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Double Surprise

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Pure romance mixed with humor and hot sex, in two acts, makes for real happiness…..

I was a highschool senior, wrestling and football jock, and downright happy guy. My grades were good to excellent, and I already had a number of really nice athletic scholarship offers from several major colleges, and all before the Christmas break had even arrived. About the only thing that bummed me out was that I had recently broken up with my girlfriend of more than two years. No big loss in the company department because she was the controlling type.

But I was horny as any guy could be since I hadn’t been laid in nearly two weeks, almost an eternity when measured in high school days and high hormones. Oh, and just for the record, my name is Brad Clifford.

Anyway, the two week Christmas break finally arrived, and I was looking forward to several parties that my friends had scheduled. I was not a happy camper when my mom informed me that her best friend’s daughters were throwing a Christmas party, and I was expected to attend. It seems my mom had been doing some serious bragging about “her” son and “his” achievements, and those young ladies, who only lived a short distance away (but in a rival school district), wanted very much to meet “superman.”

Well, mom’s tend to win any and all arguments with teenage sons, and especially if those disagreements occur anywhere around Christmas. I went to that stupid party under protest, and that’s where I met Julie Robbins. She was a senior, like me. She was also the most beautiful girl/woman I had ever had the pleasure of meeting. She had honey blonde hair that smelled sweetly of orange blossoms, crystal-clear blue eyes, a smile that would make a queer go straight, and a body to die for. No fooling! She was 5’7″ tall, weighed 118, had a perfect 34-22-34 body, completely complimented by a pair of beautifully matched, long, slender legs. They went all the way to her equally perfect ass, if you know what I mean.

Well, we hit it off right from the start. We talked a lot, and we danced together a lot, with both of us enjoying the slow tunes a lot more than the fast ones. Mysteriously, the DJ began playing a lot more slow songs. (Hey, it was her party, so she got to call the tunes.) And, I had a raging, steel-hard boner (that she seemed to really enjoy rubbing firmly against) from just an instant before I wrapped my arms around her to rub her back and cup her buns for the first time that evening.

Julie’s only complaint during the entire evening was that her sister, Trisha, wasn’t there. She was tied up attending to a sick cousin in Buffalo (four hours to the west), and obviously couldn’t make it to the party that night. I asked her several times about her sister, who also happened to be her best friend and closest confidant, but all she would say was that she and ‘Trish’ were a lot alike in so many ways. I figured her apparent vagueness about Trish was simply because she just wanted to wait for me to actually meet her sibling, and I didn’t have a problem with that.

The only problem that popped up during the party was three half-drunk classmates of hers who showed up around ten o’clock. They were football jocks, and quickly recognized me as “that fucking linebacker who kept squashing their running backs and intercepting their passes.” I was actually expecting it when one of them tried to sucker-punch me a few minutes later. I ducked, dropped him in his tracks with a well-placed front kick, then dropped his two buddies with similar flashy moves, and all before they could cause any damage to me, Julie, any of the other kids, or the party room. Once they had been dragged outside, the party went on without any further interruptions. (Julie whispered later that she was duly impressed with my little manly display.)

I had already decided that I had to make this girl mine, no matter what. I think she felt the same way about me, because when I asked her out on a date she instantly accepted and asked ‘when’ with the most beautiful, excited little giggle in her voice. I suggested the next evening, and she gave me her answer with the sweetest, hottest, most delicious french kiss I had ever received from any girl. Her body was form-fitted to mine for the entire eight or ten minutes that the kiss lasted. I was in absolute heaven.

Well, to say that both her’s and my parents were excited would be an understatement. I guess the two moms had secretly hoped Julie and I would hit it off. And the next morning I was informed by my mom that Julie and I were expected to make an appearance at our house for photos shortly after I picked her up and before we headed off to dinner at a nearby swanky restaurant. I spent the morning on the phone arranging for a nice bouquet of flowers and an equally nice orchid corsage, and then went to pick both of them up later in the afternoon.

* * *

I picked Julie up right on time, and she, as well as both of her parents, were impressed with the beautiful roses and orchid. Then, after some photos had been taken by her dad, we headed back to my house for more photos. We still managed to make it to the up-scale Chinese restaurant on time, and dinner was both delicious and perfect. The conversation, likewise, was both delicious and perfect as we learned a great deal more about each other.

After dinner I suggested a movie, but Julie asked if we could just find an out-of-the-way spot and “talk.” Well, now. Let’s see….. In less than a New York minute we were headed to a beautiful (and very secluded) lake that also happened to be my favorite fishing hole. Twelve minutes after leaving the restaurant I shut off the headlights, but left the motor running. We were parked on a high bluff overlooking the entire lake, and it looked absolutely spectacular in the light of the almost full moon high above in an otherwise crystal clear, black sky.

We started off with some serious kissing. By midnight we were both completely naked, and she was ooohing and aaahing over my rather large, thick cock as she gave me a most wonderful hand-job. Since it was her third hand-job and my third cum of the evening the amount of juice I was able to squirt out was somewhat less than when I was fresher. And she had also found rather extensive pleasure as a result of my touches with fingers and tongue. In fact, at one point while I was eating out her sweet little snatch she began a rolling orgasm that almost resulted in overload. It was a full five minutes before she was able to fully regain her breath. And, as a side-note, during my oral and digital ministrations I discovered she was a virgin with a rather extensive hymen.

After we had dressed and before we left that very special spot I explained why I had not attempted to make love to her then and there. It was because 1.) I felt what we had found together in each other was really special, and I didn’t want to screw it up (no pun intended), 2.) I though she was the most special girl I had ever met, and while neither of us could possibly know where our relationship would end up at our young ages, I truly hoped it would last a very long time, and I was not against using the ‘forever’ word with her, and 3.) I was willing to wait indefinitely because I wanted our first time, whenever it might happen, to be very special, which meant in a comfortable bed, and without either of us being rushed for any reason.

Boy! I sure wasn’t prepared for her reaction to that heart-felt spiel. She cried! I mean she actually began to sob as she grabbed me around my neck and held me tighter than I had ever been held and hugged before. I was totally flustered. I was trying to be the perfect gentleman here, and she was not cooperating with the program. I mean, if not fucking her here and now made her act like that, who was I to cause such grief in such a beautiful, young, tender girl. And I was just about to reach up and once again unzip her dress when she managed to whisper in my ear that I was the most perfect guy she had ever met or ever hoped to meet. To quote her as best I can remember, I was the sweetest, nicest, most caring, sexiest, strongest, handsomest, coolest guy that ever lived or breathed. And she felt exactly the same way about our first time, too. She knew right then that I would be her first guy and take her virginity, and she wanted it to be very special, too. Then she started plastering my face with kiss after kiss. My hands froze less than a half inch from her zipper, and I just put them flat on her back and enjoyed her acknowledgment of my perfection.

* * *

Our opportunity to be alone came a lot sooner than I expected. It seems the sick cousin in Buffalo expired rather unexpectedly, and Julie’s entire family went up for the funeral. Then Julie and her sister returned to their home while her parents remained behind to console and assist with the adjustments such a tragedy often incurs. Julie called me as soon as the pair got home, and informed me that, for the next four to six days, her and Trisha would be home alone. She also expressed her deepest expectations that I would be able to respond to her location and ravish her for at least most of that time.

Well, I had my own little bit of good luck. My parents had, earlier that fall, won a Carribean cruise at the Methodist Church raffle. I had returned from taking them to the airport just five minutes before her call. In fact I still had the car keys in my hand when I answered the telephone to hear Julie’s excited voice. And those keys did not make it into my pocket until after I had locked the car’s door in Julie’s driveway. It was coming up dinnertime, and I had boosted a bottle of champagne from my parent’s supply before leaving the house. I sincerely hoped this would be a day (and night) to remember.

* * *

I got my first surprise of the evening when Julie answered the door. I stepped inside, closed the door and locked it, and then took her in my arms and kissed her as passionately as I could. After some slight hesitation that I sensed more than noticed on her part she returned my kiss with an equal measure of passion. My hands were not idle during this activity, either. I slid them up her sides, then brought them back down with my thumbs rubbing firmly over each of her nipples. I felt her shiver when I did that, and I heard her moan so nicely as I cupped her butt cheeks and squeezed each rather forcefully.

I was so happy to be back in her arms, and I wanted her to know it, too. So that kiss lingered for several long, wonderful moments. When our lips finally parted, I hugged her so tightly, whispered her name several times, and told her how much I had missed her. She whispered back that she wasn’t Julie!

I stepped back like I had just received an electrical shock. At the same instant I heard loud, peeling laughter coming from the staircase. I looked over to see Julie standing there, bent over at the waist and laughing her pretty little ass off. I looked back at the girl standing just two feet away with a look of total shock on my face. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. ‘Trisha,’ I enquired? And she joined her sister in beautiful, trilling laughter as she began to rapidly nod her head.

Identical twins! And I do mean identical! As they stood side by side I was totally unable to find a single facial feature that I might use to tell them apart. There were none. And none on the arms, hands, or that portion of the legs that I could see. They were as identical as it is possible for two lovely, angelic young ladies to be.

* * *

Dinner was wonderful, and the bubbly hit the spot after the wonderful chicken dish the two girls had whipped up. We sat around talking for a couple of hours, most of it spent with Julie sitting on my lap and wiggling just enough to let me know what would come to pass in due time. Finally, with a little sexual tension in the air, I went off to use the bathroom. When I returned Trisha had already headed for bed. Julie and I kissed passionately for a few minutes before she whispered that it was time for us to go to bed, too. A shiver of excitement ran up and down my spine. Such was my excitement that I immediately stood up and headed for the stairs, my lovely lady cradled in my arms and giggling almost uncontrollably as she begged me to put her down.

Once we were in her bedroom, she excused herself and went into the bathroom. She instructed me to light some candles and be in bed, totally naked, when she returned. Well, what’s a guy to do……

She returned a few minutes later to find the room illuminated by eight candles, and me under the covers of her queen-sized bed, waiting. She was wearing the sexiest, totally transparent, yellow baby-doll nightgown ever designed by man. The fluffy hem perfectly covered the junction point of her long, shapely legs, denying me a glimpse of that treasure. To say that I was ready would be a gross understatement. I had never been more ready for love in my entire life. Then she pattered over and slid into bed next to me, and I wrapped my arms around my angel.

Our lips met and locked together immediately, even before we had finished adjusting our bodies so there was absolutely no air remaining trapped in between. And out tongues renewed their acquaintanceship almost immediately, too. Passion began flowing freely in two directions, originating in both her heart and mine. I had never felt so overwhelmed by another’s presence as I realized I was with her at that beautiful and very unique moment in time.

We continued to kiss for quite a while, both of us content to just share our present closeness, before my right hand began roaming over her body. I slid it up her side and then around to her back, letting it slide slowly back down her spine and eliciting a soft sigh from deep within her that I felt more than heard. My hand continued downward to gently cup, then grip her wonderfully smooth and oh so bare butt cheek. Another soft sigh was my reward when I gently squeezed it.

Finally I left off attending to her butt to slide my hand back to her waist. Then, gently gripping her there, I pulled her and rolled my own body so that she was laying on top of me. And her kissing became almost wild with both intensity and movements of her head for different angles as she took full advantage of the freedom this new position offered her. Her hands went to the sides of my face, her fingers rubbing and feeling from my cheeks, over my ears to the back of my head, and then running through my hair.

I, on the other hand, now had full freedom for both my hands. I slid them down to cup both of her butt cheeks, squeezing and kneading those luscious mounds. That she enjoyed my attention to that part of her anatomy was evidenced by an increase in her activity both at lip level and with her fingers moving all over my head. Since I was thoroughly enjoying what she was doing to my head, I just naturally continued doing what I was doing to her butt, with an occasional finger swipe along her crease, of course. That drove her totally wild.

Finally we were both ready to move to a little higher level. I gripped the hem of her gauzy nightgown and began working it up her body. She, for her part, lifted various parts of her body at the appropriate time to assist me in my efforts. And the garment was soon over her head, off her arms, and somewhere on the floor.

I again gripped her side gently with my right hand and arm, an rolled her and myself over until I was laying on top of her. Then, with a parting kiss, I began working my way down her body. Of course I paused for a substantial period to pay oral homage to every square inch of both of her perky, cone-shaped breasts. I was especially respectful of her nipples, adding more than a few gentle nibbles and a couple of firm bites to both of those sensitive nuggets. Then I moved down further, kissing her naval. When I speared my tongue into that fissure, her squeal of pleasured surprise was enough to wake the dead.

After several minutes spent in that general vicinity, I moved my kisses a little lower until I was over and in her sparse pubic bush. I licked around the edges of that womanly forest until I had made a full circle. Making that oral trip was a real chore, mainly because her hips were now bucking upwards so wildly.

Finally, I was there. My nose was less than an inch from her most prized treasure. Her sweet, womanly aroma was indeed therapy for my over-abundance of hormones. But I wasn’t expecting her to do what she did when I moved forward rather rapidly to jam my tongue onto her clit and then into her vaginal opening. She screamed! I mean, she let out the loudest scream of surprised pleasure that she was capable of, without a doubt rattling every window in the house and many in the surrounding neighborhood. And she came, too. Her first orgasm of the night, and it was an intense mind blower of an orgasm if her bouncing hips, thrashing arms and head lashing from side to side were any kind of accurate indicator.

I was unaware at first that we were both now bathed in the bright light of the overhead lamp. But when the new brightness did gain my attention, I raised my head from Julie’s womanhood to glance over to my left where Trisha was standing in the open bathroom door. She was looking intently at the two of us. Without comment I went back to work on the beautiful pussy in front of me, immediately causing a series of moans to escape from deep within my love’s breast.

I opened my eyes to glance up at Julie’s head, hoping to see some kind of physical reaction to my oral efforts. I was not disappointed. Her head was still rapidly flopping from side to side on the pillow, and her squirming hips and legs were becoming harder and harder to control. I also noticed that the overhead light had been turned off, but a quick glance to the left revealed that Trisha was still standing there in the open doorway.

Just then I managed to capture Julie’s greatly extended clit with my lips. I released it only to begin rapidly vibrating my lips on it. She reacted with another scream and what appeared to be the complete levitating of her body by several inches off the bed. She was actually attempting to jam her pelvis into my mouth in her efforts to increase the sensations of pleasure she was now receiving. And I was more than willing to accept her offering, increasing my oral action as I again vibrated my lips on her clit.

After she had experienced four or five orgasms, I began sliding up her body, kissing everywhere as I traveled, intent on now claiming my prize. But when I finally reached her head and we once again began kissing with exuberant passion, and as I was nestling comfortably between her widely spread legs, I realized Julie had other ideas.

She pushed me over until she was once again on top. Then, after some more wonderfully tender kissing, she began her own mission, kissing her way slowly down my body. When she reached my nipples, she did exactly what I wasn’t expecting. After a few gentle licks with her tongue, which had my chest buds as hard as her own…. she bit me! It wasn’t too hard a bite, but it sure caught my attention in a most memorable surprise! My cock was literally throbbing from that point on, and I think she knew it, too.

After what seemed like an eternity, she continued her downward travels. She paused to kiss and lick my navel, but thankfully for not too long. And after leaving that crevice, she moved down to where the head of my cock was only an inch or so from her lips. Her gentle, warm breath on that sensitive appendage in its current condition was almost more than I could take.

She grasped my cock with both her hands and lifted it until it pointed straight up. Then, she lowered her head until she had taken the head inside her mouth. And for the next five minutes, which seemed like an equal number of hours, all she did was swirl her tongue around it and suck it oh so gently. The sweet, electrical sensations I was feeling were absolutely maddening.

And that was when I got my next surprise. Without any warning, she engulfed my entire cock in one downward motion, deep-throating me in the blink of an eye. It was simply too much for me to take, and I began blowing my load of cum forcefully down her throat instantaneously. There was no noticeable build-up to that orgasm. It was not there, and then it was there. And, the intensity and duration were both more than I had ever experienced before that beautiful and wonderful instant in time.

But she wasn’t finished with me. Once I had finished filling her throat and belly with my cream, she began an upward-downward motion that caused my entire cock to be touching her lips on the up-stroke and firmly encased in her maddeningly tight throat when her nose was buried in my thick pubic bush. What a wonderful sensation! And, she kept this up long enough that I was becoming concerned I might blow another load. Now I fully realized that cumming again was definitely my goal. But cumming again in her mouth was not.

Gently I pulled her off my cock and upwards towards the head of the bead. Then, I pushed her gently off my chest and we both rolled over, me ending up on top of her and nicely nestled between her widely spread legs. I started to reach down and guide my cock to where it and I wanted it to be, but she beat me to it. I felt her fingers grasp it, then rub it up and down her crease several times before centering it on her womanhood and removing her hand.

I pushed slowly inside her, marveling at her torridly hot wetness. At the same time we were staring directly into each other’s eyes. Then the tip of my cock reached her maidenhead, and I saw her winch just a little with the discomfort of that action. I whispered that there was no other way, and she whispered back for me to do it quickly.

A quick, forward ‘pop’ of my hips, and it was done. She closed her eyes and made an audible mewing sound as her nails dug mercilessly into my back. I had intended to hold totally still at that point, but she was so hot, and so wet, and my body so keyed up, that I slowly continued to slide into her. In seconds we were as closely bound together as a man and his woman could possibly be. And the sensations I experienced at that moment were so far beyond my young ability to translate into any language spoken on this earth that I could only do one thing. I gently kissed her as deeply and passionately as I possibly could. She responded in kind as I felt her entire body slowly relaxing under me.

I waited as long as I possibly could for her pain to reside. Finally, with a barely noticeable nod, she signaled me she was ready for the main event. I began my stroking ever so slowly. She quickly joined my rhythm with slight up-thrusting movements of her hips. Then, I slowly began speeding up, and she never once fell behind.

By the time I was into a rapid, full-length thrust, she suddenly stopped all movement, closed her eyes, and began to shudder all over. Her pussy’s muscles gripped my cock like a strong hand at the same time. I slowed my movements a little, and she recovered quick enough. Then it was once again full-speed ahead as I plowed into her with the full length of my cock. At one point it was actually leaving her body completely, only to refill her wonderful womanhood just as completely an instant later.

I didn’t want this to end, but it wasn’t long before I felt that familiar and oh, so wonderful stirring in my own loins. I whispered to her that I was about to cum, and asked her to cum with me. She said, “Oh, Yessss, Braddddd”, as I went for the finish.

Thirty seconds later I was there. So was she. We both began moaning as I thrust powerfully into her to get as deep inside as I possibly could. Then, my dam broke and I began flooding her innermost reaches with my male cream. She had begun her orgasm a few seconds before mine broke, but when she felt me coating her insides, the sensations apparently intensified her release, and it was all I could do just to hang on and remain imbedded deeply inside her.

We continued kissing passionately as my cock slowly began to soften. But she would have none of that, reaching down to take me in hand and begin squeezing and stroking me back to firmness. It didn’t take much stimulation, what with the nearness of her body and the musky odor of her sex filling my nostrils.

In mere seconds I was completely hard, and this time she pushed me over on my back. Then, swinging a leg over my torso, she held herself above me as she guided my cock into her womanhood. With a relaxation of her legs, I was once again embedded deeply inside her. And it was shortly after that wonderful instant that I discovered what a wild woman she really was.

She began a rapid forward – backwards movement of her hips, which absolutely drove me crazy. Then she was moving just as rapidly up and down. And she kept that up for many long, pleasurable minutes. Then I whispered for her to turn around, and she rotated herself on me, my cock remaining inserted in her the entire time.

She began her up and down thrusting, and it was my turn to give her a surprise. As she came down on one of her thrusts, my middle finger penetrated her rectum completely, causing her to squeal, grind her hips onto my cock and finger very forcefully, and convulse with another powerful orgasm. And after she had recovered and had once again began her own thrusting, my finger remained where it was, sawing in and out and intensifying her own sensations many fold.

But I simply could not take that kind of pleasure-torture. I felt myself ready to cum, and then I was cumming, filling her once again with everything I had left to give her. She felt me throbbing and spurting inside, her filling with my cream, and it set her off into another mind- blowing orgasms. She shuddered all over, finally flopping forward and laying still, relishing the thrills still strongly coursing through her body.

After what seemed like forever, we both came down from that plateau only a couple deeply in love or in lust can reach. I slowly directed her around until her head was once again next to mine, and I kissed her passionately. Then, facing each other, we cuddled closely. Both of us felt a satisfaction too wonderful to describe. And, after she had turned until she was facing the other direction, and I had left the bed long enough to pee and blow out the candles, we fell asleep, “spooned” gently together.

* * *

Sometime during the night I was semi-awakened by her stirring and then getting out of bed. I vaguely remember hearing the patter of her feed going into the bathroom before I once again entered the land of nod.

Sometime after that, I was once again disturbed by the bed’s motion as she came back. I felt her hand rubbing over my shoulder, and I began slowly to awaken, sliding my arm over her waist and drawing her closer to me. Then we were kissing oh so gently and tenderly, and the thought of how lucky I was to have found Julie flashed through my mind.

Our kisses became more passionate, and I was definitely becoming wide awake in short order. Then I hugged her, gently nibbling on her ear as I again smelled the sweet odor of raspberries, obviously the essence residue of her shampoo. It added to the erotic sensations that invaded her bedroom.

She must have been ready for another round because her hand trailed down over my chest and belly to gently grasp my member and begin squeezing it’s semi-hardness. Our kissing intensified in passion as I began feeling her breasts again. I pinched her nipples in as many different ways as I could, eliciting more than a few moans of pleasure in the process. Soon it became apparent that she was ready, and I gently pushed her over on her back as I once again got into position on top of her.

I moved down her body, trailing kisses over her every curve and valley, paying special attention to her wonderfully tender nipples, then moving further down. I reached her womanhood and began gently nibbling on her already slightly extended clit. At the same time I began to probe her vaginal entrance. I inserted my finger into her………

Wait just one damn minute, I was suddenly saying to myself! Just what the hell is this??? My fingers were telling me something was physically and biologically wrong here. I was rubbing on a hymen that I had forcefully removed by the usual method several hours earlier. What the…..

Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks. This wasn’t Julie. It was Trisha!!!!! Those identical twins were trying to pull a switch on me. And the best part is that it no doubt would nave worked if both of them had not been virgins. Then, still stimulating her with my tongue and fingers, I thought about something else. Julie’s hair smelt of orange blossoms, but Trisha’s smelt like raspberries.

Why were they doing this? Well, regardless of their reason, I considered myself to be one very lucky guy. And, I thought to myself, I was going to take full advantage of it. And with that, I drew my tongue slowly upward along her crease, slowly circled around her bush, and then back down just as slowly to once again find and follow her crease. Her sweet pussy began to well up with more of her wonderfully sweet juices as I began licking towards her very wet entrance. I had already decided that, unlike Julie, I was going to tease Trisha so miserably that, when she finally did cum for the first time, it would be an earth shaker for her. She moaned, moving both her hands down to grab twin handfuls of my hair and gently pull me tighter into her.

Her body trembled as I felt a shiver coursed through her when I flicked my tongue across both of her pussy’s lips, licking some of the juices that were flowing from her in copious quantities. She moaned again rather loudly, only this time she ended it with a drawn out, “Yessss, Braddddd. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssss.”

Then I moved my attentions to her little hooded clit. It was already beginning to lengthen with her growing excitement, and my tongue was soon encouraging it to even greater lengths. Then, manipulating it with my tongue, I managed to free it from the protective hood, exposing it completely to my maddening oral attack.

I managed to shift my head enough to glance at the bathroom door. There was Julie, standing there in the near-darkness watching her sister and I just as her sister had observed her and I several hours earlier. I believe she was naked, but couldn’t be completely sure. And, it was at that instant that I suddenly understood. It was love, pure and simple. Julie and Trisha shared such a loving bond for each other that one was willing to share anything, including a special guy, with the other. And I suddenly felt very special for just being allowed to be a part of that relationship of pure, unlimited love.

Then I felt Trisha tensing up, and knew her release was almost within her grasp. So, just as suddenly as I attacked it, I left her clit to lick her lips on either side of her entrance. Her hands, still entwined in my hair, were suddenly pulling so hard it was painful, a sure sign of her growing frustration and excitement. She had absolutely no idea what was going to happen to her body in just a few long, drawn-out minutes.

I slowly inserted my tongue into her vaginal entrance, pushing it in as deeply as it would go but not so forcefully that it would set her off. I wasn’t quite through with priming her powder-keg. She became still as I slowly circled and twisted my tongue around inside her channel, obviously wanting to feel and enjoy its every movement. Then, once again, I felt her tensing up with an impending orgasm. So I removed my tongue completely and went back to just kissing her outer lips and the soft flesh surrounding them.

Finally I knew it was time. Her entire body was quivering almost uncontrollably. The instant I stimulated her to and beyond the point of no return, I knew I would have to hold on tightly. But I was ready, and my tongue speared into her womanhood as deeply as it would go. I began humming, and I blasted her clit with as much warm air out my nose as I could muster. She went over the top in a mind-altering orgasm at that instant.

Her reaction was even more violent than I had anticipated. Of course she screamed, a scream that reverberated through the house. And, her back arched suddenly and forcefully upwards. Her hands, at first still entwined in my hair, let go and flew upwards to claw the air above her head, then to be brought down to cover her mouth as she moaned loudly and thrashed about. It was all I could do just to hang on and not get flipped to the side as her hips bounced upward repeatedly.

It was more than a minute before she ceased her trembling and thrusting. Finally, I crawled up her body until I was laying between her widely spread legs and kissing her just as passionately as I knew how. When we finally broke that kiss, I felt her hand reach down and grasp my penis, bringing it over and in line with her pussy. Then she rubbed the head up and down her crease before bringing it to her entrance and whispering that she was ready.

‘Are you sure you want to do this, ….Trisha,’ I softly asked her?

Her reply was a broad smile, a nod of her head, a barely audible umm hummm, and a pull with both of her hands on my back, urging me to enter her as I had her sister earlier. So, after shifting myself upwards slightly and planting my knees in the mattress, I kissed her deeply and pushed myself into her slowly. When I reached her barrier, I hesitated for only an instant before once again “popping” my hips and pushing my cock quickly and cleanly through her hymen.

She surprised me again, suddenly breaking into another orgasm instead of reacting to the pain I knew she had to feel. Her back arched and her hips thrust quickly upward several times, driving herself into my cock and, I realized, rubbing her clit along the top of my shaft.

I held still for the time she needed to come back down, then I started to slowly drive myself into and back out of her sweet and very tight love tunnel. I speeded up, and she began her own rhythm to meet each of my thrusts with one of her own. Soon we were both lost in that wonderful, time-tested dance of love that only a man and his woman can do so well. And I was able to hold out for a very respectable period of time this, enjoying the sensations I was receiving from her innermost depths while not feeling the overwhelming need to empty my seed deep inside her.

But all good things have to come to an end. Trisha had managed to have two more orgasms before I felt the familiar stirring in my groin that foretold of my impending release. And then, almost without further warning, I was there, driving myself deep inside her and spurting out my love cream to co-mingle with her own juices. She, feeling me go over the top, joined me with a mild but pleasant orgasm of her own. And I continued thrusting into her to maintain the pleasure both of us felt until I softened and finally plopped out.

* * *

The three of us spent what was left of that night, sleeping together in Julie’s oversized bed. In the morning all of us showered together in her parents oversized bathtub. Then, after a wonderful breakfast of bacon and eggs, consumed by three naked teenagers at the kitchen table, we went back upstairs for a little more frolicking.

Julie and I began kissing as my back hit the mattress. Trisha, not to be left out, began kissing another part of my anatomy and causing it to stir quickly to full tumescence. Then she began sucking on me to beat the band. I was in heaven, and found it hard to concentrate on giving Julie her just due with my kisses as her sister performed magic on my cock.

But as pleasurable as that was, I didn’t want to blow my load down her throat. So, I broke my kiss with Julie and asked both girls if either one of them wanted to give up her cherry ass. Julie reacted first with a happy, squealing YESSS, but Trisha, after begging her sister and pointing out that Julie had been first to lose her virginity so it was only fair that she, Trisha, got to be first to lose her anal cherry. Julie agreed with that logic, and Trisha was soon on her hands and knees with me kneeling close behind her.

I positioned myself properly behind her and, after running my cock deep inside her pussy to get it good and wet (just an excuse really, because of her blowjob), and running first one, then two fingers into her anal sphincter to stretch it out a little, I put the head of my cock on the puckered little hole and began to gently but firmly press myself forward while holding on tightly to her hips with both hands. After applying what seemed to be only a little pressure, the head of my cocp popped inside. Then, a strong, steady push with my hips sent my cock all the way inside Trisha’s wonderfully tight ass until my balls slapped her pussy.

Trisha’s face was buried in a pillow, and I could feel more than hear her moaning. I held myself still, allowing her to adjust to my thickness in her now ‘devirginized’ ass. But after more than a minute with no reaction from her, I began pumping a little, actually moving less than a half- inch in and out. That was soon increased to half my cock before she raised her head and spoke for the first time. “Shit, this feels so fucking incredibly awesome that I never want it to stop. Julie, it is more intense than fucking. Really, it is.” Then she fell silent as I continued to ream her out, increasing my stroke length until just the head of my cock remained inside her before plunging back into her depths.

It was over a lot sooner than I wanted. One instant I was happy with just stroking in and out. Then, the feeling of my orgasm was there and it was actually happening, all in a split second. Trisha must have felt me fire off my salvo because it tripped her trigger and she was bucking her hips and screaming or moaning into the pillow as she joined me in orgasm. It had to be the most intense few moments of my short but wonderful life as I felt the most mind-blowing orgasm I had ever experienced.

We both collapsed onto the bed, my cock still imbedded deeply inside Trisha’s ass and me laying on top of her torso. But soon enough it softened, and I withdrew to roll over on my back. Julie, who had been laughing hard at her sister’s and my pleasurable antics, came up and kissed me oh so deeply. Then, suddenly breaking our kiss, she announced in a low, staccato voice that it was, “my turn!” I mentioned that I was now soft, to which she simply stated, “no problem”, and jumped off the bed, heading for the bathroom.

She returned a few seconds later, two warm, damp wash towels in her hands. A few minutes spent cleaning me up, and then I found my now flaccid cock completely engulfed inside her mouth. In almost no time at all she had worked her own brand of magic on me, and I once again “stood proud and tall,” as only a teenage boy can do.

Then, figuring she would want the same position, I started to get up. But she had other ideas in that department, too, and pushed me back down. Then she straddled me and raised herself up as high as she could stretch. It wasn’t enough, so she rearranged herself on her feet and squatted directly over my cock. I reached out and steadied her by the shoulder as she used both her hands to line me up. Once she was sure of our positions, she lowered herself directly onto me and I popped inside. She closed her eyes tightly, gritted her teeth, and sucked in air, all at the same time.

But I was inside, and she recovered from the pain very quickly. Soon she was lowering herself, taking me deeper and deeper inside her rectum. A strange, almost determined smile spread across her face as I went deeper and deeper, until finally I could go no farther, and she shifted herself until she was once again on her knees.

Soon she got into her own rhythm of moving forward, then impaling herself once again. We were soon exchanging ‘peck’ kisses every time she came forward. Then we were touching tongues with each of her ‘out-strokes’. It was another truly erotic series of movements, with her doing all the work and definitely enjoying herself immensely.

Trisha, for her part, was about worn out, and just laid quietly on the bed, watching her sister and I do this sterile variation of the eternal dance of love. Then Julie began having some smallish, rapid-fire orgasms that drove her to move harder and harder as she rode my cock. Soon, the intensity of her releases increased to the point she had to pause every so often just to let them run their course and allow her to regain control of her muscles.

As for me, I really wasn’t sure if I had anything left to give this sweet angel as a reward for her efforts. I knew she was getting off, but I didn’t feel any of the familiar sensations that might signal even a distant orgasm on my part. In fact I was beginning to wonder if I had literally ‘run dry’ when Julie began a rotating descent every time she drove my cock back into her body. That was something intense, and I didn’t know how to handle it or adjust for it. I was cumming intensely almost before I realized I was there.

Julie, on the other hand, knew for a fact I was definitely there, and finished herself off with another series of free-fall downward strokes that sent her to a higher orgasmic plane than she had ever attained before. In fact, her orgasm had such intensity that she literally fainted while still sitting almost straight up, if only for a couple of seconds. I caught her falling body, and eased her down to my chest to kiss her forehead, hug her tightly, and rock her gently in my arms.

* * *

The twins parents were delayed on their return. They were six full days in returning. My parents were seven. And Julie, Trisha and I made excellent use of all that free time. I doubt any three people ever spent more time penetrating, being penetrated, kissing, being kissed, hugging, fondling, feeling, groping, tonguing, sucking, lickings….. Well, I think you get the picture. And there was something else unusual about our love-making. It just got better. It’s like, you know, some people have hot sex the first time, and then it’s all down hill from there. They can never really obtain that high place they did when together for the first time.

The three of us, on the other hand, kept climbing to greater heights with each new encounter, regardless of whether it was one on one or two on one.. If I were rating our loving, then it would have to be from great to greater to even greater sex. And believe me, I am definitely not complaining. In fact, we are already making plans for spring break and the summer. And, since they are planning on attending State U in the next big town just 70 miles down the road, I decided to accept a full scholarship from that school as well. We will live off campus, in adjoining apartments. Now, isn’t that just the most convenient thing you ever heard of?

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