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Elevator Surprise

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My wife Cindy and I got married straight out of high school. We had been dating for four years and couldn’t picture ourselves without each other. For our one year wedding anniversary I decided to book an elegant room at the Olympic hotel downtown. It was way out of our price range but I wanted to do something nice for my wife.

We got dressed up: myself in a suit and tie and Cindy wore this beautiful strapless blue dress. You couldn’t tell by looking at us that we lived in a one bedroom dump in the suburbs.

When we first saw the room we were astounded. Floor to ceiling windows overlooking the bay outside, nice furniture, Jacuzzi tub, they even threw in a bottle of complimentary wine with a personalized note. I made sure to read the note twice before opening it, just to make sure that it really was, “Complimentary.” We almost didn’t even want to leave the room it was so nice.

We took a stroll outside to catch in some of the nightlife downtown had to offer. We enjoyed people watching, making up stories of the people we saw and where we thought they were going. During our stroll, we got caught by surprise when a sudden downpour starting washing the city. We hurried back to the hotel as fast as Cindy’s high heels could go.

Relieved to be out of the rain and in the warmth of the hotel lobby, we quickly headed to the elevators to get to our room. As the elevator door was closing, I heard a shout coming from the lobby.

“Wait, hold the elevator,” A man yelled.

I quickly stopped the elevator from closing to accommodate the man’s request. The doors retracted and I saw a well dressed man and lady heading towards us.

“Thank you,” the man said as they entered into the elevator. He looked distinguished with his salt and pepper hair and nice suit.

“Yes thank you,” the woman added in. She looked much younger than him. She had long blonde hair and wore a tight black dress that wonderfully showed off her nice curves and assets. I had to stop myself from staring at her before Cindy noticed.

“No problem,” I replied putting my arm around Cindy’s lower back.

“What floor are you two heading to?” The man asked.

“Twelve,” I answered.

“Same here,” he responded.

The elevator starting heading up as we all stood there in that awkward silence. The elevator dinged with each passing floor as we made our way up. Then the unforeseen happened. The elevator shook and all the lights went out. Cindy quickly buried herself into my arms. I held her close as the elevator continued to shake for what seemed like forever. The other couple fell into the corner as I closed my eyes and held Cindy close. All I could think was that the elevator cables were going to snap and we were going to plummet to our death.

The shaking finally ceased and the emergency lights came on, filling the room with a dim light. Cindy wouldn’t let go of me, instead she continued to shake in my arms. The couple stood up, gripping the walls as they did.

“Everybody alright?” The man asked.

“Ya I think so,” I responded.

The man reached for the emergency phone and put it to his ear. “Hello?”

Cindy finally dug her head out from me. We helplessly stared at him as he tried to reach someone.

“Nothing,” he said putting the phone down. “Just static.”

“What happened?” The woman asked as if we had the answer.

“No idea,” the man responded. “But it looks like we might be stuck here a while.” He leaned in, reading something on top of the elevator buttons. Laughing, he said, “Last inspection January 2000.”

“Great,” I muttered. I was grateful to be alive but this elevator was the last place I wanted to be.

Cindy stopped trembling and regained her composure. She undid the tie in her brown hair, letting it fall down her back. She sat in the corner opposite the other couple.

I followed and sat down beside her. “Anyone got a phone,” I asked.

The man reached into his pocket and took out his cell phone. “No signal,” he said staring at it.

“Same,” the other woman said looking at hers.

“Fantastic,” Cindy whined.

The couple sat back down in the corner and whispered amongst themselves. I draped my arm around Cindy as we sat there, helpless in our current situation. All we could do was wait.

I hated waiting. Not knowing whether we were going to be there for 5 minutes or 5 days. I wondered if we were even going to make it that long. After all, the cables could snap at any moment. We had no idea the condition of the hotel as we couldn’t even reach anyone on the outside.

Time was at a crawl. The couple with us joked with each other, their laughter filling the silence. After a while the man spoke, “So, since we’re stuck in here for who knows how long, we might as well get to know each other.”

I introduced us, “I’m Jack, and this is Cindy.”

“My names Tom,” he replied.

“I’m Lauren,” she responded.

“Nice to meet the both of you,” Cindy spoke. Her voice was back to her usual cheerful tone.

We exchanged petty small talk for a while. Jack was a accountant for some law firm, the opposite of my construction job. Lauren worked at a bank nearby. They applauded Cindy for staying in school stating how important that is.

The small talk turned into the whole, “I’m just grateful for being alive,” kind of stuff. Cindy commenting on how she was going to be a better person and study harder. Jack and Lauren didn’t seem to care though. They were acting very comfortable giving our current situation.

“So what brings you two here tonight,” Jack asked.

“It’s our one year anniversary,” Cindy replied grabbing my hand.

“Oh young love,” Lauren responded.

“What about you two?” I asked.

“Just a night on the town,” Tom replied.

“Are you two married?” Cindy asked.

“Going on ten years,” Lauren said cuddling against Jack.

“But you look so young,” Cindy remarked.

“Well thank you,” Lauren responded. “Actually I’m 28, Jack is 40.”

“You want to know the secret for a great marriage?” Jack asked.

I thought to myself, “Oh great. Here’s another guy who thinks he knows it all.” Being respectful I replied, “Oh ya, what’s that?”

“Communication,” Tom answered.

“I’ve heard that a lot,” Cindy said.

“That and great sex,” Lauren added in looking at Tom.

“Well that too,” Tom laughed.

I was a little uncomfortable with the remark but it didn’t seem to faze Cindy.

“Do you two have a good love life?” Lauren asked.

“Of course we…”

“Well not really,” Cindy said cutting me off.

I was shocked by her response. I thought it was good and I was surprised with her openness to complete strangers.

“Well something’s off,” Lauren laughed.

I moved a bit away from Cindy to look at her better. “What do you mean?”

“Well it’s just always the same thing,” she said.

“I always ask and…”

“That’s just it,” she remarked cutting me off again. “You always ask if everything’s okay. I wish you would stop asking and just fuck me.”

Again I couldn’t believe I was hearing this from her. Jack and Lauren listened in while Cindy went on to explain our inadequate sex life.

“It’s just always the same. I go down on you, you go down on me, we screw in the same position, and then it’s over.”

“So what do you want differently?” Lauren asked.

“It would be nice if Jack would just ravage me, like they do in the movies,” Cindy explained to our new mediators.

“You mean like they do in porn,” Lauren said.

“Exactly.” Cindy paused.

I wondered what porn movies she was talking about. I know I didn’t have any. I always thought Cindy would find them degrading and get mad at me for wanting to watch them. Apparently I was wrong.

“What kind of porno’s have you been watching?” I asked.

“You know, like when the guys just fuck the girl. Use them, degrade them, cum on them.”

Hearing my wife talk like this was turning me on. I didn’t exactly want this conversation in front of others, but I liked hearing her talk.

“Ok let’s start with this,” Lauren chimed in. “Cindy you tell Jack a fantasy of yours and then Jack you do the same.”

Cindy looked at them, then at me. “Well I always thought a gangbang would be fun.”

Taken back, I responded, “A gangbang?”

“Ya, like ten guys just fucking and using me. Treating me like a slut, calling me names, and slapping me around.”

I was learning a lot about my wife tonight. I even forgot I was trapped in this box while she opened up to me.

“Ok what about you Jack,” Lauren asked.

“Well I guess I’m a typical guy,” I started off. “A threesome would be fun.”

“With another girl or guy?” Tom asked.

“A girl.”

“See now we’re getting somewhere,” Lauren said. “Cindy what do you think of Jack’s fantasy?”

“That could be fun,” she responded to my delight. “I always wanted to know what it would be like to kiss another girl.”

That comment threw me over the edge. Thank god we were sitting down.

“You two are young and sexy,” Tom complimented. “I’m sure you could make your fantasies a reality.”

Cindy smiled and blushed. “I’m not sexy,” she said.

“Sure you are,” Lauren reassured her. Lauren stood up and walked to Cindy, holding out her hand. “Here stand up.”

Cindy looked at me. I didn’t know what to say or even think. I don’t think she did either. But she took Lauren’s hand and let her pull her up.

Lauren got behind Cindy. “You’ve got a really nice petite figure.” Lauren went on. “I would kill for those cheekbones.” Lauren put her hands on Cindy’s hips and slowly ran them down her body. “Very nice.” Cindy stood there awkwardly as Lauren put her on display.

I didn’t know what to think as my mind drifted to my fantasy. I enjoyed watching another woman fondle my wife, especially someone as sexy as Lauren.

Lauren’s hands ran from her legs up her stomach and stopped to cup her breasts. Cindy stood there, shaking a bit, but didn’t stop her.

“Look at these,” Lauren complimented. “So young and firm.”

“Can’t tell from here,” Tom added. “Maybe if you took off the dress…”

I think most guys would be upset by another man asking their wife to strip. I was too enthralled in the petting to think twice about it. Hell, he could see Cindy naked if that meant I would get to see Lauren.

Cindy looked at me, as if silently seeking my approval. I guess since I didn’t object that meant to her that it was okay. Lauren undid the back of her dress and Cindy let if fall to the floor. She was wearing a very sexy black strapless bra and a thong to match. Cindy nervously unclasped her bra and let it fall, exposing her creamy white breasts.

“That’s better,” Tom complimented.

Lauren again reached around and cupped Cindy’s breasts, running her fingers along her pink nipples. Cindy’s body jerked back a bit at first but then resumed her statuette position.

“Very nice, firm” Lauren said.

“Yes very,” Tom added. “Very sexy.”

I was so hard it was unbearable. Lauren ran her hands down Cindy’s flat stomach and underneath her thong. “Is she shaved?” Lauren said gliding her hands to Cindy’s pubic area.

“Yes she is,” Cindy remarked as her body squirmed with Lauren’s touch.

Lauren grasped the sides of her thong and pulled them down her legs, letting us get a great view of her bare pussy. Cindy stepped out of them and stood tall, naked except for her heels. I could see Tom shuffling in his seat on the floor, obviously adjusting himself.

Cindy turned around to look at Lauren, giving us an exciting view of her ass.

“What about you?” Cindy said to Lauren.

Lauren smiled and pulled down her tight dress. Her body was immaculate: tight, fit, and tan. I watched this intimate strip show as Lauren unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor then doing the same with her underwear. These two beautiful creatures stood there silently, staring at each other. I was dying with anticipation.

Lauren leaned in and kissed Cindy passionately. I thought I was going to lose it as I watched their tongues compete. Lauren was gentle as she flicked her tongue along Cindy’s lips. Cindy ran her fingers through Lauren’s hair, lowering her head downwards.

Lauren stopped to kiss Cindy’s hardened nipples. One breast, then the other before making her way further south. Cindy parted her legs as Lauren got onto her knees. Once in position, Lauren eagerly started lapping at Cindy’s pussy, running her tongue as though she was licking a lollipop. Cindy grabbed the wall, holding herself up as she was pleasured.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned out. Her moaning increased as Lauren further buried her head in her crotch. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Cindy moan so loud, at least not when I went down on her.

I forgot Tom was in the room before I saw him in the corner of my eye. He had pulled his dick out of his pants and was stroking it.

The heavy panting ceased when Lauren stood back up, licking her lips. She kissed Cindy again then turned her around to face her crowd. I saw Cindy’s eyes widen when she saw Tom masturbating.

“Is she a good cock sucker?” Lauren asked.

I wasn’t sure if she was asking me or Cindy. I responded, “I’ve never complained.”

Tom stood up and undressed himself. He stood tall, waiting for action. Lauren walked over and knelt by her husband, grabbing his shaft.

“Well,” Lauren paused. “You going to show us or what?”

Cindy didn’t look at me this time. She knelt in front of Tom as Lauren pointed his cock towards her face. Cindy leaned in and took his cock into her mouth. Lauren let go and grabbed the back of Cindy’s head. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was watching my wife suck off another man. She was eagerly working him. With Lauren’s help, she took him deeper and deeper.

“How is she honey?” Lauren asked.

“Oh she’s good,” Tom replied panting.

“He taste good,” Lauren said with her grip still on Cindy.

“Mmhmm,” Cindy muddled out as she continued to suck his cock.

Lauren leaned in and started kissing her husband’s shaft. This lucky bastard had these two gorgeous beauties taking turns on his cock. I prayed for my turn as they both ran their lips along his shaft.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I thought if Cindy wanted me to be more dominating then what a better time to show her than now. I got up and quickly took off my clothes. It felt good to release my hardened cock from its prison. I moved towards them and grabbed a handful of Cindy’s hair. I yanked her back, causing her to squeal.

She turned around and looked up at me with a hunger in her eyes that I haven’t seen before. I pulled her head towards my crotch until her lips rested on my sac. She didn’t move or start to suck away like she did with Tom.

“What are you waiting for?” I asked.

Again she stayed still.

Feeling aggressive I ordered, “Pleasure me slut!”

I guess that’s what she needed to hear as she opened wide and engulfed my sac in her mouth. She gently sucked on it while stroking my shaft. Lauren turned her attention to me and grabbed my shaft away from Cindy. She twirled her tongue around the head while Cindy continued to suck on my sac. I ran one hand through Lauren’s hair as she started to take me into her mouth. These two beauties made me want to cum as they worked me. I never thought my fantasy would feel this good. As much as they pleasured me, I wanted more.

“Time to get fucked,” I said looking down at the two.

They pulled away from me and looked at each other. Lauren grabbed a hold of Cindy’s breast then leaned in and kissed her pouty lips. For a moment I watched the two make out, then grabbed Lauren’s hand and pulled her away. I guided her to lay on her back on the floor. I grabbed Cindy next and positioned her laying on top of Lauren so they could each other out.

The girls quickly went to work on each other as Tom and I watched. Tom, taking the lead, positioned himself to fuck my wife. That was fine with me as I really wanted a run at Lauren’s. I got into position and lifted Cindy’s head up from Lauren’s pussy. I loved the hungry look on my wife’s face. Saliva and Lauren’s juices smeared her mouth.

I held my cock to her lips and said, “Open wide.”

She obeyed and opened her mouth for me. I wanted my cock prepared and wet before I fucked Lauren. I leaned in, letting her envelop my cock. She moaned as she worked me. I heard a loud spank and looked up to see Tom lashing his palm down on her ass. Cindy moaned louder with each landing spank. I wanted to hear her scream so I pulled out of her mouth and readied myself to fuck Lauren.

I placed the head of cock against Lauren’s pussy and ran it up and down along her folds. Lauren had her hands on Cindy’s red ass, holding her cheeks apart. Tom started pushing his hips forward into Cindy.

“Oh my god,” Cindy moaned out through her clenched teeth. “My ass.”

I watched as Tom slowly inserted himself forward into Cindy’s ass. She groaned louder the deeper he pushed himself in. I never thought Cindy would ever be willing to be fucked that way. Then again, this night was all about me not knowing how dirty my wife really is.

I followed Tom’s movements and started to push myself into Lauren’s wet cunt. Seeing my wife clench her teeth and hearing her moan out made me dive into Lauren faster. Her sopping wet pussy eagerly accepted my cock. Once I was balls deep I started thrusting as hard as my hips allowed. I plowed into her again and again as Tom rocked Cindy back and forth.

“Mmm yes,” Lauren moaned out. “Fuck that pussy.”

Lauren and Cindy moaned as we worked them, as if competing to see who was louder. Cindy lowered her head and tried to lick Lauren’s cunt as she bounced back and forth.

Tom pulled back and out of Cindy, causing her to stop moaning. Cindy rested her head, trying to catch her breath. I heard slurping coming from Lauren’s end and decided to follow in that direction.

I pulled my dick out of Lauren and jammed into Cindy’s mouth. “Lick it clean bitch,” I ordered.

Cindy began sucking away, cleaning my shaft of Lauren’s juices. I enjoyed watching her suck my cock, but I wanted my her once forbidden ass now more than anything.

“How’s your ass?” I asked looking down at Cindy.

She just moaned over my cock in her mouth.

I pulled back and Tom and I stood up to change places. Tom got in position and Cindy didn’t waste any time taking his cock into her mouth. I leaned down, resting my sac on Lauren’s mouth. She licked it clean as I slapped Cindy’s ass. I pulled up and readied my cock to invade Cindy’s asshole.

“Ya fuck that ass,” Lauren moaned out.

I didn’t need any more encouragement and slowly inserted myself into Cindy’s puckered asshole. She was so tight, making it hard to accept my cock. I persisted and inserted more and more of myself into her.

Tom pulled out of Cindy’s mouth, allowing her to breathe. He then drove himself into Lauren’s aching pussy. Not wasting any time he ferociously fucked her. I slowly worked my wife and watched as Lauren squirmed on the floor.

Once I was fully in I began to pound Cindy as fast as Tom was fucking Lauren. Hearing the girls moans of delight was overwhelming. It didn’t take long before Tom pulled out of Lauren and began jerking his cock. He grunted loudly as his cock exploded onto Cindy. She took him into her mouth, sucking him dry as I continued to ravage her ass.

Now that Tom was spent, I wanted to see my wife’s satisfied look. I pulled out of her ass and grabbed her, twisting her around. She collapsed on top of Lauren and looked up at me with Tom’s cum smeared across her beautiful face.

“Clean me off,” I ordered as I forced my cock into Cindy’s mouth. I grabbed her hair and pulled her back and forth over me. Cum dripped from her chin onto Lauren below as I drove myself as far as I could into her mouth.

Her cum covered face was too much for me as I lost it, unleashing my seed into her mouth. I’ve never had an orgasm like that before. I felt wave after wave erupt from me. She didn’t swallow, instead letting the cum seep from the sides of her mouth and fall onto Lauren.

Once spent I leaned back, barely able to even sit up. Cindy leaned down and kissed Lauren. They continued to make out, cleaning each other off as they did.

Once satisfied, Cindy rolled off of Lauren. We all took a moment to catch our breath before getting dressed. As I pulled my shirt over my head the elevator’s main lights kicked on and we started moving. We all cheered as the elevator stopped on our floor. The doors opened and we quickly stepped out into the hallway.

Tom, still catching his breath, said, “You know, the nights still young. You two want to come to our room?”

I looked at Cindy, who looked spent. “No thanks,” I replied. “Were just going to head to our room. After all, it is our anniversary.”

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