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Emma’s Rules

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I looked up at Emma’s beautiful body, marveling at its perfection. She is athletic and toned with pert B-cup breasts which were quivering. Her face is heart-shaped and crowned with thick ash-blond hair cut to a medium length. Her eyes were closed, and her pink lipped mouth was open. I let my gaze travel down her smooth creamy flesh noting the trimmed line of her pubic hair. God I was going to miss her!

My cock was thick and hard inside her, as I lay on my back. She paused and opened her eyes, looking down at me.

‘John, I gotta say something.’

‘Okay, but quick or I’ll come!’

‘You can slow down.’

‘I’ll try.’

‘You must promise me, that while I’m away…’

‘Yes?’ Just then I would promise her anything.

‘While I’m away, you wont bring any other girls home!’

‘Oh. Okay.’

‘And your cock isn’t allowed into any other pussy!’


‘You must promise!’

‘Okay, I promise!’

‘And you must be nice to my mum!’

‘Okay, whatever you want.’

She leaned down and gave me a big passionate kiss.

‘Now fuck me!’

With that she began riding me, moving up and down my cock, and gasping. Her eyes were closed again, as I pushed hard into her.

‘Oh, oh, oh… that’s good…oh oh!’

It was a really nice hard fuck, it felt like it could go on forever. I am not sure how many times Emma came, but my last was a glorious explosion.

At last we lay back entwined together, falling into sleep.

* * * * * * *

Emma and I are both research students, at the local university. Well it is her local, but it is far away from my parents’ home. She and I are both 23 years old. Since we became an item I have moved in with her. As she lives at home, that means sharing the house with her mum. It is great for me because not only do I get to be with Emma, but also it is rent-free.

The problem arose when Emma was given this fabulous opportunity to spend 6 months doing her research at another university. All expenses paid. The trouble was it was in Australia, the other side of the world! Well she could hardly refuse it.

Emma’s mum Jane and I had returned from seeing Emma off at the airport. It was quite an emotional business. We had traveled in Jane’s Mercedes. She is a wealthy widow, and her house is large and well appointed. Emma’s dad had died suddenly 4 years ago, and it had taken them a while to get over it.

Jane looks a lot like Emma. She has the same thick ash blond hair, although hers is if anything more luxuriant than her daughter’s. She is slim and elegant with delicate wrists and ankles. Her face is perfectly symmetrical, with a demure mouth and a twinkle in her eyes. At 42 she looks at least 10 years younger, as she takes care to stay healthy, fit and trim.

Although we got on perfectly well together it was not clear that I was going to be able to stay on the same rent-free basis if I wasn’t there to be with Emma. It was tricky. I resolved to be as nice as possible and to make myself useful, by helping all I could. I would see if I could make myself indispensable!

My first effort in that direction was to offer to help with the grocery-shopping trip planned for that afternoon. So I accompanied Jane to the supermarket, carried stuff, wheeled the trolley and loaded the car. She seemed to like having me in tow, and at her beck and call.

Before returning we stopped off at a coffee shop for cappuccinos. Jane was wearing an elegant floral dress, with a kind of Audrey Hepburn line to it. She looked quite classy.

‘Well John,’ said Jane, ‘what are we going to do with you? I suppose you’d like to stay on until Emma returns.’

‘Well, yes I would, if that is possible.’

Jane was about to reply when a figure loomed behind her and spoke to me. It was a guy I worked with at the university.

‘Hey man, how’s it going?’

‘Oh it’s okay.. eh good really.’

‘Sorry to hear that Emma has gone. Still Australia- hey it’s a great opportunity.’

‘Yeah, it is.’

‘And who is this? Let me guess. Oh I can see now. It is Emma’s sister. Didn’t know she had a sister.’

‘Well actually, it’s…’

‘Got to rush man. See you back at work.’ And he left in a flurry.

I smiled wanly at Jane.

‘Sorry about that! He’s a bit uncouth!’

She smiled.

‘Well its nice to be mistaken for Emma’s sister. At my age you need complements like that.’

‘I am sure you must get them all the time.’

She smiled again. I think she liked being flattered. It had certainly put her in a better mood.

‘We were talking about you, and if you were going to stay on.’

‘Yes, I’m happy to contribute, you know, around the house and stuff.’

‘I could certainly do with some help. I’ll give it some thought.’

‘Thank you.’

‘Don’t thank me to soon! You haven’t heard what I’m going to require from you.’ She smiled to herself rubbing her hands together, the prospect seemed to amuse her.

As she drove us home she was humming to herself and was obviously much happier than she had been earlier in the day. I unloaded the groceries for her when we arrived, musing over her remarks. She employed a cleaner so it wasn’t basic housework she was expecting. I wondered what she was going to require of me.

I found out a bit more later that day. She announced that she was going out for the evening. I was to clear up the kitchen. And there was a basket of laundry to be sorted through. Some stuff was mine, some was Emma’s and some was hers. She thought I knew were everything was kept, so I should have no difficulty in putting it away.

Well, I suppose clearing the dishes in the kitchen was the kind of thing I had expected. But putting away the laundry was not what I had anticipated. Nonetheless I got on with it. I put the clothing into three piles, and then did the easy stuff first. I knew where all mine went and I had a pretty good idea about Emma’s. The remainder had to be Jane’s.

I took it into her bedroom. It is a stylish and well appointed room with a large bed, a dressing table, a desk and an armchair, not to mention a luxurious en-suite bathroom. And of course there were closets and chests of drawers to put things away in. A lot of her stuff was unremarkable and easy to locate- hanging up skirts and dresses and so forth. But her underwear gave me pause for thought. It was variously colored, a lot of it black or plum colored, and frilly or lacey. There were half cup bras, and high leg knickers. And there were thongs! As I imagined her wearing them she began to seem like one very sexy lady!

Of course once I had put them away I had no excuse for looking through other drawers. But I thought what the hell I’m here on my own and curious, so it would do no harm to just have a quick look. So I did.

Well in one drawer I found basques, suspenders belts and teddies, all black or plum colored. And in another there were sex toys- vibrators, a rabbit and what I imagined was a butt-plug! And a horse crop! Wow.

I thought I had better stop, as I was becoming quite aroused by what I was imagining Jane’s doing. But I did have a look in the desk drawer. There was a photography album, with pictures of Jane, mostly conventional ones of holidays and so forth. But I had just found ones of Jane in a skimpy bikini, when I heard the door opening. A quick glimpse was all I needed to see what a beautiful sexy lady she is. I put it away quickly, and scampered down stairs.

Jane was in the hallway, hanging up her jacket. She was wearing a black blouse and a tight black skirt which came to mid-thigh. Her legs were covered by flesh colored stockings and she had on black high heels.

“Hi Jane,’ I said cheerily, ‘pleasant evening?’

“Yeah it was okay. Saw some good friends.’

‘Can I get you anything?’

‘Hmm, a whisky would be good.’


‘Bring the decanter, and a glass for yourself too. I shall be in the sitting room.’

‘Water, or soda?”

‘No, neat is best!’

She was lounging on the settee, as I put the glasses on the coffee table and poured out our drinks. Her skirt rode up. She has sexy legs!

She took a reasonable swallow from her glass, drinking half of it. Then she reached for her bag and took out a pack of cigarettes. She lit one for herself and offered them to me.

‘No thanks.’

‘You don’t smoke?’

‘Only very occasionally.’

‘Hardly anyone does these days. And when I am driving I can hardly have more than one drink.’

She looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

‘What I need is a chauffer, someone to do the driving. You could do that John. What do you think?’

I took a drink. Her glass was empty, so I re-filled it.

‘Yeah, I’ll do that. I am at your command.’

‘Yes, you are that. Mine to command!’ She smiled to herself. ‘What else could I get you to do?’ She blew cigarette smoke out from her sensual lips.

‘Whatever you want.’


‘You’re in charge.’

She stubbed out her cigarette, and took another swallow of whisky.

‘Do you think smoking leaves a taste in your mouth?’

‘I suppose so.’

‘Well I need to check it out.’


‘Come here and tell me.’

I went and sat down beside her.

‘Now kiss me!’

I gave her a demure peck on the lips. She looked at me obviously exasperated.

‘No, not like that.’ With that she held my head and administered a deep kiss with lots of tongue, pressing our faces together. It was very arousing.

‘Well? Could you taste cigarettes?’

‘Yes, a bit. It was good. Any way I am not sure how you taste without ciggies.’

‘We shall have to carry out further experiments.’ With that she kissed me again. And then she did it some more. Her hand brushed the front of my trousers where my erection was pushing.

‘Are you getting turned on?’ She took another drink.


‘Good. Well you just remember who is in charge.’

‘Yes.’ I was confused. This was all quite unexpected. Then suddenly her demeanor changed and she sat back.

‘We must talk about my dear daughter.’

‘I suppose we should.’

‘What did Emma say to you before she went? She told me she had you make certain promises?’

‘Yes, she did.’

‘Well come on. Give. Tell me what she said.’ She took another drink, and I gulped mine.

‘Well, she, errr, she..’

‘Spit it out, what did you promise?’

‘I promised not to bring any girls home.’

‘Quite right too. Break that promise and you’ll have me to answer to. What else did you promise?’

‘She said I had to promise to be nice to her mum. To you.’

‘Well that’s good. Quite appropriate. Did you promise it?’

‘Yes, of course.’

‘There was something else you had to promise. She told me it was three things.’

‘Err, yes, there was something else.’

‘Well, come on, tell me!’

‘I can’t. It was intimate.’

‘You mean it was about sex?’


She leaned over and took my face in her hands and kissed me again. Her hand pressed on my trousers where my cock was pushing.

‘You’re going to tell me.’ Her hand squeezed. I was breathless.

‘Okay,’ I gasped, ‘I’ll tell you.’ She relaxed her hand.

‘Go on then!’

‘She said that my cock wasn’t to be put into any other pussy than hers.’

‘Did she! Hmm.’

Jane leaned away from me. ‘I need to think about that. Give me a hand up. ‘ I assisted her as she stood unsteadily. I think she had got a bit drunk.

‘Take off your shirt. I need to look at you.’

‘What!’ I was surprised by this latest instruction.

‘Just do it.’ I did as I was bid and stood before her naked to the waist.

‘You look okay,’ she said. ‘you obviously work out and have no excess fat. That’s good. When you are my chauffer I shall expect you to wear black trousers and a white shirt. You have those?’


‘Good. Now you can escort me to my bedroom door. And no further!

I did as I was bid. At her door she paused and got something out of her bag.

‘I have a little bell.’ She rang it. ‘If you hear it that means I want you to come to me. Okay?’


Then she kissed me again before slipping away, leaving me feeling both confused and very aroused.

* * * * * * *

The following morning I had shaved and I was just drying off from the shower, when I heard the tinkle of her bell. I put on my bathrobe and headed out to the landing. I thought the noise had come from Jane’s room, which was at the other end of the house. I headed for it and knocked on the door.

‘Come in’.

I went in to find Jane sitting at her dressing table, brushing her hair. She was wearing a plum colored bra and matching knickers. And that was all she had on. She looked gorgeous and sexy.

‘Well don’t just stand there gaping with your mouth open. I need your assistance.’

I gulped.

‘Yes Jane…what can I do to help?’

‘I’m looking for a dress. It should be in the closet. It’s a linen dress, a kind of aubergine color. Since you’ve put stuff away I can’t find it.’

I went over to the closet, and russled around with the clothes on the rail. I pulled garments out until I found one which looked right.

‘Is this it?’

‘Yes, that’s it. Thank you.’

She held it up, and then she stood up and held it against her body.

‘What do you think? It is a light summery thing.’

‘Yes it’s going to be warm today. That should be good.’

It was three quarter length, low cut and sleeveless. I am not an expert on dresses, but I thought it could look really good.

‘I should probably not wear a bra under it. Here, you hold it.’

She handed me the dress, and proceeded to unstrap her bra. Her breasts were surprisingly firm, a full C-cup with bright pink nipples. She wiggled and they shook suggestively. Then she cupped them with her hands and pulled on the nipples. She smiled archly at me.

‘Do you agree, it would be better without a bra?’

I gulped. I was having difficulty in breathing again.

‘Yeah, that looks good.’

‘You mean without the dress?’ She stuck a finger in her mouth and looked at me quizzically.

‘Good grief Jane, you look gorgeous!’ I was completely uncool by this stage.

“Thank you kind sir! Are you just saying that or do you mean it?’

She peered at where my bathrobe had fallen open. My cock was erect again.

‘I think you mean it!’

I reached for her. The desire to touch her was almost overwhelmimg.

‘No,no,no. Get back!’

I backed away.

‘Now take off your bathrobe.’

I did as I was bid and stood before her naked.

‘Yes, you have a nice body’ she said, appraising me. She paused, and then said ‘enough of this nonsense. Be gone. I must get dressed, and so must you. I will see you downstairs.’ With that she dismissed me.

* * * * * * *

We were having coffee together after breakfast. Jane was wearing the dress, as far as I could tell without a bra. She was looking sunny and fashionable.

‘Well what are you up to today, John?’

One of the advantages of being a researcher is that you have lots of flexibility over when and how you work. As long as I have my laptop I can get on with it. I didn’t need to go into the university.

‘I have some documents to work on. I was thinking of staying here to get on with them. If that is okay.’

‘Yes, that’s fine of course.’

‘Have you got plans?’

‘I am going out this evening. I’d like you to be my chauffer. I shall need you at about 7.30, and then returning at about 11.00.’

‘Oh, okay. No problem.’

‘Good. It is a lovely sunny day. I might sunbathe later.’

With that she stretched languidly and looked at me with heavy-lidded eyes. Then she finished her coffee, and walked out onto the patio to have a cigarette.

I went to get my laptop and retreated to the study where I hoped I would be undisturbed. I had to try to stop thinking about Jane. But she was making that incredibly difficult. She was clearly toying with me, offering all this sexual come-on, and then stopping it. I found it very difficult to control myself. But I knew that if I failed to do what she wanted I would be out on my ear. There was no doubt that she was in control, and calling the shots.

I immersed myself in work, and eventually managed to put her out of my mind. I worked through the morning and only paused briefly for a lunch snack. I was back at my laptop early afternoon when I heard the tinkle of Jane’s bell. Now what did she want?

I trudged through the house to find her. Eventually I found that she was on the patio at the rear of the house. It was a gloriously sunny and warm day. She was lying on a recliner, wearing a bikini. It was dark red, just about big enough to cover her bottom. I could see no more as she was lying on her stomach. The color contrasted with the creamy light gold of her skin. Yet again I was impressed by just how beautiful and glamorous she looked.

The house has a large garden and is not overlooked. The position was very private and perfect for sunbathing. I cleared my throat.

‘Hi Jane. You tinkled your bell.’

‘Ah there you are John! Be a honey and get me a nice long glass of juice, with ice, will you?’

I did as she bid, and returned shortly, giving her the glass and sitting down beside her. I had made a drink for myself too, which I sipped.

‘Thank you. You’re a sweetie!’

‘You’re welcome.’

‘How’s work going?’

‘I’ve made good progress.’

‘Well, if you’d like a break, you could spend a few minutes out here with me. Give your brain a rest.’


Although I was not finding my time spent with Jane restful. Usually it was disturbingly arousing.

‘You could do something for me while you are here.’

‘What would you like doing?’

‘My back could do with an application of sun lotion. Do you mind doing it?’

Good grief, I was being invited to touch her! Of course I didn’t mind.

‘It would be my pleasure Jane.’ I took hold of the bottle.

‘Undo my top, would you?’

‘Yes, you don’t want a line.’ I unclasped the bikini top.

‘I usually sunbathe topless. But I saw how disturbed you got this morning and thought I had better calm things down.’

‘Oh. Okay.’

I began slowly to apply lotion to her shoulders and neck, caressing her flesh.

‘Hmm, that’s nice. I suppose you must think I am playing a bit of a game with you.’

‘Well, yes. But you’re in charge, you make the rules.’

I moved my hands to the tops of her arms.

‘You see the thing is, you are a very attractive young guy.’

‘Gosh, thank you.’

‘And it is very flattering for an old lady like me to find she can turn you on!’

‘Lordy, Jane, you are not old! You look much younger than your age. And you are a very beautiful lady.’

‘Why thank you, you are gallant!’

I moved my hands down her arm to her wrist, and then shifted my attention to her other arm.

‘I suppose the other thing I am doing is testing you.’

‘How are you testing me Jane?’

‘To see whether or not you keep your promises to Emma.’

‘Well I have haven’t I?’

My hands had returned to her back. I poured more lotion along her backbone and began to spread it around softly. She sighed.

‘Yes, you have. So far.’

‘Are you going to tempt me further?’

‘I may do. You have no idea how wicked I can be.’

‘I’m beginning to get a good idea.’ I had completed her back and reached the top of her bikini bottom. ‘Do you want lotion on your legs?’

‘Hmm, yes I do,’ she purred.

I started with her ankles and moved up her legs. There was silence as she appeared to relax completely. I did the tops of her thighs up to her crotch very slowly and thoroughly. Was she becoming aroused? I know I was.

She turned over and stared at me quizzically. I gazed at her flat smooth tummy and her erect pink nipples.

‘Can I trust you if I let you do my front?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Would you like to?’



I applied lotion to the remaining parts of her arms, and then to her legs. I was able to pay a lot of attention to the tops of her thighs. I was tempted to touch her bikini where it covered her mound. She sighed again.

Then I poured some lotion onto her tummy and slowly applied it, moving up to her rib cage. Then at last there were only her breasts left to be done. I applied more lotion to my hands. Her eyes were closed. I took a breast in each hand and smeared it with lotion. Then I squeezed and pulled on her nipples. Leaving my hand on her left breast I leaned over and began to kiss, and suck her right nipple. Then I bit it gently.

‘God that’s nice,’ she murmured. She squirmed around. Then she opened her eyes.

‘You must stop!’ she sighed.

I didn’t want to.

‘I am afraid you must stop. This has gone too far!’


‘I know, I am sorry. I need to work this out. But for now we must stop.’

So I stopped. She lay back and lit a cigarette. I sighed, and she handed me the cigarette. I don’t smoke but I took a long drag on it. God, I felt frustrated.

* * * * * *

At 7.30 that evening I was dressed as required in a conservative white shirt and black linen trousers. Jane appeared wearing a low cut violet sleeveless top with a short black jacket, tight black shiny trousers and matching high heels. She had simple gold earrings and a gold chain. She looked terrific.

‘You look stunning.’ I said.

‘Why thank you kind sir.’ She sucked her finger and looked thoughtful. ‘I wonder if I should get you a cap if you are to be my chauffer.’

‘Whatever you want.’

‘I know.’ She smiled to herself. Then there was a slight frown. ‘Whatever I want as long as it fits with Emma’s Rules.’ She sighed.

‘Emma’s Rules?’

‘Yes, you know. What Emma made you promise.’

‘Ah. Yes. Those rules.’

‘Any way, that still gives me lots of scope. Come on you can escort me to the car.’

As we walked demurely to her Merc, she put her hand briefly on my bum, before I opened the car door for her. When she was in she lit a cigarette as I got into driver’s seat.

‘Do you want one?’ She smiled at me.

‘No thanks.’

‘Well at least share this one.’ She handed me the ciggie and I took a drag on it.

‘Where to?’ I started the car. She gave me the address of our top local restaurant, and I set off.

‘It is an expensive do with all proceeds going to charity. I shall be seated next to some fat wealthy business man!’

‘Oh dear. You look fantastic. All the men will be after you.’

She smiled.

‘I think I prefer younger men.’

It was my turn to smile.

‘Yes Jane.’

‘Don’t get cocky, or I’ll have to punish you.’ She put her hand on my thigh and let it rest there. Then she sqeezed. ‘I might have to punish you any way.’

‘Good grief Jane, I’m trying to drive.’

‘Hmm!’ she moved her hand away, and stared through the window. Then she looked across at me.

‘If this evening becomes unbearable, I’ll text you to collect me. Otherwise come at 11.’


We arrived at the restaurant, and I opened the door for her like a good chauffer. She smiled, licked her lips and gave me a conspiratorial look before marching through the doors. What was she thinking?

When I got home I fixed myself some food, checked my emails and then settled down to wait. I thought I would watch some tv, but there was nothing much on the main channels. So I investigated the cable stations. I found the porn channels without too much trouble, but it was all fairly soft stuff before 10. Then I found a much more explicit, much more hard core programme. It featured a ‘cougar’, a mature and sexually aggressive lady. She had big tits and was not particularly beautiful, but very sexy. She was giving blow jobs to two young guys, before fucking both of them. It culminated in her pulling on a strap-on and fucking one of them up the bum.

Well all of this was well beyond my personal experience, but quite a turn-on nonetheless. I was settling back to enjoy it when my mobile phone bleeped at me. I had a text message.

-Come and get me now.

It was Jane. I had to collect her immediately. I rushed out to the car, and set off.

I parked by the restaurant and went in. I found my way to where her group was seated. Indeed they looked like the wealthy middle-aged, some of them laughing raucously. Then I spotted Jane and caught her eye. Her jacket was in her hand as if she was about to put it on to go. She made her way erratically to me.

‘Thank god you’re here,’ she hiccupped. We headed for the car, with her holding onto my arm and me holding her jacket. She was a little unsteady. I got her into the car and put the seat belt round her. She giggled as my hand brushed over her breast. Then I moved round to the driver’s seat.

‘Straight home marm?’

‘Yes John, quick as you like.’

I started the car up and set off.

‘That bad, huh?’

‘Oh it was not unexpected. I get fed up of being pawed and propositioned by sweaty fat slobs.’ She hiccupped again. ‘The wine was good though. I sampled quite a lot of it’

She lit a cigarette and handed it to me. I inhaled and handed it back to her.

‘One guy kept on commenting on how tight my trousers are whenever I stood up.’

‘Oh dear.’

‘He said it looked as if I had no knickers on under them.’ She hiccupped again.

‘Oh, eh well…’

She squirmed round in her seat and pointed her bum at me. Her trousers molded her buttocks deliciously, and she did look as if she had nothing under them.

‘See! No knickers!’


‘It’s a thong. Doesn’t show.’


‘You disappointed?’

‘You look fantastic, whether it’s knickers, a thong, or nothing.’

She giggled and put her hand on my thigh.

‘I’ve decided something.’

‘What’s that?’

She began to move her hand slowly up and down my thigh.

‘What’s permitted. Within Emma’s Rules, I’ve decided what’s allowed.’

‘What’s that then?’

Her hand was moving around on my thigh, and all in all what with the porn movie and Jane, I was getting turned on again.

‘You’ll see.’ She leaned over and placed her mouth near my ear. She blew cigarette smoke into it and then stuck her tongue in.

‘Wouldn’t you like to know?’ she whispered huskily.

‘Yes Jane, I would.’ I croaked. Her hand was still on my thigh and moving closer to my crotch. I moved my hand over and put it on her thigh.

‘Oh no you don’t!’ she said, pulling my hand off, slapping it and moving away from me to the other side of the car.

‘That’s naughty. I’m in charge and I decide what is allowed. It’s my rules.’

‘I thought it was Emma’s Rules now.’

‘It is. It’s Emma’s Rules and Jane’s Rules now.’



‘They all seem to include teasing John.’

She laughed and hugged herself.

‘You’ve got it. I can be outrageous, and you have to do as you are told.’ She put out her cigarette.

She looked at me and ran her hand down the side of my face, purring.

‘I think you enjoy it,’ she said.

‘Maybe, but it’s pretty frustrating.’

When we arrived back at the house I opened the car door for Jane and escorted her into the house. She was a little wobbly.

‘Go put the car in its garage,’ she said and disappeared into the cloakroom. I did as I was bid and returned a few minutes later. I was standing in the hallway when I heard the tinkle of Jane’s bell summoning me to the sitting room. I went in and Jane was lying on her tummy on the couch.

‘Ah John,’ she said ‘fetch the whisky and some glasses for us.’

I did as I was bid, returning to find that Jane had the television remote control in her hand and the tv was on. I poured whisky into the glasses for us.

‘Well you’ve been a bad boy.’


‘I turned on the telly and it was tuned to the porn channel.’

‘Ah, yes, well…’

‘Is that what you watch when I’m away?’ She sipped her whisky.

‘Well there was nothing else worth watching. Besides Emma didn’t say I couldn’t watch porn.’

Jane laughed.

‘That’s a good answer!’

We looked at the tv screen. There was a buxom blonde giving a blowjob to a young guy.

‘It says this is called MILFs and studs,’ said Jane, ‘I know what a stud is. I cant quite recall what a MILF is.’

‘It stands for Mum I’d Like to Fuck.’

She clapped her hand in delight.

‘Is that what turns you on?’

‘Yes Jane, in your case it is!’

‘Good, good. And there is also a thing coming up with a cougar in it. Is that an animal programme?’

‘No, a cougar is a sexually aggressive woman who has her wicked way with younger men.’

‘Hmm. Does that turn you on too?’

‘Yes,’ I said and gulped my whisky. Jane laughed loudly.

‘Oh it is fun learning all these embarrassing things about you. Does what is on now turn you on?’ She took a swig of whisky.


‘Does it turn you on as much as I do?’

‘No. You’re the biggest turn-on.’

‘Why thank you. We’d better not tell my beloved daughter Emma.’


Jane was still lying on her tummy on the couch. She wiggled her bum.

‘Did you think I had no knickers on?’

‘Ah, well that would be a great turn-on.’

‘What do you think now?’

‘It looks as if you aren’t wearing any.’

‘Or a thong?’

‘I can’t tell.’

‘Do you want to know?’


‘How are you going to find out?’

I looked hard at Jane. Then I took her face in my hands and kissed her hard. Then I placed my hand on her buttocks and began to move it slowly over her bum.

‘I can’t feel any knickers,’ I said huskily. She murmured as I ran my hand between her buttock cheeks, prizing her legs apart, rubbing on her arse. Then I moved my hand away and placed it on the flesh of her back where her top had come away. I began to slip it under the waist band of her trousers and to move it down to her bottom.

‘Not yet!’ she said, pushing me away and standing up in front of me. She took a swig of whisky. Then she slowly pushed her trousers down to reveal briefly her naked pubic area. She had shaved off her pubic hair! Then she abruptly pulled her trousers back up and sat down.

‘No knickers or thong?’ I said.

‘No, I took it off. In the cloakroom.’ There was a pack of cards on the side table, which she picked up. She set out the first two cards.

‘The ten of clubs, that’s yours. And the queen of hearts, that’s mine. So you get the forfeit.’

‘The forfeit?’

‘Yes. Take off your shirt. And your shoes and trousers.’

I did as I was bid, and stood before her in my underpants and socks. She giggled.

‘See, that’s not fair. You’re wearing undies and I’m not.’

I looked at her. Then I pulled off my socks then removed my underpants. My cock was liberated and it jumped to attention, as I stood naked before her. She reached out and took my cock in her hand.

‘That’s better. I like your body.’ She slowly rubbed my cock. ‘Do you like that?’

‘Yes, Jane.’

‘So help me off with these things.’ She held up her arms and I pulled her silk top over her head and off. Then she removed her black bra. Her nipples were hard and erect. I kissed them hungrily, licking and biting. She sighed.

‘I’ve decided that oral sex does not break Emma’s Rules,’ she hiccupped, and drank more whisky. I think she was getting drunk.

She stood up and wiggled out of her trousers. She was naked apart from her high heels. I gazed at her. She was exquisitely beautiful with her golden skin, firm breasts, thick blonde hair, and smooth hairless body.

‘Kneel down,’ she said and took my head in her hands. Then she pushed my face into her groin.

‘I want you to eat me out John!’

I slowly began to lick up and down her pussy lips. She lay back on the couch and spread her legs. She tasted fresh as if she had recently washed. My tongue lapped her pussy and then move up to find her clitoris. Her pink bud emerged from its hood. I let my tongue travel from it back to her pussy then down to her puckered anus.

‘Ooh that’s good!’ she moaned.

I licked around her arse, then back to her pussy. Then I began to concentrate on her clit. I lapped and licked on it as she moaned and then shouted.

‘Oh yes, oh yes.’ She seemed to have come. I lifted my face up and kissed her on the lips, as she stroked my cock.

‘That was nice John. Now I want some more.’ She pushed my head back between her legs. Then she squirmed round so that she had her back to me and my face was pressing against her arse.

I pressed my hand to her pussy, and put a finger inside her. She was very moist. Two fingers went in easily, as I rotated them vigorously inside her. She was making loud moaning noises. I applied my tongue to her arse hole pushing it into it slightly. She squirmed and groaned.

‘Oh yes, yes, yes!’ She shouted, as she came again. She pushed me away and turned back round, looking at me.

‘You’re good. Give me your cock!’

She took my hard penis in her hand, rubbing it vigorously before engulfing it in her mouth. Then after a while she moved her head away. She got up from the couch, patting it.

‘You lie down here.’ I lay on the couch and she stroked my cock.

‘Do you want to come inside my mouth, or on my breasts?’

‘On you.’

She re-applied her mouth and sucked and rubbed me. Then as I reached the point of no return she took me out of her mouth and I squirted semen all over her breasts and neck.

I was game for more as we lay back, but Jane looked sleepy.

‘No more tonight,’ she said, picking up her whisky glass, ‘take me to my room.’

I did as I was bid and she made it clear that I was getting no further than the bedroom door, as she kissed me goodnight.

* * * * * *

Jane had not emerged by the time I left the house in the morning. I needed to get to the university, as there was a load of statistical information I was due to process. With difficulty I banished thoughts of what had happened the night before with my sexy landlady, and buckled down to some serious work. I managed to get fully engrossed in it and worked through solidly, just stopping for a quick sandwich at lunch time. Then in mid afternoon my mobile phone bleeped. I had a text message. It was just two words:

–tinkle tinkle.

It was Jane. I texted her back:

-Hi Jane How R U?

Almost immediately there came a response:

-Emergency, need U here.

-But I’m at work!

-Urgent U come home!

I wondered what the crisis was. Was she in danger? Well there was only one way to find out.

I texted her ‘OK’, switched off my PC and grabbed my stuff. It was a bright, sunny, warm and sultry day, with hardly any breeze. I reached my car, and stepping on the gas got back in a record 15 minutes.

I parked the car and strode into the house.

‘Jane, where are you?’ I couldn’t find her anywhere. Was she upstairs? I decided to check in the sitting room. She wasn’t there, but the patio doors were open. She was out on the patio.

It was a relief to find her. I rushed out to her.

‘Hi, Jane!’

She was lying on her tummy face down on her recliner. She had a long glass with what looked like fruit juice and ice. There was a jug and a second glass.

And she was naked. All she was wearing was a pair of wrap-around sunshades.

‘Ah there you are John. Pour yourself a drink.’

I did so, and sat down to drink it. I think I tasted some vodka in with the juice. She looked beautiful and so, so sexy.

‘Eh, what’s the crisis, Jane?’

‘I needed you here.’

‘Well I’m here.’

‘So, kiss me!’

She sat up and I kneeled down before her. I removed her sun glasses and took her face in my hands. Then I kissed her hungrily. I moved my right hand to her left breast, and began kissing her neck.

She began pulling at my tee shirt.

‘You’d better get out of those clothes.’

I pulled of my tee shirt.

‘And the rest,’ she said, stroking my chest.

So I kicked off my trainers, socks and jeans.

‘Come on!’

I removed my underpants and my cock lurched to an eager erection. She took it in her hand and began to stroke it.

‘The thing is John I’ve got Emma’s Rules sorted. There’s more we can do. And I want it.’

She engulfed my cock head in her mouth. I gasped.

‘So what have you decided?’

She came up for air and looked at me seriously.

‘I want you inside me.’

‘But, I promised Emma, no pussy.’

‘I enjoyed it last night, when you did that thing, licking my bottom.’


‘Yes, it was delicious. And naughty. You were very naughty last night. I will have to punish you.

‘Oh. What had you mind?’

‘You’ll see. But first I’ve decided where your cock is going. My bottom. I want you to fuck me in the arse. Please.’


‘Yes, I’m asking nicely. You want to don’t you?’ She squeezed my very rigid and eager cock. It wanted to.


‘Yes, that’s the word.’

‘Wow. Yes, I want to. Wow!’

‘First of all you can lick my back. That’s what I was thinking of when I texted you.’ She lay down on her tummy.

I pushed her luxuriant blond hair up from her neck, and began kissing and licking it, pausing to suck her ear. Then as my mouth moved to the top of her back I felt her hands on my cock and fondling my scrotum. As I licked along her backbone she pulled my cock into her mouth. Then I pulled apart her buttocks and pushed my mouth onto the sweet puckered hole of her arse.

She let out a low moan as I pushed at her anus with my tongue. Then I pressed it with my finger. She murmured and pulled at my arm. She handed me a tube of KY jelly, and I squeezed a globule to spread round the entrance. Inserting a lubricated finger was easy, and I pushed it gently in and out. Eventually she relaxed and I could put in two fingers, then three to stretch the entrance.

‘Are you ready?’


I moved on top of her arse and gently inserted my very hard cock. I moved it slowly in and out. It was a long gentle fuck, culminating in the inevitable frenzy of movement as I came.

Eventually I moved off her and lay back. She reached for her drink.

‘Mmm. I needed that,’ she whispered.

‘Me too.’

* * * * * * *

She insisted on going to her private suite to clean up later, so I showered seperately. Then in the breakfast room we had a meal, which she prepared. It was an expensive ready meal, something Indian, and we drank long cold beers.

Afterwards she said she was going to her room. I was to wait in the sitting room, but to draw the curtains, and get the whisky. She would return when she was ready.

Well she was full of surprises so I had no idea what to expect. I turned on the tv, seeking porn. Eventually I found something featuring a guy being tied up by a leggy lady in latex. Looked good to me, and I was settling back to enjoy it when Jane appeared.

She looked incredible. She was wearing her black half-cup bra, black stockings with suspenders, long black gloves, ridiculously high heels… and no knickers. In her hand she held the black horse crop I had found in her room.

‘Wow, you look fantastic, Jane.’

‘I promised that I would punish you.’ She swished her horse crop, and whacked the arm of the couch with it. Then she moved over close to me and holding the back of my head she kissed me hard.

‘You know you deserve to be punished,’ she whispered huskily.

‘I do?’

‘You were very naughty this afternoon.’ She took a sip from her whisky glass. She kissed me again her hand rubbing on my trousers. ‘Admit it.’

‘I thought it was what you wanted.’

‘Yes, it was what I wanted. I wanted you to be naughty. Now you must be punished.’ She kissed me again. I put my hand on her buttocks.

‘Okay.’ I was a little breathless, as her hands loosened my belt and pushed my trousers down. I stepped out of them, and she pushed off my underpants. My cock was becoming hard as she gently squeezed it with her hand.

‘So admit it.’ Her hand was massaging my cock to erection.

‘I was naughty.’

‘And you want to be punished.’

‘And I want to be punished.’ I would have said anything she wanted as she stroked my cock.

‘Good.’ She stepped back from me and viewed me. I was wearing only a tee shirt. ‘Now bend over.’

I did as she bid, holding my ankles with my hands.

‘When I have finished you must say thank you Jane.’


With that she thwacked me with the horse crop. I gritted my teeth, it was quite painful. She looked carefully at my bum, and stroked my cock. Then struck me again. In all she did it six times.

‘Right that will do for now.’

‘Thank you Jane.’

‘So kiss me.’

I took her in my arms and kissed her fiercely. My hard cock pressed against her tummy, and my hand was on her bottom. She moaned.

‘Maybe I had better rub some lotion on your sore bottom,’ she muttered, placing her hand on my rear.

Then the telephone rang.

I looked at Jane, thinking she would want to ignore it. Eventually it stopped. Then only a few seconds later it started again.

‘Do you want to answer it Jane?’

‘No, you answer it,’ she said with a smile.

I picked up the receiver.


‘Hi, it’s me!’ It was Emma phoning from Australia.

‘Hi Emma. How is Australia?’

‘Fantastic, even though it’s winter here.’

‘How is the place where you are staying? And the University?’

And Emma went on to tell me at length. It sounded good. I struggled to sound normal and give her responses which gave no hint of my situation.

Jane was watching me looking amused, and with a wicked glint in her eye. She began to stroke my cock so that it stayed erect. I squirmed, barely able to cope.

Then Emma asked:

‘Are you being good John?’

‘What do you mean? Of course.’

‘You haven’t brought any girls home?’

‘No, of course not!’

‘No pussy?’

‘No, certainly not!’

Just then Jane escalated matters by taking my cock head in her mouth. She looked at me with eyes filled with amusement at my predicament, as she quietly sucked me.

Then Emma went on to ask:

‘Are you being nice to Mum?’

‘Oh yes, Emma, I’m being very nice to your Mum!’

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