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Experimental Desire

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Elita carried a natural sexual presence that exemplified her sexual appetite. Her tall, firm, slender, perfectly proportioned frame commanded attention from both sexes and gave her sensations that she had grown to enjoy more through her 20’s as she gained a clearer understanding of the powers of attraction that her long blonde hair, sparkling green eyes and full, scarlet lips brought with them.

Having been born and raised in a small town in England, she had long since outgrown the abundant limitations that a small town anywhere provides. She had grown tired of the gossip and rumour that fuels such communities and had emigrated to Spain to seek a less microscopic way of life, finding a sense of home in the bustling touristic town of Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol where her physical charms contrasted completely against the dark skinned, dark eyed locals. February through November however, brought a transient population of hundreds of thousands from all over Europe which enabled her striking appearance to blend more readily and so too for her sexuality to play with.

It was in the workplace that she had met Joe. He had employed her and the long hours working in the office together had brought them a sexual tension that they both sensed long before anything actually happened between them. Joe’s influential persona was a strong aphrodisiac to Elita and her subservient tendencies embraced his demanding nature to a climatic peak that neither of them could resist. That first fuck between them had been a rampant encounter over an office desk and on the cool, hard marble floor which left them as bruised as relieved. Both agreed that the sex could not interfere with their professional employment and so an intensely sexual and casual relationship ensued: ‘fuck buddies’ as the modern dictionary might define.

Joe was consciously commitmentphobic and had been so for the majority of his adult life which he had led largely as a single and littered with broken relationships. He was definitely better, and indeed happier, at being single and the sexual intensity that had rapidly developed between him and Elita perhaps might not have unfolded in any other set of circumstances. The casual aspect of their trysts served as a catalyst to the powerful sexual chemistry between them and resulted in them reaching new heights in sexual pleasure and their finding maximum satisfaction in previously forbidden and hidden desires.

Their first four or five months of regular encounters had propelled their fantasies into realities in all aspects that a man and woman together can generate, each of them seeking and allowing total use and sometimes abuse of each others bodies. Dress-up, role play, bondage, anal, oral, oral anal, water sports; everything had been covered and deeply enjoyed by both seemingly insatiable parties and had resulted in Elita learning that she was very capable of female ejaculation when with Joe, a quality that they both delighted in as it made their sex so messy and warm and fuelled them further.

Joe had been by his own admission ‘ a very fortunate guy sexually’ and had found an equally willing partner to match his ridiculously rampant desires. His huge sexual appetite knew no bounds and although he had been fortunate to fulfil most of his fantasies many times over, his liasons with Elita blew new life into his darkest ideas in a way that only a likeminded sexual partner could hope to achieve. This special blend of such two people in an agreed situation was surely to surpass all previous encounters.


It was a beautiful sunset on a warm spring evening on the Costa del Sol. The warm breeze teased at Elita’s white loose top to reveal glimpses of her white lacy bra that almost unecessarily cupped her soft, smooth, firm breasts. Joe stood facing her as they met by arrangement on the coast for a drink as they did quite often, both in the knowledge that the evening would result in a sexual encounter between them to satisfy their needs until the next time. This encounter however was to prove rather different from any other they had experienced together.

They chatted and laughed over a few drinks in a chiringuito near the shore as the waves gently washed in over the sand. The sun had long set over the horizon and had been replaced in the sky by a full moon. Elita had recognised for some time that Joe was at his horniest around the time of the full moon and her nipples were already firming in anticipation of what the night held for them as she was almost entranced by his mouth as he talked to her. She toyed with her lips with her teeth as she recalled the last full moon meet they had and her clit positively tingled as she mentally flashed images and statements from that encounter and remembered how much ejaculate she had squirted with Joe fucking her all ways and encouraging her to suck the ‘realistic cock’ dildos he had bought her. They were both turned on by the fantasy of group sex and they had many orgasms over such a fantasy.

As usual that evening, the sexual tension between them had occasionally bubbled over into touching and kissing, both of them barely able to resist such public displays of attraction to each other. The staff at the bar had seen it all before both with Joe and Elita and the thousands of touristic couples that they served each summer and the young fit male staff looked knowingly at each other as they worked, paying regular attention to developments in the direction of the two. Joe and Elita had been having such a good time that they did not notice the penultimate table being cleared and relaid by the staff and their sudden realisation that they were the last customers in the restaurant was politely met by Joe with an apology to the head waiter for being so late.

“Don’t worry” the waiter replied “we have all night.”

Joe interpreted his English to include the ‘Royal we’ and continued talking and flirting with Elita for another couple of drinks. The alcohol was flowing more slowly now as the fuck buddies continued in their tactile conversation. Elita was wet and Joe could see her arousal in her eyes. He was equally horny and could hardly wait for the sex with her.

“Take your knickers off” Joe teased Elita.

“We’re in the middle of a restaurant!” whisper shrieked Elita.

“Come on, the restaurant’s empty. Take them off.”

Elita looked around, half in hope that there may be an excuse not to do so and half in hope that there may not be. She pulled her white skirt up slightly to reveal her slender shapely legs to above mid-thigh and in one movement reached to pull her very lacey white knickers down. As she pulled her panties to her knees, a waiter rounded the corner of the bar and witnessed the action which literally stopped him in his tracks before he pretended not to see and head towards a table right next to her, politely unecessarily rearranging the cutlery there with his back to her. Elita continued the pantie removal to her ankles, knowing that she had been caught, snagging them slightly over her stilletoes and was blushing at being seen. She smiled wryly at Joe who smiled back in appreciation of her continued obedience to his mildly daring demands. The waiter returned to his fictitious duties at the back of the restaurant and left them alone again.

“You owe me one for that!” giggled Elita, throwing the scented panties at him as his reward.

“You love it just as much as I do” said Joe in his usual confident manner. He knew Elita well enough to know that she loved the thought of being watched during sex and had played on that many times with her; fucking in her apartment with the light on and windows open, on the balconies of their apartments, once in the toilet in work, all in the fantasy of being caught and watched or joined by others.

“I’m going to the bathroom” said Elita still blushed from the event.

“Don’t come back with your bra on” Joe called after her, just loud enough to be sure that the waiters heard his request. Elita passed a glance backwards at him, knowing that he was playing with her fantasies some more.

Elita looked at herself in the mirror of the ladies room. Her heart was racing and she was already very, very wet. She unbuttoned her loose clothing and removed her bra as Joe had told her to do so, stopping to squeeze the rigidity of her nipples both to satisfy the yearning to do so as well as to front the show that Joe was clearly intent on playing out with her. Her clit buzzed and was demanding attention; her clenching of her thigh and butt muscles all evening had done little to appease the passionate cravings that her wet and so sensitive pussy urged. Fighting the desire to masturbate there and then, she pulled her unbuttoned top over her lean shoulders and tucked it tightly into her skirt so that her ample breasts nudged the fine cotton taught over her now fully erect pink nipples. She left an extra button undone in a distinctly determined effort to have Joe further admire her uninhibitative intentions and left to return to him. Hopefully they would leave soon and be fucking she thought to herself as she did so.

As she returned to the dining area she saw that Joe was no longer seated alone. Four of the waiters had joined him at their table and they were drinking and chatting as friends. She wanted to return to the ladies room to redress, at least do that lower button up, but as all the men turned to look at her, it was too late. Her confident moves belied her racing heart pace and the throbbing in her pussy was now electrifying. She had never felt so aroused, so excited among so many men in such close proximity, her body guarded only by a skirt and a top. She stopped and stood at the table near the men now as her seat had been taken. Joe turned his body towards her and opened his legs to motion her new seat at the table, on his knee. The testosteronic levels were almost palpable. She nearly lost control of her restraint when she brushed her left tit against Joe on seating. How much longer would she have to wait before she had Joe’s cock inside her? How much longer could she wait, she wondered.

Joe rested his right hand on Elita’s firm small ass, stroking gently as he spoke with the group. Occasionally, his left hand would encroach onto her left inner thigh and give a teasing stroke or a squeeze there before sliding down to her knee. Elita could see the waiters eyes watching this and she was even further aroused by them doing so which in turn kept her nipples rigidly poking at her see through white top and gave them something more to look at. She was loving the attention and wanted to fuck Joe there and then.

The waiter to her right pulled his chair closer in an effort to better explain a short humourous tale of his. The story ended with the whole group laughing and his hand on Elita’s right leg. Elita did nothing to move it and neither did Joe; nor for that matter did the waiter. Elita parted her legs slightly and allowed the waiters hand to drop inside a little more to her soft sensitive inner thigh. As she did so, she looked at Joe for approval and was rewarded with a kiss from him which smashed the final barrier that had been struggling for so long to harness her passion inside. A moan of ecstasy slipped from her mouth as she cupped Joe’s face and kissed him. She was long passed caring about the waiters being in the room and the passionate kissing intensified as Joe reached up to touch her breasts with raw intent.

The waiter with his hand on her right leg was seizing the opportunity now, stroking her inner thighs and she opened her legs wider to allow him access. Passion overwhelmed her inhibitions, maximising her desire to be taken over and over again. The few buttons on her blouse had been undone to release her heaving chest into the play of Joe’s hands which cupped, stroked and tweaked at her soft, firm breasts in a way that she delighted. The waiters hand was at her pussy, nearing the centre of her pleasure zone that she needed to be worked on so urgently that she moved her body to meet his hand and force him into more direct action; she could take no further foreplay.

She lay back against Joe as he held her, him grabbing at her breasts for the men to watch as she reached down to release Joe’s hot, thick cock from his pants. The large digits of the waiter probed for her sopping wet pussy which she aided by hitching up her skirt to above her waist. The other waiters moved to get her into a more accessible position which had her stillettoes on a dining chair each side of her, legs wide open to fully reveal her sex. The waiter finger-fucked her with two fingers, sliding them in and out of her in an increasingly powerful motion as a third finger from another waiter teased at her clit and hands pawed at her body. The sight alone was already too much for her as ahe scanned the room to look at these four men who were to join Joe in fucking her. Ecstasy quickly peaked inside her, the feeling of needing to pee bringing familiar warning that she was going to cum and squirt so much and she cried out in total release of control as she did so, the thick digits of the waiter powering at her insides relentlessly as she flooded his wrist and forearm with her fluids.

Barely two minutes had passed and she had cum already. Joe encouraged her up from his lap and the two of the men carried her over to a large leather sofa just the other side of the dining table at which they had started. Joe and the waiters were stripping as Elita had her skirt and blouse completely removed for her by the two men that carried her. She left her black heels on that she knew Joe liked her to do so, so much.

The five cocks soon stood surrounding her for attention as she sat on the warm leather. The cocks were all of a similar proportion and she had no hesitation in giving the men what they wanted, sucking and wanking them in turn, tasting the man meat that she needed inside her. She looked up at Joe as she sucked the men in an ascending pace, her wet technique making the cocks hard and slippery to aid her wanking hands over the men more readily. She tasted pre-cum on Joe’s tip as she licked and sucked him, briefly stroking at his ballsack before refilling her hand with another man’s length to her right appease him, wanking him some more as a temporary substitute to her eager mouth. She loved to suck cock and delighted in having five men to suck. She would have happily sucked them all off to completion if it were not for the fact that her pussy was aching for immmediate fucking action.

Joe lay on the couch and pulled at Elita to encourage her to straddle him, the sharpness of her heels digging at his thighs as she did so, which she knew he liked too. Joe reached down to position his tip at her smooth opening which was his duty in the situation as Elita had the row of cocks to orally attend to directly above him. Elita’s slippery sex slid down to engulf Joe’s rigid pole completely and they both moaned in ectasy and relief without her releasing the cock from her mouth. The knowledge of so many men wanting to have her furthered her excitement, speeding her desire with accelerating fervour, the slippery sucking and fucking serving to arouse all in the room.

Joe held Elita’s small, firm waist as he fucked her hard from below, spurred on in his efforts by the sight just a few inches above him of Elita sucking the men off. He could see the rivlets of saliva running down their veiny shafts and he could hear the enthusiastic, ecstatic slurping of Elita’s warm, wet mouth that supplied it: the sight and sounds above him turning him on to buck harder and faster into her. She looked so good with her mouth and hands full of cock meat, so naughty and slutty and that was what he liked.

She was cumming again, flooding Joe’s belly and genitalia with her ejaculate, her moans pleading for more as she did so, muffled by the throbbing poles of the men that she sucked. Joe reached down to scoop as much of Elita’s warm, slimy release to spread it up and over her ass and as he did so he felt the hand of a waiter further assist by spreading her pussy juices from around his cock still inside her, both men wanting her ass lubricated for action.

Joe splayed Elita’s ass cheeks so that the waiter to her rear could access her hole more readily, Elita arching her back further to allow him to do so. She paused temporarily with a cock in her mouth and one in each hand as the waiter to her rear sought to fill her ass with his rampant length, gently and slowly easing his purple helmet inside her tight slippery hole. Joe could feel the addition to the action as the cock was fed inside her ass with surprisingly steady ease, her pussy muscles tightening over his cock some more by the stretching of her anal ring. The two cocks were inside her ass to the hilt and rested there until Elita began sucking and wanking the men in front of her again indicating her comfort and pleasure. Gently and slowly to start with, the two cocks to her rear began to piston in and out of her giving her a sense of fullness that she had fantasised about for so long, gaining momentum with the realisation of her fantasy fulfillment of double penetration as she rocked back and forth to make clear her desire to receive a proper fucking.

The bucking in her ass was brief, for the young stud came quickly, yelping in pleasure as he climaxed deep inside her tight cavity. Joe could feel the pulsing meat next to his through the thin wall of internal flesh that scarcely divided them, feeling it withdraw soon after. There was little hesitation in replacing it, the waiter to her left, moving to fill the slippery void at her rear. The cum served as a further lubricant to his saliva coated cock and there was a rapid entry this time as Elita had her ass filled again. This time she was more than ready and the fucking ensued with immediate passion causing her firm breasts to sway as she was taken by the rampant demands of the men inside her.

Elita cried out in orgasm as she came again, copiusly ejaculating over Joe. The men continued unabated, fucking her holes hard with their hot lengths, their balls slapping up against her as they did so. Elita wanted to open her eyes to take in the event but was overcome with wave after wave of orgasmic relief that kept them closed for the majority of time. She was loving the emotions that flushed through her, the totality of each orgasm being maximised by the number of cocks that she had available to please her combining with the slutty subserviency that she preferred to play.

The cock in her mouth was fucking her now. No longer content with being sucked, the waiter held her head in his hands and began to face-fuck her as Elita steadied herself with her hands on Joe and the couch. Joe knew that Elita liked to be face-fucked and that she was very skilled at continuing to suck on his cock even through the gagging that such deep throated demands brought. She loved the thought that she could make it feel like a proper fuck for him and was completely at the mercy of a man for all their pleasure. The men pounded away at her mouth, pussy and ass as the spare guy wanked over the glorious sight before him and the climactic responses of Elita cumming, seemingly constantly, over and over again.

Joe was getting close to orgasm when the man fucking her mouth barked out in release. He pulled away slightly as he came, Elita reaching up to his cock with her right hand to maximise his delight and increase the delivery of the ropes of thick white spunk that she craved as reward for her efforts. She was not disappointed with his delivery as he came in her mouth and striped her face with his mess over and over again, her lapping at his length in an attempt to get more.

“Ah, yes, give it to me!” she pleaded as she looked up at him for more.

The man in her ass was cumming too, unable to contain himself at the sight and sounds before him, fucking her tight hole with maximum ferocity for those last pumps of pre-orgasmic action, pulling at her long, blonde, cum streaked hair as he did so making Elita cry out with him as he came, filling her ass with the first batches of jizz before pulling out of her to finish himself off over her ass cheeks and torso with his slippery length spewing pearlescent streams of his juices over her gaping hole.

Joe siezed the opportunity to pull out of Elita to take her from behind for his final throes. Her gorgeous frame glistened with sweat and the spunk of the men, her skin redenned in places where they had had their way with her, the black stillettoes that contrasted beautifully against her relatively pale skin. He slid back inside her pussy and her ass-hole mouthed invitingly from the attention of the previous men. He could not resist it and so alternated the fucking of both her pussy and rear passage as she continued determinedly sucking and wanking the cock at her mouth.

Joe pulled out and swopped positions with the man at her mouth. He wanted to cum over her pretty face, the cum of the others still wet on her.. The new cock to her rear fucked her pussy and the slapping action quickly brought her to a final ejaculation which was quickly followed by the orgasms of both men simultaneously. The man came inside her, filling her unprotected vagina with his seed as Joe fired the largest release of all the men, filling her throat and mouth before striping her face further with a fresh batch of semen.

“I´m cumming again!” Joe warned with excitement as a second wave of euphoria overcame him to produce even more spunk down her eager throat.

The five men took Elita many times over again during that night. The sunrise seemed to dawn very early shortly before all the men were spent. Elita happily matched the men with her sexual appeitite and she was literally dripping with spunk when they finally left the building.

“Fuck, that was so good.” sighed Elita, leaning against Joe as they very slowly headed off together along the sandy beach in the early morning sun.

“I think we could use some extra help next full moon….” replied Joe.

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