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Dog Day Evening

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My wife is a bitch!

I use the word bitch to describe my wife’s overall personality and not as an adjective to suggest the occasional mood that she exhibits around the house. Oh, she knows that she is a bitch and is most proud of that title.

My wife pretty much rules the household and finds it quite delightful to make me squirm should I show the slightest bit of discomfort in her presence. If I look guilty, then I must have done something wrong or I am up to something, she is fond of saying.

I mostly stay out of her way…especially when she has that certain look in her eye. You know the one, when they raise their eyebrow as if to see if they can draw some undisclosed secret that we may keep locked away in the recesses of our brain. It’s not unlike a cat playing with a mouse before they consume their tortured prey.

About the only time that I feel as an equal is in the bedroom. When I’m allowed to engage in sex.

My wife is a very attractive woman with brownish gold hair and piercing green eyes that can hold a man in a trance. Her body is just as beautiful. She is a slender woman of 5″ 5′ and has perfectly round, natural breasts that often seem bent on escaping her 36 C cup. Her bubble gum colored nipples are the perfect size of a half dollar with just the right amount of knob protruding from the center. She is most proud of her legs, but I am most fond of what they are attached to; a nice round full hipped ass.

Not surprisingly, my wife will sometimes use her body to taunt or torture me for God knows what reason. She loves it when I am extremely excited and full of lust. She loves to see me swollen beyond belief and panting at the very sight of her as she removes any garment or a towel that has momentarily draped her as she exits the shower. It is at this time, in my dire need to release the pressure that has built up in my swollen member, that she announces that she has to relax, dry her hair or give what ever excuse that comes to mind before she will allow the love making to begin. It’s like going 90 miles an hour and then hitting a brick wall.

We may be equals in bed but I have never gotten the best of her. Except for that one night. I’ll treasure the memory forever.

It was a plan that had made it’s way into my mind one evening on the way home. I don’t remember why I chose to fulfill this fantasy that was certain to bring about her wrath. I guess something snapped in me.

My wife showers every evening. She exits the shower, puts on a little presumably innocent show of flesh and comes to bed semi-wet and fully naked. She then turns on the television and proceeds to watch her favorite show. If I plead enough, I may be rewarded with instant gratification. If not, I have to massage my swollen cock in an attempt to please the cruel master of my being.

Well, this night was different. This night, I made all the decisions. It started off like any other night.

The water slowly ceased and I listened attentively at the sound of the shower curtain as it made it’s way across the rail. One foot, then another thumped to the floor as my wife toweled off before she stepped upon the bathroom rug. She didn’t mind so much dampening the sheets as she did placing a wet foot on her bathroom rug.

God knows what women do with themselves after they step out of the shower, but it seems to take forever for them to exit the bathroom. This sense of entering a time warp is heightened when one is waiting patiently for another to come into the bedroom for their own selfish reasons. And speaking of selfish… tonight, I am thinking only of myself.

As usual, my wife exits the bathroom through a steamy cloud of mist that you would often see in a late night horror movie. This is humorous, if you knew my wife. The towel is draped across her just enough to prevent one from seeing her exquisite body from the front and at the same time giving her enough cloth from the lack of coverage in the rear to gently absorb the droplets of moisture on her shins and feet. I believe that this is done on purpose so that I may see her full round breasts peak out of the top of the towel.

Did I mention that she was evil?

You see, I know that she knows that I know that on the other side of that towel is a deliciously naked perfect specimen of womanhood. To put it bluntly, I drool at the mere thought of her. On any occasion I am more than ready to consume every inch of her flesh. She exudes a sexuality that could drive any man to sell their souls.

And so it begins.

I can already tell that my wife is in one of those controlling moods where she feels she must place me on that track and hurl me 90 miles an hours at that wall. Really, if you met her, you don’t know whether you want to fuck her or punch her in the face. Me, I sometimes want to do both!

She cascades across the room, drops the towel and quickly nestles herself beneath the sheets. She sits up in bed rather proper like, reaches for the remote and with a quick flick, finds her favorite program and hunkers down for the evening. She enjoys sex as much as I do, but she enjoys the cat and mouse more.

This is one puss that doesn’t get the mouse.

The one thing that I can count on when she is in this mood is the inevitable position of comfort that she will put herself in. First, she lies beneath the sheets, remote in hand, and attempts to seem interested in the screen before her. She then moves about in an effort to find a comfortable position, thereby ending with her lying on her stomach, hands beneath her chin and legs crossed in the air as they move about in flight as if looking for the right moment to land. Oh, and no sheet to cover her.

This position is very advantageous for my plan and she has graciously placed herself into such a position this evening.

My wife and I do like to explore each other when it comes to sex and we like to explore new things. Flavored oils are one such curious venture. And it is not uncommon to have such a “condiment’ at our bedside. Strawberry is the favored taste.

Now, I may not be able to plunge into my fantasy as soon as I wish, but I am always able to convince my wife to allow me to massage her succulent body. I must confess that I enjoy rubbing oil into her skin as much as she enjoys having the sensual experience of having her body kneaded with a scent as sweet as her own.

As she lays on her stomach and freely opens herself to my desire, I reach across the bed and grab the love oil that I placed on my bed-side table before she finished her shower. I squeeze a generous amount of oil into my palm and vigorously rub my hands together. I gently place my hands on her beautiful ass and rub the oil into the perfect muscles that surround her anus.

“That feels good” she utters as she slowly bows her head into her crossed arms as if in defeat. “Mmmmm… I like that… nice and slow. If you’re good, you may just get … ummmm lucky.”

I smile because she has no idea as to what awaits her.

I slowly work my way up her back, around her shoulders, then back down to her sweet ass as I massage the scented oil into her glistening skin. I spill more oil over her ass and between her legs cupping my hand beneath her sweet sex to insure that no oil escapes her body. I rub the excess oil over my swollen cock as I admire the length it has achieved tonight. That has to be more than the eight inches that I am familiar with.

At this point, I can no longer just touch. I have to have a taste.

I grasp each cheek of her ass in my hands and spread them apart as I run my tongue between her legs, sampling her sweetness, and then up between her nether region. My tongue follows the groove,,,up and down…between her soaking wetness to the most desired orifice. Her body twitches in delight as I satisfy my hunger for her sweetness.

I apply more oil to her lower back and spread the taste tempting treat over her whole body. I slide up over her back as I cup both of her luscious breasts in my hands. She can now feel how hard I have become and I know that she loves the thought of making me wait until I have become so engorged that I ache.

With shortness of breathe, I whisper in her ear that she will be taking all eight inches of my cock into her sweet ass. “I don’t think so…umff..” , she replies. Her muffled protest was cut short as I quickly positioned my pelvis before her face and shoved my cock into her mouth. I grabbed her head in one hand and the other hand was placed in the middle of her back, forcing her back down on her stomach as she attempted to roll over. She pretends to struggle as she swallows half of my pulsating member. Strawberry is her favorite and my cock is dripping with the scented oil.

With a little help from her friend…me…her head bounces up and down as I try to fit more of my cock into her mouth. I know that the teeth are coming next so I withdrawal my member and watch as my cock bounces up and down before her face and the saliva drips slowly down the sides of her mouth.

I quickly roll onto her back again before she finishes her thoughts on decency. I grab both of her arms and cross them behind her back. With one hand holding her arms in place, I reach under a pillow and withdrawal a cloth rope that I had hidden there. She, of course, struggles as I bind her wrists together…but by now, the little demon between my legs is lord and master above all.

Consequence…what is that?! HA!

” What are you doing…are you crazy,” she yells. “Maybe so..” I reply…”but tonight, I call the shots.” “First, I have to have another taste of your sweet pussy.” I shoved my tongue deep between her legs and into her sweetness as she sort of moans and cries. My cock now aches because it couldn’t possibly hold more blood. I briskly run my tongue up and down between her crack. On the way down, I shove my tongue into her tasty ass as I spread her cheeks as wide as they could possibly part. I lap hungerly at her nether walls as if I am enjoying my first taste of food after having starved for a week.

I want her wet and glistening, not so much for her comfort but to insure less resistance and more penetration. So I spill even more of the strawberry lubricant directly over her anus as I spread the opening with my fingers. I spill, I lick…I spill, I lick even more. I now slowly rub the promise land with two fingers, gingerly working those fingers in and out of her hole as the oil continues to flow.

At this time, her efforts of escape are less than believable because deep down inside, she believes that she can stop me. This, of course, works to my advantage.

With the remaining oil, I generously lubricate my more than swollen cock. My cock is positioned over her ample rear and the drippings are moving slowly from the peaks of her mounds, into the nether valley below. Fuck the sheets…they were her favorite anyway.

‘What are you planning to do,” she inquires. In response, I place the head of my cock against her well oiled anus and slowly rotate the head of my cock clock-wise around the rim. She is moving around a bit, so I have to place my hand in the middle of her back to minimize some movement while still allowing for entry.

“Oh no…don’t do it,” she says huskily.

The wires in my brain must have crossed because I swore she said…put it in. In response, I shove the head of my cock into her waiting ass. “Ouuh..damn you…stop it!” she wimperer. She moves her hips to the left and then to right as she squirmed in an effort to remove my cock. With each movement, I move with her as I shoved my cock into her sweet ass 1/2 inch at a time until I am half way in. She stopped squirming when she realized that her attempts were only allowing me to plunge deeper. I felt her ass muscles tightening as if she could stop the penetration. This isn’t really what she should do…but then again…I wasn’t thinking about her comfort.

She than tried reasoning.

“I’ll suck your cock…all of it. You can cum in my mouth…I’ll swallow… I swear that I will, every drop. I’ll lick all the remaining cream around your cock and swallow that as well. Anything…just don’t go any further. Pull your cock out…pleaseeee.”

This was tempting, but I didn’t believe her. Besides, I’ve been wanting to really violate that ass for six years.

Inch by inch, I slowly and methodically shoved my cock into her squirming ass as I held her down tightly. She bucked and kicked, protested, and cursed, but was not able to stop my penetration. I used a whole bottle of oil…six ounces I believe. “Please, stop…(pant, pant) no more…awww, I beg you…I can’t take anymore. You’re too big…ouuuhhh…so hard…no…no” My pelvis finally reached the fleshy circle mounds as I drove my cock full hilt into her ass.

I have reached a level of penetration that I have never known before. And as I lay there on top of her squirming body, savoring this moment…I swear that my cock grew another inch in length. I was so swollen that I could feel the girth of my cock pushing at the opening walls of her ass each time the main vain pulsed. She attempted to stretch her fingers down in front of her ass to either prevent what was about to happen or to grab my cock and twist it off. I vote for the latter.

I grabbed her wrist and pushed her hands up to the middle of her back and allowed my weight to keep them in place. With a smirk upon my face, I slowly pull my cock an inch out of her sweet ass. “Ouwww…don’t do it…you’ll pay…oh how you’ll pay…oouuuh” she said between clenched teeth. With an equally husky voice, I reply…”It’ll be worth it.” I then shoved my cock back into her ass even deeper. I reached around with both hands and tightly grabbed each breast. I continued to slam my cock into her juicy ass abruptly as I continued to squeeze her breasts. She bucked and twisted but to no avail. She tried to get up on her knees but only succeeded in arching that wonderfully filled ass into the air. I let go of one hand from her breast and shoved two fingers into her soaking wet pussy.

As I swirled my fingers in her sweetness, I grinded my cock full length in her ass in a circling motion with my pelvis. “Oh gawd…ouuhh…you’ve never…been this hard…I can take it if you’d slow it down,” she exclaimed!

This wasn’t my plan.

I could feel the cum at the base of my cock…building up and ready to release and I wanted to shoot all of it as far in her ass as it could possibly go. Play time was over…I was ready to rock.

As I continued to stimulate her with my fingers (crediting myself) I increased the momentum of my thrusts and slammed into her at a feverous pace. It sounded not unlike a spanking as two wet bodies slammed together. I could no longer hold back and I exploded into her waiting ass. I seemed to cum forever…and just when I thought that I had release every drop..more cum found it’s way to the base of my cock and rocketed forward. As I was unloading my precious cargo, she bucked and screamed and I believe that she said in a muffled voice that she was coming.

And that was fine.

Having finished, I laid on top of her for a moment while she moaned and slapped the bed with her foot. Fucking that ass felt better than anything I experienced thus far. You know, I wasn’t even concerned about what would happen to me now that I was finished.

I slowly extracted my cock from a very sticky, wet and red ass. She breathed a sigh of relief when the last remaining inch of manhood popped out of her ass. I leaned forward, kissed her cheek and slapped her ass. “Thanks honey, you were great,” I said.

As I pulled on my pajama bottoms and headed out of the bedroom door and down the steps…I swore that I heard screaming. I must have forgotten something.

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