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Dream Land

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I’ve had this dream several times and now find, once in a while, the dream invading my daytime thoughts. I wonder if hubby has any idea of why I suddenly descend upon him in the middle of the night. I’m led naked into a room. The blindfold they have on me is secure but not tight. I can still see a little from out underneath the bottom of the blindfold.

The room I’ve entered is circular in shape, with many panels forming the sides. I can see the floor is carpeted in a soft rose color. Matching throw pillows are scattered about the floor. Even the lighting seems to be soft red tint. I am guided toward the middle of the room, dodging the throw pillows. Near one of the larger pillows I feel a hand on my shoulder, and then pressure.

I submit and slowly kneel down on the throw pillow. An unknown voice tells me to get comfortable and I maneuver myself so that I am kneeling on the pillow. Hands suddenly begin touching me, caressing my skin. At first I can count the number of hands caressing me, but then they seem to increase and all melt together. My skin tingles with a ripples of sensations.

If I concentrate I am able to discern one sense of touch from the others. Fingers comb through my hair. A finger traces along my cheek and then explores my lips. I part my lips and it slides inside my mouth making me groan. Hands and fingers explore my shoulders, my back.

Other hands travel up and down my skin, down to my ass, sliding between my cheeks and underneath to the wetness between my legs. I gasp in response. My nipples are hard and I can feel them being rolled underneath a palm. Someone lightly tweaks my left nipple and streak of sensation shoots through me. I ache for someone to take them between their lips but no one does. As suddenly as it started, the touching stops. I can still sense them around me, but no longer touching me.

I am left with a sensation of longing. A different unknown voice whispers they will leave my hands unbound, but only if I touch only myself and make no effort to touch them. I can feel the warmth of body heat directly in front of me. Something velvety, and then wet, touches my cheek. It is a familiar touch. It lightly traces up along my cheek, over the bridge over my nose and then down along the other cheek. With sudden need I turn my head toward it, my lips parting.

A hand firmly grips the top of my head and turns me so that I am again facing forward. Not a word was spoken but the message is clear. The light tracing continues slowly and sensually. I can feel small wet trails along my cheeks, my jaw, even under my chin. The ache I felt earlier of wanting my nipples suckled, has now turned into a need to suckle. With relief the tracing travels toward the center of my face, and I suddenly find my slightly parted lips being touched.

Slowly it traces along my upper lip, and then reverses along my bottom lip. The need to open my mouth and taste is overwhelming, but I know not to be even slightly aggressive. The best I am able to enjoy is a quick lick of my lips when contact is broken for a moment. My tongue recognizes the sensation, the slick wetness, coating my lips as my cheeks earlier recognized the velvety skin.

My right hand drops into my lap, quickly searching between my legs. My fingers are not surprised by what they find. My clit leaps with a tingle as my index finger rubs it in a circular motion. Only a quick touch of my clit, and then my middle finger slides easily into my wetness. The tracing sensation along my lips stops and pressure is felt between them. My lips part obediently and a perverse pleasure overwhelms me as it slides inside. Mmmmmm, yessssss, Dana’s cock.

My lips instinctively lock behind the ridge as the head fully enters my mouth, not wanting it to escape now that it is where I want it. My tongue briefly explores, discovering little, yet pronounced, bumps lining the ridge of his cock. His cockhead is swollen until the skin is stretched very tight, velvety yet hard. A hand firmly grips the top of my head, limiting my movement.

Then his cock slowly pushes deeper inside and begins to slide in an out. My cheeks hollow as I suck lightly. My tongue explores rapidly, but taking the time to swirl around his cockhead at the end of each out-stroke. A familiar slickness begins to coat my tongue and I moan again. My middle finger slides out of my wetness. Joining my index finger, they trap my swollen clit between them. My fingers begin massaging my trapped clit as they move in a rhythmic circle.

I moan at the pleasure my fingers are creating. I briefly wonder who is in the room. My mind briefly escapes my body and I look down upon myself. Blindfolded, naked, a handful of men are watching as one man slides his cock in and out of my mouth, his hand still controlling my head. Do they see the enrapture I see upon my face? I feel deliciously helpless and controlled as he increases the speed of the thrusts of his cock into my mouth.

I can hear his breathing becoming ragged. My fingers match his pace as they continue to massage my clit in a circular motion. He begins going faster and faster, becoming slightly more aggressive, but knowing to stop just short of obstructing. I hear him groan, then myself. Then … erotic warmth floods my mouth. My senses are on overload as his taste and smell arouse me. Hungrily I swallow what is in my mouth, and I am not disappointed as his cock throbs and floods my mouth again. I hear moans from others around us, watching us. Are they just watching?

Are they stroking? Are they waiting? Do they know how much I am enjoying, that my mouth is awash with his slickness. And as I swallow again, it is too much and my fingers carry my body over the edge. I nurse hungrily on his cock, drawing out the last bits of his nectar.

His cock slides out of my mouth as I stay on my knees. My lips are parted as my middle finger again slides into the middle of my orgasm. My breathing is jagged; my body racked by small spastic convulsions as his taste and texture still permeates my mouth. Even as I slowly recover, I again feeling a sensation along my lips, followed by slight pressure. Ohgodyes … as my fingers return to my clit and another cock slides inside my mouth. … and as I wake, my last dreamlike thought … how many hands did I feel?

Always your’s… Mohini

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joe c wrote

my fantasy is to have some1 in darkness feel there way into my bed at night n whatever