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Dubious Consent

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He always watched her. She wasn’t sure how to take it at first. She was efficient in her job, always followed procedures and adhered to company policy. As months past, she got used to it. It only bothered her slightly. She attempted to have a conversation with him on several occasions, but was only met with silence.

Maybe he didn’t speak English.

“Alright Camille, have a nice night.” Carl was making it an early evening. His wife was back in town and he wanted to surprise her with a home cooked dinner when she got home. Camille waved at him before turning back to the security monitors. She breathed deeply anticipating another four hours of silence with Mr. Talkative to her right.

She observed him out the corner of her eye. He wasn’t bad looking. In fact, he was very attractive. He had wavy dark hair that he kept short. A strong jaw line and straight nose. His profile showed that his expression was blank, his full lips pulled into a straight line and his eyes focused on the screens ahead. Camille shook her head out of her reverie, recalling a report she had to complete before the end of her shift.

“Joao, do you mind passing me a 317 form?” It was only logical to ask him. Since being hired, he took up residence in the seat inches from the file cabinet. It used to be her seat. In fact, it was actually her seat for about three years. But he was a large 6’4″ to her 5’6″ and upon her initial handshake greeting with him; she wisely decided not to mention his thievery of her seat.

Again with the silence.

She wondered if he actually heard her. She turned in his direction to ask him again and was met with his penetrating stare. ‘Ugh, this again,’ Camille rolled her eyes and turned back to the security screens.

‘I really need a vacation,’ she thought rubbing the back of her neck. ‘This is going to be another long night.’ She glanced at him again and found that he was still staring.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” She smiled, trying to get him to lighten up. Camille still didn’t think he spoke English. He could probably read it though, their job required it.

A few moments passed before something miraculous happened.

“No.” He spoke. “You have nothing on your face.” Camille turned slowly at the sound of his voice. It was so sexy. She briefly debated if it was best for him to stay silent. His voice was deep, sexy and slightly accented. “You are very beautiful.

Camille was stunned before she blurted, “Obrigada. [thank you]” Joao’s stare didn’t waver; in fact it got more intense. He even wore a tiny smile.

“You speak my language, linda?”

“Not really, I have always wanted to visit Brazil so I bought an English/Portuguese translation book in anticipation.”

“I see,” He smirked, showing perfect white teeth. “Let me know when you go linda, I’ll show you all the places you need to visit.”

Camille returned his smile, enjoying their friendly banter. She wasn’t expecting him to actually say anything to her. And not only did he trump her expectations of him, he upped himself by showing his attraction towards her.

She wasn’t going to be that susceptible to him charms though. She knew her strengths and weaknesses. Her looks were average at best. She had symmetrical features and a decent body that she kept in shape. Large dark eyes, a nondescript nose and full lips. Her skin was an even brown shade lighter than most, but nothing totally exotic. Her hair was black, long and always pulled back due to the dress code requirements of her security job.

‘I do take care of myself though.’ She thought looking into the small mirror that she set up on the side of her workstation. Her thick eyebrows were always trimmed and she always took the time to put on a tinted moisturizer, mascara and lipgloss before leaving for work.

“I have to admit,” Joao started, looking back to the monitors. “When I first hired.” He shook his head slightly and started again. “When I first was hired, I was intimidated for you.”

“You were intimidated by me?”

“Si. You are nothing like how I thought. You are beauty with substance. Very rare.” He smirked again, and stood up. “I will be back, it’s my break time.”

Camille nodded, glancing at him as he made his way to the door. His uniform fitted his physique perfectly. It was almost as if their uniforms were made for him. He had broad shoulders and tapered hips. His body was covered in muscle, not too bulky, but very apparent in almost every move he made. His thighs were works of art. The uniform slacks highlighted every curve, including his tight rear.

She decided that now was the time to complete her paperwork. Camille was almost finished with her report when her coworker came back. She didn’t notice his entrance. If she did she would have noticed that he was staring again. Not only was a staring, he was standing right behind her.

He put both hands on her chair and leaned forward, careful to keep her unaware of his attentions. Since his initial meeting with her, he’d been enthralled. It was the first moment since coming to the States that he felt inadequate with his grasp on the language. Before opening his mouth to say anything, he felt tongue tied. Therefore, he refused to say anything. He knew it was considered very rude, but he really felt he had no other option.

Now leaning over her, he was empowered. He knew she found him attractive. He could tell by the looks she sent. He also knew that she would never act on her attraction.

“You smell divine,” He whispered into her ear. “Do you taste the same?”

Camille stiffened, flustered that she was caught unaware and unsure of what to do.

He slid forward until he boxed her in her chair. His arms were unmovable and Camille felt a little fear from his unusual behavior.

“I want to know you better,” Joao rubbed his stubbled face on her cheek. “Would you deny me the pleasure?”

Camille turned her head slightly in his direction and locked eyes with him. “I wouldn’t mind getting to know you. We could go out sometime this week…”

He turned her chair to face him. His hands were still placed on each armrest. Joao knew exactly what he wanted from her. Of course he wanted to know her better and maybe have a relationship. But even before that, he had to make sure they were compatible. He didn’t want to waste his time and money on an endeavor that would ultimately disappoint him. Chemistry, passion, hunger were all necessities.

“Yes we could date, but only after,” He leaned forward, slowly keeping eye contact until he captured her lips in a simple kiss. He could sense her hesitation and reluctance. He knew she was confused and it aroused him that she was reluctant.

Camille turned her head to dislodge him, but he was insistent and would not let her go. In fact, he attempted to deepen the kiss. He used his tongue to trace her bottom lip and then captured it between his teeth. Camille moaned, taken aback by his actions. This action allowed him to taste the inside of her mouth. His tongue dipped into the hot cavern of her mouth to find her tongue and coax it into action.

Joao growled when she became a more active participant in their session. He lifted his hand to hold the back of her neck firmly. He held her in place to further deepen his penetration. His hunger for her consuming his rationale. Months of pent of frustration due to inadequacies of a new language made him feel the need to assert himself. He wanted to show her that he was capable. He was going to show her how capable he could be.

He forcibly tilted her head to deepen the kiss. He began withdrawing his tongue while sucking their combined juices out of her mouth. He then would plunge his tongue back in mimicking the act that he desperately wanted to complete with her.

Throughout all this, Camille was immobile. Still shocked by the sudden turn of events. She was briefly concerned about cameras but recalled that none were allowed in the current room that they were in. She wondered if he planned for this to happen today. And how long this scenario had been running through his mind. She did not offer her consent to his current actions and would have preferred to have gone on a few dates before getting to this point.

She moaned when she felt the first flare of arousal shoot to her center. He took this advantage and deepened the kiss. She didn’t have much experience with kissing. Most men that she dated were only interested with her body, only pecking her lightly before going in for the kill. This was a totally new experience.

When he grasped her neck, she was lost. Her nipples were rock hard, chaffed by the material of her cotton bra. Her skin felt aflame and sensitive. She was empty, felt empty. Her hand drifted down to her center to lessen the ache she felt. She inched forward into the hot kiss, into his rock hard body to get purchase at the end of her chair. Once in position, she spread her legs slightly apart and began tapping in the area of her clit. She needed some type of friction.

Joao was very aware of her actions. It turned him on to know that she was starting to enjoy his takeover of her body. He was rock hard since she walked into the room at the start of her shift. He had to resort to taking matters into hand on his break, but his desire didn’t abate, in fact it only got stronger. He made up his mind after the last unfulfilling pull on his cock that he would have her soon. Their shift was over in two hours, so it gave him just enough time to begin his assault.

He released her month, panting loudly. His eyes locked onto hers before he dropped to his knees. He methodically began undressing her. Starting with her boots, he took them off along with her socks. He then moved to her pants, undoing her belt and pulling her pants down and off her legs.

Camille went along with it. Her arousal reaching new heights. She never experienced such passion directed solely on her. Heat suffused her body and only his touch could extinguish it.

She felt pressure on her cunt, looked down and saw him pressing his nose into it. He was breathing deeply, making loud exhalations before inhaling again and again.

‘How odd,’ Camille thought, rolling her hips into his nose. ‘Odd, but hot.’

He tugged on her delicate panties, hoping to get the off in a hurry. His insistence destroyed the flimsy pair. Joao paid it no mind and tucked it into his pocket. “Ugh linda.”

She moved back to the edge of her seat, aroused by his aggressive display. She wanted his face in her cunt. Joao didn’t disappoint. He resumed his position, only this time he used his mouth instead of his nose.

Joao loved the taste of pussy. He could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He took his first taste of Camille’s cunt and was surprised at how saccharinely sweet it was. He brought her bottom to the very edge of the seat and tilted her cunt up for easy access, her legs dangling over the armrests.

With one hand on her hip, he took his other hand and separated her plump lower lips. He flattened his tongue along the bottom of her cunt, near the small patch of skin separating her tight ass and slid his tongue slowly past her pulsating opening. He didn’t stop there, he continued until he met her clit.

Camille keened when she felt light suctioning pressure on her sensitive clit. She gasped again when she felt his fingers penetrate her. Her last relationship was more than three years ago, so her body was only used to her slender digits and had to stretch to accommodate his larger fingers. But the burn was pleasant and Camille could not help but rock slightly with his motions.

Juices were pouring out of her cunt faster than he could suck them up. Joao could tell that she was close to coming and wanted it to be good, so he withdrew his fingers and placed his mouth completely over her cunt. He placed his tongue inside of her and began to thrust into her cunt and withdrew, collecting as much of her ambrosia on his tongue as possible. She started bucking into his face, locking her legs around his head.

As much as he loved pussy, he didn’t want to asphyxiate in one. He placed both hands on her inner thighs, his long fingers holding the thick folds of her cunt open for his enjoyment. He then dived back into her.

Camille saw stars. She never had a lover put so much focus into her pleasure. Her body was on autopilot and she didn’t remember much of what happened after he restrained her. She started convulsing when he began sucking her relentlessly. It almost felt like he was sucking her heart out of her cunt.

He started moaning when he felt the first drop of cream on his tongue. He didn’t need to see it to know what it was. It was thicker than her other juices and had a salty tangy flavor. It was his favorite. He went at her with fervor, his grip on her pussy lips forgotten in favor of holding her hips down. He kept at his ministrations until her gyrations ceased.

“Did you enjoy that?” Joao asked when she regained consciousness. He was glad that she came as hard as she did. Her cunt was delicious and he couldn’t wait to get her into bed, so that he could spend more time enjoying it.

But now it was his time for fulfillment. He didn’t wait for her answer. He really didn’t need it. He knew he was good because she came hard enough to lose consciousness. He wanted to see the whole package. He leaned over her and began undressing her. He deftly removed her shirt and bra in record time. When he was through with her, he began undressing himself. He stopped once to glance at his watch and then resumed at a faster rate.

Camille sat straighter in her chair when she realized his intentions. He wasn’t going to stop at giving her life-changing oral. He wanted to fuck her, too. She felt an answering pulse in her cunt when she made her realization. She turned her chair in his direction and saw him in his seat taking off his boots, his eyes glued to her chest. Camille could tell that he only had one thing on his mind because he still had her cream smeared around the bottom of his face.

She groaned when he stood up. ‘No one should be allowed to be that sexy.’ His shirt and boots were off. He was working to undo his pants, bending over to take them off. Camille modestly turned her head away when he stood back up.

“Why so shy, linda?” She heard him chuckle while making his way closer to her. “Five minutes ago your cunt was gripping my tongue like a cock and now can’t even look at me?” He tilted her head up to meet his gaze before groaning. “Take a look at what I’m going to put inside you.”

She glanced down and instantly regretted it. ‘How the hell is that gonna fit!’ His cock was a few shades darker than his skin. It was thick and appeared to be almost as long as her forearm. (An exaggeration of course, but she felt that the correlation would make a good story one day.) It curved upward toward his navel. She could see a few drops of precum pooling at the tip.

Camille felt her cunt answer with a pulse and then clinch at the thought of it invading her. She wanted to taste him. Return the favor to the intense orgasm he just gave her, but the look in his eyes said otherwise.

His intense regard made her self-conscious. She was only used to sex being a means to an unsatisfying end. No one had ever come close to giving her an orgasm strong enough to knock her out.

“Stand up,” he commanded. “And come here.”

She hesitated. Coming out of her shock and orgasm induced haze, she felt her common sense returning. Camille was a model employee and very modest. She wasn’t about risk her job and livelihood over a few moments of pleasure.

“Joao, this isn’t a good idea,” she started, standing up to retrieve articles of her clothing. “I don’t mind finishing this up after our shift, but I don’t like the idea of having sex on the job.”

Camille didn’t look up for an answer. She didn’t need one. Whether or not he agreed, she was ending this escapade. Her lapse in judgment could have cost her dearly. ‘What if a manager showed up unannounced? Or our relief decided to start their shift early?’ Sometimes she started her shift an hour early for overtime. Their relief could have the same idea.

Once she had all her clothing, she turned her back to start getting dressed.

“No,” she felt his breath near her ear. “I will have you agora!” [now]

He didn’t give her time to respond to his declaration. He anticipated that she would put up a fight, so he grabbed both of her hands. In one of her hands, she held her bra. He quickly took it and used it to tie her hands expertly behind her back.

Camille was shocked at how efficient he was. ‘Damn, how many times has he done this?’

He walked with her until she was a few inches away from her console and bent her forward until her cheek touched the counter. He then insinuated his foot between hers and spread them apart.

“Dengoso,” [coy] He whispered, leaning over her. “Don’t worry. I will take care of you.”

She started when she felt him trace the outer shell of her ear with his tongue. He brought his hands to her hips, grinding his cock into her. He then traced her spine, licking his way down to her ass. Once he got to her plump cheeks, lowering himself to his knees. He palmed her ass, squeezing then separating it. “Tao sauve.” [so soft]

Camille stifled a surprised moan when she felt his tongue circling her dark star. She felt him blow into her lower lips before probing it with his thumb.

Joao still had her cheeks held open. He watched his thumb sink partially into her cunt before totally withdrawing it again and again. He could tell that initially she was anxious about being wide open to his perusal by the way she kept trying to squirm out of his hold. But after a few moments, he started to see the product of her desire connecting his thumb to her cunt. Joao bit his lip, attempting to prevent himself from losing himself again in her sweetness. Glancing quickly at his watch, he saw that they had less than an hour left on their shift. He looked back at her and groaned before placing his open mouth over the tight ring of her ass. Spearing it quickly with his tongue.

“Ugh, I will finish with your ass tonight.” Joao promised, rising to his feet. Reluctantly, he let go of her ass and reached for his cock. He rubbed his coated thumb over the tip, enjoying the feel of her cooling juices on his hot cock.

Camille was a mass of nerves. Everywhere he touched, she felt it straight in her cunt. No one has ever stimulated her so thoroughly. This situation wasn’t ideal for such an encounter, but she felt that it was out of her hands. She made her attempts to dissuade him, but he had other plans. He tied her up and took her choice away from her. If anyone found her, she would use that logic.

She felt him place the blunt tip of his cock at the entrance of her cunt. He held it there, enjoying the feeling of her pulsating. Camille gasped when she felt him inch his way in. She was tense and could feel every ridge of his thick cock.

“Open up for me, linda,” Joao groaned, trying to pace himself. He didn’t want to look down because he knew he would lose himself. She felt too good and knew that the image of his thick cock slowly sinking into her tight body would throw him over the edge. He looked up to the ceiling and started counting the tiles to prevent from spilling prematurely.

Camille’s body tightened up more and his plea went unheard. How could she open up? How could she relax? He took away all her choices. She turned her head to look back him. Her anxiety was getting the best of her. The thought of someone catching them in such a compromising position weighing heavily at the forefront of her mind.

“Please untie me,” she began struggling to loosen her wrists. “I don’t want this.”

Joao did not stop in his penetration of her body. Instead he directed his attention to his cock and moaned.

“You want this.”

He took her bound hands into one hand and her hips in the other. Camille felt her torso stretch backwards against his hold. He held her there, obviously enjoying the feel of her tightening up on his cock.

“You want this,” he whispered again before forcing his entire cock into her.

Camille felt all the air empty from her lungs. She grunted at the feel of him and her eyes watered from the burn. She barely caught her breath before he started moving again. His pace was slow and depth shallow.

They continued at this pace, with Joao gradually adding more weight into his thrusts. He felt her cunt accepting more of him after a few moments and decided to put a bit of power behind his cock. He looked down at his cock while pulling her body away from his. He had to stop when he saw evidence of her cream coating it. He closed his eyes before continuing until his cock rested outside her cunt.

“You want this,” He growled, putting the full force of his desire behind his cock. He pulled her backwards to meet him, while thrusting in as far as he could go. Camille groaned at the feel of him. He didn’t stop, he kept his rhythm and balance, forcing her to accept every ridged inch of him all the way to her cervix.

Soon the sounds of their fevered fucking filled the small room. Their bodies slapping against each other and the sucking sound of her juices forced out by his cock permeated the air.

Camille gasping every now and then at a particularly hard thrust. While Joao mumbling nonsensically in Portuguese.

She felt the first wave of her orgasm when he let go her wrists, pushing her closer to the counter and bearing down into her. It got even more intense when he lifted his foot next to her shoulder and began fingering her clit.

“Joao, Joao, Joao…” Camille repeated on every downward thrust. Stars were starting to appear behind her closed eyelids.

“That’s it, linda. Cum on my cock,” he quickly untied her hands, so that she could balance herself. Then changed his angle, so that he repeatedly brushed up against her g spot. “Scream for me. I want to hear you scream my name.”

‘Ugh, why is his voice so sexy?’ –Was Camille’s thought before cumming harder than ever. She lost consciousness again, slumping forward onto her console.

She didn’t feel him pick her up.

She was groggy when he started dressing her, foregoing her underwear and socks.

She was a little bit coherent when their relief showed up and he walked her to his car, making sure that her seat belt was buckled.

She started regaining full consciousness when he undressed her again, pulling her down into his bed.

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