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I’m a 55 year old widow who still looks pretty good. My figure is 36C-24-36 and still pretty firm. I weigh 130lbs which is only ten pounds more than I did in high school and that ten pounds is muscle. My hair is dirty blonde which is just starting to turn gray. I’m pretty tall for a woman – 5′ 10″.

The main reason I still look pretty good is I take a Pilates class every week on Mondays. I really enjoy it and it’s keeping me looking good.

There are a couple of people near my age taking the class but most of the attendees are much younger. The real scenery at the Pilates class though are a couple of younger men who are really hot. Both have six packs and muscles everywhere. They are both around six foot tall.

Watching them exercise gets my juices flowing. I haven’t had much luck finding a man close to my age that I really like. I’ve tried everything including internet dating. I’ve dated a lot of guys in the past 10 years but haven’t found that special someone. Each man I’ve dated seems to have some issues in one or more areas. The last guy was great. Independent and handsome but I found out the hard way that he had problems sexually. He admitted his problem isn’t even treatable with Viagra or Cialis. Everything else about him was wonderful. I can’t live without sex even if I’m getting oral or manual stimulation. I need a hard cock pounding into me, so sue me.

Several guys had just the opposite issues. They were good in bed but one was looking for someone to support him, the second wanted to use a whip on me and the third was just a misogynistic asshole who thought he was God’s gift to women who were placed on this planet to serve him. I am really getting tired of trying to find someone. If I didn’t love sex so much, I’d give up totally. But I love everything about sex.


Last Monday night after the Pilates class, I was sitting in the coffee shop across the street from the gym drinking a caffeine free latte’ and in walks one of the hotter than hell guys from the class. He waits in line to get his drink. I’m watching him but trying not to stare. He is six foot tall, about 180lbs, and nothing but muscles. This one has black hair and his friend looks like a twin but with brown hair. When he gets his coffee, he comes into the seating area, recognizes who I am and walks up to me. “Hi, mind if I join you?”

I’m a little flustered at first but recover and say, “Please” and point at the seat across from me. He smiles and sits down.

He says, “I know you from the exercise class, right?”

I say, “Yep, I’ve notice you in that class too.”

He smiles and says, “My name is Charles Molton; everyone calls me Chuck.”

I smile and say, “Hi, Chuck. My name is Barbara Clarke. Glad to meet you.”

He says, “Same here, Barbara. May I say, you are a very attractive woman?”

“You may definitely say that.” He laughs.

I say, “You are also very attractive but I think you probably know that. I think most of the women in that class have been drooling over you and that other guy who always exercises next to you.”

“Thanks, Barbara.” And believe it or not, he blushes a little. Hah!

I say, “Ahhh, you two aren’t dating or anything, are you?”

He laughs and says, “No way, Barbara, we’re just friends and we’re both heterosexual, very heterosexual.”

I say, “Oh, good.” I realize what I just said and cover my mouth. He just smiles.

“Barbara, would you consider going out on a date with me?”

“Me? How old are you, Chuck?”

“I’m 27. Why?”

“You know I’m twice as old as you. I’m old enough to be your mother.”

He says, “What difference does that make? I love mature women. I’ve been hurt emotionally by several women my age. They’ve got no morals. I’ve been cheated on numerous times. By my experiences, younger women are very flighty, tend to be sluts, and don’t really seem to respect their own bodies. I don’t like dating young women anymore. I’ve had it with them. It’s mature women for me from now on. And I’m very attracted to you, Barbara.”

I blush, hesitate a little and then say, “Well, I’d love to go out on a date with you. But just where do you see us ending up?”

He smiles, “Who really knows, Barbara? Who knows where any relationship will end up. I just want to know you better. You seem very intelligent, you’re very pretty and have a great body. I’ve been watching you exercise for some time now. I just had to act.”

Now I’m blushing again. I can feel my face get warm. “Thanks, Chuck. You’re right, of course. Who knows? I will go out with you. But let me tell you right now that I don’t usually have sex with someone until the third or fourth date. There have been exceptions to that but very few, and never on the first date.”

Chuck laughs. “That’s why I like mature women versus young women. Most young women would be trying to get in my pants right now. They wouldn’t even wait for the first date. I respect and praise you for your morality.”

I say, “Well, thanks but it’s not so much morality as my need to really know the man I’m naked with. I don’t have sex with strangers. I want to know all about you too and that’s my pathway to getting intimate with you. Don’t get me wrong, I think you are a very sexy man…VERY SEXY!”

He smiles that electric smile again and says, “Outstanding. Then we will go out and get to know each other well before we do anything else. I love it and respect you for that.”

I’m kind of surprised and pleased by this conversation. Of course, he doesn’t know that I will do what I do with all my dates. I’ll do an internet search at several websites and find out his background. I always do it. I want to know of any criminal activity, past marriages, anything else in his background that might throw up a red flag.

Chuck says, “So…how about this coming Saturday for dinner, a movie and maybe a drink or a cup of coffee and a long talk?”

I smile. “What time?”

“Seven o’clock okay? That will have us done eating in time for a 9 o’clock movie. Do you have any preference for movies?”

“No, not really. I enjoy most movies. Although I find the recent glut of comic book character movies kind of stupid.”

He laughs and says, “I feel the same way. Super! Then seven on Saturday. Where do you live?”

I say, “Give me your cell number and I’ll text you my address. That way you’ll have my address and my cell number.” He smiles.

He takes out a pen and writes his cell number on a napkin and hands the napkin to me. He then stands, still holding my hand, kisses the back of my hand and says, “Until Saturday then. I look forward to getting to know you much better, Ms Clarke.”

“Same here, Mr. Molton.” He smiles and walks out of the coffee shop. My gaze follows that sexy butt out of the shop. Yum!

I smile to myself. Hmmmm, this could be interesting. I’ve pretty much seen this man nude. The only thing I haven’t seen is his genitals. He wears tight bike shorts and a muscle t-shirt to the Pilates class and when we’re finished he always pulls that sweaty t-shirt right off. Not only is he extremely handsome, his upper body is cut like a Greek God, he’s got a great ass and a very pleasing bulge in the front of his shorts. He’s the hottest male I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I think “What the hell? At worse, I’ll get laid if there are no issues with him. I could use that; it’s been awhile. I personally don’t see a May-December relationship going anywhere. Or maybe I should call it a March – October relationship because I’m not that old, and he’s pretty young. That’s probably more accurate.”


Later at home, I make a few internet inquiries on the name Charles Molton. There’s not much there but I do find out that he’s never committed a crime, at least never got caught. He’s not on the sex offender list. No police record at all. He’s a registered Independent. Basically, that’s it. The only other thing is an adoption record that may or may not be his. It lists the adopting parents as Leo and Roseanne Molton. There’s no marriage record and there was no ring on his finger. I make myself a note file. So far so good.

I text him my address after I check his background. This might be interesting.

Saturday, 6:55pm

I’m ready for my date with Chuck. I’m nervous as hell. Dating new guys usually doesn’t bother me but this man is half my age. How can this work?

I look in the mirror one more time. I’ve got a gray pencil skirt on that ends a couple of inches above my knees. My blouse is white silk. I’ve got nude nylons on and my shoes are gray 3″ heels. I think I look pretty good. I could wear higher heels but at my age I prefer not to be feeling like I’m standing on my toes all night. Three inch heels are bad enough. Normally, it’s flats for me. Earlier today I went to the beauty parlor to get my hair done. I’m wearing very little makeup (I don’t really like wearing much) and just a touch of red lipstick.

At 6:57pm, the doorbell rings. I walk over and open it. “Hi, Chuck. Come in a minute.” I grab my purse and a jacket because it’s now fall and it’s getting cool at night. I walk back to him and he’s looking me up and down.

“Wow, Barbara. You look gorgeous tonight.”

I blush and say, “So do you.” He’s got a white shirt with a red tie along with gray slacks. We match. Hah! He laughs and offers me his arm. I lock the door and he walks me to the car. He must be doing pretty well. He’s driving a black, fairly new BMW. Very nice. He opens the door like a real gentleman. Also very nice.

As he starts the car and pulls out of my driveway he asks “So how was your week?”

“My week was fine. How about you?”

“Okay, I guess. Kind of busy. I’m a financial adviser and I had client meetings all week. It keeps you busy but at least it makes the week go by fast.”

“Financial adviser, huh? I’m a legal secretary for a lawyer that does mostly wills, estates and that sort of thing. It’s pretty boring work generally. He rarely goes to court. The job pays the bills anyway.”

“So what do you do for entertainment. I know you like most movies unless it’s a comic book character.”

“I watch some TV, read a lot of books, surf the internet, and date occasionally. And I’m okay with comic book characters but there’s just such a glut of those movies now. It’s like an overdose now.”

He laughs and says, “I do basically the same thing. I read a lot, watch some TV and date occasionally. I don’t spend much time on the internet. So what kind of books do you read?”

“All kinds. I just finished all five books of ‘The Game Of Thrones.’ I also read romance novels, science fiction novels, mysteries, and some erotica.”

He says, “Well, I don’t read romance novels but the rest I do read. Mainly I like reading science fiction and erotica. I’ve read ‘The Game Of Thrones’ too. Pretty good group of books although I think it could have been better. It seemed to me the writing got worse with the later books as well as the plot getting worse. I guess the whole premise is if you play the game of thrones, you are going to die as well as everyone around you. It kind of left me wanting.”

“You know, I think you are right. The first two books were better written than the later ones. You like erotica?”

“Oh, yeah. I read ‘Fifty Shades’ early this year. It’s not a bad story. Should make an interesting movie when it comes out.”

I say, “Oh, I enjoyed that one and can’t wait for the movie.”

“Great! We’ll see it together.” Hmmmm, does he really think we’ll be together that long? I don’t think it comes out until February 2015.

Soon we are at the restaurant. It’s one of the three star restaurants in this town. There aren’t any four and five stars. It’s not a big city but the population is over 100,000. I’m a little self-conscience as I walk in on his arm. Everyone seems to be staring although maybe it’s my imagination. I guess we could be a son taking his mother out to eat. Finally, we are sitting at the table and the waiter brings the menus and two glasses of water. Chuck says, “Order anything you want, Barbara.”

I order some brazed beef tips in a wine sauce with mashed potatoes and peas. Chuck orders a steak and a baked potato.

Conversation drags a little. Finally he asks about my family. Good, that opens up the gates. I want to ask about his. I tell him about my deceased husband and our marriage. We never had children. I tell him that my parents are both deceased. I tell him about my sister and brother who live in another state. He asks about their families. I tell him they are both still married and have grown children.

I ask him about his family. He says, “Well, I was adopted. My parents are Leo and Rose Molton. They adopted me when I was seven. They’ve been great parents. They paid for me to go to college. I don’t remember my birth parents although I have an image in my mind of what my mother looked like. But, I’m not sure that’s what she actually looked like. She put me in the orphanage when I was three apparently because she couldn’t afford to raise me. My birth parents were never married.” So that adoption record was his.

I ask him if his parents are still alive. He tells me they are and live downstate.

We go quiet again. I bet I’m as old as his mother. That really worries me.

Soon the meal comes and we eat mostly in silence. I ask him how the steak is and he says it’s very good. I tell him the beef tips are wonderful. The wine sauce is great.

When we finish, Chuck asks me if I want dessert. I tell him I don’t eat desserts unless it’s a birthday or some other celebration. He tells me he doesn’t either.

We soon leave and head for the theater complex. We sit outside and he asks what I would like to see. I look over the movies on the front of the theater. I don’t want to pick some girlie movie so I say, “How about ‘Lucy’? I saw an ad for it. It’s about a woman that uses 100% of her brain power. She apparently has developed some super-human powers.”

He smiles and says, “Sounds good to me. Science fiction, maybe?”

I say, “I guess.” Soon we are inside and sitting down.

He gets popcorn and drinks. As we’re sitting there waiting for the show to start, he asks me what’s the last movie I watched in the theater was.

I say, “I usually wait until they come on TV or DVD but I did see ‘The Hobbit’ movies. I’ve seen the first two in theaters.”

“I love those movies as well as the Lord of the Rings. I’m a Tolkien fan.”

“I am too. I’ve read all of his books that I could get. I think there are a few books that aren’t widely available that I haven’t read yet.”

“Same here. I think Peter Jackson did a pretty good job making movies out of his books so far. He has a tendency to add and delete characters though. I’m not sure if that really adds to the movies or not.”

I say, “Yeah, who knows. I kind of wish movie makers would follow the books though.”

“Yeah, same here. Have you read Stephen King’s ‘Under The Dome?'”

“No, I haven’t read that yet.”

“Are you watching the program on TV?”

I say, “Yeah, it’s interesting.”

He says, “Well the program doesn’t follow the book at all at least as far as the characters go. After the first season, I tried to read the book and gave up because there is too much difference in the two.”

I smile and say, “Well, I won’t read the book then.”

The movie starts and we shut up. Some time during the movie, he slips his arm around my shoulders. I smile and look at him. He’s not watching the movie; he’s looking at me. He leans over and asks me if he can kiss me. I say, “Sure.” He plants a kiss on my lips and in the middle of it, I feel his tongue on my lips. I open my mouth and it slips in. Mmmmmm! We enjoy each others mouths for a while and then get back to the movie.

Over half way through the movie, I decide to put my hand on his leg. When I do he looks at me and smiles. He leans over and French kisses me again. God, he’s so damn hot.

We make it through the rest of the movie without many more trails into the kissing and touching areas. The movie is pretty good. We head for the car when the credits roll. He asks me if I want alcohol or coffee. I say, “I think alcohol but maybe no more than two drinks, okay?”

“You’ve got it beautiful.”

We stop at one of the nicest bars in town and he ushers me in. We take a seat and he asks me what I want. I tell him red wine. He comes back with the drinks. He’s got a vodka and tonic. We talk awhile about nothing, really. Pop culture, reality TV, and other mundane stuff are the topics.

After we are sucking on the second drink, we’ve been talking for nearly 45 minutes and are running out of topics again. After a couple minutes of silence, he asks me what I’m looking for in a man. I’m hesitant to tell him. I thought of joking “A heartbeat” but I decide to come clean.

I say, “Well, I’m looking for someone who is independent and doesn’t need someone to support him, someone who is not full of himself and thinks he’s God’s gift to women, and someone who is good in bed. I’d love to find someone who was all three. I’ve found men who were one or two of those but nobody yet who is all three.”

He laughs and says, “Well, I think I can qualify for all three.”

I smile and say, “Are you sure about the second one? You seem to be very cocky.”

“I put up a good front. I’m actually a little shy and sometimes I’m a little self-conscious. That’s one reason I don’t really like young women much. They are way to pushy for me. They all scare me away. I don’t feel comfortable around them like I do you.”

I say, “I’m surprised. You seem very confident.”

“I’m not, really. I feel good in your company because I know you’ll wait for me and not push yourself on me. One thing I really hate is a woman who throws herself at me.” I think my mouth is hanging open. Wow! He’s an unusual young man.

I say, “That makes me feel good, Chuck. I don’t want to rush into anything either but I have to admit I’m very attracted to you. I’m happy to wait though until we are both ready.”

“That’s why I like you so much.”

I smile. “I really like you and I can’t believe you are interested in me. I’m very happy about it but it’s a little bit surreal with out age difference. ”

He says, “Well, don’t make a big deal about our age difference. It’s no big deal to me. As far as I’m concerned you are hotter than 99% of the other women out there no matter the age.”

Again my mouth is hanging open. “You can’t mean that.”

“Oh Barbara, I do mean that.”

“But what about the wrinkles. My hair is starting to turn gray. And my boobs are starting to sag. Getting old is not pretty.”

“Bullshit. All it means is you have life experience. I love the way you look.”

I blush.

We finish two drinks and since the conversation is dragging again, he grabs my hand, kisses it and says, “Let’s take you home. I can’t wait for our next date.” I smile. It is approaching midnight.

We chat on the way home. Chuck opens the car door for me and holds my hand as he walks me up to the door. We take fifteen minutes to say, good night. Lots of kissing, playing tongue tag and rubbing our hands on each others backs. He doesn’t touch my butt though. Again I’m surprised. Finally, he backs off and says, “See you Monday night?”

I smile and say, “I’ll be there, handsome.”

“Can I come by and pick you up?” I’m kind of surprised but what the heck.

“Sure. I’ll be ready by 6:30pm.”

“I’ll be here. Now what about another date next Saturday?”

“I’d love that.”

“Okay, let’s say, tentatively seven o’clock. I’ll try to find something interesting to do. Sound good?”

“You bet.” I French kiss him again and say, “Good night, Chuck. See you Monday night.”

“You’ve got it beautiful.”

Monday night.

I’m waiting for my hunk to pick me up for the Pilates class. He arrives at 6:35pm and we head out. He’s wearing his tight bike shorts and his tight muscle t-shirt. He’s got my juices flowing already. Can I last two more dates with him? I really want him but I’m going to try not to press him.

We get through the class okay except he took a place right behind me so he could “watch my beautiful ass bouncing.” I was so embarrassed.

After the class, we walk to the locker rooms together. He looks like he’s got a partial erection. I’m looking at it and catch myself licking my lips. He chuckles at me. My face heats up.

After we shower, separately of course, we go out for coffee and chat some more. After an hour and a half, he takes me home. At the door, we kiss again long and hard and as I lean into him I can feel his erection.

I say, “Ah…Chuck, what would you say about being one of my exceptions?”

He looks at me and says, “What?”

I say, “I mean I don’t want to wait for our third or fourth date. I’m saying let’s plan on sex on the second date…if that’s okay with you.”

He says, “I’m not sure I can wait for the third date either. How about we consider this our second date?”

I say, “That sounds great to me. I know I felt your erection when I kissed you. I’m totally wet right now and have been since you picked me up tonight.”

He blushes and says, “I think I’m going to be okay with that but let’s not plan on it. I think it needs to be spontaneous.”

“Right, it does need to be spontaneous.” We kiss some more. God, this is great. He tells me good night and we French kiss again.

I tell him good night and watch him walk to the car. Wow! Look at that sexy ass.

I climb into bed and I’m horny as hell and soaking wet. I rub myself a little and say, ‘Screw it’. I reach over, open the bedside table drawer and grab my vibrator. I have to get myself off. As I told him, I’ve been wet all damn night and I can’t stand it any more.


He calls me Wednesday and tells me to dress up for the date on Saturday. We’re going to the ballet in the city so we are not going out to eat. Wow! I’ve never been to the ballet. He reminds me to eat something before he picks me up at 6:30pm.


After I eat a little bit, I go to get ready for the date. I cleaned myself up good. I douched and then take a long soak bath. I was going to shave my pussy but I decided in the end not too. I just trimmed it up. I’m going to have to find out what he likes down there. He likes mature women not young women so maybe he doesn’t like it shaved.

I’ve got a red dress on. It’s like a basic black dress but red. I’m wearing red 4″ heels. I’ve got a black purse and a black jacket to wear. I’m very nervous tonight. Monday we both basically told each other that we wanted to have sex. I hope we are not pushing it too much but I’m looking forward to it. It’s been nearly three months since I’ve had anything but my vibrator. Every time I think about it I get juicier. I’m pacing back and forth. Maybe I should take a spare pair of panties. I hurry to my bedroom, grab another pair and stuff them in my purse.

Chuck arrives and he looks yummy. He’s dressed almost all in black. Black suit, blue shirt, black shoes, with a white tie. Wow, he looks great.

He gives me a kiss and during the kiss he reaches down and grabs my ass. Oh God!

He tells me he hopes I like ballet. Since I’ve never been to the ballet, I hope I like it too. He tells me he loves it and hopes I will to. It’s a forty-five minute drive to the big city. We head out and chat along the way. I feel comfortable with him now. I’m definitely ready to get naked with him.

We attend the ballet and I really enjoy it. We are touching each other during the performance. Mostly on each others legs but very sexual. He whispered into my ear several times that I look hotter than hell. I keep rubbing his leg higher and higher. He’d occasionally pushes my hand back down and whispers that I’m a bad girl. I giggled at that.

Back in the car on the way back to our town, he says, “I should spank you for being a naughty girl tonight.”

I smile and say, “Promises, promises.” He laughs.

We stop at a bar for a couple drinks. We sit on the same side of the table and we are playing with each other between sips of our drinks. At one point, he had his hand all the way up my skirt and was rubbing my pussy through my thong. I wonder if he notices the wetness.

We are soon walking up to my house. I’m nervous. This man is half my age. How can he want me?

We sit down on my couch, he takes his suit coat and tie off and I offer him a glass of wine. He says, “I’m not interested in wine, sweet thing. I’m interested in Barbara Clarke.” I blush. We start to French kiss long and deep. Soon his hand is on my left breast as we kiss. We French kiss for over ten minutes. God, I’m hot.

He looks at me and says, “Are you sure you don’t want to wait until the next date, Barbara?”

I say, “Only if you do. I’m ready though. I feel I know you pretty well now.” Hell, I’m horny and wet as hell right now. He starts to unzip my dress. I say, to myself, ‘Go for it, girl.’ Wow, a hot young man wants me. I can’t believe it.

I start to unbutton his shirt. I’ve seen 90% of him nearly naked anyway so his chest is nothing I haven’t seen already. He’s seen a good portion of my body, well at least the shape of everything. My Pilates outfit is a body leotard. After he pulls my dress up over my head, he reaches behind me and, just like that, my bra is loose. It’s a strapless half bra. I let him remove it. “Barbara, you have very beautiful breasts. You are very hot, woman.” I smile at that. They still aren’t too bad. Very little sag yet. I remove his shirt and then rub my hands over his chest and abdomen. Wow! I’ve never touched a chest and abdomen so muscular. My pussy gets wetter.

He leans down and takes my left nipple in his mouth. He begins sucking it and runs his tongue around the edge of the nipple. Damn, that feels nice. I reach down and unfasten his belt. I then unsnap his trousers. I can’t wait to see that penis. I start to pull his pants down. He stops sucking my nipple and raises up so I can pull the pants all the way down. I reach down and pull his shoes off and then remove his pants. He’s got his underwear and socks on. I have on my panties which are very wet in the front.

His cock is already hard and has built a tent in his jockeys. He says, “Can we go to your bedroom, sweetheart?” I stand and grab his hand and pull him toward the bedroom. Damn, I’ve never wanted a man this much. I hope he’s good.

In my bedroom, he kneels down in front of me and pulls my panties down. I’m naked in front of a man that is half my age. He pulls his own shorts and socks off and then leads me over to the bed. I look down and his hard cock looks to be about seven inches long and pretty thick. I lick my lips, I want to taste him. I crawl up on the bed and lay there, a little bit bashful with my legs closed. He crawls up and grabs my ankles. He pulls my legs open and then says, “Please, baby, open your legs wide for me so I can pleasure that gorgeous pussy. I can’t wait to lick and suck your pussy. It’s one of my favorite things to do.” Oooooo, I like that information.

Very nervously, I spread my legs farther apart and pull my knees up. I’m wide open for him now. “God, Barbara, what a wonderful sight. You are, indeed, a very sexy woman.”

He lays down between my legs and begins to lick my labia. I say, “Oh, yeah, baby, I like that. I didn’t know whether to completely shave or not. I don’t normally shave my vaginal lips.”

“You did fine, honey, this is exactly the way I like it. Neatly trimmed. I don’t like them completely shaved. I don’t want you to look like a little girl. You are a gorgeous, mature woman, you should look like it everywhere.” He continues to lick my outer lips. Soon he spreads my outer lips and begins to pleasure my inner lips. God, I love it when a man licks my inner lips. I can feel pussy juice running down over my anus.

Soon he moves to my clit and begins to lick and suck that. Two fingers are inserted into my vagina. He’s rubbing the front of my vaginal wall just behind my clit. God, that feels wonderful. The tension is quickly building in my core. I’ve never generated so much pussy juice. The bed is going to be soaked.

Less than a minute later, my nervous system overloads. I scream and every muscle in my body tenses. Chuck is still sucking my clit and rubbing the inside of my vagina. Fuck, this is something. I’ve never cum like this in my 55 years. The second hard orgasm hits me two minutes later, both my legs are shaking the orgasm is so hard. I cum for a long time and now I’m feeling over-stimulated. I can take no more so I push him away. I can’t catch my breath. I feel exhausted all ready and we haven’t even fucked yet. When I finally come back to my senses, I look down at him and he is smiling.

I say, “Wow, those are the best orgasms I ever had. Thank you, sir.”

He says, “I’m glad you enjoyed it.” He starts to put a condom on but I get up and stop him. He looks at me like ‘What are you doing?’

I grab his hard cock and roll the condom back off. I then lean down and start to lick the head of his beautiful seven inches. He moans and lays down on his back. I begin giving him the best blowjob that I know how to give. I’m licking his cock up and down and then flick my tongue all over his balls. After a minute, I take as much of his seven inches as I can into my mouth; I’ve got nearly all but about an inch in my mouth. It’s hitting the back of my throat. I’ve never been able to deep throat a hard cock. Of course, I haven’t really tried that hard. I hope he likes what I’m doing. I want to learn to deep-throat him.

Chuck is moaning and soon stops me. He pulls me up to him and kisses me with lots of tongue. He says, “If you continue like that, I’m going to cum in your mouth, honey. I want to make love to you.”

Make love? Not just fuck me? Holy shit, Batman!

He rolls me off of him and kneels between my legs which I’ve pulled back up and opened wide for him again. He rolls the condom on and then slowly slips the head of his cock between my vaginal lips. I’m looking up at that perfect male body and I cream again. He easily slips in all the way. I can feel his cock poke my cervix. A perfect fit.

He sighs and says, “God, that feels so good.” I have to agree. I moan and grab his face to French kiss him again.

He begins to slowly move in and out of me. Man, that feels so good.

He slowly speeds up. Within minutes he’s really pounding into me. My third orgasm is building quickly. Within minutes, my body explodes in another mind-blowing orgasm. I feel this one all over my body. I’ve never had a full body orgasm before. Wow! Even my toes are tingling. I’ve got my arms around him and I raise my legs and wrap them around his waist. He didn’t cum and is still pounding into me hard.

My next orgasm hits me quickly and totally by surprise. There didn’t seem to be any buildup. Just WHAM!! Again, he didn’t cum. He’s like a pile driver. I’m going to be so sore tomorrow morning but that kind of sore is a good sore. I’m certainly not use to this level of love making.

After another hard orgasm, I feel his hard cock get bigger. He’s getting very close. He’s been breathing hard for a while now. Suddenly, he growls, arches his back and I feel his cock begin to pulse. That starts another orgasm for me and this one is the hardest of all. Christ, I’m going to die. My heart feels like it’s going to explode. He’s finished but he keeps pounding into me because I’m still in the middle of my orgasm. After a minute of cumming, I’m totally exhausted. Even Pilates doesn’t prepare you for this kind of sex. Every muscle in my body relaxes and I almost pass out. I’m feeling very light headed.

He stops pumping into me. His wonderful cock is all the way in me now. It’s filling me very well and feels like it belongs there. He leans down and French kisses me again. I put my arms and legs around him again. “That was magnificent, Chuck. The hardest orgasms I’ve ever had, especially that last one.”

“Mine was great too. We’re pretty good together, aren’t we?”

“Oh, yeah. I was just thinking that your wonderful cock feels like it’s in the right place now.”

He laughs and says, “I feel the same way, Barbara. But it’s now deflating so I’m going to pull out.”

He pulls out and lays down beside me. He removes the condom and throws it on the floor. He then leans over and kisses me again. After he breaks the kiss, I scoot down and take his wet cock in my mouth. I lick and suck it for a while, cleaning him up. I don’t normally do that but I can’t resist doing that to this cock. It’s just so beautiful just like the rest of him.

We lay there and cuddle for quite a while. Then he says, “Are you glad we decided to do this on the second date?”

“I’m very glad. And you said Monday was a date, so this is the third date. Anyway, I sure needed those orgasms. It’s been a while since I’ve cum to anything but my vibrator. I thank you very much, Mr. Molton.”

He laughs and says, “You are very welcome, Ms. Clarke.”

We lay there for a while cuddling and soon I fade to black.


I’m kissed and fondled awake in the morning. I tell him I need to go to the bathroom. I get up, go pee and then wipe my vulva off with an adult wipe because I want to be fairly fresh smelling for him . I personally hate morning breath so I rinse my mouth with mouthwash. When I come back he gets up and does the same thing. I’m laying in bed naked waiting for him to come back. My pussy is back to being juicy again. Just watching that hot naked male ass walk out of the room is what did it. Of course, he had a piss hard-on too which made my mouth water.

He comes back to bed and lays down. He grabs me and asks “Ready for another round, Barbara? I can’t tell you how much I want you.”

I reach down and grab his now half hard cock. It seems to jump in my hand. I start to stroke it. He moans and it starts to grow. He reaches down and begins to lightly rub my clit. A minute later, he slips his middle finger into my pussy and it feels so good. Yes, I’m a little sore but I don’t care. I’m ready to get more sore. I want that hard cock between my legs again. I feel empty yet so wet down there.

He kisses his way down my body and I’m on fire again. When he starts licking my juicy pussy I feel like I’m going to explode. God, that feels too good. I’m building to orgasm again really fast. When he sucks my clit into his mouth, I scream and every muscle contracts. My back arches but he stays with me, still sucking my clit. Soon I have to push him away or I’ll pass out.

When I come back to Earth, I look down and he’s rock hard again. I love young guys. I reach down to grab his cock but he’s putting a condom on. He kneels between my legs and begins to slip into me. Oh, hell yeah! Before long all seven inches are buried deep inside of me. I love it!! He begins to pump in and out of me. It’s not going to be long before I explode again. This stud is a pile driver. I’m definitely being fucked good and hard; This is so good!!

Less than two minutes and another orgasm hits me hard. Holy fuck!

He pounds me to five orgasms before he groans and his cock begins to pulse in my hot cunt. I hit my last orgasm hard. After I come back down, I’m so tired. This guy has worn me out…again.

He pulls out and pulls the condom off to throw on the floor. I lean down and suck that beautiful cock to clean it off. Then I lay down next to him and cuddle in. I’m laying there very happy but thinking about the future. This relationship is crazy. I’m old enough to be his mother. How can it work? I certainly don’t know but I’m going to enjoy the sex while it’s available.

He sees me thinking and says, “A penny for your thoughts.”

I smile and say, “Cheapskate!” He laughs. I say, “I’m just happy. Probably the happiest I’ve been in a long, long time. You wore me out again though. I’m not use to this level of sex.”

“I’m very glad you are happy. And you are in fantastic shape; you’ll get use to this level of sex quickly.” He sits up and leans down and French kisses me. When he breaks the kiss, I sigh. Then I cuddle into him again. He says, “I’m very happy too.” I smile.

Before long I fade to black again…exhausted.

I don’t sleep long. Maybe a half hour. He’s still there because it is Sunday. I cuddle in and he leans over and kisses me again. I say, “Let’s get up, take a shower and I’ll make breakfast. I’m starving. You really worked me hard last night and this morning.”

He laughs and kisses me again. We move to the shower. That’s a lot of fun. What a body this man has! And the feel of his hands rubbing soap all over me is like being in paradise. Soon we are dry and getting dressed. I ask him what he wants. He says, “Surprise me, luscious.”

I say, “How about omelets, I think I have ham and cheese?”

He says, “That sounds perfect. I’ll make some coffee and toast.”

We eat and I’m really enjoying just being around him. It’s an enjoyable breakfast and he tells me the omelet was great. One of the best he’s ever had. I think he’s exaggerating a little bit but I’ll take the complement.


February 14th. Almost three months later, I look at my reflection in the mirror and I’m amazed that Chuck and I are still dating. Our relationship seems to be much stronger than ever and I have gotten use to the way he fucks me. He rarely wears me out any more. I’ve started jogging on Thursdays and I’m in much better aerobic shape now. I’m in love with Chuck but I won’t say anything, yet. I need to hear it from him first before I say those three words. I’m still worried about our age difference but Chuck is fine with it. He actually prefers it.

Tonight is Valentine’s Day. We’re going out for supper, a movie and drinks. The movie is Fifty Shades Of Grey so it should be hot. I’m ready for our date. Everything is clean and my pussy is already juicy. I’ve got my basic black dress on, without a bra. I’ve got a very small black thong on. I’m wearing four inch black heels without nylons. I’m going to wear my long coat because it’s pretty cold out. At least there is no snow or ice on the ground or I’d be wearing flats.

The door bell rings and I go to let Chuck in. I open the door and he is dressed in a gorgeous black suit, white shirt with a blue tie and patent leather shoes. He’s looking so good. I let him in, kiss him long and hard and grab my coat and purse. He tells me I look delicious and, of course, I blush. Soon we are headed out to the restaurant.

We’re going to the Italian three star restaurant in town. I love Italian food. My mother was part Italian so we always had a lot of Italian dishes. During the meal, we are chit chatting about our days. The meal is wonderful. I’m pretty stuffed by the time we are finished. I had a quarter fried chicken with tortellinis in an excellent tomato sauce.

When we are both finished eating, Chuck makes a toast with the Chianti that he ordered with the meal. “To us, Barbara. This past almost four months have been the best months of my life.” We both take a drink and Chuck gets up and kneels in front of me. Oh, shit!!

“Barbara, I love you. I want to marry you and live with you forever. I know you have been worried about the age difference but I’m not. Please marry me.” I’ve got my hand over my mouth. I’m shocked. As I’ve said, I’m totally surprised we are still dating.

He’s looking up at me and has a ring box in his hand which has a engagement ring with large diamond in it. I look at him and say, “Yes, I’ll marry you. I love you too, Chuck.” He takes the ring out and puts it on my finger. God, I’m so happy that I start to cry from just pure joy. He gets up and gives me a long French kiss. People sitting around us are clapping. I’m still thinking about the age difference. I hope there won’t be issues when I’m 80 and he’s still relatively young 52. But I’ve decided to live in the present and not worry about the future.

We leave the restaurant and I’m walking about a foot off the ground, I’m so happy. Chuck is acting so happy too. He’s got a big smile on this face. In the car, we’re kissing and touching each other. He’s surprised when he feels that I don’t have a bra on. He’s licking his lips. Oh, my! Tonight is going to be a hot night once we get to bed. As he’s driving to the theater, I start to hyperventilate. I cup my hands over my face to try to stop it since I don’t have a paper bag. He pulls the car over and is very concerned about me. After a few minutes, I’m feeling better. “It’s just the excitement, honey. I’m fine. I started to hyperventilate.” He kisses me again.

Soon we are in the theater waiting for the movie to start. We’re making out. I’m wet as hell and that little thong I have on is soaking wet. I realize I should have brought a spare. I can’t wait to make love to my fiance’. Oh, God! I pinch my arm to make sure I’m not dreaming. It hurts so I’m awake, so this is all real. Wow! MY FIANCE’!

The movie is hot. The BDSM scenes are so damn hot. I’m going to ask Chuck to do some light BDSM with me. I’m not into the pain but the thought of being tied up spread-eagle and letting him fuck me any way he wants is so hot. Overall, the movie is great and follows the books fairly close. During the sex scenes, Chuck slips his hand up my skirt and is rubbing my wet thong. The first time he did it and pulled his hand out with wet fingers, he looked at me and smiled. He then stuck his fingers into his mouth. God!! He leans over and says, “God, it’s so hot to know you are so wet, my love. And you taste terrific.”

I French kiss him and whisper, “I can’t wait to make love to you, my prince.” He laughs.

When the movie credits start to roll, we stand up, French kiss, and grab our coats. In the car, I ask him if we can just get some champagne and head for his apartment. He agrees and says, “I can’t wait to get my future wife naked.”

At his apartment, we are naked in no time. He pops the cork on the champagne bottle and we toast each other. He says, “To the most wonderful woman I have ever met. I love you so much, Barbara.”

I say, “To the man who has made me the happiest woman in the world. I love you, Chuck.”

We finish one glass and he grabs my hand. We are soon on the bed making out. He says, “Those tastes of your pussy juice at the theater were wonderful but I need more.”

He works his way down my body, stopping at my nipples for a while. I’m already on the edge. This man has me hot as hell. He is soon licking my soaking wet pussy. He barely gets started licking my inner labia when my orgasm hits me hard. It’s a whole body orgasm. Every nerve ending is exploding. Every muscle is contracting. I’m bucking hard on the bed but Chuck stays with it. I’m going from orgasm peak to another orgasm peak. When he starts to suck my clit, I scream as the mother of all orgasms hits me. It’s so hard my legs are shaking then half way through it, I pass out.

I come too a couple of minutes later and Chuck looks really worried. I grab him and kiss him. “Don’t worry, honey. That was the best set of orgasms I ever had. They were so hard that I just passed out. That’s the first time that ever happened. But that last orgasm was wonderful…while I was awake anyway.”

I scoot down and take his hard cock in my mouth. I sink all seven inches into my mouth and throat until my nose is against his abdomen. He groans. It’s my first attempt at a deepthroat and I do it pretty good. I’m proud of myself. I knew I had fairly good control of my gag reflex. I start giving him the best deep-throat blowjob I know how to give. Soon he tries to stop me because he’s getting too close. I say, “I want my future husband’s cum in my mouth.” In three plus months, he’s never cum in my mouth. I continue to suck him off good. A minute later, he grunts, arches his back and begins to ejaculate into my mouth. It’s a pretty good cum for him too. I have to swallow twice before he’s finished. The last little bit, I taste and it’s not bad at all. I’m going to be doing this a lot for him.

We cuddle in for awhile. I don’t think it will take too long for my stud to get another hard-on. We are cuddling and making out again before long. Ten minutes after he finished cumming, he’s getting pretty hard again. I decide to speed it up by sucking him again. After he’s good and hard, I lay down, spread my legs and say, “Make love to me, future husband.”

He smiles and grabs a condom. I say, “Don’t bother with that anymore, honey. I can’t get pregnant and we’re both clean. I want to feel that beautiful cock of yours in my wet pussy without the condom.”

That puts a big smile on his face.

He starts to kiss down my body. I’m already burning in heat. He must want to drive me crazy with lust. I love the kisses around my ears and down my neck. I think I should have put a pee pad on the bed. I can feel my juices running over my anus and butt cheeks.

Soon he’s sucking and nibbling on my nipples. God, I love that. I’m already feeling the tension building between my legs. I’m running my fingers though his hair. I love this man. He’s everything to me now.

Shit, he’s kissing down my flat stomach and the tongue goes into my belly button. He’s already got me breathing hard and I’m getting a bit dizzy. He kisses down further and begins to kiss around my hot, wet pussy. When he runs his tongue up my slit from my anus to my clit, I squeal. He laughs. Soon he’s sucking and licking my inner pussy lips. I feel like I’m going to explode. He doesn’t even make it to my clit before my orgasm slams into me hard. I’m bucking, trying my best to fuck his face and he’s got his arms around my thighs trying to hold on. It seems like every nerve in my body is firing.

He stays with me and by the time I start to come down from the orgasm, he sucks my clit into his mouth and flicks his tongue back and forth over the tip. Seconds later, my body overloads again. Every muscle in my body locks up and my legs are shaking. Holy fuck, this is a hard one!! I have to reach down and push him away before I pass out. As I come down again, he smiles at me and I smile back. He reaches up and kisses my clit again and I squeal again. He leans down and begins to lick my butt cheeks and anus. I squeal. After a minute, he sits up and says, “Just licking up those wonderful juices, honey.” I smile. “I love the way you taste.” Wow!

As I come back to Earth and my pulse calms down a little bit, he scoots up next to me. I grab him and French kiss him. My juices are all over his face but I kind of enjoy them now too. After the kiss, I lick some of the juices off of his face and he smiles at me. I scoot down and run my tongue over the head of his nice hard cock. Yum, this is soon to be my cock legally. I take it into my mouth and lower my head down as far as I can.

On the first try, I don’t quite get all of it into my mouth. I’m about a half inch away from his lower abs. I slide it out and slide back down on it. Now my nose and lips are against his abs. I look him in the eyes and he groans. I start to fuck him with my mouth, taking it all the way in on the downstroke. He’s moaning quickly and only lets me do it for a short time, like thirty seconds. He stops me and tells me he wants to make love again to the woman he loves.

I scoot back up and lay on my back with my legs spread. “Make love to me, my love!”

He gets between my legs and licks his lips. I smile up at him. He slips into me. Damn, I wish he could stay right there for the rest of my life. He starts to move in and out of me. I love it when he bottoms out. The tip of his beautiful cock feels so good when it’s all the way in me and pushes against my cervix.

He’s speeding up now and it feels so good. I say, “Fuck me, baby, fuck me.” I pull my legs up and rotate my hips a little to give him a better angle.

I’m building up again to another orgasm. Chuck is really good at lasting. He’s definitely a stud. Two minutes later, I hit another hard orgasm and this one continues for quite a while because he’s still pounding into me. I’m going from orgasm peak to orgasm peak. Holy fuck!! After three orgasms, he stops and says, “How about you getting on top, sweet thing?” I nod and he grabs my ass and rolls us both over.

I put my hands on his hot chest and begin to work that wonderful cock in and out of me. After a minute or so, Chuck starts to rub my clit. Seconds later, I scream and begin the best cum ever. My back is arched, every muscle is contracting and it feels so good. I continue bouncing on that cock and my orgasm just keeps going. I manage to keep it up for two more minutes but I’m out of energy. I have to stop. That’s the longest orgasm of my life.

Chuck hasn’t cum yet so after I come back to Earth, I crawl off of him and lean down to take him in my mouth and begin to deep-throat him. He lasts a little over one minute and explodes into my mouth. It’s a hard cum for him and I’ve got a mouthful of cum. I savor it for a bit and then swallow. I look down at him and he finally opens his eyes and says, “Wow! That was awesome.”

I smile, bend down and clean his cock off and crawl on top of him. He grabs me and we French kiss for a long time. I guess he doesn’t mind the taste of his own cum because that tongue of his is relentless. Finally, he breaks the kiss and I lay my cheek on his muscular chest. I say, “I’m so very happy, Chuck. I love you.”

He’s caressing my hair as he says, “You are something, Barbara. I love you very much. I’m so glad you agreed to be my wife.” I smile. Me too.

June 10th. We’ve been engaged for almost three months now. We’ve decided on a late June wedding – June 30th. I can’t wait.

One day I was cleaning, getting my stuff ready to move into Chuck’s apartment and decided to look in a fire proof file that I’ve had forever. I haven’t been in this file for a very long time. I start looking through it, checking all the paperwork I’ve collected in the 35+ years I’ve been away from my parents. I notice a lot of the paperwork I can probably throw out. There are even tax returns from clear back when I first started to file. Wow!!

I also came across adoption paperwork. I study it and it’s got me wondering now. My husband and I attempted to adopt a child when I was in my late 20s. We were turned down but I look at the name and wonder.

The next time we go out, I ask if he remembers his mother’s maiden name. He, of course, asks why. I say, “I was just wondering.”

He says, he doesn’t know. I’m wondering now how I might find out. Oh, well.

It’s another wonderful date and at the end, we fuck each other until we are both exhausted again. The only difference is we are at his apartment this time. I love his apartment. It’s so much nicer than mine. In about a couple of weeks, I’ll be living here permanently.


Sometime later, I’m talking about this with my BFF Jobeth at work. She suggests I hire a genealogist to research the Molton’s and their adoption.


I hire a lady who is suppose to be the best. I tell her what I want to find out. I explain to her about my current situation. She doesn’t want take the job at first but, since I’m engaged to marry him, she eventually says, she’ll look into it. She tells me what it will cost and it’s affordable.

Nine days later she calls me and tells me the information I’m looking for. I’m surprised and kind of shocked. How in the world did this happen? What are the odds.


On our next date, after supper and a few drinks, we are back at my house and Chuck is ready for sex. I tell him I want to tell him something. He looks at me kind of worried. I tell him it’s nothing to worry about. It’s just surprising. He asks me what I’m talking about.

I show him the adoption paperwork. He looks it over and says, “I don’t understand, Barbara.”

I say, “Well, it appears we were destined to be in each others lives one way or another.” He looks at me strangely.

“What are you trying to tell me, honey?”

“Well, I found out what your birth mother’s last name was. It was Jackson. Your birth name was Charles Jackson.”

He picks up the paperwork and looks again. He says, “You mean that you tried to adopt me?”

I smile and say, “Yes. The agency refused my husband and I because he didn’t make a lot of money back then. So it seems one way or another, we were destined to be in each others lives. I could have been your mother if they would have approved our application.”

He says, “Wow! Well, I’m kind of glad they turned you down. I like you much better as my lover and fiance’ and soon my wife. Not that you wouldn’t have been a great mother.”

I smile and say, “Thanks, Chuck. Isn’t this a remarkable coincidence?”

“It sure is. I’m kind of stunned.”

“Well, I’m kind of glad they refused us too. I’m very happy to be your lover and future wife.”

He smiles, grabs me and kisses me with lots of tongue while groping my right breast. He says, “You can’t do that to your mother, or what I’m about to do to you either.” I laugh. He picks me up and carries me to my bedroom. I’m wet as hell again. God, I love this man.


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