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Janice Murphy was the object of desire of every man in the neighborhood. A mother of two, she kept her 29 year old body toned through her job as an aerobics instructor at a local health club. Her long toned legs; curved child bearing hips, and well rounded behind all gave testament to her strenuous schedule of 5 classes a week. As was common with most women she had increased in breast size to accommodate the lactation and feeding of the infant, the twin boys now 14 months old were no longer nursing, but the size of her new breasts was a welcome addition to her hourglass figure.

The lawn mower ran over a rock and John Davis was brought back to reality. Every Saturday for the past 4 years he had cut the lawn of Dr. and Mrs. Richard Murphy, and every time he arrived at exactly 7:30 so he could watch her leave for her 8:00 class. Some days he would get lucky and catch a glimpse of her bending down to pick up her keys, or on those really special occasions get to help her with loading her car for the drive to work. “You ok over there John,” she asked him. “Oh fine Mrs. Murphy, I just ran over a rock, I hope I didn’t frighten you.”

“No don’t worry about it, just be careful my husband is at work and I don’t want you to cut your foot off” she said laughing. “No I’m ok all my feet are still here,” he replied. “Well good I think you will need them when you go away to college in the fall.” “Oh john I forgot to mention could you please take some chairs from the living room and put them onto the patio. Here are the keys and you could leave them in the mailbox when you’re done. Oh and the boys are at my mothers so you won’t have to worry about them. Well thanks John I’m really late have a good one.”

With that Janice went off to her class and john went about finishing the lawn and the trim around the house. After he was finished he took the keys and went into the house to get the chairs she wanted placed on the patio. While he was doing this curiosity got the best of him and he began to walk through the house and look to see how the other half lived. He could not get over how good Janice looked today and how he would love to see her naked and feel the touch of her, the feel of her skin on his, the feel of one of he nipples in his mouth, her hand between his legs. He now had a raging hard-on that needed to be relieved, his cock was pressed so hard up against his jeans that it was painful.

He made his way to the laundry room to find some relief and as he searched through the laundry he found what he was looking for, a pair of Janice’s thongs that had been worn. He put the panties up to his nose and inhaled her musky scent and wished that the pussy that these panties guarded was open to him at that moment. He wrapped the panties around his cock and started pounding for all he was worth until he exploded all over the laundry. He then washed up the evidence and headed back upstairs. On his way up he heard the answering machine “Hi honey I’m sorry but I have to cover for Dr. Boyer tonight. I know how much you were looking forward to tonight but we’ll do it again soon I promise.”

Looking forward to tonight….what did that mean john thought to himself. He ran upstairs to the bedroom and started looking through the dresser drawers until he found her diary. Entry for today read: Rick was very secret about tonight. All he said that by 6:00pm I was to be waiting for him, and I was to be blindfolded, wear the tightest jeans I had, a tight t shirt and not to wear panties. I think I’m going to get laid tonight!!!

John closed the book and thought to himself that if he ever had a chance at Janice tonight was it. He knew it was wrong, sick and twisted, but he was consumed by lust and he wanted her more then anything else in the world. He ran downstairs and erased the message on the machine, put the chairs outside on the patio and left with the keys.

At 6:07pm John stood at the door shaking and after a few moments of fumbling with the keys got the door unlocked. He entered and heard soft music on the radio playing low and heard a husky voice say “up here baby I’ve been waiting all day for this.” John turned and was stunned when he saw Janice she was a vision of beauty in skin tight blue jeans, a white sheer top and blindfolded by one of Dr. Murphy’s ties. “Do you like what you see baby” All john could do was grunt approvingly for he didn’t dare use his voice. He walked up to her and gently seated her on the sofa and began to gently rub and kiss her breasts through the sheer fabric, paying special attention to her nipples as she moaned her approval. He made his way down her chest to her stomach and began to play with her breasts, gently kneading and squeezing them.

Janice was moaning with delight and was pushing John down lower to her groin, all the while rubbing her fingers through his hair and calling him Rick. John had now reached his goal and began to unbutton her fly, the scent of her arousal evident in the air. When he was done he left the top button of the jeans buttoned, gently blew on her exposed sex and looked up at her as she said ” Oh please god baby do it now….Rick baby eat me!!! Eat me so good baby please.” With that John dove in, pulsing his tongue in and out, exploring every undiscovered pleasure spot she had. Janice began to grind her sex into John all the while moaning “That’s it baby!!! Don’t lose it, don’t lose it!” John then found her clit and began to gently suckle from her until she could no longer hold back. “Oh Baby!!!!!!! I’m CUMMMMMMMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!… Oh DON’T STOP BABY!!!!!!!”

With that a flood of juices hit John and he lapped them up as best he could until he could take no more. Janice was now leaning back in the sofa legs spread and breathing hard grabbed john from between her legs and pulled him up and passionately kissed hi tasting her own juices. “I want to taste you baby,” she said to john as he stood up and guided her hands to his crotch. She rubbed his rock hard meat through his jeans and said “my god you feel so big today” as she reached up and unbuttoned his pants. His cock flung out and she immediately grabbed it and began to stoke it all the while giggling “Rick what have you been doing to this thing…I’ve never felt it this big.” John strained not to make a sound, afraid he would give himself away. She then grabbed his cock and slowly eased it into her mouth, as a moan escaped his lips; she began to take him deeper into her mouth all the while playing with his balls. She stopped suddenly and said “tell me when baby” and then promptly went back to her work. After about 5 minutes John could not take it any longer and cried out “now,” but instead of stopping Janice started sucking harder until he erupted into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. She never recalled he husband cumming that much before, or his cock being that big, but she pushed those thoughts aside when she felt him begin to get hard in her mouth again. “I want you inside me baby right now!!!”

John pulled his pants down, but left her pants on only the fly open, and placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He then began to push slowly inside, she was so tight his cock slid slowly in the first time. When he had half of his 8 inches in he pulled out and began to push n again. Janice was shocked at the feel of the cock inside her, it was alien, she had never felt like this before so full!!!!!!

John began to push slowly again until his entire 8 inches was in and their pelvic bones met. Janice was amazed at the cock that was pushing into her cervix as she moaned with pleasure she ripped of her blindfold and stared strait into the eyes of John. “John!!!!! What the Hell are you doing!!!!!!!!” she cried as he continued to slowly thrust into her. “I’m sorry Janice I have to, I need you so badly!!” She looked into his eyes and saw the same lust that he saw in hers. “John I’m a Married woman…please I can’t do this” she cried, but he continued to thrust into her and she felt the orgasm coming on. “”John it feels so good…please don’t….please don’t…stop…fuck me….fuck me deeper baby!” She circled her legs around his back and pulled him closer into her and he began to suckle on her breasts.

“Not inside….don’t cum inside me john…please…..fuck me john!” He continued to pound her until he announced “I’m close Janice” She responded by shocking him and saying “Don’t pull out baby…..keep it in me.” “Oh my god” Janice cried as she reached her second orgasm and pulled john tight close to her. After a few more thrusts John erupted inside of her and coated her womb with his seed. The collapsed on top of each other as his cock still lay buried in her pussy. Later on during the night John and Janice experienced many more passionate encounters until John went home early the next morning. A few weeks later Janice realized she was pregnant, which turned out to be wonderful increase in her sex drive. With her husband now on the overnight shift, John was always around to help out. John and Janice began a passionate affair witch continues to this day.

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