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Discovery in Cyprus

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Lizzy and I had been an item for two years when we decided that we were going to take our first foreign holiday together and having shopped around we had settled on a two-week break in Cyprus. Friends and family had recommended various places to stay and as a result we had picked a four star hotel in one of the quieter resorts on the island.

We both led hectic lives so the prospect of two weeks relaxing in the sun together meant that we were very excited by the time the departure day rolled around.

As is the norm the day before a holiday it was spent doing all the last minute things, I had gone and gotten a haircut and Lizzy had gone to the beauty salon as well. When Lizzy returned I was surprised to find that her normally chestnut hair had been dyed blonde and trimmed only slightly, leaving her hair falling to just below her shoulders. Lizzy had also revealed that she had gone for a waxing that included her legs and bikini area that she cheekily flashed at me to highlight that no hair now remained around her pussy. Lizzy would often trim her most intimate area but this was the first time that she had gone completely bare and as the saying goes the collar definitely didn’t match the cuffs any longer and that was quite the turn on for me.

Lizzy is five feet six inches tall with a 34E-25-32 figure and dark eyes, her legs although not long are shapely and feminine with a firmness brought about by her regular fitness regime. In short Lizzy is a fit and foxy twenty seven year old and since we met out sex life had been full on and varied. We had made love in all sorts of places due to our somewhat adventurous nature, occasionally we had played out each other’s fantasies and we openly discussed our sex life in a healthy way. Lizzy does have a definite naughty side to her, sometimes she would go out to work without underwear on, sometimes socially without any and times when we went out together. On the days she went to work knickerless she would return home and practically dive on me to satisfy her needs. On other occasions Lizzy would simply drop into conversation that she had nothing on underneath simply to tease me knowing that in many of the cases I could do very little about it and it provided us with a great deal of laughs and plenty of mind blowing sex afterwards.

We arrived in the hotel in Cyprus just after one pm after a very early start, the hotel was plush, clean light and airy, our first floor room encompassed a king sized bed, en-suite bathroom and a balcony that overlooked the sun terrace and the beach. We quickly unpacked our cases and changed into our beachwear to catch some afternoon sun and a few gentle lengths of the pool. Lizzy’s bikini was a fairly skimpy affair, electric blue with thin tie sides on the bottoms with fine tie straps supporting her top. The weather was a gorgeous thirty five degrees without a cloud in the sky, the pathways leading down to the pool were reflecting the heat that had built up during the morning and after collecting a couple of towels from the pool attendant we headed off to find a pair of sun loungers.

Despite the time of year the sun terrace wasn’t overly busy and we located two beds with ease and settled down. I spent the next five minutes or so gently rubbing sun tan oil over Lizzy’s back and legs enjoying the guilty pleasure of having my hands on her body and the excitement of my hands passing so close to some of her erogenous zones. When I was done Lizzy lay prone face down with her eyes closed and letting the stress of every day life begin to wash away. After applying my own sun cream I settled down to read and we exchanged half-baked mutterings about how nice it was to be where we were. An hour so may have ticked by before the occupants of the next two loungers along from Lizzy returned from wherever it was they had been, two women with skin as black as night and both around our age. Both were around five feet six with slim and curvy figures. The one who approached first wore a plain white bikini that left little to the imagination, small triangles of white material covered her nipples but not much more of her ample breasts, a deep cut front almost in a “V” shape covered the front of her bottom half with only a slightly bigger white triangle covering the back with side strings that resembled fishing line. Her black shoulder length hair had been relaxed to reduce it’s curl, large dark eyes were the main feature of her pleasant face and the pink lipstick she wore accentuated her full lips.

The second woman wore a bright orange bikini that emphasised the contrast with her skin her hair was cut short into a trendy style allowing her well-defined cheekbones to take centre stage. Her features were much daintier than her friends with narrower eyes, her breasts were far smaller than her companions and barely formed a cleavage but with just enough shape to be feminine. At the sound of their approach Lizzy raised her head to see who was approaching and instantly both women flashed bright white smiles and said “Hello” as they rearranged their towels in preparation for the afternoons lounging.

During the course of the afternoon Lizzy and I chatted sporadically with the women in between cooling dips into the pool that Lizzy had revealed as making her newly waxed grotto tingle compelling me to slip my hand inside her bikini bottoms and play with her as we floated about. The women had introduced themselves as Jasmine & Ennisha both were from the south east of our country and had already been in Cyprus for a week. Jasmine held down a job in the financial heart of the city while Ennisha taught drama and dance at one of the capitals university’s. I would be fair to say that we enjoyed their company that afternoon and they had given us some tips on where to eat etc which was most helpful considering it was only our first night. At the end of the afternoons sunbathing Lizzy and I headed for our room and a shower and some lazy time before heading out for dinner, with the temperature outside still high wearing only the lightest clothes was the only sensible thing to do. I opted for a linen short sleeved shirt and shorts with sandals, meanwhile Lizzy had gone for a strappy short pale blue summer dress decorated with yellow flowers which was so short that it barely covered her backside. As was her way Lizzy had declined to wear any sort or underwear knowing that this would drive me wild and guarantee that we would end up making love later that evening.

After a light dinner we strolled along to one of the bars Jasmine and Ennisha had recommended earlier in the day and as they predicted it was very quiet but had a relaxed atmosphere. The bar had a dozen or so tables surrounded by booths one of which we picked as it was in a corner, sitting down Lizzy crossed her legs to get comfortable and I watched as her dress rode up higher giving me a tantalising full length glimpse of her gorgeous thigh and very base of her left buttock driving my temperature up further. Lizzy and I flirted with each other while sipped our drinks until Jasmine and Ennisha walked in and made a beeline for our booth and sat down. Jasmine was wearing a plain white mini dress with a string of pearls around her neck, the dress was so tight it clung to her body as if it had been painted on and just like her bikini it left little to the imagination. Ennisha on the other hand wore floaty sarong style skirt with a split that ran from her ankle almost to her waist with a tied halter neck top with no back. The cool air circulating in the bar had exposed all the two women as being braless just as Lizzy was, I was now surrounded by three sets of nipples bidding to escape through their respective flimsy material prisons.

We ordered a round of drinks, paid for them and sat chatting for a while until Lizzy excused herself for a trip to the bathroom, I made way for her to pass me and watched as she made her way across the floor to the ladies. Just as the door shut behind her Jasmine spoke

“We want love to make love to your girl friend, you think she is up for it?”

I had no idea but my guess was that Lizzy wouldn’t go for it, which I told Jasmine but she persisted

“But she would enjoy it and you could watch if you like”

“Let me get this straight, you want me to let you both try and seduce my girlfriend and then watch you have sex with her?”

“Yes and what’s wrong with that? Ennisha continued

“Well she’s not a lesbian for a start” I replied stating the obvious

But the truth was I was already feeling as horny as hell and the prospect of Lizzy being seduced by two very sexy women proved to be very very appealing. I gave in

“Ok you can try, but if Lizzy says no or objects, it’s no, understand?”

Both Jasmine and Ennisha nodded excitedly just before the door of the toilet opened and Lizzy made her way back to the booth, I got up and allowed Lizzy to slip back into the booth between myself and Ennisha. Immediately to two women subtlety went to work on Lizzy complimenting her on her look, how nice her hair was and her sundress before Ennisha found an excuse to touch Lizzy’s leg as she retrieved her “dropped” lipstick from the floor. When she had risen from her bend for the lipstick Ennisha ran her hand up the side of Lizzy’s leg before exclaiming how smooth it was before touching it again as if to highlight the fact. In a well-rehearsed routine Ennisha complimented Lizzy on her legs before telling Jasmine that she must feel Lizzy’s leg as she had never felt a waxing like it.

Jasmine playing the foil perfectly reached over and Lizzy allowed her to run her hand across the top half of her shin and onto the front of her thigh due to her friends insistence, Jasmine agreed wholeheartedly with Ennisha’s assessment of Lizzy’s legs and waxing before upping the ante. Jasmine asked Lizzy if her waxing has worked as well in other areas, a clear inquiry as to whether my girlfriend had had her pussy waxed to match. Lizzy with some embarrassment revealed that she had in fact had gotten herself a bare pussy for the holiday and both Jasmine and Ennisha reciprocated by saying they too had gone the distance and had indeed got hairless quims. Jasmine probed further by pulling her dress upwards revealing she was commando and showing Lizzy her bare pussy before asking her did she find that her secret area was now far more sensitive now it was bare as Jasmine felt hers was. Lizzy didn’t answer but then Jasmine asked if my girlfriend thought that her pussy looked good. Somewhat bashfully Lizzy agreed that Jasmine’s quim was very nice before Jasmine lowered her dress and closed her legs. Ennisha widened the split in her sarong and asked Lizzy to look at her cunny to see what she thought of her waxing, was it as smooth as her own? Lizzy nodded in the affirmative before Ennisha instigated the idea of finding out who of the two women had the smoothest, Lizzy’s or her.

Ennisha asked Lizzy to stroke her cunny to see how effective her pubic area waxing was, a request that Lizzy refused but after a little encouragement from both Jasmine and myself she ran two of her fingers over Ennisha’s quim. After completing her feel Lizzy declared that Ennisha was in fact as smooth as her down below. But Ennisha wasn’t to be put off she asked Jasmine to give us all her opinion on who was the smoothest. I would have loved the job but I didn’t think that Lizzy was going to allow me to stroke any other pussy than hers. Jasmine leaned over and ran her hand up and down several times over Ennisha’s cunny before turning to Lizzy and asking to feel hers. Lizzy again refused giggling nervously and I wrapped a reassuring arm around her, Jasmine however proved to be most persuasive by highlighting that they were all women and what harm would it do.

Reluctantly Lizzy uncrossed her legs and allowed them to open to a fraction as Jasmine’s hand slid up her thigh towards her pussy. Jasmines hand came into contact with her cunny under the hem of her short dress causing Lizzy to gasp as if she was electrified. Slowly Jasmines long fingers deliberately stroked all around her quim before declaring that Lizzy did in fact have the smoothest waxing of the two. With mock consternation Ennisha asked if Jasmine was sure and an excited nod from her friend confirmed that Lizzy was the impromptu winner of the smoothest pussy contest. Not to be outdone Ennisha sought Lizzy’s permission for a feel. This time however Ennisha lifted the hem of her dress clear of her grotto exposing my girlfriends sweet box to us all and ever so slowly her hand began it’s inspection. Lizzy gasped again at the feather light touch and watched as Ennisha probed her most secret area but threw her head backwards as Ennisha’s fingers worked their way into her dewy folds before pressing on her exposed clitoris.

Having explored every inch of Lizzy’s body I knew that Ennisha had struck gold, at that very moment Lizzy’s clitoral hood would have been ready for touching. Lizzy has a round tip to her clit that exposes itself the harder it gets and when exploited it can make Lizzy cum in seconds along with her extremely sensitive inner lips that I had licked, kissed, sucked on, flicked, pinched and driven my cock between. The stimulating and erotic nature of the women’s actions had driven my girlfriend to that point. It was obvious that the two women’s seduction of Lizzy was working, She had exposed her pussy to others in public for the first time even though only we three could see and both Jasmine & Ennisha had been able to caress her most secret place.

I suggested that we head back to the hotel to which all agreed, it was barely a two minute walk back and as we strolled I asked Lizzy if her pussy was wet just loud enough for Jasmine and Ennisha to hear. Her response was to elbow me and encourage me to be quiet but I continued on about how much I loved the scent of her love cup and despite this being the first time I had so brazenly spoken to her in this manner I knew it would be swirling round in her head and conjuring up some seriously sexy images. Both she and I knew that her quim was indeed wet and that the brief stimulation of her clitty had made her horny as hell, and that the only thing that would suffice now was orgasms, lots of orgasms.

We had reached our door and I started to say goodnight to the girls, Jasmine was standing directly behind Lizzy as Ennisha leaned forward to kiss her goodnight Jasmine stepped forward pushing Lizzy into Ennisha sandwiching her between them. In a well co-ordinated move Ennisha had placed her left leg slightly forward of her right forcing the split in her sarong to open leaving her leg exposed. As Lizzy’s body moved forward from the push Ennisha’s bare thigh found the space between her legs and her sensitive, moist and bare sex collided gently with Ennisha’s thigh. Ennisha cocked her head to the right and homed in on the base of Lizzy’s neck placing a series of soft kisses on it, Jasmine meanwhile was pressed up hard behind Lizzy and had slipped her hands under her sundress and was slowly exposing my girlfriends gorgeous backside to the air leaving her naked from the waist down.

Lizzy began to cry aloud as the two women continued to kiss and caress her as she had never been kissed and caressed before, but her protests fell away under the tender seduction of the two black goddesses. Quietly I used the card key to open the door to our room allowing the women to guide Lizzy into the room. Inside the drapes were open but there were no lights on leaving just the pale light of the moon and the glow of the poolside lamps to allowing us all to see what was taking place. Ennisha untied the two knots that held her top before discarding it on the floor exposing her small tits for the first time, in the pale light I could see her nipples standing proud atop their firm mounts. Jasmine deftly unzipped the back of Lizzy’s sundress to allow her to peel off the straps from her shoulders and her dress fell about her waist showing off her magnificent breasts. Automatically Lizzy covered her orbs with her arms crossing them to prevent Ennisha from seeing her bare globes and hiding the fact that her lovely pink nipples were also standing erect, betraying her state of arousal. Jasmine was now kissing the base of Lizzy’s neck from behind and running her hands up the sides of her body from her waist when she reached her arms Jasmine reached around and taking hold of Lizzy’s arms she uncrossed them before raising them above her head. With her chest heaving in anticipation and her orbs pointing further forward Lizzy was almost helpless when Ennisha bent forward taking my girlfriends left nipple into her soft, warm mouth.

Despite a shake of her head in protest Lizzy’s body was surrendering as she melted completely into her first lesbian encounter. Ennisha was now working on Lizzy’s right breast her fingers traced the outline of her areola and around her nipple before squeezing it as she continued to suck on her left. Somehow Lizzy had worked her arms free but instead of pushing Ennisha away she was pressing Ennisha into her own bosom. Knowing now that my hot woman was theirs Jasmine kicked off her sandals and wriggled out of her painted on dress, now naked except for her pearls I could appreciate her magnificent body, her ample breasts wore large aureoles with stud like nipples standing proud. How her bikini had hidden these secrets I couldn’t work out and as she turned to face me I could clearly see a large set of lips pouting from her pussy even in the pale light.

I sat down on the stool next to the dressing table and began to take in the sight before me, experience of my girlfriends body told me that her breasts would be tingling madly by now and that electricity would be being transmitted to the pleasure centre between her legs. Ennisha broke off her exploration of Lizzy’s orbs and laid down backwards onto the bed, the split in her sarong gave way completely and opened as she spread her legs exhibiting her body to the waist, now I could see that Ennisha’s pussy was devoid of hair just has she had said it was and I had no option than to agree with Lizzy that she did indeed have a lovely cleft. She held out a hand encouraging Lizzy to take it pulling her downwards as their hands met, as Lizzy knelt forwards onto the bed Ennisha used her other hand to spread her quim revealing her pink inner love hole for us all to see and enjoy.

Jasmine whispered to Lizzy to taste her friends cunny and she slowly but hesitantly began to kiss the inside of one of Ennisha’s thighs inching her way upwards towards her quim with every new kiss she planted, Jasmine’s hand found it’s way between my girlfriends legs as Lizzy’s face approached Ennisha’s slot and began to rub her clit in slow deliberate circles causing Lizzy to whimper with pleasure. There was no way that my girlfriends clit would have been anything but swollen with excitement and it’s rounded nub was now fully exposed to Jasmines long fingers and I knew that Lizzy would be cumming before too long with her first female driven climax. By now my hard on was bursting from my shorts it’s end dribbling in anticipation of joining in the fun, I had been desperate to fuck Lizzy all day and now I was watching my stunning girlfriend in a lesbian threesome with two of the most stunning, sexy and fuckable women I had ever seen. If any of the women had so much as touched my cock I would have shot my load there and then.

I watched transfixed as Lizzy planted a kiss on a pussy for the first time, Ennisha moaning in appreciation and encouragement for her to continue performing her first cunnilingus. With her inhibitions gone Lizzy was licking and nibbling the prone lesbians clitty before forcing her tongue deep into Ennisha’s love hole probing for her sweet spot and lapping at her juices. Jasmine in the meantime had been slowly working Lizzy’s quim and I watched as she spread her pussy with her fingers I could clearly see sticky strings of love honey between her nether lips and the scent of her sweet quim began to tickle my nose as I leaned forward for a better view.

Breaking contact with Lizzy’s secret garden for only the briefest of moments Jasmine unfastened the string of pearls from around her neck and taking one end she began to feed them on by one into Lizzy’s tight love sheath by firstly lining up a pearl with her opening before pressing each one home with her index finger. Each time a new pearl entered her pussy Lizzy’s breathing stuttered and interrupted her licking of Ennisha’s now soaking slot. Lizzy had built up a lovely rhythm with her tongue and it was perfectly synchronised with the rise and fall of Ennisha’s hips as she approached her first orgasm delivered by my girlfriend. Lizzy being more confident of her oral work was now using her hands to keep Ennisha’s legs splayed as she worked her quim, for her part Ennisha was rubbing her small breasts and tugging at her nipples in attempt to hasten her climax. It took no time at all for Jasmine to insert what I estimated to be about sixty pearls into Lizzy stuffing her tight cunny to it’s limit and leaving a small group of three dangling down between her inner lips. Lizzy was on all fours face down in Ennisha with her magnificent breasts brushing the cool cotton of the bed sheet and backside in the air with Jasmine working on her slot she had spread her legs wide to allow all the access Jasmine needed to pleasure her and her sundress gathered around her waist. At any other time would have been lined up behind her with my hands on her waist and my cock buried deep into her slowly fucking her doggie style which she enjoyed, but not tonight.

Jasmine asked me to pass my hand under Lizzy’s stomach, down between her legs and take hold of the small string of pearls dangling from her stuffed pussy, the pearls dangling down were covered in my girlfriends slick ooze, so I could only imagine what the ones high up inside her were covered in, Jasmine told me that when she said to, to pull the pearls upwards towards Lizzy’s dangling 34E nubs, Jasmine then repositioned herself onto her back and wriggled up the bed between my helpless girlfriends splayed legs until her face was level with Lizzy’s cunny. Ennisha was only seconds from coming at the hands of my girlfriend and her gasps reached a fever pitch as her inevitable orgasm arrived, the contorting of her body and the spasms of her quim allowing a river of lady cum to pour forth from her sweet pink hole. In that instant Jasmine give me the ok and I tugged at the pearls in the direction that Jasmine had indicated. Each of the smooth beads rubbed against the inside of Lizzy’s pussy lips before being dragged over the nub of Lizzy’s exposed rock hard clitty end. The stimulus provided by the moving beads was too much for her quim, set aflame below Lizzy bolted upright and settling onto her haunches her cunny just above Jasmines face. Lizzy’s expression was one of ecstasy and shock as the last of the pearls being rendered from her tight hole drove her over the edge. Her orgasm was massive, gasping for air and her body shaking Lizzy was powerless to stop the convulsions in her pubic area and love juice spewed from her pussy like I had never seen before, with her knees spread as they were I could clearly see her gaping love hole where the pearls had forced her open, her cunny lips and clit were almost purple and very very sensitive.

With the pearls gone Jasmine raised her head slightly and buried her tongue deep into my girlfriends over stimulated cleft and lapped at the copious amount of juice seeping from it. Jasmine held Lizzy by her thighs to prevent her from moving away and sought to make het cum again, but she was now helplessly lost was in ecstasy was aiding Jasmine by starting to gyrate her hips onto Jasmines face accepting her first female licking with abandon her glorious orbs were bouncing in time with her motion and her rock hard nipples pointing slightly upwards indicating how turned on she really was by this sexual adventure. Ennisha now a spectator took the sopping wet pearls from me and unfastened my shorts freeing my cock, it was harder than I ever remember it being as Ennisha held it, she handed me one end of the pearls before looping them around my ball sack and tying them off. Ennisha then took the other end from me and ran a single line of beads along the underside of my cock, when she reached the end she deftly slipped back my foreskin exposing my throbbing end and ran a single line of pearls back along the top of my cock. Next Ennisha looped the pearls around the base of my cock in a complete circle before leaving them go, I had expected her finish there but I watched transfixed as with one hand she took hold of my manhood and with the other she pressed one of the smooth beads into the eye of my rod. Once she was satisfied it was secure in it’s new home she then wound the remaining pearls in a spiral around my cock towards it tip before tying off the loose end of the beads to the underside line.

Ennisha told me that I was now ready to have Lizzy and as if on cue Jasmine released her grip on my girlfriends legs allowing them both freedom to move, Jasmine shuffled up the bed this time to almost the same spot where Ennisha had been laying and spread her legs as far as they could go inviting Lizzy to lick her out as she had done Ennisha. Jasmines thick pussy lips and big clit were inviting targets for Lizzy as she bent forward adopting the same posture as she had been in only minutes before. Ennisha motioned for me to get behind her and asked my now wanton girlfriend if she was ready for me. Lizzy had already started licking Jasmines bare wet slot so she nodded a yes in time with her licking and moaned. With my pearl adorned member lined up I pressed my end into Lizzy’s soaking sensitive love tunnel, I could feel the two lines of pearls pressing into the top and bottom of my rod while the one in the end of cock spread the eye wide as the pressure of the entry movement took up any slack. As tight as Lizzy is below I slid easily into her until the first spiral of pearls came into play, I had to push quite hard to force open Lizzy’s love sheath in order for it to accept me which made her cry out with a mix of discomfort and pleasure, but the remaining spirals followed with consummate ease as her vagina expanded allowing me to slide all the way home.

For the second time that night Lizzy’s pussy was stuffed to the limit and for the first time on our holiday I started to make love to my woman. With every movement the lines and spirals of pearls on my cock stimulated Lizzy’s pussy walls and I was barely into my second stroke when the first penetration orgasm ripped through my girlfriend and could feel a fresh release of love oil oozing from high up inside her and covering my cock inside her. I knew that I would be unable to control my own orgasm due to how horny I was but I was determined to enjoy what I had waited so long for. Ennisha however had other ideas turning to face me she made a statement directed at me but for all to hear

“Fuck her and she’ll squirt for you, she’s ripe for it”

Lizzy shook her head but kept licking Jasmines cunny, her back arched and head back the ebony recipient of Lizzy’s second cunnilingus mumbled encouragement to her female apprentice not to stop and to cum big for me. I placed my hands onto Lizzy’s arse cheeks and pushed them upwards as I had many times before, altering the angle of my access and egress of her grotto to one that I knew she enjoyed as much as I did. At the same time I gradually upped the speed with which I was making love to her making it almost impossible for her to continue oralising Jasmine. Lizzy started to call my name in between gasps of air and moans of pleasure as the pace of our sex increased, then without warning her outbursts changed

“I’m cumming, I’m cummimg, oh oh, oh fuck I’m cummmmmmming” she cried

Ennisha was dead right Lizzy’s orgasm was a shattering massive squirting climax that she was helpless to prevent, with her love cup stuffed with my cock and its walls and lips being stimulated by the pearls her first female ejaculation poured from her cunny in three squirt bursts, each burst driven by an inward stroke of my cock leaving the fronts of the tops of thighs soaked in her juice and large drips falling from the top of her box and clitty down onto the bed below. I felt her pussy contract to a vice like grip around cock forcing the pearls deeper into the flesh of rod and setting my helmet alight inside her, I could hold out no longer and I came grunting into the depths of Lizzy’s welcoming body filling her with every last drop of semen my body could muster.

With Lizzy’s head still in her lap Jasmine reached down and almost silently brought her herself off before nudging Lizzy to clean up her mess, still reeling from her peak Lizzy could barely muster the strength to complete the job but she dutifully licked Jasmines quim clean of her love honey with me still inside her. With my cock softening inside Lizzy the pearls began to loosen, Ennisha reached under my ball sack with both hands and undid the loop of pearls she had tied around them, then with a loose end in her right hand and holding my balls in her left she began to pull. The string of pearls now soaked in both Lizzy’s juices and my own cum started to unwind with me still inside Lizzy. I could feel each bead pass through the eye of my cock sending uncontrolled shivers through my body that took away what little breath I had, but the effect the movement had on my hunny was once again devastating

“No pllleeeeeaaaassseeeee god no” she yelled as if she was being tortured but it was too late.

The sensitivity of her pussy coupled to the movement of the stimulating little beads brought about another massive orgasm her hips bucking uncontrollably she forced me from her cunny as her inner muscles contracted and squeezed as each bead exited her grotto bringing with it a thick sloppy mix of her juices and my cum from between the purple folds of her most intimate area. Exhausted Lizzy rolled onto her back on the bed her arms folded across her eyes and legs akimbo completely spent, Ennisha released my balls and I laid down next to Lizzy on the bed wrapping am arm around her, I kicked off my shorts from around my ankles but my shirt still remained as it had all evening.

Jasmine turned her head and whispered to Lizzy that she was so lovely, so sexy and traced her finger around her still erect left nipple as she made her way off the bed. Ennisha had located her halter top and had set about doing it up before thanking us for the evening and bending forward and kissing the inside of both Lizzy’s knees. I watched as the Jasmine wriggled back into her painted on dress and she mouthed the words thank you before blowing me a kiss, taking Ennisha’s hand they made for the door and let themselves out closing the door softly behind them. Lizzy told me that she couldn’t believe what had just happened and she was amazed how easily the women had been able to seduce her but I had the distinct impression that she was far from sorry about how the evening had developed. Lizzy admitted that she never had orgasms like she had experienced that evening and she laughed when I told her how much watching her being seduced had turned me on, then again she blushed quite bashfully when I explained how desperate I had been to make love to her since her pussy waxing.

Wrapped in each others arms we drifted off to sleep as it has been a very long day, with the journey to the airport and a five hour flight and arriving at one, add to that the evenings events and it was no surprise. We awoke the following morning around nine with the sun blazing in through the open drapes and the sight of my gorgeous girlfriend naked next to me on the bed got me all horny again, we kissed and embraced passionately as we warmed up to make love. I was rock hard in no time and Lizzy delighted in teasing me with an oh so nearly hand job, but she informed me softly that after the previous evening she was just a little tender down there but it didn’t stop her sliding down my body to give me a blowjob, with my eyes closed in anticipation I was surprised when Lizzy spoke

“My god what are these?” she asked

Opening my eyes and raising my head to look I found her holding my cock upright and all around in a spiral pattern were small purple dots on the skin of my cock, I laughed as I pointed out that they were marks made by the pearls, Lizzy shrugged her shoulders smiled and went back to work. In less than five minutes Lizzy’s blonde head raised with a broad smile and a mouthful of my seed that she swallowed for breakfast as she put it. We showered and prepped ourselves for a day at the pool before heading off for a real leisurely breakfast that we enjoyed outside in the sun before heading for the sun terrace, where we found two loungers reserved for us next to Jasmine and Ennisha. We said good morning and asked how they were while me made ourselves comfortable. Apparently both the women were absolutely fine. Jasmine looked directly at Lizzy and asked

“And how are you after last night gorgeous?”

Lizzy blushed a deep red colour before saying she was fine but a little sore downstairs, both Ennisha and Jasmine giggled and looked at each other then with a cheeky smile Ennisha propped herself up on both elbows and continued

“Well if you are not able to have more fun tonight, how about you let us fuck your boyfriend? You can watch if you like”

Lizzy reached over and giving my package a squeeze she responded

“I’m sure I’ll be fine later and it’s a very tempting offer but I am going to spend the rest of this holiday fucking him senseless at every opportunity” with that she donned her sun glasses and laid back on the lounger. Brazenly Lizzy’s hand remained on my package and caressed it through my shorts and that suited me just fine.

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