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Drinking Amy’s Pee

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Hot breath hit my ear over the throb of the techno music, piercing through my ecstasy induced fuzziness. I felt long hair sway against my arm and a hand gently pull me closer. “We’re so fucking high,” whispered her voice, “We just want someone to come away from here and give it to us.”

I gulped, swaying in surprise, and took a closer look at the girl propositioning me. She was alluringly sexy and instantly filled me with lust.

I could see an Asian girl a few feet away smiling suggestively at me. I brushed back her brown hair and put my mouth next to her ear which was studded with a blue stone. “I would love to. Let’s go.”

She turned, her pleated skirt twirling, and led me through the pulsing crowds of ravers moving together in a blur. She was slender, fresh and sleek. Her Asian girlfriend seemed about the same age with medium length dark hair and tight red lips.

“He said yes?” She asked, and the girl replied with a nod.

“Come with us!” She yelled over the heavy bass, her hand urging me forward.

We left the open air rave and walked through the trees in the moonlit night, all breathing heavily and wearing excited smiles.

“What’s your name?” The Asian girl asked.

“Luc.” I replied.

“I’m Ming, and she’s Amy, my best friend.”

“I’m so fuckin’ horny Ming.” Amy said taking my hand and giving a little skip. “And you are so fucking sexy!” She grinned at me. Ming laughed and put her arm around us both, leading us deeper.

“Should we stop here?” Ming asked pausing. “The ground looks soft.” She bent down in her orange overalls and sneakers and ran her hand over the ground. “Mmm, it’s all mossy.” I noticed she had a slight english accent.

“Where are you both from?” I asked.

“Canada,” said Amy, “and she’s from Manchester.” She rubbed her hand through Mings’ hair and licked her full lips at me. She had an elegant face and an innocent, yet slutty look in her eyes. Her breasts appeared quite small through her loose red top, in comparison with Mings’ whose swelled out the sides of her overalls.

I felt Amy’s hand rub me through my pants, feeling the contours of my semi-hard cock. “Oh yeah.” She gasped looking into my eyes. I could hear the beat of the Rave far off in the distance, glowing like a bushfire. Ming snuck in beside us and pushed our two bodies together until we began to kiss.

I felt Amys’ hot tongue push into my mouth bringing with it a spurt of saliva while her hand squeezed my bum. “Fuck that looks hot.” Said Ming holding my other cheek. “You two french kissing like that is making me wet. Let me come in.” She pushed our heads aside and began licking at our interlocked mouths until we opened up and let her squirm in. All three of us explored each others tongues, occasionally sucking on an earlobe or licking a cheek, our lusty moans intensifying.

I explored the soft arses of the girls, squeezing them and holding the cracks between them, enjoying their different shapes. I couldn’t believe how I’d ended up with two girls who were so undeniably sexy. I made a mental note to memorize every detail for future masturbation material.

“Ming,” Amy said. “Will you pull the beads out of my arse soon. I need that so badly.”

“Soon sweet Amy. First I want to suck on Lucs’ cock. Look at it. It’s fucking hard as rock!” She rubbed the bulge in my pants firmly, giving me another quick lick across the mouth. “Isn’t that fucking gorgeous.”

“Mmm.” Amy replied taking her turn, then opening the fly on my pants and reaching inside. I felt her cool fingers slide aroung the shaft before she pulled it out into the cool air. Ming groaned and dropped to her knees taking the bulbous head into her wet mouth and gripping the shaft. I opened two buttons of Amys’ shirt and put my hand inside to rub her swollen nipples. She shuddered, sucking in air. I wondered about the ‘beads’ she was talking about. Why did she have beads in her arse. Mings tongue licked gently at the eye of my cock before she sucked it into her mouth and bumped it against her tonsils.

“That’s so nice.” Amy said kissing me again. “I’m absolutely soaked. Feel me.” She lifted her pleated skirt so I could just make out the outline of her panties in the moonlight. I touched her mound then cupped her pussy feeling the squishy wetness inside and the slick patch of cotton.

“You are so wet,” I groaned. “I really want to taste you.”

“Mmm. Please, I want you to. I want you to stick your tongue in me. Would you put it in my pussy and in my arse?” She asked mischievously. I gulped, nodding, and pulled aside her panties to finger her hairless slit.

Ming slid my cock out of her mouth. “Lie down here Luc. The ground is soft like a mattress, and pretty dry.”

“Not for long.” Amy laughed. “I think I need to piss.”

“Just hold on for a bit.” Ming said as I lay down upon my back. I was starting to feel very excited. “Do you like girl pee?” Ming asked me with a pout.

“Hey?” I queried, resting on my elbows and watching as Amy lifted off her top and threw it aside. Her breasts were pale and pinched with little brown nipples. “Do I like girl pee?” I understood the question, but wondered what she meant.

She knelt down beside me taking hold of my cock again and warming my neck with her breath. “We both like to pee over each other when we fuck. We like to slurp up each others piss and drink it down.” She said with a nasty look in her eye.

“Whoa. I’ve never done anything like that before.” I said honesty, but my cock felt like a slab of concrete at the thought of watching these two empty their bladders all over me.

“That’s okay Luc. We understand.” Amy said dropping her skirt and skinning down her panties.

“No, I would love it. The idea of it is delicious. I want you to do it.”

Standing naked Amy giggled. “I know Luc, I’m just kidding. I could tell just from the look you gave me on the dance floor.”

Ming stood up and unclipped her overalls, her eyes fixed on my cock, as Amy stood over me and lowered her bald pussy towards my face. I licked my lips in anticipation and then it landed on me, sopping wet and sloppy with juices. The aroma and the flavour of her pussy was like champagne and strawberries. I could feel the recently shaved stubble on her mound but around her lips felt soft and smooth. She was sitting on my face firmly and I wondered if she was going to let me breathe, then she lifted up. “Look, look,” she said pointing at Ming as her overalls dropped to the ground and her white shirt lifted over her head. “She is just pure sex.”

Her breasts were full and voluptuous, bouncing slightly as she slid her g-string off and tossed it onto my chest, then stood over me, opening herself invitingly. “You like this?” She asked, then turned her back and leaned forward pulling apart her cheeks. I couldn’t see much but the erotic poses she formed were enough.

“Sit here.” I said gesturing her forwards before Amy smothered me with wet folds again. I pushed my tongue as far as I could inside her tasting an stronger tang and licking the interior walls. I felt her shift forward, sliding her anus over my mouth so I licked and probed at it, feeling a strange piece of string hanging out of her. I wondered if it had anything to do with the beads.

Then I felt Mings’ hand holding my cock and the head was brushed against slippery lips. She rubbed it back and forth then slowly slid it right up into her. I groaned into Amys’ arse making her lift up again. “Are you okay under there?” She asked as Ming slid up and down, her pussy squelching around the base of my cock. “Pee on him Amy.” Ming simpered.

“Yes.” Whispered Amy adjusting herself above me. I looked into her darkened pussy, waiting for the stream, feeling the ecstacy rushing through my veins and the hot warmth of Mings’ body firmly embedded on my cock. Then it came, hot, steaming girl pee, straight from Amys’ beautiful bald pussy into my mouth. It poured out the sides before I accepted the watery, yet slightly astringent flavour, opening my throat and gulping down her warm pee. It tasted wonderful, a delicious sexual elixir from a lascivious young lady.

It made a hissing sound as it poured from her, covering my face and soaking my shirt. I lifted my mouth up to enclose her, sucking on her as she pissed, licking at her arsehole, feeling it clenching on my tongue. Ming was moaning and moving up and down on me more rapidly. “Fuck, that feels sooo good.” Amy groaned as her pee subsided and finally stopped. I sucked hard hoping for a few extra drops and pulling her labia into my mouth, then stretching it out and releasing it. “Oh, oh fuck!” She groaned. “I want to fuck that cock Ming. Let me on there.”

I felt her slide off me, leaving me slimy with her oriental lubricant before Amy sat down, pushing my cock up inside her then bouncing up and down on it. I couldn’t believe it, but somehow the ecstacy was helping me control my urge to come. Usually I would be fighting off the orgasm, but even in these extremely erotic conditions, it was under my complete control.

Ming stood over me pushing her pelvis forward for Amy to lick at her pussy so I started touching her bare bottom, squeezing and running a wet finger up and down her crack. I pushed it into her hot pussy and felt the probe of Amys’ tongue, then I moved it higher to circle Ming’s pliant little arsehole. I sucked my finger again and then pushed the tip inside, feeling her anal muscles contract.

“Oh Amy, oh baby, he’s put his finger in my arse. Oh fuck that’s nice Luc. Give me more, go deeper. Stroke my belly from the inside,” Ming groaned, gasping and releasing small mews like a cat being pampered. I slowly fed my finger all the way inside her, feeling her silky anal walls squeezing and milking me.

“Ming, piss in my mouth. I need more of you. I want to drink you and taste all of you. Piss on us both, come on Luc,” Amy said pausing between licks and pulling me into a sitting position, leaving me buried inside her to the hilt, face to face while Ming stood between us, slightly squatting and gyrating her hips.

“Here it comes. Ohh…” Ming squealed a little as the first spurt of piss shot out, splashing both of us.

“More, more,” I said. “Piss on us Ming. Let it out.” I rubbed her thighs to encourage her and she let it go. Amy and I fought for position beneath her squirting pussy, both trying to drink as much of her as we could and rubbing our tongues together in the process. Pee was in my eyes and up my nose but I kept slurping at it like a bubble fountain, taking a big gulp and letting more course down my face. I grabbed her arse cheeks, pulled them apart and shoved my tongue as far into her arse as I could as more pee rained down on us.

“Amy, where’s your red vibrator?” Ming groaned.

“In my bag, just there.” She said riding up and down and pointing to the shadows of garments, licking piss off her lips. “Can you take my beads out soon. I want to come while you do it. I want to dribble it onto Lucs’ face while you suck on my arsehole Ming.”

“Oh yes.” I said licking the pee from Amys’ face. “I want to fuck both your arses.” I was becoming a sexual deviant all in one night. Ming held the transparent red vibrator up between us and switched it on. It let out a low hum.

“Maybe I’ll put it in your arse Luc.” Ming said fondling Amys’ hard nipples and running her hand down her back. I felt her fingertips graze my balls and rub juices around Amys’ full pussy. She smeared them all over my balls and I felt her run some down my crack onto my anus. “You like that Luc?”

“Yeah.” I said giving into the sensations.

“Come on Amy, get your arse up so I can pull those fucking beads out. They’ve been up there for hours.” Ming slapped Amy hard on the bottom.

“Ow! That hurts you bitch.” Amy said making Ming chuckle.

“I love it when you call me a bitch, slut.” She said laughing harder and slapping her again. Amy slid off my cock and turned on top of me into a sixty-nine position, only slightly forward. Ming came beside her and held the vibrator onto her pussy. “Luc, would you do the honours.” She said pointing at the string in Amys’ arse. I felt Amy close her lips around my cock and suckle me gently, her finger creeping into my anus.

I rubbed her bottom and circled her anus with my finger, then held the string and slowly pulled it forwards. Amy immediately started groaning deeply, her body shuddering. I met some resistance, pulled a little harder and watched her anus open gradually as a small bead slid out on the string. Amy squealed a little and drove her finger further into my arse. I felt a strange pressure there I had never felt before. It sent spasms into my cock.

“Oh god, Luc, there’s so much leaking out of your cock. It tastes sweet and nasty…” She trailed off into a groan as another bead popped out and this time her anus pouted slightly. The buzzing of the vibrator intensified and so did Amys’ moans.

“Pull Luc!” Said Ming. “She’d going off!” I pulled another bead out of her as her body quaked and juices squirted from her pussy onto my face. It was a thicker, more viscous liquid with a richer tang than her pee. I lapped it up, pulling the last bead out, and sticking my tongue into her anus. She continued to shake as Ming gently pushed my head aside and sucked on her arse as well, enjoying the last moments of Amys’ orgasm.

“Yes suck my arse you filthy little slut,” said Amy pulling her finger out of mine. “Sit on this cock and you fuck her hard Luc.” She lifted her leg and shifted off me as I sat up and helped Ming into a doggy position in front of us. I ducked down and licked at her, finding she was still very wet. I licked at her arse a little causing her to arch her back and open it up for me.

“Come on Luc. I need to be fucked. Stick it in my arse, or my cunt. Anywhere. Just fuck me. You get under me and suck my clit while he does it.” I took hold of her hips and rubbed my cock up and down her slit, then pushed it in. Amy slid underneath her and Ming dipped her head between Amys’ spread legs. With my thumb I tested her arsehole and found her to be very relaxed. I pushed the other thumb in and pulled apart the muscle. I was surprised how wide it opened up.

“Yes, that’s it. Open me wide and fuck my arse. Shove that fucking dildo in me Amy. Get it on full.” Ming said with her cockney accent. I trembled with lust and fed my cock deeply into her arse until it was completely engulfed and then, ignoring Amy feeding on her clitoris, I started pounding into her with all my strength. Little fart sounds were squeezed out but I just pounded harder slapping her on the cheeks a few times for good measure.

“Come on bitch!” I yelled thrusting for all I was worth.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Ming hissed, grunting and whimpering. “Oh fuck, I’m almost there. Suck harder Aimes!” I slapped her again and again, feeling the sperm threatening to explode from my balls but fighting back the urge. “Oh, oh, oh! Yes, that’s it!” Ming gurgled, her body going into fits of shudders and her anus clenching around my cock.

As she settled down I removed my twitching cock from her dark passage with a sucking sound and rubbed it a few times. I felt Amys’ head under me, curling her tongue around my balls. Ming turned around and knelt beside Amy, then went down to my cock. She sucked it into her mouth and pumped the shaft. I groaned, leaning back to allow her greater access and running my fingers through her black hair. Amy slid slowly out and kissed me tenderly, letting me taste all the juices spread over her face, her hot breath warming my neck as Ming sucked me.

“Stick it in my arse.” She whispered, kissing down my neck and slowly turning around. Ming sat up and moved beside me, still stroking my cock as Amy moved into position.

“Let me get her ready.” Ming said touching Amys’ arsehole and pushing her finger in. “Oh, she’s so hot in there. You’re going to love it. Oh.” I watched her finger sink in up to the knuckle. I bent forward and licked around it, feeling the crinkly rim of her arsehole on the tip of my tongue. Ming withdrew, then pushed another finger in before twisting them inside her. Amy whimpered and lifted her arse higher.

“Okay, let me in.” I said brushing Ming aside and rubbing my cock against Amys’ pussy.

“I’m going to piss on you two again.” Ming announced as I slid my cock into Amys’ arse. She stood over us, facing me and releasing another stream of piss all over us. I licked at her pee-hole while pounding Amys’ tender arsehole.

“Ow, oh, that’s hurting. Luc, ouch!”

“Don’t stop.” Ming said as I hesitated. “She loves it. Ahh.” She aimed her spray onto my chest, bending her knees slightly. “I’m going to finger your arse Luc. Are you ready for that?” She asked as her pee subsided.

“Yes.” I groaned already feeling my orgasm bubbling to the surface. Ming crawled around me and began licking at my anus with her warm tongue. I paused to let her, then pumped slowly in and out of Amy. I felt a finger push gently into me, sliding deeply until it brushed the sensitive part inside me. My orgasm seemed to drop down and build to a greater force as she stroked it, and then I exploded.

It was as if the dam walls burst and spurt after mighty spurt of semen spewed out of my cock into Amys’ arsehole, squirting out the sides and dribbling down my legs as Mings finger twisted and rubbed deep inside my arsehole. “Fuck yeah.” Amy said, pushing hard against me.

The orgasm seemed to go on for at least a minute until the spasms stopped. I stayed deep in Amys’ anal passage for a few more delicious moments and then carefully slid out. Ming slipped her finger from my arse and came around to lick at the come dripping from Amys’ arsehole.

Together we cleaned her out and then shared the come between the two of us before Amy came around for a three-way rainbow kiss. We licked and dribbled into each others mouths for a while and then sat back, all wet and sweaty.

“That was fucking great.” Amy said standing slowly up. “That was the best fuck I’ve had in my life.”

“Yeah. Luc, you are wonderful with us. We should all swap numbers and do this shit again.” Ming said gathering up her clothes. She held up two pairs of dirty panties. “Would you like to hang onto these until you see us again Luc?” She asked with a sly smile.

“Mmm. I want to sniff them while I toss off to the memory of you both.” I replied, again noticing the throb of the dance music. “Hey, let’s neck another pill and head back to the party.”

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