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Emma Finds her Mistress Again

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Andrew had recently got a new job. We were driving to spend Saturday with his new boss, John, and his wife. I had not met either of them and I knew I wanted to make sure that they liked me. Their house was about 45 minutes away from ours and on the drive I found myself daydreaming about the past. About my adolescence.

Just before I left school I had a crush on a young teacher. It was her first teaching post and she was only just older than me, though she actually only taught me a couple of lessons per week. She also lived around the corner from me. It was an all girls school so apart from talking about boys all the time there were the relationships that sprang up between girls and, though often derided, were fairly frequent. I had never had a crush on a girl before, certainly not a teacher before.

The teacher I liked was called Miss Pembleton, Susan, and she was beautiful and everything I wanted to be. I tried to hang out with her as often as possible. It wasn’t always possible and she could have laughed at the doe eyed girl that I was and told me to go away but she didn’t. I suppose it must have been very obvious. My friends often poked fun at me and made me embarrassed but she would just smile at me as though she found the situation amusing.

It wasn’t the humiliations from the others that caused me the most problem to be honest, it was to be expected, even I realised that. The humiliation of knowing that I had little, if any control, over my own responses or my own body was the worst thing. It was that knowledge; that my sex filled with liquids whenever Susan was near me, when I heard Susan’s voice, and if she asked anything of me. I wasn’t even thinking in terms of Susan as a lover, I hadn’t even thought that far, it was simply that she caused such a sexual response in me. The knowledge that Susan was in control of my arousal was the worst, even though of course she didn’t know anything. I presumed that I could keep this secret to myself.

One eventful afternoon I had raced to find her and had found Susan talking with other girls. I hung around self-consciously and gradually all her students went there separate ways. I was excited as I had never just been left alone with her without others being there. I could feel myself trembling.

“Do you want to come to my place?” I couldn’t believe my luck. My face was beet red and I was frightened I would make a fool of myself by speaking. I nodded and walked alongside her listening to her tell me about things that were going on in her life, leaving me to nod or shake my head. At the house she got us both a coke and we went upstairs into the room she rented. It was a large wonderful room, a little more untidy than I expected in my mind but it was cool.

Susan lay on the bed and I sat on the sat on it by her feet, twisting around to see her as she lay with her hands behind her head. Her legs were exposed high up her thighs and her breasts were pushed forward. I could feel myself blushing and leaking.

“You don’t have a boyfriend do you?”

“No.” Embarrassed, my voice croaking somewhat.

“Do you want one?”

“I don’t know really. I have never really thought much about it.” Feeling foolish. Not wanting to suggest any other allegiances could hold anything for me.

“Does your pussy ever get wet and itchy?” I nearly died. This was Susan, my teacher, my dream woman. I felt my face explode even though I thought I was red before. I looked at the bedcovers with great attention. I thought I might cry. Eventually I nodded. She looked at me, her eyes boring into me, though she smiled, a smiled which made me feel so naïve and young.

“Are you wet now?” The silence grew and grew again. Finally I nodded.

“What makes you wet?” Did she know? Was this innocent? My breath was problematic. I nodded my head dumbly. The silence grew. I wanted to go. I wanted to stay. I was caught in the headlights of the biggest truck of my life. A tear rolled down one cheek. I was afraid to move, even to hide it. I felt the bed move, felt her hand softly caress the tear across my burning cheeks.

She pulled me back slightly so I lay down over the bed with my legs over the edge. She was kneeling next to me, bending over me now as I stared up at the white ceiling. Soon her hair fell over my face, blocking out my view of the ceiling, all I could see was her face. I could smell her perfume. Her face was inches from me.

“Emma, you want to tell me don’t you? What is it that makes you so wet?” Her voice was husky and her breath smelt of past peppermints. I closed my eyes and felt them fill with hot salty tears again. “Tell me.”

“Oh you know…”

“Tell me.” The silence was never ending as she looked down at me.

“You.” A whisper pulled from me to fill the silence.

“Me? I make you wet? I can’t believe that.” Oh she could.

Her mouth touched me and her lips were burnt from my cheeks. Little kisses covered my eyes as wetness leaked from there too. “You are wet now aren’t you?” I didn’t know whether she meant my eyes or not. I simply whimpered. Her mouth moved until it covered mine. Open over mine. Mine open to hers in shock. I couldn’t move other than that. I was aware of the crack in my buttocks feeling wet as liquids ran down from me more and more. Her fingers slid under my blouse and over my stomach, over and over in the space between jeans and bra. Cool fingers, soft, touching me, Susan’s fingers touching my flesh. I lay passively as her mouth caressed my lips and her fingers traced under the fastening of my jeans tantalisingly. My body felt as though I was liquid as her lips continued to touch mine. My eyes were closed allowing the sensations of touch to take me. I felt her fingers deftly under my jeans and the zip opened as her hand slid inside over the lower half of my stomach. My back arched under her touch. My breath was so shallow I wondered if I might faint.

I was very aware that my pubic hairs were covered more and more by her fingers and her hand clutched me tighter and tighter in the confines of my jeans. Agonisingly her finger tip played just short of my sex. The longer it stayed there the more my feelings of sheer panic turned into desperate need.

“Lift, and push them down. Just a little.” Her mouth breathed the command into my face. My hips rose a fraction and my jeans were slowly tugged a little lower, just allowing cooler air to reach my lips before her fingers settled over them. I jerked suddenly up at her touch. She soothed me still.

“Oh God you are wet, little one.” Her head moved away. I dare not open my eyes to see, knowing what she was looking at. I shuddered. “You and your panties are sodden. I didn’t realise you were so wet, little one. Is this all because of me?” I couldn’t move despite the total shame. I didn’t want her to stop touching me. “Well is it?” I tried to say yes but my voice wouldn’t work. I choked vaguely then nodded. Her fingers began to play with me. I felt her all over my wet and puffy lips and gradually more insistently around my clit. It was totally humiliating and yet I was totally spellbound. Her mouth reached down again. Kissing and licking my face she made me feel so wanted, so alive. Her fingers at one end of me her mouth at the other and my face covered with her hair so I could not see any of it, just feel.

She stopped a moment. “Emma do you want me to carry on?” Her voice deeper now.

“Oh yes. Oh yes.”

“Do you want me to kiss you?”


“Do you want me to do anything else?”

“Oh yes.” A soft husky voice came from me. “Please.”

“Tell me what you want my baby. Tell me exactly. Come on.” She spoke into my face. Giving me kisses as full stops. I was embarrassed and shamed. I couldn’t speak. Her fingers touched me again briefly and then were not there. “Tell me!”

“Please. Please… I want… I want you… to touch… finger… me… my… my pussy.” She did and I came almost immediately. The world seemed to stop for an age. I seemed stuck by pleasure. I didn’t want the situation to change, ever. A pink cloud invaded me thoughts, then my body shook with the ferocity of it. I spasmed and spasmed under her mouth and under her fingers. My hairs and hers were stuck to my face. My breathing was ragged. She kissed me softly.

I lay compliant as my blouse and bra came off. Susan’s hands and mouth explored my small pert tits. Pleasure pulsed through me still, it was like a warm haze in me. My jeans were pulled off. I realised that I was naked, Susan had made me naked, had wanted me naked. I watched as she stood and pulled her own clothes off revealing her beautiful body. She was really beautiful. She lay next to me. I could feel the heat from her skin on mine; I could feel the thumping of her heart inside her as she pulled my face to her breasts. I rubbed my face over them, took the nipples in my mouth and suckled as her fingers played in my hair.

“You’re mine now aren’t you?”


“Who do you belong to now, little one?”


“Just me?”


“Is that what you want?”

“Oh yes.”

I felt a push onto my shoulders and wasn’t sure what to do. I looked up at her face.

“Kiss me.” I began to move up. “No. Kiss my pussy. Pleasure me now. That’s what you’re for now isn’t it? To give me pleasure.”


I had never done this before but it seemed to come naturally. I slid down between her thighs and she lifted them on each side of me. Looking up I saw her hands on her own breasts, the nipples standing proudly to attention. I kissed her skin. I kissed her thighs that enveloped me, then moved to her pussy. I had never seen another girl’s pussy before. It seemed similar to mine but seeing it so close and looking so open was a shock and my heart raced. She was wet, I could see it on the pin folds. I could smell her perfume of excitement. She wanted me to do this I thought happily. My mouth moved forward and I kissed her mound delicately. A hair attached itself to me and I rubbed it clear before kissing her labia. They seemed large and swollen, they gaped with her spread legs. I licked her and her taste overwhelmed me. I didn’t know what to do and fear washed through me thinking I may not do it correctly, not give her pleasure. I pretended my tongue was a finger, and thought of what I would like. It was far better than a finger. It could lap and stab and probe and all the time I could taste my new wonderful lovers juices.

I licked and kissed her and slowly found both a rhythm and the things that she seemed to respond to most. Her body moved and jerked as I held onto her bottom. Soon I could tell that she was going to cum. Her hands grasped my head and forced me against her, rubbing my head over her, taking control. My face was covered in her earthy juices. I felt her hot slippery flesh grinding over my mouth and face. I thought I might suffocate. I desperately needed her to cum too. Against me, using me, because of me. She did and I almost came again as her body jerked and arched against me.

We lay there like that together for a while, me between her spread legs, her laying back breathing heavily and staring vaguely at the ceiling. My face pressing against her pussy and my tongue moving lazily over her.

“Will you think of what you have done later? Will you finger that wet pussy and think of me, little slut?”

“Oh yes.” Blushing at the name and seeing myself later fingering myself wildly at my memories.

“Would you like it if I let my little slut do it again?”

“Oh god yes.” My pussy felt like it had been touched.

Andrew’s voice intruded suddenly. “What was that? I didn’t hear you properly.” I looked at him realising I must have spoken aloud.

“I’m falling asleep. That’s all.” Trying desperately to cover up.

“That’s OK, I’ll wake when we are near.” I closed my eyes feeling my face redden. My thoughts wandered again quickly. I realised that my panties were damp.

“So why are you here?” I was unable to read Susan’s face. I was standing in her downstairs lounge. It had been the first time that we had been alone since that fateful time a few days ago when she had loved me. Since then my head had been in a spin. Each time I had seen her I had been scared that she would reject me, but she hadn’t, nor had she done much about it. Obviously we had to keep it quiet but occasionally I had felt her hand on my shoulder or stoking my hair. Once she had kissed my cheek, but this was the first time with real privacy.

“To see you.”

“And what had you hoped would happen?” Her face changed and she grinned at me. I relaxed and literally felt my shoulders unwind.

“I just wanted to be with you.”

“I think you wanted more than that, didn’t you, my little pet?” She moved behind me and as she held my shoulders gently I felt her lips on my neck. My eyes closed as I moved my neck to allow her access but otherwise I was afraid to move. “I think you wanted more than just to see me, didn’t you?”

“Yes. Yes.” I mumbled.

“And what did you want?”


“I think you wanted more didn’t you? I think you wanted much more.”

“Yes. Yes.” My breathing was loud and I felt dizzy. My body pulsed. I felt her fingers on my tits through my blouse and I pushed forward into her hands. She was gentle and harsh in such sweet rhythms. I felt her fingers undoing the buttons and removing my blouse.

“Here? Not here, please, someone may come.” My eyes didn’t open.

“Oh yes Pet. Here. It’ll be you that cums. Eventually.” She laughed.

“Someone may see.”

“That’s right little one, they may. But I want you naked here, now. You want to please me don’t you?”

“Yes. Yes.” I murmured as her fingers undid my bra and both that and my blouse fell to the floor. Her fingers took my tits. Her hands took possession of me. She squeezed and caressed. Her fingers teased and pulled my nipples until I was lost in pleasure. I pressed my naked back against her softness and eventually I felt her she unfastened my shorts and they slid down my legs.

“This is the last time….” Her face was at my neck still.

“Oh no. Please. No. Susan please.” She chuckled against me.

“You want to see me again?”

“Yes. Of course. Yes.”

“I wasn’t going to say I wasn’t going to see you again I was going to say that this is the last time that I undress you. I like you naked and I have undressed you enough. You will do it in future wont you?”

“Oh yes. Oh yes.” Relief.

“When you see me again and we are alone you will immediately strip for me wont you my pet?”

“Yes.” One hand was at my tits the other lower, fingers were at my sex, touching and rubbing me through my panties. My head was thrust back opening up my neck, allowing her to know that I was hers.

“You’ll strip for me as soon as we are alone without being told and you’ll make me happy knowing that my little pet is giving her rude little body to me. Will you like that?”

“Oh yes. Oh yes!” She had fingered me through my panties now until I was whimpering. I wanted her to touch me directly. I wanted to feel her directly on me.

“What will you do?”

“I’ll undress for you. Be naked for you.”

“Yes that’s a good girl. You will. For me.”


Her fingers were more and more insistent. I could feel the pleasure mounting but then she stopped and walked away from me as I stood shaking. I stood watching as she deftly undid her skirt and stepped from it, and then, as she sat, pulled off her panties as I stared at her, yearning filling me.

“Now take off those sodden panties of yours and come and lick me like my slut.” I did as I was told eagerly.

“Come on Emma, wake up, we’re there.” I opened my eyes as we pulled into a large drive. My body was aroused. I sat up and tried to empty my mind desperately hoping my wetness had not come through onto my trousers.

The house was lovely. We parked in the drive and knocked the big knocker on the old wooden door. I knew Andrew would be good, he was in these situations and if not he would respond quickly to my suggestions. John opened it and was effusive with his welcome. The hall was large and sunny, decorated with style, real paintings on the wall. John seemed quite pleasant, quite a few years older than Andrew I guessed but very pleasant and quite attractive. He took my jacket and showed us through to the lounge, sitting us down and asking us if we would like drinks. The room was large and decorated as the hall with taste, I was beginning to be quite impressed.

John returned. “I’m sorry I am informed by my dear wife that lunch is ready for serving and we have to go through.” He looked amusingly sheepish. I had seen the same look on Andrews face at times. A man controlled by his wife and accepting it. I smiled and we walked through. And then I nearly died. Susan stood there smiling at us all. My legs felt weak and my breath caught. People moved and I moved, I felt like an automaton. Susan came over and kissed my cheek, her perfume enveloping me, her hands on my shoulders. Everyone sat down and the chatting began, becoming less formal as we began to eat the starter that was already on the table. No one said anything about me and Susan, about us knowing each other. I was afraid. I couldn’t say anything.

During the meal I found that my appetite had virtually disappeared and my stomach felt queasy. I sipped wine as little as I could but needed desperately to do something. Susan had left teaching apparently. Now happy to stay at home. When I replied to questions I admitted my teaching position. The long holidays that were just beginning for me were a focus of debate for some time. Susan amusingly told the group her experiences of teaching without mentioning the fact that she had taught me. Each time I looked up I saw her eyes on me, felt them burning into me. I tried not to look at her beautiful smile but I knew it was always there. I felt as naked as when I had stood naked before her. Yes, she had liked that, and so had I. I sat blushing furiously. I tried to think of making love to Andrew instead. I looked at him as he talked enthusiastically about everything. I imagined us in bed but it actually seemed so mundane and other thoughts seeped in without asking.

Standing behind a rack of dresses in a clothes shop feeling her hand on my thigh, feeling the hem of my skirt being pulled higher until fingers found my pussy wet and ready, always so wet and ready for her. Without knickers of course, she would forbid me to wear those whenever she chose. It both scared and excited me. Her finger teasing my clit until I was literally shaking with the need to cum, desperate to keep some control over my body so I would not totally embarrass myself or her in the shop. Being left on the edge whimpering as she laughed and moved away. Being left full of need until she decided I deserved it.

I felt like that now I realised. I knew I was sodden, my nipples ached. I thought of excusing myself and going to the toilet but couldn’t stir myself from the stupor. I couldn’t understand the lack of control I had over my body, its refusal to do my bidding. The control over my life that I had studiously attempted over the years had simply evaporated in her eyes. I knew that I had married Andrew because I could control him and that I wouldn’t be at the mercy of his whims. I wanted to cry. Andrew was so full of conversation that luckily my lack of it seemed to go unnoticed.

We took our coffees and drinks into the lounge. The wetness between my thighs obvious with each movement of my legs. I desperately hoped that it wouldn’t show on my skirt. We hadn’t even sat down before John’s mobile rang. He apologised and wandered from the room listening and with the occasional comment or nod. In moments he was back.

“I’m sorry but there is a problem at the office. I think I need to go in. I am sorry.”

“Can I help?” Andrew always so enthusiastic.

“Yes I suppose you could if you don’t mind. Would that be alright with you too ladies? We shouldn’t be more than an hour or so.” I sat there with my eyes wide, a rabbit caught in shock. I heard the conversation quickly move around me.

“Yes, us girls can find lots to do and talk about from the past.” My mouth opened and closed as I heard this. Andrew was already up and kissing me goodbye. We went to the door to see them off. I kissed him again as though I wouldn’t see him again. They left, I watched them wave and the car disappear. The ground seemed precarious beneath my feet as I followed Susan back into the room watching her bare tanned legs and swinging hips in her short skirt. Grateful for the security of my chair I sat down.

She stood by her seat and picked up her drink, lifting and drinking as she looked at me over the rim of the glass. Her figure outlined against the window. Her waist showing off her hips and breasts.

“Every cloud so to speak.”

“I don’t know what you mean.” My voice sounded high and strained.

“Oh I think you do.” Grinning. “Do you ever think of our secret, how you were with me? Do you still get as wet as you used to thinking of what we did?” I opened my mouth to speak without anything coming out. All I could hear was the pounding of blood in my ears and the feel of heat, such intense heat on my face. I tried desperately for some control over the situation.

“That was a long time ago.” My throat dry.

“I didn’t say it wasn’t. I asked about your fantasies.” I looked at the floor, away from her eyes. “You used to please me so much.” She drained her glass.

“Did I?” I whispered it. Not able to ignore it. Craving and yet fearful of her answer and where it would lead.

“Oh yes. You were a good little girl then. You did as you were told impeccably.”

She came and sat on the edge of my chair, her fingers stroked my hair, gently pulling my head back until it lay along the back my throat upturned, exposed, vulnerable. Her fingers playing over my cheeks and mouth. My breathing ragged again. I felt my nipples hardening on my thrust out breasts. I couldn’t understand why my body would betray me. Angry at it I felt the need to say something.

“I’m married Susan. I’m not a lesbian. I’m not. I’m married.”

“Hush child.” Her ministrations continued.

“I’ve got my life sorted now. Please. I’m married, in control of things, Andrew is good.”

“Does he do what you tell him like John does for me?”

“Yes.” Her fingers were on my throat now. Her eyes held mine in their grasp.

“That’s good,” she soothed. “Does being in control make you as wet as when you were controlled by me?”

“No.” The word just popped out. I felt my face blush again. “But…” I lapsed into silence.

“You’re wet now aren’t you Emma?” I looked at her and closed my eyes trying to hide.

“Open your eyes again Emma. I asked you a question.” Her face was much nearer. I had to lick my lips again.


Her mouth came down to my face and kissed me. Lots of little kisses over my face and lips. Her fingers were on my chest, slowly moving over my skin. I realised I was whimpering. My lips began to kiss back. Her hand slid inside my top, inside my bra, over my breasts. I moaned loudly into her mouth. I was lost. Her hand played with my nipples, squeezing them, twisting. I was pushing up to her now and her tongue entered my mouth and I opened for her. My nipples were on fire now. She kissed and kissed me and played with my nipples until I was squirming. Hurting but not hurting for some reason.

“Your body is mine Emma. You know that don’t you? I want to see it Emma. I want you naked for me like before. You want that too don’t you?”

“Please. Please. They’ll come home”

“Do it for me. Now Emma.”

Still kissing her I began to struggle with my clothes. I kicked my shoes off, I had my trousers undone and pushed down before she told me to stand. I stood. My trousers hanging loose around my thighs, one breast hanging out, my straps down. It was embarrassing.

“Carry on.” I did until I was naked. I was panting. She smiled at me. I was naked for her again. Oh God it felt both good and awful. Her hand moved and touched my thigh, it moved apart immediately. It wasn’t me in control anymore. I was hers. Hers. A tear fell down my cheek but my hips jerked as she held me in her hand.

“Oh my! You are still that wet little slut I knew and loved. You are ever wetter than I remember. Aren’t you?”



“You know.”

“Tell me.”

“Because… because… of you. And… what you make me do.”

“What’s that my little wet slut Emma?”

“Obey you.” A quiet whisper and my hips jerked out of control against her hand. Slippery, disgustingly wet and bloated.

“Good girl. Cum for me now.” I held her wrist with my hands as I grunted and desperately rubbed my pussy against her hand. It didn’t matter what I looked like then, nor the sounds that came from my mouth or my sodden pussy. Nothing mattered any more apart from my need for her to let me cum. I remember being terrified that she would stop me before I reached it but she didn’t. Suddenly I was rigid, pressing against her. The next moment the peace shattered and I was crying out and jerking like a mad woman on her hand.

Gradually my awareness returned. I was kneeling, my head on her bare legs.

“What do you say Emma?”

“What? What?”

“Say thank you to your Mistress for letting you cum.”


“Yes Emma. I am your Mistress aren’t I? And you are my slut. I own your body now. I own your sex. You are giving it all to me again aren’t you? Remember what it feels like to know that Emma? You want to be owned don’t you slut, you want to submit?” Her voice hypnotic.

“Yes Mistress.”

“And what do you say now, slut?”

“Thank you Mistress. Thank you for letting me cum.”

“That’s a good little slut. Oh yes.”

She stood up, pressing against my nakedness. I felt her undo her skirt, felt the material slide against me. I could smell her excitement. I wanted her. I wanted to please her. My pussy pulsed more juices from within. “Take them off me.” I pulled down her panties, down her legs and off her feet. Now pleasure your Mistress, slut.”

I kissed her shoes, her feet. I kissed up each leg. Licking her skin to taste every part of her. Slowly up her legs until I got to the top of her thighs. I was afraid. I didn’t want to upset her. Her fingers slid into my hair and she opened herself with her fingers, she was dark pink inside, glistening. The smell of her arousal was in my nose strong. I looked at her matted hair over her mound and the thick lips pouting open slightly. She held me just away from her. Her fingers caressed her clit, running around her lips.

“What do you want slut?”

“Please. To kiss you.”

Her finger left her sex and suddenly I felt her hand slash across my cheek. It didn’t hurt a lot but the shock was tremendous. “Mistress!”

“Sorry Mistress.” I blurted out quickly. “Sorry Mistress. Please can I lick you? Please? Sorry.”

“That’s better slut. Do it. Now”

Her hand in my hair pulled me to her. Oh yes. I kissed those lips. I felt the flesh of her mound and the slit of her sex. I tasted the juices from my Mistress’s pussy. I licked and kissed her gently all over, exploring her flesh, exploring her responses. I slid over her. My face, my mouth, my lips, my tongue, giving her pleasure. Her body was pressing rhythmically against me. My neck ached due to having to bend up between her open legs. she fucked my face. Her juices covering me. Grinding her open pussy into my face, over my face, filling me with the taste and smell of her. My own body pulsing strongly. I wanted to cum but couldn’t. I was for her pleasure not mine. She came. She allowed it out from within so slowly and with such control. Not like me, not like the animal slut I was, but with poise like everything else about her. I dared look up and found her with her eyes closed, a hand grasping a breast. I watched her as she relaxed and she half opened her eyes and looked down at me, my mouth still at her pussy.

“You’re beautifully submissive Emma.”

Her sex thrust forward again and I was rubbed over her, trying to lick to pleasure, trying to kiss, but really I was being used to fuck Mistress. She came again.

After I was told to lay on the carpet at her feet, with my legs spread wide and up, my arms beneath me, my hands grasping my buttocks so my open pussy thrust up as did my tits. It felt so perversely thrilling to be so openly displayed to someone else, to have my wantonness displayed so explicitly. Susan, my Mistress, wouldn’t allow me to close my eyes either; I had to keep eye contact with her as she sat on the edge of the chair looking down on me. ‘My Mistress’, oh God yes! My make-up had obviously been cleansed and was now replaced by her drying cum and my own fluids cooled my thighs and hot sex. I imagined how I looked to her and shuddered.

“You have a nice body, slut.” She seemed to just talking aloud to herself. Her arm moved and her fingers idly played over my sensitive skin. The tips of them finally played delicately over my bloated lips making my stomach cramp at times as I tried to keep myself under control of sorts. “Now, do you want to give yourself to me fully? I don’t want your marriage and outside life, just your body and sex. Well, do you want me to take you?”

“Yes.” My throat dry. From the side I just had a moments impression of her hand about to hit me. Hit my tit. I tried to take out my hand from under me but couldn’t in time. The hand slapped my breast hard and I bucked up in pain beneath her. Pain, yet my vagina pulsed strongly, everything seemed so mixed up.


“Oh yes, Mistress! Sorry Mistress! I am so sorry Mistress! I do want to be yours Mistress! Please take me, please take me Mistress!”

Her fingertips had returned to my lips now. “Are you sure that you really want me to take you on again.”

“Oh please Mistress! Please, I am yours Mistress”

“I might. If you are a good little slut”

“Oh yes, yes, I will be for you Mistress.” Her fingers found my clit and I began to jerk my hips. “Oh God yes, Mistress.”

“Will you be a very, very obedient slut for me?”

“Oh God yes. Yes Mistress.” My words drifted into whimpers, then grunts as she fingered me. I became aware that she was also playing with herself.

“Cum for me slut.” It was an order. I came like a disgusting slut for her, screaming. My body bucking caught as it was by my hands beneath me and incapable of moving. I was a mass of pleasure.

She left me on the floor for a while. She came back clean and dressed. I was allowed to clean myself a dress and redo my make-up later as she watched. When the men came back there was not the vaguest sign of my submission or of my acceptance of my new role.

To be continued…

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