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The music was deafeningly loud; strobes flashed incessantly giving the otherwise dark room a surreal ambiance. My hips gyrated; my feet, clad in black stilettos, moved to an ethereal metallic ‘techno’ beat. My hands roamed oh so suggestively over my body and lingered as my finger tips cupped and caressed my breasts through a black leather top — no more than a bra, really; not stitched, but riveted.

I could not help but notice young men all around the dance floor ignoring their dance partners and ogling my ultra tight black leather pants. Pants, which formed a deep crease between my ass cheeks then disappeared between my legs and reappeared in front; parting the lips of my cunt and leaving little to the imagination. Black body paint would scarcely have been more revealing.

Oh, and the sensations, as the leather worked against my clit while I danced, were sublime.

My waist length raven black hair danced its own dance over my bare shoulders and back as I moved over the dance floor. I had no dance partner; no boyfriend (or girlfriend). I was simply lost in the heady rhythm and sharp beat that wrapped around and caressed me as I moved with it; surrounded on the dance floor by scores of thrashing bodies.

Sweat glistened on my skin and trickled down my ample cleavage to disappear between my breasts. My face was deathly pale – by design; the exception being my eyes – made so by the liberal application of dark makeup. My lips were cherry red; wet and shinny from my tongue running sensually over them as I lost myself in the heady rhythm.

How long I danced I do not know. The music never seemed to stop; one song bled seamlessly into the next. But as all things must end, so ultimately did the music — the DJ needed a break.

Ha! Why do DJs need a break? We do all the work on the dance floor; the DJ just stands there!

As dancers fled to their tables to rest and order drinks, I stood alone in the middle of the nearly empty floor trying to orient; bringing my head back from some ethereal realm suddenly shattered by the silence.

I looked around; unsure where to go. I walked to a table with an empty chair near the dance floor.

I sat and the two young couples sitting around the table turned toward me and stared. I did not know them; nor they, me. It was not my table — I had no place of my own.


They answered — in German, which I do not speak. The pretty blonde girl seated next to me said something that included a word which I did recognize; ‘Gretchen.’ I turned to Gretchen — she was stunningly fresh and beautiful. I smiled at her and then leaned very close to her and spoke.

“Gretchen, I think I love you.” I whispered to her just before my lips pressed against hers. I wrapped my arms around her and my tongue invaded her mouth. She did not resist.

Indeed, she moaned; her tongue reciprocated and danced a sensual pirouette with mine as we exchanged hot breath. Our bodies melted together; our breasts pressed together and we moved against each other with a sudden fervor.

I heard the young man across the table exclaim something in German. The other girl at the table spoke in a heavily accented English.

“Mein Gott, that is so fucking hot!”

My hands slipped under Gretchen’s black t-shirt and I squeezed her pert nipples; she wore no bra. I pinched harder and she squealed in delight.

Our teeth were still bruising each other’s lips when I reached brazenly under Gretchen’s pleated mini skirt. Gratified, when she promptly spread her legs for me, my fingers slithered up her stocking clad thigh. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she wore no panties as my fingers sank into the wet warm folds of Gretchen’s hot cunt. Gretchen squirmed and yelped when my fingertips flicked over her swollen clit.

Our lips finally parted and I heard her release the most sensual loud sigh of passion and contentment. Her ass slid forward and her hips gyrated in her seat as my long slider fingers penetrated her; buried deep, caressed by the slippery warm recesses of her cunt.

She threw her head back, her eyes squeezed tight, and she whimpered as I brought her closer to climax. As my fingers fucked Gretchen, my thumb connected with her clit on each stroke. Finally, she shrieked so loud that every head near our table turned to see what the commotion was.

Realizing what she’d done, Gretchen slapped both hands over her mouth; though, she continued to emit guttural animalistic sounds of delight. I felt her legs quiver uncontrollably as her whole body shuddered. Her trembling slowly subsided as the intensity of her orgasm retreated.

I kissed Gretchen again; tenderly this time.

When our lips parted again she whispered, “Danke.” She sounded completely out of breath.

“You’re welcome.” I replied. “Listen Gretchen, there’s something here I think you would really enjoy.”

She looked at me quizzically; apparently she understood as much English as I did German. Her girlfriend across the table said something to Gretchen in German; perhaps translating.

“Was?” Gretchen said in German; she looked at me quizzically. (Reader: “w” in German sounds like ‘v’ in English)

“Come on.” I said as I rose from my chair.

While Gretchen looked to her girlfriend for another translation, I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her from her seat. Without waiting, I began to tow Gretchen behind me across the still empty dance floor.

“Wo sind wir?” She said; I was clueless.

“Don’t worry, you’re gonna love it.” I replied; Gretchen was clueless.

On the other side of the dance floor there was a small bandstand where the DJ had set up his equipment. I pulled Gretchen along and guided her around behind the band platform where we pushed through some black curtains. I stopped before a black door that was scarcely visible until you were right on it. I knocked twice and a spy door opened from the inside.

“Oh, it’s you.” A husky male voice said.

The spy door snapped shut and the black door opened inward for us to enter. I pulled Gretchen in with me and waited a moment for our eyes to adjust — as dark as the dance club we’d just left had been, the corridor we’d just entered was even darker; lit only by dim red lights. Gretchen mumbled something in German, which I ignored; I had no other option.

Two very large and muscular black men stood on either side of us. They wore only black thongs; both thongs had a tremendous bulge – no doubt testing the bursting strength of the thin material. Gretchen’s eyes widened when she looked down at their crotches; a huge smile instantly spread across her face.

“Oh she’s cute! Can I have her later?” One of the guys asked me.

“Only if you’re very good to me, Max.” I replied with a lewd grin.

“Come on.” I said to Gretchen and took her hand to lead her down a short corridor to another black door.

“Kommen?” Gretchen said.

“Yes, come … kommen.” I said, slightly thrilled that we communicating at last; sort of.

As we reached the next door, I pushed it opened and we entered another dimly lit room; this one full of people.

Naked people. All of them gorgeous, men and women; and all engaged, in one way or another, in sex. All around the large room were large carpeted platforms of various heights; many with cushions lying about. Most of the platforms contained two or three or four naked people enjoying sensual pleasures with each other; as if they were on display for our viewing pleasure. Soft wisps of music floated in the background and mixed with the subtle (and not so subtle) sounds of sexual bliss.

I heard a sharp intake of breath from Gretchen. I looked at her face and saw her eyes light up with lust. She said something, and again, I had no clue.

I took her hand and placed it on my back inviting her to unhook my top, but she didn’t get it. So, I turned to her and pulled her t-shirt up over her head. She seemed startled and confused; she even covered her beautiful breasts with her hands. I tried to reassure her by reaching behind my back and undoing my bra. I let the leather straps slide down my arms and Gretchen smiled at the sight of my breasts. I drew her head to my breast and felt her mouth on my nipple; it swelled and hardened instantly between her luscious lips. As Gretchen suckled, I unzipped my tight pants and wriggled out of them; letting then fall to the floor. I too wore no panties.

I gently pushed Gretchen’s head away and knelt in front of her. I tried to indicate with my hand that everyone in the room was naked, and then I tugged at her skirt and asked, “OK?”

“Ja, OK.” She said and nodded affirmatively.

I unzipped the skirt and pulled it down her sexy stocking clad legs. When her skirt hit the floor, a black lace garter belt was revealed that held her lace topped black stockings in place.

“Oh Gretchen … you’re gonna be real popular tonight.” As I spoke I wondered why I bothered since I knew she could not understand a word.

I held out my hand and said, “kommen.”

“Ja.” Gretchen said and smiled at me.

We started to thread our way through the naked throngs. We didn’t get far when a gorgeous black guy took one look at us and apparently decided it was time to abandon the redhead whose clit he’d been diddling while the redhead sucked someone else’s cock. The black guy stood up and reached out to Gretchen. She glanced at me with a look that seemed to be seeking approval.

“Ja, OK.” I told her and gave her a big smile.

She fell into the man’s arms and they kissed as passionately as she and I had kissed back in the dance club. I watched as his large strong hands explored her firm ass checks. He spread her cheeks and squeezed them as Gretchen ground her bald pubic mound into his huge stiff cock. I knelt between them and worked my head between their naked bodies. His massive hard black cock slipped in between my lips; I sucked it deep into my mouth. It wasn’t long before Gretchen knelt next to me.

“Ich liebe schwarzen Männer!” Gretchen said as she took over cock sucking duties from me. I assumed she must have said something like ‘I love to suck cock’ but I really had no idea.

Since Gretchen was thoroughly engrossed with the enormous black man, I shifted over to the redhead whose clit had been left unattended when the black guy decided he liked Gretchen better. I buried my face between her silky pale thighs and felt her respond immediately as my tongue ran up between her swollen pussy lips — she tasted marvelous and the pungent fragrance of her sex made my heart race. When I reached her clit her whole body jerked in response and I heard a loud moan; albeit, muffled by the cock pumping into her face.

Taking her reaction as approval, I soon took her to a powerful climax which almost proved disastrous. When she came, she must have clamped down on the cock she as still sucking because I heard the guy yelp as he jerked his cock quickly from her mouth.

She mumbled “sorry” to the guy as I took her to a second mind shattering orgasm.

As my redhead squirmed under my talented tongue and lips, I felt a long thick cock bury itself in my cunt. It felt so glorious that I moaned loudly into the redhead’s pussy. Though I did not stop licking her cunt; indeed, I inserted first one, then another, finger into her sopping wet hole. I proceeded to fuck her energetically with my fingers while I sucked on her clit.

Meanwhile, the massive pole, which had invaded my willing pussy, continued to slam into me over and over; strong hands gripped my hips and pulled me back onto his hot meat in rhythm with each powerful thrust. As the pace quickened to a frenzied tempo, it was my turn to cum. Whoever was pounding me from behind took me over the edge and left me there; floating in delirium, lost in rapture. I lifted my head from the redhead’s cunt and screamed out my ecstasy. When I turned around to thank the guy behind me, I was surprised to discover it was the black guy that Gretchen had been sucking when I’d last seen her.

So where was Gretchen, I wondered? I kind of felt responsible for her.

I looked around and noticed Gretchen nearby being fucked by a beautiful hunk with a shaved head. As the guy pounded her petite body, I saw there was a shapely blond girl straddling Gretchen’s face; Gretchen lapped voraciously at the woman’s cunt while Gretchen was having her brains fucked out.

I made my way over to the action and knelt beside Gretchen. Bending over, I took her breast in my mouth; my teeth clamped down on her nipple and I heard a muffled whimper escape her lips. Her mouth was still covered by the other girl’s pussy; I could smell the other woman’s musk and it made me wild with desire.

“Oh shit! I’m gonna cum!” The guy fucking Gretchen groaned.

He pulled out; likely intending to squirt his jiz over Gretchen’s belly, but I interceded and covered his cock with my mouth taking most of the load. Only a few drops managed to dribble down my chin. Before I could swallow it, I heard the woman who’d been sitting on Gretchen’s face shriek in ecstasy. I decided to save my mouthful of cum for a moment.

I looked up and saw the woman roll off Gretchen’s head as the exhausted woman collapsed on the floor beside us. Before Gretchen had a chance to recover, I moved up to her head and planted my lips on hers. We kissed passionately again, just as we had earlier. As we kissed, our tongues intertwined and much of the thick cum in my mouth drained into hers.

“Schmeckt sehr gut, dass.” Gretchen said when our lips parted. I heard the ‘gut’ which sounded almost like ‘good’ so I concluded she liked it.

Then Gretchen surprised me; she took charge. She pushed me onto the floor so that I was on my back. She started kissing my breasts and biting my nipples; this sent waves of electric excitement coursing through my body. Next, she moved slowly down my belly, licking as she went, until she reached my smooth mound. Her tongue, barely touching me, slid down the outsides of my swollen pussy lips; then back up the other side. She did this over and over to tease and make me wild with want. My whole body shuddered when she finally sucked my clit into her mouth.

I opened my eyes when I felt a large cock touch my lips. I took it hungrily in my mouth and sucked hard. I had no idea who it belonged to. I kept sucking until Gretchen sent me to paradise with her lips and tongue. I don’t know how the cock managed to stay in mouth as I was thrashing about in my bliss.

Gretchen looked up from my dripping pussy; her face wet with my juices. I think she wanted to see what sort of effect she’d had on me. That’s when I noticed that our black friend was back; he was behind Gretchen and slowly stroking the inside of her cunt with his huge cock. Gretchen was on her hands and knees, and as I watched, he spanked her ass cheeks very hard several times. She gasped in surprise and then shouted.

“Ja, ja …. so gut, so gut!” I was pretty sure by now that ‘gut’ meant ‘good’ perhaps ‘so gut’ meant ‘so good’ — language didn’t seem as much of a barrier as it had earlier.

I’d had enough of sucking cock; preferring instead to have the stiff cock in my cunt. So, I pulled the cock out of my mouth and twisted around to where I was lying on my back with my head under Gretchen’s head. I invited the guy whose cock I’d been sucking to enter me by spreading my legs as wide apart as I could. He did.

“Harder! Fuck my brains out, baby!” I shouted.

Gretchen giggled at my command — even though she couldn’t have known what I’d said. I reached up and grabbed her head which was positioned just above mine and dragged her lips down to connect with my lips. As we were both being fucked we moaned into each other’s mouths.

My guy didn’t have a lot of stamina and came inside me pretty quickly — I didn’t even get an orgasm out of it. Gretchen was on her hands and knees; still impaled on the massive black cock. I wanted to share something special with her; so I motioned for her to roll over on her back — which she did. The black guy was unfazed, reinserted his cock, and resumed pounding into her hot wet pussy.

I straddled Gretchen’s face and let the cum, that had just been deposited into my cunt, dribble into her open mouth. When the last drop landed on her lips, she licked and smacked her lips together in satisfaction.

“Gut?” I asked her.

“Sehr gut!” She replied.

As I pondered the meaning of ‘sehr’ Gretchen was whisked away to climax land; she started by thrashing around and then went rigid and trembled all over. The big black guy let out a mighty grunt at the same time and he pumped his seed into my petit little Gretchen. It made me so happy to see how much my new friend was enjoying her visit to the sex club.

When Mr. Huge-Black-Cock pulled out of Gretchen she jumped up and pushed me on my back and returned the favor by straddling my face and depositing her fresh load of cum in my mouth. When it had all flowed into my mouth I pulled her head down to me and shared it with her as our lips came together.

“Gut! Sehr gut!” She said after our long kiss and the sharing of all that sticky delicious cum.

“Yummy.” I told her.

“Ja, yummy.”

“Kummen … kummen.” I told Gretchen.

I decided it was time for us to see more of the sights in the club; I got up, took Gretchen’s hand and led her around to the far side of the room to an open doorway which led into what was known as the ‘toy’ room.

Inside were more naked people; most were occupied with ‘toys’ of one kind or another. There were swings and shackles along the wall for those who enjoy bondage. A wide array of dildos and vibrators were also available on shelves near the doorway. I took Gretchen over to my favorite; the stocks.

Seemingly a throwback to puritan punishment, these heavy wooden structures had lots of padding so no one got hurt. And, there were no locking mechanisms, so the occupants could lift up the upper half and extract themselves whenever they liked. The rules of the club made sure no one was forced to do anything they didn’t want to do. Anyone not respecting that rule was instantly banished from the club forever.

There were two sets of stocks installed in the room; one was occupied, the other vacant.

Gretchen smiled when she saw that one of the stocks was occupied by a pretty brunette and that the dark haired girl was being fucked enthusiastically by a good looking guy. Also, there was a long line of guys waiting their turn for the brunette; most were stroking themselves, though a couple guys appeared to be with girls who were helping them keep their cocks hard.

I wished I could have told Gretchen how I had once spent an entire night in the stocks. I have no idea how many guys fucked me that night but when I finally left I had cum running all the way down both legs; there was even a large puddle of cum on the floor between my legs. I was so sore and raw the next day that I had to stay in bed; unable to walk more than a few feet without pain.

I pointed at the empty stocks and indicated that Gretchen could try it, if she liked.

“Ja! Ja!” She said. We walked over and I helped her get her head and hands into the cutouts. Then I lowered the top bar in place. Some of the guys in line for the other girl immediately rushed over and formed another line for Gretchen.

The first guy immediately entered Gretchen and started hammering into her cunt; he grasped her hips for leverage as his hips slammed into her. He grunted and Gretchen moaned.

I walked around to the front of the stocks to see if Gretchen was enjoying this new adventure. I found a guy already stepping up onto a little platform situated in front of the stocks and high enough so that his cock was at head level with the occupant, that is, Gretchen’s head. He offered Gretchen his cock to suck; she took it eagerly into her mouth. Since her head was confined and she could not bob her head up and down on his shaft, so it was up to the guy to fuck her face.

“Good?” I asked Gretchen.

“Ja, sehr gut.” She mumbled as the cute guy’s stiff cock pumped in and out of her mouth.

I left her there to enjoy herself and went to find a nice big strap-on. I found a nice one and put it on; then returned to join the line of guys waiting their turn to fuck Gretchen.

As I stood there, my artificial cock rubbed up against the ass of the guy in front of me by accident. When he turned around I was getting ready to apologize to him.

“Hey honey, was that a threat, or a promise?” He said. It was an old and tired cliche, but he said it with an inviting smile.

“You like it in the ass, huh?” I challenged him.

“Sure, don’t you?”

“Then why don’t we go over there and have some fun?” I said indicating a nearby cushion with no one using it.

“Hmmm, tempting … but I don’t want to lose my place in line. That little blond is hot.”

“OK then … just bend over.” I said. “But first, maybe you should suck on this cock to get it lubricated a bit.”

He smiled and knelt in front of me and took the big dildo in his mouth. He sucked it for a few moments slathering it with his saliva; then he stood, turned around, and bent over in front of me.

“Spread those cheeks, honey.” I told him; then I placed the tip of my ‘cock’ on his rosebud and slowly shoved the eight inches into his male love tunnel.

“Oh gawd.” He groaned as I began to pump my cock into him. “Oh baby that feels so good!”

After several minutes, the line had moved up until the guy I was fucking was next for Gretchen’s sweet cunt. When the guy who was fucking Gretchen finished pumping his seed into her, I started to pull out of my guy’s butt. But he reached around and grabbed my hips and held me in.

“No, no … please stay inside me while I fuck this glorious little cunt.” So we moved forward, still connected at the hip so to speak, and he inserted his cock in Gretchen’s dripping pussy.

As he pumped into Gretchen’s hot cunt, I synchronized with his rhythm and continued to fuck his ass. I was thinking to myself just how hot it was that we had three of us fucking at the stocks when I felt a hand in the middle of my back. The hand gently pushed my torso forward until I was bent over the back of the guy who I was fucking in the ass. Then a delightfully large cock was quickly rammed into my pussy and it started pumping away inside me forcefully.

“Aw fuck! That feels wonderful.” I said to no one in particular.

The guy in front of me, who was fucking Gretchen while I fucked his ass, groaned and gave a mighty last thrust as he deposited a hot load in Gretchen’s cunt. As he pulled out of Gretchen, he stood up straight and my dildo slipped out of his ass.

“Thanks babe; that was the best I’ve had all night.” He said and gave me a long passionate kiss goodbye.

The guy who had been fucking me also slipped out of my cunt when I stood to kiss the other guy. So I moved up to fuck Gretchen’s ass which had been my intent all along. I noticed Gretchen had a massive amount of cum dripping from her wonderfully abused cunt. I placed my dildo between her legs and coated it with some of the cum dripping down her thighs in order to lube it up; then I pressed the tip between her ass cheeks. I pressed hard and felt it start to slowly penetrate her.

“Oh! Ja … ja … gut!” She yelled.

Happy that Gretchen seemed to enjoy my gift, I slowly pushed until I was buried completely in her ass. As she moaned in ecstasy I felt a big cock between my legs again seeking to bury itself in my hole. I reached around and guided it inside my welcoming cunt and sighed as it started stroking my burning insides. Strong hands crept up my sides and squeezed my breasts as I felt his hard meat pound into me. Each time he rammed his cock into me, I, in turn, pushed my dildo into Gretchen’s sweet ass. I moaned louder; my cries of bliss mixed with Gretchen’s loud groan’s and yelps. Combined, our cries of bliss made for a sweet chorus of delight.

Eventually, I felt a huge thrust from behind and heard a loud grunting as hot cum pumped into my steaming cunt. I thought I should perhaps withdraw from Grecthen’s sweet ass and let the next guy in line have his turn with her, but then I felt another cock swiftly invade my eager pussy. The new cock started slamming viciously into me and I felt a massive climax coming on. I screamed when it finally hit me. In my delirium I hardly noticed that Gretchen was screaming too with her own orgasm.

I collapsed on Gretchen’s back and just enjoyed the sensations of having my pussy used. After a short while I felt the guy’s hands squeeze my hips and thrust one last time as he shot more hot cum into my wanton cunt. As he pulled out I withdrew from Gretchen’s lovely ass.

Gretchen raised the top bar from the stocks and turned toward me to discover that it had been me pounding her asshole.

“Oh, es war ihnen.” She said to me. “Ja … gut!” She added.

Then she indicated with her hands via pantomime that she wanted to have the strap on and fuck me.

“Oh yes … ja, ja.” I told her. Then she pointed at the stocks and I smiled — she wanted me in the stocks.

“OK.” I said and proceeded to insert my head and wrists into the holes while she lowered the top bar to confine me. As she did so I heard grumbling from the line of guys waiting for their turn to fuck a hot pussy. We were obviously holding things up.

As soon as I was situated I felt the dildo slide into my slippery cunt. Then I felt Gretchen’s breasts against my back and I heard her squeal — I couldn’t see behind me but I concluded the next guy in line was taking his turn by fucking her while she stroked my cunt with the strap-on; just as I had done with her a few moments earlier.

My eyes were closed and I was feeling another orgasm building when a yummy tasting cock slipped between my lips. I sucked on it voraciously until my mouth filled with salty cum. I swallowed as much as I could and licked the last drops from the twitching cock as it pulled from my lips. I was just about to reach another mind shattering climax when Gretchen pulled out of me and left me hanging. It was immediately replaced by a real cock so I was able to quickly resume my journey to my sexual Nirvana. Gretchen came around to the front of the stocks and climbed up on the little platform and pushed the dildo in my mouth so I could taste my own juices. I screamed in ecstasy just as the dildo was shoved down my throat which made my cries of joy sort of muffled; but I was in heaven nonetheless.

I opened my eyes as I felt the dildo sliding out of my mouth and saw two good looking hunks pulling Gretchen over to a mattress on the floor right in front of me. The first guy lay on his back while the second guy helped Gretchen out of the strap-on. Next, the guy guided Gretchen onto the other guy’s throbbing meat. Without delay the second guy pushed Gretchen’s torso forward so she was laying flat on the first guy’s chest. The other guy then inserted his hard shaft into her ass and started pumping.

I was jealous; I love getting DPed. As another cock inserted itself into my cunt and started pleasantly abusing my nasty pussy, I watched Gretchen writhe in ecstasy between the two beautiful young men. A third guy showed up and offered his cock to her only remaining available orifice — Gretchen’s mouth — which she accepted greedily.

I felt more warm spunk invade my pussy. Cocks were swapped and a new one urged me onward to another climax while I watched the guy in Gretchen’s ass cum hard. He switched off with the guy that was getting his cock sucked. Then Gretchen screamed too as another orgasm overcame her.

I must have had nearly a dozen guys cum in me while I watched Gretchen get double fucked by at least eight different guys. After her last climax she collapsed on whoever was under her at the time. As the next guy tried to insert his cock in her ass she turned around and pleaded with him.

“Nicht mehr … nicht mehr!” She said, sounding exhausted.

I lifted the top bar of the stocks off me as soon as the latest guy finished adding his load to the many others dripping from my cunt and I extracted myself from the device.

“Sorry boys.” I said to line of guys waiting to take me. “I’ve had enough for tonight.”

I walked around the stocks and found Gretchen lying on the mat by herself — her lovers having quickly left her for more promising prospects. When she saw me approach I saw her eyes light up as she watched the latest load of cum slither down my thighs.

She sat up and reached out to me; she pulled me close and began lapping thick white goop from my legs with her tongue. As she cleaned up my lower legs and worked up to my thighs I felt familiar tingles return once more to my loins. When her tongue finally started lapping at my cunt and clit I shrieked; cumming yet again. How many times I’d already cum that night, I hadn’t a clue.

I knelt next to Gretchen when she’d sucked the last drop of cum from my pussy and pushed her gently back onto the mat and returned the favor; sucking cum first from her ass and finally from her cunt. She seemed to be so exhausted that she didn’t even climax as I licked her pussy; which looked red and a bit raw.

“Hmmm … I think its time for us to go.” I told her.

I pointed toward the door thinking she might catch on, and she did.

We got up and walked back to where we’d left our clothes; fending off numerous offers to play on the way. It took awhile rummaging through all the discarded clothes near the door until we found ours. We dressed and headed back to the dance club to find Gretchen’s friends, if they were still there.

I was sure we must have looked and smelled like we’d just been fucked by dozens of guys as we made our way across the dance floor; the floor was again filled with bodies wriggling to the beat of the latest song the DJ was spinning. We found the table where Gretchen and her friends had been, but they weren’t there. Gretchen scanned the dance floor in vain looking for her friends.

I’d have been happy to drop Gretchen wherever she wanted to go, or even take her home to share my own bed, if I could only have communicated with her. As I was wondering what to do with her, I heard her shout over the din of the wild music.

“Dort … dort drüben.” She yelled and pointed.

I looked to where she pointed and saw Gretchen’s girlfriend dancing with the guy she’d been sitting with earlier. Then I saw the guy who’d been sitting next to Gretchen earlier who I had presumed must be her boyfriend. He was dancing with a sexy little redhead; and his hands were all over her sexy body, which, the redhead seemed to be thoroughly enjoying.

Gretchen’s girlfriend finally saw Gretchen frantically waving; she headed over to our table immediately. Her boyfriend headed to the bar.

Gretchen and her friend embraced as soon as the other girl arrived. The friend then held Gretchen at arms length and looked her over with a puzzled look. She leaned over and looked more closely at Gretchen’s legs; cum was still trickling slowly down her thighs.

“Was ist das?” Gretchen’s friend asked.

Then Gretchen began a long and excited explanation of what we’d been up to; in German. They both giggled from time to time as Gretchen recounted her adventures. When Gretchen finished, the girlfriend looked at me and switched to her accented English.

“Gretchen just told me where you two have been and she wanted me to tell you how much she loved it! I am so jealous! I would have loved to go with you, too.”

A big smile spread across my face. “What’s you’re name, honey?” I asked the girlfriend.


I stood up; went around the table and grabbed Hanna by the wrist. I started to drag her across the crowded dance floor toward the other side of the room and the obscured black door.

“Hanna, I think you going to love this.”

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