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You and I take a trip to St Petersburg. It is fall there, the summer nearly over. The air is cool with a crisp “snap” to it. We spent all day wandering around the Hermitage. I am suffering from museum overload, so tonight we plan to have a good dinner, relax and soak up some of the atmosphere in Pietari’s.

We sit at a small table in this warm smoky bar, our knees touching under the table. Our waitress is a young, sultry Russian girl with thick dark hair (pinned up) and a long, lithe body. She speaks english with a heavy accent and introduces herself as Natalia.

When we ask Natalia to bring us something “traditional”, a slow smile curls her generous lips and she nods, her dark eyes warming. She returns with two shot glasses full of clear liquid. She explains that this vodka is a local favorite, made just outside of the city.

I have never done shots before, so I ask Natalia to show me how it’s done. The vodka is very cold, so that it is easier to swallow, she explains earnestly. It is not allowed for her to drink while she is serving, of course. But her shift will be over in a few minutes and she will come by to see how we are doing with the shots.

You give me a big smile, pick up your glass, and down your shot in a few short swallows. I narrow my eyes. Clearly, you’ve some experience with this… I sip at my vodka. It has only a light, fruity flavor and is indeed very cold. But then I feel the burn in my throat!

Natalia returns with two more glasses and then notices that mine is still half-full. With a quick look back at the bar, she squats down close to our table, picks up the glass with her long, burgandy-colored nails and tosses the vodka down with a barely noticeable lifting of her chin.

“You must not think too much.” She smiles at me encouragingly, showing unusually white teeth against her olive skin and a charming gap in the front.

I pick up the new glass with an air of determination. I am going to do this. You laugh and drink your second glass without a problem. I swallow the liquid with my head tilted back and still choke a little. My eyes tear up and you are laughing loudly now. I kick you under the table but I am laughing too.

Natalia joins us; her shift is over. She brings the bottle with her. She no longer wears the bar apron and has on a black sweater with lots of pebble-sized buttons over her black jeans. She is a student at the university and is happy to practice her english when she has the opportunity.

I have the hang of the shot-drinking now and we are steadily working our way through the bottle. Natalia’s english is getting worse and we are all laughing a lot. The bar is warmer now and more crowded. Natalia has unbuttoned her sweater to reveal substantial cleavage and touches us often while she talks.

I can see that your cheeks are a bit pink and your eyes are often drawn to Natalia’s breasts. But your hand is on my leg under the table; your fingers are underneath my skirt, just above my knee. What I don’t know is that Natalia’s hand is on your thigh, though she has been giving you some intense eye contact.

Your pupils are dilated and I know that you are aroused and a little drunk. I know that I am… Fortunately, our hotel is just down the street. I suggest that we get some air. The bottle is empty.

We make our way out of the crowded bar and into the dark night. Natalia stops outside of the door and lights up a cigarette. You push me back up against the wall and I can feel your erection…

“Oh god… I am so hard right now,” you mutter into my ear. “Our waitress is coming onto me. Can I invite her back to our room for a few hours?”

Well, that would be interesting… I find her attractive. Might be exciting to play out your fantasy of being used by two women… “Alright, darling… If you like,” I say in a low voice.

Then I look up into your eyes and pull your head down towards me. “But I’m the only one that kisses your lips…” and I do just that. Hard and hot, my body pressed against yours. We are lost in each other for a few moments… and when we pull apart, Natalia is just putting out her cigarette. She approaches us.

I pose the question. “Would you like to come back with us for a while, Natalia? Our hotel is just down the street.”

She considers for a few long moments, studying both of us. Then the smile. “Yes, good. It will be fun.”

You are thrilled and put your arms around both of us as we continue, slowly, up the street.

We have a suite and there is a small living room area. We all agree that we have had enough alcohol for the evening! I am not quite sure how to proceed after we have entered the room. For a few moments, we sit together on the couch and Natalia talks a little about her studies.

But she notices that you are not really listening, instead your eyes are focused on the shadow between her breasts. She looks over at me and we smile at each other. While continuing to talk, she begins to unbutton her sweater…

She wears a sheer white bra underneath it, which sets off her olive skin nicely. She shrugs the sweater off her shoulders and her dark brown nipples show clearly through the fabric. I think that you are sweating now. Your cheeks are flushed. Natalia again looks over at me and I nod and smile. In one smooth movement, she straddles your lap, her breasts nearly touching your face.

“You want to touch?” she teases. She reaches behind to unfasten her bra and then those heavy breasts are free. She pulls your face into the space between them and I hear you moan as your hands reach up to touch her rapidly hardening nipples.

“Suck them…” she whispers.

You open your mouth wide and close it over her right breast, your mouth sucking and your tongue rubbing her nipple inside your mouth. This is remarkably arousing to watch and listen to the sounds that you are both making. I am sure that you are very hard now and I want to add to that experience for you…

I come behind Natalia and gently raise her ass from your lap, deftly unfastening your belt and fly and sliding your pants down to your ankles. She remains bent over you, her hands supporting herself on the back of the couch, as you continue to touch and suckle her generous breasts.

I spread your legs and kneel down between them. I lean forward and begin to lick and suck your swollen balls… Now you are really groaning and I am feeling very wet. Natalia is panting and muttering in Russian. She is still wearing her jeans and I think that it’s time we are all undressed.

I pull back and say,”Let’s all get a little more naked!” Breathlessly, we abandon our previous activities and remove all of our clothing. Your cock is hugely swollen and I throw my arms around your neck and kiss you with abandon. Our mouths are sooo hot and we are kissing so deeply that it is almost as if we are swallowing each other…

Natalia is kneeling behind you and spreads your cheeks with her hands. Her tongue licks at your back door, circling the rim in a light, teasing way… Then she moves down to your balls, stroking them with her tongue as her nails scratch gently along your inner thighs.

Your breath catches in your throat for a moment and then your moaning enters me at the point of our connection. I can feel your pre-cum leaking out against my stomach. You won’t last much longer unless we slow things down…

I push you gently away and step back. Natalia sits back on her heels and you continue to stand, looking a bit dazed (probably at your good fortune). “Natalia, how do you like to be fucked? He is totally ready if you are…”

“Oh, I like it from behind but also I like to be on top… You do not want him to fuck you?” I could hear the concern in her voice. Sweet.

“I would rather he eat me… I am sooo wet.”

You laugh. It is funny to hear yourself discussed in this way.

We decide that you will be completely powerless in our positioning… You lie on your back and Natalia straddles you, facing away. She sinks down onto your cock and you both sigh… feels soooo good. I straddle your face in the other direction. I am so wet that my juices are dripping onto you from inches above your mouth.

Your tongue licks at my swollen lips lightly at first, probing gently into my folds… But Natalia has increased her pace, managing to touch herself while riding your cock. Her panting and movement has heightened our arousal. Your hands grab my ass and press my pussy harder against your mouth… I can feel your hard tongue and your teeth as you suck hard on my clit.

Ooooh god, that feels soooo good. I begin to ride your face now as you push up hard with your hips, thrusting into Natalia. Your face is covered in my juices as I pant and moan, faster and faster. I cum suddenly, sharply… pressing myself down as my body shudders above you. I lift myself up and off of you, my heart still racing.

Natalia turns around now, facing you, and slides you back inside. Her eyes are dark, as she positions her clit so that it gets rubbed with every stroke on your body. You open your eyes to the sight of her large breasts swaying and bouncing just above your face. You open your mouth and your hands press against her back, pulling her closer to you. You smell her sweat, musky and tinged with smoke…her skin lightly salty…

You hold yourself back from climaxing, waiting for her. You think that she is almost there… her breathy mutters in russian, the almost frantic movement… yes, yes… she gives a long, throaty cry and you hold her vibrating body against you, the sensations of her contracting pussy pushing you over the edge. Your groans are buried against her skin as you both lie there breathlessly for a long moment.

I pour water for all of us. We are flushed and sticky. After several glasses, we lie together on the bed, our bodies tangled and touching. We rest for a while. You kiss me and my fingers start stroking your balls, lightly. Your cock twitches but I don’t touch it yet. I concentrate on your balls instead. Rubbing my fingers across them in a twisted dance, lifting and stroking… Your cock is stiffening and I give it some attention now.

Natalia is lying on her side, watching us with bright eyes. “I know what will really turn him on…” she says to me.

I look at her questioningly and she has me lie on my back next to you. She positions herself at my side and begins caressing my smooth, pale thighs with her long, elegant fingers. She bends her head to brush her lips across my skin. I am a little nervous, but I like the sensations that she is arousing. When she slides her fingers toward my inner thighs, I sigh and open my legs to her. She strokes my outer lips with her fingertips, then presses them open, revealing the shiny pink inner lips.

You move down on the bed, already aroused by the idea. You watch as Natalia moves between my legs and motions for you to hold her hair back. Swallowing hard, you do so, gathering her thick dark hair as her head dips down and her tongue touches on my sensitive inner folds. I gasp and then settle into the sensations. She is very good at this, our Natalia…

You watch as her tongue laps at me, alternating between horizontal rubbing of my swollen clit and long vertical licks. As I become hotter and more aroused, I begin lifting my hips slightly and she presses her tongue deep inside my pussy. You can see the cream on her tongue and feel that your cock is painfully hard.

You drop your hold on Natalia’s hair and move behind her. You lift her small, tight ass and press your face against it, licking her smooth, wet pussy back to her tight, puckered rim. I feel her moan against me. You straighten and press your cock into her hot pussy, sliding in effortlessly. Ahhhhhh….. so good.

You grasp her hips and begin thrusting, watching Natalia’s head pressing harder into my pussy on your in strokes. Natalia holds onto my hips to maintain some control and begins eating me vigorously. I am watching your face, flushed with excitement as you fuck her harder. It is incredibly arousing and I feel my orgasm reaching its zenith. I arch my back, thrusting my pussy into Natalia’s face just as her tongue is inside me, screaming with release.

You pull out quickly, not wanting to cum yet. You take deep breaths, calming yourself. Natalia straightens up and looks back at you, over her shoulder.

“You want to finish in my mouth?” she offers.

You nod wordlessly. She moves, straddling my head now. I guess she figures that it’s my turn to pleasure her. As her wet pussy hovers above me, I feel a little nervous that I will not be as good at this as she is…

You kneel before her and her lips close around your swollen head, sliding your length deep inside. You gather her hair in your hands and close your eyes…

Natalia has lowered her pussy onto my face now, but is doing most of the work herself, sliding around against my lips and tongue. Her taste is different from yours… lighter and I like the feel of her pussy on my lips. I thrust my tongue up inside of her and listen to her sudden gasp and moan.

You watch Natalia’s mouth moving up and down on you as her pussy slides around on my face, my red hair fanning out from beneath her dark thighs. Whatever I am doing to her pussy is driving her crazy, her eyes are squeezed tightly shut and you can feel her smothered cries vibrating around your cock…

She is not focused on you at the moment and you take control, grasping her head and fucking her mouth. She begins to shake as she reaches orgasm and you hold her head still as you are almost there… yes, yes, fuck yes, harder, deeper …. she is gagging. You let out a short shout as you begin to cum… your thick hot cream filling her mouth. She pulls back, swallowing.

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