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Double Fun

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One Friday evening, while working part time as a stripper, I really decided that I was a bit too tired for the usual activity most of my colleagues would engage in after dancing: going back the hottest babes for free pussy. I hadn’t done this all the time, preferring just to get my dick sucked, since you couldn’t always say where these girls “came from,” if you know what I mean. This was the era of herpes, so I tried to take only so many chances.

Lots of times, I would get a babe for hot action, regardless of the risks, but this particular night, I just wanted to chill for awhile, then head home.

After dancing, lots of the dancers, me included, would at least wash up and get themselves clean, since you really work up a sweat dancing and shaking your butt for the ladies. I had just finished getting dressed in something a lot less revealing, and had hung up my clothes before heading back into the club. Since we usually danced in the same clubs over time, I got to know the bartenders, and could always slip behind the bar to get myself a drink. I had just started to pour myself something, when a lady came up to the bar.

“Gin and tonic, please,” she said. I noticed she was about 30, a BBW, and I quickly placed her with another big woman sitting off to one side during our show. I thought her companion had given me a nice tip, but who remembers?

“Got it,” I said. As I filled her glass with ice, I turned to the bartender.

“Robbie. Gin and tonic?” I asked. He started to move toward me, when I waved him off.

“No,” I said. “I got it. How much?

“Buck and a half,” he said. Then he reached over and pressed the no sale button on the register so I could access the change. The lady held up two fingers.

“Two,” she said.

“Two it is,” I said. I quickly mixed the drinks, and gave them to her, making eye contact.

“Three, my dear.”

She gave me a five, saying, “Keep it.” I held her hand briefly, then said.

“My thanks.” I briefly watched as she walked away, wide hips swaying slowly. Her ass was big, and round — just the way I like it. I placed her five in the register, took out two ones and placed them in the tip jar. I watched as some of the other dancers went right to some of the women I had decided were desperately in need of hard dick. It’s sometimes fun to watch how long it takes for these ladies and dancers to excuse themselves, and even more interesting, to see them both come back in after a short while, and see the dancers pick somebody else. I didn’t tend to do that, but then, I wasn’t one of the more flamboyant dancers, so I never expected to, either.

Since I was as much a people watcher as anybody, I decided to stay and see what was going on, and kept helping Robbie with drinks. Sometime later, the same big woman came up along with her friend, and took two of the seats at the bar near me. I acknowledged them with a smile, and noticed that their drinks were almost done. Pointing to their glasses, I asked “Ready for more?”

“Yes,” the first one said. She smiled with her mouth and eyes, adding, “And some conversation, if you can spare it.” I returned the gaze.

“That would be my pleasure.” I quickly mixed their drinks, took their crisp $5.00 (gratefully adding $2.00 to the tip jar) then returned to them. In my family, we all helped with laundry, and my sister is a big girl. I figured the first girl to be about a size 18, while her friend was about a size 22; both of them with lots of soft curves. Plus, they were really pretty. I offered them my hand.

“My name’s Wade. And you?”

The second one giggled. “We know who you are.” “I’m Deb; this is Allie.” We shook hands. Then, Deb looked to her friend. “What we wanted to know is, why aren’t you out there with the other dancers? You’re not gay, are you?” She said this with another giggle. Allie rolled her eyes a bit, and I could see that Deb’s joke was just that, and not some commentary.

I smiled. “Not gay, I just enjoy watching my buddies, too.” Their eyes widened.

“You mean, you watch them with these girls?” Deb asked. Now I knew why they were so surprised. I chuckled.

“Not very often,” I said. “I just enjoy seeing who they hook up with, and what they do if and when they come back in. It’s fun.”

Allie seemed relieved. “Why aren’t you doing it too?” she asked.

“Well, once I take off the eye patch, some women don’t even know who I am, but today, I just felt in the mood to people watch.” Deb quickly glanced at Allie, before asking, “Have you ever hooked up with somebody from here?” I nodded.

“Sure,” I said, and here I decided to see of I could shock them. “This is a great club to pick up some pussy after shaking your stuff on stage.” Their eyes widened again, but I could see that it wasn’t because they were shocked — they were turned on.

“So,” I continued. “Did you enjoy the show?” They nodded, before Deb added,

“We’ve been to some shows before, but you guys are good.” Then she added, smiling, “Did you remember that I gave you a tip?” I leaned over the bar to her.

“Yes, I did,” I said. “And I remember that I enjoyed it very much.”


I smiled again. “Oh, yes,” I replied. “While you slipped the money in my g-string, I was checking you out.” I pointed toward her heavy tits. “And any time you want to show more of these to me, you just go for it.” They both laughed, and Allie said, “You’re bad.”

“Of course I am. That’s why you came here, isn’t it?”

“Fuck, yeah,” Deb said. This babe was getting turned on by the talk, and I decided to let them think about that for awhile. I pulled back to behind the bar, and went to fill a couple of drinks for customers. When I came back about five minutes later, Allie asked,

“So, are you going to stay behind the bar all night, or can we talk somewhere else?”

“You want to try to get a table here?” I asked, looking around at the club, “Or…”

Deb spoke up. “You want to come to our place?” She looked toward my glass behind the bar. “What are you drinking? I bet we have it.”

“Anything soft,” I said. “This is ginger ale.”

We got that,” Deb said.

“Cool,” I said. “And what are we going to talk about?” I leaned toward them again. “There’s not going to be a test, or anything, is there?”

“Allie placed her hand gently on my hand, saying, “Anything you want to.” Her eyes seemed to be pleading. “Just come home with us, okay?” I thought for a short while, perhaps only two seconds, before deciding this could be great fun.

“I’m with that,” I said. “I’ll get my clothes.”

Deb got off her stool. “We can meet you outside.”

“Meet me at the door,” I said. “I don’t want any of my buddies movin’ in on me.” They smiled, and moved toward the door. I quickly retrieved my bag, and met Allie outside.

“Hi,” she said. “Deb’s driving up in a minute. Do you want me to go with you in case you get lost?” I didn’t quite know what that meant, but thought it would be okay. “That’s cool,” I said. “My car is over the side.” Just then, Deb drove up, and I motioned for her to follow us to the side of the building. We got to my car, and I let Allie in, saying, “Deb seems to be excited.”

Allie grinned, “Deb is always excited — I worry when I take her here that she’s gonna rape somebody.” She pointed toward Deb’s car. “Let’s go.”

As we turned on the right first street, I turned to Allie. “I take it you don’t do this very often. What’s up?”

“We never have,” she began. “but we’ve thought about it – more than once.”

“I can live with that,” I said. “Why me — though I’m not complaining.”

Her eyes twinkled. She turned toward me slightly, learning on the passenger door. “What if I told you that you were the only dancer left?” I pouted.

“Well, I would feel completely devastated, and undesirable.” She laughed.

Well that wasn’t the reason.” She looked up briefly. “Actually, we were looking for you when the other dancers came out. We were disappointed, thinking you had left until I went up to get our drinks. We wanted you since Deb gave you the tip.” She stopped, “You were checking her out weren’t you?”

“I said I was,” I said, smiling. She fanned herself.

“When you made that comment about her tits, I could feel her hand on my thigh — she wanted you right then, and I could feel myself getting wet.”

“And you’re still wet, aren’t you?”

She nodded and said, “Yes.” I let my eyes linger on hers as much as I could and still follow Deb’s car.

“Do you know what you want?” I asked. She hesitated.

“You don’t have to answer now — just think about it.” So,” I continued, “Are you two roommates?”

She shook it off. “No,” she said. “We met at work, and just clicked.” She sighed. “And, you know, the big girls always hang out with other big girls.” She didn’t say it with much pleasure.

“And all the better for me,” I said. She looked at me again.

“Do you really like big girls?” I kept my eyes on the road.

“Actually, I don’t have a ‘type.’ I was checking Deb out because I thought she was cute and, yes, I did check out her tits especially. They look really nice.” I shook my head. “Anyway, when I meet a pretty woman who wants to spend time with me, I’m into it, whether they’re younger, older, big, petite, it doesn’t matter to me.” I looked at her and added slyly, “And …, I enjoyed checking out your ass when you walked back to your table.” She smiled and chuckled. Shortly afterwards, we made two quick turns, and parked in front of an apartment complex. I felt the need to know a little more before we went into the apartment. I turned to her.

“You ever get it on with Deb, or with her and another man?” She hesitated before answering. She smiled, and blushed, saying, “I guess it’s stupid to deny it now. We’ve done a lot of cuddling, and sometimes she helps me out or I help her out, if you know what I mean, but we’ve never gotten laid together before.” She looked up, and I think I saw some fear in her eyes. “And, well, I guess I don’t know what to expect.” I took her hand.

“That’s part of the charm,” I said. “We all want this to happen, let’s just go with it, okay?”

She looked in my eyes, searching for something, before saying “Okay.”

When we got out of the car, I took her by the hand and led her to where Deb was standing by her car, waiting for us.

“I thought you got started without me,” she said. “I was gonna be so pissed at you both.” I laughed, squeezing Allie’s ass.

“Well, we didn’t forget about you, though,” I said. “Can I feel your ass, too?”

“Oh, fuck,” she said. I moved toward her and placed my hand on her big round ass, rubbing it roughly.

“Think you can handle it?” I asked. She recovered quickly enough to say,

“Do you think you can?” We walked up the stairs, entered the building, then got in the elevator up to the apartment. It turned out it was Deb’s. She was taking out her keys, and couldn’t seem to pick out the right one, when I noticed that she was shaking. I took her hand gently, leaning toward her ear.

“Either you’re a little nervous, or you just came for me,” I said. “It’s okay, babe, give me the keys.” She gave me her keys, and I quickly took the right one and opened the door, opening it wide. I looked back at Deb. “Bathroom?”

She pointed. “On the left, second door.”

I quickly went to the bathroom, took care of business, and returned to the living room. As I approached, Deb called from the kitchen, “What can I get you?” As I sat down on the couch with Allie, I answered, “Ginger ale or something lemon/ lime if you got it.” I placed my hand on Allie’s shoulder.

“Feeling okay?” She nodded. “Good.” Deb returned, giving Allie a mixed drink, and my ginger ale in front of me. She came and sat on my other side, holding a glass of wine. I looked to both of them, saying, “I don’t know whether I want to sit here, or sit across so I can check you two out again.” Deb answered immediately, taking her tight t-shirt over her head, and reaching back to open her bra.

“You sit anywhere where you can see my tits,” she said, as she threw her bra to the floor. They were big, with large, dark nipples, and her nipples were hard and long.

“I guess I have a nice view right here,” I said. “What do you do with these when you’re alone? Show me.” She already had her hand on her tits, squeezing them and pressing her nipples, while she moaned. She looked into my eyes,

“You like seein them, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do. Play with those titties for me, baby. Be real nasty for me.” I looked over at Allie. “Is she always so nasty, Allie?” Allie nodded and I could see that her breathing was becoming deeper. “Can you be nasty for me, too?” Allie hesitated, clearly not as horny as Deb, or maybe just more reserved.

“Do you need something else to see, Allie?” I didn’t wait for her answer, as I went for Deb’s tits, licking her hard nipples.

“Oh, fuck, yeah,” Deb said, as she drabbed my head to press my lips harder against her floppy tits. She was really going. She began to whine. “Baby, suck me good, oh yeah!” I glanced over at Allie, who had begun to squeeze her tits through her shirt. I decided to help her along.

“Hold on, baby,” I said to Deb. I turned to Allie, and without asking permission, started unbuttoning her shirt, licking her chest above her bra, as I reached behind and unclasped it. Then, looking into her eyes, I began to squeeze her tits. Her skin was so warm and soft. I could feel her breathing change immediately.

“Oh,” she said. “Mmmmmmm.” Her head began to move slowly back and forth. “Hold up your titties so I can suck them, Allie,” I said. She held up her globes and I quickly licked her hard nipples, back and forth, making her squirm. I heard a sound behind me.

“Shit, that’s so fucking hot,” Deb said. I looked over to her, and she had pulled up her long skirt, revealing her wet pussy, which she was playing with while she watched me suck Allie’s tits. This bitch was out of control.

“Mmmmm, yeah, babe,” I said to Deb, while I squeezed Allie’s nipples. “Deb, you are a fucking FREAK.”

“Wade,” Deb said. “Show us your dick, c’mon.” It was time, and I was getting much too hard in my pants to be comfortable. I stood up, looking at these hot babes, and quickly pulled off my shirt and pants, revealing my g-string. Their eyes lit up, when I said,

“Take it off for me, ladies.” They both sat up, and grabbing the string, they pulled it down quickly. My dick sprang up and hit me on the stomach as they gasped. I’m perhaps a little bigger than most, but I think it was more the idea of a hard dick that got to them than anything else.

I took my hand and shook my dick at both of them, before saying, “Look, I want to taste some hot pussy, and I know you babes have it. Now, open you legs so I can have a lick.” Deb shifted quickly on the couch, and slip toward the end, as Allie took off her pants and panties. I quickly got on my knees and blew gently on Deb’s lips before licking up her slit. She shuddered immediately, then started to breathe heavily. This bitch was on fire. I continued to eat her. She tasted good, too. I nibbled on her clit, then sucked it into my mouth, feeling her writhe on the couch. I looked over and Allie’s hand was busy, quickly playing with her clit as she watched, clearly as turned on as Deb. I wanted to switch, so I stood up and said to Deb,

“Taste some of your pussy, babe,” I said, as I kissed her hard and rough, our tongues poking into each other’s mouths. Then I kissed Allie before lowering myself to her pussy. She reacted immediately, with a strong shudder. I think she came the minute I licked her clit, but she kept bucking, trying to get me to lick and suck her pussy harder.

I leaned up, saying “You taste good, Allie.” Looking at Deb, I said, “You want to taste some of this?” She shook her head.

“Fine with me,” I said. “But, kiss me and tell me she don’t taste fine.” I kissed her again, and I could feel her get hotter the more she tasted the pussy juice from Allie. I stood up.

“Start using that nasty tongue on me, babe,” I said to Deb, who got the message right away. Sitting on the couch, she was the perfect height for sucking me good. She licked the head lightly, then put just a little in her mouth a few times, before diving in, and trying to swallow me. Allie started rubbing her pussy again, and putting two fingers inside her as she watched, her eyes unblinking. Then, she decided to get a little freaky herself. She took her fingers, stood, up and placed them in my mouth, so I could taste her again. I looked at her hotly. “Give me more,” I said. She reached down to her pussy, got her fingers wet, and gave me another taste. I had forgotten about my blowjob, and was concentrating on Allie. Then I told her, “Get some more, and give it to Deb.” She got more juice, and I pulled away from Deb, just as Allie quickly stuck her fingers in Deb’s mouth. Deb tasted it, and reached for Allie, grabbing her tits, then thrusting her tongue into Allie’s mouth. I decided to see what would happen next, but after a few seconds, Deb looked back me, saying “I want it.” I looked at Allie.

“Watch us babe,” I said. “I get so hard when babes watch me fuck.” She obediently nodded her head, leaning back on the couch, resuming her pussy play.

I quickly moved the coffee table out of the way, then pulled Deb’s skirt up to her waist and she lay down. I stayed above her for a short time, then used my dick to play with her clit.

“Shit,” she said. She grabbed my arm. “Now, baby, now. Please fuck me!”

I spread her legs wide and thrust all the way in at once.

“Fuck!” she yelled. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I thrust in and out of her very wet pussy, while she squeezed her tits. “Oh, my God, it’s so good!” she said.

“Suck your titties, Deb.” She began licking her nipples back and forth and her breaths came more shallow louder as I fucked her.

“Ahhhh.” I could feel her pussy squeeze me as she came. I knew she could do more, so I picked up the pace. I placed her legs over my shoulders, allowing me to get even deeper.

“So fucking deep!” she said. “Oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeee!!!!” Her body went rigid, and she squeezed my dick so hard I slowed down, allowing her breath to get back to normal. She opened her eyes.

“You liked that, didn’t you babe?” All she could be was nod her head. I slowly pulled out, my dick glistening from her hot juices. “Lick off you juices, babe,” I said. And she hungrily reached up and licked me clean. I bent down and kissed her tenderly, before turning to see Allie, breathing heavily. I came toward her side of the couch, and laid down.

“Ride me, babe. I want to see your big titties while you ride me. She moved quickly above me, taking my hard dick in her hand, and placing it at the entrance to her pussy. She sat down slowly. “Ohhh,” she said. “You’re so big, I….” I didn’t want to wait so I thrust up to meet her, banging her hard and hearing a loud nasty fucking sound.

“Oh, my God,” she said. Her eyes widened, then closed almost to slits. “You really fill me up. Mmmmmm.” I let her set the pace at first, and she just sat for awhile before moving slowing up and down, enjoying the feeling of every inch of my dick going all the way in her snatch, then coming almost out again. Her slow movements also helped me to regain my control, so I knew I could fuck her for awhile.

“Your pussy is so wet and hot, babe,” I said. “Give it all to me, can you do that?” she just nodded her head, as I could see she was getting worked up. I grabbed her tits, squeezing, and pulling her to me. Now I could lick her nipples, and thrust up into her a little harder. I could tell she liked it.

“I want to fuck you hard, babe. You want me to fuck you hard and nasty till you cum? Do you want that?” She gritted her teeth, before shouting, “Yes! Fuck me hard, babe, now. Give it to me!” I grabbed and slapped her ass, pulling her down on me hard, then started rearing up and slamming into her hard, so I could hear that nasty slapping sound that always got me off. It took her awhile, but she was on fire now.

“Your hard dick! It’s so big and hard. Oh, fuck me, fuck me!” I slapped her ass again, and I could feel her shudder. I gave it all I had, bucking harder and harder against her big ass and pussy, hearing our bodies slap each other, until I could see her face get red, and her mouth open wide. Then, I felt her vice like pussy squeeze my dick like no tomorrow. Finally, she collapsed on me.

“Oh!” Then she tried hard to regain her breath, as she lay there panting and moaning at the same time. I looked at her and said. “Didn’t you tell me that Deb was the horny one?” She laughed, then got serious.

“I’ve never been fucked like that before,” was all she could say. We kissed a bit before she rolled off slowly, then sat up, looking at Deb, still rubbing pussy.

“Fuck! That was so hot!” she said, as she continued.

“Cum for me baby,” I said looking her in the eyes. “Cum for me like the nasty girl you are.” She closed her eyes, and rubbed, harder, until her body arched, and she began to shake.

“Ooooooooo! Oh, God!” she said as she erupted. Allie and I watched her cum before she rolled off and gave Deb a kiss. They looked over at me as I watched them.

“You’re still hard!?” Allie said. “I don’t believe it!”

“I’m still hard, and I need to be inside your throats right now.”

“Fuck yeah,” Deb said, as she flew to my dick, and tried to deep throat me.

“Babe,” I said. “Take your time.” I rubbed her neck gently. “I want it deep, but we have time. Just suck as much as you can.” She continued to move up and down, getting more and more in every time. When she came up for air, she licked my stick up and down a few times before being nudged out of the way by Allie, who knelt down and took over. She licked slowly around the head a few time, looking me in the eyes, trying to see what she was doing to me; it worked. Finally, she opened wide and took me down. She was good, taking me almost down to my balls, and sucking just enough to keep the pressure on. She took me down two or three times before coming up, her eyes asking.

“Damn good, baby,” I said. “I’m feelin goooood right now.” She smiled, and got back down the business. Deb was enjoying just watching, but I knew she couldn’t stay idle too long. She gently touched Allie’s shoulder, and Allie offered her my dick. I hardly ever felt like I wasn’t being sucked.

The pressure began to build. “Soooo good. Suck my dick, nice and nasty. I want you to get my load. Yeah, keep up that pressure — lick the head, so I see. Shit.” These babes had a mission now, to see me shoot. And it wouldn’t be long as they started jacking while they suck me.

“Fuck, yeah. Keep it up — yeah.” Just then Deb opened wide and got me all the way down, so she could lick my balls. That was it.

“Uuhhhh. Take it babe!” I yelled, as I began to shoot hard into her throat. Allie could see what was happening, and pushed Deb, but she didn’t move. Then, she lifted Deb’s head so she could see what she wanted. When Deb came up, I pulled her to me so we could share my load, just as Allie took me deep into her mouth. Deb and I kissed deeply, our tongues wrestling as we both tasted my cum. I could still feel myself pulsing in Allie’s mouth, and she soon came up to kiss me, too. I may not be into the taste of my own jizz, but when I get it from a nasty babe, I’m on it. Allie and I kissed until I pulled Deb back, and then we did a three way, licking each other’s tongues and faces, and sharing my load. Finally, we all lay back exhausted and satisfied, with lips covered in my cum.

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