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Mistress T

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It was quite a few years ago that a friend of mine introduced me to a website that publishes the erotic photos of contributing subscribers. Generally, it’s men taking pictures of their wives or girlfriends. The website has a free area that has r-rated pics and a pay area for the more explicit photos. I started subscribing shortly thereafter and enjoyed seeing the ‘girl next door’ and the ‘soccer moms’ and even the ‘sexy senior citizens’.

Many of these ladies were shown in all their glory, others had their faces blurred for privacy. After a few months of starting my day with a look at all the lovelies, I found I had a few favorites. Then one day I saw a contribution of pictures from someone called Mistress T.

She is an attractive lady in her early to mid 40’s. She is slim and toned. She has short brown hair and a very pretty face. She wears smart, classy outfits and could be an executive, teacher, or any other professional woman that you might meet any day. But there is something different about Mistress T. I can still see the picture that caught my eye that day. It was taken from above, looking down. Mistress T had most of a big cock in her mouth. Her lips were opened as if she was trying to take in more of the shaft. But what stunned me were her eyes. She had the hungriest, lustiest most sexually charged look in her eyes I have ever seen. She seemed to be expressing an unquenchable need for sex. If was as if she was only just barely getting what she needed, even as she was straining to swallow all that meat. She wanted so much more, her eyes seemed to say. And I was hooked. Out of hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures of all kinds of women doing all kinds of things, this one grabbed me by the balls and wouldn’t let go.

Who was this smoldering vixen? How could she possibly be this hot? Surely, she must be a call girl or professional dominatrix or escort. Or porn star. Like most men, when I see a woman for the first time, I involuntarily rate her looks and decide if she is ‘do-able’. And, truth be told, many of us perfectly normal average everyday guys go a bit further and decide what we’d like to ‘do’ with each new lady we meet. Who hasn’t thought about taking that shapely secretary from behind or enjoying that neighbor lady’s pouting lips on your cock? My mind ran wild as I put my fantasy image of Mistress T into every sexual scenario I could think of. And that might have been as far as it went. After all, I had seen hot ladies before. (Did I mention that Mistress T has pierced nipples and a ring through her clit hood?)

But as I scanned through the pictures, I saw Mistress T actually doing the kinds of things I didn’t imagine such a normal classy-looking lady would even know about, much less enjoy with obvious gusto. One showed her on her kitchen counter, legs akimbo, a stream of pee arcing out onto the floor. The next was the same but a well-built man was kneeling in front of Mistress T accepting the stream in his mouth! The next showed Mistress T wearing a purple strap-on dildo, eight inches long. And the next showed her behind the man, the toy buried in his asshole. Each picture was more extreme than the last. And in every one, those eyes projected such pure lust, such confidence and hunger and power. It was almost frightening. Man-eater, I thought. As I looked over the pictures, I saw this gorgeous creature in sexy leather bras and fetish-wear. She brandished a cat-o-nine-tails, and a paddle. She controlled her slave, who turned out to be her husband, by slapping his ass or twisting his balls or the cockring she makes him wear.

The fantasies I had imposed on my image of Mistress T actually paled in comparison to reality! I hadn’t dared to think that this lady, who you might sit next to at a PTA meeting, was a hardcore dominatrix into BDSM, watersports, and who knows what else? I spent what felt like hours gazing at the pictures of this awesome woman. I looked at the bottom of the web page and clicked on the button to leave a comment. Naturally, I wasn’t the first to want to tell this lady how hot she was. But at the bottom of the long list of commenters, I wrote a few lines telling her how incredible I thought she was and how much sexier I found her than even the younger ladies that got a lot of attention on the website. I hoped that she would post more pictures some day. I didn’t expect I’d ever actually hear from her. After all, super-hot sexual dynamo women are as rare as hen’s teeth and horny middle-aged married men are a dime a dozen. I can’t say I forgot all about Mistress T after seeing those first pictures. I looked in vain at each day’s new pictures on the website, but weeks passed without another ‘fix’.

Then, out of the clear blue sky, an email arrived from Mistress T. My heart was pounding as if she had come to my door! She thanked me sweetly said that she was just a woman with a real life and responsibilities, not some sex goddess. She said she enjoyed having her fun, when she could, and would be having more in the future. She attached several new pictures to her email. The first was a close-up shot of her pretty face, looking right at the camera, those eyes blazing, with globs of thick white cum all over her lips and chin. My cock stiffened in seconds. The next picture showed Mistress T from behind, wearing her strap-on dildo, shoving it into the pussy of a woman bent over in front of her. Mistress T’s firm, round asscheeks looked so fine. And I could imagine her perfect breasts, with those prominent nipples, each sporting a small gold ring, moving as she fucked her lady-friend doggie-style. The last pic was another close-up. It showed Mistress T in profile straining to engulf a huge black cock. Her neck muscles flexed, her mouth was agape around the thick shaft, and her lips seemed to be curled as if trying to reach out to force more black cock into her throat. Her face was slightly red as she strained and exerted herself as if possessed. And her eyes. Her eyes were glazed with lust, like a bitch in heat.

In less than the time it takes to describe it, I had my wildest sexual dreams exceeded fifty times over! My exotic fantasy woman was bisexual! Or at least she fucked women. And she was a swinger! Or at least had sex with other guys besides her husband. And black guys! This was a woman like none I have ever met. I was so hard, I had to get off. I saved the pictures to my hard drive and displayed them all and slowly jerked myself off to a huge climax. The three-times-a-month five-minute missionary fuck my wife allowed me seemed sad by comparison to masturbation, when it was inspired by this real-life nympho.

I immediately began a reply email. I tried not to sound like a smitten teenager, but I know it came off like fan letter, which it was, I guess. I told her how I could only dream of the things she did in those pictures. I told her how beautiful I thought she was and how lucky her husband was. I asked her about him being her slave, and how they met others to swing with. I had so much curiosity about this incredible woman. I thanked her for the pictures. I told her how unsatisfying my own sexlife was. How I dreamed of doing the things she did. How I dreamed of even watching a woman like her in action. How she was so much sexier than 99% of the strippers and porn stars out there. Those women don’t do sexy things out of lust. Half the time you can tell how bored they are. But Mistress T was the real deal and I told her how rare I thought that was.

Then I had a crazy idea. I took a couple of pictures of myself with the digital camera and attached them to the email. I’m no Brad Pitt and I’m no John Holmes, but I just felt like her having my image would somehow make us closer.

A few days later, I had another email from my dreamgirl. She complimented my pictures, thanked me for my praise modestly and then asked me what I was into. I immediately started another email. I told her about my infrequent, boring, unsatisfying sexlife. I told her about my younger days in college and the girls I dated then and what we did. I felt like a novice talking to an expert. Again, I attached a couple of pictures of myself, this time nude. I don’t know why I was trying to scare her away with my average-ness. But a few days later, I got another reply from her.

She again complimented me. Now I know the black guy’s cock I had seen in the pic must have been twice as big as I am, but she said how she would love to “see me in action”. And she told me she got off reading about my youthful exploits! She mentioned my pussy-eating and rimming as being exciting to her. I was ready to explode as I read her words. Then came words that changed my life.

“If you are ever in my part of the country, let me know. I would enjoy helping you live out your fantasies while my slave hubby watches.”

There it was. An invitation to heaven. Mistress T had told me she lived near a large city that I sometimes traveled to on business. This could actually happen. It started to sink in. In the period of a few weeks, I had gone from being one of thousands of guys who had seen the hot pics of this remarkable woman, to being invited to have sex with her! I was shaking at the thought. There had to be something wrong with this. I ran through the facts in my head. Mistress T certainly seemed to be for real. Her husband obviously knew all about this. She has seen what I look like and still seems interested.

I tried to be cool about it, but that night I looked through all the pictures I had saved of Mistress T and slowly stroked myself. I imagined those eyes looking up at me as she swallowed my cock. I imagined going down on her shaved pussy and flicking that ring with my tongue. And I came in torrents. How would that wad look splattered across her pretty smiling face? Maybe I would get a chance to find out.

I tried not to seem too eager. I waited until I got my travel schedule from work. I had a trip to Mistress T’s city in a month. I wrote her another email, mentioning when I would be nearby, in case she was interested. I wrote more about one particular old girlfriend I had years ago who had very large tits and liked me to eat my cum out of her snatch after we fucked. I guess I hit a nerve. The next day I got an email from Mistress T inviting me to stay with her and her “slave hubby” while I was in town. She went on and on about her preference for busty women and how hot she thought it was that I would eat my cum out of a pussy. Imagine, Mistress T thought something I had done was hot!

The next month flew by. Soon I found myself checking into the hotel where I always stayed in that city. I didn’t unpack; I just wanted to have the paperwork saying I had stayed there. And the room might come in handy. I followed her directions and as evening fell, I pulled my rental car into the driveway of a very nice home in a very nice suburb, not ten minutes from my hotel. This was the place. I was so nervous and excited as I rang the doorbell.

I was greeted by a handsome man, Dan, in his mid-40s. He smiled, shook my hand and welcomed me by name into the home. As we made small-talk, I looked around what was a beautifully furnished upper-middle class home. I guess I was expecting to see sex toys and whips lying around, but it was just a lovely home. He and I talked about business and travel and gradually got around to talking about Mistress T. She was due back at any time. She was dropping their kids off at friends’ for the weekend. It was Friday afternoon. I had flown out early to save on the plane fare and to give myself extra time with Mistress T. I told Dan how blown away I was by all that had brought me to this point. He didn’t seem to want to talk about the sex. The one thing he told me, as we heard a car pull into the garage, was that Terri (Mistress T) was the boss. What she says goes. I should do anything she tells me to. He said I could be as rough as I wanted as long as I didn’t harm Terri. It sounded reasonable enough.

A sweet voice called out, “Do we have company?” from the direction of the garage and in walked the woman of my dreams, looking every bit the proper up-scale suburban housewife. She was much softer-looking in person than she had been in the pictures. She greeted me warmly with a soft handshake and offered me a drink. She told Dan to open a bottle of wine, which he did. I noticed that he did the serving as she and I sat and talked. Terri was a gracious, happy woman who made me feel at home. She complimented me on my physique, my clothes, my writing. She seemed to be genuinely impressed by me. Considering this goddess could have any man she wanted, I was totally smitten. Terri gradually moved closer to me on the leather sofa as we enjoyed the wine. Dan served us little snacks and it started to occur to me that their dom/sub relationship was a 24/7 thing, at least in subtle ways. Terri asked about my family and my wife. She didn’t suggest a bunch of tricks to get my wife to thaw out. She respected that I had stayed married for nearly 20 years and was a good father. Then she asked me to kiss her. I leaned toward her felt electricity when our lips met. She was affectionate and passionate and we kissed and began to pet right there as Dan watched quietly. As incredible as the whole scene was, it seemed somehow natural.

“Is the playroom prepared?” Terri asked Dan.

“Yes, Mistress T,” he replied instantly.

“I’ll join you down there in a minute,” Terri said to me. “Take him to the playroom and prepare yourself.” And she gave me a peck and walked back into the house humming a tune to herself. Terri has turned into Mistress T, I thought.

Dan led me down to the finished basement which must serve as the kid’s rumpus room. He unlocked a door and showed me the ‘adult rumpus room’. My jaw must have dropped because I had never seen anything like this before. The large room was a cross between a dungeon, a sex toy warehouse, a bedroom and a den. Along one wall stretched a sectional leather sofa, over which hung a huge mirror. On the wall across from that was a large cabinet with glass doors. It held every kind of dildo, vibrator, butt plug, lube, cuff, rope, restraint, whip, paddle, blindfold, gag I had ever seen, plus a ton of things I could not identify. In the corner, hung from the ceiling was a sling/chair or some sort. Along the other wall were spreader bars affixed to the wall. There were other chairs and cushions and a closet that held….I couldn’t even imagine. On another wall was a plasma screen. As I walked around looking at everything, Dan began to undress. I was a little uneasy, but he didn’t look at me. He carefully folded his clothes and ended up nude. He walked to the cabinet and took out a black leather mask. He slipped it on and zippered it tight. He moved to the far corner of the room and just stood there, head bowed. I guessed he was ‘preparing himself’, as he had been instructed.

I was about to take a seat on the sofa when Mistress T walked in. In place of the conservative silk blouse and skirt she had worn as she left us upstairs, she now wore black patent leather spike heels, black stockings and a black suspender belt. This was the Mistress T from those pictures.

It really took a minute to comprehend what was happening. Mistress T looked like a vision. For all my long-suppressed need and desire, I hesitated. Was this man, standing in the corner, going to let me, a stranger, have sex, wild kinky sex, with his beautiful wife, the mother of his children, right in front of him? Was this gorgeous, sexy, woman, who had literally stepped out of my fantasies, going to let me touch her, make love to her, use her like whore? The first 45 years of my life hadn’t been anything like this.

Maybe she sensed my reluctance. Or maybe she felt I needed a little encouragement. Mistress T stood right over me as I sat on the sofa. “I want you to do whatever you want, whatever you have dreamed of, whatever you have thought of while jerking off to my pictures. You can do anything you want with me. I won’t say no. I want to do whatever you want. I get off on giving a man everything he wants.” As she spoke, Mistress T straddled me, actually kneeling on the sofa facing me. I tried to take it all in. I wasn’t prepared for the sight of this woman up close. Her face, those eyes, inches from me. That tight body, those gorgeous tits with those incredible pierced nipples were close enough to lean forward and suck. And that shaved pussy, the ring hanging from the top, was practically on top of my cock, which was making my pants very tight.

In spite of all the extreme, wild, kinky, S&M stuff that was rushing through my mind, I instinctively reached out with two hands to hold her beautiful face and kiss her mouth with all the passion and heat and desire I had held inside since my wife shut down on me. Her mouth was warm and yielding, but far from passive. Her lips seemed to consume mine. Her tongue was probing, tickling and tasting. My arms wrapped around her and she turned and lay back. I unbuttoned my shirt and lay on top of her. We kissed deeper and the passion rose. Her hands ripped at my clothes. My hands roamed her body. I cupped and squeezed her fine firm tits. Her nipples were rock-hard and she responded to my gentle twist of one nipple ring by pulling and twisting the other almost violently. I reached lower and found her toned, strong legs spread. I caressed her thighs, enjoying the smooth warmth and then found her hot, wet pussy waiting. Mistress T’s body spasmed at my touch of her sensitive lips. I carefully slid my middle finger inside her pussy and pumped it slowly. Then I brought it to my lips. Mistress T seized my wrist and brought my hand to her mouth and sucked her juices from my finger. She grasped my index finger and squeezed it against my middle finger and then grabbing my wrist, directed the two fingers back inside her volcanic pussy. She pumped my hand like a dildo. I could feel her trying to jam it in harder and faster. Then she pulled it out and moved it up to my mouth for me to suck her wetness off.

“Use me, baby. I’m your whore tonight, your cockwhore. There is nothing I will not gladly do for you. Be as nasty as you like. Hurt me. Slap me. Make me feel it all. I’m your fuckpig, your cumslut. You know I mean it. Now do it.”

What do you do when you suddenly get exactly what you’ve always wanted? My mind went blank, then every erotic image I have ever seen and how they made me feel came flooding back to me. Like a movie it played in my mind. Seeing my teenage sister and her friend in their underwear once. Looking up my cute young Spanish teacher’s dress on the stairs. Those Playboy and Penthouse mags I had ‘gone steady with’ for years. My first real kiss. That drunk chick at the frat party. Those porno tapes I used to hide from my wife. It was time to live the dream.

I stood up and stripped off my shoes, pants, underwear and sox. I was half-hard. I looked up to see Mistress T stretching out on a large round bed across the room. I walked over and said, “Suck my cock, baby. Get me nice and hard.” I reached down as she moved to kneel at the edge of the bed. I toyed with her nipple rings as she took my cock in her hand and guided it to her mouth.

“No hands, Mistress,” I chided. I twisted one nipple ring all the way around. I saw Mistress T wince a little and I immediately twisted the other ring the other way until I saw her react. She smiled just a little as she maneuvered her mouth to capture my cockhead and begin to suck it like her life depended on it. Her tongue swirled, her lips gobbled, her cheeks hollowed and puffed as she worked my cock like no one ever has. She moaned and hummed and whispered unintelligible nothings as she made love to my cock. She really did seem to be getting off on sucking me. She squirmed and touched her pussy as she blew me expertly. I could hear the wetness of her cunt already.

“Get your fingers all wet with your cunt juices, Mistress. Rub your pussy juice on my cock.” I loved talking so dirty to such a beautiful woman. And she reacted to each word. She obeyed my command. The scent of her aroused cunt wafted through the air.

She coated my cock in her wetness and then gobbled me down to the root.

“You like so eat your cunt slime off my dick?” I held her head down. She gurgled some reply. I held her head so she couldn’t move. She gagged and I released her head. She pulled off, choking, took a breath and plunged down on it again. She gulped and pumped her mouth on my now rock-hard cock. Her spit drooled down my balls to my asshole.

“Look at the fucking mess you are making all over me. Clean this shit up.” I lay on the bed and raised my legs up like a baby to be diapered. Mistress T looked directly in my eyes and never looked away as she moved, snake-like. She slithered up my body and began licking my balls and sucking each one carefully. She wiped her face with them. She pushed my legs up and started to lick my asshole.

“Yes, Mistress T, lick my shithole. My fine whore. Eat my ass. Jam your tongue in that nasty hole. Fuck my ass with your tongue. Deep, damn it.”

A gleeful smile stole over Terri’s beautiful face for a moment. Then she dived down onto my ass. I couldn’t see, but I could feel her tongue way up my ass. She twisted and pumped and flicked it. I could feel it inside my cock. I know it sounds crazy. But her tongue up my ass seemed to be stimulating my cock from within. I could feel my nut rising just as if I was fucking her. My cock was so hard I thought it would split. I needed her cunt now.

“Get your cunt on this cock now!” I shouted.

“Oh yes. Yes, my cunt is so hungry for your meat. Your asshole felt and tasted incredible. You have to let me eat it later.”

She was impaling herself on my cock, facing me. And she rode it. Not like the women I’ve has who straddle you and expect you to ‘fuck up’ at them. She rose up and down and twisted and pumped and screwed like an animal. This gorgeous woman was made to fuck. Her hips twisted and undulated. I could feel her pussy muscles like hands squeezing and rippling over my cock. She could grip it so tight I could not have pulled out if I had tried.

“Do you mind if I come, baby?” she whispered almost sheepishly. She smiled at me. She had wanted to make it about my pleasure, but seemed to be having a good deal herself.

“Come on my cock, bitch. Fuck your slimy cunt raw on my cock. Pump that meat up in yourself deep. Come like a fucking cockslut.”

Mistress T suddenly shrieked. Her arms shot out behind her as she lunged backwards. Then she sat up and I thought she was going to rip those nipple rings out! Then she hunkered down on my cock and just started grinding and screaming.

“Fuck. Shit. Your god damn cock is so stiff! I want to devour it with my pussy, baby. Jam it hard. Stuff me.”

She shuddered and then almost collapsed. I rolled her onto her back and climbed on. I pumped my cock into her and fucked her with the deliberate pace of a marathoner. I looked into her eyes and she was fixed on mine. I fucked that bitch like I’d never get another piece of ass.

“Don’t stop,” she pleaded.

“No fucking chance,” I snarled. “Take it like the cockslut you are. Get fucked like a whore. This is the stroke I used when I jerked off to your pictures.”

I pumped in hard and deep. Mistress T’s eyes rolled back in her head and she came again.

“You know how many men jack their cocks to your pictures. They see you acting like a fucking cunt and they shoot their cum wishing they could fuck a hot whore like you.”

She was in another world. I didn’t even know if she could hear me any more. Her pussy seemed to have become liquid. I pulled out and saw how her lips had swollen and now gaped lewdly open. I rolled her over roughly, lifting her hips a little.

“I’m gonna jam my cock up your tight shitter now, sweetie. Brace yourself.” I felt my lip curl into a sneer. I pushed my cockhead against her asshole, lubed as it was by her dripping cunt. And I jammed every inch I had as far up her ass as hard as I could. She screamed into the mattress. Again and again. I was insane with lust. I fucked her asshole mercilessly. I roughly jerked her hips up and down my meat. I slapped and spanked her fine rounded asscheeks until welts formed.

We spat obscenities at each other without meaning. It only made the atmosphere more erotically charged. I felt my nut overcome me. I felt all my energy driving to split this glorious woman in two, right at the asshole. I roared as slammed her flat against the bed as my cumload exploded into her ass. I pumped her harder and bounced her off the mattress. I pumped until the sensations overloaded my mind and I couldn’t control myself enough to pump any more.

After a few moments, I was overcome by dread. Surely I had gone too far. The slapping. The language. How could I have gotten so out of control? Then I looked down at Mistress T.

She looked back over her shoulder at me.

“Nice going, tiger. Whew! So that’s what twenty years of frustration feels like. This is going to be a great weekend.” She looked over at her slave hubby. “Watch this,” she said casually.

She roughly threw a leather leash around Dan’s neck. She jerked him to the ground and then squatted over his masked face. She looked up at me and smiled that devilish smile. Then she looked down at Dan and unzipped the zipper over his mouth.

“Open,” she commanded in an even tone. He opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out.

Mistress T positioned herself over him and then seemed to pause. I saw her anus bulge outward slightly and then the huge load of cum I had just irrigated her ass with came dripping out. And with it traces of her scat. It dripped down onto Dan’s tongue and he lapped it up as if it was honey. She strained to pump out the last of it, and then lowered onto his tongue. He licked her asshole clean.

Mistress T stood and walked back over to me. She curled up in my arms and said, “What fantasy would you like to live out next?”

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