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Fantasy Massage

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Her name was Linda. I heard about her and her service from a friend. She was in her mid-forties and had an aristocratic look; slim with sharp features. When I first met her I thought she was a rich sophisticated lady who was looking for some excitement in her life. That opinion hasn’t changed. That first meeting went well. We met for coffee. Even in her trim business suit you could see she was attractive, and more than a bit sexy.

Tall and slim, she dressed to accent her build. Her hair was a doe brown, cut in a short, pageboy style. She was dressed in a white blouse that buttoned in the front. The top three buttons were left unfastened providing a clear look at her marvelous cleavage. It was clearly obvious that she was very well endowed. I’m sure she wore a flimsy bra; as her nipples provided a continual distraction somehow remaining hard and visible during our conversation. Her angle long pants were appropriately snug, outlining her slim, very long legs and still tight ass, considering her maturity. She struck me as one very attractive, mature woman.

The conversation went pretty much has my friend had said it would. Linda ran a very exclusive erotic massage service. Every session was different based on the needs, desires and sexual preferences of the client. So it wasn’t very long into a talk, once she was comfortable with me as a client that the informal conversation turned into a rather explicit interview. Surprisingly, I was totally at ease talking with this woman. Her smile seemed to hint at sexuality and intimacy at the same time, making me feel as if I had known her for some time. This was a good thing because the interview rapidly became very personal. She first explained about her service. The session would be based on my desires and preferences, but I would have little to do with the design of the session beyond the interview. She would create the session for me individually. No two sessions were alike. The real interesting thing is I would not be aware of what the session would be like until it actually happened. It would be a total surprise, even to the point of me wearing a blindfold for most of the session. My friend, who really didn’t go into great depth on his session, had mentioned particular twist. It was what really turned me on about Linda’s service.

Quickly my interview turned personal. What were my sexual habits, likes and dislikes? Had I ever been with two women? Did I enjoy it? Had I ever been with a man? What type of woman do I prefer? Large breasted? Small breasted? She took notes the entire time. My answers seemed to be all over the map. I even tried to impress her by answering the question on what type of women I preferred. I described her; bring a smile to her sexy lips. The other answers: yes to having sex with two women and enjoying it. I said no to having been with a man but admitted to being bi-curious. She spent a bit more time on this subject than the others. She wanted to know what I meant by bi-curious. I told her I often fantasized about giving another guy a blowjob and of even having a guy fuck me in the ass. Again, she flashed that intimate smile as I revealed my most inner secret. She asked how often I had this fantasy. I was pretty vague with my answer, but when pressed told her I often thought about what it would be like giving head to another guy. I even admitted that having those thoughts got me hard and that I occasionally masturbated thinking of being fucked, anally and orally, by two guys at the same time.

Linda continued to take notes during my intimate confession, she even stared a couple of answers to make them standout.

After about thirty minutes we were finished. She told me she had enough information to set up a very erotic session. That she asked if I was truly comfortable having her do that, knowing that it would be a surprise to me. She also added that the session might be something complete different for me and if I became uncomfortable at anytime I could stop it. I told her I was okay with the process and looking forward to the session. Then I asked what role she would play. Linda told me she had a number of people on her staff. The actual make up of the session could involve one, two or even three people. As to if she would be involved, that wouldn’t be decided until the session was designed. Than she gave me a hug that turned into a deep kiss, her ample breasts pressing against my chest. With that she walked away; leaving me to stare had her tight ass as she left the coffee shop.

Two days later, at 7:30 P.M., I parked on the street in front of a well kept, two story, home located in a quiet suburban neighborhood. The location surprised me, as I thought Linda’s service would be located more downtown. Walking up the front steps, I rang the doorbell. Linda answered almost immediately. She was dressed in a soft cotton blouse with at least half the buttons undone. The thin material parted to show her magnificent cleavage and barely hid her nipples, visible beneath the nearly transparent material. Her skintight jeans reached to the bottom of the black high heels she wore. She smiled invitingly and directed me into her living room. The house was well decorated and reinforced my opinion that Linda was a bored, sophisticated socialite. Passing through the living room we entered what was probably the old master bedroom, now turned into a massage studio. In the center of the room was a massage table. The walls of the room were lined with mirrors. There was also one directly above the table on the ceiling. Something about the table struck me as odd, and as I approached it I realized there were a couple of major modifications to it. For one thing, the bottom half of the table was divided. Essentially each leg would be on a separate, and apparently moveable, section of the table. Linda caught my quizzical look and explained that she designed the table herself. It was created spread the legs of the person receiving the massage. She said it made it easier for her masseuses to work on the client’s legs and buttocks. I nodded in agreement, noting also some mechanical workings in the center of the table. Rather than question her further, I simply waited for direction.

” Why don’t you get undressed,” Linda said pointing to a robe hanging on the door. “Slip into the robe, I have to get some things ready. I’ll be back to show you to the shower.” As she closed the door behind her, I started to undress.

Standing nude next to the massage table in such a large room, my reflection all around me, made me wonder exactly what was in store for me. There weren’t any exotic toys or S & M playthings in site. The room held the massage table and a table with some lotions, lubricants and towels. Nothing seemed weird, except perhaps the mirrors, so I reached for the robe and put it on. Then, once covered I sat on the edge of the table.

A few minutes later there was a soft knock on the door. Linda entered, now dressed in a short, white robe similar to the one I wore. I stood up. She smiled, “I hope your comfortable and it’s warm enough for you.”

I nodded and mumbled “yes.”

Then, much to my surprise, she slipped her robe off and hung in on the door. “Are you ready for your shower,” she asked, now standing completely naked before me.

I’m sure I gave an audible gasp as I gazed at her naked body. She was as attractive as I envisioned. Her breasts weren’t as perky as I’m sure they once were, and she was probably a couple of pounds heavier than her younger days. But she was a beautiful, mature woman, buxom and curvy; her round hips circling a trimmed patch of doe brown pubic hair. As I stood dumbfounded she walked over to me and untied my robe. Pulling it off my shoulders she removed it and hung it next to hers on the door. Then, coming back to me, she pressed her soft, fleshy breasts into my chest and again gave me a deep kiss. Our lips locked and out tongues met passionately. My cock responded appropriately. Breaking the kiss she took my hand, ” More of that later,” she said. ” Now it’s time for our shower.”

Linda guided me through another door that led to a master-bath. There was a large tub on one side of the room and next to it was an equally large, glass-enclosed shower. She opened the shower door and reached in, turning on the water. I followed her into the shower and immediately we embraced again. Her kisses were hot; her fleshy body was both sexy and comfortable. Her breasts pressed against my chest as the water ran over us made me hard. Again she broke away. This time it was to reach for a bottle of liquid soap and a sponge. She proceeded to slowly wash my body. She stared at my shoulders and worked her way down, taking a bit longer with my now rock hard cock. After rinsing the soap off me, she ended the shower with a couple of kisses. The first to my lips, the second was to the head of my cock, followed by engulfing its length into her mouth.

Stepping out of the shower, she dried me off and sent me back into the massage studio as she dried herself. “Lay down on the table,” she directed. ” I have to get a couple of things from the other room. We’ll start in just a minute.” She put on her robe and started to open the door when she stopped short. “I almost forgot the most important part,” she said as she picked up a black sleeping mask from the table. It was to serve as my blindfold. I slipped it on as directed and lay face down on the table. I was nervous, excited and curious.

Only a few minutes past until I heard the door open. I tried to listen hard to discover what might be happening. It sounded like at least one person was slipping off a robe, and I thought for a second there might be two.

“If you’re comfortable, we’re ready to begin.” Linda whispered.

“Yes, I’m very comfortable and ready,” I replied without any hesitation.

I felt her warm touch on my shoulders. She leaned close to my face, brushing her hips and trimmed pussy against my forehead. As she bent over to reach lower on my back her sumptuous breasts pressed into my head. It was then I felt the other pair of hands. They seemed smaller than Linda’s, but equally firm and simultaneously gentle, as were hers. The person turned my arms so the palms faced up, then began working on my left shoulder and arm. As they moved down my arm their owner shifted closer to the table my fingers came in contact with the tip of a semi-hard cock. At first touch I instinctively moved my hand away. But, as if tracking my movements, the cock again made contact, this time resting in my open palm. Now, I wrapped my fingers around its growing length. “Let me introduce my husband, Alan,” Linda whispered into my ear, even as her fleshy tits brushed my forehead.

“Oh, wow,” I gasped, “good to meet you.” It was actually more of an excited mumble. It hit me like a flash, my fantasy, another guy. Linda had arranged for a guy, actually for her husband, to fill the bill. Then it struck, I had told her a fantasy of two guys. A chill ran through my body. Then, suddenly at ease, I let myself go. So be it, I thought. I began to stroke the now hard cock in my hand. It was what I asked for, so go with it I thought. “It’s really good to meet you,” I said more clearly.

The massage continued. The warm oil felt fantastic. They both processed a sensually firm, yet gentle, touch. As their work continued, I would feel them brush against me from time to time. First I’d feel the hard nipple of one of Linda’s tits, then I feel Alan’s cock, or maybe his balls. Our bodies seemed to be intertwining more and more. After some 10 –15 minutes of increasingly sensual massage Alan’s hands slipped off my thighs.

“Alan is going to adjust the legs of the table,” Linda’s soft voice explained. I felt my legs being spread apart. At first it was uncomfortable, but then I realized that the table would still comfortably support them. The massage continued, only now with Alan between my legs working my fight thigh, high into my ass. His hands swept easily across my ass and down to my groin area. My cock was already hard, but this made it jump in expectation. He caressed the underside of my balls and cock.

Linda for her part was now standing beside me working my back. She was using her breasts instead of her hands, and the feeling was amazing. Her hard nipples pressed firmly against the tense muscles in my back.

Just as I was getting comfortable in this position, with Alan now simultaneously working both hands on my ass, Linda leaned down to my ear. “We are going to move the table again. It will feel a bit strange, but relax. You’ll soon find it comfortable.” With that I heard the soft purring of a motor and the upper portion of the table started to slowly incline toward the floor. I was essentially bent in half, with my legs and ass higher than my back and head. Once the table stopped Linda shifted my head to the side. Even thought I was still blindfolded, I could tell I was less than inches away from her trimmed pussy. She shifted toward my face, her moist cunt pressed against my lips. I opened my mouth and pressed my tongue into her wet canal. Alan’s hands were working magic on my ass and upper thighs, still occasionally dropping down beneath me to rub my hard cock. As he continued his erotic exploration I felt something press gently against my spread ass. His cock was poised against my asshole.

Instinctively I pulled away as moved forward. He realized my hesitation and simple laid across my ass, his hard cock lying along the crack of may ass. I must admit, it felt strange at first, but after a minute or so I accepted it. I lifted my hips off the table and pressed into his hard member.

Linda stepped away from the table, removing her hot cunt from the reach of my tongue. She bent over, letting her nipples brush my face. “Are you ready to turn over,” she asked.

“I think so,” I replied, knowing my cock was rock hard. Before moving I heard the purr of the electric motor has I was brought back to level. Then, with their assistance, I was able to roll my self over. My legs were still spread wide with my arms at my side, as I lay there totally naked and very, very hard.

“Oh my,” Linda intoned, “I believe our boy is enjoying his massage.”

“So it would seem.” It was the first I heard Alan speak. “I believe he’s ready for the next phase.”

I wanted to ask, but knew they won’t tell me. What was the next phase? They both started to massage me again. Only now they had switched places. Alan was at my head, his talented hands massaging my chest. Linda was standing between my legs gently working my thighs. It didn’t take her long to work up my thighs and begin caressing beneath my scrotum. I felt my self-thrusting my hips forward as her fingers tingled the tender area between my balls and my asshole. As I did, I felt something wet on my cock. Linda’s tongue was running the length of my cock. After each lick she kissed its swollen head. I groaned loudly.

Alan started massaging the back of my head. He let my head lay easy in his hands and turned it slowly from side to side. Then he moved from above my head to the side. Then, with one hand still resting on my head (actually holding it in place) he moved his cock in front of my face. When I felt it pressing against my lips I opened my mouth and ran my tongue over the head of his dick. I had never sucked cock before. I knew one of my fantasies was about to come true. He moved his hips forward and his cock slowly passed into my waiting mouth. At first I didn’t have to do much of anything. I wrapped my lips around his cock as he fucked my mouth. It was a strange sensation, one I had fantasized about, but had never experienced. I liked the feeling. Even as Alan pumped in and out of my mouth, I began to move my head in a rhythm with his. I even managed to work my tongue somewhat, exploring the length of his dick as it slid into my mouth. When he pulled out I continued to lick his cock and even managed to kiss and lick his balls. Alan moaned lowly, so I figured I must have been doing something right.

Meanwhile Linda had me on the verge of exploding. Between her sucking my cock and my sucking Alan’s, I thought sure I was going to cum. But suddenly she let my cock fall from her talented mouth. She continued to caress my thighs and abdomen, but I could tell she was moving up my body. Alan was also on the move, taking his cock out of my mouth and moving down, his hands softly trailing along my chest. When Linda was close to my head I felt her lips meet mine. Her tongue forcing itself into my mouth as I passively accepted it. After the kiss she whispered in my ear, “how about we continue with your fantasy.”

“There’s more,” I said in what must have been a startled voice.

“Oh, yes,” she replied. “You have yet to meet William.”

That’s when I felt the third set of hands. They larger than Alan’s and Linda’s; I pictured someone at least six feet tall. They were also much stronger than the other two. He started by standing at my head and massaging my neck and shoulders. The firmness of his hands was relaxing, or as relaxing as could be expected since Alan had moved between my legs and was sucking my cock while Linda licked my nipples. When I felt Linda at my side I moved my hand to her thighs and up to her pussy. With two fingers I explored her wet cunt.

I heard Linda groan just before I heard the purr of the motor for the table. I was being bent in half again. This time I was face up. My head dipped low, while my hips and torso remained lever. As my head dropped down, I felt Williams cock against my forehead. By the time the table stopped the swelled head of his hardening cock was pressed against my lips. It wasn’t fully hard as I wrapped my lips around it and drew it into my mouth, but I could feel it growing. William was considerably larger than Alan, both in circumference and length. He started fucking my mouth. He was huge, filling my mouth with his cock on each forward thrust of his hips. Somehow I refrained from gagging as I took as much of his member into my mouth as I could.

Meanwhile, Alan’s mouth was replaced by Linda’s sucking on my rigid dick. Alan now was working, first one and then two, fingers into my ass. The sensation of his fingers delving deep into my ass made me try to spread my legs wider. As I did he worked his fingers around, loosing up my tight asshole. By now I knew what to expect. My deepest fantasy was coming true.

I was sucking William’s cock as Linda sucked mine, when Alan pressed his cock against my asshole and slowly pushed into me. I was still tight but he moved with a slow, steady pressure. I pushed my hips forward to assist when he met some resistance. Soon his cock slid freely into my ass. He began a slow, forceful pumping.

I had never felt anything like it. At first there was some pain and discomfort, but as he continued his steady movement I began to enjoy the fullness of his hard cock and the incredible sensation of being fucked in the ass.

I found myself rocking my hips to meet his thrusting, as his slow pumping became a rapid cock-piston with my ass as the cylinder. Even as he fucked me, Linda continued to suck my cock. William soon got in step with Alan’s thrusts and as Alan withdrew, William pushed deep into my mouth. I was nearing climax when suddenly all three stopped.

I lay still. No one was touching me, yet my cock was hard and twitching. I wanted more.

I couldn’t understand what was happening and reached for my blindfold. A strong had caught mine, William’s I guessed. “Do be so inpatient,” it was Linda’s soft, sexy voice.

“We are just catching our breath, and letting you catch yours before the finale.” And then she kissed me, a long, wet, sensual kiss.

All three began to softly caress my body, running their fingertips and finger nails over every inch. I tingled with anticipation, my cock twitching as their fingers ran through my pubic hair and over its length. I could hear and feel them moving around.

Linda’s mouth found my cock at the same time Alan pushed his into my mouth. He had no trouble going deep into throat. After William’s cock Alan’s seemed a perfect fit. My tongue went to work on it as once, just as Linda’s went to work on mine. I felt William move between my legs. Unlike Alan, he didn’t explore first with his fingers. I soon felt the girth of his large member pressed against my asshole. Fortunately he moved as slowly as Alan did. To my surprise his cock moved into me with little resistance. Alan had apparently sounded me out and, while William was felt huge, there was only a little discomfort. Before long he was pumping his huge dick into my ass and I was lifting my hips to meet his thrusts. It was then that my cock dropped free from Linda’s mouth and bounced rhythmically on my belly in time to William’s pumping.

Every minute or so Alan would pull his cock out of my mouth and let me lick and kiss its full length and his balls. It felt amazing hard and somehow I knew he was getting ready to cum. I wanted him to. I wanted him to spill his hot cum into my mouth. I stopped licking his dick long enough to gasp, “Cum in my mouth, cum all over me.”

Linda grasped my cock and I felt her slip a condom on it. Then, amazingly, she mounted me, my cock slipping easily into her hot, wet cunt. I was fucking her, getting fucked in the ass and sucking a guy’s cock all at the same time.

“So, do you want to see your fantasy,” Alan asked.

Yes, oh yes,” I quickly replied.

He bent down and pressed his lips to mine. His kiss as deep, wet and hot as Linda’s had been. Then he pulled the blindfold from my eyes.

With the blindfold off the first thing I saw was Alan’s cock. He was essentially straddling my face, standing at the top of my head. In my inclined position his balls brushed my forehead and his cock was poised to enter my mouth. Linda’s back was to me, but I could see her magnificent ass as it moved up and down on my cock. I could barely make out the figure in front of Linda, he was at least six foot three, and seemed to be engaged with Linda in a deep, erotic kiss.

“Use the mirrors to see,” Alan advised. I did and what I saw was more erotic then any X-rated movie. I looked to my left. Alan stood by my head; his legs spread some, leaning toward my face, ready to push his cock into my mouth. Linda was on the table straddling my hips, sitting on my cock. William was between my legs, deeply kissing Linda, her fleshy tits pressed into his chest as he pumped his cock into my ass. Even from my inclined position I could see everything. Looking up at the ceiling mirror I was able to see just how long Alan was, I guessed at least six inches. I could also see Linda’s face has she moved up and down on my cock. But it was William’s huge cock that was sliding in and out of my ass that truly amazed me. He was at least eight inches in length, perhaps longer. I couldn’t believe I was taking all of him.

I laid my head back and took Alan into my mouth again. My tongue was working hard. I felt him tense. I moved my arms over my head and grabbed his tight ass pulling his hips towards my face as he groaned loudly. Hot cum splashed onto my face and into my mouth. I head his as firmly keeping him in place has he came. I tried to swallow as much as I could, allowing some to drip over my lips. Cum landed on my nose and eyes. My face was covered. It was too much. Amid Linda’s loud moans and urgings I shot my load into her.

Seeing Alan cum all over my face and knowing I was finishing in Linda as she climaxed, William let out a loud groan, tensed his ass and pushed deep into my asshole. I could feel his hot cum filling the condom has he came inside me. It was a sensation, an incredible high I had never felt before. The air was filled with moans, heavy breathing and the raw smell of sex and cum.

Linda climbed off the table and me as William pulled out of my ass and discarded the now filled condom. Linda pulled the condom off my cock and licked me clean. Then, moving to my head she kissed me deeply. Alan and William joined her at my head. Before raising the table she knelt at my head. The guys leaned their cocks in and Linda and I licked them clean. Then, after kissing her again she licked the still warm cum from my face. Using my tongue I tried to help. Then as the two guys backed away from the table Linda raised the table to level and then leaned over.

Her breast, nipples still rock hard, pressed into my chest. She leaned close to my ear. “Relax a moment,” she whispered. “The guys will get a couple of hot towels to help clean you up, then we will all take a shower.”

My deepest fantasy had come true. It had been wonder. Already my mind was racing towards another adventure with Linda and company.

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