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I’ve been divorced from Nellie for about 5 years. She has custodial care of our kids, so I still see her often, every other Friday when I go to pick them up for the weekend.

Last Friday, when I arrived at her house, nobody answered the door when I rang the bell. Sometimes, my daughters are in their rooms getting ready when I get there and don’t hear me at the door, so I used my key and went in.

I shouted out “Hello!” when I got inside, but heard no response. I went to the bottom of the stairs and yelled my daughters’ names, but again, I got no answer. I did hear some muffled music and what sounded like laughter, so I headed up the stairs to knock on their doors. When I got to the second-floor balcony landing however, I could see that the girls’ doors were already open, but the lights were off. I could still hear the music though, and realized it was coming from my ex’s room, which did have the door shut. I got rather embarrassed thinking she was in there with her boyfriend and went back down the stairs.

I was unsure as to what I should do next, but was angry that the girls weren’t home. I didn’t want to further my embarrassment by interrupting my ex, but it was my weekend with my daughters and I wanted to get going. I went back out to my car and called Nellie on my cell. She was laughing when she answered, and said “Hello” in the deep, throaty voice she always came from her when she was aroused. Needless to say, I wasn’t surprised to hear it. I told her where I was and asked where the girls were. She told me that they were over at her brother’s house for a birthday party and would be home soon. She then told me that I could come inside the house and watch TV while I waited. Wanting to spoil her fun, I told her I would, and then did.

I got inside and turned on the tube and made myself comfortable. After about 5 minutes, I could hear the muffled laughing again, followed by the long, low moan my ex makes when she cums. I was now really pissed – not only did I not interrupt her fun, but she was making sure I knew what was going behind the closed doors. I told myself I would wait just another couple minutes and then go out to my car. I was just standing up to leave when I heard my name being called, like a question, my name being drawn out as long as possible. I realized that it wasn’t my ex and thought for a second that it was one of my daughter’s, but quickly realized that they wouldn’t be calling me by name. The voice was familiar, but I just couldn’t place it. Obviously, it was coming from upstairs, so I went up to see what was going on. Nellie’s bedroom door was now open a crack and I called her name. The same voice I heard before called out again, telling me to come in.

The sex that my ex and I had was VERY good. However, it was also VERY vanilla, and not frequent enough for my tastes. Before we had kids, we had sex 5 or six times a week. Sometimes, we would spend the day naked and screw all over the apartment. I didn’t mind that it was only missionary or doggie style, with little if any oral (she didn’t giving or getting), nothing the cold be considered out of the ordinary – not even soft porn, or even the mention of anal. After we had kids though, the 5 or 6 times a week turned into once, maybe twice, a month – and only then if I practically begged her for it. This wasn’t the cause of our divorce (although I still don’t know what was), but it didn’t make me want to fight it too hard. So, I was totally unprepared when I walked into her room.

The lights were down low and Nellie was naked on her back on the bed, her head hanging over the edge just a little. She was in the “69” position with another woman and was sliding a huge, thick black dildo in and out of the woman’s pussy. She looked at me upside-down, took a long, slow lick of her girlfriend’s clit, smiled and said “Hi!” Her girlfriend moaned with the lick and then turned her head and also said “Hi!” I then got my second shock in as many seconds – her “girlfriend” was her sister Kellie! I was dumbfounded, but my dick wasn’t! It was practically ripping through my jeans!

I had fantasized about the scene in front of me for years. Nellie and her sister could almost pass for twins. They have the same figure – busty, with a really nice ass – but Nellie is a blond while Kellie is a brunette.

When I came to my senses, Nellie was smiling at me. She suggested that I lose my jeans and come fuck her sister. She pulled out the dildo and said she would hold open her sister’s hole as I slid my dick in. I’m a little bigger than average, but the dildo was huge, so Nellie had no problem getting 2 fingers in each side of Kellie’s gaping hole and pulled it open. I stepped up and slid into the hottest, wettest pussy I had ever been in. It kept getting wetter too, as Nellie resumed the licking of the clit. She would occasionally suck my balls and lick the underside of my dick for a few seconds, as I slid in and out, but she always went back to her sister. Kellie was not ignoring Nellie either, moaning as she was sucking and licking Nellie’s pussy. My dick was as hard and long as it had ever been, even in my dreams! After just a few minutes, I was ready cum. I felt as though I was going to cum so hard that it would shoot straight up and out of Kellie’s mouth! I realized that the sisters were close to cumming too. Just like that, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I roared and let loose, shooting stream after stream of cum deep into Kellie’s cunt. Kellie and Nellie were cumming too, shaking and screaming.

When I finished, I just fell to the floor. I had gone without sex for about 4 months and felt as though I had more than made up for it with the load I had just spewed into my ex-sister-in-law. It was the sexiest, more erotic and arousing thing I had ever done. Or seen. For about 3 seconds. ‘Cause when I looked up at the bed, I could see Kellie’s pussy, now gaping open without any help from her sister’s hands. My cum was starting to drool out Nellie, who had hardly ever taken my dick in her mouth, much less let me cum in it, started licking and sucking my juice from her sister’s hole. I was instantly hard again, and went in for a closer look. Nellie was now sticking her fingers as deep as she could into Kellie’s pussy to scoop out all of my cum. Kellie then sat upright to let gravity help, and another 4 globs plopped out into Nellie’s mouth. It then got even more amazing as Nellie sat up and Kellie lied down on her back. My ex drooled my cum from her mouth to her sisters. They then kissed, very deep, swapping my cum back and forth for a few seconds, then pulled away and swallowed. I almost came again, just from watching.

They both looked at me, then my dick, and started laughing. Nellie told me that she had dumped her boyfriend a while back and Kellie had come over to console her. One thing led to another and they had ended up having very grown-up lesbian sex. They had been doing this for a few months and had decided that they needed a man to join in, so they had picked one up at a bar two weeks earlier when I had our girls for the weekend. I was told that they fucked him dry and that Nellie discovered her taste for cum when Kellie kissed her after taking a load in the mouth from this guy. They wanted to do it again, but realized the risks they were taking with someone they didn’t know, so they set me up for this weekend.

At this point, while staring at my cock, Kellie asked if I wanted to see what my ex could now do. Not one to spoil the fun, I told her that I did. She pushed Nellie down onto her back on the bed and spread her legs. She leaned forward and began licking Nellie’s cunt. She was really lathering her up and down. Nellie was absolutely soaking wet. Her pussy was glistening, and even in the dim light, you could tell it was bright red with arousal. Kellie started finger-fucking her with one finger, then quickly another. Nellie was moaning. Kellie added a third, then a fourth finger, and Nellie starting moaning louder. Suddenly, Kellie tucked her thumb into her palm, and her entire hand disappeared into Nellie cunt. Nellie was actually screaming in pleasure at this point! Kellie was sucking her clit hard, and Nellie’s ass started bucking up and down on the bed. Kellie pulled her head up and started pistoning her arm in and out of Nellie’s pussy. She looked at me, winked, and told me to watch what happened next. Nellie suddenly stopped buck and threw her hips straight up, Kellie’s arm still in her hole. She let out her breath and screamed as sheet started squirting long streams of clear cum. Kellie quickly got her face back down to drink in her sister’s nectar. She got a mouthful and then turned and kissed me, letting me drink Nellie’s cum from her mouth. Kellie pulled her hand from Nellie cunt and it actually popped when it came out. Nellie’s cunt was just gaping open and was so bright red it seemed to be glowing. I was so turned on, I thought my dick was going to literally explode. Little did I know what was to follow.

I though Nellie had passed out but she soon sat up and started stoking my cock. I didn’t want to cum yet, so I told her to stop. She smiled and asked if I wanted to know what her sister’s special turn-on was. Of course, I did. She had Kellie get on all fours near the edge of the bed and started licking her pussy from behind. Then she moved up to her sister’s asshole. She really got into it, sticking her tongue in as far as she could. Kellie was going nuts. Finally she told Nellie to stop and told me to fuck her in the ass. This was totally new ground for me, but Kellie’s brown eye was winking and my dick needed to be stuck into one of these ladies somewhere. So, I got behind and slowly started feeding my dick into her ass. It was like nothing I’d ever felt – hot, wet, tight, and velvety smooth. I was in heaven. I looked down and saw Nellie back her head in under us and start licking her sister’s pussy. I started picking up the tempo and was really getting into it. Suddenly, I felt something on the underside of my dick. I looked down and Nellie was sliding four fingers in and out of Kellie, trying to get her entire hand in. This didn’t take more than a few seconds and all of a sudden, I could feel Nellie grabbing my dick through the back wall of Kellie’s pussy. She actually started jerking me off! This was way too much and I started cumming. I shot 8 long streams into Kellie’s asshole.

Nellie pulled her hand out at the same time as I pulled my dick out. She immediately started licking Kellie’s asshole, trying to get my cum. Kellie told her to calm down and get on her back. Nellie complied and Kellie squatted down, with her asshole over her sister’s face. Nellie opened her mouth wide and Kellie started “shitting” my cum into Nellie’s mouth. This time, Nellie just swallowed it all and then started tongue-fucking Kellie asshole. I was turned on again, but my dick couldn’t take anymore. We got up and showered, gently lathering each other’s genitals, and got dressed. My daughters showed up 10 minutes later and we left. I don’t know what will happen next time, but I’m open to pretty much anything!

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