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Entering and Breaking

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There was definitely a noise that was unfamiliar. It wasn’t a particularly loud noise but I heard it, it was coming from inside the house and it was two in the morning. I lay frozen in bed next to my sleeping wife listening but heard nothing. My heart was racing even though I was telling myself it was nothing. I turned my bedside light off and continued to listen for anything. Was someone in my house? I quietly got out of bed and walked slowly across the room trying to avoid any obstacles that may be in the way.

Passing by a trophy case that held several awards for the amateur sports I was always involved in, I gently picked up the heaviest thing I could find. It was a bowling pin from a tournament I had won nearly twenty years ago. We didn’t believe in having a gun in the house, my wife was absolutely terrified of them. For the first time in my life I wished I had one. There was somebody in my house, I don’t know how I knew but I did.

I slipped through the bedroom door and made my way slowly down the hall towards the living room. I listened but all I could hear was my heart pounding in my ears. The entrance to the living room was dark and the ambient light from outside was minimal due to the shades and curtains being completely drawn. Straining to see any sign of an intruder I pressed forward into the living room looking for any kind of movement. It appeared to be clear so I moved towards the kitchen. Passing through the kitchen entryway I had a terrible feeling and wanted nothing more than to retreat to the bedroom and dismiss the whole thing as just a weird sound you hear. Instead I raised the bowling pin above my head and moved through the kitchen and towards the dining area. I couldn’t take it anymore and figured the element of surprise would be on my side so I quickly turned on the dining room lights. The room lit up and cast light beyond into the final room of the house. Nothing. No one was here. I felt foolish. Lowering my meager weapon I turned around only to see a strange man standing there. I screamed and dropped the bowling pin to the floor cracking a slate tile. The man was holding a knife, a big knife that reflected the yellow light of the dining room. He was quick and he grabbed me by my hair and forced me face first onto the countertop. He twisted my arm behind my back and pressed himself close to me.

“Try anything and you can expect this knife in your kidney. Do you believe me?”

Of course I did. His voice was deep and threatening. His breath was hot and smelled of mouthwash.

“Do you?!” He seethed.

“Yes, Yes, fuck yes I do.” I was scared. More scared than any time in my life. He was going to kill me. And my wife, oh God my wife.

“Johnny?” Oh God my wife! And now, there she was standing in the entry way. She stopped in her tracks and started screaming.

“Ma’am?” The intruder yelled to her but could not be heard over my crazed wife. “MA’AM!”

She stopped and looked at the intruder. She looked absolutely scared out of her mind. I must have looked the same way. The incredible pressure of the man on top of me was painful and my arm felt numb from being twisted behind me.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry I had to yell but you were being a little over dramatic. Are you done screaming?”

Over dramatic? What the fuck? My wife stared in disbelief and absolute fear.

“Ma’am, I asked you a question and I expect you to answer. If you know what is good for you, you will answer me when you are spoken to, and that will be the only time I expect you to talk. The alternative is watching your husband’s blood spill all over this beautiful floor. Understand?”

Holy shit, we were going to fucking die tonight. I felt tears starting to fall down my face.

“You better not fucking touch her!” I spat out through tears and spit. Pain shot through my side as the perpetrator drove a fist into my ribs.

“Same for you Mister, only speak when spoken to. Do you both understand?”

“Yes.” We both agreed and kept our mouths shut.

“Good. If you can follow orders and a few basic rules we’ll all walk away from this. Now slowly we’re going to stand up and make our way to the living room. Do you think you can do that?”

“Yes.” I stammered and he pulled me painfully upright.

“Now don’t even think of trying anything Mister. Ma’am, pick up this bowling pin and walk in front of us to the living room.”

After my wife scurried across the kitchen and retrieved the bowling pin, she walked in front of us and the man behind me held tightly to my twisted arm and shoved me forward.

“Drop the bowling pin and turn the lights on.”

My wife complied. In the bright light I could see her trembling. She looked at me and she was unsuccessfully trying to hold back tears. I was so angry and scared myself and could hardly keep the tears from welling up as well. In the center of the room was a large duffle bag and on top of it was rope. I thought of that sound I had heard earlier and now I could picture this crazy man dropping the duffle bag on the floor. That was the sound I had heard.

“Ma’am, please retrieve the rope that is on top of that bag and bring it to me.” She didn’t want to but complied with his wishes. “Okay Ma’am, please sit down on the couch, keep your hands on your lap and for the love of God, don’t try anything stupid. You can only imagine the amount of pain I will put your husband in.”

She sat on the couch, just as instructed and wept while trying to remain motionless.

“Sir, I am going to release the pressure on your arm and bind your hands together behind your back. Please comply or reap the consequences.”

He lowered my arm and brought the other arm around my back. I didn’t try and fight, I just wanted to live. I felt the rope start to wrap around my wrists. He knew what he was doing and the way he was binding me felt like he had done this kind of thing more than once in his life. He pushed me towards a chair and shoved me hard into it. I yelped in pain as my arms twisted awkwardly behind me. I tried twisting my arms to see if there was any give in the rope that held me in bondage but there was no way I was going to break free from his knots. I looked up at him. He stood six feet tall or so. His eyes were blue and entirely calm. I expected them to look crazed but they looked cool and calm. He had a short, well trimmed beard that was dark brown, just like his well groomed, short hair. He wore a black shirt that clung tight to his torso. You could tell that he was very muscular. His large arms rippled with muscle out of his short sleeves. He wore jeans and cowboy boots. He could have been a fucking model but instead he was a psychopath.

“Okay, a few short rules. Speak only when spoken to. Do everything that is asked of you. Don’t try anything stupid. Oh, and please refrain from using swear words, it’s unbecoming of educated folks like yourselves, got that Mister?” Some sick fuck breaks into a house and holds the owner hostage and he doesn’t like swear words! I of course replied yes.

He grabbed his duffle bags and unzipped it and reached in. He pulled out a video camera and tripod and began to set them up. He positioned it away from us about 15 feet and turned it on, presumably recording everything. What the hell did this guy want? I was afraid to ask and I there was no way I was even going to. But Jesus, did he want money? Did he want our valuables? I wanted to offer him anything to leave us the fuck alone. As though he could sense my thoughts, he spoke.

“Now, you are probably wondering what this is all about. First, I am not a killer. I will slice you if I have to but you won’t end up dead, just permanently messed up for the rest of your life but if you just follow the rules you won’t have to worry about that. Second, I am not a thief. I don’t want your things, or your money or whatever you have to offer. What I do want is to conduct an experiment. You see, I’m a bit of an amateur psychologist, more of a hobby really. I’ve always been interested in the way people behave under extreme duress and how they behave when completely helpless. I used to believe they were completely irrational but the more I study them, patterns seem to appear. To learn more, I’ve had to find test subjects but finding people who have already had tremendous emotional experiences don’t make for good subjects. Their recall is all jumbled with emotion and denial or anger. They turn out to be very poor subjects indeed. You see, what I needed were subjects that were presently experiencing high levels of stress and helplessness. What I needed were involuntary participants for my study. It didn’t take me long to start finding my subjects. I record all of the events that happen and review them later for my journals. And you know, if all goes well, and we don’t have to have any mishaps with this very sharp knife of mine, there may be a little financial compensation for your participation today. How’s that sound?”

My wife was sobbing. I couldn’t believe the words coming out of this man’s mouth. He wanted to perform experiments on us just for fun? What kind of experiments? How the hell were we going to get out of this?

“That’s okay, you don’t have to answer that one. Now the first thing we’re going to have to do is get our clothes off and since Mister and myself are complete gentlemen let’s let the Mrs. go first. Ma’am.”

What the hell? Was he going to rape my wife in front of me? My wife was hesitant but stood and turned around and began to take off her shirt. I sat there completely useless and helpless. I was feeling so much rage.

“Ma’am, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, please turn around.”

She slowly turned around but lowered her eyes from his gaze. Her night shirt clung to her breasts and then flopped onto her chest. My wife was gorgeous, blond and small, five foot and one inch with a good sized rack. In normal circumstances I would have sprung an erection and wanted to fuck her silly. She pulled the shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor. Our captor gave a quiet airy whistle and motioned for her to keep going. She dropped her shorts and underwear to the floor and stepped out of them. She was shaking and tried to cover her nakedness with her arms.

“Now, now, don’t cover up that stunning body. It is absolutely a work of art. How did Mister ever get a catch like you? What are those beautiful breasts of yours, a D cup?”

She waited hoping not to answer but it was obvious by his silence and stare that he wanted one.

“C.” That’s all she said.

“Well, a mighty full C if you ask me, right Mister?”

“Yes.” I struggled.

“You know, why don’t you call me Sir?” He commanded.

“Yes Sir.” I weakly replied.

“Now let’s stand Mister up and you can help him drop his drawers. As for the shirt, well I’ll have to cut that off I suppose. C’mon now.”

The assailant grabbed me by an arm and lifted me up out of my seat to a standing position. My wife came over and pulled down my boxers around my feet. I stepped out of them. The man stepped back and examined my genitals.

“Not quite endowed as the Mrs. is in the chest are you?” He waited for an answer.

“No sir.” I was humiliated.

“Well, it’s not the smallest I ever seen. Mrs., why don’t you go and find yourself a sexy bra to wear. I just love a nice set of breasts in a sexy bra. Now don’t wander off too far, I hate to see anything bad happen to your Mister here, understand?”

“Yes…Sir.” She walked away and I could hear a sob come out of her.

“I never tie the lady’s up seeing as they are the weaker species and all, at least physically. We’ll see about the mental part. The men on the other hand, they can be dangerous and always think about doing something stupid.”

With that being said, the man took his knife and brought it close to me. He warned me not to move. I didn’t even breathe as his knife easily sliced up the center of my shirt. He then cut from the shoulders down the sleeve and soon I was naked. I had never felt so humiliated in my life and completely useless.

“Not much to you is there? You could use some time in the gym Mister. I bet you’d like it too.”

My wife came back with a pink sexy pushup bra. If she weren’t crying she would look stunning.

“There we go. Those breasts are just out of this world. I guess now it’s my turn.”

He momentarily set his blade down. I wanted my wife to pick it up so bad but she was in shambles. He pulled his shirt quickly over his head. His body was completely muscle. He had little hair on his chest and he was ripped. He enjoyed showing off his body. He kicked off his boots and unbuckled his belt and quickly dropped his jeans to the floor. He stood there in his skin tight briefs before us, the rest of his body just as built as the upper half. His briefs outlined a cock that seemed unnaturally big. It twitched beneath the cloth like a snake under a blanket. It was growing harder and bigger before my eyes, you could even see his veins raised in the delicate cloth that confined his dick. This twisted asshole was getting off on torturing us. He picked up his knife and ran it down his chest and when he got to his underwear he put the blade inside the band and cut one side off. The cloth dropped to the ground as he cut the other side and his giant cock sprung out before him. It was so big, circumcised and not a full erection yet.

“Mister, you like what you see? Lot more than that sorry excuse of a penis you have. Ma’am?”

He pointed to his raging dick and waited for some kind of response.”

“It’s…big.” She sputtered out. He laughed at the response.

“Thanks Ma’am. Some of us are just born with it, aren’t we?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Okay, first things first before we get to the good stuff let’s take care of some things.” He walked to his bag, his cock swaying as he did and pulled out a beard trimmer and a box and handed them to my wife. “Shave off your husband’s pubic hair and then I want you to put this on your husband. You know what this is?”

She looked at the box. “No, Sir.”

“Go on and take it out of the packaging. It’s a male chastity cage. You are going to put that on your husband’s small little penis. Lock it up for a while.”

I had never heard of a chastity cage before and trembled at the thought of what the hell it did. My wife opened the box and took out a black case. She opened the case and took out the components. Whatever it was, it was made of some sort of clear plastic. There were a bunch of pieces and one piece, the cage I supposed, that was penis shaped. She looked at the parts confused.

“Okay, Ma’am, first shave his pubic hairs as close as you can.” She reluctantly went to her knees and turned on the trimmer. I jumped as she brought it to my skin and my pubes fell to the floor. As he instructed her, she trimmed as close as she could get and soon my genitals were bare.

“Now you have to lock that little thing up. You are going to need one of those rings. You want to put it around his testicles, the opening facing up. That’s where the shaft goes. Try this ring here.”

She took the ring from him and looked at me. I nodded letting her know it was okay even though there was absolutely nothing okay about this. She knelt before me and fumbled with the ring and my balls, eventually getting the ring, which seemed so small, around my balls. The man handed her a piece that had two posts attached to it. He instructed her to slide the posts from the back side through the holes in the ring. My cock and balls were completely surrounded by the ring and my penis was starting to grow because of her constantly having to fondle me. I was embarrassed. Another post was put in place and it had a little hole on the end of it. As she added more components the ring became stronger and finally, she was handed the cage. My dick was semi erect at this point and was larger than the cage would allow.

“Slap his penis Ma’am and don’t be shy.” My wife slapped my cock hard and sent pain through my body. At his urging, she did it again and again until my semi was gone. She was weeping and apologetic. I was crying and couldn’t even look at her.

“Put some of this lubrication on his penis, it will help it slide into the cage.” She greased my abused dick and stuffed it into the cage and the contraption slid together. “Here’s my favorite part. Being caged is just so humbling.”

He handed my wife a little padlock that slipped through the hole of the middle post. That little tiny click it made was a hard thing to here. I looked down at my poor genitals and felt completely emasculated. This man had taken away my manhood, at least for the duration of his torture, with one little click. Where was the key? I’m sure he was coveting it and relishing in my submissiveness. My balls ached and I felt completely uncomfortable.

“Ma’am, what is one thing that really gets your man going? Really, turns him on?”

She thought for a moment and then told him that I loved it when she bit my nipples. It was true, a nice little chomp on my nipples made my dick go from soft to hard in no time.

“Well, let’s try it. I know under these circumstances that it may not work but go on, bite his nipples like he likes. Don’t stop until I say so.”

My wife stepped forward and touched my face with sympathy and then bent over. She placed her mouth over my nipple and flicked it with her tongue and I felt a twinge in my cock. That sick fuck wanted me to get hard and why was she doing it so well. Then she nibbled a bit with more tongue before taking my now erect nipple between her teeth and giving me a good bite. Shamefully, blood rushed into my cock and began to grow only it couldn’t. It pressed against its plastic confines with nowhere to go. I groaned as my trapped cock throbbed. This guy was fucking sick and my wife was just going to town on my nipples, shifting from one to the other. She wasn’t even trying to go easy for me. I began to cry.

“Now Mister, there’s no reason to cry. Okay Ma’am, that’s enough. Look at your Mister’s poor little penis trying to escape from that cage.”

She looked down at my penis and now I felt completely shamed. How could this be happening to me?

“Okay, Ma’am, why don’t you have a seat. Mister you just turn yourself around while I talk to your wife.”

I reluctantly turned around. What was he going to do to her? Make her suck his dick?

“Now Ma’am, you are going to be asked a difficult question but you absolutely have to answer because I don’t want to have to get violent. So, let me explain what is going to happen here tonight and once explained I will ask you the question and you will have to make a decision okay?”

“Yes Sir.”

“As you can plainly see, I have a large, very hard erection and I want to relieve it, especially because just before coming here I took two of those little blue pills to make sure I would be able to perform. Now, I’ve worked very hard to build my stamina so I’m ready to really start pounding away at something. And once I’ve finished with that I’m going to want to do it all over again and probably in the opposite end of where I was. You know what I’m saying? I also love improvisation and so I also want someone to help me insert this here bowling pin into the other person. In a roundabout way, I’m saying that one of you will take my above average penis from behind, in which I will ejaculate, and then that same person will take my penis into their mouth, in which I will ejaculate again. While the mouth is being used, I will need the help of the other person to insert this bowling pin and if it’s you it will be your sweet vagina but if it’s your man, it will be in his ass. I hope you understand all that I’ve said because now you get to answer my question. Will it be you who gets to experience the pleasure of my manhood, to be filled with my sperm and then take a bowling pin up inside them or will it be your chaste husband?”

What a sick bastard. I was shaking with fear and anger, afraid to turn around so as to not provoke him any further. Making my wife make this insane decision was outrageous. She was really crying now. I felt sick to my stomach. Guilt rose inside of me as I wished she would take the raping and not punish me. She had to, damn it. She was a fucking woman, made to take dicks. How could I wish that, how could I wish she to be raped?

“Please oh please…” And then she was screaming.

I turned around and that bastard had her by the hair all twisted. He wielded his knife and turned towards me.

“If I were you I would stop right there Mister!” His voiced boomed over her pleas. He eased his grip on her and brought his knife closer to her. “Ma’am, it is highly recommended that you decide right now. Is it going to be you are him?”

She wept and murmured something.

“I didn’t quite hear that Ma’am.” The pleasure in his voice was apparent.

“Him.” She said and wouldn’t look at me. She wouldn’t fucking look at me. I hated her in that moment with her crying and carrying on. Why the hell did she do this to me? The thought of this man penetrating me was horrendous. I desperately wanted to say something but he still held onto her and he still had that knife. He pushed her away from him into the couch where she covered her face and wept. Quickly, he rose and was behind me.

“You’re wife don’t think much of you does she?”

I said nothing but received no punishment. It was rhetorical and it pleased him to taunt me.

“Ma’am, if you know what is good for you, you will cut that crying out and give me a hand.” She looked up at him but still would not look at me. “Go to my bag and bring me that leather contraption.”

She got up from the couch and went to his bag. She pulled out this big leather thing that had all sorts of buckles on it. She brought it to him and she was instructed to stay there and help.

“Mister, I am going to cut this rope of your wrists and if you so much as make a move please do expect to experience an incredible amount of pain.”

The ropes were cut from my wrists and momentarily they were free. Then he instructed my wife to slip the leather sleeve over my arms. He helped my wife pull the contraption tighter. A leather strap was brought around my shoulders and apparently fastened to the device that bound my arms behind me. The man set his knife down and began tightening all of the buckles. I was in some pain as the tightening process brought my shoulders back and my arms closer together. Finally, he was finished with his bindings. He went to his bag and grabbed a sheath for his blade. I was incapacitated, no longer any sort of threat. “Ma’am, go back to my bag and get that spider looking thing. It’s called a spider gag and we are going to put it in your husband’s mouth, make sure his teeth stay out of the way when he gets a good face raping.”

She came back with yet another medieval looking piece of equipment and went to hand it to our captor.

“Oh no Ma’am, I would like for you to put the ring in his mouth.”

She came to the front of me and finally looked into my eyes. I knew she was so scared and helpless and an incredible pain was on her face but I couldn’t help but hate her.

“You bitch!” I seethed. I couldn’t help it. I was about to be fucking raped. She, without hesitation, slapped me across the face and it hurt bad. I was stunned and she forced the ring into my mouth, gaping it just about as wide as I could open my mouth. The man laughed, grabbed the gag straps and fastened them tightly behind my head. I trembled at the thought of what I looked like. Completely helpless, my dick in some kind of medieval entrapment and my arms bound behind my back. My face was wet with tears and my mouth forced open. My wife stood helpless, yet completely free, next to me. Apparently she was deemed as non-threatening as me.

My tormentor grabbed me by my bound arms and forced me to walk backwards. My wife was instructed to follow along. He brought me to the couch and forced me face down over the arm rest. I was about to be raped.

“Ma’am, go grab my bag and bring it here.”

She did as she was told. The man walked around the table and grabbed me by my hair and raised me level with his pulsing dick. This was it, I was about to get a cock in my mouth.

“I just like to show my study participants what they are about to receive before it penetrates them. This is a real man’s penis Mister. Nine inches from tip to base and about seven and three-quarter inches around the meatiest part. This is the kind of penis that would never find itself caged and locked. It is the Alpha.”

I looked at the cock with disgust. The way he talked about it like I wasn’t a man too. Then he let go of my head and it fell onto the couch. He went to his bag that my wife was holding and pulled out a huge bottle of lubricant. He was going to put that thing in my ass.

“Ma’am, hold out your hands.”

She complied and he squeezed an ample amount of lube into her hands. He looked at his erection and she knew what to do. She put her hands around his thick shaft and began coating his rod. It was glistening brilliantly and he was enjoying the handjob. I never got handjobs from her and I felt like he knew that somehow. He instructed her to not stop until he said. When he had enough he made her walk with him behind me. I felt a cool liquid running down the crack of my ass. My wife was instructed to grease my ass and to pay particular attention to my asshole. Her little fingers massaged my anus shooting betraying waves of pleasure to my caged cock. I groaned in agony as once again my erection was constrained by my cage. At his command, she pushed a finger into me. It was the first time anything had ever gone in that hole and it was weird. I felt like she was on his side now, somehow this was all a setup. I knew that it wasn’t but why was she so complacent.

“Alright Ma’am I think that’s good.”

She spoke.

“Why are you doing this to us?” Her voice was strained and weepy.

There was a moment of silence. She had irritated him.

“Now Ma’am, normally I would have laid you out by speaking out of turn but you ask an excellent question. Just don’t let it happen again, you hear?” His voice was stern. In my mind, he should have laid her out. I mean what the fuck kind of torment is happening to her? A handjob and playing with her husbands asshole?

“As I said earlier, I am a bit of a hobby psychologist and to think of how all of tonight’s events are really going to impact the rest of your lives is really exciting and interesting, I mean, really interesting. Look at what is happening here. Being able to defend yourself and your home, protect and provide for your wife is a man’s most primal need. Now look at your husband, how could he have let any of this happen? He’s trying to defend his home with a bowling pin! And now, here he lays, defenseless, weak, his arms pinned behind him, his pitiful penis locked behind a cage that his own wife put on him, and now he’s about to be penetrated by another man. If you can’t perform the most primal functions of man then really what kind of man are you?”

I felt him rest his monstrous dick on my backside and I shuddered. A weak, long groan escape from my throat. My jaw was aching from being stretched so far apart from the gag. His long shaft was gliding back and forth between my lubed up ass cheeks. I yelped a little as he rested the head of his dick against my virgin hole. This was really going to happen and there was nothing I could do. I was saying no in my mind but what came out of my mouth sounded like a grunting cave man.

“Ooohh! OH! OoooooHH.” Without the consonant you would almost think I was moaning with pleasure.

“What I am doing now is permanently establishing the relationship between myself and your husband. You see in any relationship there is a dominant individual and a submissive individual. In day to day interactions between two people it can be hard to immediately pinpoint who is who but in some cases it becomes glaringly apparent right off the bat. I am the Alpha Male in this relationship and all of my relationships. Your husband, well he’s a sissy. An Alpha Male will take what he wants and when he wants and the little sissy will let him.”

While my wife stood and watched as the twisted fuck pressed his fat dick against my hole and started to penetrate me. I clenched my sphincter the best that I could but it was useless. The big prick was stretching my anus painfully open. I was crying with humiliation and pain and an uncontrollable groan of escaped from my throat. I didn’t believe in God but I was now praying for an end to this horrible ordeal. My rapist was pushing his erect dick slowly farther into me, splitting my poor anus wider open with each slow centimeter.

“Your husband will never be able to see himself as anything but inferior to other real men from now one.” He talked as another inch of cock filled my virgin ass. “See, now, he doesn’t even try and fight. He is not completely broken but nearly so.” How much more could he put inside of me? “Ohh…mm…I just love taking away another man’s manhood, breaking him and making him a sissy bitch. Look at how my cock stretches his virgin ass open and it feels so good. So tight and so much more to go.”

“oohoohh…ooooo” I groaned.

“Your’re doing good Mister.” He smacked me on my ass. “Don’t worry I love to take it slow at the beginning, I love the way a virgin ass twitches tightly around my penis and it makes it less painful and perhaps more enjoyable for you.”


“I’m not like those barbarians out there that just rape women, or men I suppose, in some alley, just humping away at a person like a sex toy and then leaving. The physical damage they cause their victims can be deplorable. Strangle bruises, torn vaginal or anal tissue. They don’t even enjoy the experience, it’s just a power trip and that’s all. What’s happening here is not rape, no. This is a psychological experiment and as the conductor of the experiment as well as a willing participant, it is my duty to make sure that the other participants remain physically unharmed. This study is about the emotional impact a traumatic experience will cause the test subjects.”

The twisted man pushed more of his swollen cock into my ass and I cried out in pain. He stopped and let my poor behind acclimate itself to the intrusion. As my muscles clenched and relaxed the man behind me groaned. He pushed more inside of me and the stretching stopped as my asshole accepted the main girth of his dick and it slid deep inside of me. The sensation was overwhelming and I felt ashamed at the sense of relief I felt as the pressure of him stretching me open subsided. He pulled on my hips and pressed himself tight against me, one hundred percent of his manhood inside of me.

“Ahhhahhhhahh…” I groaned.

“Not so bad is it Mister? I must say you have such a nice tight ass and you took all nine inches quite well. Ma’am, congratulate your sissy husband.”

She was crying and said nothing when I heard a slap and a scream. He had hit her for not responding which only caused her to cry more. I struggled against my bindings and screamed through the ring gag and began crying myself. His held onto my hip tight with one hand and as I writhed my ass massaged his dick.

“Stop your crying and congratulate your sissy husband on taking such a big penis!”

“Con-congratulations.” She sobbed.

“Now, who and for what?”

“Congratulations my sissy husband for taking such a big penis.” She was nearly whispering.

“I don’t think Mister heard you Ma’am.”

“Congratulations sissy husband for taking such a big penis.” She spoke fast and louder with a hint of anger.

“Better watch your tone Ma’am, after all, it’s you who chose to be free while your sissy husband gets taken. It was you, a woman, who decided that her husband should be turned sissy by a real man with real muscles and a real penis. It was you who locked your husband’s penis in a cage. You must not think to highly of him after all, as previously stated, you are a woman. Your body is designed to be penetrated and could easily handle this penis and for that matter the bowling pin that you yourself will use on your sissy husband’s behind. This is the last warning for you, talk out of turn or don’t do what is asked of you and not only will I hit you again, I will beat your husband to a vegetative state and you’ll be changing his diapers for the rest of your life. You understand?”

“Yes sir.” She didn’t hesitate and sounded immediately obedient and god I hated her. He was fucking right. She could have taken the raping and still have her womanhood while more and more my manhood was being taken away.

“That’s more like it Ma’am. No stand over here, shut your mouth and watch your sissy husband get plowed.”

I yelped as his cock slowly stretched my ass in the opposite direction. He pulled nearly all of his cock out before slowly working back deep into me. His motion was fluid now and it was now official, I was being fucked. He had a slow pace and time seemed to move slowly. After pleasuring himself for a long time he withdrew from me, just his head penetrating me and slammed the entire length into me rocking me forward and causing me a painful yell. He laughed with glee and proceeded to repeat the hard thrusting, slow removal over and over. There was nothing I could do but weep and yell. The pace picked up and soon I was being screwed at a steady pace, my groans kept the time.


Over and over again my ass took the punishment. My arms were numb and my jaw ached. A stream of drool was hanging from my mouth. It felt like it was never going to end. I tried to find a space in my mind that was far away from my reality but I was continually brought back by the rapist’s balls slapping against my perineum. The thrusting continued and slowly began to quicken. My hair was pulled hard and I reared up with a scream. He twisted my arms to the side and pushed against my lower back with his other hand. I was nearly standing, my back arched, my chest flared out and he assaulted my ass with speed and vigor. He was building up and about to cum. Please, I thought, not inside of me. He slammed forcefully over and over and began grunting. His body and my ass slapped loudly together.


He cock was harder than ever as he penetrated himself deep into me and held himself there. Oh God, I could feel his cock pulsing with blood and then erupt. He grunted loudly as his semen pumped into my bowels. Another load continued to fill my insides while he held on tight to my twisted body. A third and fourth load followed and I wondered how much semen this guy could possibly have. He let go of me and my body dropped abruptly to the couch. His shaft twitched inside of me and one final load joined the previous four. I was used and humiliated. To think of a man’s cock and cum inside of me made me sick. I wanted to cry again but I was beyond being able to.

“Oh Mister, thank you. That was some of the best sissy vagina I’ve ever had. Wow.” He held his cock inside of me and amazingly it was still hard. “You see Ma’am, when a sissy takes a real man’s semen in his behind he is forever connected with that man. The function of the digestive system, all the way down to the anus, is to break down and absorb material as it passes. So a real man’s sperm actually becomes absorbed into the body of a sissy. Forever, you sissy husband will be my sissy and it is particularly nice that he was a virgin and I was the first to break him in.”

He was fucking crazy. He slowly withdrew his still erect cock from my ass and I was soon empty. It was nearly as strange of a feeling as it was having his dick in there. I groaned with relief. ‘Please just leave me alone now’ I silently pled.

“Now Ma’am, you have to go and get that bowling pin there and you personally will be responsible for filling up your sissy husband’s ass with it.”

I was begging through my gaping mouth. He was nuts, a goddamn bowling pin. I saw his body come into view and he knelt on the couch before me. Grabbing onto the sides of my head raised me up to come eye to eye with his cock. It was going to go into my mouth. It glistened with cum and lube. Without hesitation the dick was in my mouth and I had no fight in me. He rested the tip on my tongue. I was tasting his sperm and I wanted to gag.

“Wow don’t you swirl your tongue around a bit Mister, get a good taste of your ass and my sperm.”

I didn’t hesitate. This guy was going to get what he wanted and hopefully not beat me or worse kill me. My tongue explored the monster head and as it danced around his shaft he leaked small amounts of cum into my mouth.

“Ma’am, your going to want to lube that thing up a lot if you want it to go in your sissy husband’s butt.”

I heard her squeeze the lube out. It was like the sound of a ketchup bottle. She was behind me now and I found enough tears to start crying again. The bowling pin pressed against my abused ass and I winced. It was cold and hard. It was my wife doing it to me.

“You look hesitant Ma’am. It’s going to be okay, the sphincter is an amazing muscle. Usually I would make the woman go and get a vibrator since they always have one but the bowling pin was just too perfect. You want to go slow and with steady pressure and don’t dare stop. Slow and steady, the sphincter will take it.”

The bowling pin pressed up against me and at first my ass accepted it but quickly the intense pressure of such an object was overpowering. There was no fucking way I could take it. My wife pressed it firmly against me, not really pushing it in just letting my ass get used to the girth. The cock in my mouth started rocking back and forth across my tongue. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on relaxation but soon felt a smack on the back of my head.

“Mister, keep those eyes open and enjoy the view. Why don’t you look up at me and show me how much you are loving this.”

I looked up at his evil face and he had a big grin.

“That’s a good sissy. Whenever I look at you you had better be looking at me.” Then he looked over to my wife. “Now a penis from a real man in the butt, well that certainly is enough to make you a sissy. A penis in the mouth though, well that makes your husband a sissy slut now doesn’t it? I mean, there’s a reason why many woman don’t please a man orally. Your mouth is where you express yourself, it’s where you can communicate intellectually with others. By sticking a penis in someone’s mouth you are effectively telling that person to shut up. You are letting them know that they are submissive and inferior.” He slid his cock a little deeper as he spoke. “Having a man ejaculate into your mouth is probably the most humiliating thing for a virgin sissy. In time though, a sissy does learn her place and will seek out a superior man’s sperm.”

I couldn’t even comprehend the sick fuck’s logic. His hardon pressed into the opening of my throat and then slid out again dripping with saliva that I couldn’t swallow because of the gag in my mouth. He was being intentionally slow and I had the sinking feeling that he was allowing the back of my throat to become used to his rod. Unbelievably, the pressure on my anus grew and I knew that it was slowly allowing the bowling pin entrance to my insides. It was incredibly uncomfortable but it never went away, my wife silently kept the pin pressed against me. The dick in my mouth was cutting off my air flow every time it slid in. I was desperately trying to relax without gagging on it. A constant primal groan was coming from within me. I caught a deep breath before the cock pressed into my throat. He held it there and kept holding it there. He was going to suffocate me with his dick. That’s how I was going to die. And then he pulled out and I was gagging and gasping for breath.

“Mister, you really need to relax because you are going to take this penis down your throat, understand?” He looked down at me and I was looking at him as commanded.

“Yeh hir.” I was weak and he was right, I was his bitch.

With that small amount of submission he was back working my throat. He was training me. The cock would press into my throat and then pull out. I gagged and coughed and drooled all over the thick member a number of times and I was trying hard to relax but who the fuck can relax when they are getting raped by a monster and a bowling pin. Despite my obvious agony he kept jamming the thing into my mouth. He wasn’t going deeper, just continually holding it back there longer. Unbelievably, I was beginning to lose the urge to gag and was timing the penetrations with large gulps of air.

The pressure against my anus was unrelenting. How long was this going to go on? My sphincter gave a little more but the pin was not in yet.

“How’s he doing over there Ma’am?”

“I don’t think he’s going to be able to take this. I’m going to hurt him.”

He laughed. “Oh, trust me Ma’am, he will be able to take it just keep that pressure on.”

“Yes sir.” She meekly replied.

Hanging on to my hair with one hand he continued to fuck my mouth and reached underneath me a grabbed my nipple hard and twisted it. He kept teasing me this way and to my astonishment my poor caged cock began to strain painfully against it’s confines. It was all too much and I felt like I was going to pass out from the shear agony of the evening. The cock in my mouth was now attempting further exploration of my throat and I struggled to keep my gag down. With every new thrust, the fleshy meat in my mouth was going deeper but he didn’t hold it there long. That was helping with my gag reflex. A little at a time.

The bowling pin pressed further into my reluctant yet accepting ass. I felt more of it stretch me further and I wanted to scream but all I could do was cry. The man switched hands and tweaked hard on my other nipple. The dick pressed into my throat. If my mouth were able to function like a mouth you would have heard my scream OH MY GOD at the top of my lungs. My ass had taken the last of the girth and the pin slid easily into my ass. And I fucking came! I fucking came despite the restraints on my dick and the betraying orgasm was harder and longer than any I had ever had. What the fuck?! I was shuddering in painful ecstasy, completely ashamed and humiliated.

“Wow! Ma’am, I did your husband just ejaculate on the floor?” He withdrew himself and rested while I caught my breath.

“Oh my god, he did…he took it and came.” Was that amazement or disappointment? What a bitch.

“I told you your husband was a sissy. It looked like quite the orgasm. Imagine that, his little penis caged and all. A man who can ejaculate through penetration, well, that’s no man at all. More of a woman, but not quite. A sissy. Don’t you agree Ma’am?”

“Yes sir.” I think she did.

“Why don’t you let that bowling pin hang there and scoop up that sperm and feed it to him.” He withdrew his dick from my opening.

“Yes sir.” At last she sounded reluctant.

Gently, she released the pin and there it hung, gravity pulling it down putting pressure on my insides. She was doing it. She was going to feed me my own cum. She was now standing in front of me. I was commanded to look at her in the eyes. It was so hard to hold that gaze. What was she thinking? I couldn’t read her now, I felt like I didn’t even know her. She stuck her fingers in my mouth and I was told to lick her fingers, to clean them thoroughly. I did and my own cum was on my taste buds. I lapped at her fingers as she wiggled them around so I could get all of the cum she had saved from the floor. My cum. When she withdrew she was told to return to her position and begin fucking me with the bowling pin but to not take it out until she was told. Back in position, the cock in my mouth now thrust frantically at my throat.


The sound of my throat being fucked must have been music to the sadist’s ear. My ass was being stretched and unstretched by my wife’s own doing. The smaller shaft of the pin didn’t feel like anything compared to the huge head it had and what went in must come out. I was dreading it. In my mouth, the cock had slowed and I was once again being prepped for the inevitable deepthroat he meant for me to perform. He was patient and methodical and I could tell he had trained many. My sore throat was becoming more accepting of the cock. Further it reached and he complimented every new depth I attained. I took a deep breath as the dick came at me once again and this time he pressed hard into me. My throat was opening for him and he was nearly there. It wasn’t his goal this time though. In my throat he gave six or seven little thrust, he was literally throat fucking me. His pleasure was audibly confirmed with low grunting and growling. He pulled out and I gasped for air and only gagged a little. Another deep breath and he was at it again. His hardness reached my throat and kept coming. A huge cock was lodged in my throat and I was squirming in desperation. Then his balls hit my chin. I could no longer see him but I know he was looking at me with a grin and a hint of pride.

“Now that’s nice. Ma’am come around here again and watch your pathetic sissy husband take this penis all the way down his throat.” He pulled out entirely and let me breath and choke.

My wife once again left the pin hanging and came around. I was looking at her but she was watching the dick re-enter my mouth. Her eyes grew wide as my nose filled with pubic hair and his clean shaven balls once again rested on my chin.

“It feels so good. Maybe better than a vagina or virgin ass. Ma’am, do you think you could take a penis like mine all the way into your throat?”

“No sir.” She wouldn’t look at me. That bitch wouldn’t look at me. It was true. She would rarely even give a blowjob to me. I wanted him to make her take his dick so bad.

“Well, I imagine that this sissy here always wanted a deepthroat she just didn’t know she was going to be the one to give it.”

I was completely out of air and just as I thought I may faint he took the cock from my throat and allowed me some air. My wife was instructed to continue her assault on my anus and to withdraw the pin when she was instructed. My mouth once again became a dick receptacle and he was fucking me once again with all out abandon. I gurgled on my own spit as the raping proceeded. Once again I sensed he was building to a climax and as he grunted the cock pushed into the back of my throat one final time.”

“Pull out, pull it out!” He was yelling at my wife and my ass stretched just as painfully as before trying to clutch on tightly, not wanting to give up the object.


He was laughing as his cock bulged and spewed a fat load of cum into my throat. I could feel it’s warmth as it coated my esophagus. He was pulling out as another load hit my throat. As he came, the bowling pin stretched me open wide and I shuddered through yet another orgasm. I was cumming hard just as the man in front of me unloaded a stream of cum on my face. I yelled as the pin popped out of me and more cum fell on the floor below me. Holy shit he had so much cum. Two more loads were dumped on my face. He was dripping with sweat as he held onto my hair..

“Look at what a little sissy sperm dump you’ve become. And you came again!” He was smiling as he rose to his feet. “Ma’am, take a picture of your sissy husband’s face.”

My wife left the room and came back quickly with her phone. I looked at her and she snapped multiple pictures of my destroyed face. When she finished she was instructed to send them to him and he gave her his phone number. She complied and was then told to remove the gag from my mouth and to clean the cum on my face and feed it too me. She did as she was expected to do. The gag was removed and my poor jaw ached. I was speechless and broken as I sucked the cum from her fingers and swallowed every bit of the cum that she fed me. When she finished he let go of my head and I once again collapsed to the couch but not for long. He pulled on my arm binding and roughly swung me around. He pushed me to my knees and holding onto my arms pushed my face close to the floor.

“A good sissy cleans up after herself, right sissy?”

“Yes sir.” I croaked through my sore throat and began licking up my cum from the hardwood. How could I have cum so much and two times?

When I finished eating my own cum I raised my broken body and looked up into the lens of a video camera. The rapist held it in his hands now and was filming me.

“Can you state your name and what you are?”

I didn’t even hesitate, this had to be close to the end. “My name is John Morris and I am a sissy Sir.”

“Where do you live Mr. Morris?”

“I live at 435 Sunny Drive Sir.”

“How many times did you orgasm tonight?”

Jesus. “I orgasmed twice sir.”

“You came two times even in your pathetic caged penis? Why?”

“Yes Sir, because I am a sissy.” I lowered my head. He chuckled to himself and turned off the camera.

My wife was instructed to release me from my arm restraints. She struggled with them for awhile and I could hear my captor gathering his things and dressing himself. It was over and I was raped into submission but alive. I finally felt the my arms becoming free. My shoulders ached and I had no feeling in them and they collapsed beside me. I rolled onto my side into a fetal position on the floor and began sobbing uncontrollably. My ass was full of cum and pain. My jaw and throat were so sore and my mouth tasted of semen. How could I have let this happen to me? My wife sat next to me but did nothing to comfort me. I hated her so much right then but I couldn’t move and I could not stop sobbing. I stared blankly at the bowling pin lying on the floor.

“Well, you have been great test subjects I must say and we are all getting out of this ordeal knowing a little bit more about ourselves.”

His words flowed into my ears as he stood towering over us completely dressed and packed. He was leaving. “As promised, I am going to leave you a stipend. One thousand dollars right here in this envelope.” A heavy envelope was tossed onto the countertop. He picked up the gag and arm binders off the floor. “Now, I’m taking these but you can keep the chastity cage. Consider it a gift from me. She obviously has no problem having an orgasm in that thing so I see no need to take it off. I do expect some of your participation money to buy a new gag and some more appropriate female clothing for this sissy. Ma’am?”

My wife looked up and he motioned for her to stand up and come closer. She moved in close and he was handing her something.

“I am going to make you your sissy’s Keyholder. As a keyholder, you will wear it around your neck at all times and never allow the sissy to have it in her possession. I am expecting you Ma’am to send me a picture of that caged penis within two minutes of me asking for it. If she is not with you she will have to send it to you and then you will send it to me. If you fail to do this within the allotted time I will make this video available to anyone you know. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.” She seemed calm and compliant while she took the key. It was on a silver chain and she put it around her neck. The brass key hung on her chest dipping into her cleavage. He stepped closer to her and they never lost eye contact.

“You will remove the cage tomorrow and let the sissy shave herself properly. All good sissies should be completely hairless, their whole bodies. Immediately after showering and shaving you will send me a picture before you put the cage back on and another right after. At no time should you think of taking it off unless you have been instructed by me or there will be consequences, understand? I would hate to see this video get emailed to all of your family, friends and co-workers. Do you know what I am saying?”

He took another step closer and she looked up at him. “Yes Sir.”

His hand reached out between her legs and a smile broke out on his face. She never flinched and i saw her body quiver. She stared at him and moaned. He worked his hand between her legs and soon she was panting like a dog.

“Ohhhhhh…my…GAAHHHD!” She was cumming into his hand. She reached out and held onto him screaming in ecstasy. He pulled her in close with his other arm and while she finished her orgasm he pressed his lips against hers and kissed her deep. She moaned deep and returned the rough kiss. He pulled away and I could see his teeth held her tongue and pulled it from her mouth. When he let go, she collapsed against the counter and then fell to her knees. He put his pussy soaked fingers in her mouth and she sucked her own juices from them. He walked away without another word and left the house. I closed my eyes and laid there shivering for a long time. I had no idea, even then, how much my life had changed and was going to change.

Somewhere, in a far room, my wife’s phone text tone chimed.

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Alan wrote

Loved it. I wondered whether he set it up or she did. One of them wishing to introduce the husband’s true place in their marriage.

Robert wrote

I wish I was the sissy taking cock cum and the bowling pin in my sissy ass pussy : Awesome now I would be locked in chastity for the rest of my sissy life: