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Dinner Guest

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Day after day, it was the same routine that just bored her to death. Get up, shower, go to work, come home, fix dinner then do the dishes while he falls asleep watching TV again. How long had she been doing this day in and day out. 10,12 15 years?? It was so long that she lost count. Today was the same as the others. She had just gotten home and was starting to work on the evening meal knowing that her husband would be home shortly.

About and hour went by and he wasn’t home yet which was kinda odd. He usually showed up only minutes after her. She was about to call to his office to find out what was holding him up when the door opened and he walked in followed by one of the guys she recognized from his office.

“Hi Victoria, I’m sorry I’m late but I got caught up with some last minute work.” mark said.

“Hey yea.. I know things have been busy for you guys.” Victoria said.

“You remember Greg from the office, his wife is out of town so I asked him over for dinner I hope you don’t mind.” he said with a big grin.

“No that’s fine, hi Greg how have you been?” she said this smiling at him.

He was a good-looking man. Stood about 6’2″ and all of the other wife’s were kind of jelous of his wife. He had a nice build, not that her husbands was bad but it was just not the same. You know they say the grass is always greener, and in this instance it was bright green.

“Hi Victoria, I appreciate you having me for dinner.” he said with that sly smile that you usually get from a salesman about to rip you off. She took it as a nervous smile and left it at that.

“Well you guys better clean up and get ready, I am almost ready to serve it.”

“Ok give us a minute.”

Victoria went about her business of getting the rest of the meal together. She was having a hard time not thinking about Greg. He is a very sexy man and she would love to find out what he is like in bed. She loved her husband but is curious about other men and found herself having very erotic thoughts of this guy.

Mark came back in the kitchen and crept up behind her. He put his arms around her and planted a kiss on her neck. It is far and few between sex in their life and it looked like tonight he was looking to have some fun. She let him nibble on her neck because it always caused goose bumps that sent shivers down her body.

“It has been a while and I was hoping we could…” was all he got out before he planted another wet kiss on her neck. His hands moved from her waist up her stomach to her chest. He gently cupped his hands under her breast through the shirt and amazingly her nipples had gotten hard. Sex was the furthest thing from her mind when she came home but now she was looking forward to a good fuck later when Greg left. She felt guilty because 1/2 of why she was horny was that she was thinking of Greg. Either way she was horny and could feel herself get moist at the thought.

“Well aren’t you in a mood tonight? I think after a bath later you might be able to talk me into it.” she grinned

“Hmm.. sounds like a plan.” he kissed her neck one last time and gently pinched her nipples leaving them rock hard. They pushed through the material exposing the outline of her nipples. She sighed and knew her pussy was moist now.

Dinner was great along with a bottle of wine that they only served when they had company over to the house. It was a good thing that they kept some on hand for a time like this when it was unexpected.

Greg was the first to say as he poured another glass of wine from the second bottle, “Victoria, that was a wonderful meal. Angela cooks but not like that.”

“This is why I have been putting on a few extra pounds. I told you she was a good cook.” mark smiled. He loved his wife but like most men, he didn’t tell her as often as she needed to hear it.

“Thank you, both of you. I will start cleaning up.” she said getting up.

“Its ok Victoria, you cooked so let us clean.” he got up and started gathering dishes.

“Well, Greg you need to come over for dinner more often. I like this treatment.”

“No problem, it is the least I could do.” again Greg smiled nervously.

Mark turned to her as he gathered up a few more dishes, “why don’t you go take that bath while Greg and I load the dishwasher and cleanup.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to seem rude to our guest.” Victoria said looking at Greg.

Greg looked back at her and said “No really, its ok. Don’t let my being here stop you.”

With that she kissed her husband with a quick peck and gave Greg a hug and thanked him for coming over for dinner. She made her way up the stairs and closed the door behind her in the master bathroom. It was only a few minutes before she had the tub filling and her cloths off and in her bathrobe. It was great to relax after dinner, especially since she didn’t have to do the dishes.

The water was nice and warm and totally relaxed her. It had been some time since

her and her husband fooled around and she thought it would be nice to surprise him with a little treat. She reached over and got a new razor and the shaving cream. It didn’t take her long to remove all of the hair from her pussy. She was sure to take her time and get every bit and make it absolutely smooth. When she finished she ran her fingers up and down feeling every bit of her now smooth and ever growing moist pussy lips. She pushed her finger in so it rested flat between her lips and now she could feel the moisture that ran along her finger. Lifting it up to her face she put it in her mouth and sucked her finger getting a very slight hint of her taste. She enjoyed that from time to time and would even enjoy sucking her husbands cock after he had fucked her. Sometimes the taste of her pussy and his cum in her mouth was enough to make her have multiple orgasms, but that rarely happened these days.

She finished in the tub and got out dried off and put on her robe. The material

felt very erotic against her now hairless pussy. She walked out of the bathroom and went over to the closet to find something very sexy to wear. She found a very nice silk outfit that hung down just to her knees and had spaghetti straps to hold it up. It showed off her chest nicely along with her legs. She turned around to get a better look. She admired her body, even if she hasn’t been happy with how she looked sometimes, she had to admit she had a nice body that has held up well over the years. Bending over she watched in the mirror as the material uncovered her ass. It was nice and round and the further she bend down the more flesh she could see between her legs. At this point is was glistening. She knew she was moist and couldn’t wait until she helped slide her husbands cock inside.

With that thought she went over to the door of the bedroom and opened it just a

little. She figured she didn’t want to head downstairs just in case Greg was still there. She would wait for her husband to come up. It didn’t take too long before she heard his feet coming up the stairs. She got up to meet him at the door but as she got to the door she saw that it wasn’t her husband, it was Greg. He went right into the bathroom and closed the door. Good thing she didn’t just run downstairs after all. The urge to peek into the keyhole was very strong but she decided against it. A tingle went through her body with the idea of it.

A moment later she heard her husband. He opened the door to the room and eyed her

up and down. “You look so sexy. I can’t help myself from wanting to lick you all over.” he said with a very devious smile.

“Well thank you. It has been a while since we have done anything. I know we have

both had other things on our minds but why don’t we forget them for now and just have some fun.”

“Ok.. sounds good.” he stepped closer to her and wrapped his arms around her. They

held each other and then gently touched lips. One thing she loved about him was the fact that he knew how to kiss. It started very gently and worked its way up to a full blown out kiss of passion. They both ran hands over each others body. He ran a hand from the top of her back all the way down to her ass and then eased his hand under the short outfit so he could actually touch her skin. Goosebumps rose up on her cheeks as his fingers moved across.

Gently he massaged her flesh relaxing her moment by moment. He shuffled her over to the bed where they continued to kiss and fondle. His hands made and outline around her breasts making her nipples grow hard. With thumb and forefinger he pinched her nipples with just the right amount of pressure to make her body tingle. Deep down she would feel her pussy getting wet and she was dying for him to touch her there. He would do even better than that.

“Move onto the bed more. I have been dying to do this all day.” he grinned.

“Hmmm… I know what you have in mind.” she moved onto the bed and let him run his hands up her legs making her part them while he kissed her inner thighs.

“You only think you do sweetie.” and with that he placed his lips on her thigh and

kissed closer and closer to her slightly glistening pussy lips. He could smell her and was eager for a taste. Opening his mouth he pushed his tongue out and touched it to the one side of her lips and ran it up and down one side without actually touching her pussy. He knew this was a major tease being that close and not touching. Her hands went up and cupped her breasts, she just had to touch something. The tingle in her crotch was growing stronger. He then gave in to giving her what she was waiting for. He placed his tongue on her flesh just above her clit and pressed gently so his tongue would flatten out. Once it covered a nice area he moved it down and she shimmered when the backside of his tongue slid over her clit and down between her pussy lips. He didn’t stop until his tongue rested at the very base of her now very wet and very open pussy.

“I know how much you enjoy when I do that” he said then pushed in and ran his

tongue up the other way and circled her clit making it stand up hard.

Letting out a sigh she said “Ohh… that feels really nice when you go slow like


“That is the idea”

Again he went up and down the length of her lips and this time as he passed he brushed his nose ever so slightly against her clit. This time she let out a moan showing she approved of what he was doing.

“I have a few ideas about what I want to do.” he said. He kept talking to her in a

low sexy voice between licking and kissing.

“Ohhh really.. so what do you have in mind.” she purred.

“Well actually it might not be something you would expect.”

“Why…. Ohhhhhhh…. do you.. Ohhhhh.. ahhhhh… say that?” she kept trying to get that out as he licked and sucked her clit.

“I have a surprise for you but only if you want it.”

“Ohhh… ahh… I guess that depends.” she said cautiously

“Ok.. I will let you decided.”

His mouth opened enough to take her clit in his mouth and she lost all thoughts

except for the feeling of his tongue on her making her shutter. Her muscles were tensing overtime he pressed hard against her clit. He felt his chin get wet as it slid around and between her wet lips. She clutched the sheets and arched her back as her body got closer and closer to her first orgasm.

He pulled his head back but kept moving his tongue over her clit.

“Now that you are having such a good time let me get my surprise for you.”

“Ohh… you can do anything you want just don’t stop licking my nice wet pussy.”

He put his hands under her legs and pushed them up opening her pussy even more and now it gave him access to her asshole as his tounge ran down. Just as she was thinking ,this is no surprise but it sure felt good, she heard a noise by her head. Turning her head she looked up and could not believe her eyes. There next to her was her husbands friend from work, Greg. He stood there looking down at her and smiled.

“What is this all about?” she said trying to contain her excitement.

“Relax sweetheart, I just want you to enjoy yourself, this is all for you.”

With that she watched as Greg undid his pants and let them fall to the ground. Stepping out of them he moved forward closer to her. He pulled his boxer shorts down enough to remove his penis. All she could do was watch as he moved even closer to her. She was unable to take her eyes off of his nice big penis. It swayed back and forth as he walked toward her but she could also see that it was on its way to getting hard.

He put one of his knees on the bed and she admired him all the way from the tip of his cock to his beautiful balls hanging down. She inched her head closer and opened her mouth. He put one hand around the shaft of his cock and pointed it at her mouth and just pressed it lightly against her lips. Instantly her tongue reached out and she got her first taste of this mans flesh. She ran it up and down the length of his cock then flicked her tongue over the flesh underneath that connected his cock and his balls. He responded by pushing into her allowing her more access to every part of him. She took her tongue and ran it over every part of his balls and then gently took them into her mouth. With her hand on his cock she could feel it getting bigger and harder while she sucked.

His hips moved back and he placed the tip of his cock on her mouth and she opened it just enough to give it resistance as it inched its way in. Her pussy was dripping from what her husband was doing to her and she was in heaven with a cock in her mouth at the same time.

“Oh…” she mumble around his shaft. “I’m cumming.” and her body had minor convulsion, just a hint of the earth shattering orgasms she was gonna have. Her husband stayed where he was and kept licking, he didn’t want to miss a drop of her juice. Once he was satisfied that he tasted everything she released she got up and removed his pants, then pointed his cock at her pussy. Without touching her pussy she pushed open the folds with the tip of his cock. It gave way and his cock slid in inch by inch and she moaned each time he moved in a little further.

“Ahh.. that feels nice.” she said spreading her legs wider to let him in all the way. She loved the feeling of his balls when the slapped against her asshole when he was pounding her pussy and she wanted to make sure this time that there would be enough room for him to do just that. He pressed his body against her and she could feel him all the way up inside.

“You like sucking his cock don’t you.” he grinned pulling his cock back to the point of almost coming out and then he pushed it back in again.

“Hmmmmmm….. it tastes so good. she said this moving her mouth over the outside and then she took it all in her mouth until his balls rested on her face.

“I have got to say that your wife really knows how to suck cock.” Greg said.

“Yes she does… that’s it honey, suck his cock and make it one he will remember. I know how good you are at it and it is about time someone else found out too.” he continued pushing his cock in and out of her pussy.

“Hmm…. I will, just don’t stop fucking my wet cunt baby.” and they continued with a cock in each hole giving her pleasure from both ends. Greg reached down and took one of her tits and pressed his hand into the flesh. This made her suck his cock harder. She was being please from all angles and wasn’t sure what felt better. He pinched and gently tugged on her nipples and they stood up erect.

Her husband was moving in and out using the entire length of his cock in and out. Pumping her pussy slowly he took a finger and rubbed her clit making it stand up on end. Her back arched again as shivers ran down her body bringing her close to an orgasm again. He felt her pussy tense up putting pressure on his cock.

“Ohh.. yea.. that’s it honey. That feels great when you clamp your pussy on my

cock.” he was now moving in and out faster and faster. Greg was enjoying the site of her getting fucked and listened to the sound of her wet pussy every time her husbands cock rammed into her.

“Uhh…. I’m.. cumming.” her husband couldn’t hold out any longer. The excitement of fucking her while Greg watched was too much for him and he pounded her pussy with furry.

“Ohh.. fuck my cunt…. that’s good.. oh yea.. ohhhhh….” she took gregs cock out of her mouth so she could look up and watch as her husband unloaded all of his cum inside her pussy.

“Ahhh….. that pussy feels soo good.” he smiled. “There is something I have wanted to do and I figured now is as good a time as any.” with saying that he pulled his cum soaked cock out and got back down on his hands and knees. He pulled her cunt lips apart with his fingers and held his tongue at the base of her pussy. She could feel as his cum dripped out he was licking and sucking it up. She almost came on the spot knowing that her husband was doing this, especially with Greg there.

“My cunt is dripping…. lick it all up baby…. that feels good. Push your face into my wet twat… oh yes.” she went at Greg’s cock with furry now. Greg leaned in and was really enjoying this blowjob.

“Hmmm…that was as good as I thought it would be.” he moved away and switched with Greg. She eagerly opened wide and didn’t close her mouth around his cock until the tip was against the back of her throat. In one lick she cleaned all of the cum both his and hers from his cock. A little bit was on the corner of her mouth so he pulled his cock out of her mouth and leaned down and kissed her sharing the little bit of cum.

“Roll over and get on all fours on the bed.” he told her. She didn’t question his orders, just carried them out. He moved to the head of the bed and sat down and leaned back against the headboard.

“Suck my dick until it gets hard again.” he opened his legs and let her kiss his limp penis.

“Greg, now I want you to fuck her from behind, she loves that.” and Greg also listened to what he wanted.

“mmmmmm.. put that hard meat in my pussy.”

Greg put a hand on each one of her ass-cheeks and spread them apart to show off her pussy. He didn’t even have to guide it in, it just found its own way and slid right into her cum soaked cunt. He pushed it all the way in with one fluid thrust of his hips. He felt what her husband was talking about as she clamped her pussy muscles down and squeezed his cock.

“Oh wow…. I have never felt anything like that.”

“Then let me squeeze your penis again.”

She clamped down hard and for as long as she could. He didn’t want to move, all he wanted to do was close his eyes and concentrate on how good it felt for a woman to really grab hold of his cock with her pussy. He still held onto her ass, it just felt so good in his hands and he loved to pull her cheeks apart to look at that nice looking asshole. He had some nice ideas of what he could do with that thing.

“Oh.. god Greg your cock feels great in my pussy and I know you like when I give it a good squeeze.” She put her head down and took all of her husbands penis in her mouth and she refused to let it out until it was nice and hard again. From the feel of it she knew it wouldn’t be long. He mouth bobbed up and down on his head and shaft every time Greg dug is cock deeper into her pussy. Between the moans he could hear the lovely sound of her wet pussy gushing with every thrust of Greg’s hips. He could almost imagine that her pussy was actually squirting liquid every time he pumped. That is how wet she was and he couldn’t blame her. She was finally getting it from two guys and it was something he knew she always wanted.

“That’s it, suck my cock up and down baby… I love how your mouth feels.”

“It has such a great taste of my cum all over it.” she said just before she went back down on it. She never skipped a beat the entire time she was sucking him even though she was getting a good fuck at the same time. It wasn’t easy since Greg was going all the way in and all the way out with his cock teasing her, practically making her beg for him to put it back in but she knew that he was dying to be in her cunt just as much as she wanted it there.

In and out, harder and faster he pumped her pussy, and her husband could feel the

shock waves of the action and now wanted a piece of it himself. He reached down and picked her head up from his crotch. They were all working like a fine tuned machine, sensitive to what the other one was doing. He started to slide himself down the bed underneath her body and didn’t stop until she was on top of him.

“This should be interesting huh?” he smiled and kissed her.

It was like they had planned everything before they got there. Once we was in position Greg pulled his cock out of her pussy and she let out a sigh. She didn’t want that part to be over but she knew there was more to come. Mark held his cock and maneuvered it to her pussy and then slowly pushed it in and didn’t stop until it was all the way in. He moved his hip up and down a few times getting his cock covered with her pussy juices and then stopped and held his cock inside as far as it would go. She felt Greg take hold of her ass and then use 2 fingers to open her pussy wider. He pushed the head of his cock against her cunt and she felt as it was pressed up against marks as it slid in slowly pushing the bounds and stretching her out.

“Ohhh.. my …. god… ” she gasped. “That is amazing. Two cocks and both up my wet cunt.. yea…. fuck me now.”

Both men held still as she slowly rocked back and forth over both of them and being careful not to let them slip out. Greg had the best view of her pussy as it engulfed both cocks in and out, and she moaned every time she pushed against them. It was only a minute or so of her moving back and forth did her body then tense up with an orgasm.

“Uhhh…. Ohhh… yes…. Ohh.. god.. Ohhh god…” she squeaked and moaned. “I’m cumming.. Ohh…. ” and then her body spasmed and both of them felt her cunt clench clench down on their cocks and they had to hold back cumming themselves. Mark could feel her cum dripping out over his balls and down over his asshole. He pulled her up a little higher and sucked on her tits hard showing her that he was ready to keep going and never wanted to stop.

“We have more for you. Are you ready or do you need a rest?” he said.

She inhaled catching her breath and just looked at him and smiled. “What do you think darling?”

Greg didn’t need any more than that. He pulled his cock out and watched as mark

fucked his wife for a minute giving her another small orgasm. He could smell her pussy as the aroma filled the air with every time her husband pushed his cock in and out. He saw them slow down and decided it was time.

He positioned himself behind her one more time. He has been looking at her ass for a long time now and he was gonna have some fun. He held her ass and kissed and licked her cheeks while mark was still pushing his cock in and out. Pulling them apart the ran his tongue down from the crack of her ass to her asshole. Her hips stayed perfectly in place while mark moved in and out and Greg held his tongue against her hole and moved it around in a circle. He felt her hole relax under his tinge, so he pressed hard and felt it open and he slid his tinge in.

“Yes… Greg.. Uhhh..” she would never forget this. “Fuck my ass with your mouth… that feels good.” she looked down at her husband and said “Darling I love you for doing this for me…. Ohh.. it feels so good.”

“I love you to and that is why I am doing this for you” he pushed in until his balls were in her cunt and she leaned down and kissed him. Greg kept licking and rubbing making her hotter and hotter wanting more. Up and down and all around he moved his tinge. Her ass was now wet and relaxed. Greg got up and held his cock in his hand and placed the tip of his cock against her asshole. Mark stopped moving long enough for her to feel the tip of it penetrate her ass and then it sliding in against her husbands cock that was buried up her cunt. It was a fine wall of flesh now that separated them filling both of her holes. She savored every second as Greg finished pushing his hard cock up her tight asshole. When she clenched they could again both feel it on in her pussy and on in her ass. It was the most erotic thing she had ever done.

She whipped her head around to look at Greg the best she could.

“Now fuck my asshole and make me cum…” no sooner did she get that did Greg push harder in and then pulled back until only the tip was still in. Without wasting time he pushed back in hard and didn’t stop until they heard the slap of his hips against her ass.

“Yea… take my cock..” Greg grunted and she responded by pushing back into him

forcing it deeper.

“I love getting my ass fucked.. it feels even.. uhhhh better.. with a cock up my

cunt.” she purred. “Don’t stop fucking my ass.”

Both men were at the height of their excitement level and showed it by alternating

pushing in and out of her 2 holes. All three of them were moaning and breathing hard. Never before has she ever felt a level of excitement like this. The sensations were almost more than she could bear, it was as if she were on the verge of an enormous orgasm and she had been that way for a few minutes making her nearly pass out.

Her husband was moaning harder and louder.

“I’m gonna cum baby….. I’m… cumming…” and he gave 3 last final pushes up her cunt as he exploded inside of her again. His body went limp and he took a minute to gather himself still feeling Greg’s cock fucking his wife’s ass.

“Mmm… my cunt is dripping with your cum. Slide back up so I can suck your cock again.” she helped him maneuver back to the top of the bed while Greg kept his cock buried deep in her ass. She went down and took his cum soaked penis in her mouth and urged Greg to continue. He grabbed her ass with both hands and started pounding her hole with a fury. Her body was going back and forth again. She held herself stable with one hand and the other she used to play with her pussy. Without hesitating she shoved 3 fingers up her cunt and felt the cum surround her fingers. It was dripping out so she quickly scooped it up in her fingers and then put them in her mouth. The taste of his cum and her cunt was sending her over the edge again. She was the one doing the fucking now as she pushed hard against Greg then pulled away and pushed back again.

“I love the way my cock feels in your ass. That’s it, ride my cock.. I’m gonna cum… Oh.. yea..” he moaned.

“Yes… yes… ” she screamed.

“That’s it.. I’m cumming…” he gasped.

She moved forward and pulled his cock out of her ass then swung around quickly to grab it and open her mouth. Just as she did a hot load of his cum shot her in the mouth. Wave after wave of cum kept pushing into her mouth and her tongue took it all. She put her mouth over his cock and sucked on it mixing the taste of his cum and her hole sent a shiver through her body.

She stood up and leaned into Greg for a kiss. When she opened her mouth during the

kiss he realized that she kept some of his cum in her mouth and was now sharing it with him in a deep passionate kiss. She rubbed her body against his right up to the last swallow of his cum.

“That was the best thing you have ever done for me” she smiled. “I think we should do that again tomorrow but I want Greg to bring his wife.” she giggled.

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