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Ego Boost

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Virginia hated her body. She was a big woman, with hips and curves who saw her self as fat. She tried to lose weight, but it never was as easy as all those commercials made it. At times she felt ugly and undesirable.

Not that she was a slob; she dressed nice and practical. She would never let herself fall that far. She just was not happy with her body and felt that no one would ever find her attractive.

Especially to the Man who was waiting inside her home to rape her.

The Man had spotted Virginia at the market and was totally taken by her. He had always like big ladies, and Virginia was one of the sexiest he had seen.

He stalked her for a few days and timed her coming home. He easily broke into her house and grabbed as she locked the door. Hand over her mouth, a knife to her throat, he pulled her close to him and kissed her neck. Her scent wafted over him and his cock hardened immediately.

“Be good and I won’t hurt you. Nod your head if you understand.” He whispered in her ear, tongue licking her ear lobe.

A terrorized Virginia nodded. The Man dragged her into her bedroom. He released her and stood before her, knife in front of him.

“Strip, Virginia,” he ordered.

“No, please. You don’t want me. Just leave, please.” Virginia stared at the knife, to scared to move.

“Of course I want you. Now take off your clothes or I will get angry.”

Crying, Virginia undressed. She watched his face as she exposed herself to him. She could see the excitement on his face as her blouse and bra came off. He actually was stroking himself as she took off her slacks and panties.

“Lay on the bed, Virginia.”

“Oh God don’t rape me. I ‘m not worth it.” Virginia began to sob.

The Man walked to her and wrapped his arms around Virginia from behind. He kissed her neck and mauled her breasts.

“Why do you say that, My Virginia.”

“I am fat.”

“I like big girls.”

“I am ugly.”

The Man pulled Virginia to the bed. He pushed her down on it and mounted her. He slowly drove his cock into Virginia’s tight pussy. Virginia cried out in pain, shame and…pleasure.

“You are not ugly. I would not want to take you if you were ugly.”

The Man raped Virginia with slow strokes. Virginia lay back and accepted her rapist, hoping this would bring this horror to an end.

Virginia cried out when the Man began to play with her clit as he pumped in and out of her. She felt a heat spread across her body that she had not felt in years.

“Oh God. Don’t make me cum. Don’t do this…AHHH!”

Virginia arched her back and cried out as her body submitted to her rapist. She had cum for her rapist. Her shame increased has the Man put his hand over mouth, thrust several hard strokes into her and filled her with his semen. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

The Man rolled off of Virginia and lay next to her. He stroked her hair and kissed her.

“See, you are not ugly. That was very nice, Virginia.” The Man leaned down and sucked her nipples.

“Please go now. You got what you wanted. Leave me be.” Virginia lay there, helpless to her rapist’s touch. Her nipples were so sensitive.

“But you are so beautiful.”

“Stop saying that,” said Virginia. “Please leave.”

The Man looked down at Virginia.

“You still doubt your beauty?”

Virginia said nothing. She lay on the bed, head turned away from her rapist.

The Man grabbed Virginia’s face. He looked into her eyes.

“Answer me.”

“Yes,” said Virginia, meekly.

The Man pulled Virginia off the bed. He pulled her toward her closet.

“Dress up for me: pantyhose, dress, heels. I will prove how beautiful you are. MOVE!”

Virginia again watched her rapist stroke himself as she slid on tan pantyhose. She put on a bra and slid on a black dress that ended above her knees. She put on her black pumps. The shoes were tight: she had not had a reason to wear them for a long while.

The Man turned Virginia toward the dresser mirror.

“See how pretty you are. How sexy.”

Virginia had to agree with her rapist. Except for the puffy eyes, from crying, she looked good.

Her eyes filled with more tears as the Man dragged Virginia back towards the bed.

“Please, no more. OH GOD…STOP.”

The Man ignored her pleas. He pushed Virginia down on the bed, raised her skirt, ripped open the crotch of Virginia’s pantyhose and pushed his hard cock into her. Virginia screamed.

“You are hurting me. ”

The Man ignored Virginia’s pleas, put her legs over his shoulders and raped Virginia hard and fast. Virginia was helpless.

That feeling of warmth returned and a humiliated Virginia came for her rapist again. She was sobbing as he put his hand over her mouth again and came inside her for a second time.

The Man lay next to her, panting.

“God you are so sexy, so irresistible. Your pussy is so tight. I am glad I decided to rape you.”

Virginia lay there, her clothes rumpled, semen leaking down her leg. Please let this nightmare be over, she thought.

The Man undressed Virginia and put her clothes in a gear bag. Virginia endured it, cooperating when he asked her to move. She was soon naked again and at the mercy of her rapist.

“Let’s take a shower, My Virginia.”

The Man took Virginia by the hand and took her to the bathroom. He had Virginia start the shower and, when it was warm enough, pulled her inside with him.

He washed her body, taking time to explore her body with her body sponge. Virginia let him do what he wanted to her. It had been a long time since a man washed her. Part of her enjoyed the attention.

The Man kissed her. “Kneel in front of me.”

Virginia obeyed. She knew what was next. She took his cock into her mouth and sucked. If she was going to be forced to do it, might as well do it right.

She sucked up his member, fingers tickling his testicles. She enjoyed his cry of pleasure. Another sound lacking in her life.

The Man pulled back. Virginia could see the desire in his eyes. Desire for her. Yes this man had violated her, but he had wanted her. It felt good.

The Man had Virginia bend over. Virginia obeyed and cried out as he entered her ass. It hurt, but he was gentle. Fingers rubbing her clit as he moved in and out of her ass.

Virginia came just before her rapist filled her ass with his cum. She collapsed on to the shower floor, letting the warm water mix with the heat from her orgasm.

She looked up in time to see her rapist leaving. She tried to follow, slipped, and caught herself. By the time she made it out of the bathroom, he was gone.

She sat on the bed and cried. He’d left her. He did not want her after all.

Her tears fell on a note on the floor. She picked it up. It was damp from her tears and wet hands, but readable:


Thank you for letting me rape your sexy body. I would like to return. Leave a message on my cell.

Your Rapist Lover.

PS Leave your backdoor open.

Virginia called the number on the bottom of the paper and begged for him to come back. It was wrong, but right in her mind. Her rapist was the ego boost she had needed all this time.

As she walked to unlock the backdoor, a hand was clamped over her mouth.

“I missed you, too,” whispered her Rapist in her ear.

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