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Dirty Dancing

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“How long has it been Carol?” He asked her.

“Thirty years?” She pondered, trying to think back all those years.

He held her at arms length and looked at his long lost friend, as they danced slowly around the dance floor. She was still very attractive, with her now gray short hair, but as ever with that inviting smile, and those wonderful breasts. Ah! Her wonderful breasts, now a little heavier, but they were as he remembered them, always her crowning glory. “You look wonderful.” He told her with relish, meaning every word.

“For an old woman?” She laughed with an enquiring smile, smiling at him in the way she use to do, when she wanted something, and with a voice that had surprisingly not changed over the years.

“But how did you know it was me?” he wanted to know, now pulling her closer to him and feeling her delicious soft body next to his.

“I’m staying at my cousin’s place. You remember Lois, don’t you? Well, she’s on the committee for this dance, and she said you’d be here. And you haven’t changed John, not one bit. You know, I’d have recognized you anywhere!”

“You are too kind Carol. But tell me all. Are you married again? I did hear that you were on your third or fourth husband.” She laughed and said it was only her third.

“When I went to Australia, I was running away from a complete disaster. He was a doctor I met at the hospital over here. As you know, it’s every nurse’s dream to marry a doctor. Well, he turned out to be bloody awful, so in the end I divorced him, and emigrated to start up a new life. In Perth I met a very nice older man called Burt, who was lonely, and very well set up, so I just married him there and then.”

“Sort of, well hung, kind of set up?”

“No silly! Wealthy, and done well for himself.” She laughed. “Mark you, he did like his sex, and never left me alone for more than a day or two incase it healed up!” she giggled dirtily.

“So you fucked him to death did you?”

“Oh don’t! He did really have a wonky heart, the poor thing, and it did for him in the end I’m afraid.” She sighed, and John felt there was some genuine remorse for the demise of poor old Burt.

“Any family?”

“A boy from my first marriage. He’s in the Merchant Navy and will soon have his own ship. I’m very proud of him.”

The music stopped and people were moving off the dance floor. “And the latest hubby, where is he then?”

“Oh, Norman? He’s up in Scotland, on a golfing trip with a couple of cronies. I shall go up and join him in a few days time.”

“Should we take a seat?” John asked her.

“No, lets just dance some more, I like to feel you close like this.” With which she pulled him even closer to her warm body clothed in a beautiful long blue silk dress. “I soon wont be able to sit down at all if you keep rubbing your lovely self up against me like that.” John smiled, feeling how he was only a filament of silky material away from almost loving her.

“Better sit down till the next dance. People will start and stare.” He proposed, walking off the dance floor and to a vacant table.

“Do you remember how we met?” he asked her as they sat down.

The night you took my virginity away? I’m hardly likely to forget that am I?” She lent forward and took his hand in hers, and squeezed it tenderly.

“I found you in a pub with another girl having a drink.” He recalled.

“And you told me some time later, that you chose me because you thought you stood more of a chance with the plain one!”

“I never did!” he protested strongly, almost blushing.

“Yes you did! You told me that your motto was, always pick the ugly one of a pair, and be thankful for small mercies!” she laughed loudly, and her lovely breasts shook in unison at her merriment.

“That’s an awful thing to say! I’m sure I never told you that.”

“You did damn it! Well why did you choose me? My friend Gloria was far prettier, and you could have had her at the drop of your zip, she simply loved to fuck. I was the virginal one, remember?”

“You had the most wonderful breasts,” he blurted out. “And long legs, all the way up to your armpits, and besides that, you looked ripe for the picking.”

She laughed again; shaking her two rounded delights, and said she was indeed ready for picking, and glad of his choice on the night. Being an eighteen-year-old student nurse, she was very keen to have her first man, and not be left out when all her friends were having fun.

“What I do remember was that you wouldn’t do it in the car. It had to be in your room all stripped off.”

“Well, when it’s a girl’s first time, she wants it to be a happy lasting memory.”

“And was it a lovely lasting memory?” He wondered.

“Ooh yes. I could hardly walk for a week afterwards.” She grinned, raising an eyebrow in a knowing look.

“But we did it all over again, only a couple of nights later?”

“Like I said John Darling, I could hardly walk for a week. You kept coming back for me, and giving me one shagging, after another!” They both laughed together, happily going down memory lane.

“Hell, I remember your landlady bagging on the door that first night and you telling her that you’d just had a nightmare, when she asked what all the screaming was about?”

“Oh yes! I was loving it, wasn’t I?”

“And I was trapped there all night. I couldn’t get out till it was broad daylight and almost time for me to go to work.”

“But I did have you over and over didn’t I? What more could a girl want after having been broken in by her horny stud, than to be kept on the boil all night?”

The band started to play and John and Carol took to the dance floor once again. “Can you remember your twenty first birthday party?” John wondered as she snuggled close and he felt his cock starting ride up between them and twitch with dirty desires.

“I remember I got terribly drunk, and acted like a total slut, asking all the men to fuck me once, for each of my twenty one years.”

“How many did you have then, in the end?”

“Which end, is more the point?” she sniggered dirtily and added, “I don’t know exactly how many, as I think I passed out some way along the line of stiff pricks, but it must have been a good dozen. I know I woke up the next morning with you there in my bed, giving me a lovely wake up call as you slipped that cock of yours into me.”

“Someone had to look after you.” He smiled, picturing her even now, laid on her bed and the many boyfriends all lined up, waiting their turn to fuck her, and how she yelled the place down with glee at being the center of attention on that memorable birthday night.

“What a nice friend you were John! I did love you, you know?” she told him, looking into his eyes.

“Yes I know. And I loved you too. But we were not the marrying kind were we?”

“Oh no, we were just having too much fun. I wonder what happened to Dee? Talking about fun.”

“Big Dee! Now that was some frightening lady.” John shuddered, picturing her in all her full glory. Tall and pitifully thin, with breasts that were just two big sensitive nipples and a cunt that couldn’t get enough of anything that she took a mind to have between her legs.

“I heard that she went to South Africa and married a rich old man.” Carol told him, giving him a squeeze. She certainly knew her mind didn’t she?”

Do you remember that evening we went out to a pub for dinner. You and some new man, and me and Dee?” John asked.

“Yes I do, and she banged on the bar and demanded that the Landlord furnish you with two packets of condoms.”

“I’d had two goes at getting a packet from the machine in the Gents toilets, and lost my money both times.” John remembered.

“What’s a girl got to do around here to keep herself safe?” she had shouted in a loud voice so the whole place heard her. And someone shouted out “Keep you’re bloody legs crossed, Luv!”

“That was another place we couldn’t go back to wasn’t it? Carol grinned. ” We left sharpish after you got your two packets of rubbers and went back to my place. Why did you need them anyway? I can’t imagine Dee wanting to eat her sweeties with the wrapper still on?”

“She liked me to flip her over!” John smiled. “All holes available. Any port in a storm, you know how she was?”

“Oh yes, of course, I remember very well. I think I got started on those kinds of adventures after watching you two do it. And it was later that night, I found you sitting on the throne in my bathroom, having a pee. You were the only man I ever knew that sat down for a pee.”

“It saves the old prostate.” John told her, pushing his now very stiff cock into her tummy. “An old friend of the family told me about it when I was younger, and he was a vet, so I reckoned he knew what he was talking about. It takes the stain out of peeing and helps out in later life. Anyway you dabbed my cock with some tissue and then started to suck it for me as I sat there, didn’t you?”

“I always loved to suck cocks. Still do. It’s one of my most satisfying hobbies.” She laughed, and how John wished she had her luscious lips around his right now.

“My man for the night had only fucked me just the once, and then fallen asleep. I was going frantic listening to you and Dee fucking your brains out next door, so I had to have you there in the bathroom or I’d have gone crazy. Hence me straddling you as you sat there. Stuffing your cock up my pussy riding you like crazy, so beautifully hard and fast, without you even working up a sweat.”

“Then I took you back to Big Dee and said, ‘look what I’ve found in the bathroom that needs some love and attention.’ Dee had always wanted you, you know? Often told me how she lusted after you. She was dying to do nice things to you, but couldn’t work out how we could arrange it without frightening you off.”

“Yes I did kind of know, but was always a bit scared. Anyhow as soon as I lay there between the two of you in the bed, I felt so much at home, I simply just went for it. Dee was eating me in seconds and me cumming off almost every minute of the night. And when you fucked me, she would make me kneel over her so that she could watch your cock sliding in and out of my cunt. Licking it, and getting a right drooling all over it!” Carol giggled loudly and dirtily. “What a state she was in!”

“God I’d love to taste you right now Carol.” John whispered in her ear as he pushed his cock even harder into her.

“Tell me more Darling,” she purred back. Talk dirty to me. You know how I love it. I sometimes pretend we are together again and fantasize about us talking dirty for hours as we fuck.”

“Have you got any panties on? I thought I could feel some.”

“I’ve had to, ‘cos I’m running so damned wet. I luckily put a panty liner in them before leaving Lois’s so as to stop anything showing on my dress. You have no idea how damned sexed up I’ve been all day just hoping that you would be here.”

“Have you been playing sticky finger, thinking about getting it? Cumming for me?”

“I’ve never had my fingers out of my pussy all day, just imagining your cock up me. Making me cum over and over. God I want you!”

“Should I take you outside right now, and fuck you hard up against a wall? So hard your little feet would hardly touch the ground?” He hissed softly into her ear, before sticking his tongue into it.

“One beautiful fast fuck that would leave me breathless and my cunt all awash with your spunk?” she gasped back slipping her hand down between them and squeezing his rampant cock through his trousers.

“Yes! One furious fuck that has been on hold for the past thirty years!”

She didn’t say another word but turned and holding his hand lead him off the dance floor and on outside to the warm darkness of a summers night. He had his cock out before they stopped out of sight around the side of the building. She felt it in her hands. Both hands pulling upwards along its long hard length and then all the way back down before she bent over and sucked it right down her throat. John moaned at the feel of her deep throating him so expertly. As she had said earlier, she did love to suck cocks, and she certainly knew how to make her man moan.

He pulled her off him and lifted her long silk dress up to stuff his fingers into her creamy cunt. Pulling her panties to one side he felt how hot, all wet and wanting she was. Just so fuckable, just like she was on the night of her first ever fuck with him.

She groaned as he pushed his three fingers deeper up her and then she swore, and started to cum as she clutched his hand hard and fucked it for all she was worth. Pumping it over and over as she got herself off on his long middle finger as it reached upwards and found her aching G-spot. It simply blew her away as John massaged her relentlessly, and told her to let it go for him. She groaned some more, then licked his saturated fingers in her drooling mouth, and swore again at him for leaving it all so long since he’d had her, before turning to face the wall. Pulling down her soaked panties she stepped out of them and whispered, “Now fuck me!”

With out stretched arms, she braced herself against the stone, and bent over and offered herself to him as his submissive slut. He lifted up her dress and throwing it over her shoulders rammed his cock hard up her juicy hole, with the greatest of ease. She cried out, role-playing the frightened fucked virgin. Gasping as she remembered how it made her feel so slutty to be fucked in public up against a wall. Telling her man dirtily, to make her sore. Make her remember this one. Spray her cunt with all his spunky seed as he held her hips firm, and pounded her fast and furious.

The night air was filled with the sound of flesh on flesh and all the filth she could say before she felt him there, ready to spunk her hole.

“Ready Darling?” He gasped as she screamed out “Yes, do it, give it to me!” He groaned as his cock grew so hard it hurt, and his fingers dug deeper into her soft arse just before going over the top in scream and an uncontrollable shudder. Wave after wave of ropy sperm shot deep into that pleading pit of pleasure, and splashed against spunk washed walls, and choked her with cries of “Oh yes, YES! YES!” as she climaxed with him.

Reluctantly after a good minute of labored breathing had past, he slipped out of her, and offered his handkerchief to stop any seed seeping out onto her dress.

“John Darling, as I’m here for a couple more days, I was wondering if you’d care to do me again? You could screw me a lot more leisurely next time, on a bed. Stripped off, like our first fuck?”

John kissed her lovingly, and told her with a grin, ” Of course I’d love to fuck you again Carol, just so long as your landlady isn’t going to keep banging on the door telling you to keep the noise down.”

“Ah, knowing my cousin Lois, she’d want to join in too!”

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