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Electraglide In Monterey

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“Holy Fuck” shouted Chuck, as the information flashed up on his computer screen. He could not believe it at first, but it was true, he had found her, after two weeks of searching. There it was in black and white. Heather Harlow, ex glamour model, now living in Monterey CA. There was even a phone number, and her e-mail too. The question was, what was he to do now, he needed to contact her, but through what medium? A phone call was out of the question, too personal, too soon.

“Maybe write her a letter” he thought, then dismissed that idea also, finally deciding to send her an e-mail, in an attempt to start a dialogue. He decided to put Electraglide in Blue as the subject matter.

Dear Miss Harlow, Please forgive this intrusion upon your time, but I felt that I just had to contact you. I am now in possession of the Harley Davidson motorcycle that was used in the 1973 movie “Electraglide In Blue.” The very same motorcycle that you did a photo shoot around, for Hustler magazine, a few years ago. I am in Mobile AL., and my name is Chuck Deveraux, I am a motorcycle mechanic, and purchased this bike recently. I have spent the last six months restoring it to showroom condition. And my plan now is to tour around the States on it. I will be in California in the next two weeks, and I just wondered, would you like to see the bike again, as she was when you last saw her? Yours sincerely Chuck Deveraux.

Chuck double-checked his spelling and grammar, and then clicked the button to send it, wondering, hoping that she might reply. He closed his eyes, deep in thought now, realising how lucky that he had been, winning all that money on the lottery, $500,000 a year for the next ten years. It was only this that had enabled him to buy the bike of his dreams, give up his job, and fantasise about Heather Harlow, more commonly known as HH. She did not do the glamour work now, after her marriage failed, and her husband was convicted of running a string of hookers, she divorced him, and went into seclusion almost it seemed. But he, Chuck Deveraux, had now found her.

His dream, of reproducing the photo shoot, with the bike that he now owned, and the model he adored seemed a gigantic step closer. Chuck opened the drawer in his computer desk, and picked up the well-thumbed magazine. A copy of Hustler, from 1993, two years before Heather’s disastrous marriage. He flipped through the pages, quickly finding what he was looking for. There it was, his bike, shining like a new pin, and there she was HH. Sitting astride it, wearing a cobalt blue swimsuit, her nipples proud against the material. She was five feet four inches tall, with beautiful long brown hair and brown eyes, and her breasts, 36C, perfection. As soon as he saw her it started, the familiar stirring in his loins, as his cock reacted to what he could see.

The swimsuit was slowly being removed, picture-by-picture. Chuck looked at her left breast, with the deliciously dark brown swelling circling her nipple, pushing it out. His zipper now open, as he fondled his swelling shaft, stroking it. Her hands, pressing her tits together, a “come fuck these baby” look in her eyes. His cock now rigid, as he slipped out of his jeans and boxers, taking a firmer grip, and stroking it even harder. He quickly turned to the centrespread where she was naked, sat on the seat, one leg on the floor, the other on the handlebars. Her sweet pink pussy, under a small triangle of soft downy hair, entrancing him, as it always did.

He grabbed a tissue from the box on his desk, and fell to his knees. Eyes closed, pumping furiously on his hard swollen cock. In his minds eye he could see Heather, beckoning him, holding her pussy lips open, offering it to him. He licked his lips, imagining he was tasting her, licking his way all over her sex, and tongue fucking her as she moaned in pleasure. His back tightened, his body as taut as stretched elastic, and then he exploded, holding the tissue against the head of his cock, as cum shot free, stream after stream travelling down his shaft, giving him that ecstatic feeling that all men crave. He was panting, tears of pleasure in his eyes, his cock slowly slackening, as he squeezed it, drawing out the last few drops.

Chuck took one more look at the photograph, kissed her pussy, and turning off the computer, decided to go to bed.

Heather returned from her lunch date with Karin, her ex personal assistant, and now her best friend, just before 2PM. She decided to check her computer for messages, before having a long cool drink by the pool. She sat at her PC, surveying her e-mails, one caught her eye, she did not know the senders name, but it was titled “Electraglide In Blue.” Heather knew that she had heard the phrase before, but could not remember where, intrigued now, she opened the mail. She read it through twice, and then sat there, thinking, and remembering. It had been a beautiful morning at Daytona Beach, early before the public started arriving. She and Karin, along with a hunk of a photographer, and what was more, he was not gay, as so many are. Heather had been so turned on by the bike, sitting on it naked, as its powerful engine throbbed between her thighs. She chuckled, remembering the afternoon, and their motel room, both of them being fucked by the hunk, until it went dark.

“Oh yes, Mr Chuck Deveraux, I remember your bike very well.” She said, as she moved on to read her other mail. After reading all the mail, and discarding some, she changed into a bikini, and took her book, to sit and read by the pool. She tried, but it was no good, the book held no interest for her. It was that e-mail, the motorcycle one; her mind kept drifting back to Daytona. The guy had been a stud, no doubt about it, not only well hung, but he knew how to use it too. She could almost see herself, mouth clamped on Karin’s pussy, as he fucked her from behind, then later, sitting on his face, kissing Karin, as she rode his cock. The memories came flooding back, as her nipples hardened, and the damp patch got a little larger with every minute.

“But what the fuck was his name?” she said out loud, She heard one time that he had gone to Europe, producing porn movies, and she knew they would be good ones too. But his name still eluded her. She decided to phone Karin, she might now.

“Hi Karin hun, its H here”

“Mmmm, hi sweetie, thank you for the lunch, it was wonderful,”

“No problem Karin, it was my pleasure. A question for you, do you remember Daytona, and a photo shoot I did there on a motorcycle?”

“Remember it! Hell yeah, how can I ever forget the sight of you, naked, sitting on the saddle, twisting your nipples, with that engine throbbing away under you. I thought you were going to cum all over the damned thing hun.” Karin replied, and laughed softly.

Heather smiled to herself, “Can you remember his name though, the photographer, I have been trying for an hour now?”

“Stefan, he was from Poland, or his family were, didn’t he go back to make porno’s? Anyway, what brought this on, it is so long ago now?”

Heather told Karin about the e-mail, and how the guy was bringing the bike to California soon, but she was unsure about it. Was it really safe, with all the stalkers and weirdoes about these days? Karin suggested if she would like to see it, mail him, ask for a photo, at least she would know he had a bike. Better still, a photo with today’s New York Times or something on the seat, so he could not fake it.

“Karin, you are so smart darling, what would I do without you?”

“Smart? Don’t know about that, but I do remember how Stefan fucked us both twice, that guy was HOT wasn’t he hun?”

“Tell me about it, I am fucking dripping here, just remembering, oh my God am I?”

“Want me to come over hun?”

“I thought you would never ask you horny bitch, get that sweet ass over here now”

Karin chuckled down the phone, and then disconnected the call, as she made her way to the door.

Heather went indoors again, and reconnected the PC. Doing as Karin suggested, she would ask him for a photo of the bike, with today’s newspaper, showing the date on the seat.

Mr Deveraux, Thank you for your mail, I found it interesting, but We live in a dangerous society, with stalkers, and all sorts of weird people on the loose, so I hope that you understand my need to be careful.

I receive many e-mails, which are not what they seem, in fact some are downright disgusting, not that I am accusing you of this. I would ask though, that you provide me with some photographic proof of your claim. Maybe a photograph of the motorcycle, with a copy of today’s newspaper on the seat, clearly showing the date and headlines, one that I can check out on line. I do hope you can understand my reticence Yours Heather Harlow.

Heather smiled, that should do the trick, if he was not genuine, she would never hear from him again. She left the computer connected, so that she would hear the alert if he replied.

When Heather’s e-mail arrived, Chuck was at his computer, searching for another old Harley to refurbish. As soon as he saw who it was from he read it. His first thought was that she was not interested at all, and then he reread the mail. Chuck could see her point, and he smiled, realising that this would not be a problem at all. Not only did he love his motorcycles, but he was also a very talented amateur photographer. One of his first purchases after his big win was a Japanese SLR digital camera, top of the range model too. He quickly located the newspaper, and his camera, and then set about taking the photos. Within 30 minutes, he sent a reply.

Miss Harlow, Thank you for your reply, and yes, I can understand, an e-mail from someone you have never heard of would make you think twice. I have done as you requested, and, included a couple of other photos also. Starting with the bike as I found it, in a very sad condition, another after I had stripped it down, and the finished article. The last photograph is myself, sat on the bike, pointing at today’s date ion the local newspaper, which is online for you to check. I have no wish to offend you, and I assure you that I am completely genuine. Regards Chuck Deveraux.

Karin had been at Heather’s house about 5 minutes when the e-mail alert sounded; they were sat on the couch, discussing the qualities of Stefan and his cock at the time. Heather had found the photos that had appeared in Hustler, in her portfolio, she had kept everything that was ever published. She left Karin looking at them, while she went to her computer, and opened Chuck’s e-mail. She read it first, and then downloaded the photos.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD KARIN, you have to see this, this guy is a hunk, Jesus, is he ever, holy cow.”

Karin crossed the room quickly, and looked at the photo on the screen. There was the bike, looking brand new, and sitting on it was a man, at least six feet tall, muscles everywhere, with bright blue eyes, and flowing blonde hair, tied in a ponytail. He was pointing at the date on a newspaper he held, and smiling into the camera.

“Heather, mail him, YES, get him here baby, oh my, he is fucking gorgeous, and look at the bike, can’t you just feel it throbbing between your legs, vibrating that sweet pussy of yours. Oh my Heather, oh fucking my.”

Heather was already typing, even before Karin had finished speaking.

Hello again Chuck, May I call you that? I hope so. It is wonderful to see the motorcycle again, if only to recall the day I spent at Daytona on the shoot, it holds many memories for me. So, if you should make it to California, please call me on 555 6734, so that I can meet you, and see it again, maybe even take a ride on it with you. Thank you for letting me know Regards Heather Harlow.

Karin moved behind Heather’s chair, using her hand to pull her hair aside, and whispering to her.

“We have unfinished business baby, and all these pictures we are looking at, are not helping at all.”

Karin kissed Heather on the neck, licking it gently, as her hands untied the bikini top, and she let it fall. She reached around Heather with one hand, and began stroking the already hard nipple, then started to pinch, and tweak it, as Heather moaned softly. Slowly she turned the chair around, and leaned in a little, letting her tongue play on Heather’s breast, prodding at the little swelling around the nipple. Karin knew what this did to Heather, and sure enough, Heather’s hand was down to her mound, and slipped inside the bikini bottoms. Karin opened her mouth, to cover the nipple, and then sucked softly upon it, using the tip of her tongue to circle it. Heather started to moan louder now, and pulled on Karin’s head, pushing it as close as she could to her body.

Karin used her teeth, gripping and pulling the nipple, stretching Heather’s tit out, then, suddenly she released it, and pulled off her T-shirt. Her own tits now free, she took hold of Heather’s head, and pulled it towards her chest. Heather deftly flicked her tongue at Karin’s nipple, then the other one, before licking them slowly, and swirling her tongue around. As Heather licked and sucked on Karin’s tits, she slipped her hand under her skirt, knowing full well that Karin never wore panties. She stroked the smooth silky skin of Karin’s mound, now totally devoid of hair since the waxing, her “Brazilian”. Karin moaned in pleasure, shifting and spreading her thighs for her lover, as Heather slowly inserted her finger. Scraping her teeth across the hard nipple between her lips, and biting it as her finger explored Karin’s wet sex.

“Oh God yes, make me cum baby, oh fuck, oh Jesus.”

Heather moved her head back, and looked up at Karin, who grabbed at her head, and kissed her, hard and deep, her tongue dancing with Heather’s. Heather now pushed two fingers into the wanting pussy, and used her thumb to rub Karin’s clit, faster, building it up, taking her to the edge. Karin broke from the kiss, throwing her head back, and crying out, as the waves of pleasure started. They rippled through her, making her legs shake, as she held onto to Heather’s head, pulling it against her tits, and gasping and panting a little. Heather eased her fingers free, and turning her head slightly, licked them, and started to suck Karin’s nectar into her throat.

“God Heather, how do you do that, as soon as you touch my pussy, I am helpless, totally fucking helpless. Mmmm, kiss me baby, and hold me, please?”

Heather stood, her mouth brushing Karin’s soft lips, caressing them, and kissing her tenderly. She felt Karin’s hand on her bikini, pulling at the tie on her hips, breaking from the kiss, she whispered,

“The couch, make love to me on it baby, eat my pussy, and make me scream, now baby, now.”

Heather dropped the bikini pants onto the floor, and walked to the couch, as Karin took something from her little bag. Heather lay back on the couch, one leg on the carpet, and the other rose up, her foot on the soft cushion. Her hand moved to her mound, as she watched Karin, holding her pocket rocker, and licking it slowly, taunting her. Heather ran her fingertips through the soft downy hair of her mound; she had trimmed it that very morning, She moved her hand lower, circling the little nub of her rosebud, sighing at the joy of this, her favourite spot on her body. She looked at Karin, her eyes pleading for release, mouthing the words,

“Fuck me baby, please fuck me.”

Karin took a step towards her, passing by the coffee table, when the phone rang, its crisp clear tones shattering the pregnant silence.

“OH FUCK!” shouted Heather “Who the fuck is that now?”

She grabbed the phone, putting it to her ear.


“Hello, Miss Harlow, is that you, Chuck Deveraux here, the bike, do you remember me ma`am?”

She put her hand over the mouthpiece, and stared at Karin,

“It’s him, the hunk with the bike, oh shit, what do I say?”

“Hello, Miss Harlow, are you there ma`am?”

“Yes, yes Chuck, I am here, you just took me a little by surprise, that’s all.”

Chuck smiled, he had her on the phone at last, and her voice, it was almost husky, and so damned sexy, he just wanted to listen to her, but knew he had things to say.

“I just wanted to let you know, that I will be leaving Mobile tomorrow morning. I should be with Y`all in California by Monday or Tuesday, and I was wondering, when it will be convenient for me to call ma`am.”

Heather was staring at Karin, as she listened to Chuck, watching as she placed her foot on the coffee table, and pulled her skirt aside. She was rubbing the little vibe on her slit, Heather could see the juices on Karin’s thigh, and how the rocket now glistened in them, she moaned softly, and licked her lips.

“Are you OK Miss Harlow ma`am?” said Chuck, the concern in his voice obvious.

“Yes, yes I am fine,” she managed to say, as she watched Karin licking the rocket, as she fingered herself, teasing Heather to the point of distraction.

“Monday or Tuesday will be great Chuck, just call me when you reach Monterey, and I will give you directions. Oh, and by the way, I will have a friend here, just as security, is that OK?”

She wondered how she had managed to get the words out, watching Karin finger her sweet cunt, and licking her juices from the rocket. She was almost rampant now, just wanted Karin on her, in her, fucking her.

“Sure thing Miss Harlow ma`am, and thank you again, and I will call as soon as I can, Bye.”

Chuck was a little confused, something in her voice, as if he had disturbed her, but, “never mind” he thought, next week I will be there. Heather dropped the phone into its cradle, glared at Karin, hissing almost

“Come here bitch, and fucking take me, I am so fucking horny, fuck me, eat me, just fucking do it, NOW.”

Chuck put down the phone, happy that he had finally spoken to her, and knowing that they would soon meet. He was still a little perturbed at her voice, and the way she had been breathing, almost gasping at times. Chuck had the definite impression that he had interrupted something, maybe she had one of those hot surfer studs there, and he had been ready too slip his fat cock into her. Just the thought of her pussy was enough; Chuck’s hand was inside his robe, stroking his hardening cock. He closed his eyes, he could see her, the photo from Hustler, which he had enlarged, and now hung over his workbench. Her leg on the bile, nipples hard and erect, and that sweet pussy winking at him, the one he kissed every morning. His cock was like a ramrod now, hard as granite as he stroked it, faster and faster.

He had a vision of Heather, chained by the wrists to his workbench, naked, her legs spread, pussy and ass open to his eyes, his hands, and then his cock. He could taste her, as his tongue glided over her pussy, as he parted the lips to lick her cunt, then moved to lick her brown star button, and fuck it with his tongue. Panting hard by now, he could feel his cock entering her, as her cunt gripped it, sucked it, and fucked it. He cried out as he came, shooting his load over his hand, onto the floor, but he didn’t care, he was in heaven, He relaxed slowly, as his breathing returned to normal, and he started to think about next week. Could it happen, would it, would she like him? Like him enough o fuck him.

“God I hope so.” Sighed Chuck.

Karin smiled at Heather; as she continued to leisurely finger herself.

“So, that was him huh, the biker stud, coming next week even, hmmmm.”

“Yes, it was him, now please baby, don’t make me wait, I need to cum so fucking bad.”

Karin walked to the cupboard, opened it, and pulled out the big strap on. The one with the eight-inch fat jelly cock, then she stood in front of heather, laid the rocket on the floor, and started to put on the strap on. Locating the clit stimulator, before fastening the straps.

“Are we gonna fuck this stud bitch?”

“ I don’t care, I just need fucking now, PLEASE.”

Like I said, are we gonna fuck him, or, am I gonna fuck him.”

“Oh God, anything just FUCK ME NOW YOU HEARTLESS BITCH.”

Karin looked directly into Heather’s eyes, as she stroked the fat cock that now protruded from her groin.

“Turn over, get your ass in the air, and press your tits onto the couch.”

She had not finished talking, before Heather was on her knees, ass in the air, face and tits pressed into the seat of the couch. Her hands reaching back, spreading her pussy, in anticipation. Karin got behind her, lifting her ass slightly, as she positioned the cock, right in front of Heather’s hole, pushing, she inserted just the head, and slapped Heather on the ass cheek hard.

“God yes, that’s it, hurt me and fuck me bitch, yesssss.”

Karin slapped the other cheek, and then rammed the cock deep inside Heather’s cunt. Making her scream in delight, as she started to fuck her, building it up. Karin licked her fingers, wetting them as much as she could, and then rubbed her saliva into Heather’s asshole, spreading saliva around it, and in it. She picked up the rocket, set it at full speed, and held it against Heather’s ass.

“OH GOD, yes, YES, I am gonna cum, oh fuck yesssss.”

Karin was slamming the cock into Heather, and suddenly, she pushed the rocket into Heather’s asshole. Heather almost exploded, screaming and crying out as the orgasm took hold of her. Hips bucking as her head thrashed on the couch, and Karin kept on pounding her, never letting up, and prolonging the pleasure. The rocket still in Heather’s ass, as Karin too came hard. Karin collapsed on Heather’s back, and they lay there, both breathing hard, as the pleasure slowly subsided.

Karin eased both the dildo and the rocket from Heather’s body, before kissing her gently, and going to the kitchen for two drinks. When she returned, they kissed again, and then sat side by side on the couch, talking, Karin asked Heather about the phone call.

“What did he sound like” asked Karin, much to Heather’s amusement.

“Well,” she said “he kept calling me ma`am, a Southern gent no less.” She replied, as they both started giggling, and mimicking the accent. Suddenly Heather became serious.

“But listen Karin, I am going to Mom and Dads place in Sacramento for the weekend, I will be back here on Monday morning. And I want you here, just in case this Chuck guy does arrive, you never know, he might be some kinda freak.”

“Very true, tell you what, I will have my brother Karl on stand by, I can call him on my cell if we need him.”

After the call, Chuck finished his packing, getting everything he needed into the boxes on his bike, especially his laptop and camera. He tied his suitcase on to the back, and was then set for his departure the following day. He would arrive in Monterey on Monday morning, check into a motel, then call Heather, to arrange the meeting. He sat on his couch, wondering if he was doing the right thing, she might take one look at him, and make him leave. And, who was this friend she would have with her, did she have a minder, a bodyguard? He hoped not.

He made good time on the road, and arrived in Monterey on Sunday evening, and took a room at the Travel Inn. He had a little look around the area, ate dinner, and then went to bed, dreaming of his visit the next day.

“Hello, who is this please?”

“Good morning Miss Harlow, Chuck Deveraux here, I am at the Travel Inn, on the edge of the city, and was wondering when it will be convenient for me to call and see you.”

“OH, OK, you are here, let me see, it is what? 9am now, how about 1.30 or so, to allow my friend to get here? Is that OK?”

“Perfect almost, now I just need you address, I have a city map, so finding you will be easy.”

Heather told Chuck where she was, and the district, and then she called Karin.

“Karin, he is here, in town, the hunk with the bike, oh my God, and he is coming to see us.”

“He is? Wow, what time you want me to be there hun, I was going to the mall this morning, but I can soon change that.”

“It’s OK, he wont be here till 1.30 or so, Just get here for 1pm, and alert Karl that we might need him.”

“OK then, I will see you later Heather. Mmm, who is gonna fuck him first I wonder?”

Karin said, giggling, as she then put the phone down. Heather sat thinking, wondering what to wear? What kind of an impression she wanted to make on him? Finally deciding on jeans and a polo shirt, nothing too sexy, but definitely smart. Chuck also was debating the same problem; he did not want to look like a country boy, more a man of the world, not easy though on a bike. He settled for jeans and a white t-shirt, with a bandana on also, and the motorcycle boots of course.

Just before One, Karin arrived at Heather’s house, wearing a miniskirt, and blue t-shirt, showing her midriff, and wearing high heels.

“Oh my God Karin, what are you playing at? Are you trying to scare him off or what?”

Karin grinned at her friend, “Put it this way, we will soon find out if he is gay or not”

Heather laughed; “you never change do you?” she said and kissed her friend on the cheek.

They watched through the window, waiting for Chuck to arrive, little knowing that he was on the corner, waiting, determined to arrive at exactly 1:30pm. They heard the bike first, and then watched as he came up the drive, and parked it outside the door. They looked at each other, then back at Chuck,

“Wow, look at that tight ass Heather, oh my, this could be fun darlin.”

Chuck was, understandably a little nervous, as he rang the bell, hoping he looked OK, and that at least she would see him. The door opened, and before he could say anything, they both stepped outside, and stood smiling at him. Heather held her hand out, and spoke to him.

“Hello Chuck, thank you for coming, oh, and this is my friend, Karin.”

He shook Heather’s hand, telling her that he was delighted to meet her at last, then he turned to Karin. Chuck’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Karin, blonde, 6 feet tall, and tits to die for. He took her hand also, and felt the tiniest of squeezes as she smiled at him, her tongue peeking out at him. He tried to compose himself, turning and pointing at the bike.

Well, there she is, after all this time, Electraglide in blue, what do you think?”

“I think it is beautiful, and just as I remember it, may I sit on it Chuck?”

“And me, and me,” said Karin, giggling a little.

“Most certainly ladies, but first, may I get my camera, and take photographs please?”

Chuck moved to the bike, and got his camera out, a fully charged battery already installed.

“My turn first then,” Said Heather, standing by the bike, and caressing it with her hand, as the memories started to come back. Hot sunshine on her naked flesh, the photographer talking to her, exciting her body, arousing her. She was getting aroused just thinking about it, and then noticed Chuck, pointing the camera at her. She smiled at him, and straddled the bike, holding the handlebars. She started to pose for him, it just came naturally, and she realised that she really was enjoying being photographed again. Her nipples were hardening, and the feelings of arousal strengthening.

“Would you like me to start her up Ma`am?” asked Chuck

“Oh yes Chuck, that would be awesome.”

He moved to the bike, and started the engine, Karin never leaving his side, almost desperate for her turn on the bike. Heather shuddered, as it came to life, the powerful engine throbbing between her thighs, vibrating her body, she giggled a little, and smiled at Karin, a knowing look in her eyes. Chuck was taking pictures from every angle.

“This woman is so beautiful, I want photos of her doing anything she wants, every way I can.” He thought to himself.

“Is it my turn yet? Can I get on? Please?”

“OK, OK, but then I am having another go,” said Heather, flashing Chuck a great big smile, as she lifted her leg over the seat. Karin almost ran to the bike, stroking it with her hands, then leaning against it, pushing her tits forward, and smiling at Chuck. He smiled back, and zoomed in on her tits, and what’s more, Karin knew it, as her nipples popped up to say hi. She sat on the saddle, her back to the handlebars, and raised her right leg, laying it along the bike. Chuck stopped dead in his tracks; he could not believe it at first. She was naked under the skirt, and showing him her bald pussy. He zoomed in on it with the Canon, as he refocused Karin winked at him, and now he too was getting horny.

“I think that is enough for now” Heather said quietly, “I am sure that Chuck must be hot in this sun, working so hard. Would you like an ice cold coke Chuck? Round by the pool?”

“I surely would ma`am, thank you.”

Heather giggled, and spoke again, “As nice as it sounds, in that lovely accent of yours Chuck, there is no need to keep calling me ma`am, Heather will do just fine.”

Chuck disabled the bike, and followed them round to the pool, taking a seat, as Heather went for the glasses, and Karin took the cokes from the fridge. Chuck was asked about the bike, and where he was going, he told them about the lottery win, and his plans, both seemed impressed he thought. Heather asked if he was married, and he explained about his wife and a travelling salesman, saying that she was long gone. Around 3pm, Heather apologised to Chuck, saying

“I have enjoyed seeing the bike again Chuck, and meeting you has been a real pleasure, but, sadly, I have an appointment in 20 minutes or so. Can I ask a favour, though? May I se the photographs, when they are processed?”

“I have my laptop, back in my room, and will download them as soon as I get back there, maybe I could call you later, and arrange to drop off a CD ROM for you Heather?”

“Oh yes please, say, around five, call me then.”

“Hey, I want to see too,” said Karin, as she looked at Chuck, seductively crossing her legs again, knowing he was watching her.

Chuck grinned at both of them, the thoughts of Karin’s pussy in his mind, “

I will make two copies, and bring both with me, when we make the arrangements.”

He got up to leave, and to his great surprise, both Heather and Karin linked his arms, one either side of him, as they walked around to his bike. Where Heather again stroked the seat, smiling to herself. She kissed him on the cheek, thanking him, as did Karin.

“I wonder Chuck, depending on how long you are in Monterey, a ride on the bike with you, what do you think?”

His face lit up, as he looked back at Heather,

“There is no if about it, how does tomorrow sound?”

“Me too, me too,” said Karin.

“Consider it done” he replied, and then he was gone, they linked arms as he drove off, both smiling and waving at him. Before going back indoors. As Heather closed the door she spoke to Karin.

“You horny bitch, you showed him your pussy didn’t you?”

“Yup, and he aint gay hun, did you see the bulge. Now I just want to fuck him.” And she giggled.

“Well you aint fucking him here baby, no fucking way Jose, not here.”

And they both burst out laughing.

Chuck downloaded the photos as soon as he got back to the motel, checking them all, he had not realised it, but he had taken 63 shots, most had turned out very well. Heather looked gorgeous on the bike, he had not realised while taking the photos that her nipples were hard, but damn he could see it now. And Karin’s pussy,

“Well” he thought ”if I’ve had never been offered pussy before on a plate like that before, but I surely have now, and I intend to take it too.”

He looked closely at the photos now, their hard nipples, protruding through the shirts, Karin’s sweet pink pussy, it looked so inviting, and fuckable too. Chuck knew he had to stop this, and get on with what he was supposed to be doing. He made the two CD ROMs, before showering, and changing, in preparation for the next part of his plan.

Heather rushed back from the beauty parlour, not wanting to miss Chuck’s call, even if it had not been a real photo shoot, it had still given her a buzz. The tingling in her pussy, the way her nipples reacted to someone looking at her through a lens. She wanted to see the results, to see of she still had “it”. She sat on the couch, almost feeling a little nervous as she waited, and grabbed the phone the moment it rang.

“Hello, Chuck?”

“Howdy Heather, yup it’s me, calling as promised. I have the CD ROMs ready for you.”

“Good, I cant wait to see them, when can you bring them round?”

“I will be going to find somewhere to have diner shortly, maybe I can drop by then. I am not sure where to eat you, can you suggest anywhere, one of the better places here possibly?”

“Oh yes, any number, when you get here I will show you on the map, OK?”

Mmm, well, you know that you want a ride on the bike Heather?”


“Err, how about we combine the two, and I take you out to dinner?”

Heather thought about it for a few seconds, before replying.

“That is a wonderful idea Chuck, thank you so much, let’s see now? Pick me up here at 6:30, OK?” “Wild horses would not keep me away Heather, see you at 6:30, bye for now.”

Chuck was delighted, he had not really expected her to say yes, and now, in just over an hour’s time, she would be on the bike with him, and he was delighted. Heather sat there, smiling softly, thinking to herself what a day this had been. She really had enjoyed having the photos taken, just like old times, and Chuck was a sweetie, and a hunk too. Having Karin there had been fun too, rekindling the memories. Karin was a wonderful person, so very loving; they had been together for years so to speak. But Heather had to be honest with herself; she missed having a man, his touch, his smell, and most of all his body. It had been over a year now since a man had slept with her, OK it was her choice, but now the yearning was there.

Her hand moved to her breast, as the thoughts filled her mind. She grasped her hardening nipple, pinching, and then twisting it. Thinking about the touch of a hot hard cock, as her fingers encircled it, the pulsing vein, throbbing against her skin. She closed her eyes, and stuck out her tongue, seeing Chuck’s cock in her hand, and gently licking the tip. Her hand pushing inside her jeans, and her panties, as she imagined licking the opening, tasting the sweetness oozing from him. Her fingers were like licks of flame against her skin, as the moistness on her pussy increased, her arousal gathering pace, unstoppable now. She could feel his cock, as her lips encircled it, sucking on the head, as her finger played with her now swollen clit. She wanted him inside her, to feel the heat, the throbbing shaft burying itself. It had been so long.

Her fingers slipped inside, as she remembered how it felt to be stretched, how every nerve ending in her pussy would feel alive. Her hand moving faster now, two fingers driving in and out. She could feel his cock swelling, as he stiffened, ready to orgasm, and could not hold back any longer, crying out as she came, Her breath coming in short gasps, as her head rocked from side to side, out of control in the throes of a self-induced orgasm. Heather tried to relax, to calm herself, her breathing becoming slower, and more purposeful. She knew now that she wanted Chuck, wanted him inside her, pounding away at her, but did he want her she asked herself?

Heather showered, feeling all warm and tender, after her little montage on the couch. She decided to dress conservatively, if only for the reason she would be riding on a motorcycle, but later? That was another matter. AT 6:30, Heather was sat on the porch, waiting for Chuck, she watched as he came up the drive, then walked to him, telling him the route to her favourite restaurant, down by the sea. They both had a seafood platter; followed by dessert, Chuck passed on the wine, as he was driving so to speak. They chatted after the meal, getting to know each other, the more time Heather spent with him, the more she liked him. He was obviously a strong man, not Justin his body, but, he was also a gentleman, and very kind and considerate.

She asked about the photographs, and he told her that he was pleased; most had turned out as he wished. Heather wanted to see them, and asked if he had them with him, he told her they were in the box on the bike. By mutual decision, they left the restaurant, to go back to Heather’s home.

“You must come in for a coffee at least Chuck, while I look at the photos.”

He did not need asking twice, taking the discs from the box, he locked the bike, and followed her indoors. Heather turned on the PC, and told Chuck to take a seat, while she made the coffee. He looked around the room, very tastefully decorated he thought, and loved the long five-seat couch that she had. He noticed the copy of Hustler; it was still on the coffee table. He guessed that she had looked at it earlier, and smiled.

She returned, placing the tray on the table,

“I will let you be Mom Chuck, while I look at your work.”

She said, smiling broadly at him. He could hear her talking to him, as the slide show of photos started.

“Oh yes.”

“Very nice Chuck.”

“Mmm I like that one”

“Oh my God, Karin, I knew she would do that, wait till she sees what you did, a close up, she will freak.”

She turned and looked at him

“I will say one thing for you Chuck, you certainly know your way around a camera. If we had used lighting, these would have been good enough. Did you know that? Good enough for a magazine even.”

He smiled,

“Why thank you Heather, photos have been a hobby, well, more than a hobby for years, and I am delighted you like them.”

“It is true, they really are good, I know, I have an idea. Would you like to see my portfolio? I saved every pic that was ever published, all in a large portfolio”

He could not believe his luck.

“Like? Oh Heather, more than like, I would love to see them, please.”

She opened the cupboard, and handed him a large blue folder, tied with a silk ribbon. And then walked from the room saying.

“Enjoy Chuck, I wont be a moment, but I am sure you will be quite happy wont you?”

He grnned at her and opened the folder. Chuck looked at the first page, it was awesome. Large colour photos of Heather, in various outfits, showing everything that she had. Poor Chuck was spellbound, as his cock started swelling, responding to the erotic visions before him. Slowly he worked his way through it, having no idea of time, he was in heaven. Then he saw it, a photograph that as far as he knew had never been published, for he had everything of hers. It must have been eighteen inches square; she was dressed in a beautiful blue Basque, her tits straining against it, nipples just out of view, with matching stockings and g-string, and a pair of high-heeled shoes that matched also. Chuck groaned, unable to control himself.

“Holy fuck, what a picture that is.”

“You like it then?”

He had not even heard her come back in the room, and looked up. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. She was wearing that outfit, here, now, in front of him, Chuck was speechless.

“That is one from my private collection Chuck, it was taken the same day as the bike shots, and so I thought, why not? Seeing as how I had my photo taken with it again today.”

He just stared at her, mesmerised by her beauty and eroticism. She smiled at him, and slowly raised her hands to her head. As she did so, her breasts lifted, and her dark swollen nipples popped out of the Basque. He groaned again, trying to hide his hard on, under the portfolio.

“I don’t think you need this anymore do you Chuck?”

She whispered, taking the portfolio from him, and dropping it on the table. She looked at him, then at the bulge in his jeans. She looked into his eyes, nodding slowly, and got down onto her knees. Holding his gaze, she unfastened his belt, and slid down his zipper, before wrapping her hand around his cock, through his boxers. He lay back on the couch, watching her, unable to believe that this was happening. She pulled his shorts against his cock, holding it tightly, and started sucking the head through them, it felt wonderful, as she looked him in the eye.

Heather eased back, and slipped her hand inside his boxers, lifting out his cock and balls. Pushing his boxers and pants away, to give her room to play with it. His cock was as hard as rock, a good seven inches, with a nice girth to it. She held the base, looking into his eyes, as her tongue flicked out. Licking the head, then probing the small opening, Chuck could not believe it, there he had been, wondering if he dare make a move, and now she sucking his cock! Her left hand cupped his balls, bouncing them, and then using her fingers, she gripped the top of his sac, squeezing it, making him groan in pleasure.

Heather too was in her element, his cock was wonderful, and the precum tasted delicious. She started to pump him, her hand wrapped around the base of this magnificent beast. Her mouth covering the head, sucking and licking him. He closed his eyes, moaning in delight, as she sucked harder. Heather’s pussy was dripping now, throbbing almost, her g-string soaked through. She released his cock from her mouth, looking at him, and saying huskily to him.

“I want you inside me, fucking me, now Chuck, fuck yes do I?”

She stood and moved forward, straddling him, her left hand pulling aside the g-string, as she lowered her pussy onto him, holding Chuck’s dick, and guiding it in. He was pushing up with his hips, desperate to be inside her, to feel her velvet pussy engulf his hard wanting cock. She lowered herself slowly, savouring every inch of him, crying out as he entered her, filled her, and stretched her. Placing her hands on Chuck’s shoulders, Heather rode his cock, bouncing up and down, faster and faster, as he tried to suck her nipple. Gasping for breath Heather cried out

“Fuck me chuck, oh God yes, fuck me, make me cum, oh Jesus fuck that pussy baby, please,”

Chuck could not speak, his mouth clamped on her tit, as he thrust upwards, trying to meet her, match her. He felt her pussy gripping him, tightening its hold, he could not hold back, he pulled his head away from her, and growled as he started to cum. Heather screamed as she too exploded, drowning his cock in her nectar, feeling his cum splashing inside her. She buried her face in his neck, kissing him, panting and shaking as the post orgasmic waves rippled through her. Chuck was almost in shock, unable to believe what she had done, but so happy, he was almost delirious. He kissed her, slowly, delicately, their tongues in harmony.

She was still straddling him, his softening cock still in place, when they broke from the kiss. She smiled at him, looked into his eyes, and whispered.

“Wow, oh my God, that was awesome Chuck.”

Chuck nodded to her, and kissed her cheek

“Yes Heather, it was, absolutely fabulous, you really are something else.”

He kissed her again, cuddling and holding her close. She slowly released him, and giggled a little, before saying,

“I think maybe I should go clean up a little Chuck, and I bet the coffee is cold now, how about a beer, or a coke instead. The kitchen is just through there.”

She stood, and bent over, giving his cock a little kiss, before she left the room. Chuck fastened his pants, and then moved to the kitchen. He passed on the beer; he had a bike to ride later. He was sitting on the couch waiting when she returned a few minutes later, smiling wickedly as she entered the room. Her g-string had gone, and her pussy was on view, she smiled as she saw his gaze wander to her thighs, and giggled

“They were soaked Chuck, so I thought, what the hell, who needs them anyway at a time like this.”

She sat next to him on the couch, leaning back as she sipped her coke. Before speaking to him again.

“Well Chuck you stud, what did you think of my friend Karin then?”

“Me, a stud, you must be joking.” And he laughed a little

“You better believe it hun, with that cock, you are a stud baby, but what about Karin, did you like her?” And she smiled again

“Well, how can I put this, she did seem a little frisky you might say.”

Heather laughed loudly

“Oh hun, frisky is not the word for Karin, she is my horny bitch, you better believe it, my horny bitch who never wears underwear.”

Chuck could not keep his eyes off her body, the nipples, peeping out at him, the little triangle of dark hair, pointing the way to her secret places. He could feel his cock stirring again, and knew that he wanted to fuck her at least once more tonight. He also guessed that Heather knew it too, but this time, he would call the shots, he was sure of that much. He grinned at Heather,

“That explains a lot then I guess, am I right in thinking that you and she are very close then Heather?”

2Oh yes, we have been very close for years now, of you know what I mean, we share things with each other too.” Again she smiled wickedly at him, “One moment Chuck, I have something to show you, then you will understand.”

She got up, walking across to a cupboard; Chuck watched the gentle sway of her cheeks, her leg muscles taut in the high heels, his cock hardening by the second. He watched her tits as she came back, gently bobbing up and down. She smiled, realising of course what he was doing. Then she handed him a small photograph album. He opened it; the first photo was of Heather and Karin, both naked, smiling at the camera, sitting on this very couch. As he flipped through the album, the photos became more graphic, showing them licking and sucking on each other. Using vibes also, and finally, Karin being fucked by heather with a strap-on.

“Well Chuck, what do you think?”

Chuck put the album down, and turned a little towards Heather.

“Think?” he said, “This is what I think” as he pushed her against the back of the couch, one of his hands cupping her breast, and lifting it free of the Basque. He covered the hard nipple with his mouth, sucking on it, then biting it a little, stretching Heather’s tit as he pulled on it. She groaned, her hand coming to the back of his head, pressing it to her chest. He slid a hand between her legs as she opened them for him, quickly siding his finger into her as she moaned loudly. This was exactly what she had been hoping for, that he would take her, and fuck her hard. His finger was driving into her fucking her, and then he added a second.

“Oh yes Chuck, fuck me baby, fuck that pussy, make me cum hun, oh God yes”

Chuck was rampant now, his cock a ramrod, he got up from the couch, dropping his jeans and shorts, speaking to her, ordering her almost.

“Get on the arm of the couch, your head against the back, and show me that sweet ass, so I can fuck you like you deserve to be fucked.”

Heather did not argue, quickly moving, leaning along the arm of the couch, holding the back of it, waiting for Chuck to take her. He stood behind Heather, spreading her lips with two fingers, and slid his cock deep into her pussy, grunting in pleasure. With his hands on her hips, he started to pound her, driving his cock into her as hard as he could. She was pushing back, matching him, and calling out for him to fuck her hard. Chuck slapped her ass cheek, she groaned out a guttural


He slapped her again, almost beating out a rhythm now, fucking her like there was no tomorrow. She screamed, and he felt her cumming, her cunt gripping him, flexing as she flooded his cock. He too was almost there, his cock throbbing inside her cunt.

“Oh fuck, I am going to cum.” He cried out

“My mouth Chuck, give it to me, please.”

He pulled out quickly, and Heather fell to her knees in front of him, grabbing at his cock, tugging and jerking it, her mouth open, ready to receive him. Chuck groaned


And started to growl, Heather took him into her mouth, deep into it, rubbing the shaft and sucking the head as he came. His cream splashing the inside of her cheeks, she took him deeper, relaxing her throat as best she could. Wanting every drop, wanting him to feed her, she sucked and licked at him, swallowing his cum, relishing in the tangy salty flavour. Chuck had his hands on her head, and eyes closed, trying to fuck her face, almost out of control. He relaxed slowly, looking down at her, as she smiled up at him, and licked the little drops of cum from the corners of her mouth.

“Mmmm Chuck, you certainly know how to fuck sugar.”

She grinned at him, as he lifted her to her feet, and kissed her. They cuddled for a while, and then she whispered to him.

“Sorry to have to do this to you darlin`, but this lady needs her beauty sleep.”

He smiled at her, and moved to get dressed, talking to her as he did so.

“That is fine Heather, and can I say, this has been the most fantastic day of my life Heather, it truly has.”

She smiled back at him,

“Hey, I had fun too darlin`, hell did I.”

Heather went to the door with him, after putting on a wrap, and kissed him goodnight. As he was about to leave she stopped him.

“The photos of me and Karin Chuck, you liked?”

“Awesome Heather, just awesome.”

She grinned again.

“Be here at 3 tomorrow afternoon, I will leave the side gate open. When you come through it, fasten the bolt, and the padlock, we will be by the pool, and oh yes, DON’T forget to bring your camera.”

She pushed him out of the door, closed it quietly, and Chuck stood there, unable to believe what she had just said. He walked to the bike, the biggest grin in California across his face. Wondering, would he fuck them both, or what?

The next morning Chuck charged his camera battery fully, and emptied the memory card. If he was going to be taking photos, he wanted to be sure he had enough space. He also decided to take a cab to Heather’s, at least he would be able to have a drink, coke was OK but? The cab dropped him off at Heather’s just before three, and he walked around the side of the house, as promised the gate was unlocked, he stepped through it, fastened the bolt, and clicked over the padlock. He walked around to the pool, as he turned the corner, he could see Heather, sat on a sun bed, wearing the skimpiest of bikini’s, it hardly covered anything. And then he heard Karin, before he had even seen her.

“Chuck? What the fuck are you doing here? Heather, you bitch, you told me had gone on his tour.”

Heather started laughing, as she waved to Chuck.

“Come on in hun, come join the party, don’t mind Karin, she is just pissed coz you caught her naked on the pool.”

Karin started laughing then, and climbed the steel steps, to get out of the water. Chuck watching her every move, fascinated by her naked wet body. Karin scooped up a handful of water, and threw it at Heather, laughing as she did so.

“You bitch, you had it all planned didn’t you, pass me a towel then. Come on over Chuck, get a drink, join the party as she said.”

Chuck walked to them, watching Karin as she dried herself off, then getting a beer from the cool box. He placed his camera on the table, before leaning to kiss Heather on the cheek. She smiled and thanked him, saying how nice it was to see him again.

“Hey big boy, where is my kiss?”

Karin was looking at him, pouting, now wrapped in a fluffy white towel. He moved the few feet between them, moving his head to kiss her cheek, she took hold of his head, kissing him full on the lips, and teasing him with her tongue. She let him go, and grinned at Heather.

“That’s better, now we are ALL friends aren’t we.”

And they both went into a fit of the giggles.

“Chuck, why don’t you pop into the cabin and change, while we set things up here, there is bound to be something in there to fit you?”

“No problem Heather, on my way.”

There was an assortment of swimwear in there, but the only thing that came anywhere near fitting Chuck, was a male g-string, almost a pouch, He laughed to himself, realising that he had been set up, but what the hell, he had come here to fuck, and fuck he would, He was sure of it now. He stepped from the cabin, feeling more than a little self-conscious, and looked across to where Heather and Karin had been, and stopped . Karin was now on the sun bed, the towel underneath her, with Heather leaning over her. They were kissing deeply, as Heather’s hand caressed Karin. He quickly moved to pick up his camera, standing back a little, and focussing in on them.

He watched as Heather started to kiss Karin’s nipples, hearing Karin moaning softly, and moved closer. Zooming in to take a picture of Heather, as her teeth gripped the nipple. He spotted the beer bottle he had opened, and touching Heather on the shoulder, showed it to her, and nodded at Karin. Her eyes widened, and then she smiled, moving her head away, as Chuck tipped the bottle over. The cold beer gurgled out, splashing all over Karin’s tits.

“Oh fuck, oh Jesus, yes”

Karin cried out, as Heather started licking at her tits, and sucking on the beer. Heather looked at Chuck, and then at Karin’s smooth pussy, now it was his turn to smile, as she moved aside. Once more he tipped the bottle, upending it this time, as Karin again cried out in ecstasy. Heather started to lick Karin’s smooth, and now beer drenched mound, Chuck put the bottle down, and started taking more photographs. Of Heather licking the mound, then flicking her tongue over Karin’s clit, and sliding it along her slit. Then he felt a hand on his g-string, pressing his already hard cock, looking down, he saw Karin smiling at him, and licking her lips.

He had no choice now, putting the camera down, he knelt alongside Karin’s head, and she slipped her hand inside, pulling his cock free. Turning her head towards him, her mouth open, and waiting. As she started licking the head of his cock, he looked at Heather; she had two fingers in Karin, and was licking her clit, making Karin moan onto his cock. Her hand was rubbing him furiously, as she sucked and licked, playing her tongue over and around the head of Chuck’s cock. She freed his cock, crying out,

“Oh God I want to cum so fucking bad baby.”

Heather grabbed Chuck by the shoulder, as she moved aside.

“Fuck her now Chuck, make the horny bitch come on your cock, then I can suck it from you.”

He moved to the end of the sun bed, pulling of his g-string and lifting Karin by the hips, and pulling her to the edge, before sliding his cock into her. She wrapped her legs round him, locking her ankles, screaming out.

“Oh yes, fuck me baby, fuck this horny bitch, make me cum, oh fuck yes.”

As he started fucking Karin, he watched Heather, her hand inside her bikini pants, obviously fingering her self, her nipples looked as hard as rock through her little top. He wanted to finger her as he fucked Karin, but she had him locked in her arms and legs, thrusting up at him and shouting.


And then it happened, she screamed, an ear-piercing roar of ecstasy that shook him, he had never heard a woman cum like that before, her cunt almost squeezing the life out of him. He stopped moving, holding his cock deep inside, as her nectar gushed free, washing the hard cock now embedded inside her. He waited, letting all the after shocks run through her, hearing her gasping for breath, watching her face, and looking at Heather sat on a sun bed, fingering her pussy, and pulling on her tits. Karin kissed him, hard and deep, holding him as tight as she could, then easing off, letting him free. He pulled his cock free, and walked to where Heather lay, kneeling before her, and moving her hand away from her pussy. Taking hold of her bikini bottoms, he pulled it from her, smiling at her, and then softly kissing her pussy lips.

Looking up, he saw Karin, kissing Heather slowly, licking her tongue as it reached for her. Chuck pulled his head back a little, and slipped his middle finger into Heather’s swollen sex, hearing her groan into Karin’s mouth. Moving his mouth to the small triangle of soft downy hair, he licked it, playing his tongue over it. He could see Karin, her hand kneading Heather’s breast, twisting the hard swollen nipple. Using his teeth, he pulled at Heather’s pubes, lifting her skin slightly, and feeling her shudder as her hips moved with him. He heard Karin speaking to him.

“Fuck her now Chuck, give her that fat cock and make her scream.”

He was so ready, his cock still wet from Karin’s lovely cunt and mouth, he wasted no time. Karin stood behind him, as he lifted Heather’s legs, and rubbed the head of his cock against her clit. Then drove it deep, he just wanted to be in her, fucking her, and to cum, pounding her hard, he felt Karin slapping his ass, but didn’t care. All he wanted was to fill this tight little cunt with his cream. Harder, faster, he fucked her, hearing her screaming in pleasure, making him even hornier, if that was possible. Then he exploded inside her, growling as he came, feeling her cunt sucking on him, as she flooded her cavern also. Karin was squeezing his balls, he could not believe the pleasure, the joy, it was awesome.

He collapsed on Heather, kissing her, holding her, and Karin joined them, all three cuddling as the sensations slowly drifted away. Karin looked at Chuck, smiled, and then said to Heather

“I think we should rename our Alabama stud darling, we will call him “Chuck the Fuck” from now on.”

They all started laughing, Chuck more so than either of them, secretly pleased at what he saw as a great compliment.

“Right,” said Heather “Time to order a pizza I think, after we have eaten, Karin and I will shower and change. Chuck? I have borrowed some lights from a friend, they are in the lounge, and you can set things up for the photo session, OK?”

Heather used her cell to order a pizza, and then they went indoors, the three of them wearing robes from Heather’s closet. Heather showed Chuck the lights, and the connections, then set out the ground rules.

“When you take the photos, you may not touch us, not matter how much you want to. And, you must be naked, so we can see that fucking great cock of yours OK?”

“Fine Heather, no problem.”

“And one more thing, you cannot touch your cock either, that is ours for later.”

They both grinned evilly, as Karin moved away to pay for the pizza that had arrived. After eating, the two girls left Chuck to it, he retrieved his camera, and checked all the connections, making sure it worked with the equipment. He rearranged a couple of the lights, and positioned the umbrella flash for easy handling. Karin shouted through the doorway to him.

Chuck, stand by the cupboard, naked don’t forget, and be ready to take photos at your leisure. NO touching though, OK?”

“OK girls, as you say, I am ready.”

He watched as they walked in, and his mouth fell open, they looked stunning. Heather was wearing a business suit, dark, with a white pinstripe, the skirt very short, he could see her stocking tops as she walked, on her black high heeled shoes. She carried a briefcase, and turning her computer chair around to face Chuck, she sat on it, the briefcase she placed on the floor. Chuck could feel his cock rising already. Karin stood behind the chair, and smiled at Chuck, she sore a red and black topless corset, with matching crotchless panties, and small boots, that had straps around her ankles. She spoke to him.

“Now remember Chuck the fuck, you cannot touch us, or yourself, before we tell you, got that Chuck baby.”

“Chuck nodded, swallowing when he realised that he could not even touch his cock, as he watched them. He felt a little foolish, but knew that would pass, as he picked up his camera, and watched.

Karin came round to stand in front of Heather, and started to kiss her, slow tender kisses, both of their tongues out, licking each other. The kiss deepened, and Karin moved her hand to the jacket, unfastening the buttons, then opening it, to reveal Heather’s superb tits. Chuck noticed something different about them, then realised there was a decoration around each nipple, a gold ornate ring circling both, and the peaks stood proud and hard, against the shiny metal. Karin licked one, as Heather sighed softly, then again, squeezing to force it higher with her fingers. She started to suck it, then alternating, flipped back and forth between them. Heather’s hand was holding Karin’s head, trying to pull it closer, as Chuck fired away with the camera. Both of the ladies seemed oblivious to the flashes going off.

Karin’s hand moved to the hem of the skirt, lifting, and pulling it up, revealing a pair of white satin panties, very highly cut. Using her hand, Karin pulled them tight against Heather; the outline of her pussy could be seen, pushing against the wet patch. She licked at Heather, then again, using her tongue to push the panties between her pussy lips. Heather had her hands on her tits, puling and twisting her nipples as she moaned, with her head thrown back. Karin pulled the panties aside, and kissed Heather’s pussy, gently flicking her tongue over it, and then her clit, now a hard red button of desire. She hooked her fingers in the waistband, peeling them off as Heather raised her hips, and tossed them away.

Chuck’s cock was throbbing now; he could hardly stop himself from pushing Karin aside to fuck Heather. Karin stroked Heather’s legs, running her fingers up to the stocking tops, and back again. Chuck was standing behind Karin, as she moved her mouth to the wet pussy in front of her. He was watching Karin’s ass, looking at her wet slit through the crotchless panties. He took a couple of quick photos, then moved to watch Karin eat Heather. She was good; her tongue was everywhere, soft touches, and hard touches, flicking, and then licking. She covered the clit with her lips, sucking, then shaking it from side-to-side, as Heather cried out in passion. She backed off slightly, turning to smile at Chuck, then slowly pushed two fingers into Heather, her swollen lips now turning a deep red colour. She started to finger fuck Heather, taking her over the edge, and she cried out, almost screaming.

“I an gonna cum, oh, oh, OH FUCK, YES, YES.”

Karin licked, and slurped, as the nectar flowed, sucking on Heather’s body, and drinking in her wine, as she fingered her own pussy now, sliding in deep and fast. Heather flopped back on the chair, panting, her eyes a little glazed. She held her arms out to Karin, who kissed her tenderly, almost a lover’s kiss.

“Chuck watched them, his cock ready to burst almost, whispering under his breath

“Holy fuck.”

It was all he could say. Then he saw Heather say something quietly to Karin, who walked to the couch and, after spreading a couple of towels on the floor, from behind the couch, sat down. Heather stood, dropping the jacket and removing her skirt. She smiled at Chuck, as she picked up the briefcase, and walked to Karin. Chuck was taking photos, he could not believe how erotic she looked, wearing only her pulls ups and heels. She put the briefcase down, and opened it, withdrawing from it two bulbs and suction caps. Holding one in her hand, she squeezed Karin’s tit, and placed the suction cap over it. She started pumping the bulb, and Chuck watched in amazement, almost forgetting to take a photo, as her tit expanded, filling the cap. Then she did the other one, leaving the bulbs hanging from Karin, who was moaning in ecstasy.

Lifting Karin’s left leg onto the couch, she started to lick her, spreading her lips wide, through the open crotch on her panties. She teased Karin’s cunt with her tongue. Chuck could see how excited Karin was, even while taking the photos, as her head rocked from side to side. Heather stabbed her tongue in, tongue fucking Karin, as her finger probed Karin’s asshole. Chuck was sure Karin would cum, but she didn’t, she just writhed in pleasure. Heather backed off, opened the briefcase again, and stood, turning to look at Chuck.

She was holding a strap-on in her hands, and slowly fastened it to her body. She moved back to Karen, telling her to hold her ankles, and pull her legs back. Chuck stared in amazement, THIS, he had never seen close up before. The cock on the strap on was smaller than his, white plastic, with a slight upturn in it. Heather placed the cock against Karin’s slit, and slowly slid inside her, holding it in her, as she took hold of both of Karin’s nipples. Then, pulling on the nipples, she started fucking Karin, and talking to her, as Chuck took the photos.

“You love this, don’t you, you horny bitch, love being fucked hard, and having your tits pulled?”

“Yes, yes, fuck me harder, oh God fuck me.”

Heather was pounding Karin, slamming the plastic deep, down into the waiting cunt, from above, powering it into her. Karin started to scream, and then suddenly shouted,


Heather surprised Chuck, quickly pulling out and moving aside, but he soon saw why, as Karin squirted. Screaming as jets of cum shot from her pussy, every time she flexed, a fresh stream of liquid splashed onto the towels. Chuck did not take pictures, he was too dumbfounded, spellbound almost. Slowly Karin came down, lying back on the couch, looking exhausted. Heather removed the strap on, and went to hug Karin, holding her close, as Karin tried to breathe normally once more. Chuck stood, watching, unsure what to do, he finally spoke.

“That was awesome, just fucking awesome, I have never seen that before Holy fuck girls, amazing.”

Heather and Karin both smiled at him, then cuddled again, hugging each other close, Chuck sat on the computer chair, still naked, and still with a raging hard on. He saw then whispering, but had no idea what they were discussing. Karin picked up one of the towels, cleaning herself off a little, and then they both rose from the couch, and walked towards him, grinning at him.

“Follow us please Chuck the fuck,” said Karin, giggling as she spoke almost. Chuck turned and followed, out through the door, down a hallway, and into a bedroom. Now it was his turn to grin, and hold his cock, offering it to both of them.

“Lie back on the bed Chuck, and stick your arms straight out at the sides. So we can stand each side of the bed, and let you touch both pussies at once.”

“This is more like it” thought Chuck, as he got on the bed on his back, stretching his arms out either side of the bed. He watched them, as they separated, and walked by the bed. They both bent down at the same moment, and before he knew it, his wrists were tied, held down I soft leather straps.

“Aha Chuck the fuck, how do you like this hen,” said Karin, chuckling and smiling to Heather, “Now it is our turn to have some fun baby, we are both gonna ride that big cock Chuck, and then, he he he, you will soon see.”

Then they both fingered their respective pussies, before wiping the juices on Chuck’s lips, and grinning at him. They both moved down the bed, leaning over his body, Karin holding his cock, licking it, spreading her saliva, as Heather sucked on one of Chuck’s balls, gently squeezing the other one.

“Oh fuck, oh God, yes.” Was all Chuck could say, as he strained his neck, trying to watch

Heather climbed onto the bed, and squatted over his cock, as Karin held it upright. Opening her pussy lips with her fingers, Heather slowly lowered herself onto his cock. Chuck could feel the warm velvet texture, as it covered him, slowly engulfing him. Pushing up with his hips, trying to get deeper, and fuck her. She placed her hands on his chest, and started to rock, fucking him at her pace, watching his eyes. Chuck strained at the straps, but it was useless. And then she was gone, moving up to straddle his waist, and he felt Karin holding his cock again.

Heather leaned over him, and lowered her nipple to his mouth, still wearing the gold thing; he licked it, pushing with his head, trying to suck it. Then he felt movement on the bed, and Karin’s leg touched his, as she now squatted above him, and lowered onto him. Chuck saw Karin’s hands come around Heather as she sat up, and grab her tits. Karin started to fuck him, riding him hard, and Heather started pulling on his nipples. He cried out

“Oh fuck, I am gonna cum, fuck yes, yes.”

Before he knew what was happening, they both got off him, and Karin was holding his dick, pumping as fast as she could. Heather waited, mouth open, and tongue out, to catch the prize. He curled his toes, as his legs muscles tightened, and he felt it. The pressure, as his cock filled up, and then out it shot, streams of hot sticky cum. Hitting Heather in the face, and then her mouth. Karin pulled his cock to her face, covering him, and sucking, swallowing as he came. Next she squeezed his cock, watching as the last drops dribbled onto Chuck’s belly. They both licked it, and then took turns to suck him dry, and clean him.

It was the most amazing thing Chuck had ever known, he lay there, and in heaven almost he thought. Then they came to the sides of the bed, and let his wrists free, before lying with him, and both kissing his chest.

“So Mr. Chuck,” said Karin ”When are you starting this world tour of yours?” and laughed softly.

He looked at her, then at Heather before speaking.

“Hmmm, well, maybe next week, but, then again, maybe even the week after.”

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