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Farming Her Out

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We met Jim that night for the first time. We had just moved and were looking for a place to live when we called a number listed in the paper and ended up meeting him at a coffee bar. Jim was a very good-looking man with chiseled features and a great smile. He was very charming and had my wife instantly liking him. We felt at ease with him and passed the next few hours going through some of the listings he had brought with him.

We spent the next few days going to different areas of the city, looking at homes for sale but at one, we encountered something that made up for all the running around and time spent. This home was beautiful not only in the surroundings it was in but it was luxuriously furnished and looked after. Jim had explained that the owner was a recent widow who lived there with two of her sons and wanted to move because of past memories.

There wasn’t supposed to be anyone home at the time but after entering the house, we realized that we weren’t the only ones there. We spent some time exploring the downstairs and outside before heading upstairs to see the bedrooms and the rest of the house’s features. As we got to the top of the stairs, we heard some moaning coming from one of the bedrooms. Jim stopped in his tracks and held his hand up, stopping us too.

“Let me go see what is going on,” he said, leaving us standing in the hallway.

We watched him disappear into a closed bedroom and waited, looking at each other, not knowing what to expect. After about five minutes, he returned with a somewhat bewildered look on his face.

“What’s going on?” I asked him as he got close to us.

“Oh the owner is here, and forgot we were coming over to look at the house,” he explained, turning to gesture at the closed door. “She will be out in a minute.”

We waited for a couple more minutes for the owner to make an appearance. We passed the short time looking around the upstairs from where we were standing, talking about the house features. Suddenly, the closed bedroom door opened and a beautiful woman came out of the room.

“I’m sorry, I forgot you were coming today,” she said with a slight smile or was it embarrassment.

My mouth dropped open in awe as this beautifully striking woman came towards us, extending her hand to my wife. I looked at my wife as she accepted the woman’s hand and the look on her face was a wonder to behold. She seemed completely mesmerized by the woman’s beauty and was having trouble getting anything to come out of her mouth as she gripped the woman’s hand.

“It nice to meet you and I hope you like my home,” she said as she held onto my wife’s hand for what seemed a little longer than she needed to. “You’ll have to excuse me but I was just getting in some morning workout and I didn’t hear you come in.”

There was that word, come, again. This woman’s beauty and reverent appearance would make anyone come immediately upon seeing her and here we were standing in her home, staring at this woman. I looked at my wife again and she was dumbfounded, holding onto this woman as if she never wanted to let her go. The two women looked at each other and as their eyes met, I could see the lust building in both of them.

Jim suddenly cleared his voice, bringing an end to the silence that had engulfed all of us.

“Is it alright if we just look around a little,” he asked.

“Sure, make yourself comfortable,” the woman answered, motioning us towards the bedroom door that was closed still. “Take you time and enjoy my home.”

“Thank you,” Jim said as he ushered us into one of the adjoining rooms. My wife reluctantly let go of the woman’s hand and followed us hesitantly.

As Jim went through the usual selling spree, I watched my wife who seemed not to be listening. I could see from the look on her face, she was having trouble concentrating on what Jim was saying or she didn’t care. Her mind was still on the woman and I could tell she was getting a little excited. Her face had turned a little red and she kept licking her lips and closing her eyes as if she was dreaming about the woman’s beauty.

After we had left the house and got back to our hotel, my wife turned to me and said, “I’d like to go back to that house and see it again.”

“Which house?” I stupidly said, knowing all the time, what house she was talking about.

“You know. The one with the beautiful bedrooms,” she said.

“So, you liked it did you?”

“Yes, it was very well taken care of and I’d just like to see it again.”

“Ok, I’ll call Jim and see when we can go over,” I answered, reaching for the phone.

“No, don’t call Jim. I’d like to go over without him and see it for myself without his selling spree interrupting my thoughts.”

“Ok, but we better call the owner and see if we can get into the house again.”

“Yes, call her and ask her if we can come over this evening.”

I dialed the number on the listing and the woman answered the phone, her voice bringing back the thoughts from the first time we had met her that day. After a few minutes, I hung up and turned to my wife.

“We can go over whenever we want,” I said. “She will be waiting for us.”

“Ok, let’s go then. Just give me a minute to change and then we can go,” my wife said as she headed into the bathroom.

I waited for about ten minutes and then she came out. I thought I knew my wife pretty well but I wasn’t prepared for the outfit or the sight of her as she came towards me, a big grin on her face.

“Ok, I’m ready,” she said as she headed towards the door.

I followed her, watching her as she walked ahead of me. She had on a short skirt that said a lot about what was under it and a top that didn’t hide anything. As she walked, her hips swayed seductively, sending waves of lust through me. I wanted her like never before but I knew I was going to be a side show as she was thinking and had gotten dressed the way she was for only one person, and that wasn’t me.

On the way over to the house in the car, we didn’t say much but as we stopped in front of the house, I took hold of her arm and she turned towards me.

“Are we really here to see the house of is it the woman you want to see again?”
She looked at me with almost a shocked look on her face.

“We’re here to see the house, silly. What makes you think otherwise?”

“Oh, not much. Just the short skirt and tight top you’re wearing. I don’t ever remember you dressing that way before, that’s all.”

She smiled at me.

“Why don’t you come around and help me out of the car,” she said. “You’ll just have to wait until later to do the things you’re thinking about.”

I quickly got out of the car and almost ran around to the other side, opening the door, holding my hand out for her to support herself on it as she got out. She smiled brightly as she looked up at me, taking my hand. With her legs spread a little more than usual, she started to get out of the car, making sure that I could see between her legs. I almost dropped her hand when I saw that she didn’t have any panties on and her bare cunt was shaven and very wet. She noticed the look on my face and just ran her hand down my chin, smiling again at me, leaning a little forward so I could also see down her top. I could see her breasts straining against the thin fabric as her nipples were sticking out as if they had been sucked on for hours. I sensed her nearness as her breath washed across my face. I quickly looked at her and she giggled a little, giving my crotch a quick squeeze.

“Come on, let’s not keep the owner waiting,” she said as she started towards the door.

I quickly closed the car door behind us and turned to walk after her. The bulge in my pants was giving me a hard time, making my walking a little awkward, to say the least. When I finally caught up to my wife, she had already, rang the doorbell and was waiting for someone to answer it. She quickly looked at me and smiled just as the door was opened.

The doorway was filled with a very athletic looking man, one of the woman’s sons, I imagined.

“Hi, we’ve been expecting you. Come on in and make yourself comfortable,” he said, ushering us into the spacious foyer. “My mother is upstairs waiting for you. She said to send you up when you arrived.”

He led us upstairs with me following the two of them. As we went up the staircase, I got a view of my wife’s cunt from below and her ass. I could see the wetness oozing out of her as she walked slowly up the stairs. The bulge in my pants was coming back up and I hesitated a little when we got to the top of the stairs, all the time, watching my wife walking down the hall to the bedroom door, which was closed again.

The son opened the door and turned to my wife.

“Go right in. My mother is waiting for you.”

Being a few steps behind my wife, I didn’t hear her as she entered the room but as I got to the doorway, I felt a hand briefly rub across my ever-present bulge. I looked at the young man in the doorway and he smiled at me.

“Go right in,” he said as he watched me walk past him. I could feel his eyes on my back as I entered the room but that sensation was quickly forgotten when I saw what was in the bedroom. I almost fell over my wife as she was standing still just inside the doorway, staring at the sight before us. The owner was standing in the middle of the room, completely naked and there was another young man standing beside her, also completely naked. The woman’s beauty again was overwhelming but the stunning body of the young man standing beside her was also breathtaking as I stopped, trying not to stare but not being able to hide my astonishment.

The woman moved towards us with a big smile on her face.

“Come on in,” she said, walking slowly over towards my wife. “My sons and I were just going to workout. Would you like to join us?”

As I stood there almost dumbfounded, the woman walked over and gave my wife a hug, their breasts mashing together and her hands went around her, resting on my wife’s ass. I watched the woman’s hands start to move around, feeling my wife’s ass as she continued hugging her. I swear I heard a low guttural groan come out of my wife as the woman hugged her. I saw her arms moving slowly around the woman and soon, she was holding her against herself tightly. I could see their breasts moving slightly against each other as they stood holding each other.

The moment was broken when the son who had greeted us at the door, walked past me, again rubbing his hand across the bulge in my pants and started to undress. I watched him as he removed all his clothes and came back over towards us. His cock, although, not huge, was very thick and it swayed as he walked. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as he got closer to me. I quickly looked up as he stopped in front of me, his face inches from mine.

He reached down and openly started rubbing my crotch, the bulge in my pants growing more and more, constrained by the cloth. His eyes never left mine as he continued. I had never had another man touch me but this was something that was totally erotic and besides, it felt good, so I just stood, letting him excite my cock even more.

I heard a deep moan beside me, making me turn. The woman had my wife’s top up over her exposed breasts and was sucking on one of her nipples. I could see her tongue circle it and gently suck on it, making my wife groan again. My attention was brought back to the young man in front of me as I felt his hand slowly pulling my zipper down and reaching up to undo my pant button. He slowly opened them up wide and then started to pull them down my legs, exposing my hardness. As my hard cock sprang out of its hiding place, I felt his hand wrap itself around me, slowly caressing my head and running down to my balls, which he cupped them gently in his hand.

He groaned softly into my face as he felt my full balls hanging down between my legs. I helped him remove my pants and underwear, kicking them off and spreading my legs wider to give him full access to my cock and balls. His hand was a little rough but it felt so good to have my balls massaged so gently and my cock rubbed, his hand moving up and down my whole length. I quickly looked down and watched his hand rub up and down me and I groaned at his touch.

I looked up at his face, inches from me and almost naturally, as if it was expected, I leaned towards him and found myself kissing a man for the first time. I reached around him and pulled him to me, holding onto his ass cheeks, caressing them as my tongue found the wetness of his mouth. His hands were on my ass too, pulling me harder against him as his cock was getting harder and harder, trying to find a place between my spread legs. I felt his head against my inner thigh and I groaned again as our tongues explored each other’s mouths excitedly.

I heard the rustling of clothes and another groan beside me as I stepped back from the young man, pulling my mouth away from his hungry tongue. I quickly looked over and found my wife, now completely naked, had a mouth on her nipple, gently sucking on it as she spread her legs apart so the mouth on her cunt could lick and suck on her clit. Her head was back and her eyes were closed as the two people making love to her, had her absolutely under their power.

My attention was again brought back to the young man I was with as I felt his breath briefly against my pubic hair and then his hot mouth and wetness surrounding my straining cock. I groaned as he started to suck my cock, running his tongue around my head, splitting my slit open and tasting the precum that had gathered there. I heard him moan quietly as he tasted me for the first time mingled with some more moans and groans from my wife.

I quickly looked beside me and found no one there. I looked around the room and found my wife with her two lovers, on the bed, the women had locked their lips together and I could see their tongues exploring each other’s deep oral recesses. The other son was between her spread legs, eating her cunt, his tongue washing the insides of her thighs, running up and down her crack, plunging in and out of her as she writhed under the assault.

The mouth on my cock brought me back to it as it as I felt the cool air gripping my cock as he pulled his mouth off me. He stood up and took my hand, gently pulling me towards the bed. As we neared the bed, the woman had moved up over my wife’s head and had straddled her, lowering her wet cunt onto my wife’s open eager mouth. I could see my wife’s tongue licking and sucking on her clit as the woman rubbed her breasts, her eyes closed and her head back, enjoying the feeling of my wife’s tongue on her. The son between her legs had pushed her legs up in the air, holding them wide apart and high as he ate greedily at her cunt and licked all the way down to her ass hole, running his flattened tongue along her curves and across her hole.

The son lead me to the bed, turned me around and pushed me gently to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. He waited for me to sit down and then moved closer to me, his hard cock pointing at my mouth only inches away. Without another thought, I opened my lips and he pushed the head of his cock between them, stopping to let me circle his head with my tongue, tasting his precum as he had done to me. I felt his hands hold my head against his cock as he waited for me to finish sucking on his head. He groaned softly as I circled his head, running my tongue around its crown and then under it. He reached down and pulled his cock up a little so I could see his balls and then gently again, pushed my waiting mouth towards them, wanting me to fill my mouth with his sacs.

I reached out with the tip of my tongue and gently circled them before taking them, one at a time, into my mouth. He groaned louder as I sucked on his balls and the underside of his cock. I could feel the veins along his length as he moved back a little to let his cock again, find my hungry mouth, pushing his hips forward, sending his head across my lips. The softness of his head was in sharp contrast to the hardness of his length as he pushed himself further into my mouth, letting me circle his shaft as he entered into me.

I felt his head hit the back of my throat but I didn’t gag. He held himself there for a minute and then pulled his cock back out of my mouth, my saliva trailing along his length. I heard more moans beside me but I didn’t want to stop what I was doing so I tried to ignore them. It was hard because I knew that my wife was getting the fucking of her life from the other son but I didn’t care. All I wanted, at that moment, was the hard cock between my lips.

I reached around and pulled him closer to me, pushing his cock further into my mouth, as the moans and groans beside me got louder and louder. I reached around and using his ass cheeks to help fuck my mouth, he started to thrust in and out of me as I spread his cheeks apart and fingered his hole, making him groan again and again. The cock, thrusting in and out of my mouth, took over my every thought and I pulled harder against him, wanting him to fuck my face. He sped up a little and I opened my mouth further so he could slide his full length in and out of me. I tried to use my tongue and run it around him as he continued thrusting in and out of my mouth but after a few minutes, I just relaxed and let him fuck me.

His hands on my head were getting tighter and he groaned once more as I felt his cock twitch before he started emptying his balls down my throat. The taste of him I expected from the precum in his slit I had hungrily sucked up before but the volume of his hot come, running down my throat was unexpected, as his cock spewed his come over and over again into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but I couldn’t get all of it down my throat. He groaned every time his cock spewed its heavenly load into me

and his grip on my head almost got to the point where he was ready to pull some of my hair out.

He finally finished coming and slowly started to pull himself out of me as I tried to swallow the ruminants of his load. As his head got to my lips, I finally finished swallowing the rest of his load and I circled his head, washing it with my tongue, wanting to get every bit of his come off him. He released my head and let his cock slide out of my mouth with a slight pop. I looked up at his smiling face.

“That was great. Your mouth was so hot around my cock. I wanted to empty gallons of come down your throat, you made me so hard.”

I smiled up at him as I licked my lips, tasting the final specks of come around my mouth.

“I loved the taste of your cock,” I said as I slowly stood up, wrapping my arms around him, pulling him against me.

We held each other for an instant then he quickly stepped back and I felt his hand around my still straining cock.

“It looks like you need some help here,” he said, smiling as he looked down at my cock.

He quickly got on his knees and I watched my head disappear between his lips and felt his tongue circling my crown, licking and sucking on it gently. I reached out and held his head as he had mine and pulled his face closer, sending my cock to the back of his throat. He groaned when it hit the back of his recess and I started to slowly, thrust in and out of him, wanting to fuck him harder than he had me, just moments before.

As I thrust in and out of him, I heard more groans beside me. I looked over and found my wife, still eating the woman’s hot cunt. While the son between her legs, was cock deep up her ass, thrusting in and out of her relentlessly, her legs were flailing in the air and her thighs quivered, every time he thrust himself fully up her tight chute. I watched his head appear and disappear as he pounded in and out of her ass and I could hear her muffled groans coming from her as she sucked on the woman’s clit, excitedly running her tongue around it and in and out of her cunt.

I felt my balls twitch slightly and I knew I was going to fill the hot mouth around me with come as I pulled the son’s head harder against my groin, mashing his nose against me, my wet hair, matting around him. I felt my cock explode inside him as he groaned as my hot come crossed his tongue and started to pour down his ready throat. I held his head tight as I spewed over and over again into him and I could feel his muscles sucking all the come out of me. I had never come so much before in my life and I filled his mouth over and over again as he swallowed every drop of my come, slowly sliding me out of him as I softened inside him.

When I finally was out of his mouth, he quickly stood up and pushed me gently down onto my back on the bed. From that position, I could watch my wife getting fucked beside me, and could finally concentrate on her moans and groans, as the son between her legs started to come, holding himself against her ass, as he pumped his huge hot load up into her dark canal.

The woman was also coming as my wife kept her clit between her lips, sucking it into her mouth. I could see it from where I was laying and it looked like a small penis, sticking straight down at my wife’s hot lips. She was groaning loudly now as my wife came over and over again from the pounding her ass had been given by the hard cock of the woman’s son. The three of them slowly parted, the woman rolling off and away from my wife as the son pulled his still hard cock out of her ass with a slight squishing sound.

My wife groaned once more as the hard cock came out of her but she didn’t have time to relish the empty feeling as the son moved up and took his mother’s place, his hard cock pushing its way between her lips, making her cheeks bulge from its thickness. I watched her face as she started to suck on his cock, her eyes wide open and her hands caressing his ass. I didn’t have much time to watch them though as I felt my legs being lifted up in the air and hot breath against my ass hole.

I felt a hot tongue, touch my hole and I jumped a little. I looked down between my legs and saw the son between them, looking up at me as he probed and licked at my ass hole. I reached up and held my legs apart for him and pulled my knees up against my chest, exposing my hole to his hot tongue even more. I grunted as he started to rim me, sending waves of hot excitement through me again. I had always wondered, what it was like to have your ass licked, but I had never brought it up to my wife because I didn’t think she would be too interested in doing it. But now, I wanted that tongue inside me, as far as it could get and I wanted to feel it tongue fucking my hole.

I pulled my knees up as far as I could and watched his tongue circle my hole, running itself up and down my crack, teasing me. I wasn’t sure if I could or wanted to have his cock inside me but as his tongue felt so good, I started thinking, that maybe, his cock would feel just as good fucking my ass.

“Oh, god, that feels so good,” I said. “I want to feel you inside me.”

I wasn’t sure if he understood that I wanted him to fuck me with his hard cock or just his tongue but he started to thrust his tongue in and out of my tight hole, sending wave after wave of excitement through my whole body. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Fuck me with your hard cock,” I almost screamed at him, I was so overwhelmed. “Fill my ass with your cock and fuck the hell out of it. Fill my ass with your hot come, please.”

I watched him slowly straighten up and move between my legs, pointing his hardened cock at my sopping hole. I felt his head against me and the pressure he was exerting to enter me and before I could take a breath, he was inside my ass, his head just splitting my ass open so he could push his entire length fully up into me. I felt a sharp pain run through my bowels, as he steadily pushed his head, further and further into me, until his balls were resting against my skin.

He waited as he stared at me through lust filled eyes before he slowly withdrew his cock back down my chute. The pain was intense but I endured it only because I wanted him to fill my ass with his hot come. I wanted to feel him thrusting in and out of me, making me a slut, his slut, his for the taking.

“Oh yes. That’s it. Fuck me good,” I almost screamed as I pushed back against his thrusts, feeling his head hit the end of my canal over and over again as he sped up.

“Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me.”

I could hear the squishing noises coming from my ass as he fucked me and I watched his entire length appear and disappear in and out of me as he pounded away at my ass.

“Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. Yes, yes, yes,” I screamed as he continued assaulting my ass hole until I felt his cock explode inside me, his hot come spewing up into me, warming my ass as he spewed his entire load into my rapidly filling canal.

“Oh fuck. Fill my ass with your hot come,” I yelled as he held himself against my ass as he came over and over again, each time his come, spurted out of his cock, making me groan again and again.

I had never felt so overwhelmed with excitement as he finally finished coming inside me. He slowly withdrew himself from me and some of his come started running down my still open legs, pooling on the bed under my ass. I slowly let my legs down and I felt his come squish under my hips as I lowered myself to the bed, stretching out to ease the tightness in them.

I looked over and found my wife on her hands and knees, the woman behind her, fucking her hard with a large, black dildo, almost twice the size of any ordinary cock as she sucked on the hard cock on the son who was straddling her face. They must have been going at it for quite some time as they were all close to coming again. The woman made one last thrust of the hard dildo as her son started filling my wife’s mouth with his hot come, some of it running out of the sides of her lips, gathering in the corners of her mouth.

They came, one after the other, in a frenzy of moans and groans and flailing bodies. I watched them start to separate and roll away from each other as I tried to relax my sore but fulfilled ass.

We spent the next few days with the woman and her two sons and fucked most of the time. We never did put any clothes on, as we never really left the bedroom except to shower and fuck or sleep a little in each other’s arms. What little energy I had left after those days was used to sign the sales agreement. My wife and I have now lived in the house for several months but we still have the woman and her son’s over every weekend. Jim, needless to say, was delighted that we decided to buy the house but if he only knew why we wanted it, I’m sure he would have been just as happy, even though, it had nothing to do with him.

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