even more. I clenched my vaginal muscles and he cried my name. Another clenching of them and I sent him into a spiral of bliss. His hips rocked against mine. Both of us rocked and bucked, smashing into one another as we knew that our next climax could very well be within reach.

Mine exploded, seemingly out of nowhere. Instinctively, I clenched my vaginal muscles the moment orgasm took hold of me and I felt his reaction instantly. We both became frantic as we clawed, bit, and nearly bled our to nirvana together.

I slid off of John and moved beside him. It was the first moment of true peace we had made for ourselves since we began fucking several hours earlier.

Laying next to him, I turned to face him. Tracing light circles on his torso, I marveled at the toned thickness of him. I paid homage to his chest, sliding slowly around his navel, until I skimmed the pelvic bone. I had thoughts of dipping lower but decided against it and moved my attentions upward again.

Taking my fingertips up alongside his collarbone and back over this chest made me realize that this man was built for sex. I looked into his eyes. Surprisingly there wasn’t the slightest look of tiredness on his face. Instead, he bore a confident smirk as he took possession of my body.

Pulling me towards him, John kissed my neck and forehead. Our arms wrapped around each other and we spent the remaining hours until daybreak looking into each other eyes.

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